EP 265 – Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp with Nate Hare of Quest IRA

NCS 265 | Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp

NCS 265 | Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp

Quest IRA has always been holding weekly classes on IRA investing that can help you go from point A to Z really fast. This April, all these crash courses will be in a one-day self-directed IRA bootcamp. Nate Hare, Quest IRA Executive VP, explains that the event will teach different creative strategies that most people don’t know are available. Even if you haven’t heard about self-directed IRAs, Nate shares that it is going to be beneficial to anyone because they will go from beginning to the end so you can learn how to maximize your retirement accounts or tax savings.

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Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp with Nate Hare of Quest IRA

We’re always excited to have our sponsors and our amazing preferred IRA provider, Quest IRA, on with us. Even more excited, making a rare appearance in the offices in Houston and joining us here is the man who’s the hardest working guy in the self-directed IRA industry. The guy that probably needs no introduction, but he’s the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Nate Hare, Executive VP with Quest IRA. Good day, brother.

Good day.

Tell everybody about who you are and what you do at Quest IRA because they’re used to having either Ingrid or Anne Marie on Money Mondays.

My name is Nate Hare. I’m the Executive Vice President at Quest. I hide behind Ingrid and Anne Marie. They’re our Marketing Director, so you see a lot of them out there. What I do is I oversee a lot of the departments at Quest, be it the IRA specialist and sales departments, the auditing departments, accounting departments, transaction departments. It sounds like a lot of boring stuff, but it’s a fun job for me. At Quest, we allow people to self-direct their retirement accounts and a lot of our job is education. Most of my job is doing that during the day, managing Quest, but also getting out there and speaking at events, speak at your event, going online, and doing a lot of educational events that we host ourselves. I love talking about self-directed retirement accounts and sticking it to the government with their own rules.

NCS 265 | Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp

Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp: At Quest, we allow people to self-direct their retirement accounts and a lot of our job is education.

There is a day looming here very shortly for most investors and people out there. Why don’t we talk a little bit about some of the things that people can do to stick a little bit more to the man before tax day?

You’re talking about tax filing deadlines coming up on us. This year, it’s April 17, so that’s a Tuesday. People usually dread that day because that’s the day you got to pay taxes. For us, it’s an exciting time because we talk about how you can get contributions into several different types of plans and how you can invest that money tax free or tax deferred. It’s an exciting time. We’ve got a lot of people there that are rushing to open accounts because either their CPA is telling them they got to throw some money in there for some tax deductions or people are trying to get their 2017 annual contributions into either a Roth IRA or a health savings account or an education savings account because those are great accounts that you can grow completely tax free and stick it to the government with their own rules. We’re excited about tax filing deadline. We have some events and some marketing on that.

Our bootcamps are great if you want to have a one-day crash course on self-directed IRA investing. We do a lot of weekly classes, but they’re pieced together with different topics. We decided, “Let’s do everything in one day and try to crash course some of this material to people and talk about what a self-directed IRA is, why it’s important to you, whether you have retirement accounts of your own or you know people with retirement accounts and maybe you’re looking at raising private capital for our own investments.”We even talk about a lot of different creative strategies that most people don’t realize are available to those of us that can teach people how to take small amounts of retirement money and grow them significantly larger by understanding some alternative style investing strategies. I know you know a lot about those alternative investment strategies and apply that to your own a business there. You can buy tickets online and you don’t have to be in Dallas to attend. We have a lot of people that drive in from Houston and Austin to attend that.

I would’ve been a part of it if I wasn’t having our note Mastermind group in Cape Coral that same weekend. We’re in The Westin Cape Coral Resort. We have 35 to 40 people there, so it’s a little bit smaller mastermind. In April, it usually is for us. I know a lot of those guys, if not all of them, are already existing Quest clients. The bootcamp, you do a good job.

Typically, in the morning, we start with the basic stuff about the different self-directed IRA accounts one can have. If you’re out there listening to this and you are approaching that tax filing deadline and want to learn how to maximize all your tax savings, that’d be a great event to come to even if you never heard about self-directed IRAs because we’re going to go from the beginning all the way to the end. You’ll learn how you can save for retirement and how to maximize your tax savings through that event. We have some other events even after that, but that’s a great event if you want to go from A to Z really quick.

Usually, half the day is on the Quest IRA basics and some of the things and Quincy sharing great strategies. The other half of it mixed in, you have different speakers coming in for 30 to 45 minutes talking about apartments or notes or other types of investment. You had Jason Bible speaking there as well.

