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Each Monday night, real estate investors from all across the United States and world are tuning into Note Night in America! For the last three years, Scott Carson, CEO of, and his tribe of note and real estate investors come together almost every Monday night for coaching and guest interviews. Scott helps his nation of note investors with specific subjects taking place in their real estate businesses like marketing, workouts, raising capital and finding deals. Since 2010, Scott has been helping investors close on thousands of real estate deals and has helped to coach and mentor the Who’s Who in the niche world of notes. Listen each week to his latest Monday night webinars to get the latest tips and tricks on making six figures and beyond in the world of distressed debt.


Episode Blogs

NCS 619 | The Milestone System
  One of the most powerful things that you will develop as an entrepreneur is your personal brand and what you’re focused on. Scott Carson’s special guest today, Chris Hines, is the host of the Personal Branding Playbook and the creator of The Milestone System. He’s been podcasting and developing brands for over six plus. Today, they discuss The Milestone System and how you should not only build your personal brand or business, but also
NCS 618 | Louisiana Real Estate
  Louisiana is one of the states that are most badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the real estate market has really felt the brunt of the crisis. With the current rate of foreclosures – among the highest in the nation – short sale deals are starting to increase, but many investors are backing out because of market uncertainty and high rates of delinquency and forbearances. Scott Carson gets into the details of these
NNA 69 | Find Funding Partners
  Are you tired of chasing qualified investors to fund your deals? Then turn it the other way around and let them come calling to you. Real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, and investor attraction expert Dave Dubeau joins Scott Carson in this Note Night in America episode to discuss his simple five-step plan to raise capital for real estate deals. He shares his best practices to attract potential investors, especially in a difficult time like
NCS 617 | Austin TX Real Estate
  If you’re looking for a real estate market that is doing quite well despite the pandemic, Austin, Texas is way up there on the list. With relatively low unemployment and default rates compared to other major cities, and a skyrocketing demand for real estate, Austin is a good place to invest. Scott Carson treats us to a peek of the hard money lending and market statistics of this real estate hotbed with local hard-money
NNA 68 | Charisma And Confidence
  Just because we’re doing a lot of things virtually now doesn’t mean image is not important. You may not have to wear pants or shoes a lot of the time, but you still have to work on creating that charisma and emanating a confidence that attracts clients and investors to you. Scott Carson rings on professional image and dating coach Kimmy Seltzer to discuss how you can do this through her charisma quotient. You will
NCS 616 | Qualified Lines Of Credit
  One of the great struggles among investors and entrepreneurs is getting to the good side of banks so they can be funded. It’s time to remove that barrier and get the lines of credit you need now. In this interesting discussion, Scott Carson interviews Merrill Chandler from Get Fundable about how he and his team are helping real estate investors and entrepreneurs secure business lines of credit from banks without having to build a long relationship. Sometimes, we
NCS 615 | Pivoting Your Business
  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to leave behind our old ways and adapt to the new environment. Those who fail at doing this may find themselves getting drowned out of the market. It is time to pivot your business. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates about some of the items that business owners and entrepreneurs have to start doing to take advantage and win at the new game with the pandemic.
NNA 67 | Post COVID Real Estate
  Nobody really knows for certain what post-COVID real estate investing will look like, but we can make pretty good predictions based on the data that we have from the previous recession and what the market looks like now, months since the pandemic’s initial onslaught. As things stand, there are opportunities now and there will be opportunities to come, if you know where and how to look for them. On this episode of Note Night
NCS 614 | Philadelphia Investor Market
    World-famous for its delicious cheesesteaks, Philadelphia has reopened after its momentary pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Philadelphia, colloquially known as Philly, is the largest city in the US state of Pennsylvania. On today’s podcast, Scott Carson talks with realtors Matt Tallent and Jesse Johnston about the Philadelphia real estate investor market. Matt and Jesse are the co-hosts of the How Real Estate Works podcast. Want to know if it’s the market you should
NNA 66 | Virtual Note Team
    Unless you’re within an hour or two away from your market, you’re probably asking yourself how you can continue investing in real estate and do everything it entails while being in the comfort and safety of your home. In this episode, Scott Carson talks about the different ways that you can find, identify, and hire vendors and a virtual team of experts for your note business. He discusses upfront due diligence, finding realtors,
NCS 613 | Retirement Goals
  If there is one common thing that brings almost all of us in the world stress, it would be money. Especially as adults, managing and even thinking about money can be a headache. How much more if we’re trying to achieve some financial goals that lead to retirement? This episode’s guest tells you that it doesn’t have to be hard. Scott Carson talks with author, realtor, and investor Rachel Richards about some of the best ways
NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge
  With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing us inside our homes, going virtual has become the way to-go to continue working. Still, many are hesitant to take this route, not being familiar with it all. Taking away your worries and concerns, Scott Carson talks to Michele Chochrek-Ransons from Vantage Point Title, Inc. about their nationwide service of title and closings to investors all across the country. Michele shares with us the work they have been doing,

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