EP NNA 35 – Are You “F”able Or “F”ed with Merrill Chandler

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NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable


Getting approved for funding is nerve-racking and this is totally relatable. Merrill Chandler, the founder and CEO of CreditSense, exposes the formula to become fundable. As an expert in this field for over 25 years and the genius behind fundability optimization, Merrill discusses the details of his upcoming Boot Camp Intensive and the overpowering bonuses it offers. He reveals the three secrets that give you access to cheap and easy top-tier bank money. Most importantly, he uncovers strategies on how to play the funding game like a pro.

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Are You “F”able Or “F”ed with Merrill Chandler

I’ve got some great stuff that we’re talking about. Literally, the topic now before we dive into it is are you “F” able? Let’s not go to the gutter as some people did. You’re going to love what we’ll talk about here. I’ve got a very special guest to talk about how they can help you get more funding and more fundable. First and foremost, if this is your first time on Note Night in America, we’re excited to have you. We’ve got a variety of people on the call here with us. We have obviously note and real estate investors. We have people interested in notes. As always, you can go and catch out at WeCloseNotes.tv for all our huge wealth vault of different videos, coaching calls and podcasts out there as well. We’d like to make sure that you subscribe while you’re there so you get alerted of all the newest videos that we record and post up there for you.

You can also listen to the Note Night in America on its own special iTunes or podcast we have across the different platforms. We’re excited that we hit 20,000 downloads of Note Night in American podcast which is pretty exciting. It’s not the main podcast we have but we use it to provide you with the opportunity to be able to listen to this wherever you’re at. I was actually listening to a couple of episodes on a plane from Vegas just coming in and caught up seeing how everything was going in and make sure it sounds good for you. As always, if you love Note Night in America and looking for more information on note investing, check out the Note Closers Show Podcasts. We’ve had 400-plus episodes. We went over 228,000 downloads. I love for you to review it and give me a five-star rating and subscribe. It is also available across 30 different platforms for podcasting as well as all the smart TV channels out there. There are lots of great content, interviews, guests and vendors. You are in store for an exciting thing. I’m going to bring him on.

How’s it going, everybody?

For those who don’t know who you are, Merrill, let’s share who you are.

My name is Merrill Chandler, the Founder and CEO of CreditSense. Some people put a little line of credit line sense. We’re going to be talking about how to un-F yourself. No offense is intended. We’re playing above the belt here. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and we’re going to be talking about exactly a whole new thing. For those of you who have seen me, do not leave. I’ve always offered $5,000 to $25,000 coaching packages. I’m telling you, I’m going to show you the process for becoming fundable. I’m offering that to you. It’s insane. Just stay with me even if you’ve seen me before. We’re going to be talking about some things that I’ve never presented. It’s going to be awesome.

I’m excited because every time I listen to your session, you always bring something new. You’re always adding something. I highly encourage you, if you’ve heard Merrill at any note events or REIA Expos and things like that, stick around because there are nuggets he’s providing now about what we’re talking in the last couple of weeks. He’s got a new presentation and tweaking it up. You made some amazing changes in 2019 of what CreditSense is helping and helping a lot of people get some things done.

We’re able to get to so many more people now rather than our client base. I want to create a mass movement of people who know how to become fundable. Let’s take off. Just like what Scott has said, no offense is intended. I will be coming out with my book called Are you F-able or Just F-ed? We’re going to discuss that tonight. As some of you may know and some of you may not, ultimately what we’re discussing is if you are F-able, if you are fundable, then we’re going to talk about how we can create the funding secrets that are going to let you tap into millions of dollars in business lines of credit.

Business lines of credit, where we’re going to be able to qualify and know how the rules of the game are played. Can you win a game if you don’t know the rules? Is it even remotely possible? I propose that it’s not. First thing I’m committed to is I’m committed to help you fund your dreams. We don’t buy notes. We don’t do real estate just to get our jollies. Sometimes it’s the most nerve-wracking thing that we could possibly do. It’s highly rewarding because it gives us the money that we can do the things we love. To do the passion projects, the callings and our vocations. It gives us opportunity and time freedom to do the things that we want to do. Funding other people’s money is the number one key to get us there. My number one goal is you learn how to play this game like a pro.

The funding game is not a pickup game at the rec center. This is the NBA championships and there are players out there. The banks, the credit bureaus, FICO, they are all pros. You and I, what if we’re not quite playing pro yet? We’re going to be discussing what that looks like and how to play the funding game like a pro. I’m going to show you how to flip on the money switch so that you can do exactly the lowest possible money without having to sell your soul. Next, I’m also going to show you three secrets. If you do those secrets just like other entrepreneurs, just like you have done before you. You can take down any deal by writing a check. How many of us would like to write a check and do a deal?

That’s what we’re talking about. You don’t have to go to anybody else for permission. You can make that happen. I have done a few things right in my life. I built my first tech empire by the time I was 27. I fixed and flipped my first $100,000 profit house in California by the time I was 29 and accumulated at the same period over $3 million in properties. The cool thing was is that’s where I first got the experience of getting $100,000 business lines of credit. I know from personal experience what that takes and we’re going to be talking about how you can do it. You’re walking away from this with actionable intel that you can apply when you get off the webinar.

One of my major achievements was I cofounded Lexington Law Firm. Some of us know a friend who’s had credit problems and may have gone to Lexington. Regardless of your experience there, I left them back in ‘97 because I had found that credit repair does not make a fundable profile. You cannot repair your way to fundability or to good credit. When I discovered this at Lexington, I started a twenty-year journey to reverse engineer the fundability guidelines from FICO and from the lenders. I studied over 10,000 credit profiles. Do you know how much 10,000 credit profiles are? As I developed this, I called this process fundability optimization. I left Lexington to create this process and make borrowers fundable and I founded CreditSense to actually deliver it.

I’ve also had a few failures and these failures are not small ones. One of probably the biggest personal funding wall that I ran into is where I had a perfect opportunity to take my software online and give my clients access to this software. They could optimize it by 11:00 at night when my team wasn’t even available. I applied for a full doc loan with my credit, a crazy good credit. By this time, I’d already been doing this for twenty years of the 25 years I’ve been in this business. They rejected me. They didn’t even tell me why I got rejected. Remember, at this time I was a master of the universe of personal credit optimization, how to get billed 800-plus profiles and how to always get a yes no matter what lender you went to. I knew there had to be a key to unlocking business funding because I just had a massive failure. I don’t know about you but if I’m coming up against something that there’s a wall, I’m going to climb that thing and I’m going to figure it out.

