EP NC 06 – Cracking the Code of Fynanc with George Antone

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

There is a way to build financial security in your lifetime and for the generations to come without investing in stocks, bonds, real estate or even starting or selling a business. Goerge Antone, author of the “Banker’s Code” calls this new paradigm of building wealth and cracking the code of finance as Financial Shortcuts wherein you use finance in creative ways that will improve your financial well-being. George also calls it Hacking Finance because in order to increase your net worth to 100,000 or more, you need to make small tweaks in the financial system that will work for you.

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Cracking the Code of Fynanc with George Antone

We got a big surprise with our good buddy, George Antone, join us as he likes to label himself the Chief Financial Nerd. This guy is one of the smartest, if not the smartest, financial guy that I know. This guy absolutely loves breaking things down and helping his students accomplish some big things in the finance game. The author of The Banker’s Code  and The Banker’s Code Revisited is our good friend, Mr. George Antone, joining us from San Jose, California. I’m glad to have you. How’s it going?

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

The Banker’s Code The Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Finally Revealed

Good. You are helping me accomplish a big goal without knowing it. I’m going to be on a virtual stage with the same person as Sharon Lechter. I’m so excited about having to listen to her. I never heard her speak but she has impacted my life without realizing. I can’t wait to be on the call after this.

I’m going to talk about this interesting topic. I’ve been working on something called hacking finance. Here’s the topic: How to build your wealth and six hours or less per month using a completely new paradigm without the stress of risky investments. Let me start with a very bold promise. By the end of this training, you will know one specific way to increase your net worth by at least $100,000 or more. For any investors, it’s significantly more. We’ll be talking about some math here and some numbers. I’m going to talk about a completely new way to building wealth. I’m going to be comparing some traditional ways of building wealth with this new way or what we call hacking finance. Let me start with a story. Before I get into the meat of it here, it’s important that we share a story that we all have in common.

Here’s a story of all of us. We all start with this huge dream of what life could look like as young kids. We’d go to school and then we graduate, and then we start freaking out. Once we’re done with school, we start working and then we realize, “This is very different than anything we’ve thought about.”We start realizing that we worked for a number of years and we have very little to nothing to show for it. We start freaking out when realize our kids’ college will cost us $250,000 per child. I have three kids right now and one is just finishing, and it is indeed $250,000 for a private university. We start freaking out when we realize that retirement is coming up in a decade or two and most people don’t have enough saved up. We start freaking out when we realize that most people out there are one disaster away from being wiped out. That, to me, blows my mind. If you’re in constant fear of financial stress, just from the fear of being wiped out or the fear of having one bad thing wipe you out is unacceptable. When you try to do something about it, you look at this huge, massive maze of different ideas and different ways of financial security, whatever that means to you, you are lost because some of these completely contradict each other. What if there’s a way to find a shortcut to reach financial security without getting lost in the maze? That’s what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to show you a way that is completely new paradigm to getting around the maze much faster to your financial goals.

I want to talk about the story of how this whole thing came about. It boils down to one single question someone asked me many years ago. Here’s what happened. I was invited to speak at an event in Palm Springs. After I was done about 90 minutes to two hours presentation, I walked off the stage. This one lady walked up to me and asked me this crazy question. I thought she was kidding at first. She said, “Is there a way to build financial security without investing in stocks, bonds, or real estate, or even sell anything or start a business?” I chuckled, thinking she was kidding with me, but when I looked at her face, her expression on her face told a story. She had so much fear, so much embarrassment, so much desperation. I realized I need to do something about this because this lady was very serious. I started this quest on looking into different ways of building financial security for people that don’t want to invest or for people that are afraid or even investors that want to do more with their investments. I found out this new method called hacking finance that is very different than anything out there. The objective of this training is to open your eyes to this new paradigm that we call financial shortcuts that can help build financial security in your life for generations to come without depending on investing, creating, or making any risky investments. That’s the objective of this master class here.

Let’s dive in a little bit about my background, who am I and why should you listen to me. I started in technology as a software developer. I worked at a number of companies including Intuit, makers of Quicken, financial planner of QuickBooks, and a number of other software. I also worked for Microsoft and a number of other software companies including Electronic Arts and some other ones. In 2001, I walked away from that whole world as a software developer. I was sick and tired of that world and I got into real estate. One of the reasons is because I reached that point that I’m mentioning that specifically because Sharon is going to be speaking after me here and it’s going to be an honor just to listen to her.

What happened is I got into real estate and I started buying apartment buildings, single family homes, commercial real estate, as well as a private money lending, running a fund and all that stuff. I raised millions and millions of dollars for things outside of just real estate. I’ve done a lot of real estate but also businesses and other projects. I’m also considered a thought leader in the investing and the finance space. The question is why should you listen to me? I could tell you I’m the bestselling author of three books, but who cares? I could tell you I’ve been a regular host on the Wall Street Radio Network, but you who cares? I could play a work on the world’s number one personal finance software used around the world, but honestly, who cares? It doesn’t impact anyone here. I could tell you I’ve been the founder of the largest network of private money lenders in the world, but again, who cares? Here’s why you should care about this and why you should listen to this training. This information can have a significant impact on you financially and your family for generations to come.

Let’s talk about the agenda for this training. The first one is a new paradigm for building wealth. You can think of all these strategies out there for building wealth and you can place them or categorize them into three buckets: trading, investing, and saving. These are the three traditional ways of building wealth. Let’s talk about each one of them briefly. I’m a big advocate of all of them, but I just want to point out some of the characteristics of each one of them. Let’s start with trading. When we talk about trading, we’re talking about trading things like currencies or trading stocks or anything. When you use the word trading, it means it’s a zero sum game. Actually, it’s even worse than that. It’s actually negative sum game because there’s always a banker or a broker in the middle making fees.

A trading strategy just simply means a negative sum game, which simply means someone has to lose for someone to win. You’re transferring wealth back and forth. Think of poker. You’re sitting there at the table, you’re playing with some of the best people on the planet, including a lot of computers that are automated to trade. Trading is long term. It’s going to take many years to master it. You have to master before you get into the game because you could lose money. In fact, there’s a higher chance of you losing money than making money in trading. I don’t have anything against it. All I’m saying is it’s going to take years to master. Let’s talk about investing. Many people know I’m a big advocate of investing. I think highly of investing. We also know it does take a number of years to master and get very comfortable with the specific asset that you’re focusing on, whether it’s notes, real estate, or private lending. Whatever it might be, you have to keep learning and you have to dedicate time to master that.

