EP 358 – Buying And Selling Owner Financed Notes with Kristin Adam Gerst

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NCS 358 | Owner Financed Notes

  Scott brings on Kristin Adam Gerst from Capricorn Mortgage Investments to discuss some of the things about buying, selling and creating your owner-financed notes. They cover topics from interest rates to finding the right places to sell. Kristin shares some personal accounts while giving insights into how to handle buying and selling notes. She tackles credit scores as well as the structures about down payments, notes, and acquisitions. Kristin also touches on debts and … Read More

EP 345 – Flipping America with Roger Blankenship

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NCS 345 | Flipping America

  Many people are interested in real estate investing. However, not many get to fully enter the industry because they don’t have someone who can guide them with the right knowledge. To help with that, Roger Blankenship from the Flipping America podcast talks about the current real estate market and working with new real estate investors. He covers topics like disasters and how it would affect properties and fixing and flipping houses. Teaching people how … Read More