EP 275 – Educational Savings Accounts on Money Mondays With Quest IRA

NCS 275 | Quest IRA

NCS 275 | Quest IRA

When it comes to your grandchildren’s future education, it is never too early to plan ahead. With Quest IRA, grandparents can be listed as limited power of attorneys for the accounts, actually do the investments, and set it up for their grandkids. It’s an ingenious solution – and Ingrid Chavez and Anne Marie Hollands convey their company’s vision brilliantly. Quest IRA administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in “alternative” investments, including real estate, notes, oil and gas, and private placements, just to name a few of the almost endless investment possibilities. All of the accounts offered at Quest IRA are self-directed, meaning you get to make the decisions and their staff will provide expert account administration and transaction support services. Compared to other custodians, working with Quest IRA is simple and straightforward.

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Educational Savings Accounts on Money Mondays With Quest IRA

We have our Money Monday ladies from Quest IRA join us on this episode. Glad to have you both here, Anne Marie and Ingrid. How’s it going?

Always happy to be here.

Glad to have you guys too. It’s hard to believe it’s May already.

Halfway through.

I look at my calendar, I’m like, “What did I get done?” I look back, it has been crazy. I know it’s the same way with you as well, with everything you got going on, events and the changes that you are tweaking a little bit there for all your events. When you think about May, I think about high school graduations, college graduations. People are starting thinking about that. We’ll talk a little about ESAs, Educational Savings Account, a little bit. Anne Marie and Ingrid, why don’t you tell us a little bit about some of the upcoming events here that are going on with Quest IRA?

One of the biggest ones that we have coming up this month is in Houston at Rockefeller’s, which is in the Heights. It’s a cool, historic old bank that’s been turned into an upscale event venue. We’ve rented it out and we’re going to be having a casino night. You can come out. You can play blackjack, poker, crap, and roulette. We’re in Texas, right on the money side. You’ll play with some fake money. You’ll be able to exchange that for raffle tickets and possibly win some cool prizes, ranging from things like iPads all the way up to educational types of things.

You’ll do some networking and all that good stuff. We’ll have some food and drinks. The best part of all is that we’re going to be donating 20% of the profits to the Houston Area Parkinson’s Society. We’ve got a rep from their organization that’s going to be coming out on the night as well. Quincy, the President and Founder of Quest, publicly announced that he has Parkinson’s. We wanted to do something to give back to that organization and help the cause. We’re excited. Tickets are only $25, it’s affordable. It will be a fun night. It’s an upscale event and we’re giving back while we’re doing it, so it would be good.

I was at a Financial Friends Network with Quincy. He told me about that and we’ve been talking about doing some of the online stuff to help him stay involved in it without having to travel so much, which is great for him. Walter Wofford‘s also been, “Scott, we’ve got to work on some stuff to help Quincy out with some things.” I’m like, “Not a problem.” You’ve got the casino night taking place. What else do you have going on? You’ve got a couple of changes going on with the Trillion Dollar Mixers in Dallas, is that correct? Is it in Austin or what?

Yeah, actually we changed the classes for Houston and Dallas. Before, we used to have classes every single Tuesday in the morning and in the evening. Starting in May, we are only going to have classes in the morning. We’re still going to keep our Tuesday classes every single Tuesday here in Houston from 9:30 AM to 10:30 in the morning but in the evenings, we are going to replace the evening classes with just one big mixer a month. It’s going to be on the second Tuesday of the month. In Houston, we are doing a Trillion Dollar Investment Mixer. For those of you who are not familiar with it, this is a mixer that we have been having in Austin for a little bit over a year now. We bring in different guest speakers. We do have more of a big networking educational event. We’re bringing that mixer to Houston and to Dallas as well. On Dallas, we’re going to have it on the fourth Wednesday and Houston on the second Tuesday and then Austin is on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

NCS 275 | Quest IRA

Quest IRA: Show up to learn. Stay for the party.

These usually pull in 100 plus people for the most part. Houston’s got a great networking meet. You are everywhere out there. You’ve got a full court press on, not only your events but the Eddie Gant, everybody else is there has gone off. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you. What’s the best way for them to go to register for those events?

