EP 413 – Money Mondays: Big Events At Quest Trust Company with Nate Hare

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NCS 413 | Quest Trust Company

NCS 413 | Quest Trust Company


In this Money Mondays, Nate Hare of Quest Trust Company shares what they are up to this month, revealing some great deals for the love month while giving the rundown of some of their other events this year – be that online or offline events. He covers the March Madness, Masters of Tax Avoidance online boot camp, the Dallas Expo, and more. Nate also shares some housekeeping when it comes to retirement accounts as well as the steps IRA specialists have to go through to become certified.

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Money Mondays: Big Events At Quest Trust Company with Nate Hare

It’s Money Monday with our folks over at Quest Trust Company. We’re honored to have the man, the myth, the unfortunate Seahawk routing legend, Nate Hare.

The intro started so well and then you had to give me that little jab. I got it.

We’re excited as always to have Quest Trust Company on here.

Protect your retirement assets with Quest Trust Company.

Quest Trust, you’ve got a full schedule of events. You are rocking on. January was a great month for you. I saw Quincy was down in Jackson, Mississippi with Walter Wofford for his Financial Friends Summit and things like that. You’ve also had a very successful Masters of Tax, not evasion but Avoidance event.

It’s very different. Tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is fine.

What’s going on? What are you up to?

We are rock and rolling. We are so busy. We think we’re busy one year and then the next year we get busier. You named some great events that MTA was great. It’s always good to get out there to the masses with an online boot camp. We thank you for that. You started us off in that track. We do have some good live events coming up. We’ll talk about that. We’re big fanatics about educating investors out there and how to invest wisely, doing due diligence, especially when you’re talking about your retirement assets. That’s always key is educating yourself and making sure you’re investing in things you know and understand.

A lot of people are excited to set goals for themselves. You are running a couple of cool specials. I’m honored to have Ingrid speaking on our February Virtual Note Buying Workshop, the 15th to 17th. We’re excited about that. You have some cool stuff coming up. You’ve got the March Madness event for those that are investing with $10,000 or less, which is cool. We want you to talk about that. Let’s talk about some housekeeping a little bit. I’ll give an example. We’ve got some different JV partners with Quest Trust accounts and we’re basically pulling the end of the year values and submitting that in. Let’s talk a little bit about how easy that is to do that and some of the different options that people have.

It’s always good to talk about housekeeping when it comes to your retirement accounts. One thing that people oftentimes don’t understand is that we are regulated. We have several regulatory bodies. One is the Texas Division of Banking and then you have even the higher power, it’s old Uncle Sam. Being an IRA custodian now, we always have reporting duties to those higher powers. One of the reporting duties is that we have to submit end of the year values for last year for all of the assets that we hold. As a self-directed custodian, that can be a little bit hairy because we hold everything from real estate to notes to oil and gas interests to soy sauce bottles to ice cream stores to horse sperm. Quest Trust can’t go out and get all those values on our own, so we ask clients to submit what’s called our fair market value.

We used to have these on paper forms, we still do but for those of us who are more into the technologically advanced way to do it, all people have to do is log into their client portal if they’re already a client. Click the asset or search their asset and right next to that is a button that says FMV. You click it, it pops up. You input the current value as of last year and upload any supporting documentation. It works like that. You can literally do it in five minutes or less. It has been working pretty seamlessly because as of now, we’re already close to 50% of the FMVs turned in, which is phenomenal for being through one month of the year. A lot of times we’ve been scrambling to try to get this stuff. We asked the clients to go on there as upkeep. We’re not trying to make their lives harder. It’s something that we have to do. We’re regulated to do it and we’re supposed to get 100% of them. The faster you turn it in, the less we have to bug you. That’s one of the things.

