EP NC 28 – If The Jetsons Were Note Investors with Darin Adams

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NCS 28 | Automating Note Investing

NCS 28 | Automating Note Investing

Many of the things that you have to do in note investing is done manually, and so they fall by the wayside. You have good intentions to do them you’re trying to get stuff organized, but you don’t do them because you have too much stuff to do. If the Jetsons were note investors, they would be automating note investing. The Jetsons is a TV show where everything in life was automated. Visualize what that can be like if everything you need to be successful is automated. Darin Adams from Infusionsoft discusses some of the ways to attract, sell, and wow your clients with automation in your marketing just like the Jetsons would have done if they were note investors.

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If The Jetsons Were Note Investors with Darin Adams

I wanted to make sure and bring somebody on here who has definitely help impact my business for the good along with helping a lot of other note investors. That’s my good buddy, Darin Adams. Darin is a productivity expert besides a great speaker. He’s got a great presentation to share with you. He says that if the Jetsons were note investors, I won’t take any thunder from my friend. We’re glad to have you back the second time at Note CAMP. You did a great job with Note CAMP 4.0, so we had to bring you back because what you share is so important for people that are wanting to be entrepreneurs. Thank you for being here.

Do you remember the Jetsons TV show?

I remember watching it, George Jetson.

Jane, his wife, daughter, Judy, and son, Elroy; it was only on for a season or two. It was one of the most short-lived TV shows that we still talk about. One of the things I loved about the Jetsons and the Jetsons’ world, everything was automated. It was beautiful. It was seamless. They didn’t have to worry about anything. That was something in the future. You might remember his wife, Jane, when she made dinner, it was all automated. She would always try to figure out what and she would push buttons and feed in her little IBM cards or whatever, and the computer would spit it out. She didn’t have to make any of the food. When George was walking around spilling crumbs, Rosie, the maid, would walk around, sweep up, and clean up after him, so no one had to worry about that. No one was getting out the vacuum cleaning up behind somebody. It was all automated behind the maid, and even when George wanted to go for a walk, it was automated. There were those moving sidewalks where they would get on and chug along. That’s the beauty of life with the Jetsons where everything was automated. They didn’t have to do a lot of work themselves.

That’s what I want to tell everybody to help you visualize what note investing can be like, to be successful, and then to automate so that you don’t have to worry about doing it. A lot of the things that people are not doing are things that you have to do manually, and they fall by the wayside if you don’t do them. You have good intentions to do them and you want to follow up with someone, you want to email someone, you want to reach to somebody, and you’re trying to get this stuff organized. We don’t do it because we have too much stuff to do.

I want to give some ideas on how we can automate some of these things where you can grow that business, turn over a lot of those tasks that are overwhelming you to some automation procedure. We’re going to break this down into three different things. First of all is attract. This is the idea of getting people to your database, then selling. This as the actual act, converting, making a transaction happen, and then the ‘wow’ is taking care of things after the fact, anything that happens after the sale.

The first one of these is the idea of attract. There was a time when I didn’t know any of this stuff. I had been in TV for 30 years and if I had decided I was going to go on my own, I was going to be a speaker, coach, trainer, author, so I got a website ready to go. I created a video telling people how I can help them and improve them in their lives and why they should hire me. Then I got a book out on Amazon, so I had everything in place. Those were all the components that I figured you need. You needed a book, you needed a website, you needed a video. I had everything. If you build it, they will come. I built it and you’ll never guess what happened. People didn’t come in the way that I thought they’d do. I thought that people would start naturally following.

NC 28 | Automating Note Investing

Automating Note Investing: If you build it, they will come.

The idea is you could be phenomenal at what you do. You could know the ins and outs of every product or every property, you could know the right people to be in touch with, you could know all that stuff, but if you don’t have the system in place, if you’re not marketing to people, then nobody’s going to know about it. No one’s going to want to join up and partner with you and do anything. When you’re talking about tools and process together, much of the stuff that you’ve learned in Note CAMP 5.0 or 4.0 or 3.0, or just talking to Scott, much of that is the process that Scott’s going to tell you, “This is how you do this and here’s how you reach out,” all that stuff. What I want to talk to you about is how the tools fit together with the process. Someone can teach you how to build a house, but if you don’t have a hammer and saw, you’re never going to be able to build the house. You’re going to have the most phenomenal hammer and saw, but if no one’s ever taught you, you’re not going to be able to do that. We’re going to talk about how these tools fit together with the process and how to use them to be successful.

The first thing we’re going to talk about in the attract, sell, wow, is the attract. That’s getting people to the database. All businesses are successful with a database because all businesses are successful with relationships. It all comes down to relationship. People have preached this for decades or longer, but we still forget about it. We think it’s the semantics and the details and it’s this and that, all the logistics. No, it is relationships. When you want to do business with someone, you do that with someone that you have a relationship with. If you call someone and say, “I have a property in Texas. Let’s look into this,” that doesn’t mean someone’s going to jump on board and do something with it. You call some asset managers, you say “What you got?” If they don’t know you, if they don’t have a relationship with you, they are not wanting to do anything with you. It all comes down to nurturing those relationships and it does not happen the first time you meet someone. This is the idea of nurturing those relationships and nurturing it through automation. You draw people to your database and you’re going to nurture people along with that and you’ll eventually send out some emails.

Scott, you were saying earlier, you did a little poll and asked people some questions including emails that they send out. What were the results that you discovered?

I wasn’t very happy. Over half the people that have answered the survey have never sent an email out to their database at all, and then only 25% send an email out about once a week. We also asked if they’ve ever sent out or contacted asset managers, have they sent an email out to asset managers or they made more than 50 phone calls and that number is roughly the same thing, 50% of people have never done that.

I don’t want to be rude, but how do this people expect to be successful and do stuff if they’re not doing that? Isn’t that a concern?

It totally is concerning. One of the biggest things we look back at too is people are scared of marketing because they don’t know what to say. I’m like, “Just say anything.” Saying anything is going to help you attract people versus just sitting there being mute.

Virgin 1.0 is better than zero.

Deliberate is better than perfect.

That’s the little thing. You got to start with something and once you start with something, you’ll be able to be better. Some people probably have never sent an email to a database because they don’t have a database. They have no idea who to reach out to or whatever, so this is going to be the first principle and we’re going to talk about that. Let me tell you some different ideas of how to get people to that database. A friend of mine, Zenovia, she lives in Houston. She’s a speaker, coach, trainer, author, not necessarily in the note investing world. Zenovia uses a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something that you offer to someone for free in exchange for their email address. That’s one of the ways you’re going to build the database. The more people you have on your database, the more success you’re going to have. A lead magnet is something that you offer for free. Zenovia has more than twenty different lead magnets, so she’s able to know exactly things about people. Maybe she has an eBook about business systems. If someone opts in for that, they’re interested in business systems. If somebody opts in for list building, they’re interested in list building, so the same thing. You have different lead magnets. If somebody opts in for properties in Texas, you know that’s what they’re interested in. If someone opts in for a property in California, wherever that might be, if someone’s going to partner with you, if someone is an asset manager, whatever, all these things are going to allow you to build the database and you can offer lots of different free lead magnets.