In my research of underwriting and trying to figure out what business credit was based on, I come across this thing called FICO World. FICO World is where all the credit geeks gathered. Think of it as the Mount Olympus of the credit gods. They all get together learning how to better protect the banks’ money. I’m thinking, “This would be amazing.” We applied and were accepted to go to FICO World. At the end of the first day, I had a chance of a lifetime. I don’t know if you guys had epiphanies in your space, but I had the chance to meet Will Lansing who was the CEO of FICO, Fair Isaac Corporation. I’m like, “This is amazing.” He sits down and asks me, “What’s your business model? I said, “We make borrowers more fundable.” “He goes, “That would be a good thing for my clients.” His clients are all lenders.

All lenders are looking for fundable clients, people who are paying attention and being a good credit risk. He said, “Let me have you talk to my score development teams both personal and business.” This was so powerful that they made me sign an NDA saying that I could not share in a public venue the details of this conversation. I’ve got to ask 100 questions about the FICOs processes. They didn’t answer every one of them to the nth degree, but I got so much more tactical intel of truly the stuff of which our credit applications are made of. There are so many things and some of it we’re going to cover now. The business credit liaison said one thing that changed everything for me. He said that 80% of approvals of small business and entrepreneurial businesses come from a qualified personal credit profile. It comes from your personal credit.

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

Becoming Fundable: You don’t have to go to anybody else for permission to do a deal. You just make that happen.


It has to be optimized for business loans and business funding. All of a sudden, the dominoes started to fall for me. It was the greatest thing because I knew so much already, but I didn’t know about business. When they said optimize for business, I started doing the math and magic happened. Just like you guys being here in this venue, things happen for a reason. I’m a firm believer in it and just like you’re sitting here learning this tech, I was sitting there learning this tech. I’m no different than you other than a few steps ahead. Those steps ahead give me a chance to ask questions and try things out before I pass it along to you. We came home and we implemented our game plan. We broke the formula down into easy to implement steps.

We created software and systems to do all the heavy lifting. We found the technical expertise to do it. I invested two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars and I built a system that existed nowhere else. The thing was there were tons of data and data processing and many complicated algorithms that we got to do. The amazing thing was it started creating results and we found that every time somebody implemented it, they got approved. The process was easy but here’s the crux, there is automatic underwriting and there are automatic limit increases. The entire process that FICO is developing with all the business lenders out there is to not have human eyes on the application. Are you hearing me? They lose money every time a human being picks up a credit app and checked your credit report. We’ll discuss in great details how this works and how we can hack this system.

It was so successful that automatic. How many of you have had an email or a letter come from your lender saying, “Congratulations, we just raised your credit limit $500 or $1,000 or $5,000?” How many of you had that? It happens all the time. The thing is you don’t know why it’s happening and you don’t say, “Because I pay my bills.” There are 40 things that FICO measures, not one. Paying your bills on time just keeps you out of trouble. It keeps you with good credit. There are 39 other ways that they’re measuring. This automatic underwriting and this limit increases. Imagine let’s say you had two or three or five business lenders and you had two or three or five credit lines, one with each of these credit lenders.

What if each one of those were $20,000 or $50,000 and what if automatic limit increases those limits just like your credit cards? Would that be okay with you? Would it be okay to have $200,000, $300,000 and you know how to hack the system so that they continue to raise those limits just like they’re raising your personal credit? Would that be okay? Would that be all right? Let me share with you an individual who is actually a note buyer. She’s an amazing woman, Teresa, and this is what she had to say in her own words. “This is Teresa. You’ve been helping me with my business line of credit for cyber analytics. I wanted to let you know that the bank person just left my office and I just finished signing the paperwork on a $500,000 unsecured line of credit. I’m just calling to let you know I’m very excited. I’ll talk to you soon.”

That’s the message that one of my Funding Formula clients left with us. $500,000 and all she did was aligned with her personal and business credit profiles to match lender guidelines. It was a stated income loan. It still befuddles me. It’s so amazing how this works. Bottom lining this thing, after twenty years I discovered that I did believe to all of these things, most of you have three limiting beliefs that are not true. Most investors believe that you need full documentation to get approval from banks, top-tier lenders or you have to suffer with soul-killing alternative lenders. How many have you been using private money and been using hard money lenders to do your deals because you believe you need full documentation? It is no longer true.

Number two, most investors believe that business credit is based on your business. I already told you, FICO told me that 80% of business decisioning is based on your personal. Three, most investors don’t have a clue how business credit works. We’re susceptible to credit card stacking or being manipulated or business credit schemes that not only don’t work, but they hurt your credit in the long term. I discovered all of this the hard way. I built that system. All that database stuff I showed you, I worked my hindquarters off to make a system that was implementable, but now, you get it cheap and you get it the easy way. What is the easy way that gives you access to cheap and easy top-tier bank money? The experience we’ve had in the last three years is that I’ve helped real estate investors, entrepreneurs and note buyers like you obtain over $31 million in approvals. This is for people who implemented the million-dollar funding formula process.

I want to show you the three secrets that I talked about and we’ll do a deeper dive into them. First of all, secret number one, if you know the rules, you can ethically hack bank underwriting systems for up to $1 million in cheap and easy bank money. Why do I say up to $1 million? Because FICO’s scoring system, told straight from the mouth of the business credit folks at FICO, that FICO SBSS or Small Business Scoring Service will register up to $1 million in actual automatic underwriting. That’s why we cut it off. For those of you who have met me at the events, we also have a $1 million bills so it was awfully convenient just to call it a million.

As you’ll see later, we’ve got clients who’ve gotten over that. What that means is FICO measures 40 characteristics of your profile. Paying your bills just keeps you out of bad credit line. You need to know what those things are. We hacked every one of these. We literally hacked what those criteria are that shape the behavior that gets you approved. If you knew how to behave with your credit, would it be pretty easy to implement? Dennis thought so. He said, “Thank you for coaching me on how to make my business fundable and what questions to ask the banks. By following your instructions, I received $150,000 in unsecured business lines of credit, the first round of funding.” How many of you could do more right now if you only had not $1 million but $150,000? How many of you could do more than what you’re doing right now with just $150,000?

Secret number two, when you clone a qualified funding entity, underwriting software is designed to approve you. Underwriting software is designed to see a business and approve all the right metrics. It’s just math. It’s data sets and math. I know it’s boring as hell for some of you, but if we know those rules, we can get funded. In fact, Steve and his wife said, “Over the last 30 days, we’ve raised $110,000 in our business name,” but we optimized their personal profile to make it happen. “This would not have worked unless we use the strategies we were taught by you in setting up the funding entity. We had a total of three lender’s loan the money and they all ask different questions during underwriting, but between all three they hit every strategy that you laid out in setting up a perfect business profile.”