One other thing that I wanted to mention is we also want to talk about contributions for 2019. A lot of people are scrambling to put in their 2018 contributions and you have up until April 15th to do that. Anybody that’s got retirement accounts with Quest Trust or anywhere else, just remember you got that April 15th deadline for your personal plans, Traditional Roth, your education plans like your ESA. Some of the employer plans go a little further out. If you haven’t set up an account, call one of our IRA specialists and talk to them and find out the wonderful things you could do with a self-directed IRA. You don’t have to put a lot of money in to do some of the investment strategies that Scott and some of these wonderful, perfect investment professionals teach out there. It only takes a little bit of creativity and a little money and a great way to do it is tax-free in these retirement accounts.

Ingrid and Keaton did a good job from our Live From The Quest Vault episode that we did from the Austin offices, talking about how it’s increased by $1,000 for 2019 contributions for the IRA. IRAs have gone up across the board.

$500 for the personal plan. If you’re under the age of 50, you can contribute $5,500 to a Traditional Roth for last year. For this year, you can contribute $6,000 and then if you’re over 50, you can contribute $6,500 for last year and $7,000 for this year.

It’s nice seeing as things are going up, there are great opportunities. When you break it down, it’s literally $500 a month. I know a lot of us are budget mindset things. They’ve got a budget, especially those that are working full-time jobs. Set aside. Trust me, that $500 a month is probably cheaper than we pay for coffee every month from Starbucks. $500 isn’t that much to cut back on. It’s about $20 a day for the most part if you think about it. You’re just paying yourself first. It’s one of the big rules of how to get ahead.

That’s a good point too because a lot of times when we go out and speak to people who don’t have IRA set up, one of the misconceptions is that you have to have money first. A lot of people say, “I need to make more money first. I need to make more money on my investments so that I can make contributions to your IRA.” That’s actually the opposite thinking that you should have because a lot of times people don’t have money because they’re paying too much in taxes by using their own money to invest. While if they start to stash a little bit of money each month away in these retirement accounts and start investing in those tax-free vehicles, then you’ll find out, “I’ve got more money than I anticipated,” because you get Uncle Sam out of your pocket.

A lot of people, especially right now are wanting to get their tax returns done. The 1099 or W2s have come out. They’re running to H&R Block or doing it on TurboTax. That’s one of the things that you mentioned too. You’ve got until April 15th to contribute to 2018 and then also until April 15th, 2020, to contribute for 2019. It’s a great way to put $12,000 away by double dipping on your individual accounts.

NCS 413 | Quest Trust Company

Quest Trust Company: A lot of times, people don’t have money because they’re paying too much in taxes by using their own money to invest.


Think about it like this. When you go on Facebook or anything social media, people are always joking, “I can’t wait to get my tax refund so I can buy this.” Instead of buying material stuff that’s going to go down in value on you. Why don’t you take that 2018 refund and re-apply that to maybe 2019’s contribution? Invest in your future. The more we get into this habit of buying useless things, you’re always going to be buying useless things and never have money to save. You’ll never have money to retire on.

You never know, it could be that one person reading this out there in our large audience. You never know who might read this little thing.

If we can get through the one person in this episode, it was well worth it.

That’s the way I look at it. One is greater than none. Let’s talk about some of the February specials for that one person or that one family that you guys are running in February. The month of love and black history as well.

We have a special coupon for this month, which is Love Quest. For those of you who are Scott Carson’s students, Scott Carson’s audience, anybody out there that’s a friend of Scott Carson, he has its own special coupon code, which is Carson 19. This goes throughout the entire year. When you open an account, you get that coupon code and for whatever month you open it, you get the promo for that month. We’ll keep you updated as to how promos change. Basically for the month of February, if you open an account for yourself, you also get a free account for a loved one, spouse, dependent or somebody to that nature. It only costs $100. If you’re thinking of opening an account for yourself and your wife, you basically get to double dip on Scott Carson’s promo. That’s going to go through the entire month of February, the month of love.

How much can they start an account with? Is there a maximum minimum?

