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Note Camp is the real estate industry’s largest and longest running online note convention focused on the niche of distressed mortgages. Note Camp is focused on providing Content, Actions, Marketing, and Profit generating nuggets for your real estate and note investments. Note Camp features speakers, vendors, investors, and professionals in the note and distressed mortgage arena to help you overcome obstacles and take your business to the next level.


Episdoe Blogs

NCS 457 | Land Investing
  Buying and selling real estate can be quite fun when done correctly and when profits start pouring in. Land investing can also be a tricky trade but understanding its ins and outs can make it less complicated. Scott talks with Jill DeWit and Steven Butala from Land Academy about finding, buying, marketing, and flipping land deals. The couple talks about some other ways in making great land investments, including how to get an asset
  One entrepreneur’s success can be everybody’s success. Buddies Scott and George Antone from Fynanc spends time catching up and discussing about what drives them as entrepreneurs and their biggest fears in life. Antone talks about a software he is creating that will revolutionize investing in a whole different way. He also shares the biggest lessons he has learned from his students, including his failures and missteps from his successes. In the end, learning exactly
NCS 455 | 1031 Exchange
  Anyone in real estate must understand the great benefits the IRC Section 1031 has to offer which allows investors to sell a property and to reinvest proceeds to a new property while deferring all capital gain. Scott talks with 1031 Exchange expert, Dave Foster, on some of the ways you can use this process to help you invest in real estate and notes. Dave says anybody can do a 1031 just as long as
NCS 454 | Short Sales
  Many homeowners are experiencing hardships with their properties with divorce and excessive debt being top causes. Oftentimes, short sale is a promising solution in these situations. Scott talks with seasoned realtor and short sale specialist Nicole Espinosa about her short sale business and the existing market. Even when the market is performing great, there is still a short sale going on and there is no stopping her company at taking care of their clients.
NCS 453 | Business And Barbecue
  Successful businesses always start with interesting stories about how they emerged. Scott talks to long-time friend and real estate investor, Tim Herriage, about how he quit the Marine Corps and made his way through real estate. Tim shares his struggles in the industry and how he survived a roller coaster of emotions when shutting down his own business. He also gets into real estate, his favorite barbecue in Texas, and evolving as an entrepreneur.
NCS 452 | Self-Directed IRA
  For years, Detroit, Michigan has been hot on the market primarily because of its inventory to price points and not having an SDIRA or self-directed IRA. With its numerous economic developments, there are issues that are lagging around such as the city being on the verge of bankruptcy. If you are planning to invest here, reaching out to others such as a CPA or an attorney who is not on the mock arena is
NCS 451 | Attracting Clients
  Every entrepreneur’s primary goal is to grow their business. This will only be possible if you can own and attract more clients as much as you aim for. Scott talks with Darin Adams from Infusionsoft about how entrepreneurs and marketers can attract, sell, and wow their current and future clients by using their software. Darin reveals why building a database is the most critical step for your marketing campaign’s success. Sharing the transition of
NCS 450 | Short Sales
  Short sales have been a widely held topic in the real estate arena. Why? It’s because it’s a win-win deal for both the seller and the buyer – a short sale can get a property holder out from bad debt while buyers see the price of a short-sale home worth the hassle. Scott discusses how note investors can target short sales as warm leads for potential opportunities for deals and larger lists of non-performing
NCS 449 | Note Mastermind
  The Note Mastermind is a three-time annual event for note investors as part of Scott’s mentoring program. Once again, people come over to spend time with other note enthusiasts and have the opportunity to hang out and working on each other’s business, making them rejuvenated in rowing towards the same direction. Scott shares some of the fantastic things that took place during the 22nd Note Mastermind meeting in Austin, TX. — Listen to the
NCS 448 | Chicken Or Egg
  The chicken or the egg is a dilemma that has also penetrated the world of real estate. In the note business, it often equates to the property or the bank. Scott helps us understand this predicament by providing some details on which entity must be dealt with first. Proving the order of importance between the property and the egg, Scott says that if you are chasing eggs, it is advisable to go upstream and
NCS 447 | Business Plan
  Setting up a note business means that you have to create and work on an effective business plan. It can be a long and analytical process, but once it is properly executed, success can be endless. Scott talks about how to make a business plan that works. He says keeping your eye towards the goal and talking to the right people is necessary to ensure that you are in the right path, and identifying
  Market value always changes, and as it evolves, you as an investor have to evolve too. It is ideal for anyone to understand the zigzag occurrence in investing. Knowing how to handle such scenario is essential for any business to thrive. The market may turn on you, or it may be in your favor but identifying the changes that need to be done once the market turns is necessary. Scott shows us how to