If you want to find out about any of the events we have, go to the Quest IRA website. Go to QuestIRA.com. You’ll be able to see all of our events there by territory. We do different events that we sponsor. We get invited to speak in different out-of-state as well, in different cities. You’ll be able to see where we are on the website

You’re going to have somebody in San Diego for the Laughlin Associates’ Magnify Your Wealth Summit?

Yes, Nathan is going out there and he’s going to be speaking with Aaron Young.

I was slated to be on a schedule. I had to cancel on stuff. I might make a surprise appearance out there just to say hi. I’ve got to fly out to California anyway for something else. Your upcoming Quest Expo in August. Let’s talk a little bit more about those. They need to be taken advantage of and that’s one event they don’t want to miss out on, right?

That’s correct. That’s our first Quest Expo. That’s going to be the biggest event we’re putting together. We anticipate anywhere from 500, 600, even 700 people max capacity. The first probably week or two that we announced this event to our sponsors, we pretty much got 70% or 80% of the sponsors all booked. We are excited about this event in August.

We definitely thought that we would get a lot of interest in it but we ended up having to call the hotel and say, “We’ve had ten times the amount of interest that we thought we would have. How do we get more space?” We’re in the biggest area that the Westin has. It’s August 25th and 26th, it’s a Saturday and Sunday. It will be a full day. It’s jam packed. It’s legit from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM back-to-back panels. We’ve got some speakers coming in that will be there. We’ve got 30 sponsors that are coming from all over the US. We have a different set of 30 speakers as well. We’re excited. We have a lot of people coming from all over the place. If you come to our boot camps that we do in each of our territories, those are primarily speakers that are local and are based in Texas. This one is on a much, much larger national scale. We’ve got speakers that are coming from Ohio. We’ve got people coming from California, Virginia. They’re coming from all over the place to participate and share their education in their specific areas. We’re excited about it. It will be our biggest one to date for sure.

We’re jacked up about it too, taking place in Dallas on the 25th and 26th of August. We were so excited when I brought it up at our last Mastermind in Cape Coral. Our Mastermind members were like, “We need to something.” We’re excited because we’ve adjusted our Mastermind schedule, rescheduled it so it’s the first two days prior to you guys. We’ll be meeting Thursday and Friday there in the same hotel. We’ve got a great room blocked for everybody and then that way, the Mastermind members after our event can hang out, network and listen to the great content you will have and networking. Anytime you network with 500 plus investors, it’s a good event to go to.

If that’s not enough, we’re having the casino night on the Saturday night. If for nothing else you can stay for the party.

Show up to learn. Stay for the party. We we’ve talked about different subjects since this is the third or fourth month we’ve done the Money Mondays. We think about education, college graduation and people are like, “I need to start thinking about putting my kids through school or what am I going to do?” Let’s talk about the ESAs because they’re one of the most overlooked accounts that people put together for a variety of reasons. One, they don’t think about education. That’s eighteen, twenty, 30 years down the road or it’s a smaller type of account that you can contribute to on an annual basis. What do you see?

Yes, the Coverdell and the health savings account, those two are the special accounts that you probably don’t hear about. People don’t know that you can self-direct these sub accounts. A lot of people will plan about their retirement, but they don’t think about how they can use the Coverdell education account and apply their knowledge as a real estate investor to get that account growing and start saving for their kids’ expenses. One cool thing about the Coverdell, many people may think of it but as the ESA, the CESA, the Coverdell Education Savings Account, it’s an account that can be established for anybody. Any kid who’s under the age of eighteen, the contribution limits are pretty low, so you can put $2,000 per child per year to that account. You are going to have to think of some creative investment strategies. Maybe think of partnering that account with some of the other accounts that you have but it’s great because you can use the Coverdell education account to pay for anywhere from elementary all the way through higher education expenses, completely tax free. It’s a powerful account.

It’s got some cool things in there. It doesn’t have to be just for tuition or school cost. What are some of the other things that families, parents or grandparents can pay for out of that account?