We have no account minimums at Quest. You don’t have to make any deposit. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to make a deposit, but we don’t force you to make a deposit as a contribution. One thing that you might want to think about is, for those of you who do not have a Roth IRA. Right now, anybody, regardless of their income, can have a Roth IRA. There is a five-year seasoning on Roth IRAs, which we teach a lot about in our class. If you want more details about how these Roth IRAs and even Roth conversions work, watch our class online that talks about that. For people who are making contributions for the first time to a Roth IRA, as long as they make it by April 15th of 2019 and it doesn’t matter how much. It could be $10, $100, whatever, your start date for your Roth IRA becomes January 1st, 2018.

If you’re approaching that age of 59 and a half, in order to have tax-free distributions out of a Roth IRA, you have to have it for five years and be above that age. You can backdate it with a contribution as long as you make it for 2018, which you have up until April 15th. For those of you who are 54, 55, 56, if you don’t have a Roth IRA, I would suggest open one, make a contribution, even if it’s $10, make a contribution for 2018 and you’ve got to start date back in 2018. You’ve got four more years. You’re basically one year already in as long as you make that contribution by the tax filing deadline.

Smart, that is a little squeaky but totally legal.

Tax avoidance, not tax evasion.

That’s February. You’ve got your Trillion Dollar Mixers across the place. You’re expanding offices. You’ve taken over the entire first floor in Houston now. The Austin office is booming. The Dallas office is also busy. What are some of the other big events that people should put on the calendar for the month?

Let’s talk about the ones that you said. Every one of our offices or cities that we have offices on which our Houston, Austin and Dallas, we do not only weekly classes but we do a monthly mixer. These are free to anybody. I don’t know why people would not come. It’s free and we provide food. One of the things that Quest is big on is not only education but networking. You have the Houston Trillion Dollar Mixers. We’ve got Chris and Jamie Bounds. For those of you who are familiar with Chris and Jamie Bounds here in Houston, they are great people. They are clients of ours. They’re going to talk about the top tips on how they flipped 100 properties and they also talk about that in the IRA fashion. Then March 5th, we’ve got the Trillion Dollar Mixer with Glenn Stromberg talking about mobile homes in the self-directed IRA. We’ve got people like Jeff Watson who’s coming down to Dallas, March 27. Scott Henneke, February 26th in Austin. We’ve got a great number of things going on and if anybody’s interested in joining those events live, go to our website, QuestTrustCompany.com and see the list of speakers and events that we have. If you’re online you can watch from anywhere. Just go to Facebook and check us out.

It’s such a value of great knowledge on your Facebook page. You guys provide more content than other IRA company. I’ll tell you a funny story. I was at an event in Vegas and they had another self-directed IRA company out there. It’s a total botched presentation. She couldn’t answer questions. I asked them questions to help them out because I wasn’t presenting. I was there attending. They totally botched it. It’s so valuable. All your certified IRA specialists are phenomenal. They can hold on their own. They can share stories and case studies. They do a great job and they go above and beyond in communicating and customer service is number one with you guys. You just do an amazing job out there.

Let me touch on that because I think that you brought up a good point. We’re not perfect by any means stretch the imagination, but we try to have the best customer service in the industry because we realize in our industry, you separate yourself one of two ways. You got to be the best when it comes to customer service because everybody’s product is the same. I’m not going to name names, but all the self-directed companies have the same products, they’re IRAs. We want to differentiate ourselves with the service but also education. That is key.

As cheesy as it might sound but there’s some truth to it, is that we’re only as good as our clients are as investors. If we have a bunch of investors that don’t know how to invest, they’re not going to last very long as clients. We feel if we can educate our clients to the best of our ability, do some stuff online, do some boot camps, do some live events like our expo coming up and do all of that stuff. At the end of the day, our clients are going to be better served by that. They’re going to be better investors and they will be with us for life.

Can we share a little about what the specialists go through to become certified?

We have several different groups of people that work at Quest. A lot of people don’t realize this. There are a lot of different departments that have to work together, that help Quest Trust run. Typically, anytime somebody is going to set up an account or is going to meet us out in an event or call and speak to somebody for the first time, they’re going to talk to an IRA specialist. These are typically the people that are the most highly trained in the company. They need to be able to answer all questions relating to all types of things when it comes to not only IRA rules but how transactions work, how investments work and talk about that smoothly and consistently. One of the things that we first do is put them through a three-month review.

