EP NNA 21 – Send The Damn Email

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NNA 21 | Email Marketing

  So many of you out there are struggling to send an email to your database. You could be scared of the act in general or that no one will show up. Other times, you might think that it’s not worth it, but the truth of the matter is that if you’re not sending emails now, you are hurting yourself. Scott discusses the importance of email marketing and breaks down some of the easiest hacks … Read More

EP 328 – When Good Deals Go Bad

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NCS 328 | When Good Deals Go Bad

  When doing deals, there is no assurance that they will all be winners. There will always be failures and mistakes. That is inevitable. Many people forget this fact that they fear creating mistakes and end up not doing anything at all. This is especially true for new investors. Scott talks about what actions to take when good deals go bad. He breaks down the three biggest things you have to value, some acts of … Read More

EP 327 – Tips To Posting Deals

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NCS 327 | Posting Deals

  The internet has given us a bigger space to expand our businesses. Yet many people still find it difficult to make better offers online. They are making a lot of errors, most especially when making offers on assets. They’re just putting stuff in there however they want, looking to raise capital to have enough funds from private investors only to find again and again that they failed to make something happen. Scott breaks down … Read More

EP NNA 20 – Bringing Home The Bacon

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NNA 20 | Bringing Home The Bacon

  Bringing home the bacon is what we all want. However, that’s the only place we are usually at – wanting. We think about how good it is but not really getting up and going for it. Maybe the solutions are all too vague and not doable for you. Scott breaks down some of the easiest things to do to help you bring home the bacon in your note business. From the first step of … Read More

EP 326 – Knowing You And Your Message

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NCS 326 | Your Message

  One of the issues people have whenever they go to an event is that they don’t prepare their messages. By this, we mean knowing what you want for your business and embodying it. Part of who you are is representing the message that you want to get across, and it’s very necessary that you look the part. Scott discusses the importance of knowing you and your message to your audience and tribe. Part of … Read More

EP 325 – Building An Online Community with Ryan Harper

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NCS 325 | Online Communities

  A lot of people fail to realize how at the end of the day, it is not about the “me” but instead it’s about your tribe, your people, or your audience. Having this ingrained is so important to keep your authenticity and sincerity to reach out and help. This is very vital if you are trying to build a community to not only share ideas with but to network as well. Scott talks with … Read More

EP 324 – Midwest Note Summit Recap

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NCS 324 | Note Summit

  Hitting three birds with one stone, Scott talks about his travels across the country – from coaching and meeting a lot of people, to gaining assets. Scott discusses the Midwest Note Summit, along with the Ohio Note Roadshow. He raves about the many great people and great connections he met along the way, knowing how so many people are out there to express their interest and appreciation on what the show has been doing. … Read More

EP 323 – Getting To The COREE In Columbus with Bill Griesmer

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  If you’re a real estate investor looking for notes in the Ohio area, you might want to check out the special interest group, COREE, or the Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs run by Vena Jones Cox. Bill Griesmer heads the group of about 200 people over in Ohio with more and more people expressing interest. He runs the group to help him with his note business as well as to help other people along … Read More

EP 322 – Knockout Returns with Donna Bauer

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NCS 322 | Knockout Returns

  Most note investors dabble in a few different things here or there, whether it’s performing or non-performing, owner-financed, institutional paper, residential, or commercial. Once everybody understands the basics behind the paper, they realize the power in it. Donna Bauer, nationally known as The Original Note Buyer, is one of the country’s most recognized authorities on discounted notes, seller financing, and foreclosures. For over two decades, she has shared her exclusive wealth-building strategies and helped … Read More

EP 321 – Money Monday: The Quest Expo Schedule with Haley Gant

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NCS 321 | Quest Expo

  Scott talks with Haley Gant from Quest IRA about the upcoming Quest Expo and the schedule of speakers and sessions. Nathan Long, CEO at Quest, will talk about self-directed IRA basics on day one, joined by Eddie Gant, Steve Liang, Gene Guarino, Jim Ingersoll, and Jeff Watson on the first weekend. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking and getting your answers questioned. Scott will be on the 11:15 AM panel which will … Read More

EP 320 – The Extra 5%

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NCS 320 | The Extra 5%

  Two of the biggest things that separate successful people from most others out there wanting to find success are consistency and doing the extra 5%. That extra 5% may not seem like a lot, but if you add that up throughout the day when you’re doing one more little productive thing, one more share, and one more little post, it adds up. In our world today, it has gotten easier to do extra. It … Read More

EP 319 – Planning For Note Independence with Dan Deppen

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NCS 319 | Note Independence

  Learning by doing accelerates things. For note investor Dan Deppen, the journey to note independence started off when he read about note investing online and found Note Camp. It was the first real note training that he did. After six months or so of studying and trying to figure things out, he joint ventured with a more experienced note investor and right around the same time bought his first note. Dan says it’s great … Read More