EP 395 – New Year, New Tribe with Aaron Young

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NCS 395 | New Year

    The New Year does not feel like new when you just keep yourself stuck in your old ways. 2019 just kicked off and it’s time to finally make a change and jumpstart your business. Aaron Young talks about how to really facilitate change in the New Year by surrounding yourself with new people, and why a mastermind may be the right thing for you to dramatically expand your business in the new year. … Read More

EP 387 – Hitting Breakthroughs with Scott Duffy

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NCS 387 | Breakthroughs

  So much in the world has changed that the playing field has become totally different from the past. This poses a struggle among many entrepreneurs who feel left behind. Long-time entrepreneur, TV online personality, and founder of the¬†Breakthrough Mastermind, Scott Duffy, discusses entrepreneurial breakthroughs and overcoming hurdles. Scott shares¬†how his mindset has changed in the last few years and how he completely re-engineered and recreated Scott Duffy for the world. Taking us to his … Read More