EP 440 – Becoming A Funding Guru with Merrill Chandler

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NCS 440 | Funding Guru

  Becoming a funding guru involves numerous steps. Scott talks with Merrill Chandler from Credit Sense about how to become a funding guru. Merrill is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Credit Sense, a credit funding optimization firm. He outlines the steps which include improving fundability, creating a clean personal and business profile, and when necessary, getting rid of negative information wherein sometimes a clean sweep is necessary. Basically, it is not about the client’s … Read More

EP 438 – Don’t Become A Joker Broker

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NCS 438 | Joker Broker

  If there’s one group to avoid in the real estate and note space, that would be the joker brokers. Now and again, we are getting these great deals from credible people, but perchance they are getting them from the joker brokers, and they are merely furthering trusting they are real when they are not. Scott breaks down some of the signs of a joker broker that you should be fully aware of. On the … Read More

EP 437 – Distant Due Diligence

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NCS 437 | Distant Due Diligence

  When you’re a new real estate investor, it is natural to find it stressful to pull the trigger on something that’s 100 or more miles away. Performing distance due diligence on assets can be challenging, but Scott makes the impossible possible with online resources. Scott breaks down some of the tools and websites needed when performing due diligence on assets that are outside of your own backyard. Find out how you can find realtors, … Read More

EP 436 – School For Startups with Jim Beach

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NCS 436 | School For Startups

  In today’s time, the rise of startups continues to motivate young entrepreneurs to finally hit the gas. On the flip side, generating brilliant ideas and executing it are some of the common roadblocks. Jim Beach, serial entrepreneur, author of School for Startups, award-winning radio host of School for Startups Radio, shares how his show inspires young entrepreneurs as he recounts the stories of the guests that come in and blew him away. The Simon … Read More

EP 435 – Entrepreneurial & Funnel Hacking with Niajae Wallace

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NCS 435 | Funnel Hacking

  Having a website is vital for entrepreneurs to showcase their business. However, if you want to build sales, a website is not going to do it by itself. You have to lead them into a path where they eventually purchase from you. This is called your sales funnel. Niajae Wallace, a funnel hacking expert and an entrepreneurial rockstar, talks about her passion for helping entrepreneurs find their voice and funnels. She dives into what a … Read More

EP 434 – The Million Pound Mission with Adam Schaeuble

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NCS 434 | Million Pound Mission

  People with an unhealthy lifestyle are undeniably prone to severe health problems. However, in reality, many of us are inconsistent when it comes to taking care of our body. Adam Schaeuble, a former PHD (Previously Heavy Dude) and host of The Million Pound Podcast and Casting the Pod, talks about The Million Pound Mission project to help people in their weight loss journey. Adam shares his amazing results formula using four components based on … Read More

EP 433 – Joe Don’t Know

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NCS 433 | Joe Don't Know

  A lot of us get so caught up living one day at a time that we forget to think about the future. We keep our sights so much on the present that we fail to look forward. Scott snaps us out of this set-up and asks us about the future – what we are working towards and what our ultimate endgame is. Move out of being a Joe Don’t Know and put a plan … Read More

EP 432 – The Power Of The Note Mastermind

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NCS 432 | Note Mastermind

  It is one of the greatest things in the world to witness people coming together and working toward reaching the same goal. This is exactly the power that a note mastermind has. It brings people who come from different experiences to talk about the ways they overcame a problem or found success in the note investing world. A mastermind leads to a lot of great things not only for us but also our friends … Read More

EP 431 – The 3 F’s – Flipping Assets

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NCS 431 | Flipping Assets

  From finding your assets to funding them, we now head on to complete the third F of note investing – flipping assets. Scott breaks down the different flipping and exit strategies involved with note investing – from wholesaling, reinstating and modifying a loan, to short sale, cash for keys, and more. He gives out a detailed view of each of the ten strategies while laying out some real-life scenarios where they are put to … Read More

EP 430 – The 3 Fs – Funding Assets

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NCS 430 | Funding Assets

  Once you find your assets, it’s time to get those note deals funded. Pitching can be tough at the outset, but once you mastered the art of funding and gain credibility, then it will be smooth in the long run. Scott tells you everything you need to know about funding – where to get sources, how to approach investors, writing your pitch, and securing your financing. When all is said and done, we get … Read More

EP 429 – The 3 Fs – Finding Assets

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  Capitalizing on the market of note investors can be really stressful especially if you do not have a solid blueprint on hand to execute your plans. Note investing all starts with deals. To be able to make an investment, you should be strategizing on finding assets. In the first part of this three-part series, Scott breaks down the different ways to locate assets and talks about online sources, trackers, and the tools for getting … Read More