EP NNA 26 – 2021: A Note Odyssey

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NNA 26 | Note Business

  The future may be unpredictable, but the good thing is we can always prepare for it. Scott discusses what he believes the future will hold for the note business, his business, and what’s in store for you. Scott ponders on the question, “Where is the note business going to be in three years?” and gives a view on the possibilities of what may happen – from licensing and foreclosing, to market values. He talks … Read More

EP 362 – Love Punch To The Note Gut with Ruby Fremon

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NCS 362 | Love Punch

  A lot of people going from working a job and chasing the entrepreneurial dream are starting to become leaders in their industry, whether they’re just starting off or they’ve been in it for a while. However, there are also those who face big hurdles in identifying who they are and getting their message out. They don’t take action because they struggle with making everything perfect before they take a step. They have fear of judgment, … Read More

EP 361 – Pricing Guides

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NCS 361 | Pricing Guides

  Oftentimes, people are asking the sellers what they’re looking for. However, a lot of sellers don’t want to give a price point because they don’t want to price against themselves or they want to get the highest and best. If they don’t give you a true price, then check out the Stair-Step model which is a guide for pricing non-performing notes. On this episode, Scott breaks down some of the pricing guidelines to consider … Read More

EP NNA 24 – Raising Private Capital

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NNA 24 | Raising Private Capital

  Every business owner knows that raising private capital works at the heart of their businesses. It is what sustains it and enables them to connect with people. However, this can be quite a struggle. Scott discusses some of the easier ways of raising private capital and expanding your audience to attract investors with funding. He shares how you can get interested parties to engage in conversations, utilizing tools from PowerPoint presentation and more. Learn … Read More

EP NNA 25 – Halloween Assets with Joel Markovitz

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NNA 25 | Halloween Assets

  There are plenty of note deals and private capital to go around. On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott brings on Joel Markovitz to go through some assets that can be closed on by Halloween. Joel is the Client Relations Manager from the Singer Law Firm. He dispenses some great advice and insight on what to look out for and what to expect when doing note deals, and touches on some things … Read More

EP 360 – Content Creation with Serving Social’s Elijah Whites

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NCS 360 | Content Creation

  The internet has made it very easy to connect to people. Through social media, we now get to share stories with one another. This is very vital for entrepreneurs out there. It helps to know that it’s not as simple as posting a picture or a status. It all has to do with your ability to create a content that will speak to your audience. Scott talks with Elijah Whites from Serving Social about … Read More

EP 359 – To Infinity And Beyond 2019

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NCS 359 | Beyond 2019

  It’s almost the end of the year. Not only does that mean the holidays is coming, but it also means looking back and seeing the things we have accomplished. This can be quite daunting to do – to look back and find how we still have so much things to race forward to and achieve. More than that, the end of the year could mean a new beginning and into bigger and better goals. … Read More

EP 358 – Buying And Selling Owner Financed Notes with Kristin Adam Gerst

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NCS 358 | Owner Financed Notes

  Scott brings on Kristin Adam Gerst from Capricorn Mortgage Investments to discuss some of the things about buying, selling and creating your owner-financed notes. They cover topics from interest rates to finding the right places to sell. Kristin shares some personal accounts while giving insights into how to handle buying and selling notes. She tackles credit scores as well as the structures about down payments, notes, and acquisitions. Kristin also touches on debts and … Read More

EP 357 – The Million Dollar Funding Formula with Merrill Chandler

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NCS 357 | Funding Formula

  Sometimes people want to do all the heavy lifting on their business credit profile that they are creating behind notes on credit card using their personal instruments. As a result, anytime they have to carry a balance, it hurts their personal credit profile. If you are one of these people, what this implies to your business is that you diminish your funding stability. Scott talks with Credit Sense and Z Funding CEO, Merrill Chandler, … Read More

EP 356 – Improving Your Money Karma with Abby Rohrer

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NCS 356 | Money Karma

  Earning money can be quite challenging, so much so that we become anxious just thinking about it. As a result, we freeze and hesitate to take the next action. We find ourselves in this loop of procrastination. Finding the alignment of our feelings to money can be a good solution to move forward. Scott talks with master karma and anxiety healer, Abby Rohrer, on how entrepreneurs can increase their money karma. Diving deeper into … Read More

EP 355 – Simple Ways To Raise Private Capital

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NCS 355 | Private Capital

  Most investors still find it hard to raise private capital. What they don’t know is there are actually a lot of ways you can do it, even in simple steps. Scott breaks down some of the easiest ways to find and connect with other real estate investors and private funding sources. He shares some tools and websites you can go to to begin such as Bigger Pockets, and shows how doing presentations to connect … Read More

EP 354 – Staying Out Of Trouble with Nathan Long

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NCS 354 | Quest IRA

On this topic of Money Mondays with Quest IRA, Scott talks with CEO Nathan Long about how to stay out of trouble with your self-directed IRA LLC and some things to do keep it clean. Proposing two major options, they delve deep into the trust and getting a 401(k). They also talk about a big announcement concerning Nathan’s company and the values they are about to bring to more people. Nathan shares some of the … Read More