The last time we did Note CAMP, Infusionsoft did not have landing pages inside of what we do. You drive people to that and that’s one of the ways you can capture people in. Zenovia, for example, can pull up on our dashboard any given day and know how much money she’s making, she can check and see how the different results are doing, which lead magnets are performing better, where should she spend more time and attention and investment, maybe taking an ad out or something, so she’s able to track all this. If you don’t know your numbers, then you don’t know your business. The numbers are indicative of whatever is going on.

She has six funnels. A funnel is a communication. A series of emails or communication that you get someone in to move them along and she has six of them that have an 80% open rate. That is phenomenal and unheard of and it is because she has people tagged, so if somebody comes in to that property in Texas or the property in California, she’s able to send the information, a followup communication that goes out to them, and so they’re opening that. If you’re sending me about properties in Ohio and I’m not interested in that, I’m not opening your emails, but if you’re sending me stuff that I care about and it’s relevant and pertinent to me, then I’m opening the emails. Then I want to engage with you. You’re nurturing me along when you’re moving me along as we build that relationship and do more.

I mentioned about the landing pages. You can put a video, “I’m going to show you a video of this phenomenal property I discovered,” or you can drive people to an event. Maybe you’re going to do a workshop and a live workshop with people there or a digital workshop. You can create a landing page that can do something like that. Ladies landing pages are sexy out of the box. They are ready to go. Most people can create a landing page inside of Infusionsoft in under half an hour. Even if you do not have a website, don’t worry about that. You don’t have to have a website. You don’t have to have some web presence, so people can find where you are and what you’re doing. You go into Infusionsoft, you create a landing page, and now you direct people to the landing page and that’s a web presence. It’s a little one-page website that you’re not having to have some webmaster design and you’re not having to have somebody create or something. You’re doing it yourself, slap a picture of a property on there, give some information about it, take the link of that, and put it wherever, send that link out in an email, send to put that link on social media, “You’re interested in this property in Arizona or whatever, click on here and you can.” It’s like a website for you instantaneously, boom, you’ve got stuff up and running. Those are ideas of what landing pages can do. Scott, I don’t know if you’ve ever even used a landing page. It’s a relatively new thing inside of Infusionsoft. Have you ever built landing pages or driven people to those at all?

We do them for a variety of different things to different groups. It helps out dramatically. I like to call it my event one-pager that helps out to help see things. I love it that they started doing this. It helps out tremendously with a lot of things.

Up until this, you’d have to go to some other outside resource and pay like $80 a month or something.

I’m in the process of moving my landing pages over from Leadpages into Infusionsoft because we were using them. I was paying $80 a month.

We integrate with Leadpages and lots of others, so if you want to stay there, people are welcome to do that, but it’s a way to save a little money. I went to a movie theater the other day trying to figure out which movie to watch and the person was saying, “You should watch Guardians of the Galaxy.” I was like, “I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t need to see it again.” “It’s got this crazy little raccoon guy that’s shooting up with his machine.” I was like, “I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy.” “It’s got this big tree guy,” and I’m like, “I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy,” “They’re playing music like ooga chucka ooga,” I’m like, “I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy.” The more that guy tries to talk me into seen Guardians of the Galaxy, the more I’m getting annoyed by it.

If you are talking to someone about something, know that you don’t want to keep hammering them about something you’ve already talked to them about. If they’ve already done something, then inside of your Infusionsoft database, you can tag them. “I’ve talked to them about maybe properties in Arizona,” and they’re not interested, so I can tag them, “Don’t send them information there.” I can tag them with, “They do want information about properties in California. I’m going to tag them as that.” “Here’s my asset manager, I’m going to tagging him with this information. This investor over here, tagging him with this information. These people who are wanting to learn more about it, tag them with this.” All of these different people are tagged and you’re not bugging the same people.

One of the people, Shana, she’s an accountant, to give you an idea of how she uses it, she has lots of different services that she provides. For example, she can do appreciation marketing or bookkeeping or accounting. Most people come in wanting to know about for example payroll and then she wants to use that, she tags them. They know about payroll for example. These are all different campaigns that she could have. If they’ve been marketed to about payroll, then that puts a tag on them, “Don’t mark them about payroll anymore. Don’t tell them about properties in Arizona. Don’t tell them about whatever it might be. I’ve marketed to them about that and we don’t want to talk to them anymore about that.” Maybe we partner together, we’ve done some investing, we’ve done some amazing stuff with these properties in Arizona, let’s use to show other things that we can do. Let’s get them in. You get them in with one way, tag them that you’ve done that, and then move them forward so you can market other things to them.

This is a snippet of what a campaign would look like in Infusionsoft. You connect these little dots with timers and emails that are going out at certain times. These are some different ideas. If somebody comes in, “Have they received bookkeeping information? Let’s tag them.” “Have they received profit first coaching? Let’s tag them.” “Payroll? Let’s tag them.” As you tag people, you’re not bugging them about things you’ve already marketed to them about and you can move them smartly, conscientiously, strategically to different things that you can do and offer to them. This is one of the things you can build out inside of Infusionsoft.

One more critical idea is a webinar. Webinars are a phenomenal thing to do. Webinars are amazing to do, but they are only amazing if you have a backend connected to them. The idea is a webinar is where you get people in, people are coming in, maybe you’re teaching them about note investing, maybe you’re showing them some properties, maybe you were talking about a different partner, whatever you might be doing as part of this webinar and you’re hopefully getting them into your database. The problem is if people don’t do that.

This is an organization called African Leadership University and they were trying to establish a school in Africa. Their goal is to educate 20,000 young African leaders in the next 50 years with their school, and so they’ve got an MBA program. They’re trying to get 50 students enrolled in the MBA program and they came to us and they said, “Can you help us with this? We’re not getting anybody enrolled. We’re having a hard time.” We said, “Let’s do some webinars.” We started doing webinars, not just a webinar but the idea of a webinar with then, “Let’s get people in, watch the webinar and then let’s take them to the next step. What’s the next step they’re going to need? How can we nurture them forward to get them to that next step? Then keep them going the whole way from that?”

This is our guy, Jay Mack, who is helping them with marketing. He helped them get 35,000 leads from people who have watched those webinars. That is fantastic. Then you’ve got to get them to the next step. With 35,000, it wasn’t like, “Hope you enjoyed the webinar. Let me know if I can help you,” and then you walk away. Once you’ve got them in, you’ve got to keep holding their hand and walk them to the next step and give them the information and the resources that they need so that they feel comfortable moving forward with you. From those 35,000 leads, they helped to get them 7,000 people applied for undergraduate applications and from that, they got 150 students. There were only going for 50. They got 150. They had to open a new campus, do amazing things, increase their revenue by 1,300% in one year not because they did webinars, but because they did webinars with a plan, with a strategy with the campaign attached to it. Once they get them in, they keep holding their hand and they keep moving forward.

Scott, you’ve done a bazillion webinars. People often think that the webinars are the main thing but forget about the backend, right?