The next one is saving. When I talk saving, I’m talking about being extremely frugal. We all know about people that have saved half their income or even more than half and they’re living extremely frugally, and that’s what they use to build wealth. That’s fine. Again, I have nothing against it. Just to me, it’s not a rewarding lifestyle that I’m looking for. These are the three traditional buckets. It turns out, as I did my research, that there’s truly a new way, a different paradigm, what we call hacking wealth building and investing, which is about using finance in very creative ways to improve your financial well-being. I do want to say that this can be combined with any of the traditional methods. In fact, it will enhance any of the results if you combine it with trading, investing, or saving. It would enhance your yields significantly so.

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

Build Financial Security: By tweaking things and understanding the finance part, you can turn things around and make it work for you.

What exactly is hacking finance? Hacking finance is about having this small financial tweaks, things you can tweak in the financial system and make it work for you. The system is wired to work against all of us right now. By tweaking things and understanding the finance part, you can turn things around and make it work for you. We call these tweaks or these financial strategies shortcuts or financial shortcuts. All it means is that we find a loophole in the system, we find a solution for it, and then we use it as a shortcut to leap forward financially without having to invest or trade or anything like that.

There is no need to call buyer, seller, or sell anything, and it takes no more than six hours total. That six hours can be broken up into small segments, 30 minutes increments. You can stretch out the six hours into few weeks, few months, whatever you want as long as whatever timeframe you want to do that. I recommend that people do one strategy per month, but we have a lot of our students doing two, three of them per month. All it is six hours per month in as little as 30-minute increments.

Let’s dive into some examples of the shortcuts in the financial system. Let me give you some examples. What I’m going to do after this is I’m going to deep dive into one of them. I’m going to pick one of those I’m going to talk about and break it up into very small pieces and show you how it works. Again, that’s just one out of many out there. Let’s just look at a few right now that are fascinating. We know that the financial system is wired to work against us. Inflation is working against us, taxes, interest, everything is working against us. The result of that is that we have to work harder and harder and longer hours to barely keep up. However, the system has these shortcuts that anyone can use legally to significantly impact their financial well-being.

Let’s start with high level. Banks make money off of your deposits while sitting in your checking account doing nothing but waiting to pay bills. What does that mean? When you get paid on the first of the month, and then a few days later or a few weeks later, you pay all your bills. Imagine out of every month, in four weeks, you get paid on the first and you pay your bills on the second or third week. Then you’d do the same thing the following month, every four weeks or so, every month, your money’s sitting there for half the month doing nothing, or three weeks out of the month or whatever it is. If you extrapolate that over 40 years, that means your money is sitting there for 30 years out of the 40 years doing nothing but waiting to pay bills. Who is making money off of that or what we call float? Who’s making money off of that money? Obviously, it’s the banks. Money is sitting there, and they’re going to make a lot of money off of that money while it’s sitting there. What if you can take that and use it to your advantage without putting it at risk? You have to pay your bills and it has to remain liquid, but what if you can make it work for you while it’s sitting there?

The answer is truly you can. In fact, you can increase your net worth by six figures by simply knowing how to use that float. That’s the one shortcut I’m going to be deep diving into, and showing for an investor how they can make well into the six figures and for some people at seven figures just from one single short cut. I’ll be going into the math with that.

Here’s another short cut. Do you realize that even when you work hard, no matter how hard you work, inflation is always pulling you back? With a simple tweak, inflation will work for you and increase your net worth automatically. This is something you can go down to your bank and do a few tweaks, and suddenly you turn the whole system to work for you. That’s what a hacking finance is. Hacking finance is almost like the martial arts, where in some martial arts you use the size and the strength of your opponent against them. As a finance hack, we look at how the system works and we use the whole financial system’s strength and size against itself. One of the things we do here with inflation is we turn it with a few simple tweaks and make it work for us.

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

Build Financial Security: As a finance hack, we look at how the system works and we use the whole financial system’s strength and size against itself.

Here’s another one. Do you realize that banks use a very powerful principle to increase their yields significantly and you can easily replicate the same principle with your local bank to benefit you? We’re just using what banks are using right now. These are interesting shortcuts that we can all use.

Here’s another one. You can generate double digit returns in your local bank account without investing by simply using this proven 200-year loophole. This is a way to generate double digit returns and you pick the risk. It’s not risky, it’s low risk. You get to pick the risky one and it’s still double digit returns. Anyone can do this. It’s just at your local bank end.

Here’s another one. There’s a very interesting strategy out there that is incredible. It is considered the most important and powerful financial strategy for families today and it’s only known by a few people. In fact, this was highlighted on CBS News many years ago and they talked about how one specific family was doing incredible with this. I have a lot of students doing this. It is considered the most powerful and most important strategy as a family. Nothing comes close to this strategy for families.

Here’s another one. We all have heard of this, that Mitt Romney paid 14.1% effective tax rate in 2011 legally. It’s a lower effective tax rate than most Americans. One of the strategies he used is an incredible genius strategy. It is where most people can use the same genius strategy to generate tax free passive income if they simply knew how to do it. It is so brilliant and, in fact, they discussed it on CNN. It was incredible.

Here’s another one. I’m super skeptical when people make claims about numbers. I’m the spreadsheet person. I go there with the intent of proving that it doesn’t work. Some of these do work and it’s phenomenal. Here’s another one. You realize that some of these shortcuts were discovered 200 years ago by someone at Forbes magazine called the Founding Father of International Finance. These are things I just discovered myself that are out there and people discovering them but no one used them. No one is talking about them as much because no one is making commission off of it. Anyone can use this simply to implement shortcuts. Many of them are you having to go down to your bank account, to your bank or online, and implement them.

I gave you some high level of these shortcuts. I’m going to deep dive into one of those and I’m going to show you how you can generate six figures from just one financial shortcut. This is something that some people have heard about, but I want to dive into it and show you how our students are doing incredible with this. Let’s dive into one strategy and show you how people are doing six figures with this over time. This is not every year, but over time, typically ten years or less.