We usually have guys like yourself, Brad Sumrok, and all these different guys that are phenomenal in their own arena but different arenas. We bring in guys like Scott and Jason Bible and all these guys because they talk about different ways that they invest. Some guys buy single family flips in their retirement accounts. Some guys buy notes. I like notes. I know Scott likes notes. We come from that background. There are other people like Brad that are phenomenal with apartment purchases. We have a lot of clients that have done very well for themselves buying apartment buildings in their self-directed retirement accounts. We’ve had a lot of people be very successful with oil and gas interests and all types of things. We usually get some guest speakers in there to mix it up. It’s a great way to learn all that information and get it from several different sources, not just Quincy.

You’ve been at Quest for awhile. Why don’t you talk a little about your past? You’ve got an interesting past that got you to where you’re at. I know that you are a big Seattle Seahawks fan. I am willing to bet you’re a little bit more excited that baseball season is kicking in too.

I am looking a little bit more forward to baseball this year than football. I still root for both teams, but we had a pretty good baseball team going on. I played baseball back in the past. That was my life. At our high school, I played at Auburn University on baseball scholarships. I went from Seattle to Alabama. That was a pretty good culture shock for me at a young age. I finished playing baseball at University of Portland and got a business degree. Right out of there, I decided, “I’m going to do an MBA program. I’ll keep this school thing going.”That idea lasted about two months before I decided, “I’m tired of these books. I want to do something else.”For some reason at that point, I got interested in real estate right out of college.

It was my first real career. I went to real estate school. I didn’t realize that I had no interest in being a realtor till I started going real estate classes. I always was good with numbers and that led me to a long-lasting career in the mortgage industry. That’s where my background is in lending from a banking standpoint. I worked with large private lenders, Royal Bank of Canada. I was always into lending and I was also a real estate investor at the time too. I was buying real estate and had seventeen rental properties at one time. I liked the money but I didn’t like feeling like a landlord. I was getting my feet wet on this whole real estate investing thing. Looking back now, I realize I didn’t know anything back then compared to what I know now.

I owe a lot of things that I know to guys like yourself, guys like Quincy and Nathan. I’ve soaked in a lot of valuable information on how you can leverage these real estate investments or note investments and do it in a creative manner. About six years ago, I moved from the lending business over here to Quest and trained with the great Quincy and Nathan Long. I shared an office with Nathan, our CEO, for the first nine months of my life here. Stuff started soaking in and I kept thinking, “Why does not everybody know about these self-directed IRAs and how you can buy real estate and notes tax free?”Everybody should know this stuff. That’s where the love for it came in for me. It’s thrilling to talk to people about how they’re going invest in these types of things and not pay any taxes. I love what I do. Now, I’m the Vice President at Quest and I go out and do a lot of public speaking alongside Quincy and Nathan. It’s great to get out there and talk about this stuff.

NCS 265 | Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp

Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp: When you self-direct your retirement account, you always got to remember that you pick the investments.

I don’t think a lot of people realize that your path to where you’re at with being a landlord, in dealing with that, and being an investor. You’ve been at Quest for so long. You’ve been there for quite a while and that’s admirable. I love the fact that you’ve been and investor. That allows for you to talk from an experience point than just theory point like we see with a lot of other companies and vendors. Their employees or staff don’t have any background, they just understand the vendor side. That’s a different thing with you. You live and breathe it and do it on a regular basis, which is a beautiful thing.

We’re investors at heart. Investing isn’t our day job. Our day job is running Quest. We are investors. Even Quincy and Nathan came from real estate-related backgrounds before Quest even existed. Our President, Quincy, was a fee attorney for American Title Company. He’s seen thousands and thousands of investments from the title perspective. He’s only owned couple of ancient art blocks because he got bored at one point. He decided to buy a couple of ancient art blocks. He understands taxes and he’s a real estate attorney before all of that. That adds value to our clients that come through the doors. At Quest, we don’t talk about this stuff, we do it. There are other companies that just talk about it. We talk about it, we invest in real estate, we invest in notes, so we can apply those types of investments to retirement accounts, and we like doing it.

You talk to so many people just like I do. What would you say on a positive note and try to make it a positive spin, what do you see the biggest mistake from investors that you talk to on a regular basis? What’s the thing that stands out the most and drives that shit sometimes?”