It pays for educational expenses that are very broad. A lot of educational accounts, you can pay for tuition generally from it. With these, let’s say your kids are struggling in a subject, you can pay your tutor tax free from the Coverdell account or maybe they need to ride the bus or you’re a parent that you’re working late, your kids got to stay a little bit longer and stay in their extended day type of program at school. You can pay for those sorts of things. You can even buy things like a laptop if your kids need to be doing homework. I know we had talked about it a little bit previously that sometimes even schools now, once you get into the high school age, they’re encouraging you, not requiring your kids to have a tablet or have laptops, things like that for school. You could buy that and even the Wi-Fi in your house. Those laptops that you bought, if they need the Wi-Fi at home to be doing their homework on there, you can pay for that.

Definitely things that the average American is using; they are using Wi-Fi, they are buying laptops, they’re buying uniforms, books, all those sorts of things. You can start buying it tax free and free up that rest of that money to be putting it in IRAs, doing investments or doing things differently than you would. Definitely something that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s one of our special plans. We try to talk about it a lot because many people can benefit from it.

NCS 275 | Quest IRA

Quest IRA: A lot of people will plan about their retirement but they don’t think about how they can use the Coverdell education account.

If I don’t have any kids, can I start one or can I do start one for my niece or nephew? Does that got to be parents, grandparents? How does that work if I wanted to start one?

You could actually. The Coverdell account is considered one of the guest accounts. Anybody could contribute to a Coverdell. The responsible individuals, the parent is going to be the one who usually sets up the account. Let’s say for example, we have a lot of grandparents or people that want to contribute to a Coverdell for their nieces or nephews, they can do that. Anybody can contribute to an account and we even have a lot of grandparents who will list themselves as or they’ll be listed as a limited power of attorneys for the accounts and they’re the ones that are actually doing the investments for the Coverdell. They’ll set it up for their grandkids, still be contributing to it on a yearly basis and things like that.

They’re allowed to contribute to it up until the kid turns eighteen or what’s the age limits on that? Is it 30, eighteen? I’ve been messing that up with 529 plan, which is not the same thing at all, correct?

Right. You’re able to contribute to it until the age of eighteen, but from eighteen to 30, the account can still be invested so you can still make profits in there. The account can be used until the age of 30. It’s not just for the elementary types of expenses. It’s all the way up to if your kids go to college, if they want to get postgraduate types of degrees, that can pay for all of that all the way up until age 30. If there happens to be money left, they can always take it out at that time. It’s going to be taxable if it’s not for education or maybe at that time they have a younger sibling that could use it or they have a cousin or even their own kids. They could transfer it into their name and start utilizing it for the new person.

Every kid can have one. You can have family members gifting the account as long as there’s only a maximum $2,000. You have to get creative. You can partner that if you’ve got five kids, you could partner all five of the ESAs together to co-fund a deal, not the borrower against, but to partner with. Let’s make sure we’re doing the transactions here. One of the great things that I’m a big believer in is using options to grow your investments accounts with small amounts of funds. You do a great event a couple of times a year about getting started with less than $10,000 on some things. I know Quincy is a big advocate. You’ve ever heard him speak or even Nathan speak about using small amounts to grow their accounts up big. Especially Quincy loves to brag about, I don’t know if he’s bragging about his daughter going to SMU.

If you’re using option agreement, we had a coaching call with some of my WCN Crew members talking about that. Using $100 option to secure a property as an investment from your IRA, your self-directed IRA counter, your self-directed ESA account. Getting that property or that note under a contract and then wholesaling off, brokering it to somebody else who pays your say $5,000 wholesaling fee to that would go back in to the ESA account there for $100 is a pretty decent investment, right?

Right. We’ve had some clients who were paying for let’s say their daughter’s private school. They were paying for that with taxable money out of their own pocket. They came to one of our events here. This is a client who’s been in the real estate business for a really long time who never thought about using a Coverdell to pay for private school, tax free. Instead of doing one of these deals personally, which is what he was planning on doing, he said, “I’m going to open a Coverdell account for my daughter, I’m in.” He contributed about $200 in there. He’s a very experienced investor. He had this feel for that much and he was able to assign it to somebody else. All that money came back into the account and he was able to immediately withdraw it, completely tax-free to pay for her tuition. He had more money in there to reinvest.

We don’t want to pay Uncle Sam unless we have to. A lot of people are hurting from having to pay Uncle Sam a few weeks ago.

