EP 499 – The Quest Expo with Haley Gant

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo


Scott Carson talks with Haley Gant, an IRA specialist from the Quest Trust Company, about the upcoming Quest Expo. Haley teaches investors how to use their IRA or 401(k) to invest into real estate and private assets such as real estate, notes, apartments, and lots of different options. In this episode, she outlines the different events at the expo, as well the keynote speakers and the topics that they are going to be speaking on. You will surely fill your hearts and brains with all the investment opportunities you can scoop up from this grand event.

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The Quest Expo with Haley Gant

We are excited to have Haley Gant. She joined us from Quest Trust Company. If you don’t know her, she is a rock star at Quest Trust Company who does an amazing job with the Dallas office and the whip behind the Quest Expo. Haley, thanks for joining us.

I’m super happy to be here. We’re gearing up for the Quest Expo, so it’s pretty much all our lives are revolving around. We’re super excited about it. I can’t believe it’s finally almost here.

For those that don’t know who you are, Quest Trust is a sponsor of the show and we’re huge fans of the company as well. For those who are reading across the country and Note Nation. Across Tampa to Long Beach, talk a little about Quest Trust Company and your background.

My name is Haley and I am one of our IRA specialists with Quest Trust Company. My role is to teach investors or Americans pretty much anyone out there how to use their IRA or old 401(k) to invest into real estate and private assets such as real estate, notes, apartments and lots of different options. Instead of having all of your retirement money invested in the stock market or publicly traded assets. At Quest, we are a self-directed IRA custodian. We hold the same types of retirement accounts that you find at any other custodian or brokerage throughout the US, but the biggest difference is the types of assets that we pulled. Real estate, promissory notes, private entity investments. You name it, if it’s not publicly traded, you can probably hold it at class. It’s truly self-directed. You get to go out, find your own investments that you invest in with your IRA and we basically teach you how to do it. We don’t tell you how to structure your investment, but we give a ton of education and we have classes online. We’re always doing webinars. That way we can help teach as many Americans out there that they have this other option for their retirement funds outside of what most of their money is probably currently invested in.

You guys do a tremendous job. You’re the number one self-directed IRA company and trustee out there because of so much education you provide to your clients. You’ve got offices there in Dallas. We’re located there. In Houston and Austin as well and you’re constantly doing 600 events a year, is that correct?

That is correct. We have our big 3,200 square foot classroom here in Dallas. It’s a great atmosphere. We host free classes every week in Dallas, Austin and Houston. We host a monthly mixer. We attend several events throughout the country. All of that total is around 600 events a year. We definitely stay busy. It’s a lot of fun.

You guys had your first Quest Expo in Dallas and then you’ve got it back home and the home county of Harris there in Houston, Texas on August 23rd, 24th and 25th. You’ve been the spearhead behind that and driving a lot of advertising, but also letting your clients know what’s coming up on it.

Definitely, one of my strengths I feel is the marketing and social media side of things. In 2018 was our first ever expo and we hosted it here in Dallas, which was awesome. Anne Marie, one of our Marketing Directors down in Houston, you guys have had her on the show plenty of times. Anne Marie is the head honcho behind the expo. She does a fantastic job leading us. Being in Dallas for the first time, it was a lot of fun to do a lot of the promotion for it. All of our Dallas clients, a lot of people we’ve met throughout the year and even people from outside of Dallas. We probably had about 40% of the attendees, if not more, were from outside of Dallas or outside from the state of Texas even.

Since our corporate office is based on in Houston. If there was one city in the US that has the most concentration of Quest clients, it would be in Houston since that’s where our corporate office is based out of. We’ve moved the expo down to Houston. We’ve already sold over 550 tickets. About 40 of those came in, so that’s exciting. We’ve got a bunch of people in Dallas excited about it. I personally, between all of our IRA specialists, we offer different discount codes and it’s stiff competition. Even myself and some of the Houston IRA specialists are still neck and neck for ticket sales. Even people from outside of Houston are excited about it. It’s probably going to be a little bit more humid, but it’s going to be at the Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria Hotel. Once you get there, everything’s going to pretty much feel like it’s all-inclusive. There are tons of hotels and restaurants around there. It’s a nice area that we’re hosting it.