I agree totally with that because we found that our weekly webinars that we do on Note Night in America was the best thing that we did marketing-wise and we will always attract another 15% to 20% of those attending were branded to our database and that led to increased capital raise, increased classes, but we would raise roughly $100,000 to $250,000 in private money, if not more, every Monday night.

That’s what it is. It’s not just doing it and saying, “Here it is,” but it’s the strategy. That’s what people don’t understand. You’ve got to have a plan, you got to have a strategy and not just throw things out there and hope something sticks. That’s not a strategy.

This is another way that I used to think I would build my list was by collecting business cards. Maybe you do the same thing and you meet someone and they say, “I’d love to do business with you. Let’s talk. Stay in touch because you’re doing amazing things and I want to be in touch about something that we can do,” so I would take this stack of business cards home after an event and it would be this big jumbled mess and my wife would get mad at me and say, “Get rid of those,” and she would remind me that I needed to do something with the business cards until eventually I would put them in a shoe box and stick them under the bed and forget about them. I collected all these business cards. Think of how much money any one individual person could be worth to you and every one of those business cards could be one of those people.

NC 28 | Automating Note Investing

Automating Note Investing: Think of how much money any one individual person could be worth to you and every one of those business cards could be one of those people.

Instead of you getting overwhelmed by business card, this is what you do with Infusionsoft, you pull out your phone, you take your business card, you take a picture of the business card, so if someone says, “I want to do business with you, here’s my business card. Stay in touch. Here’s my business card. Give me an email, shoot me a call.” You take a picture of the business card and you’re done. You can throw that away. You can give it back. You don’t ever need to see that business card again because the photo goes to a real person who lives in Arizona who knows how to read a business card. They enter in all the information, type it in for you, send it back to you, you can put a tag on that person then, whatever is important and interesting, “They watched my webinar. They want to invest with me. They want a partner on this property here. They’ve got properties they want to talk to me about.” Whatever it might be, you put tags on them and then instantly the email goes out.

You’ve got the business card hoping to make a connection, but I know up until this point, you never made the connection, and nothing ever happened with the business cards. Take the picture, it’s hands off. That is as involved as it is, and you have an email ready to go saying, “This is Bob. Glad to meet you. Let’s talk.” Whatever your email might be, here’s my calendar link, schedule some time where we can get together, or signup for my newsletter here, or make sure you join me on the web, whatever the messages you want to send, you do. It sounds personal and it’s communication. Up until this point, you’re not doing the followup, but by simply taking a picture and then applying a tag, those emails are ready to go out and you build the communication and that happens instantly.

One more quick little idea I’m going to share with people. If you ever are speaking in front of a live group, if you’re ever doing a live webinar or something like this, it could even be one to one, this is one of the great things. These were the emails that could go out instantly, so you meet someone, pretend this is a live event, you met somebody, and you got their business card, you take the picture, put the tag on, this email can go out instantly, “Good to meet you in person at Note CAMP. Have a great Saturday from Brad,” that is done. “Check out my website, visit my webinar,” whatever it might be, and maybe Dave doesn’t even do what you want to do because he got the email while he was driving or whatever, so you have a follow-up email because that’s the whole point of Infusionsoft, we don’t want any leads fall through the cracks. We want to take care of you. You went to great efforts to get that person, you’ve got to hold on to them and make sure you’re taken care of. A followup email goes out, “Great to meet you last week. Darin from Infusionsoft, check out my website. Have a great Thursday.” That’s what happens. This communication, that’s instant connection that you build with someone happens from you pulling out your phone, taking a picture, boom, putting on the tag, and then something that happens.

This is the other thing I’m going to talk about, which also involves phones. Maybe you have a free product, a free asset that you want to share with people like top properties in Detroit, and I’m going to show that to you if you want that, and here’s the list of slam dunk investments in Houston or whatever. Not send me email because people don’t always email, but people always have their phone and can always text you, so you say, “Just send me a text.” This is the best thing of all. You’ve promised them this. For example, this is the asset I’m going to promise you. This is a small business guy to go in an email list. It is an eBook. It has lots of value in it. You are going to love the book. You’re going to love the way I’m going to get this to you even more and not only am I going to send you the book, I’m going to send you a photo and the photo, when you get it, if everything works well, is going to be amazing.

Everybody in the audience, pull out your phone and send me a text (480) 428 4150 and text the word “note.” If you’re doing this, you’re going to get this. This is all done through automation. You’re going to get a series of texts. As you get this, picture you doing this, picture you having this capability of being able to have texts go out to the person at the right time. If you’re doing this, if you text this in, you may have already gotten the first text from me, but you know I’m not sending you a text because I’m here. This is what automation can do. This is what the Jetsons would do, so they’re not manually sitting there having to text back to Bob or whatever and type away. Instead, it is all done through automation. You’ll get three texts, maybe a fourth text to wrap things up. You’ll eventually get that e-Book that I promised you and you’ll get the photo come into your inbox. That’s going to be the coolest of all.

Herein lies a little bit of a problem. Part of what automation is all about is I can get and automate this and these tags, so if you come in now, if you type this in, I would get your name in my database and I’ll be able to tag you that I met you at Note CAMP so that is on there. I’m speaking to another group tomorrow and so I’m going to change this word and so people who come in tomorrow will have to type in the word “launch,” so people who type in launch, I’ll say, “Those people came in through this other event where launch is the keyword.” Imagine the power that you could have. We use an outside company to do this but imagine the power that you can use in instantly tagging people through texts, which is instant, through emails. We’ve talked about taking pictures of business cards, driving people to a landing page. These are all set up to help you grow the database, people that are following you, people who are looking to build that relationship with you and you with them and then so you’re going to be able to do some amazing things. That’s the attraction in a nutshell.

I travel a lot. As I started traveling, I discovered there’s a lot of fancy shampoo at a lot of hotels and I thought my wife is going to love some of the stuff. I’m going to bring home some of this fancy shampoo, Robina in lavender. I don’t even know what that smells like, but it must be fancy, nice stuff, brand names I’ve never even heard of before. I’m bringing home the shampoo to her and I bring home bags every time I go on a work trip. I come home, and we even had to set up some cubbies in the basement and there’s a box that has the shampoo. I bring home a hundred bottles of shampoo, I’m thinking, “My wife is going to love me. I’m going to be her favorite person in the world.” She finally came, and she said, “Would you quit bringing home the shampoo?” I’m like, “Why don’t you like the shampoo? This is nice stuff.” She says, “I’m not using the shampoo.” “Why aren’t you using the shampoo? This is valuable shampoo.” She said, “I’ve got color treated hair. I need a different shampoo. Your daughter has long hair. It takes her a whole bottle. Your son, he likes his Old Spice Wolthorn. We’re not using your shampoo.” I’m like, “This is valuable shampoo,” and she said, “It’s not valuable to us because we’re not able to use it.”