Let’s start with the tale of two neighbors. You have regular Rob and smart Sam. Both of them live right next to each other, they are neighbors. They have the same exact job, the same exact income, they get paid on the same day, they’re both home owners and they have the same number of kids, the same bank, and the same mortgage. By the way, their mortgages are $300,000 each. They both got paid on the same day.  They walked together to the bank and they both deposited their paychecks in their corresponding checking accounts. Everything they do is exactly identical. The only thing is that smart Sam did one single thing. He simply transferred his paycheck from his checking account to a line of credit that he set up at his local bank, and he used that to pay his bills. That’s all he did and he did that every month. He gets paid, he puts it in the line of credit, and he pays his bills. After ten years, smart Sam’s net worth is six figures higher than regular Rob, and all he did was one single tweak. This sounds way too good to be true. Smart Sam used one simple tweak. That’s it, folks. That’s all it is. He automated that, by the way. Our method moves the money from his checking account to his line of credit.

Most people deposit their checks in a regular checking account in their local bank. After a few weeks, they pay their bills. Let’s say three weeks in this example. This means for three weeks every month, the money is sitting doing nothing. Over a 40-year span, that means the money is doing nothing for 30 long years. How does it work? Why does it work so well? Let’s talk about the logic. I’m going to walk you through a few scenarios. Just follow with me here because this is extremely powerful and you’re going to start thinking differently about these things. This is one of many building blocks that we have that we set up one time and they’re fully automated. Assume you get paid $5,000, that’s your monthly salary, and you have two buckets. One that pays you 1%and one that pays you 6%. Which of those would you deposit the $5,000? Obviously, the answer is 6%.You’re going to put your money in 6% as opposed to 1%.

Let’s look at scenario number two. Same scenario, $5,000. You have two buckets with a twist this time. The first bucket, the 1%, is a checking account, and that pays you 1%. Obviously, you have to pay taxes on the 1% because that’s interest. On the other side, the 6% is actually a line of credit and it has $8,000 worth of debt on it. If you’re to deposit the $5,000 there on the line of credit, it lowers the debt from $8,000 to $3,000. While the money’s sitting there before it pays bills, it’s saving you 6% on that $5,000. We all know that saving 6% is almost equivalent to making 6% tax free. The question is, where would you place your $5,000? The answer obviously is why place it in the checking account and get 1% tax on it when you can save 6% on the other side? That’s what the answer is, deposit money in the line of credit but you have to pay bills. The question is, is the money still liquid? Do you have access to it to pay your bills? Because it’s a line of credit, it’s not on loan, you still have access to it and you can write checks and pay bills. In that case, the $8,000 is lowered down to $3,000, and then when time comes, you just pay your bills and it goes back up to whatever the balance is. That’s exactly what smart Sam did. Regular Rob was using a checking account. Smart Sam was using the line of credit.

Let’s look at scenario number three. We still have a checking account and we still have a line of credit. As you start depositing money into your line of credit and paying your bills, your line of credit is going to go down to zero. What happens if the line of credit is paid off and there’s no debt there? Putting your money into the line of credit when there’s no debt, you’re not saving any money. You might as well put it in the checking account, except that there is a very elegant thing you can do there. Instead of just putting it into the checking account, why not write a check? With the line of credit, you’re going to get checks. Write a check and pay down your mortgage in this example. What happens now is by writing a check, you’re transferring part of your mortgage into the line of credit. If you were to write a check for $20,000, your $300,000 mortgage is lowered down to $280,000 and now your line of credits is$20,000 on a credit. You haven’t paid on anything over all. You still have $300,000 in debt. You have to any mortgage at$20,000 on the line of credit. You can start using again the line of credit and deposit your $5,000 in there and pay your bills every month. Every time you pay it down, you want to transfer more debt from somewhere else into the line of credit so you can use that to make your money work more efficiently.

After ten years, smart Sam is mortgage free, while Rob is $251,000 still on his mortgage. Think about that folks, after ten years, smart Sam has no mortgage, but can he refinance and take out all that money tax free and invest it and do the same thing again for ten years? Absolutely. In fact, he can do that three times altogether within 30 years while regular Rob is still paying his mortgage. That’s how powerful this is. In ten years, he’s mortgage free. Smart Sam doesn’t have to worry about making any more of his payments beyond that. By utilizing the time the money is willing to pay the bills, going back to the 30 years or 40 years, but utilizing that time to float that the bank is making money off of you, we can use our money more efficiently, which in turn allows us to pay off our debts much faster and increase our net worth significantly without having to invest. All this did was one simple shortcut in your local bank. This is one of many shortcuts. All you have to just implement this one time and put it on autopilot.

I want to show you something that was posted on our private Facebook. This is Andrea and she started using this about a year and a half ago. I’m going to just read what she posted here. This was April 2nd. “That moment you realize you need to write another check from the MSA. MSA is the master sweep account to your mortgage. I keep thinking this is too good to be true. The MSA can’t work this well. It does work this well. I’ve been utilizing the technique for about a year and a half, and every time I pay down the HELOC, this is the line of credit we talked about, I write another $10,000 check to my mortgage. I expect to pay my $260,000 mortgage in roughly six more years.” Keep in mind, she started this a year and a half ago. In seven and a half years, she’s going to be mortgage free and she can always refinance all that money out again tax free, do more investing with it, and then pay it back in ten years. Did I mention I haven’t changed my budget one single penny? The grocery budget didn’t change, the travel budget didn’t change. I still have the same amount. Somehow this MSA turns away and works for me while I sleep. Good stuff. As always, thanks to George for teaching financial hacks to contribute financial freedom. This is part of our online community where we post and we help each other.

That’s what’s possible with this. This is one building block. There are so many of them. This one shortcut, this one decision, affected what smart Sam’s life looks like. It was a simple tweak in the system. We’re looking at where are these loopholes in the system and how can we use them and create shortcuts from them? Smart Sam can use the same shortcut to pay his student loans, car loans, any debt in one half to one third of the time. He’s not changing his lifestyle. He’s just using the timing, what we call the float, which we know banks make a lot of money off of, to his advantage. The master sweep account is one of the many financial shortcuts in the financial system that any of us can use. These are right out there. We have to reach out and use them. They’re out there and anyone can use them. They’re legal, there’s nothing crazy about them. They’re fascinating. In fact, it’s harder to understand why they work than to actually use them. Many of our students are just using it and they’re like, “This is incredible. This works. I’m not sure why it worked, but I’m just following the steps.” I do give you all the spreadsheets and all that stuff on how it works and why it works. I’m a very skeptical person. I come from a very skeptical perspective on all of these things and so I share with you why I like it and why it works.