If you guys aren’t familiar with Houston, it’s not a bad drive from the airport. Once you get into that area, there’s so much stuff to do around there. Even Friday night we’re all going to an Astros game together. We’re hosting a fun casino night at the hotel so you don’t have to go anywhere. We’re tying in the best education we will have ever put in on a three-day event as well as probably the most fun networking events. All of our VIPs get to go to the Astros game with us. There are Astros tickets also for sale in very limited supply, but we’re pretty much going to take up an entire section.

They’re playing the Detroit Tigers too, so that’ll be nice to see. Verlander is pitching against his old home team.

They’re almost calling me out. I’m not following sports too. I’m a Houstonian at heart, so I remember going to see the Astros games when I was younger with my dad before they were bad, when they were good. It’s in Houston. You’ve got to root for the Astros.

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo

The Quest Expo: You can find the lineup and the speakers at www.QuestExpo.com.


You’ve got a bit of a real estate background family, definitely with your dad running and owning Jet Lending and doing all the hard money and fix and flips that he’s been responsible for and you’ve always been around. That’s why I admire so much about you. You’ve got that aspect, you’re branching out at Quest Trust Company and figuring that out there, but you’ve also got that real estate background. You and I had conversations about that in a previous episode. I know that everybody’s excited to see the lineup. I’m getting people to ask me all the time, “I see the website but where’s the lineup?” You’re basically going to be releasing the scheduling.

We have released it through certain avenues. If you know the right place to go to find it, you can find it. Where we’ve blasted this out is exclusive to the email list that we have. We have sent out all three days and we finished posting the final agenda on our Facebook. If you go to our website, go to the Quest Expo lead page, QuestExpo.com. That has the lineup and the speakers, but it doesn’t have the exact agenda just yet. This is somewhat of an exclusive sneak peek. This is the first time we will be going through it detailed day by day.

Another first here at the Note Closers Show. Haley, this is episode 499. I couldn’t do 500 for you guys, so I’m excited to have you on here for that. You think about all the people, this is the second or third time you’ve been on here. We’re so proud of the relationship at Quest we have with you guys and I absolutely love it. Whoever thought we would hit 500, to begin with. Some people are like, “500 in four years, you are crazy.” Why don’t we bring up day one and share it?

Day one will be a full day of events. We’re starting out strong at 9:00 AM. Just to preface this Friday and Saturday will be all day 9 to 5 or 9 to 6. Sunday will be a half-day because we know a lot of people are traveling in from out of town. You’ll need to travel home. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet and that’s one of the things you’re worried about, don’t worry about it. Starting it out the first panel of the day, Friday, speaking of my dad, he makes an appearance several times on this agenda for as well as around our 30 other speakers that we have. The first panel of the day is going to be about finding and evaluating deals. This will be moderated by Nate Hare, our Vice President here at Quest. On this panel will be Eddie Gant, Jay Connor, Russell Thomas, Rich Drake, Steve Vigil and Steve Liang. That’s a great panel to start off the day. Eddie Gant, Russell Thomas and Steve, those are all Quest clients and forefront runners. They’ve got a ton of investments in their IRAs between all of them as well as several different years of real estate experience. Steve Liang, as you guys may or may not know, does comps and real estate technology for finding deals, running parameters on different searches and comps.

We’re pretty much coming out with everything loaded. After that, we have the market update with Shenoah Grove. She gives a great market update at all of our expo events. For those of you who don’t know, Shenoah and her husband Phil run all of the Texas RIAs. She’s very experienced in the market update and that forecast. We’re going to cut to a little morning break at 11:00 and then right after the first break, we have another panel. This one is over How to Make Sure Your Flip Isn’t a Flop. That’s important. If you are flipping properties or even if you’re not and you’re interested, a lot of big barrier to entry for a lot of investors is thinking that they’re going to lose money on a deal. On this panel, we have Curtis Warden, Kiki Baker, Jim Ingersoll, Rich Drake, Michael Plaks and Ray Sasser. Curtis does a lot of high ends flips down in Houston. Kiki has a ton of experience I believe being a real estate agent. She works with Curtis a lot on his deals.