There is a perfect business profile. The cool thing is this hack can work with most businesses. If you don’t have a fundable business per se, the strategy will work, but everybody can have a fundable business entity. Sometimes it’s a square peg in a round hole and we just have to work out the details but nothing is in the way. Number three, the third secret is optimizing your personal credit profile to fit business lender guidelines that will transform it into a business funding machine. Now, what do we mean by that? Let me do a little deeper dive. This right here is write-off of FICO’s websites selling to lenders. Basically what they’re saying is that using your internal performance data, what is internal performance data? We’re talking to the lender now. They’re saying those things that the lender is measuring with you and I. How many times do we have a bounced check? What’s our account balances? When do we pay on our cards and our loans? All of that performance data is measured and then it’s used to automatically drive activities like automating your credit lines. If we know what the performance data is, then we know how to raise the credit lines. This is just math.

Chad had that very same experience. He said, “The CreditSense team has been incredible to work with. I followed their instructions and did all the things they told me to do and the results have been amazing. I now have an 800-plus credit score up from less than 500. I was approved for $80,000, first round, unsecured business line from Wells Fargo Bank. My wife and I can’t thank CreditSense enough for everything they’ve done for us.” How many of us could use $80,000 as a first round of funding? What if we’re just one bank and you had two or three or five or ten more to work with? Would that be okay with you? If you did what I’m teaching you, if you knew what it took to ethically hack the bank underwriting systems and clone up a highly fundable entity and convert and transform your personal profile into that funding machine, do you think you could be successful? Do you think you could get $20,000, $50,000, $80,000 if you did just what you know so far? Does that make sense? Do you think this could very well apply to you? Imagine that you have four banks with $50,000 each, two banks with $100,000 each, eight banks with $25,000. What if you had $200,000 and you could just transfer that money into your checking account or write a check straight from the line and do any deal?

Would that be okay with you? What would that do for your life? How would it change what you’re doing? Just $200,000, how would that change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it? How many of you are excited about what we’re talking about? Blessed Scott’s heart, we’ve been doing this for several years now and every time I do a presentation, it is like drinking out of a fire hose. I will not apologize for it because I can deliver more content per minute than anybody else on the lineup. How many of you are feeling a little overwhelmed? As I said at the beginning, if you will stay to the end, I’m going to give you something not only not available anywhere else, but it’s going to blow your mind.

I’ve never offered this before and it’s just going crazy about how we can deliver all of this technology to you. To get there, is it okay with you if I spent just a few more minutes going over a special offer I created for entrepreneurs, note buyers and all you great people out there. Is it okay to help you understand how to implement the funding formula? Would that be all right? What I’m offering you is instead of anything else now, I am saying, “Why don’t we do a two-day bootcamp-intensive either in person in Salt Lake City or online? What if during that two days I gave you the fire hose of all the things you need to set yourself up for long-term fundability?”

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

Becoming Fundable: Paying your bills keeps you out of bad credit land.


What if you became fundable at the end of these two days? If you think you’re getting actionable intel now, wait until I give you the whole gamut. We’re going to talk about transforming your personal credit into the goose that lays golden eggs and create personal business credit profiles that trigger the approvals. Remember, those underwriting triggers? How to transform your profile into the ideal fundable profile and how to use the velocity of credit? The velocity of credit is mad cool. Day two, how to determine between real and fake business credit offers? How to ethically hack FICO funding algorithms for higher approvals? Don’t just get a five or a ten, get a twenty or a 50 in your first disbursement of funds. How do we perform a forensic audit? We’re literally going to sit down in this thing and we’re going to audit your profile and your business to see how fundable you are. We have the steps you need to get out of whatever hole you’re in or double or triple your capacity than it is right now and how to pass the 30-minute underwriting.

This has worked for the whole gamut of people, on entrepreneurs, including note buyers who are new to the business and people who are experienced in the business. I don’t care if you have good credit, bad credit, great credit. It works for everybody because fundability is a process. Whether you have good or bad credit, we will make you fundable over time. You will learn every step that you need to take in order for that to happen and whether or not you have a qualified funding entity or you need to make one or build one from what you’ve got. That’s what you’re going to learn at this workshop. Finally, you’ll be able to stop having deals slip through your fingers. How many of you have lost deals because you couldn’t pull the trigger or you couldn’t write the check?

What about that uncertainty and stress? You’re going to private money lenders. You’re trying to do this on personal credit cards. It’s ruining your credit. How many of you are tired of chasing money or paying an arm and a leg for private money or hard money? I call that body part pricing. When you pay an arm and a leg, it’s all body part pricing and stop sharing your profits. We can stop all of that. That is so five minutes ago or so last century. We don’t have to do it this way anymore. Do you want to go through the step-by-step of what we’re going to do? I’m going to give you the goods.

Every one of these bullets that we talked about, I’m going to tell you the ice cap version. At the fundability intensive, we’re going to go in a deep dive into every one of these. We’re going to show you how to transform your personal credit into the goose that lays golden eggs. What do I mean by that? The goose that lays golden eggs is your personal profile. Just like FICO told me and just like you’ve learned now, your personal profile is the goose. We usually cook the goose and we have one meal, whether it’s credit card stacking. How many of you are doing things on your personal credit? You’re fixing or flipping or buying things on your personal credit. Your score goes down. You get rid of the note or the property and your score goes back up.

The worst message you can send a lender is up and down of your credit score. What if we took care of the goose and we had all these golden eggs and we did all that heavy lifting over on the business side? You’re going to learn about that in day two of the fundability analysis. The golden eggs are business credit cards, business credit lines, business loans, your portion of a hard money loan. I’m not against hard money. Sometimes we only have $50,000 in our first credit line. We’re able to do our portion and do hard money somewhere else until we have $200,000 or $300,000 and we could do it all ourselves. Of course, step your way to it. That’s what I mean by the goose that lays golden eggs. Your personal credit profile has to be taken care of and it will take care of us for the rest of our lives.

Let me tell you about Ralph. Ralph knew exactly what to do to cook his golden goose. Like many of you, I know a bunch of you have come here, he came to us with a credit profile with 25, 27, 26 personal credit cards on his profile. He just overwhelmed his personal profile because he was told, like many of you, “I can get you $150,000 in the next 90 days for business credit.” What they didn’t tell you is because since you didn’t know the difference, they went and the built all that up on your personal credit profile and killed your goose. Personal credit card stacking ruins your personal credit and prevents you from doing anything else. Here was an implementation plan that we showed. We implemented debt shifting strategies that he learned from the funding formula.

You’re going to learn the funding formula at the intensive. He executed balance transfers to the right profile, enhancing installment loans. He used installment loans to buy down some of his personal debt. Then he told the installment loans and when he qualified, he moved it over to business credit cards and then he implemented the funding formula so that he could then take out. With the takeout loan, he got rid of the property that he was stuck in because his score went down when he charged his credit cards up and the mortgage company wouldn’t talk to him. We had to use personal credit lines and business credit cards to get him out of this process. We call it debt shifting and it was a three-stage process.