I would say there are two. One is for the person that doesn’t get into it, that don’t start. We do talk to a lot of people. I’ll go to weekend events and talk to 200 people. A lot of people get this analysis paralysis when they hear about this type of stuff because they think, “How come I’ve never heard about this? My financial advisor never told me about this.” It’s a different world for people. Some people never get anything started because they think it’s too good to be true. Once people do get into it, I would say the biggest mistake that people have to watch out for, I don’t think it’s a huge mistake that I see often but when I see it, it’s detrimental to someone’s retirement account, is that when you self-direct your retirement account, you always got to remember that you pick the investments.

Like what Quincy says, “The best thing about self-directed IRAs is the client gets to pick the investment. The worst thing about a self-directed IRA is the client gets to pick the investment.” For the small handful of people that do not do enough due diligence, that this is something that you want to take seriously in your self-directing investing because Quest does not approve investments. We don’t tell you whether your investment is a good one or a sucky one. The whole point of self-direction is the keys are in your hand. You get to pick the investment, but with those keys comes a great amount of responsibility and that’s due diligence.

You have been blowing up like crazy. We’ve got a survey that we send out to our database. You love the surveys because it gives everybody an insight to see what’s going on with a group. Usually, about 85% to 88% of our students or our note campers are Quest clients. What I always like to find out in the beautiful thing is that right now in the suit race trending, about 87% of people are either looking to joint venture or they want a joint venture or they’re open to the idea of things like that. You see a lot of that happening at your events, people connecting together and working together on deals. You want to talk a little bit about that?

What you’re alluding to is it’s a family business. When you’re dealing with off market real estate deals, private investments and private money, IRA money is private money, one of the biggest things that makes somebody successful or not is their ability to network and find people to either partner with, joint venture with, and those types of things. We don’t promote any investments. We can’t sell any investments to our clients or tell our clients who have money sitting in their account they should invest with this guy or this gal. We can’t do any of that. However, our classes and our events have turned into a forum to where the clients do it themselves. For instance, every Tuesday morning in Houston, we have a class that we’ve done from the beginning of time at 9:30 AM. We also do an evening class too but it’s so funny to see how this morning classes have grown into this gorilla of Tuesday mornings.

When I started at Quest, we were happy to have twelve people show up. Now, there’s not even a seat in the house that you can’t fill. We’ve had to expand room and there are literally 100 to 120 people on a Tuesday morning. The reason why they’re doing it is they’d get a little bit education from us about self-directed IRA investing, but what a lot of them come to do is to find partners. A lot of the Quest family deal with other Quests clients. Say I have an IRA and Scott has an IRA and we’re both Quest clients, it might be valuable to both of us to partner on some deals or maybe I use my IRA to be his lender on some of his deals and maybe he uses his IRA to be my lender or someone else’s lender on some of the other deals. What Quest clients have the ability to do in that is create their own private bank. They’re circulating their own IRA money to each other to put money in their back pocket as a real estate investor and beef their IRA by getting mailbox money or joint venture money or all types of stuff. It’s a family type of atmosphere, but you got to get out there and meet the family. You can’t do it from your bedroom or your computer or anything like that. You’ve got to come out there and network.

You got to get out and press the flesh and network with people. If you’re doing that on consistent basis, showing up, and doing some things, you guys do a great job of live streaming those out to Facebook and stuff like that. We’ve always tried to share it when we see the pop–up. I know that there are some investors and of our students have gone to those, got up on the camera, talk about the deals they worked on. People that were watching reached out to them to fund those transactions. It is viable that we might even need to do a Tuesday Note Closers Show from there one time. We should do that.

One of the things that you talked about is not getting started early enough or over complicating things, by over analysis paralysis. We talked a little bit with Anne Marie about how putting away $200 a week or $300 a week or tithing yourself to get things rock and rolling to build a million-dollar portfolio of either money you got saved for retirement, or you’ve got it in real estate notes or assets or things like that. You look at the numbers there on the breakdown, I know that notes are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, percentage of Quest investments. Is that correct still?

Out of our $1.5 billion in assets, about 40% of it are notes.

If you don’t mind sharing, how much is sitting there in 0% accounts and not making anything?

There’s about $275 million in undirected cash sitting liquid available for investing. That’s an accumulation of all of our clients’ cash that they have not invested. Since we don’t invest it for them, it has to be deployed at their instruction. A lot of that is money that has moved over from somebody’s retirement account, they just haven’t found their investment yet. Some of it is somebody sold an investment and they’re in between investments and they’ve got a lot of cash there. It’s this constant rotating bucket of money that constantly goes up. It started at $60 million when I first got here, and it’s all the way up to $275 million. What that tells you is that there’s a ton of money. That’s a fraction of the total IRA money that sits out there in underperforming investments or just cash. If you’re somebody that’s looking to raise private money, you want to understand how self-directed IRA works for yourself to self-direct your own accounts. If you’re looking to raise private money, that’s the largest source of America’s wealth. We got only a fraction of it and that’s almost $300 million.