Jim Ingersoll, one of our good friends from Virginia, we’re super excited to have him appear several times on this as well. We’ll have a lunch break. If you are a VIP for the expo, you will get separate VIP break out lunches on Friday. That will be over the Self-Directed Solo 401(k). Don’t be sleepy because we have prizes and we’re bringing out Orbit from the Astros. He’s going to be making a guest appearance after lunch on the first day. I’m not sure how we convinced him to come, but I’m super excited about that. They put my dad’s presentation because they know he keeps people excited and entertained. He’s calling his presentation How to Grow Your Corn Taller and Bigger. My dad is a Mississippi boy. When he says corn, I’m pretty sure he’s referring to your IRA. This is a presentation that he takes you through several of his IRA investments that he’s done over the years. My parents have been self-directing their IRA since 2004 basically since Quest opened. I get excited about self-directed IRAs. I get passionate about it.

It’s because I’ve seen my parents grow their IRAs from not that much into an amount that they could retire and never worked a day in their lives if they wanted to. They’re workaholics in real estate, so that’s probably not going to happen. After that we have Real Estate Funds explained with Mike Zlotnik, then we have another break. We have another special presentation called The Best Investment Opportunities in Senior Housing For 2019 and Beyond. If you guys have not caught onto this train yet, this is a huge deal. I know personally, my grandma has moved into Memory Care. It’s a huge thing. There are a lot of ways that old people do need to be taken care of in their senior lives and it can also be a great investment opportunity. We’ll be talking about that on Friday. We have a panel about hard money lending and this is an exciting one.

We have on the panel for hard money, Eddie Gant, Paul Lamnatos who works with Blink Lending, Blake Yarborough and Mike Zlotnik. We’ve got some good panels. This is one of them about finding money, about private money and hard money lending. Pretty much all Friday afternoon is when these panels are. After the hard money lending panel, we have Where to Get the Money Now by Jay Connor and then wrapping it up on Friday. We have one last panel about raising private money with Jay Connor, Mitch Stephen, Keith Baker, Eddie Speed, Steve Vigil and Bob Malecki. If you guys are looking for hard money or private money for your deals, Friday afternoon at the Quest Expo is definitely the place to be for that. This day alone day one, we have probably fifteen different speakers. We won’t be having buses to take you to the Astros game. It was too much on a logistical nightmare, we tried.

If I remember correctly, Minute Maid Park is just a couple of blocks down from the hotel. It’s not far at all.

I’m not sure of the exact distance I should since I’m from Houston, but we will be having a special place at our information booth set up to teach our clients how to use Uber and Lyft. If you don’t know how to use Uber and Lyft, our staff are going to have flyers. I’m making the flyers and we’re going to have some people helping out so you can help you book your Uber and Lyft rides over to the Astros game. We won’t leave you hanging. The day two agenda. This is an exclusive sneak peek. This was the first time we are walking through the entire agenda for the Quest Expo. On day two, we’re going to start it out with a presentation by Eddie Speed over strategies with notes, the right note versus the right account. You guys are here reading this, so you’re obviously interested in notes. Scott, I believe your presentation is around here somewhere as well.

I’m not presenting. It’s my choice. Anne Marie offered it up I’ve spoken before and I know everybody there the entire time. I’m letting other people speak. I’m fine with letting other people speak that needs to speak.

Are you still going to be at the expo?

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo

The Quest Expo: If you are looking for hard money or private money for your deals, the Quest Expo is definitely the place to be for that.


I’ll be at the expo for sure. I’m taking it easy. I didn’t get a chance to do a lot of that. I missed out on a lot of that because of two panels and a speaking spot and I’m in a booth. I just wanted to be a normal Quest client at the event.

