EP 212 – Podcast Tactics For Building Credibility with Tom and Tracy Hazzard

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NCS 212 | Building Online Credibility

Just start doing it and start getting your name or business out there. This advice from Tom and Tracy Hazzard is for people who are caught in the how-to cycle of building online credibility. Once you put that first couple of episodes out, you instantly start building credibility. The number of plays of an episode does count for success, but putting value in every episode that listeners can take away is more rewarding. Learn and … Read More

EP 211 – Make More Money with The KISS Method

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NCS 211 | KISS Method

While there are a lot of strategies involved in closing notes, it is not a complicated business if investors take time to go out and educate themselves instead of planning everything right from the get go. Every note deal can go from a great performer to a foreclosure, and a foreclosure can end up to a modification. With the KISS method, there is no need to rush in to things and risk triggering unexpected results. … Read More

EP 210 – Switching Business Strategies And The Abundance Mindset with Tom Braegelmann

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NCS 210 | Switching Business Strategies

It is key for every entrepreneur to have an awareness of where the market and the economy is going, so that switching business strategies can mean taking advantage of what’s happening at the moment. Working with other companies to get the job done is one way of shifting gears quikcly. Tom Braegelmann of GCA Equity Partners believes that if everyone pulls in the same direction, then everyone can get to the next level with ease, … Read More

EP 209 – Essentials For Building Consistent Success

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NCS 209 | Building Consistent Success

The one thing that separates people who are successful from people who want to be successful is consistency. The only thing that investors get from doing nothing or something later is failure. You may think that bouncing from one part to another is getting you somewhere, but it is actually ineffectively using time and efforts. Scott Carson’s belief is that building consistent success is essential. Follow-up like reaching out to asset managers, making more offers … Read More

EP 208 -A Note Closer’s Action Plan To Making Six Figures

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EP 208 -A Note Closer's Action Plan To Making Six Figures

Have a goal and focus on that to start making six figures in 2018. Put a cushion on your purchase price by focusing on assets worth $50,000 and not fix n’ flippers. Find out how owner occupied assets with high-rent rates and collecting back payments can earn you $250,000. Listen to the podcast here: A Note Closer’s Action Plan To Making Six Figures This episode is something that a lot of people are going to … Read More

EP 207 – The 10-10-10 Formula of Owner Financing with Daniel Malcolm

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NCS 207 | Owner Financing

Note investors need to see themselves as the bank and think like the bank during deals that involve owner financing a property. Like banks, consider that big downpayments mean a big safety net. Take the risks that banks avoid and offer services they don’t. Learn more about credit scores, note brokering and the 10-10-10 formula with Daniel Malcom of The First National Bank of America. Listen to the podcast here: The 10-10-10 Formula of Owner … Read More

EP 206 – Learn, Grow and Know Your Business Mission

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NCS 206 | Business Mission

Earning big money to make your career look impressive is good, but having something meaningful that drives you to work hard is more rewarding. After his 17th Note Mastermind, Scott Carson encourages everyone to spend time and figure out where your destination is and what makes you want to go there. It could be helping 10,000 entrepreneurs to close deals or sending a nephew to finish college or giving your parents a great retirement life. … Read More

EP 205 – The Note Mastermind: Helping Investors Close Deals and Have Fun

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NCS 205 | Note Mastermind

In whatever venture, growth is key for success and growth comes big to a group of people who are never afraid to ask questions and learn. Scott Carson invites investors to the Note Mastermind to share their experiences and lessons as note closers. More than learning about hedge funds, economic advising, asset protection and business development, the Note Mastermind can become an extended family for real estate investors. Listen to the podcast here: The Note … Read More

EP 204 – Never Stop Moving Forward and Listen to Mentors

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NCS 204 | Listen to Mentors

Whether it be in the real estate world or life in general, everyone has that drive to keep improving themselves. And in that journey of improvement, we all experience troubles and drift from the course at hand. But when we listen to mentors, we get back our focus and not make the same mistakes. They become the voices at the back of our heads that tell us what we did right and what we did wrong. … Read More

EP 203 – Make An Impact By Hacking Finance With George Antone

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NCS 203 | Hacking Fynanc

  Commit a few years of learning the trade to be a master of the investing world. Financial nerd George Antone believes that by thinking like a banker, you can use banking techniques to make your business grow. Learn why one good way of hacking fynanc is having a small team which will translate to a smaller overhead which giving way to less stressful days and making more money. Listen to the podcast here: Make … Read More

EP 202 – Cyber Investing Live Calls (Q&A)

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NCS 202 | Cyber Investing

Evolving with the times is key, not only to the modern-day investor, but to everyone. The internet has made it easy for the business community to reach out to each other simply by using our cellphones. Scott Carson shares his experiences in affiliate marketing, fix and flips and online shopping. Through cyber investing, your marketing not only becomes personalized, but also cost and time effective. Listen to the podcast here: Cyber Investing Live Calls (Q&A) … Read More

EP 201 – Planning For 2018 (Live Calls Q&A)

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NCS 201 | Planning For 2018

From setting up a Mailchimp account and sending out emails to getting a LinkedIn account and increasing your contacts, planning for 2018 starts today. Up your investing and marketing game and push to make more offers to get more deals closed. Join Scott Carson as he guides note investors with different levels of experience on their biggest goals for 2018. From a brand new student two weeks in the business to someone closing on their … Read More