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

Build Financial Security: Each building block leverages an existing loophole in the financial system and has a very specific outcome.

The next item on the agenda is the world’s largest vault of shortcuts. What did we do as a company? As a company we find these loopholes. They are everywhere. In fact, a lot of our members in the community are sharing with us a lot of those things. We create a system around them. We identify the loophole. We identify the system. The system is nothing more than here are the steps. Once you have the system, you wrap it into what’s called the building block. That’s what we call also a financial short cut. A building block is something that has all the steps and has all the spreadsheets and everything, and all the training on how it works. Then we put it into this massive vault of building blocks, and we have so many of them. That’s what we do as a company. We’re constantly researching. We’re working closely with our members. In fact, a lot of our members come from all walks of life. Some of them are mathematicians, some of them are engineers, some of them are executives, and some of them are stay-at-home moms. We have people from all walks of life. I love the mathematicians because they literally send me pieces of paper with all the proof, the formulas and everything. Let’s talk more about these building blocks. These are the shortcuts were talking about it.

You mentioned something about how nobody teaches this stuff or shares this stuff because they don’t make any commissions on it at the bank. I can verify this. I’m an ex-banker. JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, they don’t teach this because there’s no money being made on it. They’re losing money when you consider how banks make money on this stuff. I want you to pay very good attention to this because this is exactly the truth. A lot of people don’t know about this. This is the little dark secret that they don’t tell everybody about unless you’ve got a banker or a finance expert like Mr. Antone in your corner helping you out.

Let’s talk about these building blocks. Each building block leverages an existing loophole in the financial system. It has a very specific outcome. These work very synergistically together. When you start adding those building blocks together, the total sum of all of them is much higher than individually these are working on their own. Each building block requires no more than six hours to learn and implement. This could be broken up into smaller segments and could take you a whole month or a few weeks depending on how much studying you want to commit to this. Each building block requires a one-time implementation, and once you implement it, you put it on autopilot. Then you put it in your filing cabinet or your drawer and let it ride, and just let it work for you. Let’s talk about the outcomes of these building blocks. Each building block, given the loophole it’s using, have different outcomes. Some of them, individually, will increase your net worth by $100,000 or more. This is again, over time. The one I just shared with you, the master sweep account, is typically $100,000 in ten years or less. Some of them are beyond that, some of them are much faster than that. Others pay down the debt super fast. Other building blocks generate tax free income in the future. One of them generates tax free income fifteen years from now. You might be wondering why fifteen years, it’s because that’s how they building block works. I’ll expand why that’s fascinating for me and for a number of our students.

Some of them generate just tax free income in five years for example. It depends on which building block. The next outcome is having better insurance protection in your life while paying less money. To me, financial security and financial peace of mind comes from everyone knowing that their downside is covered. Some building blocks’ outcomes are they make inflation work for you rather than against you. All we’re doing is we’re looking at the size and the strength of this financial system and how it’s wired. How can we turn the whole thing to work for us so that as inflation goes up, we actually improve our purchasing power and our net worth? The next one is keeping more of your earned income without changing your lifestyle, living through your investing in high-risk investment. Each building block has different outcomes. Some of them have one, some of them have a few. There are many other outcomes, but these are some of the key ones.

Here are some examples of building blocks of master sweep accounts I just touched on. There’s a financing system, there’s an insurance arbitrage. The number below there, $500,000 plus, this is how much it builds your net worth over time. The insurance arbitrage, we have a lot of our members doing this. Some of them will increase their net worth by seven figures over time. These are all things that you put up one time. You put in your filing cabinet and let it grow for you. Inflation arbitrage is very powerful. How to use inflation to improve your net worth significantly? There are many ways.

Who is this for? A lot of people ask me, is this for investors or non-investors? This is for anyone that has an income right now. None of this stuff would generate income right now. Some people call us saying, “I am about to lose my job or about to retire and I want the income right now.” We say, “This doesn’t work for you.” This is only for people that have income right now, whether you’re working professionals or you have some other income as investors. This is more to build your net worth and build financial security and start having income in the future, not right now. This is for people who want to have financial security. What I mean by that is about peace of mind. If you want to build a billion dollars or you want to build a huge empire of commercial real estate all over the world, this is not for you. This is for people who don’t necessarily want to call buyers, sellers, or sell anything. I’m not against that. I always call people, but this is for people who don’t want to have to do that. This is for people who want to have more peace of mind and enjoy life. One of the things that I’ve come to realize is the importance of lifestyle and having time for friends and family and just enjoying life more. I’m getting more into that. This is one of those things that’s going to help you do that.

We talk about what it’s not. This is not an immediate income strategy. This will not start generating income anytime in the next twelve months. Don’t do it for an income strategy. This is building financial security, increase your net worth, and also income in the future. This is not the get rich quick scheme. This is not about quitting your job. This is not about the business that you have to run such as real estate rentals or small business or network marketing, none of that stuff. This is not about selling products or network marketing. This is strictly using or hacking finance and making the whole thing work for you. It’s about being what we call it, a finance hacker.

As a company, we’re building the world’s largest community of finance hackers. We have now well over 1,200 or 1,300 members online and we haven’t even started yet. We are loving every minute of it. We’re seeing some amazing results. What we do as a company is we find shortcuts. We work with our members to find the shortcuts. We researched them and we make sure they work. We then document them and share them with our community members as building blocks. Then we all get to participate in the benefit of that. We’ve had people in our membership just send us spreadsheets on things that are fascinating that fix different things in the financial system. It’s a fascinating community. As a company, our goal is to build the world’s largest vault of legal financial shortcuts and the largest community of finance hackers on the planet. That’s the world’s largest vault of shortcuts.

