EP 550 – The Top Ten Episodes Of 2019

NCS 550 | 2019 Top Ten Episodes

  Every year is a new experience. This much can be said about the Note Closers Show journey across the years. While it helps to look forward to what is to come, it is never a bad idea to continue on with the things we learned from the past. In this special episode, Scott Carson breaks down the top ten most listened to episodes of 2019 and how that compares to 2018. He reflects back … Read More

EP 549 – Using Video In Your Marketing With Molly Mahoney

NCS 549 | Video Marketing

  Video marketing is often overlooked, as far as marketing tools go. Many people and companies think of it as excessive and expensive, and while that may be true in certain specific situations, that’s not the only way to go about things. Molly Mahoney is the host of The Prepared Performer Podcast who regularly uses her electric presence on video to drum up attention for herself and the things she does. Together with Scott Carson, … Read More

EP 548 – Self-Storage & Real Estate Deals In Atlanta With Stacy Rossetti

NCS 548 | Investing In Storage Facilities

  There are so many different types of properties that you can invest on in the market these days, but the one kind you may not be looking at are storage facilities. Investing in storage facilities has so many upsides that it’s almost shocking that not too many people are getting in on it. Stacy Rossetti of the South Atlanta Real Estate Investors Association joins Scott Carson to chat about why storage facilities can be … Read More

EP 547 – Quit Praying & Start Doing

NSC 547 | Self Reliance

  In the world of business, nobody’s going to do things for you. Taking action for yourself is the number one principle of running a successful business. You can’t always be relying on prayer and waiting for miracles to happen. On today’s show, Scott Carson talks about self-reliance and self-determination. If you’re waiting for a miracle to come to you, you’re doing it wrong. Start taking action today! — Listen to the podcast here: Quit … Read More

EP 546 – Home Buying Strategies With Debbie Bloyd

NCS 546 | Home Buying Strategies

  Oftentimes, people are confused about how many factors actually go into being able to buy a new home. Taking that first step to get financing for your home might seem simple at first, but truthfully, there’s so much to consider when figuring out if you can get the loan for your home. Scott Carson is joined by mortgage and finance professional, Debbie Bloyd. Together, they talk about a few strategies and necessary steps you … Read More

EP 545 – Protecting Your Assets With Estate Planning With Brian Price And Jennifer Gligoric

NCS 545 | Estate Planning Asset Protection

  Asset protection is a notoriously murky field because people don’t necessarily get the knowledge needed to do it properly, in a way that truly protects them. Estate planning is one of these lesser-known solutions that grant you high levels of security for your assets, especially if you’ve been able to acquire multiple throughout the years. Brian Price and Jennifer Gligoric of Leafy Legal Services come on to run the gamut of estate planning as … Read More

EP 544 – Fearless Living: Breaking Comfort Zones To Make Things Happen With Rhonda Britten

NCS 544 | Fearless Living

  Are you dealing with a mental block of some sort or are you looking to do big things in the new year but don’t know where to start or afraid to? In this episode, learn about fearless living with a world-class keynote speaker, television personality, and a master life coach. Rhonda Britten talks about gunning for a huge New Year’s resolution while keeping your feet on the ground to actually achieve it. With host, … Read More

EP 543 – Five Holiday Credit No No’s For The Holidays with Merrill Chandler

NCS 543 | Credit Fundability

  Getting your credit score up to a desirable figure is arduous work, then you put in more effort to keep it that way. To save you from all these troubles, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist of Get Fundable, Merrill Chandler, shares his knowledge on the things you need to do in order to avoid taking hits on your credit. He doesn’t only list some vague tips and strategies but discuss in great detail … Read More

EP 542 – LinkedIn: Building Connections And Starting Conversations With Marcus Murphy

NCS 542 | Building LinkedIn Connections

  LinkedIn is becoming one of the fastest growing social media platforms that caters to professionals. If you are good at creating relevant content, it paves the way to starting conversations with people and building powerful connections. This is what Marcus Murphy teaches as an Instructor and as part of the Customer Advisory Board on LinkedIn. Prior to this, Marcus was the Director of Sales and Monetization of Digital Marketer from 2016 to 2019. His … Read More

EP 541 – Messing With The Monkey Mind With Kim Chiarello

NCS 541 | Silencing The Monkey Mind

  A lot of us find ourselves doing multiple things at the same time and not having success in any of them. This is the point where we need to silence the monkey mind in order to focus and accomplish our goals. Kim Chiarello is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Energy Healing Facilitator who utilizes her advanced intuitive abilities of to communicate with a client’s soul, in addition to incorporating advanced energy healing modalities. She … Read More

EP 540 – Ten Ways To Find Notes In 2020

NCS 540 | Sources For Notes

  A lot has changed in the note business over the past decade. In this episode, Scott Carson gives a bit of an overview of the how the note business thrived in the past few years. He goes on to explain what has changed in recent times. Scott also lists down ten sources for a note business in time for the upcoming year. If you are new to the note business and have no idea … Read More

EP 539 – Fix The Flow

NCS 539 | Fixing Your Deal Flow

  In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson talks about how to fix your deal flow. Have you ever thought about dropping what you’re doing and going all out to become a successful investor? Scott believes this is highly achievable within 12 to 24 months if you only get up and get that faucet flowing. From the marketing flow to deal flow, get to know the different flows in the note investing … Read More