It gives you some time to relax, not have to be watching your watch the whole time and make sure you’re at your speaking spot on time. I know on the logistical end of it, it is almost a nightmare sometimes making sure all of these panelists and speakers are where they need to be when they need to there. We’ll still see you there. That’s all that matters. We have our first panel of the day about First and Second Lien Notes, Pros and Cons. Friday afternoon is all about the hard money, private lending. Saturday morning is all about notes. Drink your coffee that morning. Come in, ready to learn. We’re going to have a Fuquan Bilal, Eddie Speed, Josh Andrews, Tracy Rewey, Rick Allen, Jeff Watson and Bob Zachmeier. That’s a strong panel. Scott, I’m sad to see you not there, but you’ll be enjoying it networking I’m sure out at the rest of the event.

We’re going to have a quick little break after that. Blake Yarborough is going to be giving another presentation over hard money lending. Saturday for the lunch presentation for the VIP room, we’re going to have a presentation over Commercial Investing 101 with Rick Farnoush. Rick is one of our Dallas clients. He’s a regular. All of our Lunch and Learns and he gives a great presentation over commercial investing. If you’re general admission, sorry, you’ll have some nice networking during lunch. After lunch, we have a panel over rental properties and Airbnb with Jim Ingersoll, Eddie Gant, Russell Thomas, Brantley Gunn, Ryan Degannaro and Michael Plaks. That right there is going to be a good panel, rentals, Airbnbs. Airbnb is obviously a super-hot topic.

What I like about this is we have a lot of real estate investors that specialize in buy and hold on this panel. We also have Michael Plaks who is a tax guy. If you’re looking for not just the investment side of it, the properties, but more of the tax side too. I’m sure that’s going to be something that we’re going to cover a lot in this panel. That’s going to be a good one. I’m probably going to try to sit in there myself on that one. After the rental panel, we have Bill Fairman and Wendy Sweet talking about becoming the bank with your IRA. They do a ton of private lending. They’re with Carolina Hard Money, Becoming the Bank with your IRA.

We’ll have our afternoon break. Saturday afternoon starting back up strong as 3:00 PM. We’re going to be talking about Why Should You Invest in Alternative Investments with Jay Young. After that, we have How to Retire Early By Investing in Apartments. This is with Dante. Dante is one of the top coaches with the Brad Sumrok team. If you guys are interested in multifamily investing and you maybe are looking to get your feet wet, looking for a good network of people around you, come to this presentation with Dante at 3:30 PM. I promise you it will be well worth your time. They’ve got a great program with the Brad Sumrok team. After that, we have a panel over multifamily and commercial investing.

I think you guys can probably see some themes. We’ve grouped together with the presentations and I liked that we did that. If you’re interested in one particular type of investment, you’ll know that “Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon is the time that I want to be locked in.” The panel with multifamily and commercial investing will be with Dante, Ben Kelley, Rick Farnoush and Dan Handford. We have a panel right after that over creative investments with other strong panel groups. It’s the first time I’ve seen Quincy’s name on. It’s right next to John Hyre’s name. You guys want to be at this panel Saturday afternoon. Anytime we get Quincy and John Hyre up on stage together, it’s a riot and hilarious. We have to give a disclaimer before. It usually ends up with the whole room laughing.

Creative investments, the other panelists who are also just as important. We’re going to have Ryan Degannaro, Quincy Long, John Hyre, Jeff Watson, another IRA attorney, Fabian Toledo, Bob Zachmeier and Russell Thomas. I don’t even know how we’re fitting so many panelists up there. Last but not least, on Saturday, Jay Connor is doing $1,000 giveaway. If you guys are going to be at the expo, be in the room at 6:25, probably 6:30 or 6:35, knowing Quincy and how panels go. Saturday night we are hosting our casino night networking event. If you guys know Quest and you’ve been to our expo before, you know we love to host these casino nights. The casino party is included with the VIP ticket, but if you are in general admission ticket, there is a cost. It’s an add on for the casino night.