Let’s talk about what others are saying about this thing. We have a lot of people posting things. Honestly, I haven’t updated what others are saying but we have a lot of people saying amazing things on our Facebook page. Rita is a realtor, and here’s what she said, “As an extremely busy realtor in Southern California, I have gone through more courses than I can count, always trying to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to investing and saving money for my family and clients. Then I was introduced to finance. Talk about brilliant, I’m now100 steps out of the game. This is by far the easiest, most powerful and unique program I’ve ever seen, and it’s all in one place. That’s one of the things you want to do is all in one place. We keep adding these building blocks, you start seeing them pop at your library, and you have the support of a whole community. Everything we do is step by step. It’s pretty actionable. We teach you how it works. We show you the spreadsheets. You don’t have to know any of this stuff. You can just skip it and go straight to the step by step how to implement it. Coming from my background, I have a very skeptical perspective. I show you all the spreadsheet I use to make sure it works. The step by step actionable strategies that you can implement immediately or at your own pace are so easy. Anyone can understand and do them. I stress a lot about my family’s financial future and now I feel like a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. I cannot thank you enough for this program. I will be telling everyone about finance.”

Here’s what Brenda said. “This is the best practical financial knowledge. I stress the word practical here and I underlined it for you because it is all practical. We get you learning very hands-on things and having you go implement them. One of the things we have is sometimes we use specific credit unions across the country and so we have a lot of members saying, ‘This credit union or this bank does this or this bank does.’ We have a lot of people contributing and helping each other. It’s the best practical financial knowledge you’ll find. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to make more money to live comfortably. Maybe just learning to make more money work very hard for you is your answer. If you yearn for financial piece, you can learn it here. My husband and I agree that our lives have been forever changed with the knowledge we have received from finance. Thank you. George.”

Here’s Ed. Ed was a teacher and he quit being a teacher in his mid or early 30s. He’s in Texas, and he lives a lot. He lives an incredible life. He said, “I haven’t found any other site with this content, and I read a lot.” He was extremely skeptical and he reads a lot of books. “This site is easy to use. The value that finance offers is easily a ten and exponential if implemented.” One of the things we thrive about is that you always look for every investment you ever make, whether you’re hiring an expert or whatever it is. One of the lessons we talked about is you have to look at the cost versus the benefit. If someone tells you hire a tax strategist who’s going to cost $3,000 or $5,000. Most people think it’s too expensive, but one of the things I teach our students is ask what’s the benefit within that year. What’s the annual benefit? If that person is going to say$10,000 and you can measure that, obviously $5,000 is extremely cheap. If they’re going to help you in any of this and save you money in taxes, you want to ask yourself, is that a good deal? With Mike, he posted this in December. He said, “I just got finance last week, literally one week. I love what I’ve seen so far. The best part is that one payment from the MSA, the master sweep account, to my mortgage, I’m easily saving more of the cost of the course.” In the first month he got back, he saved more money than whatever he invested in getting the course. That’s one of the things we pride is just tell people try one of the building blocks and you’re going to save so much more and increase your net worth so much more than the investment.

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

Build Financial Security: Whether you like it or not, inflation is going up and it’s going up a lot higher than what you think at this.

Let me answer some common questions we get all the time. The first one is, “Why don’t I know about this?” No one is getting paid a commission. If I teach you a process of how to do something that’s very efficient and increases your net worth, no one is getting paid a commission. That’s why no one talks about those things, and yet they still exist. Many people out there know of different interesting shortcuts, but they don’t share them because they’re not getting compensated for that. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re putting all of these things in one place. The next question that we always get is some people will say, “I’ve never invested or I don’t invest. Can I still use this information?” The answer is absolutely 100%. The next question is, “I’m an investor. Can I still use this?” The answer is 100%. This will improve your yields significantly. If you’re buying notes, for example, this will increase your yield significantly. If your yields are 10%, 12%, 15%, 18%, this will increase their yield by at least double digits. If it’s 12%, we can take it up to 20%, 22% or more. It is that powerful. “I cannot afford to do this.” That’s one that I love because someone told us and he had never seen the price. Here’s what I said to them, “You’re paying for it indirectly due to lack of knowledge.”

We are getting screwed by the banks. I don’t know if you all know this, they’re making so much money off of us. The question is that money that you’re losing to the bank, that’s well into the six figures. As you’re watching this, you’re losing money to financial institutions and the government and others by not implementing this. Money is leaving your pocket as you listen to this. You will pay for this either way. One way is the expensive way, which most people are doing, and the other way is a cheaper way. Start redirecting that money that’s leaving your pocket right now towards the financial institutions and use that to your advantage. I’ll give you one simple example. Whether you like it or not, inflation is going up and it’s going up a lot higher than what you think at this. The government tells us it’s3%,it’s more like 5% and 6%.Given that, you’re losing money or what’s called purchasing power right now. If you simply do one simple tweak, you can turn up 6% to work for you and improve your personal power significantly by simply understanding this one building block and how inflation works. These are very powerful things. You are losing money as we speak right now.

How much time will this require? This is a self-paced training and we did it on purpose like this. You can go as fast as you want or as slow as you want. It’s up to you. You don’t have to be there on any specific certain time. You pick a time, you log in, and you just follow the training and implement the information. Our recommendation is to invest six hours per month. The six hours is broken up into 30-minute segments. You can stretch it out over a whole month or over two weeks or over two months, or whatever you want it to be, or every week or so. That is just a recommendation.

Here’s what Sonia said, “The problem with these building blocks is just like eating potato chips. Once you start, you can’t stop because they’re so exciting, and so you start eating the whole bag. That’s what’s going to happen. Once you have one implemented and put in your filing cabinet, and you’re wondering, “I want to do the next one.” You’re going to start doing so many of those things. The next question comes up is some people call us and say, “I need an income right now or very soon.” We tell them, “This is not going to help you. Don’t waste your time. If you need income, find a job fast. This is not going to help you generate income. It generates income in the future and increases your net worth. It pays off your debt super-fast, but this doesn’t generate income immediately.”The next question is, “As a company, who are we?”What I tell people is we are financial researchers. We call ourselves think tank of finance nerds or finance hackers that search for, find and prove these financial shortcuts that I’m talking about and share them with our members. That’s strictly what we do. We have a community of people that support each other.

“What are the resources that you need for this?”Here’s all you need, two things. One is a computer or a smart device, either a cell phone or tablet or something like that that has an internet connection. Number two, you need six hours per month broken up into 30-minute segments. You can have 30 minutes on weekdays or 30 minutes on weekends or whatever, altogether a total of six hours for the whole month. You’ll be well on your way to building these things. “What are the steps if I was to decide to do this?” This is a very common question. Let me give you the five steps. As a member, you get access to these building blocks immediately. The minute you’re a member, you have access to them immediately. Step two, you start with what’s called the Start Here building block. You want to start here training which explains the sequence of the building blocks to go through in the big picture. We give you a 90-dayprocess or roadmap to go from where you are to what we call financial happiness in 90 days. We’ll give you the exact steps and you just follow the formula. You then dedicate six hours per month broken up into 30-minute increments to learn and implement the building block.