Here’s what he had to say. “All I can say is your program is amazing. Your funding formula did as promised. I got $40,000 on two business credit cards and implemented the debt shifting strategy as instructed. My personal score shot up 70 points and now we can move forward with the rest of my funding plan.” How many of you are stuck with a high debt load on your personal because you didn’t know otherwise? The people who helped you get into that situation either don’t know how to play the game or they’re just downright naughty and that’s putting it really nicely. The two-day boot camp intensive, all you have to do in the privacy of your own pajamas you can sign up for online. We’re also going to be talking about creating personal business credit identities that trigger approvals.

Let me tell you about Andrea and Keith. I’m not going to use their information because I maintain privacy so I’ll use mine. They had the exact similar situation and you have the exact similar situation as well because you don’t know the rules of this. Just like me, I signed up under Merrill Chandler, Merrill Ray Chandler or Merrill R. Chandler. As a data set, those are three different people. The credit bureaus or FICO doesn’t know which one is that. The more unfocused and unclear your identity is, the more your rejections for credit. In fact, before I knew what I was doing, this is from my credit report, I had four name variations and six address variations. All of them got me totally butchered in my fundability and was one of the things that caused me to not be fundable on the business. I’ll show you in a second how that works.

Right now, all of those different identities and addresses creates greater funding problems. Here’s the crazy thing. If you real estate investors have multiple homes, then most of those homes are on your credit report, even if you don’t live in them. Now, you’re associated with all of these addresses. That has to be fixed. We’ve got to focus in. You’re going to learn every step exactly how to do these things. In fact, Andrea and Keith said, “CreditSense has been an integral partner in helping us meet our personal and business needs and patiently guided us through the identity cleanup process. They educated and helped us establish better borrowing habits. The intensive rocks for conveying all of this information. It improved both our credit scores to over 800 and are helping us increase our personal business credit limits. We would not have accomplished so much in so shorter timeframe without help from CreditSense team and we’re excited for our business growth to come as a result of their guidance.” After the funding formula, they were more fundable.

We’re also going to be talking about how to transform your current profile into the ideal profile. Let me tell you about Joseph. Joseph’s is classic. Many of us are going to fall into this category, the classic square peg in the round hole. When Joseph came to us, he thought paying his bills on time got him his 800 plus credit score. I said, “Joseph, where are the million dollars that come with that 800-plus credit score?” He goes, “Nobody will give me any money but I have great credit.” Over and over, just like you, “I have great credit.” You mean your score is above 750 or 800 but where’s the money? Show me the money. If you don’t have money, I don’t care how high your credit score is.

Your credit score is third or fourth in importance to lenders. Do you realize that? Yet we’ve been sensitized, “I got a great score.” I don’t care. We ran him through the profile optimizer that we do at the intensive. His profile optimizer, we compared the identity data points, the revolving account portfolio, installment loan portfolio. We take a look at the 24-month lookback period and watch your behavior and see if it’s good behavior or bad behavior. You learn how to triage all of that and fix it at the intensive. Utilization history, inquiry usage, negative indicators and derogatory counts. Do you realize that FICO has negative indicators and you don’t have to have any bad credit? That’s why derogatory accounts are different than negative indicators.

An account can count 50 points for you or only five points for you and still look like a positive account on your credit report. It’s crazy when we don’t know what’s going on. Joseph, after he worked with us, this is what he had to say about fixing his square peg in the round hole. “The results I received from CreditSense Funding Formula had been amazing. I have raised my credit scores more than 100 points and received a college-level education on how to manage and maintain my funding profile.” How would you like a college-level education on long-term fundability? “Every member of my cohort is implementing the funding formula with great results. CreditSense is the most responsive, most educated, most conscientious and most caring team I’ve had the privilege to work with. I would recommend CreditSense to anyone and I have.”

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

Becoming Fundable: Personal credit card stacking ruins your personal credit and prevents you from doing anything else.


How to you use the velocity of credit to accelerate business lender approvals? What do you mean by the velocity of credit? Lindsey came to me and she was like, “I want business credit on my business.” I said, “Lindsey, business credit does not exist on your business. 80% of that decision is based on your personal.” “Yeah but my personal credit sucks. I wanted it all my business. I have a really good business.” I’m like, “Great, but your business doesn’t tell lenders how you treat money.” Does that make sense? Your business, your financials and all that says is you know how to run a business but not your attitudes about how you treat other people’s money. Your personal credit profile does that. That’s why FICO uses it.

How you treat money personally is how you’re going to treat money in the business. Once she understood that the velocity of credit means, and don’t hold me to these numbers, for every month you spend working on your personal credit, you get two to three months’ worth of business funding traction. For every month you spend here, Teresa, remember the $500,000. She said, “Merrill, I just want to do it the right way.” We took fourteen months on her personal credit to raise her limits so that they looked like distinguished limits. She looked like a professional borrower. Not a little high school pickup game but an NBA player when it comes to funding. She took fourteen months to reconcile her personal out of the gate $500,000. The velocity of credit says the more you spend on your personal profile, the faster you’re going to get funded, the faster you’re going to get to that hundred-thousand-dollar mark on up to ten banks. That’s the million dollars. That is what we mean by that.

She said in her own words, “We all know the basics of credit, but do you know the rules on how funding operates? Thanks to CreditSense and their team of on the ball professionals. I feel like I attended a school of funding knowledge. Now, I can effectively move forward with my personal and business credit profiles with confidence. Thanks, Credit Sense.” What if I told you that in every single thing that we talked about and you go online right now and that creating a qualified funding personal business profile is $1,997? If it costs $1,997 to get your first of five or six or seven $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 credit lines, would it be worth it? Is it worth it for $1,997 to learn exactly how to put you in the flow so that you’re catching money as it falls out of the dump truck of the lenders? We’re not done. Day two, guaranteeing business funding approvals. Just like pushing dominoes, if you’ve set everything upright, you push one domino, they all fall. You’ve got to set them up correctly.

Let’s take a look at the difference between a real and fake business credit offers. Sheena comes to me and she was totally angry at her lenders because she kept applying for business credit and it kept ending up on her personal credit. She goes, “I got business credit.” I said, “Sheena, you do not have business credit. You have poser credit.” She’s like, “What do you mean?” I said, “You have business credit posers.” What business credit is not is that if it reports to your personal credit report, Experian, TransUnion, Equifax or your personal credit report, it is not business credit.” It never has been, never will be. Capital One does not have a single true business credit instrument. Spark and all the other ones all report to your personal. How many of you guys have a Spark? How many of you have a Capital One that reports to your business and you think you’ve got a business credit card? It’s not true and it’s going towards that whole cooking your goose that lays the golden eggs.

