EP 488 – Current Note Market Opportunities with Tom Boren

NCS 488 | Note Market Opportunities

  There are many note market opportunities out there that you can take advantage of. All you have to do is learn how to invest well from the right people. Scott Carson talks with Tom Boren from Aspen Funds about the current note market opportunities that they are focused on in the second and first-lien performing note spaces. Tom discusses the hurdles that second lien investors see today and the common mistakes they are making. … Read More

EP 485 – The 7 Biggest Mistakes Fix & Flippers Make As Note Investors

NCS 485 | Fix & Flipper Mistakes

  Fixing and flipping properties may be very different from note investing, but you can always do both without making major mistakes. In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down the seven biggest mistakes that fix and flippers make when jumping into the defaulted note game as they transition from fix and flipping properties. Fixing and flipping should not be your primary strategies in the note space because time is too valuable to waste greatly on … Read More

EP 484 – Risky Investing with Chris Naugle

NCS 484 | Risky Investing

  Investing is always risky, which is why you must be equipped with the right knowledge before making any investment in any financial market. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with real estate investor and TV personality Chris Naugle from Risky Builders about the current market, fixing and flipping, and raising private capital. He also shares his method to maximizing profits and avoiding mistakes as an investor. Take Chris’ advice so you can make your … Read More

EP 483 – Top 10 Tips For Financial Security with Keaton Munster

NCS 483 | Tips For Financial Security

  “Invest wisely” should be a mantra you must remind yourself of because it will greatly influence you towards achieving financial security. In this eye-opening episode, Scott Carson talks with Keaton Munster from Quest Trust Company about the top ten tips for achieving financial security in retirement. Keaton strongly advises that you pick someone who is going to help benefit your moral ground of investing so you can sit back and tell them your financial … Read More

EP NNA 45 – Second Half Success Plan

NNA 45 | Success Plan

  2019 has passed its halfway mark and things may still be starting to get better for you or not. Scott Carson breaks down several things that you can do to get back on track in the second half of 2019 and how to turn that momentum into greater success in 2020. Setting or resetting your goals is a key factor to your success. You do not need to do 100% of your goals quickly … Read More

EP 481 – Part Time Focus And Full Time Success with Paul Cooper

NCS 481 | Full Time Note Investor

  Balancing your family life and your real estate business is the real deal for many investors. For Note Mastermind member Paul Cooper, this can be done with a little ease when you know where you are heading and when you are clear on your goals. As he talks about his note business, his focus, and his long term goals, he also shares his opinion on investing in performing and nonperforming notes and shows us … Read More

EP 480 – Building Your Lifestyle with Tom Sylvester

NCS 480 | Building Your Lifestyle

  Building your lifestyle takes discipline and adherence to your goals. Host Scott Carson interviews real estate investor and lifestyle entrepreneur Tom Sylvester of Lifestyle Builders on how to build a lifestyle for you and your family. Tom shares the story on why he and his wife evolved into a lifestyle business, noting how it takes time and intentionality with where you’re spending your resources. He also emphasizes the need for having a realistic time … Read More

EP 479 – There Is No Shortcut To Success

NCS 479 | Setting Goals And Expectations

  Getting yourself involved in the note business can be daunting because, to put it simply, there is no shortcut to success. For this reason, Scott Carson discusses the importance of setting goals and realistic expectations in your note and real estate business. He breaks down some things you can do to drive results as a full-time or part-time real estate investor. He also identifies some of the challenges that you may encounter in the … Read More

EP 478 – Real Estate Accounting with Thomas Castelli, CPA

NCS 478 | Real Estate Accounting

  Starting out in the real estate business can be nerve-wracking, but with the right guidance, you can move forward with ease and be on your way to success. Real estate CPA, Thomas Castelli, talks about accounting in your real estate and note business along with some common mistakes that investors make when starting out. You can set your foundation as a new investor and you can veer away from typical slip-ups, but the biggest … Read More

EP 477 – My Most Impactful Books

NCS 477 | Impactful Books For Entrepreneurs

  Without doubt, books surely supply you the knowledge you need for surviving life. In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down the most impactful books that have had an influence on his life as an entrepreneur. Starting from famous books by Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill down to other books from other businesses, Scott leads us into a world of insights that we would never have otherwise. Do yourself a favor and read on and … Read More

EP 476 – Performing Notes with Desi Arnaz

NCS 476 | Performing Notes

  We can all benefit from success stories of real estate investors who have strove to reach their goals in the industry. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with long-time note investor, friend, and student Desi Arnaz about his note business. Desi is a professional investor and Co-Founder of the ACI Legacy Group with over 40 years of experience in the real estate world. He shares his focus on performing and non-performing notes and how … Read More

EP 475 – The Power Of Your Goals

NCS 475 | Power Of Your Goals

  We know that you can benefit from identifying your goals and writing them down. In this episode, Scott Carson shares the importance of not only setting your goals, but also sharing your goals to your network. Sharing your goals not only to the people closest to you but also to the people outside of your circle helps you accomplish those goals faster. Scott also shares the importance of making a pivot in your life … Read More