Go with one building block at a time. Don’t try to do multiple ones. Once you implement the building block, you then put it on autopilot, let it ride, and just move on to the next building block. That’s all you have to do. Step four, as you progress over time, you’ll find your finances are moving you so much faster towards your financial goals and you’re well ahead of most people. In fact, one of the things that we’ve heard from a lot of our members is now they are the celebrity because people are noticing their finances are improving and people are asking, “What are you doing and how do you do this?” We have a lot of our members becoming “celebrities” in their families. Step number five, we will keep contributing more and more building blocks for you to implement as we discover them. These are your five steps.  I’m going to talk about the next steps right now. At this point, we all agree that we all have the same financial challenges in our life. Some of us have kids that we have to pay for tuition. Some of us are coming close to retirement. Some of us have a lot of debt to pay off. Some of us are worried about one bad thing happening in our life wiping us out financially. We all have these common things that we just have to fix along the way.

This is what finance is about. Fynanc Academy is about financial security for a better lifestyle. We focus so much on lifestyle. We don’t build wealth for the sake of having more money. We build it because we want to have peace of mind and we want to enjoy life. Fynanc Academy is about hacking finance to live a more fulfilled life, going out there and just enjoying life. No need to deal with budgets anymore. No need to give up your lattes. No need to invest in distressed real estate. If you do any of those things, fine. This will increase your yields and your returns, but you don’t have to do this. No need to invest in stocks and bonds. If you do it perfectly, that’s fine. You don’t have to do it. No need to invest in anything that requires a huge time commitment. No need to sell products or services. It’s being in control of your destiny, knowing that you’ve put in place these shortcuts to automatically work for you and start building financial security in your life. You have peace of mind and you can sleep better knowing that your debts are being paid super-fast. You know your network is increasing. You know you have retirement. You know you have income coming in a few years from now. All of that is being set in place. It’s about discovering the shortcuts today that will help you live forward financially.

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

Build Financial Security: We’re all doing this together. We all support each other while we receive support back.

These financial shortcuts are opportunities for any of us to use. I keep stressing that these are out there. This is not something that we create. We simply discover them. We just look for them, we find them, and we discover them and share them with our members. They’re out there for any of us to use. They’re all automated. Once you put them in place, let them work on autopilot and let it work for you so you can focus more on what’s important to you in your life. One of the things I’d like to do is invite you to become a Fynanc Academy community member, become what we call the finance hacker. We’re so excited about what this community is doing and we’re growing leaps and bounds. We started our first training ever with Scott. This was almost a year and a half ago and we have ballooned. We have 1,300 or 1,400 people now, I lost count and it’s incredible.

Let me talk about what is covered in Fynanc Academy. What do you get as a member? As a member, you’ll receive building blocks, all the buildings blocks we’ve talked about. Let me share with you a few of them right now just to give you what’s possible. The master sweep account, the one I just touched on earlier, use the power of a simple shortcut in your local bank. By the way, a lot of those things are set up in your local bank. You don’t have to call anyone or travel anywhere or go to a live event or any of this stuff. You set it up in your local bank. You pay up any debt you have in one-third the time without making additional payments. That’s the one I showed you earlier with Andrea. Increase your net worth $100,000 or more in ten years or less. Use the power of floats the banks use against us. They’re using it against us anyway, we might as well tweak it and make it work for us. These things are fully automated. Once you set it up, it’s all fully automatic. That’s valued at $1,997.

The next one is a financing system. This was discovered 200 years ago by someone Forbes magazine called the Founding Father of International Finance. I was so skeptical over this one and it took me two years to prove that it actually works. This was so weird to me. It’s like, “Why would this work?” It didn’t make any sense whatsoever. I worked on it for two years for it to actually click in there and it’s fascinating. This requires a local bank account. You can generate double digit returns without investing. This is a $100,000-building block. What we mean by that is we have a lot of building blocks. We call them the $100,000 building block because it increases your network by 100,000over time. Some of them don’t. Some of them are $25,000 and $50,000 building blocks. We have quite a few that are $100,000 or more building blocks. This is fully automated.

The third one here is the insurance arbitrage. With the insurance arbitrage, you get to use the power of arbitrage or spread it to generate tax free income in fifteen years. Why fifteen years? That’s how the loophole is set up. One of the things that’s interesting about this is I tell people, “If you knew that you’re going to generate tax free income fifteen years from now, the good thing that it does for most people is that they know that over the next fifteen years they can completely screw up.” If you’re starting a business or whatever and you just fail miserably, at least you have a backup plan that’s going to generate a tax-free income for the rest of your life starting fifteen years from now. That will increase your net worth well over $100,000 to $500,000.This is set up by having banks finance you with an accruing loan. That means you’re not going to pay it until way into the future many years later. No one’s going to check your credit and there is no personal guarantee. Why would a bank do that? Because it’s that low risk for them. This is one of those things I talk about in my trainings. There are certain things you can plant the seed in your filing cabinet and just let it grow. This is one of them. It sits in your filing cabinet or a drawer. Every year, you take it out and you look at two numbers. You have to make sure one is higher than the other. If it’s not, we’ll tell you exactly what to do and you put it back in your drawer. We have you set up an automatic reminder every year to look at those two numbers. This is fully automated.

The next one is self-insurance. This is fascinating because 7% to 10% of your take home income goes towards insurance, across all insurance and needs. That money is leaving your pocket and never coming back. It turns out that if we mimic how the insurance companies shift risk to other companies, there’s this strategy that you can use, the same one, to make it work for you. You ended up paying a lot less money in your insurance, but you end up having more insurance and better quality insurance. Now you have more peace of mind knowing that you have better insurance from bigger companies, but you’re paying a lot less because you’re using the strategy that they use. You keep more of your money that’s going towards insurance companies right now and you’re making it grow by mimicking what insurance companies are doing right now with it. Again, this is fully automated once you set it up. This works in your local bank and there’s nothing crazy where you’re investing money. It’s simply using the same strategies that are low risk that the insurance companies use.