NCS 265 | Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp

Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp: The hardest thing about investing is not the money. Finding a good investment is the hardest part.

It pays to network. It pays to send an email out to your database if you’ve met people at a bootcamp. This is why we love you guys. You not only do a lot of education, you do a lot of events. You encourage and nurture those clients. You guys have worked together to fund deals. It doesn’t have to be notes. It can be fix and flips or whatever options on assets, rentals, whatever it could be. There’s a lot of flexibility. You just got to get out there and do some stuff. When I hear people talk about, “I can’t find or I can’t raise capital,” I’m like, “You’ve got to be the laziest person out there,” because if you get out and network or get out and mail to your database or just get out and do something, you can’t turn a corner at a Quest event without running into somebody who’s got some money and wants to do some stuff.”

The hardest thing about investing is not the money. Finding a good investment is the hardest part. If you have a good investment, there’s more than enough money out there for you, but you got to get out there and go network and go find it. Your network is equal to your net worth. People that complaint about, “I can’t find any money,” it’s probably because they don’t have an investment.

We’ve talked about some of the technology updates that Quest is performing. You want to shed a little bit of insight under that?

We’re always trying to improve stuff and we’re still at the beginning stages of a lot of this stuff and tinkering with it. A lot of our clients have appreciated the new systems that we have. There are some clients that give us good feedback on how to improve them. We’re always an open book in trying to move into a direction where we’re the most advanced self-directed IRA company out there because it’s a niche product. There are not a lot of companies like us out there, so there are not a lot of people that we want to copy from. We want to do it better than anybody else. We have a lot of different online options that allow people to, if they own a piece of real estate in their retirement account, they have online access now where they can use a bill pay feature to pay the utilities, pay the property taxes, and all that stuff at the push of a button.

We also have a new ACH portal that allows people who are borrowing IRA money from our clients and need to pay no interest payments or pay dividend payments to a client’s account. They can do that through an ACH portal that we have. Those are all new features that we have, not a lot of stuff the other IRA companies have. Eventually, this is all leading toward the golden goose, which is we’re going to have an app at some point and we’re getting there. It’s a slow process to get all this stuff jumbled together where we can put it on an app. What I want to do is to take Quest to a point where you can use your phone and your app to do anything you need to do, just like any other bank, Chase, Wells Fargo. Do you ever email your guy at Chase or anything or do you get on your phone and open the app? Eventually, I want all the clients type of stuff with transaction would be done through an app. It’s easier for the clients and it’s easier for us to process when it comes through like that.

Being able to pay the vendors, that makes it very easy to do. Then also coming and making your monthly interest payments or dividend payments or paying your IRA investors back their monthly, quarterly, annually payments when you wrap up an investment is big there as well. You are working on something even bigger and it’s a big announcement coming though. It’s business-changing and life-changing as well.

It’s the biggest we’ve ever had. There will be a big announcement. Just hang on. It probably will be announced in the next 60 days.

You guys have the boot camp. You’ve got your big Quest Expo coming up in August. Let’s talk about that event because you’re expected to have over 1,000 people at that.

We’ve never done that. There’s never been a self-directed IRA company in Texas that has ever held an expo. We’ve attended a lot of expos. There’s a lot of people that have expos that we’ve had a booth at and things like that. We decided, “Let’s throw a self-directed IRA Expo. No one’s ever had. Let’s not try to knock it out of the park.”We put it way out in the future so we had time to market it and boost it and make sure the attendance is high. Before we even put it out there as an advertisement, people got wind of it. Some of our vendors and strategic partners are emailing us or contacting us before we can contact them, asking if they can have a booth there, if they could speak. They wanted the platinum package and all this stuff. In very short order, we went from having an idea to having a huge expo with almost 30 vendors that are already signed up and ready to go.

They’re all great vendors from not just Texas but all over the country. If you’re looking to come, you don’t have to just be interested in self-directed IRAs. There’s going to be so much intelligence and so much experience at that expo that it’s going to be ridiculous. We even have a VIP package for people that want a VIP experience where you almost have a private VIP lounge that will have special food there and things like that. It also gives an opportunity for the speakers and the vendors to hang out there. You could probably do some networking in that private lounge area. We’re expecting over 1,000 people. We’ll get there and it’s going to be phenomenal. It is August 25th and 26th, Saturday and Sunday.

