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Each Monday night, real estate investors from all across the United States and world are tuning into Note Night in America! For the last three years, Scott Carson, CEO of (, and his tribe of note and real estate investors come together almost every Monday night for coaching and guest interviews. Scott helps his nation of note investors with specific subjects taking place in their real estate businesses like marketing, workouts, raising capital and finding deals. Since 2010, Scott has been helping investors close on thousands of real estate deals and has helped to coach and mentor the Who’s Who in the niche world of notes. Listen each week to his latest Monday night webinars to get the latest tips and tricks on making six figures and beyond in the world of distressed debt.

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Each year Note Night in America attracts thousands of new and experienced real estate investors who are looking to tap into the world of debt investing.  Whether you are looking for nonperforming, performing, residential, commercial, owner-financed, or institutional paper, this is the weekly webinar and podcast that you want to add to you listening or viewing pleasure.  Scott shares his honest, no-bull, experience over his 20-plus years as a real estate investor and entrepreneur to help you find more deals, raise more capital, close more deals, and make more money as a note and debt investor.

Note Night in America focuses on finding deals, raising capital, and marketing your business with a dash of motivation and mindset thrown in from time to time.  We encourage LIVE questions from our listeners and welcome topic matter suggestions so that we maximize the learning process while reducing the learning curve.  We also bring on vendors and subject matter experts that may offer a product or service that can help to enrich your note and real estate businesses.

Scott loves to connect to our listeners so feel free to schedule a call with Scott at at a time that works best with your schedule.

Scott Carson was the 2014 Note Educator of the Year (Noteworthy USA) and the runner-up for the 2018 Investor of the Year (Think Realty).  He has been featured in the media across radio, print, and television including the Wall Street Journal,, Investors Business Daily and many more.  Scott is also a regular speaker at many real estate conferences, real estate investing clubs and Meetup groups where he shares his expertise on distressed debt, raising capital, marketing, and entrepreneurship.  He has also been featured at numerous conferences such as Podfest Multimedia Expo, National Association of Realtors Annual Convention, the REI Expo, Realty 411 and the Think Realty Expo along with other large industry conferences.

Make sure to check out the other podcasts like Note Camp, and the Note Closers Show podcast.  You can also listen to other guest appearances of Scott Carson on other podcasts and events on the Best of Scott Carson podcast.

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Episode Blogs

Note Closers Show | Crystal Hammond | Four-Plexes
  Scott Carson sits down with Crystal Hammond from the Stacking Deeds Podcast to share her investing journey. She describes how she transforms empty lots on the south side of Chicago by building four-plexes and creating affordable housing. Crystal also talks about about her first piece of property, how she deals with complicated tax regulations, and her long-term strategies to turn the game around in favor of homeowners instead of big-time investors.   Want to talk to
Note Closers Show | Joe Saul-Sehy | Mountains To Climb
  Each of us has our own mountain to climb, but it’s the journey, the setbacks, and the community we build along the way that truly defines our success. For today’s episode, Scott Carson sits down with the co-host of the #1 finance podcast, Stacking Benjamins, Joe Saul-Sehy. They talk about Joe’s journey, the financial mistakes he has had to overcome, what drives him, and how we all have our mountains to climb. From the importance of
NCS 807 | Financial Education For Children
  You must introduce your kids to finance books at an early age. But it is quite a struggle to find the right book that won’t leave you and your kids baffled. Today, paving the gateway to simplifying investing for your child is Maya Corbic, the author of From Piggy Banks to Stock: The Ultimate Guide for a Young Investor. Maya brings her insights into how she financially educates children and the mistakes most people
NCS 806 | Buying And Selling Businesses
  Buying or selling a business requires an entirely new game. You are not just dealing with one thing; you are dealing with an entire entity—processes, systems, warts, and all. That is why you need a pro who can help you through the process, making sure that you know what to expect and how to take those transactions to your desired goal. Scott Carson sits down with business broker and advisor, David Barnett. With over
NCS 805 | Passive Income
  So many of us are looking for passive income. That’s the thing that really unites us all. We’re looking for passive income to leave our jobs, have a better life, or retire as early as we want to. But that’s not something that can be achieved by having a job. No matter how high your salary is, you will never be paid your full value and chances are you’ll be stuck working for other
NNA 155 | Find Note Deals
  Where Do You Find Notes? I was looking back at our catalog of content and realized that I haven’t shared the top ways that we find note deals in some time. So I pulled out my presentation from the 20-Day Note Challenge we hosted two years ago and updated it for 2023! That’s right! I’m going to share the Top 20 Ways To Find Notes on Monday night! Some sources will sound familiar and
Thanks for joining Chuck on Money Life; we appreciate your time and help and hope you enjoyed yourself! Attached is a copy of your interview, along with a link to the full podcast, which is now live on all streaming platforms.  As our thanks for appearing on the show, you have our permission to use this interview in any way you wish on your personal and/or company websites, blogs or within your own podcast. In
NCS 801 | LinkedIn
  LinkedIn isn’t just a network; it’s a launchpad for building meaningful connections that fuel business growth. In this episode, Scott Carson joins Clifton Corbin, Wendie Veloz, Flint Jamison, and David Barnett to discuss how each person is using LinkedIn in their businesses. Together, they discuss how to build your network and nurture genuine connections on this platform, where quality is the name of the game. They touch on several critical points of LinkedIn, such
NCS 734 | FREE Media Coverage
  Getting media exposure can be costly at times, but it does help you grow your business. But how can you earn media coverage without spending any money on ads? Media expert Christina Nicholson sits down with Scott Carson to discuss how businesses and entrepreneurs can achieve media exposure without wasting a ton of money on ineffective ads. Christina is the owner of Media Maven and the host of the Become A Media Maven podcast.
NCS 712 | Mortgage Markets
  What is there to know about mortgages in real estate? You need to know a couple of important about mortgage markets before you plunge deep into them! In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Rebecca Richardson (aka the Mortgage Mentor) about the current mortgage markets and what she sees as a residential lender across 30 states. She shares how social media helped expand her market across the states. Rebecca wants everyone to have the
NC 46 | Originator Notes
  Max Bailey from Call the Underwriter shares his knowledge and experience in being a RMLO focused solely on helping note originators and owner-financed sellers ensure that their notes and borrowers are eligible and Dodd-Frank compliant. He shares his process and underwriting strategies and what to look for when considering selling your property with owner-financing.   You can connect with Max at — Listen to the podcast here   Ensuring Your Notes Are Dodd-Frank

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