EP 734 – How To Get FREE Media Coverage To Promote Your Business With Christina Nicholson

NCS 734 | FREE Media Coverage

  Getting media exposure can be costly at times, but it does help you grow your business. But how can you earn media coverage without spending any money on ads? Media expert Christina Nicholson sits down with Scott Carson to discuss how businesses and entrepreneurs can achieve media exposure without wasting a ton of money on ineffective ads. Christina is the owner of Media Maven and the host of the Become A Media Maven podcast. … Read More

EP 712 – The Chaos Of The Mortgage Markets And How To Survive Them With The Mortgage Mentor, Rebecca Richardson

NCS 712 | Mortgage Markets

  What is there to know about mortgages in real estate? You need to know a couple of important about mortgage markets before you plunge deep into them! In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Rebecca Richardson (aka the Mortgage Mentor) about the current mortgage markets and what she sees as a residential lender across 30 states. She shares how social media helped expand her market across the states. Rebecca wants everyone to have the … Read More

Ensuring Your Notes Are Dodd-Frank Compliant With Max Bailey

NC 46 | Originator Notes

  Max Bailey from Call the Underwriter shares his knowledge and experience in being a RMLO focused solely on helping note originators and owner-financed sellers ensure that their notes and borrowers are eligible and Dodd-Frank compliant. He shares his process and underwriting strategies and what to look for when considering selling your property with owner-financing.   You can connect with Max at http://CallTheUnderwriter.com. — Listen to the podcast here   Ensuring Your Notes Are Dodd-Frank … Read More

EP NNA 122 – Scott Carson’s Upfront Due Diligence Checklist

NNA 122 | Upfront Due Diligence

  Scott Carson has a special treat for you in this episode. The meat and potatoes of today’s discussion is his note due diligence checklist. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott breaks down his upfront due diligence to help him identify which assets to bid on. He also discusses what to remove and keep when looking at occupied and vacant assets. Take from Scott’s insights and implement them on your spreadsheet. If … Read More

How To Maximize Profits By Wholesaling Notes With Paul Riley From Black Arrow Assets

NC4 42 | Wholesaling Notes

  How do you maximize your profits in the note investing space without holding on to every single note you buy? In this episode, note investor Paul Riley of Black Arrow Assets shares his strategy for buying performing notes for his own portfolio along with his strategy for wholesaling notes that don’t exactly fit his portfolio focus. Paul started investing in real estate in the beginning of 2021 after living overseas in Australia for many … Read More

EP 711 – Your Kids, Their Money: Teaching Financial Literacy To Your Children With Clifton Corbin

NCS 711 | Financial Literacy For Children

  Scott Carson talks with author and money mentor, Clifton Corbin, about his book Your Kids, Their Money! Clifton shares his journey from leaving the corporate world to being a stay-at-home dad and money educator. Clifton shares some of his lessons for success and his family’s journey to where they are today and how other families can do the same thing. Want to talk to Scott? Book a call with him HERE. — Watch the … Read More

How To Get The Most Out Of Owner-Financed Notes With Will Henning & Rachel Sims

NC 45 | Owner-Financed Notes

  Will Henning and Rachel Sims from First National Bank of America discuss the best ways to create, buy, and sell owner-financed notes and what FNBA is looking for when it prices notes. They present some of the ways they find notes and what they are seeing regarding pricing. They also talk about the opportunity for note investors to broker notes to them. You can submit your offers at http://FNACBrokers.com. Want to talk to Scott? Book … Read More

EP 710 – Inflation And The United States Market With Kirk Chisholm

NCS 710 | US Market Inflation

  The economy is rough today, but it is not as bad as it could be. But how will inflation affect us? In today’s episode, Scott Carson talks with financial advisor and investor Kirk Chisholm from the Innovative Advisory Group about the current markets, inflation, and how it is affecting the United States market. Kirk also shares his insights on investing using self-directed IRA’s and how he is working to hedge his bets from the chaos … Read More

EP 709 – How To Jump Back From A Lot Of Bad Deals With Gavin Gallagher

NCS 709 | Bad Deals

  The real estate industry can be highly rewarding or extraordinarily humbling. Sometimes, those lessons of humility come in the form of bad deals. On this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson talks with international real estate investor Gavin Gallagher about some of his losses as a real estate investor. Gavin shares his story of how he almost lost everything during the last economic crash and how his mindset during an up-market led … Read More

EP NNA 121 – Vyzer: Your Tracking Solution For Wall Street And Main Street Investments With Litan Yahav

NNA 121 Litan Yahav | Vyzer

  How Does Your Portfolio Compare?   Investors have always struggled to track their traditional Wall Street investments with their Main Street portfolio of active and passive real estate investments. Tracking your cash flow and asset growth (or decline) has often taken several websites, spreadsheets, and creative math to find how your hard-earned dollars are working. That is especially important in today’s market, with Wall Street investments getting hit hard and the real estate markets … Read More

EP 708 – Capital Growth Strategies Through Self-Directed IRA Investors With Larry Hoffman

NCS 708 | Self-Directed IRA Investors

  When raising capital, you do not always need a long list or a huge variety of self-directed IRA investors. Sometimes, you can reach out even to a limited database and make them get in touch with you instead. On this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson shares an episode of his Money Monday coaching call from his WCN Crew members, where he and Larry Hoffman outline their step-by-step process for finding, … Read More

EP NNA 120 – Finding Off-Market Note Deals In Note Conferences Without Traveling

NNA 120 | Off-Market Note Deals

  There are many opportunities with what’s going on in the market for us note investors. Interest rates may be increasing, but for note investors, this means more opportunity, more deals, and more distressed assets that we can look at. So how can we find off-market note deals? On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson shares how to find off-market note deals by connecting with lists of attendees at note conferences without … Read More