EP 332 – Highlights From Dallas: Note Mastermind And Quest Expo

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NCS 332 | Dallas Note Mastermind

  A mastermind is a great venue to see people get together and share information. Scott breaks down some of the highlights from the Dallas Note Mastermind and the Quest Expo. Highlighting the key aspects, he talks about social media as a place to meet and connect with people and also about podcast as a great tool to propel your business forward while giving you some statistics to prove. Finally, he gives some great insights … Read More

EP 329 – Breaking Down Social Media Marketing with Kristie Whites of Serving Social

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NCS 329 | Social Media Marketing

  Kristie Whites of Serving Social comes down to talk about their company, from where they started to their successes. As a full service marketing company, she lets us in on some marketing aspects to use in different social media accounts like putting content out there and creating them, as well as going through the marketing octagon. She also talks about the value of telling stories when it comes to marketing and how it helps … Read More

EP 325 – Building An Online Community with Ryan Harper

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NCS 325 | Online Communities

  A lot of people fail to realize how at the end of the day, it is not about the “me” but instead it’s about your tribe, your people, or your audience. Having this ingrained is so important to keep your authenticity and sincerity to reach out and help. This is very vital if you are trying to build a community to not only share ideas with but to network as well. Scott talks with … Read More