NCS 413 | Quest Trust Company

Quest Trust Company: Tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is fine.


That’s what every new employee at Quest does. It’s the initiation to them becoming a full-time Questie. They’ve got that first three-month review. If somebody shows the urge to want to be an IRA specialist, there’s a second review that has to be done, which is typically only after a year of service. This review is a lot harder than that three-month review. This is the IRA specialist review, which means you have to do a presentation in front of a specific group and you have a three-hour review of questions from a specific panel. The panel consists of Quincy Long, our President and Founder, Nathan Long, our CEO, myself, Beatriz, Forrest, our Vice Presidents. Basically, it’s the hardest review you can take among the most critical people at the company because if any review that Quincy’s on, you better have your stuff straight.

We basically take it from there. If they pass that, do the presentation with flying colors and be able to answer all the questions that we hit them for three hours, then they become a full-fledged Questie IRA specialist. Those are the people that you typically will talk to when you first contact Quest Trust. You’ll talk to one of those highly certified IRA specialists. By the way, they also take an exam from the banking division, which is a very tough exam too. You’ve got to study for a week and take an exam. People say it’s equivalent to a bar exam. We got fifteen certified IRA specialists.

Do they pass that board exam on the first time?

They don’t. Actually, very few pass the first time, but we offer re-reviews. It’s a good way too because that presentation in front of those people is harder than a presentation in front of 200 investors because I’ve done it before. I would much rather go speak to 200 investors that I probably know a little bit more about retirement accounts than do a review with Quincy Long at the end of the table. It’s very hard to eclipse the knowledge base that that gentleman has. It’s very hard to get through that. The IRA specialists that do that and that you see every day and that you talk to; Ingrid, Haley, Becca, they’ve been through the wringer. They know this stuff better than anybody. Don’t let the young age fool you. They’ve gone through a lot to get where they are.

Do you think you guys have the most certified IRA specialists in the country?

I would think so. It’s hard because you can’t just look that number up. I could call and phantom my voice and act like I’m an average Joe asking. We try to have certifications done at least twice a year for employees that have two years of service or more to get that CISP exam taken. I would say we probably have the most. I would think, we’ve got close to twenty now.

It’s intense and very well-planned. That’s the power of fifteen Questies.

You know you’re going to deal with somebody that’s very knowledgeable about this stuff. If you are going with the company, I am biased, but I don’t think that there’s a better company out there than us doing what we’re doing.

You see a lot of small ones, mom and pops basically, solos. You can’t do that and expect to grow. The more people you bring on in front of the work, the better and faster you’ll grow and do a lot bigger.

Especially if you’re active. You can deal with those mom and pop shops if you’re doing one or two investments here because a lot of times, those mom and pop shops are processing those investments themselves. We’ve got a staff of about 120 now, it’s growing significantly and we’re still expanding. Our training’s always been the same. We have very rigorous training. Not only with the IRA specialists, the normal people that work in the mail room, people that work at the front desk. We put everyone through that three-month review because we want to make sure that we’re all talking the same language.

You mentioned something coming up in March that you’ve got a cool thing you’re doing. Talk about March Madness event coming up.

March Madness is obviously in March. For those of you who are basketball fans, we’re doing a special event in Dallas. It’s on March 7th. It’s a little bit early, but it’s when our Trillion Dollar Mixer in Dallas is. This will replace the Trillion Dollar Mixer and it’s going to be March Madness bracket-style. We’ve got a list of presenters who are investors and Quest clients. We paired them up bracket-style to come in and bring their best $10,000 or less investment story in their IRAs. A lot of people are always interested in, “I don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in an IRA. What can I do?” There are a lot of strategies out there that take very little money to do. We’ve got some of the best investors that we know to come on that March 7th date in Dallas. They’re going to pair up and the audience is going to vote who’s got the best investment story of $10,000 or less. They move onto the next round to take the next winner. It will be fun. There will be food. There will be beverages. It would be a great opportunity to network with not only the speakers but a room full of 100 other Dallas locals.