The same applies to anybody building a database for whatever business that might be. This is a universal principle. If you’re getting people in, you need to know information about them. Otherwise you’re getting a hundred worthless bottles of shampoo. If someone’s in your database, you need to know what they are interested in. Are they partnering? Are they investing? Are they buying properties here? Are they buying properties there? An asset manager? Works at a bank? Private person? Whatever it is, you need to know information. If they are names and emails, they are worthless to you. You can be emailing some spam list out to India or whenever that someone buys for you. Instead, make sure that the information you have is valuable, that every one of those bottles of shampoo is something that you can use and has tags and history associated with it, so when people say, “When am I ready to start with Infusionsoft?” I say, “You’re ready to start when you’re ready to start.”

If you are serious about note investing, if you’re serious about making some money, if you’re serious about getting organized and doing something with this, you need a tool that is going to help you do that. Regardless of the process you’re going through, regardless of how you’re doing it, you need to have a tool that will give you information about people in your database. That encapsulates the whole attract phase, drawing people to a database, getting people in, getting information. Scott, any other thoughts you have on that whole phase of attract, building the list and nurturing those people? Anything popped into your mind?

A lot of people go out and they spend money going to real estate clubs. They spend money flying to events, they spend their weekend on events like this, talking and connecting with people, but they don’t do anything. They don’t take any action. We’ve all had a box of business cards under our bed, but if you don’t do something with it, you wasted all that money for travel, hotel, air, money costs by not taking any opportunity to at least follow up with something and you bitch about, “I can’t raise capital. I can’t find yields,” because you are too lazy to do anything.

That’s such a classic thing that people complain about it but aren’t willing to do what they need to do to make it happen. That was the idea of attract. We’re going to move on to sell. This is the idea of getting people to invest, give you some money, say, “Let’s strike up a deal.” This is much easier if you spent your time in that first part of the attract phase of building that relationship. If you haven’t built the relationship, there’s no way someone’s going to say, here’s a bunch of money. Here’s some capital. I want you to go do stuff.” They don’t know you. They don’t trust you. That is critical for laying the foundation and now we’re going to talk about the sell phase.

Let me talk about a friend of mine. His name is Greg Jenkins. He had a regular traditional job, worked 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and then some. He finally got sick and tired and said, “I’m selling my business,” so he sold the business, he moved to Arizona, he started working for Infusionsoft. He is one of our trainers. He was one of our best trainers. He was phenomenal. He was great. After a couple of years of that, he said, “I’m going to start my own company, I’m going to leave Infusionsoft. I’m going to start a company where I’m going to create video modules and courses for people to learn how to use Infusionsoft. I’m going to create these and I’m going to make them available for people.” I said, “That’s fantastic, Greg.”

He started a company called Monkeypod Marketing and a photo of the complete Monkeypod organization, the facility, the staff, everything involved, is just Greg and his backyard table in San Diego. That’s it, he all by himself, but he has mastered the art of automation and he can do amazing things by himself and hands on. I talked about the different courses, one of things he has created is called the Infusionsoft starter kit. It is 40-some odd short little video modules teaching people different things about how to get going and start with Infusionsoft. What he uses this for, you’re going to think about this in a whole different way of how you can do this. He wants to make sure everybody’s watching every single one of his video modules and they’re short, like a minute and a quarter or something like that. If somebody watches a second of it, he knows that. If they watched 36 seconds of it, he knows that. If they watched a minute and 12 of it, he knows that. He has some video tracking capability that allows him to know.

For example, maybe you create a video showing some properties that you want someone to invest in, you’re going to try to raise some capital, and so you’ve got this video. Maybe it’s a two-minute video of showing some properties and stuff. If you send that out, and if somebody only watches three seconds of that, maybe it’s a two-minute video and they watch three seconds, your message to that person is going to be different than if they watched the full two minutes. If they watched the full two minutes, that’s what you want, but if they only watched three seconds, then your follow-up message is basically, “You didn’t watch the video. I sent this to you. How can you act like you’re interested in doing this if you’re not even watching the video I sent of properties that you should be looking at and could be a great investment?” If they watched the full two minutes, whatever entirety, then your message is different. It’s like, “You saw it. Let’s talk. Let’s invest. Let’s figure out a way to make some money off of this.”

This is what Infusionsoft allows you to do. You can tell what people are doing. He uses this for tracking video. You can track if they’re opening emails, if they’re clicking on links, whatever it is that you’re doing, if they’re coming to a website, if they’re going to a landing page, if they’re seeing different photos, you can drop a pixel on them all that so that you’re able to track what their engagement is, so you can know how the followup should change.

You’re not going to send everybody the same e-mail after that. You’re not going to say, “Did you like all those properties I showed you?” They only watched two seconds of it. Instead, you got to know what their action is. For example, this is a snippet of what his campaign is like to drive everyone to 100%, and if they don’t watch it, here’s the email that he sends out, basically saying, “I know you’re busy. I know you’ve got stuff going on, but you missed some good stuff. You missed that property in Toledo that is the biggest opportunity in the world, so make sure you click back, basically hit this button and jump back in and then we can see what the opportunity is as you can finish watching that video.” In his first year alone, Greg cleared six figures because he’s able to know what people are doing and it’s all automated. It’s just him by himself in the back yard not worrying about anything.

I talked with him and said, “How are you doing?” He said, “I just had my best month ever in July. Sent out 6,000 emails, got new leads, new blog subscribers, new customers, new members on his membership site.” Most amazing of all is during one of the weeks, this is what he was doing. During another week, this is what he was doing and during another week, this is what he was doing. He was out hiking the Canadian Rockies for 21 straight days. He wasn’t doing anything on his business. He wasn’t manually sending out any of those emails, he wasn’t doing any work. He came back and found more money in his account, his business is stronger, more people wanting to do business with him, more people wanting to invest with him, and more people wanting to look at those properties in Toledo. You get the idea. He can leave for 21 straight days and have his business stronger than when he left because he understands automation.

There’s another company called Kickstagram and they use Instagram to help you grow your database. They have some different monthly marketing plans that people can sign up for. They’re trying to get people on board with that. When they first started, it was just six or seven guys. They didn’t know what they were doing. They didn’t have a customer relationship management tool. They didn’t have any lead track and didn’t have any automation. They were struggling. They weren’t doing super well and so they came, and they said, “Can you help us?” We said, “You have a great idea, great principle here, we love it. Let’s see what we can do.” An email that they use, which is cool, they went through their database and they found that nobody was named Sterling in their database, so they created the Sterling Stealth Discount Campaign. This is for people who are on the fence. Maybe you’re like that, maybe there’s somebody who you’ve talked to and they’re thinking about it and, and you know they got some money and they’re thinking about investing, but they haven’t figured out what they’re going to do yet and you got to get them off the fence. This is a slightly different version. You’re going to be creative with what they’re doing. I’m going to give you the idea and then you can figure out how you could use it as well.

They send an email out to everybody on their list, to everybody basically saying, “Her Sterling. It was great catching up with you. We played phone tag. Here’s a discount code for you that you can use in the next 24 hours as Sterling since we had that conversation today.” This email is going out to everybody. Nobody’s named sterling. Everybody’s getting the same email but people are thinking, “What’s this?” Then a second email goes out five minutes later that says, “I’m sorry. Sent that email to the wrong person. This is to you, Bob, but here’s the deal. You can still use that promo code if you’d like to, so this is still a way for you to take advantage of that.” That second email alone has 52% open rate.