We have so many more building blocks. Generational wealth is a $1 million-building block. We have a whole bunch of them, credit card, money floats, and some other ones there. If you were to add up everything, we have so many that have been added since then, this is a well over a $19,000. Then we have the online community of finance hackers. This is where you interact with people on the same journey. They’re all finance hackers. We’re all doing this together. We all support each other while we receive support back. You’re helping other people and they’re helping you back. We have people writing spreadsheets and contributing them to help other people. This allows you to become a member of that community of finance hackers. We have all the building blocks and the online community together.

Let me talk about the value here. If you were to implement one single building block and you set it on autopilot one time and just let it sit in your filing cabinet, you will increase your net worth well into tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundred thousand dollars, or more just from one single building block. I just showed you the one with Andrea. She’s about to pay her mortgage, $260,000, in eight years. That means if she wants to refinance every few years, every eight years, she’s going to get back that money tax free and do more with it. As you pay it again in eight years, that right there is going to increase her net worth significantly.

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

Build Financial Security: For the investors, if you combined the finance or the asset, you have an incredible combination.

One single building block and you’re getting all of these. You’re getting so many more. The investment for today is not going to be $5,497. It’s not going to be $3,500. It’s not going to be $2,000 either. It’s going to be a lot less than that. Right now on the website, it shows $1,297 for an annual membership. We’re going to give you our incredible deal here. Let me talk about some of the bonuses here for taking action today. You get access to online community like we talked about. That’s all part of the bonus. The second one is you get an interview with a travel hacker. This is one of my favorite things. I interviewed this gentleman that travels around the world who has an incredible lifestyle all for very little to nothing.

In fact, I texted him about I found a great deal for $50 or whatever it was. He texted me back saying I paid too much. This guy travels everywhere first class around the world for nothing. He shared in his interview his exact websites where he finds these crazy, incredible deals and exactly how he does the whole thing and how he simplified his life and lives the life he always wanted. We have the interview as part of the bonuses. The next thing, you get access to all my three books, The Wealthy Code, The Banker’s Code and The Debt Millionaire. You get all of these books. This is actually one of my favorite courses here. I convinced this master coach. We hope to license this training from him for all our members, and it’s called mastering the inner game of money. It’s about how to rewrite your money story, how to overcome limiting beliefs about money, and truly how to unlock your potential tap into greater wealth and financial security. I did everything I could get this to our members. It’s a very powerful course. It’s valued $497.

Let me read you the money back guarantee here. At this point, some people might be thinking, “This sounds crazy, but how do I know this works?” Here’s what I’m going to say, if for any reason you aren’t blown away, if you aren’t satisfied and blown away with our advanced training, just let us know at the end of 30 days and we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price. You have the whole 30 days to decide risk free. That’s how sure we are that this is going to be so impactful. We don’t hold anything back. You’ll get access to everything immediately. Many students are doing some amazing things in 30 days. You have a lot of time to not just go through the training but also just implement one or two building blocks and see what happens. The first 28 people, were going to give you access to all the bonuses we just talked about. We just introduced this mega bonus and I’m going to talk about this. This is the one I’m trying to convince Scott to come to. We’re doing this number of times every year. Let me walk you through it. We just finished one recently. It’s a three-day live event called Hacking the Financial Matrix. It is incredible. I’ll share with you what you’re going to see in these three days. You get this completely for free for joining today. You’re going to get two tickets to this live event. Again, we’re going to offer this throughout the year.

Let me share with you what’s so interesting about this. You’re going to learn some of the most advanced Jedi financial strategies that only bankers know. We’ve had people walk out of there completely blown away with the information. It is something that takes everything we just talked about to a whole new level. Any types of investing you’re doing will take you to a whole new level by simply going through this training. Here’s what you’re going to find on this. You’re going to learn how to see, beat, and escape the financial matrix. We all know and we feel like we live in this financial matrix, but no one can actually calculate it. We’re going to calculate, we’re going to show you numbers, prove to you that you are in a financial matrix, but more importantly, how to use that whole matrix against the whole system. You walk away with little known Jedi strategies that are simple, low risk, and you can implement immediately the day after the training.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m very skeptical. Everything’s about numbers. I’m going to prove to you that you are in a financial matrix. I know you feel it already, but it’s important that you prove it with numbers, and then prove it mathematically how to turn it and work for you. It is incredible. Meet other professionals on the same journey of trying to escape from the financial matrix. Tap into greater wealth and financial security all from this live event. This is $1,997. You’re getting two free tickets today for joining. The two optional tickets you have are valid for the next twelve months. My recommendation is to come within two to three months after you join. Get an idea what’s inside the membership and what’s part of the community. When you come, you can meet some of these people and also you can relate to some of the building blocks that you learned about and implemented.

I want to talk about the value here in a different sense. Whether we like it or not, the average American is losing well over $250,000 over their career to financial institutions by not implementing this information. In fact, some people you can’t measure how much they’re losing. They’re losing significantly more than that. This is for the average American over their lifetime. You’re paying for this indirectly. What if we can take some of the money that you’re paying to financial institutions and the government and turn it and start making it work for you? Whether you like it or not, this is how much you’re going to be losing over your career. The average American and many of the audience are losing significantly more than that, and you can measure this. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do you want to risk your whole financial future on figuring out the whole maze out there, or do you want the shortcuts to get from where you are to what we call financial happiness or your financial goals?” That’s up to you to answer that question, but we are on a quest as finance hackers to find those shortcuts and share them with our members.

For the people interested in being part of this community and being a finance hacker, you have two possibilities. One is you can join today and get the bonuses for $797. That’s your annual membership. That’s your annual membership. It’s a limited offer we’re giving out. Sign up at the website FynancLive.com/Carson. If you cannot afford the $797 per year, you can have the second option, which is three installment payments of $297 to get your annual membership. You pick whichever works for you. Obviously, the $797 is a cheaper way to go if you can afford it. All the bonuses we just talked about, the first 28 people who pay in full, the $797, are the ones that get access and get all the bonuses. The mega bonus, the two optional tickets, everyone that becomes a member in the next two days will get the two tickets as well to the live training, Hacking the Financial Matrix. Everything we just talked about, all these building blocks are available right now. They’re online and you can start implementing these as soon as possible. For those who are not registered, here is how you register. It’s FynancLive.com/Carson. That’s what I’m excited about. That’s what I’ve been working on now for some time, this whole concept of being a finance hacker, which is very different.