I think it’s $20 but all of the proceeds from those ticket sales are being donated to charity. We have a few different charities we’re donating to down in Houston. I don’t remember the name of them off the top of my head, but at Quest, we do love to give back and we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. You can either buy that at the event or you can buy that at QuestExpo.com before the event. It doesn’t matter casino night probably will not sell out, but the Astros tickets definitely will sell out. We’ve got about 300 people going to the Astros game, which is why we couldn’t do buses. The Astros I think $60 or $70. If you buy it at the event, do it early Friday morning because if not, you might not be able to go. We were not going to have hidden tickets. We can’t do that. They’re in very high demand. That’s day two, a lot of fun panels and multifamily. Note seems to be the main topics of the day. Don’t miss that panel over creative investments. That’s probably going to be one of the best panels of the weekend.

Moving onto day three. Day three is a little bit shorter, that is going to be a half-day because we know a lot of people are coming in from out of town. In 2018, we did a full day on the third day and even at 6:00 PM, we still had about 200 people in the room, which was less than half. Most people if they were able to, they stayed until the very end. A lot of people were sad to leave. We will be wrapping it up just a little bit earlier. Starting out strong on day three, we have a panel over real estate due diligence. I like that we’re doing this after some of the other panels because you can learn about the different strategies, different things like that. Let your brain sit on it a little bit and then learn about the due diligence on day three, which is, as you guys know is very important.

We are starting it out with Russell Thomas, Rich Drake, Jeff Watson, David Vaillancourt, Curtis Warden and Tom Berry. All very experienced real estate investors and even two real estate attorneys on there. Right after that is a panel over note due diligence. For note due diligence, we’re going to have Paul Lamnatos, Tracy Rewey, Eddie Speed, Donald Sutton, TJ Osterman, Quincy Long and Tom Berry. Don’t party too hard at casino night if you want to learn about due diligence. I’ll be there. Have fun with the networking, but don’t stay out too late. Mama Haley’s coming in and telling you because we have some great topics each morning.

After those two panels, we have the morning break and after the morning break, we have a presentation about The Secret of Finding Freedom and Success. This is with Steve Liang who is the owner and founder of Real Estate IQ. I can’t say I know what this topic is about, but it makes me excited. I know how Steve got started in real estate. His either parents or grandparents were very successful in real estate over in China and he eventually made his way over here. He has been following the same paths in real estate. He’s got a lot of wisdom to share and he’s grown his company very substantially that I’ve known him. He’s a great guy. That’ll be a great presentation there as well.

Right after that, we have Quincy giving his own keynote presentation, saving one of the best for last. This is going to be over inherited IRAs, the gift that keeps on giving. Inherited IRAs are a huge topic all the time. There are a lot of people in the Financial Friends Network who are loving inherited IRAs. They talk about them all the time and the different strategies of how to boost that. There is some legislation that could potentially change some of this. Quincy being the attorney that he is is probably going to give a great presentation over all of the different topics that go along with inherited IRAs.

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo

The Quest Expo: As a real estate investor, asset protection is the next thing you should look at after learning about all of the different investing strategies.


Last but not least is the last presentation will be a panel about Forming The Best Entity For Your Needs. As a real estate investor, asset protection, the ability not to be pierced by lawsuits is huge when you’re protecting your nest eggs and your assets. After you learn about all of these different investing strategies, you can learn how to protect them through due diligence in the morning and then forming an entity with the last panel in the afternoon. I liked how we structured this. I’ve read through the agenda. I copied and pasted it into these images to create the pretty version of the agenda. It’s the first time I’ve gone through it in detail myself and we structured it well. We’ve got things grouped together. Day three due diligence, forming an entity to protect your assets. It’s going to be a nice flow of topics from day-to-day. I’m glad to be able to go through it.

It’s exciting seeing the line up there and the way you have it lumped in does help people be able to pick and be focused for two hours or three hours, whatever they need to be. Spend time out in the vendor area and networking with the other vendors and people have booths out there.

I will let you guys know, a lot of times if you attend a big real estate expo or conference like this, events like this are notorious for always running far behind schedule. By the time you get to the end of the day, it ends up ending around 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM and you’re tired, you don’t want to go do anything after that. I will say we did very good with staying on time. That’s one of the things I ended up helping a lot on the back end of things was helping make sure all of our speakers were ready, presentations were going, we got a big timer up there. We do a pretty good job of staying on time throughout the event. We’ll have expo programs and all of the little goody bags that you get. You’ll be able to see all of this as well as information about all of our vendors.