It does work. You mentioned Quincy and his daughter going to SMU. He does talk about that. SMU is obviously a pretty pricey school and he’s been able to pay for all of her tuition and everything else completely from that Coverdell account. Definitely it works. The contribution limits are low but there are a lot of creative things you can do. You can partner them with other ESAs or even with your own accounts if you’re doing your own types of investments and a traditional or Roth. It can be partnered with those as well to grow it. It definitely is possible. You can learn from Quincy.

We got something online that is called How To Invest with $10,000 Or Less. If you want to find any more education, we have classes under Coverdell and the HSAs on all the other accounts that we offered, different creative investment strategies. Everything can be found on the Quest IRA website or even our classes, our weekly Tuesday classes that we do and our Wednesday classes in Dallas. We always simulcast on slide. If you go to our Facebook page, Facebook.com/QuestIRA, you’ll be able to see every single class on there.

One of these I did really fast is I pulled up some of the different costs of higher education. I pulled up some different colleges here in Texas to talk about how expensive college can be, that’s why you’ve got to plan it out ahead of time. I pulled some different universities here that I know people are familiar with. We’ve got Austin Community College, which is the nation’s largest community college here in Austin. It’s also the largest community school in the nation. For basically a year of tuition, room and board cost, books, it’s $12,000 a year to be a full-time student. That’s not bad. That’s $1,000 a month. That’s not so bad. Texas State University, my Alma mater, is almost $21,595 a year. Same thing, full-time, room, board, books, all that stuff. I’m a proud graduate of Southwest Texas State University, now it’s Texas State University. Then you’ve got the University of Texas, $25,000 plus a year to go to school there full-time. Texas A&M Aggies is $27,000 a year a. It’s a little bit more expensive than University of Texas. They’re in College Station. It’s probably the average part of that’s because they have a lot of agricultural and medical people going through there? You have some premed. University of Houston, $25,000 a year. You have the Harvard of the South, Rice University, $60,518 a year to go full-time there. Rice is the smallest of those universities. How many people go into St. Ed’s, Anne Marie?

I don’t know now, to be honest with you.

What was it when you were going there?

It was small, under 6,000 I’d say.

NCS 275 | Quest IRA

Quest IRA: You’ve got to get creative if you’re going to be putting your kids through school.

St. Edward’s is small, Rice is totaled at 8,000. You’ve got to get creative if you’re going to be putting your kids through school. They want to go to some place decent besides the school of hard knocks. There’s nothing wrong with student loans because student loans is still pretty cheap money out there, 4%. If you start planning now, you can put a sizable chunk. Even if you start contributing to it right now with your kids at eighteen years old, two grand a year, that’s 36,000. They’ll get the first year or half the first year for most of these things, especially if you’re going to Austin Community College.

We’ve got a lot of friends here in Austin that are putting the kids through the first two years or they’re taking AP classes as juniors and seniors and they’re going into college as sophomores or almost juniors. There are a lot of things that changed since I was in school. That’s the thing to keep in mind. Start planning now so you’re not failing when the kid comes to you, “I got into Rice,” and like, “You’re going to have to go to Austin Community College.” You don’t want to do that. Ingrid, where did you go to school?

I went to Houston Baptist University.

Houston Baptist, another great college here in Texas as well. I should have pulled that up to figure out what the tuition for that is. The thing to keep in mind, you think about education that’s putting your kids off in a good spot. Like Anne Marie says, you don’t have just to pay for tuition. There’s tutoring, there’s after-school care, there are computers, internet, uniforms, that kind of stuff. There was a rumor going around before the end of last year that ESAs weren’t going to be extended?

With the new tax bill, they wanted to get rid of the Coverdell accounts, but they didn’t. They’re still around. You’re still able to open and contribute to a Coverdell. With the new tax bill, they said that if you had a Coverdell, you were still going to be able to keep that account. They were going to be grandfathered in so you could still invest it. You will no longer be able to contribute to it or start a new Coverdell. That thing might actually go though so you still have time to actually open and contribute to a Coverdell. If they were considering that, I don’t know how much longer the Coverdell accounts are going to be available. Hopefully they keep them around, but take advantage of the Coverdell being available for one more year. Go ahead and open one, contribute to a Coverdell if you’re able to. I found this statistic online. It says, “Americans owe over $1.48 trillion in student loan debt and that’s spread out among 44 million borrowers.

