EP 321 – Money Monday: The Quest Expo Schedule with Haley Gant

NCS 321 | Quest Expo

NCS 321 | Quest Expo


Scott talks with Haley Gant from Quest IRA about the upcoming Quest Expo and the schedule of speakers and sessions. Nathan Long, CEO at Quest, will talk about self-directed IRA basics on day one, joined by Eddie Gant, Steve Liang, Gene Guarino, Jim Ingersoll, and Jeff Watson on the first weekend. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking and getting your answers questioned. Scott will be on the 11:15 AM panel which will also feature Brant Phillips, Jason Bible, Keith Baker, Steven Liang, and Greg Owens. Scott will be talking about things that we use, especially with social media, to find money and deals and stuff like that. Haley is a Marketing Department/IRA specialist, Dallas office manager, and events coordinator for Quest IRA, Inc.

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Money Monday: The Quest Expo Schedule with Haley Gant

We’ve got Quest IRA on this show to talk about the market and some great ways to make money, to use your accounts to tap into what’s going on in the market, and make some bucks or put your retirement accounts on overdrive. Haley, welcome to the show.

I’m glad to be here.

Why don’t you share a little bit about who you are and your background before you got into Quest IRA?

My name is Haley Gant. I am one of our IRA Specialists at Quest IRA. I’ve been with Quest for about two years. I started in June of 2016. Before I got involved with Quest, I worked previously with my parents. My parents are real estate investors down in Houston and have been since 1999. They’ve also been Quest clients in 2004. I’m an only child so I had no choice but to grow up surrounded by real estate my entire life and that’s how I found my way at Quest. I work in our Dallas office. I helped to expand our Dallas office about a year and a half ago and now, I work here with about eight other people full-time. Previously, we had two people in Dallas. Since we are experiencing so much growth in our Dallas market, we decided to have our first ever Quest Expo.

We are a sponsor and excited to be part of that. We’ve got a big chunk of our students attending and buying tickets up. We changed what we do with our Note Mastermind group to match up with you. Our mastermind is on Thursday and Friday before the event in the hotel, the Westin Galleria, Dallas, so that my students don’t have to fly in for two separate events. For them to be right there and transition from Friday straight over into the Quest Expo on Saturday. I know Steph was working on a Room Block. Our Room Block is right on the cusp of being full and your Room Block is almost gone too, correct?

We do have a Room Block. The Westin Galleria is in a great part of town. There’s a lot of stuff to do around there. The hotel is connected to the Galleria.

I know you have been working on the schedule frantically, finalizing and getting all this crazy speakers and sponsors.

Thirty speakers and it’s not easy to coordinate all of them.

One of the great things about your event is the schedule and you sent it over to me, I took some time to go through the PowerPoint slides so people could see what they have in store for those that are maybe on the cusp. I haven’t bought a ticket yet. I thought we’d go through it a little bit so everyone has a good feel for how valuable that event is going to be.

We’ve got a lot of speakers and panels. I was reading over the schedule and it’s amazing what all we’re able to fit in there in these two days that we have.

What’s in store for day one?

We’re going to have Nathan, our CEO at Quest, talk about self-directed IRA basics. We’ve got to start the episode with a good foundation of the basic of self-directed IRAs. The first panel of the weekend from corporate to entrepreneur is Eddie Gant, Steve Liang, Gene Guarino, Jim Ingersoll and Jeff Watson. I know my parents, in June of 1999, quit their corporate jobs. They went to Vegas for the weekend, started investing in real estate that following Monday morning, and have had a lot of success since then. These other people on the panel, they’ve gone through similar experiences. It’s a great way to see it from people who did it firsthand. It looks like we have Eddie again. You definitely want to get there early. There are always some entertaining topics going on in his presentation.

There’s never a dull moment with Eddie, I always enjoy spending a few minutes with him after his discussion because he’s a colorful character.

We can always find him typically at the bar with a beer after plenty of networking and answering all your questions. He hosted there all night and answered people’s questions. We’ve got the first break sponsored by Capricorn Mortgage. The break sponsor individual speaking spot will be by Kristin Gerst. I’ve known Kristin for several years, she’s very active here in Dallas. She specializes in owner financing notes, any types of mortgages. She’ll be guest speaking at one of our Dallas classes and then, she’ll be adding some more content to that at the expo as well. At 11:15 AM, you’re on this panel. It’s about finding home run deals. What are you going to be talking about there on that panel?

