EP 665 – Solving America’s Homeless Problem Through Affordable Housing With Alan Graham Of Austin’s Community First Village

  Community is critical to human nature. Most of us don’t even interact with our neighbors anymore because of all our riches. What more the homeless population. Not all panhandlers are pillagers and plunderers. Most of them just want a community, and that is what Alan Graham did. Alan is the founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, an organization that supports and is of service to the homeless. Scott Carson brings Alan to discuss what … Read More

EP NNA 88: How To Make Your First Note Deal On Note Sale Platforms

NNA 88 | Finding Note Deals

  The best way to start reviewing note deals is by jumping on WatermarkExchange.com and Paperstac.com to review performing and nonperforming notes. In this episode, Scott Carson gives practical advice on how you can find your first note deal on note sale platforms. Tune in and learn how you can identify a quick deal, perform quick evaluations (depending on your money costs), and why it doesn’t hurt to submit bids and ask questions. Plus, you’ll … Read More

EP 664 – Marketing Field Of Dreams: If You Market, They Will Come With Sky Cassidy

  Marketing may seem so simple to think about, but that is not the case in the real world where people are bombarded with so many products anywhere. In this episode, Scott Carson interviews the CEO of MountainTop Data and host of The “If You Market” Podcast, Sky Cassidy. Together, they discuss marketing trends, the need to be creative, and why you have to continue marketing to attract clients. Sky shares how it doesn’t matter how … Read More

EP 663 – What You Didn’t Know About Credit Repair With America’s Credit Expert, Rondi Lambeth

NCS 663 | Credit Repair

  What most people think of credit repair is simply writing a bunch of letters and sending them to credit bureaus. They get overwhelmed with letters, and since they can’t keep up with the law, they delete them. Scott Carson’s guest today is credit repair, investor, and funding expert, Rondi Lambeth. In this episode, Rondi gives you a heads-up about the falsehoods of credit repair you should know. He also gives you a run-down of … Read More

EP 662 – Everything You Need To Know About Texas Foreclosure Auction And Listings In Texas With Jack Zagunis From 4Closure.info

NCCS 662 | Texas Foreclosure Auction

  If you’re looking to buy foreclosure homes in Texas, Jack Zagunis from 4Closure.info joins Scott Carson to explain about foreclosure auction and what buyers need to understand about these listings. Jack has 11 years of sales and marketing experience that will help when making a decision in selling houses. He tells Scott about the effect of the pandemic in the industry, what the future looks like, and how his company can help those who … Read More

EP NNA 87: Putting Your Money In The Right Markets: The Best And Worst Of 2021 With Nicholas Gerli

NNA 87 Nicholas Gerli | Best And Worst Markets

  Do you want to identify which are the best and worst markets to buy and invest in 2021? In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson talks with Nicholas Gerli, the CEO of Reventure Consulting where he helps investors of all sizes identify their opportunities. From Austin to Atlanta, join the conversation on where you should be putting your money. With COVID-19 still present in the world, investing in the right markets can get … Read More

EP 661 – Best Practices In Special Servicing And Negotiating With Distressed Homeowners With Hazel Rivera

NCS 661 | Special Servicing

  Special servicing is a tricky part of the note business, especially because you’re always dealing with distressed owners. Scott Carson’s guest today is a member of his very own We Close Notes team, Hazel Rivera. Hazel is a special servicing and management specialist. This episode touches on the best practices when it comes to negotiating with distressed homeowners on their loans. Hazel shares with Scott some of her favorite and least favorite case studies … Read More

EP 660 – Finding Success In The Tampa Real Estate Market With Colin Murphy

NCS 660 Colin Murphy | Tampa Real Estate

  If you’re looking for a hot real estate market to invest in, then Tampa, Florida should be right up your alley. With the low prices and resilience from the pandemic, the Tampa real estate is a great place to gain some profit. Scott Carson is joined by real estate investor and the founder of Torcana, Colin Murphy. Colin talks about his journey into investing in real estate, how he came to invest in Tampa, … Read More

EP 659 – Online Exposure: Expanding Your 2021 Marketing Roadmap With Lyndsay Phillips

NCS 659 | Online Exposure

  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, and now, Clubhouse. The list keeps on growing. As long as people are online, social media will continue to rule over the internet. However, if you’re connecting for business-related things, which one should you focus on? Your guest today, Lyndsay Phillips, knows exactly where to focus on. Lyndsay is the President of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and the host of Smooth Business Podcasting. Join your host, Scott Carson, as … Read More

EP NNA 86 – What You Need To Keep In Mind If You Want To Close Your First Note Deal Successfully

NNA 86 | First Note Deal

  Closing your first note deal can be scary and nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared and you know what you’re doing. Scott Carson gives a rundown on his very first experience of closing a note deal and wants to inspire everybody else that they can do the same, even better. He shares that it helps to be highly motivated, and when you find a deal, you have to work through … Read More

EP 658 – Creating Your Own Success: Tips And Strategies With Real Estate Legend Dean Graziosi

NCS 658 | Creating Your Own Success

  There’s no one coming with a magic wand to pay off your debt or put a check in your bank account every month. You have to help yourself in creating your own success. This episode’s guest is the real estate and self-help legend Dean Graziosi. Dean engages with Scott Carson in an animated conversation about how he overcame obstacles and setbacks to get where he is today. The best part? He shares what he … Read More

EP 657 – Wrestling With Real Estate With Entertainer Turned Investor, Barri Griffiths

NCS 657 | Wrestling With Real Estate

  The biggest misconception people think is that because you’re on TV, you’re making millions. Scott Carson’s guest on this episode is none other than the host of Wrestling With Real Estate podcast Barri Griffiths. Barri shares how he needed to find a tenant for his newly-bought expensive house when his contract with WWE was terminated unexpectedly. Down the rabbit hole Barri went, and he came out of it fully afire with passion for real … Read More