EP 396 – 2018 Year In Review

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NCS 396 | 2018 In Review

  Another New Year means another great year left behind. Nothing makes you reflect more and be more excited of the future than nostalgia. As 2018 has come and gone, it is time for you to up your game and remember what you have learned from the past to claim 2019 as your year. For a 2018 year-end review, Scott Carson breaks down some of the highlights and the top ten episodes of 2018 for … Read More

EP 395 – New Year, New Tribe with Aaron Young

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NCS 395 | New Year

    The New Year does not feel like new when you just keep yourself stuck in your old ways. 2019 just kicked off and it’s time to finally make a change and jumpstart your business. Aaron Young talks about how to really facilitate change in the New Year by surrounding yourself with new people, and why a mastermind may be the right thing for you to dramatically expand your business in the new year. … Read More

EP 394 – The Brand Doctor with Henry Kaminski, Jr.

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NCS 394 | Branding Mistakes

  On this episode of the Note Closers Show podcast, we’ve got my friend, Henry Kaminski, Jr. on to talk about branding mistakes business owners make. He is a best-selling author, podcast host, and the founder of Unique Designz by the HMK Group. Henry shares his expertise as “The Brand Doctor” by discussing why it is important to be yourself while giving value to people. Touching on social proof, mastering your niche, and sharing your … Read More

EP 393 – Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer

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NCS 393 | Cool Things

  Scott interviews Thom Singer from the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast about stand-up comedy, public speaking, and some of the cool things that entrepreneurs get to do in their day-to-day activities. Merging comedy and public speaking, Thom shares how he makes use of the two in business and in life. He talks about his podcast, sharing the biggest a-ha moments he had encountered, and explores networking and why it is beneficial for the business … Read More

EP NNA 32 – Avoiding Grinch

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NNA 32 | Grinch

  No matter how much you stay positive in your life, there will always be a number of people you encounter that brings out the negative. As the year kicks off, it is time to make ourselves invincible to these people. On this episode, Scott discusses some of the “grinches” that you need to avoid and how to deal with them around the holidays. Scott dives deep into the multiple faces of the Grinch and … Read More

EP 392 – End Of Year SD IRA Guidelines with Ingrid Chavez

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NCS 392 | IRA

  The end of the year is something that makes anyone feel either anxious or excited. Partly the reason is the fact that so little time is left to meet your goals and finish up some pending tasks. Scott talks with Ingrid Chavez from Quest Trust to discuss some of the deadlines that self-directed IRA investors have to keep in mind as the year comes to an end. Learn more about evaluation and asset evaluation … Read More

EP 391 – Reinvention Radio with Steve Olsher

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NCS 391 | Reinvention Radio

  One thing is true of life, which is it constantly moves us through change. Whether in business or in our personal lives, we are wired to go through transitions and reinvent ourselves hopefully for the better. Scott interviews entrepreneur, the master of reinvention and podcaster of Reinvention Radio, Steve Olsher to talk about ups and downs, the New Media Summit, and overcoming obstacles. As the poster child of reinvention, Steve provides great insights and … Read More

EP 390 – Podfest Expo Family with Chris Krimitsos

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NCS 390 | Podfest Expo

  Scott interviews Chris Krimitsos who is the founder of Podfest Expo. They take us into what happens in that event, what to expect, and when to expect the next. They also got down to it and talk about podcasting and its growth over the past couple of years. Chris shares his own background of doing events to phasing into podcasting, giving some insights on the biggest things people struggle with when starting something and … Read More

EP NNA 31 – Cyber Monday Hacks

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NCS 31 | Cyber Monday Hacks

  There are so many great applications and tools online that sometimes it becomes overwhelming just to find the right ones for you. Others can be misleading, while some are just difficult to operate. On this Note Night in America, Scott breaks down some of the technology hacks that have helped him save time and money while also helping make his team more productive. He features applications that can help you generate lists of potential … Read More

EP NNA 30 – Stress-Free Wealth Building with George Antone

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NNA 30 | Stress-Free Wealth

    Not all of us have all the time in the world to build our wealth. Sometimes, we even find ourselves in a very long and tough journey. George Antone – thought-leader, best-selling author, and lifestyle entrepreneur – breaks down some of the financial hacks he and his students are using to help build stress-free wealth in six hours a month or less. Calling it hacking finance, he gives out a great way to … Read More

EP 389 – The Tale of Two Decades

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NCS 389 | Tale Of Two Decades

  When we look back into the past couple of years of our lives, we will see how much we have grown. For some, it will be a long and remarkable trail. For others, the past could have been just a couple of steps. Nevertheless, no matter where you are in business and in life, there will always be a number of years that we can all look forward to and make a difference. Scott … Read More

EP 388 – Multifamily Investor Nation with Dan Handford

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NCS 388 | Multifamily Investor Nation

  Scott talks with Dan Handford from Multifamily Investor Nation about the apartment market deal opportunities and his upcoming online apartment event. Dan shares some great nuggets about where to find your deals, especially for those that are looking at multifamily. He gives out the places where everybody else have been missing while laying down the big ten countries you could look for deals. Dan also talks about some of the tax advantages as well … Read More