EP NC 06 – Cracking the Code of Fynanc with George Antone

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NC 06 | Build Financial Security

There is a way to build financial security in your lifetime and for the generations to come without investing in stocks, bonds, real estate or even starting or selling a business. Goerge Antone, author of the “Banker’s Code” calls this new paradigm of building wealth and cracking the code of finance as Financial Shortcuts wherein you use finance in creative ways that will improve your financial well-being. George also calls it Hacking Finance because in … Read More

EP NC 05 – Taking Control of Your Retirement with Nathan Long from Quest IRA Inc

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NC 05 | Control Your Retirement

Real Estate is the largest section of the economy, which is why it is best to have some assets tied to it in your portfolio. Quest IRA CEO Nathan Long has been helping companies grow with self-direction through diversification, tax savings and being able to make investments on things that you know best. Nathan explains that self-directed IRAs only difference with traditional IRAs is that you control your retirement account. Listen to the podcast here: … Read More

EP NC 04 – Joint Venture IRA Investing with Walter Wofford

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NC 04 | Joint Venture IRA Investing

For companies going for a more efficient scaling route, they go into joint ventures. This allows them to combine assets and operations as they share the risks as well gaining access to the skills and capabilities of each JV partner. Walter Wofford explains why it is harder to go bankrupt in joint venture IRA investing because of the opportunities each one brings to other. He shares that as a real estate investor, you are both … Read More

EP NC 03 – Protecting Yourself Using a Corporate Veil with Aaron Young from Laughlin & Associates

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NC 03 | Protecting Your Corporate Veil

You could get in trouble and even go to prison for something that you “should have known.” Aaron Scott Young went to prison for this and that made him realize the importance of what he does at Laughlin & Associates to make sure you know what the rules are and follow them strictly so you don’t find yourself in a law suit, or worse, prison cell. Once you know the rules, you know the risks … Read More

EP NC 02 – Bulletproof Your Due Diligence with Alex Goldovsky

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Running your numbers at the front end is critical for note investors, because the industry is all about numbers that will let you learn how to better scale and grow your business. For a better scaleability, Alex Goldovsky of ProTitleUSA helps you bulletproof your due diligence and help you spend time on buying one good loan and move on to the next deal. He has the ability to analyze and present data that tells note … Read More

EP NC 01 – What Is Note CAMP?

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NC 01 | Note Camp

Many people may wonder what Note CAMP is. The best way to describe it is what it isn’t. First of all, it isn’t a pitch fest. Also, it isn’t solely focused on Scott Carson or We Close Notes. Note CAMP is focused on forming principles, content, actions, marketing, and profit-generating nuggets for those that attend the camp. A great line up is coming up as keynote speakers who are subject matter experts in their own … Read More

EP NNA 11 – Building Your Note Business Plan

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NNA 11 | Note Business Plan

We’re all real estate investors of some sort, whether you’ve done a thousand deals or are looking to get started. Note investors are a big percentage of who we deal with, and building your note business plan is one of the most important things you can do. We all start somewhere and a lot of people don’t have any type of business background, and that’s why it’s even more important to have a business plan. … Read More

EP 271 – Re-Performing Notes: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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NCS 271 | Re-Performing Notes

Jennifer Dagenhart, VP of portfolio management at We Close Notes, discusses some fun and exciting case studies they did on re-performing notes and their due diligence. Jennifer manages a huge chunk of the portfolio, especially on the stuff they bought in the last year, and they usually get about 70% of them re-performing with the borrowers. If you’re not an investor and don’t understand what it is you’re selling, you’re really just a joker broker … Read More

EP 270 – Notes On Fire with Neil Clasen

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Portland firefighter, Neil Clasen, has been real estate investor selling off rentals for the last fifteen years. However, he wanted to look for cash flow rather than long-term deals so he sold off his business and got into notes. He said he likes helping people and the note business cash flow gives him the opportunity to make some money and also to help people who are willing to work with him. He talks about that … Read More

EP NNA 10 – Loan Servicing And Asset Management with Shante Duffy of Madison Management

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NNA 10 | Loan Servicing

No portfolio is too big or too small. That’s Madison Management’s company statement. Office Manager Shante Duffy talks about the services their company offers. They primarily handle loan servicing and asset management. They understand that as a note investor, you have to start with one note, test the waters, see how it goes, and move up from there. What separates them from other servicers is that they want to sit and take the time to … Read More

EP 269 – Social Media Survey: The Numbers Tell Your Story

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NCS 269 | Social Media Survey

If you have been in the note closing industry, you know that it is a number’s game. In the last 30 days, how many individual posts have you done on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest? How many videos have you published in YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook? All the numbers that you get from these questions will immediately tell you how well are you doing with your business. Long-term success is built with daily increments that … Read More

EP 268 – Note Camp Recap

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NCS 268 | Note Camp

Note Camp Provides education for people about the note closing industry. It also helps a lot with planning how we can help investors for the next six months. We want to see attendees doing more marketing, not just during the event, but going forward for their own businesses. Note Camp teaches note closers to step out of their comfort zone and share their strengths and weaknesses, how they find their deals and how many can … Read More