That’s a lot of money. Student loan default rates are at an all-time high too. Mortgage default rates in America are about 4.6%. Credit cards are one of the highest. Auto loans are at a high. I expect for them, also student loans. It’s unfortunate, even a lot of kids going to school coming out with student loan debt, but then they’re not making money right off the bat. They’ve got $100,000 student loan debt to work at a job that’s making them $40,000 a year. That’s going to take a long time for that to make sense.

I was in DC and I got talking to some people and they are now professional real estate investors. They do a lot of different things. They do notes and maybe full-time doing properties. Whatever they may do, most of them went to college and from our conversations, a lot of them had children that are in about high school. They’re coming into that time where they’re thinking of going to college. I was surprised but a lot of them were thinking, “I would rather give my kid $50,000, give them $100,000 and have them go and start their investment career,” rather than wasting time in their eyes and going to college. We may see a change with the next generation. Maybe our kids, maybe people will seek out with not going to higher education as much as doing things like entrepreneurial side.

When I was working on my MBA a decade plus ago, entrepreneurship was starting to rise his head. You had entrepreneurship degrees focusing on that and make things happen. I enjoy college. I went to three different universities. I bounced around. I had my first two years paid for from academic and athletic scholarships. I went to East Texas State University, which is down Texas A&M Commerce, a little small school up outside of Dallas. I transferred to Angelo State and took a year off to figure what the hell I wanted to do before finishing up at Southwest with a business degree. I think back to what I studied and how much fun I had because Texas State was a party school. I’m just not going to lie. They rank all the colleges and Texas State would constantly rank in the top one or two. They don’t ask a rank LSU because that’s a given. I had a lot of fun in college, I enjoyed the classes. I enjoyed going and learning and it definitely helped prepare me for my next phase. I talked to many real estate investors and I know you ladies talk to many more than I do. The fact is you get a lot of people that want to become real estate investors; they don’t have the basics of business. They may not understand some of the things that go in place. I think that you’re going to see some changes take place in the educational side.

There will be some more preparatory things, companies popping up that offer some basic business stuff to help the entrepreneurs out there. You’re right, we’re going to have more entrepreneurs over the next decade take place because I think the illustrious 40-40-40 dream. You’ll work 40 hours a week for 40 years to live off of 40% of what you make. That dream is not really happening these days. Can you agree to that?

Absolutely. We see people coming to us all the time at Quest. They’re having to work longer or they’re having to completely change the way that they’re living their lives. The way that they’ve prepped for retirement hasn’t gotten them there. They’re a few years away or they’re already there and they still work their job or trying to get into investing full-time to make up the difference.

Ingrid, you also have a very special promotion going on this month that can help people save some money with their transactions throughout the rest of the year. Do you all want to talk about that?

Our promotion that we have for the remainder of the month is for anybody who opens an account and initiates a transfer from another self-directed IRA custodian. All you have to do is set up your account. It’s a $100 account opening fee. Initiate a transfer here in the next couple of months. We usually ask you for a copy of your statement to see where you’re going to be transferring those funds from. You are going to get a top plan, which is our Gold Family Plan, which is worth $2,400. It’s $2,400 and you’re going to get that absolutely free for the remainder of the year. It’s a Gold Family Plan. All you have to do is set up your account before the end of the month and initiate a transfer from your current IRA Custodian.

That is huge. That can save people a lot of money with transaction fees and things like that. The Gold Plan’s phenomenal, everybody. How would they do that? Do they go to Quest IRA? Do they use a code like WCN Crew or anything like that?

The promo code that we have for that is Gold18. All you have to do is open an account for the promo code Gold18. Whenever it asks you who referred, you put We Close Notes so we can see that on there as well.

NCS 275 | Quest IRA

Quest IRA: We may see a change with the next generation. Maybe people will seek out with not going to higher education as much as doing things like entrepreneurial side.

The dates again for their Quest Expo is the 25th and 26th. What’s the normal ticket price for that right now?

