EP 364 – Crowdfunding Mistakes with Jillian Sidoti

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NCS 364 | Crowdfunding Mistakes

  Back in 2012, the JOBS Act was passed. What we have seen happen is that more people are now advertising for investors because there’s a couple of different rules that allow you to advertise for investors. One of those rules is 506c which allows you to raise money from accredited investors only. You can do general solicitation, but you have to verify that those investors that are coming in your deals are indeed accredited. … Read More

EP NC 14 – Crowdfunding Your Note Deals with Jillian Sidoti, Esq

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NC 14 | Crowdfunding Your Note Deals

If you’re in the note industry, think of yourself as a rock star and you are building a career path. Jillian Sidoti looks at crowdfunding your note deals like building a band and the first thing you do is write your songs, you need to have a plan for finding and closing deals and the only way to do that is if you know what your niche is. Then you build the band, you build … Read More