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Each Monday night, real estate investors from all across the United States and world are tuning into Note Night in America! For the last three years, Scott Carson, CEO of, and his tribe of note and real estate investors come together almost every Monday night for coaching and guest interviews. Scott helps his nation of note investors with specific subjects taking place in their real estate businesses like marketing, workouts, raising capital and finding deals. Since 2010, Scott has been helping investors close on thousands of real estate deals and has helped to coach and mentor the Who’s Who in the niche world of notes. Listen each week to his latest Monday night webinars to get the latest tips and tricks on making six figures and beyond in the world of distressed debt.


Episode Blogs

NCS 588 | Profitable Pivot
  Nobody knows what the marketplace will look like as we emerge from this chaos we are experiencing. However, one thing is for certain: the market will be populated by entrepreneurs who found their profitable pivot and used it to stay relevant. To be one of these people, you need to start thinking about how to turn your business around and stay on top of things. Aaron Scott Young of Laughlin Associates talks about these things as he joins
NCS 587 | Secret Knock
  Is there a secret formula to finding success? How does it work, and does it work for you? Scott Carson talks with American filmmaker, motivational keynote speaker, and best-selling author, Dr. Greg Reid, who spills his secret knock to overcoming obstacles, discovering opportunities, and finding success. With decades of success in business, filmmaking, and authoring books, Greg sees the world as a place of unlimited opportunity, even during times of apparent hopelessness. His positive energy
NCS 586 | SBA Legislation
  Are you wondering how the recent SBA legislation affects you? Many might not understand what it means for them in the long run, but all this new legislation may just be the windfall your business needs in these trying times. Scott Carson talks with Jason Byrd from the Byrd Law Firm and the Byrd Chronicles Podcast about the recent SBA legislation and what it means for small businesses. Make sure you don’t miss out on this chance
NCS 585 | Mobile Home Parks
  When someone goes into real estate investing, mobile home parks and parking lots aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind. A mere decade ago, the industry was composed of a few small, scattered players. Today, however, we see bigger companies starting to see the investment value of these properties and the decent returns they provide. Scott Carson talks with real estate investor Kevin Bupp of Sunrise Capital Investors about this type of real estate investing. Kevin
NNA 59 | Commercial Real Estate
  As the economic shutdown continues, commercial real estate reels back in the biggest drop it has seen for decades. How are the biggest players in the industry faring? What does this chaos mean for smaller companies and investors? What can they do to survive the fallout? These are just some of the questions Scott Carson addresses in this episode. He breaks down the losses in the commercial real estate mortgage markets and gives tips
  As an investor, how can you protect yourself and your business? Arming yourself with some key strategies that can help your business thrive despite these chaotic economic times is key. In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down the ten steps every investor should be doing to help protect themselves and their real estate and note investment business. These steps can help you get through the next 60 to 90 days. He also explains the
NCS 584 | Inner Superpower
  Are you stuck with an unprecedented amount of time in your hands in this chaotic time? Now could be the perfect opportunity to reassess yourself and discover your inner superpower! Life coach Michelle Pierson Young shows us some of the different ways we can do this as she joins Scott Carson on the show. With her 30 years of experience in helping people, Michelle’s perspective on the subject is extraordinary. We may not get an opportunity
NCS 583 | Video Content Marketing
  Marketing for real estate investors has never been easy in the first place, and now marketers are faced with the challenge of staying on top of the dense new media landscape. Video content marketing can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be so. What you need is for results to drive your content, and the rest really matters less than you think. Scott Carson interviews Josh Culler from Culler Media about some of the effective ways for
NCS 582 | QuickBooks
  Bookkeeping and accounting your business and even personal expenses can be challenging tasks, especially when you are not adept with the process. With the help of bookkeepers and accountants, you can ease your burden, file your taxes ahead of time, and move on with your business. Here to talk with Scott Carson about getting financial matters in order is bookkeeper and podcaster, Emma Dawn. Emma is a licensed financial professional and is the woman
NCS 581 | Pandemic Investing
  There is a lot of anxiety in the market right now, especially when it comes to putting your cash in the right box. Pandemic investing is a necessary skill that entrepreneurs and real estate investors need to prioritize today. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with real estate investor Jason Hartman about the future of their industry, highlighting the repercussions of the coronavirus. Jason is the Founder of Platinum Properties Investor Network and the host of the Creating Wealth
NCS 580 | Credit Card Points
  Believe it or not, you can travel the world at super discounted airline ticket rates using your credit card points. With an Amex or Citi card in your wallet, you can start your quest for increasing points and enjoying freebies thereafter. Today, Scott Carson talks with his long-time friend and note investor, Jack Krupey. Jack is a Principal at JK Asset Management and the Founder of Gemini Capital Managers. He talks about how he
NNA 57 | Magnify Your Wealth Summit
  Building a strong knowledge base can help you grow your business better and faster. One of the best ways to achieve the necessary skills to do so is by learning from key people. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young, the CEO of Laughlin Associates, about the Magnify Your Wealth Summit, a conference for highly motivated business owners passionate about increasing wealth. Aaron outlines the top ten reasons why you should attend the event, starting

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