There are two different options. There is a general admission, which will get you entry into the event and it’ll get you a tote bag with some cool giveaway items. That one’s $150. We also have a VIP option, which is the best value when you break it down. That one includes the entry with the tote bag, and also includes a special lunch on both days. Plated, seated lunch and you’ll also get two special presentations that only the VIPs will get. You get access to the VIP lounge. You want to just go charge your phone, take a phone call or just hang out and network. You can go and do that. We’re also having a casino night on Saturday night. You’ll get special access into that. You’ll get a recording of the event too, so you don’t have to take meticulous notes. That one’s $350. I know that Ingrid put together a special promotion as well for you all.

We’re giving you 30% off if you use Scott Carson skip on code. If you guys want to sign up and the code is WCN, you guys can get 30% off your excellent tickets. Also with the VIP lounge, it’s not only going to be for the VIP members, it’s also for all the speakers of the Expo. If you guys want to take some time and you catch one of the speakers and want to pick at their brain or talk to them a little bit, you’ll be able to do that as part of the VIP.

You get lunch. two presentations, VIP Lounge to hang out and chill. Trust me, we’re pretty excited about this. Steph finalized with the hotel or is in the final stages of that. We’re going to have a good time. Every time you have an event, we have a good time at it. What questions do you have out there? Take advantage of it. If you open a new account and do a transfer or a rollover to Quest IRA, they’ll give you Gold Plan for the rest of the year to waive all your fees. Just set up your account here before the end of month, and then the rollover will obviously take a little bit of time afterwards it happened. What’s the average rollover time? I know it varies on the institutions. Is it a couple of weeks usually?

I would say probably about a couple of weeks. If you’re going to be transferring assets, that’s going to take a little bit longer since we have to do some re-titling of the assets. Usually if you’re doing a cash transfer, a week or two.

Anne Marie, you got back from Washington DC. Ingrid, you went last year. You also went for the Seller Finance Coalition, is that correct?

Yeah, it was really cool. The Seller Finance Coalition has put together, due to Dodd-Frank, the lending community got swept up in it. What it did is it took away the ability to do an unlimited amount of seller financing deals. It went from unlimited to now being three. The whole purpose of going up there was to very focus in on taking it from three to being able to do two a month and bring it up to 24. We got to meet with congressmen, got to meet with their staffers, lobbyists up there and talk to them about the benefits of seller financing. How it’s affordable housing and giving people opportunities and all of that that they may not otherwise have. It was a cool once in a lifetime experience for sure.

Things move at a turtle’s pace there in DC. Years ago, I was junior in high school, I got a chance to go up there for the National Young Leadership Conference. We had 700 juniors and seniors going and hitting DC, meeting all their state reps and congressmen and senators and stuff like that. Talking about how things move and you got to have some patience when you’re in DC to get things done.

We were there with a lot of different investors from all over the country. There were other self-directed IRA companies there as well. It was a cool experience that a lot of people there obviously were with us in the self-directed industry and all the other investors. A lot of times there were people that may be seen as competitors, but they were coming together and uniting on this issue for the common good.

NCS 275 | Quest IRA

Quest IRA: A lot of times there were people that may be seen as competitors, but they were coming together and uniting on this issue for the common good.

Check out QuestIRA.com whether you’re in Dallas, Houston or Austin. They’ve got some great events and then also their schedule where they travel across the country. If you’re going to be in San Diego, come out. Hear Nathan Long speak in San Diego at The Dana. It’s on Mission Bay, the hotel with Laughlin Associates. The website for that is Grow in 2018 for Aaron. If you need an extra ticket or two, let me know, I can hook you up with a free spot to get out there and get it opened up. That’s a great networking event. All the things that Quest is involved with is great. Thank you so much for joining us here on Money Mondays.

Thanks for having us.

You’ve got some big stuff playing.

Quite a few events going on, always events pretty much every single day in different cities. We’re always staying busy here at Quest as well as planning different events.

You guys keep doing a great job.

Thanks, Scott.

You’re welcome. We’ll see you all next time. Guys and gals out there in our note land, our note crew, go out and make something happen. We’ll see everybody at the top.

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