NC 28 | Automating Note Investing

Automating Note Investing: The idea is to automate any conversation that you can that you need to help move your business forward and do more successful things.

If you’re sending emails out to people, this is an idea. This is the seed for you to think, “How could I motivate people to open an email or jump online or to do something?” Maybe, “Wrong person name. I know we’re thinking about doing something,” and all of a sudden you send that to the other person like, “Sorry, I meant to send to.” It’s that scarcity effect, thinking, “Someone’s thinking about investing in those properties. I got to jump off the fence here or it’s going to be too late. I’m going to miss out on this opportunity.” I’m not telling you to be deceitful. The idea is to automate any conversation that you can that you need to help move your business forward and do more successful things.

What an Infusionsoft database looks like is the names there in the far left, email addresses, far right are some tags, different tags you can apply onto people depending on information they’re interested in Poughkeepsie or Nebraska or whatever, multi-property, single family, whatever it might be, they are an asset manager, they are an investor, whatever it could be, those tags are on there. The important thing are flames that light up. As somebody comes in to your database, you can track things, so you know what they’re doing and how interested they are. Without any tracking, they come to your website, they look around and you’ve got some properties listed on there, you’ve got some different things and they’re looking around and they leave, and you have no tracking. You have no evidence of that. Instead, you track that.

They come to the website, it makes the flame light up. Maybe they watched a video that you’ve created on the best values that are out there, it makes the flame light up. They read some information about some past deals that you’ve done and phenomenal money you’ve made, makes the flame light up. Read some information about your history and your background, it makes the flame light up. These different flames are lighting up indicating they’re doing some research, they’re finding out, they’re interested in this or that. Maybe they will look at some properties, it makes the flame light up for those, so you send an email automatically. This is the whole magic of this. This is the Jetson factor. They look at these properties, automatically an email goes out saying, “I see you’re interested in the properties in Poughkeepsie. Let’s talk.” “I see you’re interested in the properties in Tucson. Let’s talk.” Emails are automatically going out to people depending on their behavior that you’re able to track because you have those flames lighting up and know who wants to engage with you in the best way.

We even asked our top marketers every year, “What were your struggles and challenges? What did you do? What words did you use? How did you help people move forward? How did you close more deals? What were the campaigns like? What do your funnels look like?” We publish them every year, our top ten, in a book. We sell this thing for $400, but it’s great inspiration for people who are saying, “I’m not sure how to build a campaign. I’m not sure what to do.” You go through it and you find something. I don’t think any of them are note investors, but the whole principles are the same, how to move forward people in the funnel, how to have better lead magnets, how to get people motivated, how to get them to make commitments and do that through automation. You find some of that and then you move them forward along those lines and it’s right there. It’s a swipe campaign for you to do. That was the sell idea.

Scott, do you have any thoughts there on the whole conversion process of getting people to join and things that you do? Any examples that popped into your mind?

It’s a matter of following up. 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact and that’s the thing that never goes away. You always get a followup and touch base and share what’s going on and if you think you’re going to raise $1 million with, “It’s not going to happen.” We have raised millions of dollars from the fact that we’ve reached out on a regular basis. We get asset managers as soon as tapes and assets six months to a year or two years, they’ve been on my email list and they’re like, “I finally had something that I can send you, and you were the person that came to mind because the fact is I get your emails all the time.” It’s the fact that we keep following up with them.

It comes back to that thing about sending out the emails where 50% of the people haven’t sent an email. This is why you send the emails out. I’m getting passionate. This is why you send the emails on a consistent basis. Even if it’s nothing but outreach and just saying, “I’m still here,” because most sales are after the fifth contact or whatever. We never make it there because we stop after the first or the second or the third. That’s why only a fraction of people is successful doing this because they understand you’ve got to do it. We feel awkward about doing that and that’s why we stopped, that’s why you automate, that’s why you don’t have to even think about it. You create this campaign that touches, stays on top of people’s minds, like Scott.

I promise you, Scott is not standing up every night typing a new email and sending it out to 100,000 people and 200,000 people. That’s done through automation, so that he’s top of the mind with people so that people call him. You don’t feel awkward. Many people will say something like, “Thanks for letting me know about XYZ or whatever.” I didn’t do anything, and I realized, “It was the automation. I didn’t do that.”

The last part is the idea of wowing people. This is the idea of taking care of people. This is what happens after the sale. Often in real estate and note investing and distressed properties and all this stuff, there are lots of other ways that you can reach out with your fingers and be involved in other things, subcontractors, moving companies and cleaning companies and all these other people that you could tap into and get some of the pieces of the pie out of that too.

Let me talk a couple of ideas about how you can automate wow. For example, you could automate a $5 gift card. Some asset managers on your list, maybe they send you something and you’re like, “Thanks. Here’s a $5 gift card” and you don’t have to manually go online and order some gift card or whatever. That can automatically happen in the campaign. If this happens, it triggers a task. They do something, then boom, let’s send them out a little gift card or a flower basket or something. It could even be like a personalized note. We integrate with companies like Zendirect or SendOutCards, so it looks like it’s a handwritten card, “Thanks so much for thinking about us. I hope we can do amazing work together.” This could even be something that happens when they come into your campaign, something to wow them, some things that make them say, “Wow, nobody else does that. The next time I get some properties I want to let somebody know, I’m going to let Bob or Nancy or Dave or whoever know, because they took the time to send me a personal letter.” This isn’t you personally handwriting a note. This is you writing some text, typing some text and that card then gets sent to SendOutCards or some other fulfillment company and it automatically goes out and looks like it’s handwritten. That’s part of the automation that can happen.

There’s a company called College Success Formula. They coach people on being successful in college and it’s this husband and wife team and they were getting a little overwhelmed and they couldn’t keep up with it. They came, and they said, “Can you help for us here? We were growing, and we are overwhelmed by it all.” The idea we came up with was “Let’s do an online membership type site. When someone signs up, they sign up for a free dollar trial for three months, so they pay $1 and they can access for three months. When that first happens, they get a physical postcard in the mail. I understand none of you were college success coaches but think of how you could use this in all the stuff that you do. Postcard physically goes out saying, “Thanks. Looking forward to doing amazing things with you.” That lasts for three months. When the three months are over, it automatically transitions to a full paid membership and they’re billed for that, but they don’t mind because when that happens, instead of the physical postcard getting mailed out, a box of brownies gets mailed out, they literally get a box of brownies in the mail and they’re thinking, “These guys are the greatest in the world.” They’re not thinking about, “How come we’re spending $50 or $100 or whatever on this?” They are thinking, “We’re getting brownies in the mail.”