What was your biggest surprise from the Masters of Tax Avoidance online boot camp that you did? What was the biggest surprise from it? Anything sticks out to you?

The biggest surprise was getting those many speakers in a three-day time span and getting all of them to show up on time. I say that with only the best intentions because people that we bring on there, these are busy guys. Everybody that we got on there, first of all, said that they wanted to be a part of our next big thing. We vet people pretty regularly and pretty stiffly. We don’t want just your average Joe getting on there and talking about whatever. These are all people that are highly successful. They have their own day-to-day stuff that they’re doing. They have their own successful businesses, some of them even bigger than Quest Trust. To get them to share a little bit of time with the audience is phenomenal.

We had 30 speakers over three days. To get all of them in tune, talking about the same things but different. We’re all talking about how do we make more money and how we pay less taxes. That’s really the ultimate goal of the Masters of Tax Avoidance. They came in with their own different flair. You’ve got people coming in and talking about buying multifamily apartment buildings. You’ve got people talking about mobile homes, lending, borrowing from IRAs. The list goes on and on. It was so much material in a three-day time span. My biggest surprise was that the girls put that together. It was consistent. Everybody showed up and it was great for everybody.

That’s always a big thing when you’re hurting egotistical cats because everybody always has an ego a little bit.

I know because we put you through some pain too because I know we got to get Nathan and Quincy on there. They’re not the most technical and logical savvy but it’s when you get so many high-powered people and people that are busy with their lives, it’s great when they can all show up and provide the material that they provide.

NCS 413 | Quest Trust Company

Quest Trust Company: The more people you bring on in front of the work, the better and faster you’ll grow and do a lot bigger.


Are the replays available for the pretty much interested, Nate?

We do have them for the people that attended. If you didn’t attend, we’re still trying to decide if we want to make that available. People obviously did pay to be on that or pay to join that. We might release it out there to the public for a small price if people want to tune in. We do have the full videos of the Dallas Expo. We do have that available for anybody that didn’t attend that. That was a phenomenal event. Scott was there. He was on a panel with me as the moderator. Scott did his own presentation along with other speakers. That was one of the best events that I’ve not only helped organize but actually attended. I was sitting there as a student. We’ve got that online where people can purchase if they did not or were not able to come. Not only do you get those video downloads, but you also get 50% off our next Expo, which is in August in Houston. You get the recordings of the entire Expo in Dallas that you might have missed, plus get 50% off tickets for this coming one, which we anticipate probably close to 1,000 people at this next Expo.

The dates for that is the 23rd, 24th and 25th of August. It’s not just a Saturday, Sunday. It’s a Friday through Sunday event.

What we wanted to do is we didn’t want to drag the event on to late Sunday, because we realized if people are traveling in, they want to get back home to their family. What we’re doing is we wanted to end it a little early on Sunday, but not reduce the time that we have the speakers presenting. We’re doing the half-day Friday, all day Saturday and half-day Sunday, just to get people home back to their families. Great events, I can’t wait for that. I’m so excited about that one.

You’re starting off at noon on that Friday?

I believe so. I don’t have the calendar in front of me, but the plan is to start half-day Friday, all day Saturday, and half-day Sunday. Things can change, but that’s where we were leaning.

I would love to know that because I’m scheduling my August mastermind around your event like I did in 2018. Once again, if you sign up for the Quest Expo using code, Carson 19, to half off, get the replays to the Dallas Expo of 2018 and then tickets to this one. Once again, if you use Carson 19 when you sign up for a new account. Hopefully, you’re signing up for a Roth if you don’t have one already. Not only will you get your own account, but you’ll also get a free account for your spouse, loved one, child, friend, whatever, for the most part. Just using code, Carson 19, when you check out. I know you’re very busy. You’re getting all down across the country. Did you keep track of how many events you attended in 2018, Nate?