I’m not blaming you. Those guys have done a very poor job of training you on how to be fundable and how to operate in the business credit land. That’s what I’m here for. That’s why we’ve done this implementation intensive. Capital One is just contributing to cooking your goose, especially if you think you’re being good and you’re saying, “I need to put it on my business card so it doesn’t affect my credit,” but this shows up on your personal. If it reports on your personal credit profile, it is not business credit. That right there is worth your hour. All by itself, that is worth your hour. You’re going to learn how to vet banks to determine whether or not the business credit cards or the business lines of credit report to your personal. You’re going to learn it all right there at the intensive. That is so easy a math to do. $2,000 to be able to learn all of this stuff. Sheena afterwards said, “I was approved yesterday for $50,000 line of credit and a $5,000 credit card for my business.” Finally, she learned what it took and how to make it right. They said it takes about seven days for the credit line to be booked.

We’re also going to talk about how to ethically hack business funding algorithms. You want to learn business funding algorithms because this is cool. Let me tell you about Noll. He comes to us and he is exactly like many of you. He was referred to us from another client and he was like, “I’m all in. I really want to figure this out.” One of the things that he learns in the Funding Formula that you’re going to be learning at the intensive is that the old Dun and Bradstreet PAYDEX score is an antiquated technology. It is so old. Every dime you’ve paid towards building a PAYDEX score is meaningless because FICO doesn’t use PAYDEX. What it does is it buys D&B data and blends it with Consumer Bureau data and then gives you a small business scoring assessment. How does that work? First of all, they start with FICO’s data and score.

Then what they do is they check Dun and Bradstreet and compared the Dun and Bradstreet identity data and the things you are saying from your application, but it’s all identity, it’s not your trade lines. They’re not looking at your business credit cards. In fact, Steve from our FICO liaison told us that business credit reporting now is what personal credit reporting was in the ‘80s. They didn’t even start announcing until ‘96. They didn’t even start announcing public credit scores. It was always in the back office. Business credit reporting sucks. It is horrible but what they do capture is the identity data and the business data, not the trade lines. They use your personal credit to see how you treat other people’s money but they verify with Dun and Bradstreet, your identity and your application data to see if you’re full of crap or if you’re being honest.

Then they check the Experian to do the exact same thing, the Experian business and Equifax business. They’re just seeing if you’re lying on your application, they’re not checking your business credit history, all that’s coming from my FICO and then they approve you based on how are your behaviors on personal data. That alone is worth the entire time we’re spending together, to learn that your personal credit profile drives this bus. Everywhere you want to go, your funding world is based on your personal profile. It has to be optimized for business borrowing. Does that make sense? Just like we did with Teresa and her $500,000. The reality is they’re checking the data to see if you’re lying through your teeth on your business apps.

It’s awesome and crazy and super cloak and dagger. Noll, afterwards said, “With the coaching and support I received from Funding Formula, I was able to get $100,000 in unsecured business credit with full check writing access from the first two banks.” Here’s how long it took him. He literally called up both banks and they said that his documentation was ready. He drove to one bank, signed the documentation, drove to the next bank, signed the documentation and there he has it, $100,000. Would $100,000 be okay with you if you knew how to hack the business funding algorithms for higher approvals? We’re not talking of fives and tens. We’re talking 20s and 50s out of the gate, then how to build from there through the automatic limit increases.

The next thing we’re talking about is how to perform a forensic audit to find out where you’re succeeding and where you’re failing. Ask yourself this question while I talk about Robert. What does being unfundable cost you every year? How many notes can’t you buy? How many properties can’t you flip? How many buy and holds can’t you do? What is it costing you? Here’s Robert. Robert was a notorious buy and holder. An 800-plus credit profile when he was doing his credit was around 4.5%. His profile was about a little between 620 and 630 between all three bureaus. When he got there, he was throwing away $3,000 per year. The problem was he had four properties on his personal credit profile. That means he was losing and he didn’t have bad credit. He was using his credit, just like many of you, for doing the work in the fix and flips or preparing the homes to get rented.

He puts all that on there and he’s 620 and he’s just lost. He has no idea why this whole system is so messed up. Right now, you can already tell him the things we told him. I don’t know how much bad credit is costing you or being unfundable because you can have good credit and not fundable. You can have bad credit and not fundable. The entire goal of the implementation intensive is to make you fundable over the long term and give you every single step you need to take to be successful. With the forensic profile audit, we’re going to be talking about all of these things. I don’t want to go to every single one of them, but we cover all of these processes so that you can know accurately.

I don’t care even if you have an 800-plus credit score, you still have to audit your profile. We’re going to do that audit right there in class together. Does that work for you to actually do all of this in real time? My team is there. If you’re online or if you’re in Salt Lake City attending in person, I invite you to come out and fly in and hang out with us. These many people put in a fine print that says, “These extraordinary results are not typical.” These are typical results regardless of how you got into the 600, whether it’s bad credit, I don’t care if it’s 500 or lower, whatever it took you to get there.

It took Robert 22 months to get here. That profile was now a fundable profile. What Robert said was, “The first thing I learned about CreditSense is they are not a credit repair company.” We’re not, we’re fundability experts and whatever’s in the way of you being fundable, we will help you work that out. The entire intensive is designed to do every one of those steps. “I wasn’t sure how optimizing my credit would work, but after hearing such positive results from some of my colleagues, I decided to give it a try. I was immediately impressed in the detail and understanding they have over how credit scores are affected. The results so far have far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend CreditSense.” Thanks, Robert. Look at all the stuff we’re doing. How to prepare your business to pass the 30-minute underwriting approvals?

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

Becoming Fundable: Everywhere you want to go, your funding world is based on your personal profile. It just has to be optimized for business borrowing.


In the two days, we’re going to do what I’m about to show you what Derek and Aisha did in their funding formula. First of all, we’re going to put you in a metrics between fundable credit at the top or not fundable credit and measure that. Fundable business on the top right or no business on the bottom left. It doesn’t matter where you are on this chart. We want to get to fundability, no money or lots of money, 100% utilization to zero utilization. We’re going to find out where you are and you’re going to be able to implement the steps from knowing where you are. Evaluate your credit profile, not your score. I don’t care about your score. Don’t talk to me about your score.

Talk to me about how fundable you are. How much money you are not getting approved? Then we have something we can fix. Think about it. If you believe your high score should make you money but you’re not getting money, what does your high score mean? It’s worthless until it translates into cold hard cash. We’re also going to be looking at your account values. There’s 100% tier one and there’s all the way down to tier 40% with finance companies, cards and subprime lenders. We’re going to evaluate every single one of your credit reports and you’re going to find out how many cards you have. What types of things and create value in what we call the fundability index? All of this is right there live with coaches there to help and answer your questions.