This is a way for you to wow people without you ever doing it. I promise you the husband and wife are not sitting around making brownies all night long and packaging them up. That is done through a fulfillment company. They created a campaign, so all of this happens automatically, like Greg traveling to Canada for 21 straight days. The same thing is happening with these guys. It’s still the husband and wife team. They’ve doubled their sales twice in the last three years. They’ve gone from full service business. It’s completely online membership. They had their best month ever in September. When I talked to them in October, they said, “Last month was our best ever,” and they have more free time than ever because it’s automated. They’re channeling their inner George Jetson and they’re not doing the work and they set it all up. More people are coming into their database, more people are signing up. It’s all happening in the background. People are having access to the resources and they’re making more money.

There’s a company called SoTellUs. It allows you to automate video referrals, so somebody does a deal with you. If you send me an email saying, “Invest with me. Give me your money,” I’m a little skeptical. I don’t know if I’m jumping on board with SoTellUs. These are lots of outside little companies. They send an email or a text that says, “Did you like working with Darin? Was he legit? Was he totally on-board? Did he do everything he said he was doing? If you like us, so tell us.” There’s a little button. You push the video and it’s like, “Scott was the most reputable guy ever. He was so great. Everything that he said would happen did, and we had a wonderful experience and have a ton more money now all because of Scott.” that video referral can go to your website, so there’s a video on your website with a five-star review and people saying wonderful things about you because. If someone’s thinking about partnering with you and doing some investing with you, they want to know what other people have thought, whatever everyone else has experienced.

This is the way for you to get those videos on your website. The videos can go to social media. They become searchable online or whatever it needs, now you’ve got people saying wonderful things about you. That’s the idea behind using your business and your database. You’ve done the attract and you sell them and now wow them. Use that to blow up your business and do phenomenal things after the sale.

Scott, do you have any thoughts you want to jump in on with after-the-transaction action?

People love little things. It doesn’t have to be expensive. We started a membership site March 1st and people were getting wilder about the stickers that came out to them. A little thing, a t-shirt or a book, that helps wow your best clients. It is proven across the board. It’s cheaper to maintain an existing client than is to go out and find new clients. It’s the same thing, it’s cheaper to keep working with your existing investors versus going out and finding ones or vice versa with your existing sources for notes than having to go out and re-market and target new ones.

That’s a classic. For some reason, we don’t ever think that. We don’t think, “I’ll go get some stuff,” but you have these people who love you and they’ve experienced you. Do whatever you can to keep them, so they keep loving you and use them to tell everybody else how phenomenal you are.

That’s the biggest thing. Your cheerleaders can be your biggest advocates. We’ve all got cheerleaders. It’s just a matter of communicating with them on a regular basis and sometimes going out and trying to get a bigger database to get more of that is not more. It’s less.

That’s the idea behind what we call lifecycle marketing, getting more people to your database, that’s the attract phase, and using real tools, professional tools, taking pictures of business cards and better landing pages and webinars with strategy on the back and all that stuff that we talked about, get people to your database, then take care of them, nurture them along. It might take a short while, a long while or whatever, but keep nurturing them along and make them offers at the right time. At the end, wow them. Make them love you. Use them to grow your database, do cross sells, upsells, referrals, testimonials, whatever you do, that’s the purpose of Infusionsoft, the attract the sell, the wow, and to do amazing things.

I’ll mention that this is not the idea of a successful business and so many times we fall into this. These are a bunch of mismatched tools that don’t fit together. This is trying to try to fit this over and make this connect with this. You can’t build a bird house with a bunch of mismatched tools, let alone you can’t build a significant business and an income with mismatched tools. We fall into this like, “I’m going to get MailChimp because it’s free and I’m going to get this other program because it’s low cost.” Before you know it, you’ve got a half a dozen different programs you’re trying to fit together and make work together and that’s not it. You get what you pay for and oftentimes, you’re going to have low-cost programs, you’re paying more than you would if you had one program that could do it all. Infusionsoft is one program that does it all.

It’s like having a Swiss army knife with 32 blades in it because it’s got all the tools you need in one place and it’s in the hands of a robot because it’s automated and it’s sitting on a pile of cash. That’s the business model right there, automation, integration, make money with it. It sounds simplistic, but there is a better way than what so many other people’s struggle with in multi-system chaos as we talked about.

There are lots of people who use Infusionsoft, Daymond John from Shark Tank. One of the first questions he asks people when he partners with them is “Do you have Infusionsoft? Are you going to get it?” because that’s how I know you’re serious about growing your business. Dave Ramsey, one of our favorite partners, he has lots of other different branches of the Dave Ramsey and they have people they coach on growing businesses and they of course recommend Infusionsoft to everyone. Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, these are huge names who all use Infusionsoft. There are big names on a different level, people that you haven’t seen on a webinar. Scott, I don’t even know who else was on the webinar, but Aaron was doing something on Note CAMP. Aaron coaches people all the time on this and tells everybody all the businesses he helped start up to use Infusionsoft.

We use Infusionsoft. It is a huge tool in what we do.

It seems like every time you call me, it’s like, “I need a bigger database,” or something like that. You are crushing it, doing amazing things with it.

Doing a great job with it. There is a lot of moving parts to it, but every time we implement something new, it adds another space to our income with different things. Whether it’s classes or automation or driving capital, it’s a phenomenal tool. The biggest mistake I did was not going to it a lot sooner on.

NC 28 | Automating Note Investing

Automating Note Investing: The sooner you get it, the sooner you can start using it, the sooner you can start being more successful with it.

That is honestly one of the things I hear the most from people. That’s why I tell the story about the shampoo bottle things because people say, “I’m going to wait until I’m bigger. I’m going to wait until I have 500 names or 1,000 names that I need to stay on top of, but don’t. The sooner you get it, the sooner you can start using it, the sooner you can start being more successful with it.

I want to mention to people that Infusionsoft is the tool that more than 120,000 people use on a daily basis to grow their business. Depending on who you are, sometimes people have never heard of Infusionsoft, so you are like, “I didn’t even know this exists out there.” It is the dominant player in this space. It is the Cadillac of all the tools. Daymond John calls it the Rolls Royce of CRM and tools that help you grow your business.

I’m going to let you know a little bit about it. It is predictable, reliable access. That means it’s cloud‑based. If you have access to the internet, you have access to your Infusionsoft. We have some of the highest email deliverability rates out there. That’s the whole reason you’re sending these emails it is because you want them to get into somebody’s inbox and we’ve got phenomenal results with that. You will have questions about how to use Infusionsoft and we have unlimited live phone and chat support. These people are phenomenal. They are there all the time. You can call anytime, and they are patient and understanding, and once again they’re based out of Phoenix, so it’s not like you’re talking to somebody with an accent overseas. Those people with accents overseas are phenomenal too, and I’m glad we have them, but we want to make sure that you understand and so we have some phenomenal people to help you with that and all the improvements. We improve it every single month.

I’ve talked to other people who submitted a ticket and wait three days for someone to get back, but this is helping you out right away. We improve it every month, AB testing with the emails, and the landing page has better WordPress integration. In fact, Scott, you don’t even know this, there is a brand-new version of Infusionsoft. It is more user-friendly than ever before. There is a better user interface. It has been designed and it is so much better. It has barely come out three days ago. I haven’t even seen it yet. I don’t have access to it. Scott doesn’t have access to it. Nobody who’s a current Infusionsoft user has access to it yet. The only people who have access to the new version are people who have signed up after April.