If you look at the characters on there, Brant Phillips, Jason Bible, Keith Baker, Steve Liang and Larry Goins it’s a hilarious panel. I’ll be talking about things that we use, especially with social media, to find money and find deals and stuff like that. I know that Jason will probably be doing the same thing too. If you are struggling with finding deals, this is definitely a panel you don’t want to miss. All of these guys, myself included, are taking down deals on a regular basis and not just doing one or two deals a month but quite a few deals a month. I know Jason has bought and sold a couple of hundred assets in the last couple of years. Brant has done a great job in raising capital and some great stuff as well. Larry, out of South Carolina and North Carolina, does a great job at that neck of the woods as well too. It will probably also be quite hilarious if Nate Hare’s running the panel. If you place Jason Bible and me into a room together, we’re going to laugh our asses off.

Unlike a lot of expos where they have several different speakers and breakout rooms where you have to choose back and forth which panel you want to see, we’re going to have one giant room full of all the vendors. Then right next to that, we’re going to have another one single giant room with all of the panels and speakers. Whenever we’re doing these panels, we want them to be interactive. We want people to be able to find out the answers that they are coming for the weekend to hear. We’re going to have different microphones set up around the room where these panels will be interactive. If you’re sitting on one side of the room and someone on the other side of the room, from the audience asked the question, you’re going to be able to hear what they’re asking. There’s not going to be that disconnect where you may hear the answer from the panel, but you didn’t hear the question that was asked. Over the course of the years of Quest hosting events and attending events, we’ve seen these things that we want to make sure that the people attending the Quest Expo hear the answers that they want to hear, get to ask the questions that they want to. These panels are going to be very interactive and fun. We like to keep it light and we all like to have fun anyways.

NCS 321 | Quest Expo

Quest Expo: We want to make sure that the people attending the Quest Expo hear the answers that they want to hear and get to ask the questions that they want to.


After that, you’ve got the lunch break. For the VIPS, that’s included, correct?

Yes, I believe lunch is included for the VIP.

The lunchbreak speaker is Jason Bible.

It looks like you’re speaking at 1:15 PM.

I have a speaking spot there in the afternoon after Jason. You’ll get some good food in your belly and I will make sure that you do not fall asleep during our discussion. I’ll help share a little bit about some of the things that went on in the market right now, especially for those that are invested in distressed debt since that’s my specialty. We’re going to talk about some of the opportunities that we’re seeing, what to look at, and the markets that are changing out there. You may want to take a look at that as well too. For those who are out there on the West Coast coming in and trying to figure out, “I can’t afford California anymore. Where do I need to be putting my money for the biggest bang for the buck?” we’ll be talking about that. After that, you have an amazing panel on women in real estate.

We’re definitely looking forward to that. We wanted to get a panel of women in real estate and we’ve got a strong lineup on there. That’s going to be a great panel.

You’ve got Shenoah Grove from Austin. She does a lot of stuff across the state as well including the fix and flips, wholesaling and mortgage assignments. You’ve got Dawn Rickabaugh. She’s a phenomenal owner finance and she likes to say, “The dance between paper and property.” You’ve got Martha Speed, Eddie Speeds’ wife is going to be on there as well. I don’t know who Jamie Finnen and Ashley Cash are, what are they doing?

I’ve never personally met Jamie, so I couldn’t tell you much about her as well. Ashley Cash is here in the Dallas area. She may have moved to Lubbock. She does a lot of deals. She goes on all the Financial Friends Network Cruises. She’s had a lot of homerun deal with herself and she comes to our Dallas classes a lot. Anytime, I have a question when she’s here, she can give me a great answer in a way that makes it easily understandable.

I honestly don’t think that there are enough women out there speaking. This is a good thing, why did you take a long time to put a panel together and have women share what’s going on in their businesses and other things to overcome any hurdle? In most educators and speakers out there, men look at online numbers. It’s almost even men and women. That’s great that you’re giving a voice to that out there for them. Do you have anything in the afternoon there on day one?

This next panel is coming up at 3:00 PM. Do not miss this panel. If you have never seen John Hyre and Quincy get on a panel together, it is one of the most awesome, hilarious things you will ever see in your life. For those of you who don’t know John Hyre, he is a tax attorney who fights the IRS on prohibited transactions cases. When people do things that they are not supposed to do in their IRA or they may get audited and something comes up, John Hyre represents those people. He fights the IRS on these cases. Quincy and him are both attorneys by nature but they are very different. Quincy is very conservative. John Hyre is very not conservative and out there. Getting those two on a panel is probably one of the best things you will see all weekend. It’s going to be great. Walter is on there, so he’s probably one of the most entertaining panels we’ll have on the weekend.