If you’re not able to attend the expo and you want to see these presentations or even if you attend the expo and your head is spinning, so you want to be able to rewatch them, we will have the recorded copy of all three days of the presentations for sale. I think it’s $70. I believe you have a coupon code Carson19 not only works on expo tickets but at least if you use it, we might change this. This coupon code also works on the recordings as well. If you go online and buy your ticket or buy the recordings, your coupon code Carson19, get some 25% off of any of that.

That’s always a nice thing off of the regular tickets. It did work on the VIP when you have VIP tickets available, but you missed out on that. It’s a discount code that works for about everything here in 2019 Carson19 out there for the 25% discount off. I won’t include a discount off the Astros tickets or the VIP party. Those are separate there at the event. You do get off of the general admission tickets and then also of the replays and some things we have that run throughout too.

If do you buy the recording, it’s not like where you get it for a few months and then we take it away. I think you just get the recordings. Before it took about 30 to 45 days to have them put together, cut down and all the content review to make sure everything we put out there was something good for people to have that recording. After the expo, you’ll have the full recorded copy. You can rewatch it at any time. A lot of these speakers, they may speak at their own events, they may do their own local real estate events. Being able to have them together on these panels. These are different panel topics than we did. There’s not a whole lot of overflow from what we covered. A lot of them are new topics and we’ve got a lot of new panelists too.

For example, Curtis Warden, he’s a firecracker. He should definitely have some great funny information to share. Eddie, my dad is a firecracker. Quincy and John Hyre, you get those two together and at the end of the day, we may serve them a glass of wine right before that panel too. It’s going to be some good information. I can’t say it enough how excited we are. Our staff has been working so hard to sell tickets, make sure everything’s coming together. All the little details like a photo booth, how do you use Uber and Lyft flyer, little commercials that’ll be playing throughout the whole event. We’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into it. I was talking to Anne Marie and she was like, “I can’t believe it’s almost here. It’s so exciting.”

I know exactly how many people you had. You told me beforehand about the number. You’ve already exceeded the signups which are great. You’re at a place there in Houston. It makes it easy for people to get in and out of as well too. I think one of the best things that people can get out of attending a Quest Expo, for those that are planning to come in. First and foremost, you’re going to be around 500 plus real estate investors. You’re going to have plenty of people with private money looking to land, looking to learn. It’s a great opportunity. You want to bring plenty of business cards. Can we agree with that, Haley?

It might sell out and there’s going to be a ton of people there. The room holds 700 so we’re expecting anywhere from 600 to 700. If you think you have enough business cards, probably bring more than you think.

Make sure you take a photo of one of your business cards so that if you do run out, you can still text the people you meet along the way too. You’ve got a large vendor area as well with a lot of people, a lot of booths and people that weren’t mentioned on the itinerary.

We have close to 40 vendors. The vendors’ spots sold out super-fast, but at Quest, we pride ourselves on getting the best education. We never want to appear we’re pitching or endorsing investments. We don’t just bring anyone as a sponsor. If they want to throw us a bunch of money to sponsor one of our events, we usually like to at least have some preexisting relationship there. The vendors that are at this expo are at the best of the best that we work with. There are several hard money lenders, note companies, multifamily, Brad Sumrok will be there, Real Estate IQ and non-recourse lenders. Definitely take some time and walk around there.

I believe we will be doing our expo bingo card again, where we do give you a little bit of incentive to go walk around and talk to the vendors. If you’re doing that bingo card, don’t just walk up to the vendors and give them the card to get the stamp and then move on. Stop and talk to them. Before you come to the expo, think to yourself, “What are my goals and what are my agenda? What type of people am I trying to meet? What relationships am I trying to grow, foster and meet these people? What are the vendors that I need to be looking at and talking to and take some time and go talk to them?” A lot of our vendors are traveling in from out of town. They’re there to talk to you. Take full advantage of all the resources we’re going to have there for you.