No, but a lot of time we run into each other. I do know a lot of them are on weekends. I believe I worked 39 weekends out of the year, which is 75% of the weekends. I also travel a lot. I know coming up, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on. I’m flying out to North Carolina to go speak with Jay Conner’s group. I’m going to Newport Beach, Aaron Halderman Note Conference. I’m going to Vegas in April for Paper Source Summit. We’re going all over the place. I enjoy the travel. I enjoy getting out of Texas, meeting new investors that may be familiar with self-directed IRAs, but it’s the first time seeing us. We’re being asked to go to different places too. There are a lot of states that are courting us and calling our name to come out there. Florida is one, the Carolinas, we love going out there. We’ve got a lot of clients out there, Baltimore area, all that stuff. You’re going to be seeing Quest Trust Company in a state near you very soon, outside of Texas.

Coast to coast covered with Quest Trust. Any personal goals for 2019? I haven’t had you on in a couple of months. I asked Ingrid and Keaton what they were focused on. Do you have any personal goals for Quest or businesswise and things like that for 2019 that myself or any of our note nation might be able to help you out with?

One of the two milestones that we’re trying to reach is we want to hit that 20,000-client mark. I think that’s a huge mark. When I started back in 2012, we’re sitting at about 4,900 clients. We’re over 17,000 now. We’re consistently growing. I would love to hit that 20,000-client mark. With that also being said is we’re always talking about how much cash Quest Trust sits on. What is the cash Quest Trust sits on? It’s the cash that’s uninvested in our client’s self-directed accounts. Most of our clients like to be lenders. They like holding notes in their retirement accounts.

If you are not familiar with Quest, one of the other things that Quest allows you to do is not only self-direct your own retirement accounts and to what you’re knowledgeable about, but also dip into potentially other people’s retirement accounts as a private funding source for whatever other investments that you have. We’ve been creeping up on this number, which we have an eclipse yet but I want to, which is $300 million in undirected cash. We have about $1.7 billion in total assets under management, but $300 million is in cash or almost $300 million. We want to get that $300 million mark because that’s a nice even number.

It’s fluctuated because that’s going up as you’ve added new clients and stuff like that. People are investing so that ratio has gone down a little bit, which is good. That’s phenomenal out there. People are putting their money to work.

I will tell you this little fun fact. January was our highest transaction month in Quest history. We funded over $60 million in investments. Seven hundred investments totaling $60 million in one month. I give a lot of credit to our transaction team. They did a phenomenal job. There were very little complaints, very little speed bumps. They did that and people don’t get to see, but they did those 700 investments as smooth as you can have them with very little complaints. You get somebody that’s upset here or there, but 99.9% of those investments went out smooth 24 to 48 hours and no problems.

I will vouch for that too because we’re constantly working with Quest clients, wiring funds, whether it’s quarterly payments or paying off bills as we wrap them up and vice versa, rinse and repeating there. You guys have come a long way. The portal, it’s still got a few bugs on it, but you are working through diligently, your whole staff over there. I speak for Steph because Steph is probably on the phone with them weekly as we’re funding deals or paying in quarterly payments and things like that. Just amazing staff, especially in a private place beside Denise Taylor, does an amazing job over there too.

She’s great. The good thing about Denise is she’s still a client. She started out as a client first and decided that she loved us so much, she wanted to work with us. She’s a client and she’s a great transaction representative. By no means are we perfect. I don’t know that you can be perfect in a service industry servicing 17,000 clients. With the hiring spree that we’re on, sometimes you might deal with the new person. At the end of the day, we always care, especially with the portal. We built that portal from scratch. When the people approached us or when we approached them to build this new portal, there’s no road map for that. There’s no other company and they asked us. They said, “Who do you want to emulate?” We’re like, “Nobody.” We want to be the people that pave the road on this thing. We released this so we’re actually encouraging clients to give us some constructive feedback because we take that feedback very seriously.