Where’s that going to be held at?

It’s going to be at the Westin Galleria.

Ticket prices are how much right now?

I think they’re $199. Just go to our website.

Go to the QuestIRA.com and check it out. It’s $199. For note family members, you get 25% off by using the code “WCNCrew” as a way to save you $50. What’s going on with Quest this week that we need to help out with you?

We appreciate that. These girls work so fast and I can’t even keep up. They’re doing a great job getting the word out there. They’ve already got discount codes out to you. I would say to the audience to just go. Regardless of whatever it is, $199 or early bird special, that is nothing for the value you’ll get out of that. We should be charging more, but we don’t like to make money on events. That’s not our focus. Our focus is to educate clients because educated clients are better clients. We want to give them more opportunities to get educated from leading experts in this country. Buy those tickets, bring friends, bring family. It’s going be great.

I thought of something interesting. What we might go ahead and do is tweak our calendar to have our next Mastermind event take place a couple of days prior to that. That way, our Mastermind students can come in and spend a couple days with me and hang out for two days for the weekend there with Quest IRA. How many clients do you guys have in total? Do you know how many accounts or client you guys have in total?

Just under 14,000. That’s an increase of about 300% from back when I started. We’re growing exponentially. There’s still a lot of market that we can tap into, especially outside of Texas, but we’re pretty limited to Texas back in our interest days when we’re part of that franchise. Now that we’re growing outside of Texas, people are enjoying what we provide here. We’re not perfect every day, but we try to be the best self-direct IRA administrator out there. Not the biggest but the best. We want the best service, the best, most educated clients. We want to have the most fun doing it. We make IRAs fun. It sounds so cheesy. If you haven’t attended some of our classes, attend it. We make it fun. Quincy, Nate, and myself, we try to make it fun.

Whether it’s in person there or an event in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Seattle or Charlotte. We’ve got a big Texas following as well, but for those that are outside of Texas, if somebody asked, “Are you having a bootcamp or are you going to be speaking at any other events over the next couple of years?” Somebody was asking about Destin, Florida. You spoke at Ron LeGrand’s Great American Real Estate Forum. You are one of the sponsors for that every time. He has that once a month, twice a month, or something like that too.

He does his boot camps as well. He has his big annual events with featured speakers. We’re his number one IRA company. He switched all his business over to us. For anybody that’s out there, we’re always open to going out and traveling and speaking at events on our own dime. We’ll pay our way if it’s an event that somebody has in Florida or if somebody has an OREIA in Oklahoma or whatever. Just contact us, pick up the phone, call us, tell us a little bit about yourself. If it makes sense, we’ll send a staff of Quest up there to either speak or attend your event and have a booth. We’re trying to build relationships. Just because we’re having a boot camp in Dallas doesn’t mean we won’t have a bootcamp in Idaho or Ohio or something like that. Usually, we might need some help on that. If people contact us and say, “We want your education up here,” we’ll work something out.

NCS 265 | Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp

Self-Directed IRA Bootcamp: Our focus is to educate clients because educated clients are better clients.

You guys have had people over at the OREIA event expo that I was at in November. Derek and Keith were there. Then of course you guys are out in New Jersey and California for the different distressed mortgage expos that took place. You spoke also at Aaron Young’s Magnify Your Wealth Event. He’ll be doing that again in May. You have also been at the note expo with Eddie and some of his classes. I have to tell you, this is the first place Montana announced it, “Hell is freezing over.” In the next couple of weeks, Bob Repass and I will be doing an episode on the Note Closers Show together, two experts talking about what’s going on with the Seller Finance Coalition. Has there been an investment that you have seen that made you take a double look that somebody’s done with a self-directed IRA? Do you have any interesting stories?

One investment that always comes to mind is a client of ours here in Houston. He did an investment and that was a real estate option. This is one of those investments that when you talk about it to somebody that’s never heard it, they just go, “That sounds too good to be true.”It is true. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the paperwork. It’s a client that took a $10,000 to have Roth IRA, made a contribution one year. He had never had a Roth IRA before. He made previous year and current year contributions and put $10,000 in his Roth IRA. His first and only investment he’s done so far is a $10,000 real estate option on a property in the third world.