Jeff Watson and John Hyre are the two big guns out there that are doing some great things. John likes to say that he fought the law and the law lost. The second break is sponsored by Real Acquisitions. In the afternoon, you’ve got a few speaking spots back and forth there. You’re going to have speakers and announcements in the afternoon. You’re going to have little surprises as well.

We’re going to speaking spots too and prizes to give away. We’re going to have a lot of fun stuff going on in the vendor area. It will be educational and fun, and we’ve got a lot of surprises for you planned as well.

The afternoon speaker at a 30-minute spot there at 4:30 PM is Aaron Young. He speaks about the corporate veil, avoiding breaking that, and making sure you keep your entity separate. Aaron is the CEO of Laughlin Associates. Laughlin has been around for 41 years, helping entrepreneurs with their entities, not only law creation but also preparing the right documents to make sure that your entities stay in compliance and you keep your assets where they’re at. Aaron is regularly speaking on our virtual workshops as well. Then Tom Berry is coming in and speaking for an hour at 5:00 PM. Tom does a lot of owner finance subject stuff there in Houston market, correct?

Yes, he has a company that is a lender as well. They have a new special program where investor loan force can loan it non-recourse to IRAs and it’s still asset-based lending. As far as my knowledge, there are not a lot of lenders out there that do nonrecourse lending to IRAs and take an approach of a hard money lender where it’s asset-based. That’s new and something to look out for. If you have an IRA or you’re looking to get a loan and leverage that money in your IRA, it’s going to be a great presentation.

We have the happy hour. What’s going on Saturday night? The party is just getting started, right?

Yes. At Quest IRA, if you are outside of Texas or you’ve never been to any of Houston, Austin or Dallas events, we do these casino night events where it’s not real money. You get to gamble for fun with fake little Quest IRA bucks. We are hosting a VIP Casino Party day one Saturday night. This is exclusively for the VIPs and those that have purchased the VIP option. We may have a few tickets for purchase just for the Casino party if you’re not a VIP. We have a general admission option. Then we have VIP, which is $350 but it gets you a lot of perks. It is sold out online, but we do have a wait list for it. Some of them are freeing up because if people can’t attend and they bought a VIP ticket, we’re able to get those transferred over for you. Dallas was the first casino night and then, we hosted it in Houston and Austin as well. This is going to be fun. All the speakers and VIP and some good quality people at that room to close the day on Saturday.

NCS 321 | Quest Expo

Quest Expo: At Quest IRA, we do these casino night events where you get to gamble for fun with fake little Quest IRA bucks.


Day two kicks off the next day at 9:00 AM and you’ve got Nathan Long kicking things off again. It follows up with Eddie Speed from NoteSchool talking about owner finance in the morning. We have the morning break with Stromberg Investment Group. Then we’ve got Quincy Long. We’ve got panel time to take notes on notes, which is 30 minutes itself, with me, Eddie Speed, Bob Zachmeier, Donald Sutton and Dawn Rickabaugh. If you’re a note investor, that’s a nice panel that you want to make sure to attend. It will be a good time with Eddie and I will be bouncing back and forth. Bob’s a great guy as well. They’re out after Phoenix and the Dallas market as well.

We’re doing an event in Phoenix and Bob’s going to come out and speak with us. I’ll be in Phoenix talking about self-directed IRAs with our VP, Nate Hare.

In day two, you’ve got Shenoah Grove talking there from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. Then you’ve got Residential Assisted Living with Gene Guarino. Do you get a lot of questions? Do you have more and more clients looking to use your IRA to invest in those things? Do you know Haley by any chance?

Yes, assisted living for elderly people is a huge topic right now. I’ll be honest, I’m not knowledgeable on the subject. Gene can probably tell you a lot more about it than I can, but there’s been a huge back and forth where there are too many people getting into it. Is it going to be profitable or is it a bubble where it may not be? There are a lot of old people right now who need to live in nice places. It’s definitely an important topic. If you’re wanting to get in on that and be educated about it, then watch this presentation for sure.

The elderly or the more seasoned is one of the top five emerging markets and between those are interested in pets, health, kick, Spanish speaking, and the elderly. Then you’ve got Walter Wofford coming in from Jackson, Mississippi.

Walter is always a riot as well. He’s a fun one to find at those happy hours and at the VIP mixer after but it should be a great presentation by him. He’s got about 30 minutes.

We’ve got Bill Fairman and Wendy Street from How to Turn Your IRA into the Bank. After that, a panel from 3:50 PM to 4:20 PM with Nathan Long running a panel with Larry Goins, Jason Bible, Jim Ingersoll, Tom Berry and Bob Zachmeier. That will be a good panel as well back and forth.

