EP 615 – Pivoting Your Business To Play And Win The New Game Of The Pandemic With Aaron Young

NCS 615 | Pivoting Your Business

  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to leave behind our old ways and adapt to the new environment. Those who fail at doing this may find themselves getting drowned out of the market. It is time to pivot your business. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about some of the items that business owners and entrepreneurs have to start doing to take advantage and win at the new game with the pandemic. … Read More

EP NNA 57 – The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be At The Magnify Your Wealth Summit With Aaron Young

NNA 57 | Magnify Your Wealth Summit

  Building a strong knowledge base can help you grow your business better and faster. One of the best ways to achieve the necessary skills to do so is by learning from key people. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young, the CEO of Laughlin Associates, about the Magnify Your Wealth Summit, a conference for highly motivated business owners passionate about increasing wealth. Aaron outlines the top ten reasons why you should attend the event, starting … Read More

EP 555 – Focusing Your Tasks With Aaron Young

NCS 555 | Focusing Your Tasks

  An entrepreneurial endeavor, of course, is built on the work you do, but the big catch is that you have to be channeling your energy into the tasks that will allow your business to flourish. Focusing your tasks and energies on only the right activities is possible, but you’re definitely going to need some help. Joining Scott Carson is Aaron Young from the Unshackled Owner Podcast, who shares some of the best ways to … Read More

EP 551 – Playing With Big Rocks With Aaron Young

NCS 551 | Growing Your Business

  When it comes to business, growth is something that you should always allow yourself to be open to when you have the opportunity. Growing your business is a crucial part of making sure your business doesn’t stagnate and fall by the wayside, so you’ve got to keep it moving. Aaron Young is from Laughlin Associates and the Unshackled Owner Podcast. He converses with Scott Carson about the different ways that a business can grow. … Read More

EP 533 – Identifying Goals In 2020 With Aaron Young

NCS 533 | Identifying Your Goals

  When planning out what you want to do in the near and distant future, it’s easy to fixate on things that don’t really matter as much as you think they might. Identifying your goals is such an important part of the process of business growth, and it’d be a shame to waste such a vital step. Scott Carson speaks to Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about the right kind of goal-setting for your business … Read More

EP 525 – Growing Your Business Via Handshakes With Aaron Young

NCS 525 | Growing Your Business

  Brand message is always critical to any product or service, thereby, delivering it the right way is necessary for optimal business growth. Today, Scott Carson talks to Aaron Young, The Unshackled Owner podcast host and the big head honcho at Laughlin Associates. Aaron explains how personal relations and connections matter when building a business. From the simplest of handshakes to one-on-one interviews, he shows us how building relationships brings the biggest impact to your … Read More

EP 516 – Start Planning For Your Business With Aaron Young

NCS 516 | Planning For Your Business

  When we stop planning, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the winds of change that are happening. How do you push yourself to think ahead while going through the day-to-day requirements of your business? Let’s hear it again from lifelong entrepreneur and trusted advisor to CEOs, Laughlin Associates‘ Aaron Scott Young as he talks about the advantages of planning for your business and looking and working like a corporation in your one-man-business. Aaron dives deep into the … Read More

EP 502 – Overcoming Business Obstacles with Aaron Young

NCS 502 | Overcoming Business Obstaclesn Young from Laughlin & Associates discusses some of the obstacles that entrepreneurs face and how best to overcome and avoid them in the future.

  Obstacles are part and parcel of growth. As such, getting past them offers great insights on building long-term success. In this episode, Scott Carson sits down with Aaron Young from Laughlin & Associates to discuss some of the business obstacles that entrepreneurs face and the best ways to overcome them and avoid problems in the future. In a world where there are more complaints than praises, Aaron gives some tips on how to counter negativities people typically … Read More

EP 486 – Mistakes New Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Make with Aaron Young

NCS 486 | Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  Note investing is attracting new investors every day with it becoming a more established niche in the real estate industry. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about some of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs when launching their business and how to overcome those mistakes. Some new investors get interested in the note space and consider leaving their high-paying job, but they treat it as a hobby, not a … Read More

EP 471 – Avoiding Entrepreneurial Burnout with Aaron Young

NCS 471 | Avoiding Burnout

  Burnout has become a problem for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners who travel a lot. It is the last stop after a prolonged state of excessive stress that drains our energy until we are left with no capacity to cope. In this episode, host Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young from Laughlin and Associates about the need to recharge your batteries as an entrepreneur to make sure that you avoid burnout. — Listen … Read More

EP 444 – Unveiling An Entity with Aaron Young

NCS 444 | Entity

  Starting an LLC or limited liability corporation can be easier to maneuver once you know how to handle the right documents and deal with the right people. Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates talks more about the unveiling of a new LLC and what steps you need to take when creating an entity to ensure that it is alive. He also talks about being self-employed as a businessman and the importance of doing something else … Read More

EP 423 – Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Red Light District with Aaron Young

NCS 423 | Entrepreneurial Lessons

  It is great when you figure out how to build something that can work and make money for you while you’re not there so you can go out and have a great time. It is also important that your main flagship has got to be good and you can be proud of putting your name on it. Aaron Young, the Chairman/CEO of Laughlin Associates, a 44-year-old company that has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs start, grow and … Read More