EP 359 – To Infinity And Beyond 2019

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NCS 359 | Beyond 2019

  It’s almost the end of the year. Not only does that mean the holidays is coming, but it also means looking back and seeing the things we have accomplished. This can be quite daunting to do – to look back and find how we still have so much things to race forward to and achieve. More than that, the end of the year could mean a new beginning and into bigger and better goals. … Read More

EP 15 – Finding Focus In Your Note Business

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NNA 15 | Finding Focus

  We’re all, at different stages of our lives, struggle on a regular basis with things. One of the biggest things we’re always struggling with is finding focus. It’s a constant work in progress because we’re always dealing with the shiny object syndrome. We’re all struggling with a variety of different things to get things done. You’re not supposed to have a perfect balance wheel with everything. What you have to do is find some … Read More