There are a lot of knowledge on these panels.

You’ve got a lot of experience coming here. We’ve got the afternoon break with Temple Funding. Mike Zlotnik is speaking a little bit in the afternoon in the break sponsor, followed up by a panel with unlimited money for your IRA and real estate deals. This is Eddie Gant, Bill Fairman, Brant Phillips and Josh Gilmore. Ingrid is going to moderate this one.

My dad will be in it. He’s loaned out millions and millions of dollars through their hard money company, so has Bill Fairman. Brant Phillips teaches several classes both in our Houston office and Dallas Office. He came out with the book that he wrote with Nathan called the Private Lender Playbook. It hit three bestselling lists on Amazon within the first week or two that it was out. I know a lot of material in that book is from our classes, from Nathan and Brant working together. You can’t do real estate without being able to find money for the deals. You don’t have to have your own money, but using other people’s money is a great source.

We’ve got Brad Sumrok talking about apartments in the afternoon before Nathan wraps it up on 6:30 PM on Sunday.

We’ve got 30 speakers over two days for this price on the expo, which is not bad. General admission tickets are at $150. Two days with these number of speakers and this number of panels. This isn’t one of those events where they get you to come to the event, “Pay us some money to funnel you to another event.” It’s all going to be here on the weekend. You’d get lots of sleep, come early, stay awake and network with everyone. It’s going to be a really great event. We’ve also got people coming in from all over the country. We’re expecting about 500 to 700 attendees. I was at Aaron Young’s event out in San Diego and we sold four VIP tickets at this event in San Diego. We’re going to have attendees from all over the country for a local event here in Dallas. It’s going to be awhile before another one likes this comes back around.

We’ve got people all across the country, we’ve got people from Michigan, Dallas, LA, Florida, Atlanta, Chicago. When Nathan and Quincy talked to me about this on the cruise that they were working, I was jacked up. Where else are you to go and find 500 plus investors at an area there? You can literally raise enough capital from networking and talking with everybody for your business for the entire year.

It’s amazing how many good high-quality people are going to be here. A lot of the events we do at Quest are free, almost every event. We have hardly given away almost any free tickets to this event, 99% of the people at this event have paid to be here. For you coming in out of town, especially for those of you who are going to be here for the whole week as part of the Scott Carson Group, North Dallas where this expo is being held is a great area. I live about two miles away from where we’re hosting the expo. Almost anything that I ever need, restaurants, hotels, Walgreens, Walmart, anything is within two miles. I can reach out from any direction. There’s going to be a lot of stuff for you to do outside of the education whenever you have some free time at night.

NCS 321 | Quest Expo

Quest Expo: A lot of the events we do at Quest are free.


You are also going to be out at the Dallas Propelio Event on the 14th. I’m looking forward to that.

We’re a sponsor of that event. I’ll be speaking for about ten minutes over how to have the right conversations with people that will unlock doors to accessing IRA money for your deal. The right questions to ask is, “Do you have an IRA? Are you happy with your return?” Maybe some pitfalls to look out for as you’re going out and having those conversations with people trying to find money.

I know Ryan’s excited about the Quest Expo. You had a video in the office with them too.

I went live on my personal Facebook for the first time ever talking about the expo. You could tell in the video that I was nervous. We did another one right after that, that went much better in my opinion.

For those that want to get signed up, they can go to QuestExpo.com. The online VIP tickets are sold out, but you can call in and get on the waiting list for the VIP. You were saying there are 350 people plus that are already signed up for it, correct?

Yes. Every time I log into Eventbrite, we have sold more and more tickets and they will sell out at some point. More importantly, get your room at the Room Block in Addison. If you’re not able to get it on the Room Block at the Westin, there are about 30 hotels at least within three miles of the event venue. If you’re not able to get it on the Room Block, if you wait and it sells out, there are plenty of hotels in the area, don’t fret. If you’re not sure about where to stay in the area, give us a call, ask for Haley or for someone in the Dallas Office. We’re all very familiar with this area.

If you’re flying in, you can fly through Dallas International Airport or Dallas Love. You can catch an Uber or cab up to the hotel and then be good to go. If you’re coming from out of state, there’s no need to rent a car. Just come on in and catch an Uber or Lyft ride over there. You’d probably make some friends that you can bounce around in and they’re living there in Dallas and drop you off too. Everything’s bigger in Texas, this is why this is the biggest self-directed expo in the country.

