EP 352 – Nuggets From The Note Media Summit

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NCS 352 | New Media Summit

  The podcast scene has been gaining its popularity among entrepreneurs and business owners who want to become experts in their own fields. It has been a great tool to create connection with people while imparting knowledge at the same time. Giving newfound insights, Scott talks about some of the nuggets that he took away from the Austin New Media Summit podcasting event. He shares how one becomes an icon of influence, and talks about … Read More

EP 332 – Highlights From Dallas: Note Mastermind And Quest Expo

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NCS 332 | Dallas Note Mastermind

  A mastermind is a great venue to see people get together and share information. Scott breaks down some of the highlights from the Dallas Note Mastermind and the Quest Expo. Highlighting the key aspects, he talks about social media as a place to meet and connect with people and also about podcast as a great tool to propel your business forward while giving you some statistics to prove. Finally, he gives some great insights … Read More

EP 330 – Celebrating The One-Year Anniversary Of The Note Closers Show with Tom Hazzard

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NCS 330 | Value Of Podcasting

  Scott Carson discusses the one-year anniversary of the Note Closers Show Podcast by bringing in Tom Hazzard from Podetize. Together, they break down the value of podcasting to reach business goals. Recalling the small beginnings up to the growth of the show, both put in their inputs on how it not only brought in an audience to market to but valuable information as well that helps both parties. They also talk about blogging your … Read More