NCS 499 | The Quest Expo

The Quest Expo: Take full advantage of all the resources that are going to be at the expos.


This is an important thing. Make sure you spend little time. Do not head to the casino party or to the game. Take the time not to go hide in your hotel room. Take the time to grab dinner with somebody, make your reservations, visit with other people that are there because you have people from all across the country, people all across Texas. Pick a group, call a restaurant and serve it for ten and fill up at ten spots if it can. A lot of people are looking to network after the event is done for the day.

I know a few of our speakers. I’m not going to name anyone, in particular, Eddie Gant likes to get all of the networking that they can, shutting down the bar at the end of the night. I love that idea of a book a table for people at dinner. Do realize if you’re looking out and trying to meet certain people, a lot of the speakers I know my dad, in particular, he doesn’t like to go to dinner with people because he would rather hang out at the bar and just openly talk with everyone. I know a lot of times when speakers go to events, there are so many people that try to pull them off to the side and do all this stuff. Maybe don’t try to do that, but go out to the bars and the hallway areas and talk to people. As you’re bringing and collecting business cards, I always have a pen somewhere near where I’m collecting these business cards and I write down when I talk to them. Some little notes that’s going to help me remember who that person was. If there was a good conversation, I’ll put several stars on it.

If I don’t have a pen I’ll fold the corner so I know that was a good conversation that I need to follow-up with that person. Little things like that, you guys are going to meet so many people throughout the event. Have little ways to do that, make dinner reservations for people, go out to the bar after and find some of the speakers there. A lot of them will probably be there. I can guarantee you that. There are so many ways to network and if you’re a VIP, we’re going to have that VIP lounge that you have access to during the breaks. We’ll have snacks in there. During the lunches, we’ll have different breakout presentations. The VIP lunches were good, granted it is at a different hotel. We’re pulling out all the stops. It’s going to be a high-quality event. We can’t wait for it.

It will be the best self-directed IRA company event all across the country. The best way to get signed up, you can go to QuestExpo.com. You can also go to the QuestTrust.com and you’ll be directed to that. Use the code Carson19 and get signed up. You will not regret it. What a great event and I’m looking forward to it as well.

We’re looking forward to it. We can’t wait to see all of you guys there. If you have questions about the event, call Quest, ask for Haley, ask for an IRA specialist. If you’re having trouble buying your tickets online, I know a lot of times people, I will let you know they missed the promo code. When you’re selecting your ticket type, that’s where you’ll enter in the promo code. If you mess it up, just let us know. Give us a call. We can do it for you over the phone. If you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to attend the Quest Expo and you want to lock in your ticket, go ahead buy it. Use the code lock in your ticket so you at least have a spot. If you end up not being able to attend, the tickets are fully refundable up to 48 hours before the event, so you have nothing to lose. I will let you know that.

That’s a good point there, Haley. If you can’t make it, you can still call, get a cancellation and get a full refund or do a sub in for the replays. Haley, that’s an awesome lineup. You guys overdid yourselves again and looking forward to hanging out in Houston with you.

Also, we’re super excited. I can’t wait to see everyone there.

Thanks, Haley for joining us here on the show. I’m looking forward to the event and we’ll see you there in Houston.


Take advantage of the special Carson19, knock 25% off for you. Come join 600, 700 IRA investors and experts in Houston for two and a half days, maybe on Astros game and then maybe some cold adult beverages and the little casino party too. Come have fun. What better way not just coming and learning, but also having fun. That’s one thing that Quest Trust does a great job, is making their events enjoyable for everybody in attendance. Go out, get your ticket, get signed up and we’ll see you all at the top.

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About Haley Gant

NCS 499 | The Quest ExpoHaley Gant, one of Quest IRA’s IRA Specialists. Haley has been with Quest IRA since June of 2016, resides in Dallas, TX, and is passionate about educating people on how the use of Self-Directed IRAs can help lead to long term wealth, tax savings, and the ability to actually be able to comfortably retire one day.


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