EP 379 – Notes Direct with Tracy Z

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NCS 379 | Notes Direct

  Scott interviews Tracy Z Rewey from Notes Direct about her 30 plus years of experience as a note investor along with what investors can look for at Notes Direct. Tracy Z shares how leveraging BiggerPockets has helped her out with a number of things, giving some of the key points to those looking to buy or sell an owner-financed note. Bringing up her product, she talks about the importance of an independent third-party servicer … Read More

EP NNA 26 – 2021: A Note Odyssey

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NNA 26 | Note Business

  The future may be unpredictable, but the good thing is we can always prepare for it. Scott discusses what he believes the future will hold for the note business, his business, and what’s in store for you. Scott ponders on the question, “Where is the note business going to be in three years?” and gives a view on the possibilities of what may happen – from licensing and foreclosing, to market values. He talks … Read More

EP 353 – Planning Your Numbers

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NCS 353 | Planning Your Numbers

  Reaching your goals is all about setting numbers and hitting them. The same way we do every New Year, we create these visions and goals to reach and hit the mark. Taking it to the business aspect, Scott discusses the best way of planning your numbers in your note business. He talks all about the numbers you need to keep in mind to be guided on your future goals and moves. Scott gives the … Read More

EP 335 – Connect And Reach Out With Technology And Smartphones

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NCS 335 | Technology And Smartphones

  The advancement of technology has made it possible to connect with more people than you could ever before. In the business side of things, it provides you an outlet to create more deals and reach out to your clients. Technology in notes is the new media outlet and that your smartphone is the tool that can be very handy for when you need marketing. Scott shares some of the cool technology features that WCN … Read More

EP 334 – Product Of Our Coaches: On Being Coachable In Life

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NCS 334 | Product Of Our Coaches

  Life is a series of making failures and learning from them. Sometimes, we have the best people that can help guide us through all of these ups and downs. They are our coaches who continually inspire and push us to become better and to reach our goals. So Scott shares how the coaches of his past have helped to shape and mold him for today. Calling on to people who have created an impact … Read More

EP NNA 20 – Bringing Home The Bacon

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NNA 20 | Bringing Home The Bacon

  Bringing home the bacon is what we all want. However, that’s the only place we are usually at – wanting. We think about how good it is but not really getting up and going for it. Maybe the solutions are all too vague and not doable for you. Scott breaks down some of the easiest things to do to help you bring home the bacon in your note business. From the first step of … Read More

EP 314 – Borrower Outreach: To Call or Not to Call?

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NCS 314 | Borrower Outreach

  Dealing with people can be tricky. Most especially when you are calling your borrowers about note deals. Scott breaks down the to-dos and what-not’s when doing your own borrower outreach. In this business, you will most likely be in the dilemma of choosing between “to call” or “not to call.” Either way, there are things you need to keep in mind when faced with these situations—from the legalities and authorization, up to the right … Read More

EP 307 – Ten Note Commandments

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NCS 307 | Ten Note Commandments

  There are a lot of different rules you have to keep in mind when you’re buying notes because there’s a lot of moving parts to the note business and lots of nuts and bolts. There are a lot of them, but these are probably the ten biggest ones you need to keep in mind when you’re looking at buying distressed notes. This is just a start to get more information to understand things a … Read More

EP NNA 18 – Steps To Building A Blueprint For Success

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NNA 18 | Blueprint For Success

  Nobody is an overnight success. We make a lot of mistakes but the important thing is to learn from our failures. If you love what you do, just keep pushing and pushing to go up, make things happen, and don’t take no for an answer. Find a way to make it work because perseverance does pay off. Scott recounts his life story of how he rose up in the note business out of nothing, … Read More

EP 15 – Finding Focus In Your Note Business

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NNA 15 | Finding Focus

  We’re all, at different stages of our lives, struggle on a regular basis with things. One of the biggest things we’re always struggling with is finding focus. It’s a constant work in progress because we’re always dealing with the shiny object syndrome. We’re all struggling with a variety of different things to get things done. You’re not supposed to have a perfect balance wheel with everything. What you have to do is find some … Read More

EP NC 22 – Systems and Automation in Your Note Business with Adam Adams

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NC 22 | Systems And Automation

When you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re in the real estate space or any other type of business, managing everything on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Adam Adams with AJA Realty Investments talks about how he builds systems and automation to help him in his note business. Adam says it’s all about being efficient and staying on top of what you’re doing. He designs his note business around his life so that he is doing … Read More

EP 255 – Flourishing On Florida’s Gulf Coast with Brent Garrett

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NCS 255 | Florida Hot Market

Note investors who have been buying in Florida for the past decade have been making a lot of profit now that the Florida hot market has rebounded from the dropped values. A lot of players have recently come in, but Brent Garrett believes that the note game in his area is still where it’s at since ten years ago, except now, everyone knows how big of a market it is. He shares his process of … Read More