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We buy and sell non-performing notes from banks and hedge funds on assets across the country. We also teach other real estate investors how to invest in non-performing notes as well.

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Laughlin & Asscoiates- San Diego

November 17-19th

Austin Mastermind

December 1st-3rd

In a world of no instructions, asking “Whats your one thing” becomes the simple formula for finding exceptional answers.

Gary Keller - The ONE Thing

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Start Investing

Note Mastermind

Note Mastermind

The Note Mastermind is a meeting of serious note investors who are a part of Scott Carson’s Note Mentoring program.

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Virtual Note Buying For Dummies

Virtual Workshop

During the event you’ll discover how to ‘Go Upstream’ from other investors and close on properties at a deep discount.

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Note Buying Blueprint

The Blueprint

Step-by-step system to note investing from Scott Carson, find out how to buy real estate assets for PENNIES on the DOLLAR.

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IRA Leads


Looking for OPM? One of the absolute best win-win strategies in the note investing space is using a Self-Direct IRA. Click for leads!

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