The way you think is very different than an investor. The way investors think are so focused on the asset. They’re so focused on whether it’s real estate or notes or whatever. All of that is fine. Finance hackers focused on the finance part. For the investors, if you combined the finance or the asset, you have an incredible combination. For the people that are not investors, this is going to help you so much. I’m super excited about this new paradigm. I thank God every day that that lady who walked up to me many years ago and asked me that question that just blew my mind away. I thought she was kidding, but it changed my life and the direction of my life. Here I am sharing this with everyone. I’m super excited about that.

NC 06 | Build Financial Security

Build Financial Security: I am such a huge advocate of notes because there are so many things that are amazing about it in terms of yields and in terms of security and all that stuff.

How can people implement this line of credit if you don’t have equity in your home?

There are a number of ways you can do those. We cover those in the training, but one of them is you can simply get a unsecured line of credit or for those people that want to lower their interest, you can get a secured line of credit. There’s a number of ways, but one of them as you can just open, for example, a CD and get a line of credit against it. There’s many things that you can get lines of credit. For example, most people don’t realize this, but against permanent life insurance. You can get a line of credit against your cash value. There’s many ways to have lines of credit. We just give you different options in the training. For the simple one, just ask for an unsecured line of credit. I know one of the trainers over here, Scott, is Meryl. She actually talks about the credit. One of the things she helps with our students is also bring in lines of credit for that purpose. There are many options.

There’s different ways to do that to set it all up. The thing about the hacking of the house, that’s just one small thing in the whole variety of things  that you provide, one excellent tool. I love what you are doing.

Some building blocks might not apply to some people. Just skip it and move on to the next one. This could be for people that cannot get lines of credit. That’s okay. You can always come back to it. Make sure that you come back to it at some point, but just move on to the next one. Some of these building blocks just to require literally a checking account and that’s it. You have to have a checking account and the process is using the checking account in certain ways to generate double-digit returns. You don’t have to have each building block implemented. I tell people, “Skip it if it’s going to take too much time and come back to it later when you have certain things in place.”

Clark says, “Most banks have shifted to using credit cards rather than line of credits or HELOCs.” No. You still get a home equity lines of credit, it just varies a little bit on what state you’re in or what the bank is doing. Like in Texas, you can only do a home equity line of credit up to 80% of the equity of your house. They’re a little more stricter here, but there are still other ways to get around that to make things happen.

Keep in mind that the amount, the size of the line of credit, is pretty small. It doesn’t have to be $100,000, $200,000.The guideline is take your monthly take home times four is what you need. If you take home $5,000, multiply it by four, that’s $20,000. That’s the max and that’s the most you need. Anything above that is fine, but that’s all you need. Many unsecured lines of credit you can use definitely with the strategy.

The last time I had Note CAMP on George’s discussion, I got so many amazing phone calls and emails from people that signed up last time we did this with you. They absolutely loved it. That’s the whole thing about notes and finances. There’s so many little tricks and tweaks for the most part for things. There’s the link, FynancLive.com/Carson. Ken says, “I attended one of George’s live trainings two weekends ago. I was blown away. I’m signing up for Hacking the Financial Matrix. I can’t wait.”

Scott, I want you to come to the training and the reason is this. You’ve seen some of my work but this is a brand new. We just did it first time and it had rave reviews. We want to serve all the students. For you especially, this is really important for my reputation and people are happy with the work. Otherwise, they’re going to come to you and they’re going to complain and say, “This George sucks or whatever.” That’s why I want you to come to it and just sit there and go, “This is incredible.” What’s interesting is that everything we talked about here, for the people doing notes, you will take your business to a whole new level. I am such a huge advocate of notes because there are so many things that are amazing about it in terms of yields and in terms of security and all that stuff. If you combine it with this, it’s incredible.

Where is the live going to be at, San Jose?

Yes. Typically in the San Jose area, but we do some events in different areas. I’m trying to travel less and having people travel to San Jose.

Smart man, make them come to you. $797, well worth the price there. It’s awesome and it’s nice that you’ve got that three installment plan there too, for those that need to break it up a little bit.

The money-back guarantee is awesome. I put it in there because I am a huge skeptic and I keep saying that. Give it a try, you have 30 days. All I ask is just implement one single thing and you should see what happens. You will get addicted to this stuff. It is incredible. We have something like 30 or 40 building blocks coming down the pipeline, new ones that we’re going to be adding into the library. You’re going to start seeing one more being added into that. When you first log in, you will see tons of them and then we keep adding one more. It’s going to be incredible. I’m pretty excited about it.

You’re holding this how often, once a quarter?

For this year, we have just started testing this. We have one in June and one in October. I have to check if we have one in December or maybe January. We’re going to have it four times a year. We’ve put three times this year so far.

Once again, the website is FynancLive.com/Carson. George, as always, thanks for joining us here and thanks for sharing your time. I know you’re busy. I love what you’re doing. I can’t wait to see you and hang out with you in person for a little bit more.

Thanks, Scott. It’s always a pleasure. It’s truly an honor to share this information. I’ll just end it with this. I am the biggest nerd out there when it comes to finances. I love doing this stuff. There’s nothing more enjoyable for myself and for Scott than sharing our work and changing lives, just having to participate and going back and forth for everyone else that’s a member contributing to this work and making it even better. Scott has had a huge impact on me in my life and he’s always pushing me to do things to enjoy life more. I just want to say thanks for everything, Scott. You’ve been incredible.

Thank you. I appreciate it. It’s always nice to surround ourselves with good people to help us all out. Take care of the family and I’ll talk to you later.

Take care. Thanks again.

Thanks, George.

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About George Antone

NC 06 | Build Financial SecurityGeorge Antone, author of the best selling books The Wealthy Code and The Banker’s Code, is a financier, investor, and a serial entrepreneur. He has amassed over 25 years of experience in launching and operating successful businesses. He is also the co-founder of the largest network of private money lenders in the world. He also created WealthClasses to provide practical and proven wealth building education for anyone anywhere. WealthClasses proven platform and community helps people do more than just learn, but to take action and build the lifestyle they are looking for.

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