Then we’re going to evaluate your business fundability and we’re even going to be able to estimate your timetable based on where you are on the fundability index. All of this is going on right there live in the privacy of your own underwear with the workbook that we send you via PDF. Derek and Aisha, this is what they said about their funding formula. “We did everything you outline to the funding formula and it worked. We just qualified for a $580,000 unsecured property acquisition business credit line plus $90,000 in other business credit line and credit card. There’s nothing in the way of growing our real estate investments the way we’ve always wanted.” How would you like to have $670,000 in unsecured credit lines? This is not out of hand. Day two, if you to my website right now, that second day is worth $3,994?

If all it did was help you real estate investments or note buying to be profitable, would it be worth it? What if it just gave you a kick in the butt and made you accountable to your own goals? Would it be worth it? What if it gave you checks that you could write three to four more deals per month, per year, three to four deals period, would it be worth $3,994? Because you’re serious about your success, if you invest in implementing your million-dollar funding formula at this bootcamp, even in your own home, I will make you the deal of a century. I will take that $3,994 and I will let you attend this for $97.

It’s worth it. We should pay $3,994 but you get to attend in your underwear. With the difference that you’re saving, fly out to Salt Lake City and join us. We’ll take you live, but you get to be in person or online and do this for $97. Is that okay? Then I thought what else do you need to do faster? Some of you quick starters, I put together a bonus package to add on top of this in case you wanted to do more. First of all, there is the insider playbook. There’s the banker’s playbook and the credit bureau playbook. I don’t care if you like these guys or not, but do you know what a playbook is? If you know what’s in the playbook of the opposing team, you will win the game every time. What if you knew the credit bureau playbook? What if you knew the bankers’ playbook? What if you knew exactly what they were doing? Remember how we talked about the audit? Bonus number two is what if I gave you all of my advance dispute templates? What if I gave that to you so that not only do you get to audit your profile, but then you can dispute all of those things? The identity, the terminus dates, the new rules violations. What if I gave you all that?

Bonus number three, what if I gave you a video recording of the entire two-day event? Just in case you can’t drink water fast enough out of this fire hose, you could go back and listen to it again or slower and take more notes and do everything that we’ve talked about, would that be okay where you had access to it? What if I give you lifetime access to our Funding Hackers Club, our private group on Facebook? What if I added all of that to it? There’s $97 for the silver level. What if I put all of those bonuses together, the playbooks to dispute templates, the two-day recording and the value is $6,085. What if it were $197 to be able to get the recording and listen and commune with other Funding Hackers in our private group. Then every once in a while somebody says, “I want the most that I could possibly get that’s going to launch me and that’s going to let me do all of this as fast as I possibly can.”

The platinum level is bonus number five, a fundability strategy session with me. Normally, I charge $2,000 for somebody to spend an hour in strategic planning. People don’t have to be my client to buy my time to help guide through various deals. In fact, I’ll tell you a little bit later about the guy. Our last testimonial did exactly this and became a fan. What if I gave you the $8,082 value for $497 and you get everything, all the other bonuses, all the masterclass, the two-day intensive, the recordings and everything, but you will also get a strategy session with me? You get whatever you want during that hour. I’ll answer questions. I’ll help you strategize. I’ll give you a line of sight for what you need to do. Those are the three packages, the silver for $97, the gold for $197 and $497 if you would want all of those things plus an hour with me. Imagine your life right now being able to write a check for $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 or more. How is that going to change your life? This is crazy. The link for the intensive registration is EpicFundingSecrets.com/Bootcamp-Intensive. You guys had said that even just the basic $97 package, that $3,000 is nothing to be able to guarantee what you guys are creating when it comes to your long-term fundability.

You have two choices. First, do nothing, do not take a leap of faith, which is 100% risk-free or your second option, you can take a leap of faith and just test it out risk-free. What do I mean by risk-free? What if I told you that you can start the intensive weekend? If you’re not happy with me or what you’ve learned or a plan for your funding success by the end of day one, I would give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. You get to attend the first day free if you don’t like it. Buy it, pay for it and if you don’t like it, just tell us and we’ll pull you off the presentation list and give your money back. Is that fair? The real question is, is it worth gambling a weekend to see how close you are right now to funding? If this does even half of what I’ve claimed, this is going to pay for itself literally a hundred times over.

Here are some people from the Funding Hackers Club. An email came in, “Good afternoon, Brad. I just wanted to take this opportunity to advise you, Merrill, and the entire CreditSense staff of the following. The content is exceptionally powerful. The content was extremely informative and well conveyed and always to the point. I immensely appreciated the receipt of the funding bootcamp binder as it made it easy to follow the presentation and to take notes. You’re getting a PDF. You can print that out, take notes, and make it all happen. I’m pleased with the ability to review the event recordings and have the ability to continue to participate in the Funding Hackers Club. The online Q&A via Facebook platform was a nice touch. Once again, thank you. I look forward to the next step to fundability.”

“Well-worth the time and cost,” says Jack. “Not cost, it’s an investment.” Marianne, “This has been a complete eye-opener. I’ve learned so much about credit and it has helped clarify some issues about what I thought I’d set up wrong, but had no idea how to fix. Very thought-provoking.” Jeremy says, “The two-day intensive was full of relevant information. Anyone using credit for personal or business should attend. The practical application is a true money saver and credit builder. Thank you for the increased knowledge.” She’s just talking the mind-blowing, white hat hacking. She calls it the fundability. We put the fun back in funding.

It’s not diminutive to call him my golden child, but he is so killer in what he’s produced, Michael J. “Since becoming your student, I’ve been successful with securing over $2 million for my real estate deals. I’ve also been successful with acquiring unsecured business loans in addition to unsecured revolving credit for my business. Due to what I’ve learned in your program, my real estate portfolio now tops $3 million and I’m still on my way up. Thank you for all of your help and I’ll look forward you helping me as I continue to grow.” This is the gentleman that I literally sat down with and his banker. We created this amazing pledge loan process where he would have an unsecured credit line at $500,000. No mortgages were involved. Within six months it was at $1 million and one year later it was at $2 million when he finally wrote this. It was amazing to watch him take the tools that we put together and we ask him, “It was worth every penny I paid for me to be able to be a part of that. You get me for two days.”