We do weekly webinars. We have some resources from our ICON User Conference, the state of the art health center, that’s what we’re talking about. You don’t have to wait that long to join into it to be able to talk to somebody. There are also a bunch of campaigns that have been done for you. I’m not sure exactly what has been done specifically in note investing because Infusionsoft helps people in all different businesses and all different walks of life and brick and mortar and click and order and all that. There are dozens and dozens of pre-built campaigns, so if you want to track email engagement or do a Facebook event promotion or something like that, there’s a campaign that’s been built. You can grab that and plug it in. The content is in there, words are there, they’re ready to go. You can customize it, you can start from scratch and do something yourself and that’s great and we’ll walk you through that, but this is a great resource, probably the best kept secret about Infusionsoft.

There are two versions of Infusionsoft. There’s a third version, but I’m not even going to get to that. It all comes down to how big your current database is. Our essentials version of Infusionsoft came out about a year and a half ago. It is for people that need a database that could hold about 2,500 contacts. When you sign up, I concurrently still give people, I don’t know how much longer this is going to last, but I can bonus you an extra 5,000 spaces in that database, so you’ll get a database that can hold 7,500, so that’s going to be great for majority of you, unless you’re like Scott and you need 750,000.

You started in a smaller version and you grew it. If somebody wants to have your database, start now and start growing. This is the essentials version that can hold a database of 7,500 and it gives you three users. Now some of you are not in that space yet and you’re a little bit smaller, so for you Infusionsoft has created our starter version. This basically is going to be a database of about a thousand. It comes with 500 and I’m going to double that for you, so I’ll give you an extra 500. You’re going to have a database that can hold a thousand, one user. If have fewer than a thousand names in your database or you have no database, this is the perfect account size for you, one user up to a thousand contacts. If you’ve outgrown the thousand already, then the essentials is phenomenal for you. There are even some options if you don’t want the full essentials and you want the starter only with one user, but you need some more contacts, we can do that and customize that and make something à la carte work for you.

In the past days, when Scott signed up and everybody else signed up, it was $300 a month for everybody and there was a one time sign up fee that covered some coaching and training to get you going and that was $1,500, so you see different lines on the order form. The top line is the monthly fee, the next line is a one-time coaching training fee, and then the next line is some extra bonus items, extra added resources for you. This is the most exciting part about the entire presentation because of what we’ve been able to do working over the last year or two, so no one pays $299 when they get signed up anymore.

We talked about the essentials and the starter. If you’re at the starter version, it is literally $99 a month. That is less than I pay for any monthly bill I have. That is less than my utilities bill, less than my phone bill, less than my car bill, less than my insurance bill, less than anything, and for that, I am getting the most powerful tool that will give me the most potential to grow my business, so $99. If you need the essential, that’s $199 a month. It gets better than that. If you do need an eCommerce, I don’t think anybody needs eCommerce, it’s an extra $59. You can add that on, but don’t worry about that, you don’t need to. Here comes the good news. I’m giving you three months at 50% off. As if $99 was not low enough, you’re getting three months for $49 a month. $49 a month for Infusionsoft is all it’s going to cost, and it’s going to get better for you.

I’m getting even better for you, Scott, because I want to do something special, so that is special item number one. The next item is that coaching and training on that previous order form that you saw that was $1,500. There are people who paid a lot more than $1,500. Scott, how long ago did you sign up with Infusionsoft? Do you remember how much you paid for the initial coaching and training?

They threw in a couple of tickets to ICON, too. It was $2,000.

We were excited when we could lower the $1,500 and a lot of people paid $2,000. Some people paid $5,000 before that. The coaching and training that we’ve got is better than before. We’ve hired an outside company. It’s a company called Success Engine. They are our number one on-boarding partner. They’re going to get on the phone with each individual person one-on-one. This is one-on-one coaching and they’re going to spend an hour mapping out your business, “Who are we targeting? How are we raising money? What’s the whole thing? How are we mapping this out?” They’re going to spend three more hours with you, so you’re going to get four total personalized hours, three more sessions, building things, constructing campaigns, setting things up. By the time you’re done with these four personalized hours, you will have stuff running in your Infusionsoft. It’s not a case of, “I don’t know what I bought. I can’t use it.” It will be running, stuff will be happening.

Part of what they do is they build campaigns for people. They built a lead capture campaign. They’re going to give you driving people to a webinar campaign, drive people to a phone consultation, a deliver and wow warms up the people that are in your database. They’re going to try and make sure that the deliver and wow and the lead capture are functioning in your account by the time you’re done. We’re going to do some group webinar trainings or the customer referral campaign, one more campaign for you, and then a 60-day game plan. The total value on all that is about $7,000 and they said we could offer it for $3,000, which is a little bit more than Scott paid when he signed up, and we said, “Thank you for that. This is better value, better content,” a little bit more money, but we’re not charging anybody $7,000. We’re not charging anybody $3,000. We’re not charging that initial order form of $1,500. We’re not charging any of that. Instead we’re able to take this price, and Scott, this is even lower than I was able to do at Note CAMP 4.0, it drops all the way down to a one-time payment of $299.

Anybody who’s ever in the personalized business coaching world knows you don’t buy four personalized coaching hours for $299, let alone all the other content that they’re given to you. It’s a one-time payment of $299, I can easily split that up to you. I hope everybody’s okay with math. I’m going to walk something through. For example, I’m giving you the three months at 50% off, so if you wanted to split this $299 up into three payments, you’d pay $100 each of the first three months along with $50 because you’re only paying $49 for your Infusionsoft, you’d have three months of $149, and then the fourth month it would drop to $99 a month, which is unheard of. I’m going to throw in some extra bonus. I’m going to send you digital versions of The Ultimate Marketer Playbook that I talked about, some videos of some big digital marketers who are going to walk you through some stuff, the video archives of ICON. I’m going to get you resources to all of that that normally on that order form is $1,000. One extra bonus, as if we can’t get any more, the starter kit, the 40-something short little videos that Greg Jenkins put together, I’m literally going to buy everybody the starter kit and you’re going to have access to that for six months. We have found that the single greatest way for people to be successful is to go through these 40 short little videos, get acquainted, learn how to log in, and learn how to import a name and all that stuff, and then if you start your personalized coaching right after that, this is all fresh in your mind, you’re going to get more out of the personal coaching, so the personal coaching doesn’t say, “This is how you log in. This is how you import a name.” You’re going to get all that done through the video starter kit and then you’re going to get significantly more out of your coaching.

That is totally true because I donated to Infusionsoft for about a year. I was a donor, I donated money that I wasn’t using because I didn’t use the coach and did not use the stuff that I should have and then I watched the videos from Monkeypod after the last time you did, and I was like, “This would’ve saved me a year of donating on a regular basis.”