We try to emulate all that stuff or put that stuff into the portal so that it works for 99.9% of the clients. We were nominated for that portal, not the success of it right now because we’re still going to work out some kinks, but the creativity of it, the advancement of it. Because we’re holding assets from real estate to horse sperm, we got to make sure this portal can handle all of it. We are in the process of being nominated to Salesforce as a case study for the building of the portal. People don’t realize that. They just see the end result, but there was a lot of work that went into getting it to where it was. I still think it’s better than the old one. We’re still working out some kinks and making it sure that it works for everybody.

There are a lot of great things you can do. You can submit your reports, upload payments, wire stuff in. You can do a lot of great things out there and you guys are working to where everything is in place. You could actually fund in minutes on a transaction versus 48 hours.

NCS 413 | Quest Trust Company

Quest Trust Company: People tend to not see the work that goes under and go straight to the end results.


Nathan keeps reminding me not to say that. The reality of it is once we get the transaction part of the portal done, it will allow you to submit your investment docs by a simple upload. Take a picture, fill out your DOI, all at the same time. You do your random proof signatures without printing or signing anything. Click a disclaimer box that says, “I’ve read and approved all these documents.” If everything comes through correctly, all we have to do is audit it and fund it. Literally, it could take 90 minutes. It’s coming. We want to make sure that it’s perfect. We’re at the very tail end of it. We even have a chat feature where you can talk directly to the transaction specialist through that portal and pay your fees right there. It’s all one stop shop. If you do everything correctly, money’s out the door.

We’re honored to be a big contributor to Quest. Ingrid told me we were the number three referrer of your accounts this year.

I want to see you at the top, number one.

That’s what my goal is. It’s always our goal.

You’ve always been great, Scott. I think out of everybody, we enjoy working with you. You’re so fun to work with. You’re always pushing people to look at our services and look at our education. You’re a fun guy in the vest. You can’t get past that green vest. It is something that I wish I could see that every week. It puts a smile on my face. It’s so colorful. Green means money. I need to see more of it.

It’s all the idea, bring a smile on your face. The big green giant. Nate, thanks for taking time on Monday Mondays to come on out and share all the great stuff as always, in your very busy and hectic schedule. We actually see more of each other on the road most of the time locally. Don’t wait until next year. Go out and get your funding and get your IRA set up for last year now and get those deals funded. Invest in your future. Don’t invest in objects. Invest in things that you can do. It will make a big impact on your life, five, ten, twenty years from now or even new. Check out QuestTrust.com for their latest events, the Trillion Dollar Mixers, the March Madness, the Quest Expo, all those great events out there, plus their regular weekly classes on our Facebook Live page as well. Nate, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and we’ll see you later.

Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you, Scott. Thank you, Steph.

See you at the top.


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NCS 413 | Quest Trust CompanyNate Hare attended Auburn University on a baseball scholarship in 1996 and played in the College World Series in 1997. He graduated from the University of Portland with a Dual Degree in Business Management and Marketing in 2001 and was the recipient of numerous athletic awards from 1995-2000. After college, Nate moved to Nevada where he attended Key Realty School and later held his real estate license with Keller Williams. His love for Real Estate and numbers then led him to a long lasting career as a Senior Loan Consultant in Nevada. He worked with the largest Private Lenders in the state for 6+ years and was a top producing Consultant with Silver State Mortgage, Meridian Capital, and The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

In 2003, Nate was submitted as a nominee for the Mortgage Loan Consultant Rookie of the Year award for all Loan Consultants across the nation. In 2012, Nate’s experience in lending and real estate attracted the attention of Quest Trust Company, Inc. Nate began his journey with Quest Trust Company to become an IRA Specialist under the guidance of President H. Quincy Long, and CEO Nathan Long. Since that time, Nate has been a key component of Quest Trust Company’s 300% growth and has excelled into the role of Executive Vice President. He currently oversees and manages the IRA Specialist Team, Sales and Marketing Department, Transactions Department, as well as plan Quest’s large Networking Events that are hosted throughout the nation. Additionally, Nate Hare is a Certified IRA Services Professional as well as an Executive Officer for Quest Trust Companys Board Committee, the 7-member leadership team responsible for setting the corporate strategy, goals, and annual targets for the company.


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