Here’s the summary, $97, $197 and $497. You need to hurry and reserve your place. People say, “Hold it. You can do 300,000 people online.” The amount of people that my team and I can handle is limited. Seats are limited because we’re not going to put 50 people in this room because we want to pay attention to you. That’s why we do one of every month. I don’t want you to miss out. We want to be able to spend our time with each one of our students. Even online, we’ll have everybody answering questions. My entire team will be involved in this. EpicFundingSecrets.com/Bootcamp-Intensive, go there. You can call us at (801) 438-9080. That’s our student hotline. You can email us at Bootcamp-Intensive@CreditSense.com. That’s our big monster play. Go there and register.

I don’t care which one. Our most popular is the $197 because people get that I’m going to be talking like a madman for two full days and they need to be able to take a breather and go through the materials over and over. Just show up, change your life, and make something happen. Remember how many of you have seen me before where I’ve offered huge coaching packages and all kinds of things. The issue is I can’t grow this movement fast enough. I want you to be able to afford right now and be able to change your fundability life. That’s what I’m committed to and back to you, Scott.

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

Becoming Fundable: If you know what’s in the playbook of the opposing team, you will win the game every time.


Take advantage of that stuff. You have 50 spots available in Salt Lake unless you sold some seats already.

Fifty is what I’m taking for the online and then live, we can have additional people there. Online, because we’ve got people everywhere in the country, no more than 50 people are going to be in there or we won’t be able to take care of the folks.

I’m signing up for this. I’m actually going to have that weekend off.

If you think you like all the things we talk about now, you’ll come out of this going, “Are you kidding me, Merrill? Where have you been all my life?” I’ll be like, “We’ve been doing this for four years now together.” To be fair, I’ve always reserved this for my high net worth clients and I’ve always spent the time and energy just onesie-twosie. This deserves to get out there. I’m giving you all of the to-do lists to become fundable for the rest of your lives. You will get it all. This workbook that you’re getting, the PDFs that I’m sending you, this is over 60 pages of literal tasks and instructions.

We’ve got Laura Blunk and a few others that were there the last time that you did it, raved about it. We do have a couple of questions here. “If you signed a nondisclosure agreement, are you giving us this information or is it different information?”

What I can put into my software is not available to the public. Just like FICO, you get the results of it, you don’t get to know what the algorithms look like. Does that make sense? All the things I’m talking about is just me doing the math. I’ll give you a perfect example. When I’m talking to Ethan, who is the chief scientist on the personal side. One of my questions was, “I know that zero balances are not the best for fundability. Can you tell me what the perfect balance is for a user?” He goes, “I can’t tell you what that formula is. What I can tell you is some is better than none. Less is better than more.” The funny thing was he just confirmed what I’d already been working on because we put together our own formula because 10,000 credit profiles and working for twenty years in this business, I was able to narrow it down.

I asked him for it. He gave me confirmation. I knew some was better than none. We have in our software a proprietary calculator to tell you exactly how much to carry on each type of each one of your revolving accounts and how to pay for it and how to pay it every single month. You can create the highest fundability factor when you’re creating your profile. That’s a perfect example of, “What to do?” That’s a great question. The NDA is about the technical details of what we can put in our software versus what I can’t walk out and say, “By the way, this thing is a thing.” We can’t do that.

Can you go over what’s included in the three levels?

The $97 is the two-day event where we’re going to cover all of this and you get the 66 pages of the workbook in PDF that will be emailed a couple of days before. The $197 has all of the bonuses listed here. Bonus one, Lender Credit Bureau Insider playbook, the advanced strategy templates, the intensive recording and lifetime access to the Funding Hackers Club. You get the masterclasses above and those four bonuses for $197. That’s the gold package. Then the platinum is the masterclasses, the full two-day event plus all of the bonuses, plus bonus number five is you get a fundability strategy session. You get one hour with me to spend it, however, it’s going to make you the most fundable. I can help you with your strategies. I can answer questions for you, however that is. That’s the $497.

Laura said, “The videos are vital because the intensive is really intensive.”

Yes, I’m telling you and notice it’s on the lower side of halfway between the $500 and $100. For $200, you can stop and do the math or do the figuring or look it up or go to the website and do it and then turn the video back on. Me, personally, I like to spend time with myself so I pay the $500.

We’ve got some people on here that were business partners in different parts of the country. We have a question, “My business partner and I are in separate locations. Could we simultaneously watch the intensive or just one of us? Should we sign up for the $197 each or will one work for us?”

What you can do is in your partnership and what we call a partnership is bed, blood or business. One of you can buy the $97 and one of you can buy the $197 and then you can share the recording. Sometimes that’s difficult because you’re invited to the Funding Hackers Club on your Facebook. It’s so inexpensive, everybody just buys it. Husbands and wives have done that, but in your separate locations, I’d probably recommend the two $197 so each can access through your own Facebook. I’ll let you guys figure that out but don’t bring strangers in or whatever to be honorable with me and I promise I’ll always be honorable with you.

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

Becoming Fundable: You can create the highest fundability factor when you’re creating your profile.


What are the hours of the two days?

It’s so that we can honor and so that we can take care of our California clients on Saturday and Sunday, It’s 9:00 AM Mountain. It’s 8:00 AM Pacific and 11:00 AM Eastern and then it will go until we’re finished. I’ve pushed this thing until 6:00 or 7:00 mountain time. That could be 8:00 or 9:00. Plan for the weekend. You’re not going out on Saturday night. You’re not going to feel like it. You’re going to be lying exhausted in your chair. It starts at 9:00 AM each day and I will keep going until you guys are exhausted because I love this stuff. If you want it, I’m going to keep the fire hose on.

I’m going to sign up for this thing. It’s delivered via Zoom, correct?

Actually whether Facebook, it will be available in those formats. I promise you, you’re going to want to pay attention. We did have some feedback from a couple of people who are online that thought, “I can have this on in the background” and they were lost within the first twenty minutes. They’re like, “Where are we? We’re back on FICO? Talk to me.” I’m not just giving you the BS tech stuff. I’m going to show you how to buy a car and save money. How mortgages are designed to limit. I’m going to show you so many things that will blow your mind. Please tell your friends about this and your business partners. Have them watch this or if they trust you, just get them signed up so that we can all get moving on this because 2019 is going to be an amazing funding year for everybody who’s willing to get started and make this thing happen. How many of you learned something new now or five things that were brand new that you’ve never heard in your entire life but totally makes sense?

Everybody should learn. I see people on here that haven’t been on in a while, which is great. Maybe it’s from the title of the email, but you learn something new.

Are you F-able or just F-ed? Don’t be F-ed, be fundable. Here’s the thing. I have some people who’ve signed up for the class and they’ve told us that they don’t have a business, but they learned so many things just to help them to be smart, make smart business decisions or smart credit decisions for the rest of their lives. They now know how to buy a car. Every time they’d get a car, they know how dealers live off the spread. They do deals off of your credit score spread. I’m going to show you how they do it and how to stop it. It’s going to be so fun.