This is an unbelievable resource that we’re buying your the Monkeypod starter course and you’ll have access for six months. I’m giving you all these other resources for you, the digital stuff I had talked about, the kickstart one-time payment has been reduced to $299, your monthly payment is $99 and I’m giving you 50% off on that, so there’s $99 a month and 50% off for three months, the next line is down to $299, which I can split into payments for you. The next line is all completely free as a bonus. I’m buying you the Monkeypod on top of that. Normally this aspect would expire, but I was talking to Scott before we did this, and he said, “Can you push it?” I’ve gotten a hold of my manager. He has agreed to extend this. If you’re seeing this after Friday, I will do the best I can. I can’t absolutely promise that I’ll be able to do everything I talked about because this is not something that we’ve offered before and isn’t something that we dangle out there all the time. We’ve been able to put this together for Note CAMP and it’s a rare thing. Feel free to call or email me up until Friday, and I promise you I can honor everything we talked about. If it’s after Friday, reach out to me anyway and we’ll do the best we can and maybe I’ll cross my fingers that we can still do all the things we do. The sooner you get in touch with me, the sooner we can make sure all this happens because, you can tell by Scott’s sound effects, this is the deal of a lifetime.

You didn’t do yourself justice by saying there is not anybody in note investing. I know quite a few people besides me that are using this. Sal Buscemi is using this with his note investment company. I know that Troy Fulwood uses Infusionsoft. There are quite a few people in New York and in California that are using this to help them with their communication, their downlines. I know Vertical Mortgage and some banks are using it to communicate with their borrowers and things like that. It’s a phenomenal service and it is literally like driving a Ferrari but paying for a Pinto. You get all the upgrades to it, seriously great stuff. This is the best thing that you have ever offered. I’m excited because you’re bringing a lot of value, a lot of offering to the audience. I know that people are trying the nickel and dime, people are often doing butt marketing on a shoestring budget sometimes, you made this affordable, so they can look professional. They can have all those bells and whistles, the landing pages and things like that that Infusionsoft offers.

An audience asked a good question and I want to cover this because this is very important, which is, “Personalization results from asking the right questions. How does Infusionsoft ask the right questions?” I will tell you right here. Infusionsoft is not going to ask the questions. It will be about what you do. Infusionsoft allows for you to create so many customizable fields, not only first name, last name, address, but their phone, their cell, their job, their title, their birthday. I have top five markets of people in there, their states, their birthday, where did I meet them at, and they use a variety of tags that I can tag everybody in there, so if I want to send an email to everybody that showed up to Note CAMP, I can, or I can show everybody who showed up the first day, I can. I can tag that everybody in there because I’m creating the fields or if I’m sending a survey or I’m doing a webinar, I can tag everybody that went to that webinar or who watched the replay and that’s the beautiful thing.

I can send an email out to my asset managers, 5,000 plus. If they didn’t open it, I can tag those who didn’t open up and send a follow-up email to those guys two days later to say, “I saw you didn’t open first round. I just wanted to follow back up and make sure you are the right person.” It’s such an effective tool. You have the keys to the kingdom here to grow your business how you want to because you have so many capabilities with this versus just going to send an email out. You could do so much more here with Infusionsoft. It’s the tool that is going to define success, either you’re going to use it or not, but I guarantee if you’re not going to use it, you’re probably not doing anything anyway, if that makes sense.

Even the whole personalization because there are people who often say, “I don’t want to use automation because I want to be personal. I want to do one on one.” You can but you’re never going to grow the business. You’re never going to scale the business. You’re never going to have like Scott has with hundreds of thousands of people in a database. It’s going to be you one on one, nickel and dime, trying to make things work, so instead use Infusionsoft as the tool and use it to personalize. If people did that texting when I told them to text to (480) 428 4150 and texted the word note, when you do that, I’m going to send you a photo of me holding a sign with your name on it. That’s how you can personalize. That is some of the amazing stuff that you can do so that it seems like you’re communicating. You will never be able to grow your business the way you have the potential to doing one on one. Use the automation and then use the automation to make it seem like it’s personal, like it’s customized, and you do that. As Scott was talking about, there’s a hundred different fields that you can put, personal fields, different customizable fields, to know all that information so that you’re able to do whatever it is, communicate in any way that you want to, so that does seem personalized for people.

It does have text messaging capabilities, so they can be auto responses to the cellphone like Darin did. Another audience asked the question, “How does this tie into Facebook, Google, etc.?” Here’s one of the things you can do. Does Infusionsoft connect with click funnels? I believe it does, doesn’t it?

Yes, there is integration with that. ClickFunnels lets you do some lead pages, landing pages, and some of the funnels and some other things. Some people like using ClickFunnels to do some of those. They are used to that and they like that and then they hook that on to Infusionsoft, which does much more, has better top of funnel things. If people want to use ClickFunnels bolted onto your Infusionsoft, let Infusionsoft run the whole frontend and the backend and let the ClickFunnels do the part in the middle that it does.

The audience asked a good question, “How does it tie into Facebook and Google videos?” I’ll create a Facebook ad with a link that they click on and takes them to my landing page, takes them to my opt‑in page. Once they opt in there, it’s tagged in my system, now they’re in my database. I can market to them on a regular basis and I can see them. They clicked on this one landing page or they clicked on my IRA video or they clicked on Google” so you can tag and change your pages up. Pretty easy to do. The landing pages are easy. Literally the emails are easy to write because you’re just dropping and dragging stuff into your email. Program is required. If I use ClickFunnels, do they integrate? Yeah, you have to spend a little time with it like anything else, but it’s easy to drop and drag, not difficult at all for some stuff.

Facebook integration, less than a year ago at Infusionsoft, because we know a lot of people use Facebook ads to drive people to landing pages or whatever in their campaign, we created a special team at Infusionsoft specifically designed to help you integrate Facebook ads into your Infusionsoft campaigns. If you had budget and you’re going to spend $300 a month on Facebook ads, you can come to Infusionsoft and you say, “I’ve got this $300 budget,” and we will help you manage that budget. Our team will even help you craft those ads and help you place the ads. The team takes part of that for their own services, but you will get better targeting and better results from using a professional team to help you customize that than you would if you were trying to do it on your own. Facebook ads and Infusionsoft work great together.

I did not know you did that. That’s awesome. That’s new. Drop Darin an email, Darin.Adams@Infusionsoft.com or shoot him a text message, (385) 439 9596. He will call you.

People can email or text me even tomorrow. I might not get back to you soon, but I will get back to you.

That’s a phenomenal deal. That’s the deal of the week. That blows anything else. If you don’t sign up for anything, that would be what you should sign up for immediately and take advantage of. Become a Jetsons note investor. That’s the Jetsons deal right there.

That is because we did Note CAMP 4.0, and the offer we were able to put for Note CAMP 4.0 was phenomenal. It was better than we’ve ever been able to put together. This is better, so can we block anybody who signed up at 4.0 from seeing this?

There are a few people that are on here.

They’ve had six months to be able to use it, so I’m glad.

They understand the valuable one.

We’ll forge ahead.

Good stuff, Darin. As always, thanks.

Anytime, we’re glad to party with you.

Take advantage and take an image, send Darin an email, send him a text message so you can take advantage of this.

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