EP 378 – The Spiritual Entrepreneur with Devi Adea

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NCS 378 | Spiritual Entrepreneur

  What entrepreneurs fail to get is that sometimes, businesses cannot be sustained only by the technicalities. It also feeds on various aspects of our lives, most especially our spirituality or the things that we believe in. Scott interviews the host of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast, Devi Adea, about the balance between an entrepreneur’s business and their spirituality. As a “soul-full” speaker, author, coach, and conscious business strategist, Devi shares how she found what was … Read More

EP 377 – Entrepreneurial Mistakes with Aaron Young

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NCS 377 | Entrepreneurial Mistakes

  Humans as we are, we are bound to make mistakes. The great thing is that, every now and then, we can learn from each other’s downfalls and improve. Aaron Young from Laughlin and Associates talks about some of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make. He is an entrepreneur, trusted advisor to CEOs and business owners, and creator of the program, The Unshackled Owner. He takes up his experiences to give us nuggets about things … Read More

EP 376 – The Mind Of A Realtor with Catherine Brennan

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NCS 376 | Mind Of A Realtor

  One of the familiar struggles we have in the note business is actually reaching out to realtors and getting them to go out and look at property and go through the rest of the process. This can be a frustrating dilemma that makes you want to peek into the mind of a realtor and know what is up. On this Note Closers Show, Scott talks with Chicago area realtor (and new Mastermind member) Catherine … Read More

EP 375 – Finding IRA Investors

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NCS 375 | IRA Investors

  There are a variety of people working with their money in multiple forms. IRAs and 401(k)s are no exception when it comes to that. It may even be a challenge to look for them. How then do you tap into IRA investors amidst all of this? Now that we’re at the end of the year, more people are going to be looking at their statements and would want to get back into shape for … Read More

EP NNA 28 – Attracting IRA Investors

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NNA 28 | IRA Investors

  It is the quarter of the year, yet many of us have brain lock thinking we can’t make offers until we have investors. On this Note Night in America, Scott breaks down some of the ways to attract and market to investors who have IRAs. He talks about working on your e-mails, taking that e-mail list, and grabbing that opportunity to connect with investors. He also gives great inputs on how you can maximize … Read More

EP NNA 27 – Contacting Asset Managers

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NNA 27 | Asset Managers

  For the last couple of weeks, banks and lenders have been evaluating their books. This means an opportunity for you to take advantage and take action and get them on your side. Scott breaks down some of the ways to contact bank asset managers, be that through e-mail lists, LinkedIn, or Facebook. He shares great tips on how to effectively reach out – the best day and time to do it – as well … Read More

EP 374 – Upfront And Back End Note Costs

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NCS 374 | Note Costs

  Buying a note is not only a single transaction and then everything is done. It has to go through some before and after preparations, most especially when it comes to paying. Many people tend to forget this and fail to put in some important calculations. Scott breaks down some of the costs associated with your upfront due diligence, along with back-end costs to your note deal once you’ve purchased it. He talks about the … Read More

EP 373 – Ten Biggest Marketing Mishaps

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NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

  Everybody makes mistakes. Those who are smart learn from others. Scott breaks down the ten biggest marketing mistakes that he and other real estate investors are making with their marketing. He gives out some great advice along the way that will also help you overcome them. Covering marketing mishaps from emails and video thumbnails to plagiarism, you’ll find how much you can actually improve how you’re doing marketing. Learn the ways while gathering some … Read More

EP 372 – Note Nap Time

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NCS 372 | Note Nap Time

  It might seem counterintuitive to have a note nap time within your day. Yet as much as we doubt it, we have been experiencing this since our kindergarten years. Scott discusses the value it brings even up to now in your business by way of scheduling. He breaks down the importance of organizing your schedule and owning it. Not only will it make you feel better, it will also bring about more productivity. Learn … Read More

EP 371 – Creating A Bigger Voice with Kelly Resendez

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NCS 371 | Big Voice

  Society tends to tell us that we can’t always get what we want. This has been so embedded that we close ourselves off from pursuing a greater and bigger life. Showing us that we can actually do that, Scott interviews Kelly Resendez of BigVoicesRise.com about entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs (both male and female) can give themselves a bigger voice in the market. Kelly gives us some wisdom from her books, Foundation to Sustainable Success and Big … Read More

EP 370 – 4th Quarter Actions

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NCS 370 | 4th Quarter

  It’s the second to the last month of the year. This does not only mean that the year is almost ending, it is also about the final stretches we are about to take to prepare for the next. Scott breaks down some of the things that you should be doing in the fourth quarter of the year to help you capitalize on the New Year. Learn as you equip yourself the knowledge of reaching … Read More

EP 369 – Picking A Note Market

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NCS 369 | Picking A Note Market

  A lot of people are looking to invest at something. However, the California, Oregon, Washington state, Arizona, or Nevada markets are overpriced for the most part. That’s not saying you can’t find something that makes sense, but for the normal note investor, those markets are a little overpriced and just don’t seem to make sense. You could actually buy a load of assets across the country and totally leverage your risk and go from … Read More