This is several years back. Third world is up and coming now, but back then people didn’t want to touch the third world. This is a client that had a lot of experience investing in the third world and knew the area pretty well. Long story short, he was able to put a $10,000 option to purchase a property in the third world that was only about $30,000 order house. The lady was old and needed to move on. He had a $10,000 option on the house so he used his Roth IRA to hold the option. After two years, the Roth IRA with that option was able to exercise the option but then sell the land alone for $325,000 in two years. He made a net profit in two years on his only investment as a Roth IRA so far of $297,000 completely tax free because he did it in a Roth IRA.

That’s one of those ones where even when I hear it now, I’m like, “Huh?” I either talked about it, I’ve seen it so many times. That’s just some of the stuff that you can do out there. Doesn’t work like that all the time? No. If you’re an educated investor and you understand how to structure deals like that, and then you can add on to that as the cherry on top the ability to do it in an IRA that can grow completely tax free, that’s how you grow true wealth, by doing stuff like that. Putting those two pieces together is phenomenal and it’s a real life story.

I learned options from Ron LeGrand back in the day. I can vouch for that strategy of making things. You can use as an option fee as little as$100. The thing to keep in mind is finding somebody who will accept the option fee. Most people want a sizable down payment. You can use it with escrow payment, stuff like that, or as an option fee, that’s the biggest thing, but that’s a contract. Once we have an option agreement, it’s a sellable contract. If you hold on to that option for a year, two years, three years, four years, a lot of times you can cash in on the appreciation of the property.

To give you the other background to that story, the homeowner did need the $10,000 because she had not paid her property taxes in five years. She was going to get foreclosed on and in a matter of days and couldn’t sell it, had no option, there was no real estate investor that wanted to take the property. Where was she going to go? She still needed to live there. What the investment did is negotiated that and she asked for $10,000. He didn’t want to kick her out of the house, so he said, “I don’t know if I even want the house, but I’ll give you the $10,000 just to have an option to buy it over the next two years.” What happened was she ended up moving on and moving out with some family in another state. His IRA still held that option and after all the development that was going on during those two years that the landlord appreciated so much, he was able to sell it for a big profit. The homeowner did get what they wanted out of the deal because they are going to be on the street and they have no options. The $10,000 from the Roth IRA did help the person stay in a house and live rent free for another two years.

Nate, you’re a busy guy with lots of places to go. Where are you headed to next? Are you stayed in Houston for a while or are you headed out?

I’m going to a Ron LeGrand event in Seattle and I’m going to tag on a couple of extra days to see my newborn niece. I get to see my two nieces and that’s going to be a good time.

Thanks for taking time. As always, some great stuff there for you. Let us know if we can help you guys out in any form or fashion.

Thanks for having us. Always gets down to be with you.

Make plans and put it on your calendar for the Quest Expo, August 25th and 26th. They’re in Dallas, Texas. Grab your tickets now for $199 before they go up. It’s a chance for you to rub elbows. You can network with over 1,000 people, 1,000 investors. That’s a great way to kickstart your fourth quarter of 2018. See you all at the top.

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About Nate Hare

NCS 265 | Self-Directed IRA BootcampNate F. Hare attended Auburn University on a baseball scholarship in 1996 and played in the College World Series in 1997. He graduated from the University of Portland with a Dual Degree in Business Management and Marketing in 2001, and was the recipient of numerous athletic awards from 1995-2000. After college, Nate moved to Nevada where he attended Key Realty School and later held his real estate license with Keller Williams. His love for Real Estate and numbers then led him to a long lasting career as a Senior Loan Consultant in Nevada. He worked with the largest Private Lenders in the state for 6+ years, and was a top producing Consultant with Silver State Mortgage, Meridias Capital, and The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). In 2003, Nate was submitted as a nominee for the Mortgage Loan Consultant Rookie of the Year award for all Loan Consultants across the nation. In 2012, Nate’s experience in lending and real estate attracted the attention of Quest IRA, Inc. Nate began his journey with Quest IRA to become an IRA Specialist under the guidance of President H. Quincy Long, and CEO Nathan Long. Since that time, Nate has been a key component of Quest IRA’s 300% growth and has excelled into the role of Executive Vice President. He currently oversees and manages the IRA Specialist Team, Sales and Marketing Department, Transactions Department, as well as plan Quest’s large Networking Events that are hosted throughout the nation. Additionally, Nate Hare is a Certified IRA Services Professional as well as an Executive Officer for Quest IRAs Board Committee, the 7-member leadership team responsible for setting the corporate strategy, goals, and annual targets for the company.

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