It’s the first ever self-directed IRA Expo in the State of Texas. At Quest IRA, we’re the premier and we’re the best at what we do. We’re not the largest out there, but we are the best. We’re very progressive when it comes to hosting these events, providing this high-quality education. This is going to be the first event of its kind and we’re probably not going to be doing it in Dallas next year. We’ll probably be doing it in Houston or another city, but the inaugural Quest Expo is definitely that you do not want to miss.

You are growing and expanding. I was talking to Ingrid about your awesome offices opening up like the Dallas and Houston offices. Your Houston office is just busting at the seams, which is phenomenal.

I’ve got some real classroom envy on the new Austin Office. We expanded our Dallas Office and I ended up overseeing a lot of that expansion. We now have a 3,200 square foot in Dallas but in Austin, we now have a 5,000 square foot classroom. It’s an old Frost Bank, so it’s a huge open space. We’ll be doing the grand opening for that event. In Houston, any time a tenant moves out of that Houston office building, the whole four stories of it, we take over that space. We’re growing tremendously.

We’ll probably be doing a live podcast from the Austin office here once we get back from traveling. When we do a Facebook Live, we throw these on YouTube and Vimeo. For those that are listening on the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play, I would love for you to do me a favor. If you’re planning on coming to this event and you’re podcast listener, drop me an email at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com. I may have a very special little prize for those of you that will come to the expo. We’ve got a booth there and I’ll have a special prize for all of you to charge your business a little bit.

Scott always has good prices too. I still have my little We Close Notes wine opener.

If you go to QuestExpo.com, you can buy the general admission tickets. You’ve got a lunch included with the VIP. You’ve got admission into the casino nights as well and some other bonuses along the way too.

We do have a wait list for VIP. You do have to call in and ask us. A lot of times, they can see what we can do for you. You also get expedited entry with the VIP. You get upfront seating at the event and there is a special VIP lounge that is exclusively for the VIP and different speakers. There are going to be a lot of good quality people in that little lounge as well.

Any other thing, Haley? If they will need to open a self-directed account of all sorts, where can they give you a phone call?

It’s 855-FUN-IRAS. If you ever want to talk to an IRA specialist, I’m an IRA specialist. We have several others on staff, we’re the ones who can answer your questions from A to Z. Anything from, “What is a self-directed IRA?” to “How do I buy a piece of real estate in my IRA? How do I buy a note in my IRA? What can I not do with my IRA?” If you want to talk to an IRA specialist, it’s always 100% free. You don’t have to be a client. You can do it over the phone, over a webinar or in the office. To sign up for that is easy, go to QuestIRA.com and request an appointment with an IRA specialist. We’ll give you a call 99% of the time that same day as soon as they get that lead through the website.

NCS 321 | Quest Expo

Quest Expo: We’re the ones that can answer your questions from A to Z.


You give responsive over the emails or phone calls. If you call after 5:30 PM, you may wait until the next business day. For hundreds of times, I’ve sent an email to one of the ladies and whole IRA crew over there and everybody reaches out in a timely fashion. You have to add more vendor space because of the number of vendors coming on too.

We did. The vendor spots have been sold for months now. For an event of this size to have those fill up as quickly as they did it, it’s awesome. We’re going to have some great vendors from all across Texas and other parts of the country as well. If you have questions after the stream ends, just comment down below. I’ll have this shared on my page. Feel free to shoot me a message, tag me in the comment and I’ll answer all of your questions if you happen to be watching after the livestream ends.

Haley, thank you so much for joining us.

It was great to be here. I’m glad it worked out and I got to talk a little bit more about the Quest Expo with you. Anne Marie, one of our marketing directors, is the head person in-charge of this expo. She’s been doing a great job. She’s based out of our Houston office. I am super excited that everyone in Houston decided to have this Expo in Dallas, which happens to be our territory here. We can’t wait to welcome you into our city and into our own backyard. This expo is about two miles away from where our Dallas office is located. If you have any questions about the area or anything like that, give us a call, ask for me, ask for someone in Dallas. We can’t wait to welcome you here for this event.

To our audience, thank you. If you love this, feel free to share it. Give us a five-star review. Go check out QuestIRA.com or the QuestExpo.com. You don’t want to be late and miss out on the biggest IRA event in Texas.

Thanks, Scott.

Have a great day. If you have any comments, you can always drop Haley an email at Haley.Gant@QuestIRA.com or go directly to QuestIRA.com and connect with somebody straight from the website. Go out and make something happen.

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NCS 321 | Quest ExpoHaley Gant is a Marketing Department/IRA Specialist, Dallas office manager and events coordinator for Quest IRA, Inc.





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