I’m looking forward to this. Let’s see what other questions we’ve got. Somebody asked a question, “Can you deal with Credit Unions and banks when you want to?”

Absolutely. Credit Unions are a powerful ally because they are regulated by the NACUA, the National Association of Credit Unions. There are different underwriting criteria and so you just have to know the rules of that game if you’re going to play in the credit union land. We found our highest producing lenders are all tier two banks right now. It used to be community banks. A few years ago, if you saw me, we were talking about community banks and Credit Unions, but now tier-two banks are killing it. We’ve got a couple of banks. They’re all in different states, so I can’t say that you’re going to get one of these, but there are some banks that go all the way up to $100,000 in stated. That means they’re using your personal credit profile for funding purposes. You just got to align your personal profile so you look like a credit god or goddess and you got it dialed.

I’m signed up, which is great. I’ll get on my FICO 3B report PDF for that.

Everybody who’s signing up, we’re going to be sending you a set of instructions in how to prepare. You’re going to be getting a credit report. We want that credit report done about the week before. You’ll be getting that message. You pull your credit report and then there’s an audit you do at home. There’s a video, we walk you through it so that you can audit that. We need you to come to the presentation with your credit report and the form filled out. Make sure you do your prep work before. We had people saying, “I’ll just do it when I’m there,” and they were just dying on our vine and I will not answer homework questions when you’re supposed to do it at home. I will not answer those questions. I’ll be like, “We’re moving forward because we have a pace to keep so that I can make sure you have all of the techs you need to be fundable for the long term.”

I’m doing it online from here. I’m not flying to Salt Lake. It’s going to be a little warmer here than it’ll probably be up there.

I would have you if you came.

I’d be glad to be there. I love doing this. This is so smart and do it online for everybody there in East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between, Merrill, it’s just absolutely awesome. I think Laura did hers online as well last time. She said the videos were critical. I’m all jacked up. One of the big things I learned when we were talking on the Note Closers Show. You’re talking about how you’ve helped people that have judgments from foreclosures or things that happened to them years ago. You were able to still get them the funding and things like that and working with them over a period of time.

It’s about fundability, not just your score. We have one client, she still has a couple of unpaid collections and her profile and score are in the 800. She still has a couple of unpaid collections that haven’t been deleted yet. She’s literally like, “This is crazy. I didn’t even think this thing was possible.” There are long-term solutions to all of these tasks that we’ll be giving you in the fundability intensive.

NNA 35 | Becoming Fundable

Becoming Fundable: A sole proprietorship is an alter ego.


We’ve got a question and it’s a very important question, “I have an LLC academically, but I would want to accomplish this in a sole proprietorship. Is that viable?”

A sole proprietorship is an alter ego, but don’t do anything until the intensive where you learn what the rules are and then we can take the square pegs in round holes. How many testimonials did I talk to you? How many case studies where we’ve talked about square pegs in round holes? You’re in a situation right now. We will solve that when once we know the things that you’re going to be filling out as part of your prep work to get us ready for the intensive. I got to tell you a great story. I talked to a guy and he says, “I can’t wait.” I called him because he’s in Louisiana and he said, “I’m going to be attending,” but he bought the live ticket. I’m like, “What the devil? What’s going on? You know this is Salt Lake City.” He goes, “I’m an over the road trucker and I’m just going to route some of my deliveries so I could spend the weekend there.” I’m like, “I love you already.” I am going to take that gentleman to lunch because that is what I call dedication. You guys are welcome to come out, but I’m telling you, that guy was awesome.

Is there an hour lunch break?

Yes, there will be an hour lunch break and take a nap.

Run an errand or two or go grab a sack lunch and come on back. Stretch your legs. I have it on the calendar. I’m excited about it.

I see your registration here, Scott Carson’s crew. If he’s going to be there, he’s going to be leading the Scott Carson cohort in the online crew. You guys make sure you get registered. Do the $97 and upgrade later. The first hour, you’re going to be upgrading. Just so you make sure that you have the recordings.

Somebody asked, “What are hotel prices like in Salt Lake? Do you have a room block somewhere in a hotel nearby there?

I do not but usually, depending on your budgets, there’s anything from the $80s and $90 to $300. We’re going to be in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s super easy to access. We’re on North Temple. You can email me and say I’m coming there and I can give you the address of the place that you can find local. We didn’t have a room block because I’m not counting on hundreds of people coming live but you are certainly welcome. We would love to have you come live because the interaction is a little bit different than online. For the savings of $3,000, which it’s worth every penny for $197 or whatever, come on and hang out with us for the weekend.

Merrill, once again, thank you for over-delivering. You promised to over-deliver as always.

Thank you. I said it a dozen times but talking about over-delivery. Just bring your flak jacket for the intensive. Online, it doesn’t matter. In person, it’s awesome. Thanks for the invite. It’s been great spending time with you. I love Scott and I love his people and you guys are superheroes. I’d just like to get to know you more. Come and visit us or at least join us online because it’s going to be super interactive but with a load of details.

I’m looking forward to it. Merrill, I’ll see you. Once again, get signed up. You will not regret it, trust me. As he said, come the first day. If you don’t like it, it’s easy to just walk away. No questions ask.

After that first day, you could buy $97, you either get your money back or you upgrade to the recording because you can’t learn that fast.

It doesn’t mean you buy and you don’t show up because they can see who show up.

There are no refunds. You’re telling me you’re serious. I’m going to take your money if you don’t show up. The cool thing is about the $97 or the $197, you don’t even have to go. If you’re busy on the 9th and 10th just buy the $197 and on the 11th, I’ll ship it to you. You’re ready to go. Thanks for the invite. You’re always a blast. Your people are great. Be well.

Take advantage of the specials they offer. Sign up for $97, if you want to get the videos that they have, do that, pay the extra $100 and get that there. Get signed up now and I understand, if you’ve got to wait until the first when your check comes in, that’s fine. Just save the link. We’ll see you at the top. 

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NNA 35 | Becoming FundableMerrill Chandler, CEO and Chief Strategist at CreditSense.com, has been an influential player in the credit restoration industry for over 21 years, and has co-founded numerous successful credit restoration firms around the country, including Lexington Law. Unsatisfied with the results of credit repair alone, Merrill has used his extensive knowledge of credit reporting and credit profiling to single-handedly invent and dominate the credit profile optimization marketplace.

Since 1997, Merrill and his staff of advisors have assisted real estate investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and savvy consumers nation-wide to create FUNDABLE Tier 1, and even 800+ credit profiles. Today, CreditSense’s credit profile optimization process has no equal, especially for clients who want to leverage their financial reputations towards wealth and prosperity.

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