EP 374 – Upfront And Back End Note Costs

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NCS 374 | Note Costs

  Buying a note is not only a single transaction and then everything is done. It has to go through some before and after preparations, most especially when it comes to paying. Many people tend to forget this and fail to put in some important calculations. Scott breaks down some of the costs associated with your upfront due diligence, along with back-end costs to your note deal once you’ve purchased it. He talks about the … Read More

EP 373 – Ten Biggest Marketing Mishaps

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NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

  Everybody makes mistakes. Those who are smart learn from others. Scott breaks down the ten biggest marketing mistakes that he and other real estate investors are making with their marketing. He gives out some great advice along the way that will also help you overcome them. Covering marketing mishaps from emails and video thumbnails to plagiarism, you’ll find how much you can actually improve how you’re doing marketing. Learn the ways while gathering some … Read More

EP 372 – Note Nap Time

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NCS 372 | Note Nap Time

  It might seem counterintuitive to have a note nap time within your day. Yet as much as we doubt it, we have been experiencing this since our kindergarten years. Scott discusses the value it brings even up to now in your business by way of scheduling. He breaks down the importance of organizing your schedule and owning it. Not only will it make you feel better, it will also bring about more productivity. Learn … Read More

EP 371 – Creating A Bigger Voice with Kelly Resendez

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NCS 371 | Big Voice

  Society tends to tell us that we can’t always get what we want. This has been so embedded that we close ourselves off from pursuing a greater and bigger life. Showing us that we can actually do that, Scott interviews Kelly Resendez of BigVoicesRise.com about entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs (both male and female) can give themselves a bigger voice in the market. Kelly gives us some wisdom from her books, Foundation to Sustainable Success and Big … Read More

EP 370 – 4th Quarter Actions

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NCS 370 | 4th Quarter

  It’s the second to the last month of the year. This does not only mean that the year is almost ending, it is also about the final stretches we are about to take to prepare for the next. Scott breaks down some of the things that you should be doing in the fourth quarter of the year to help you capitalize on the New Year. Learn as you equip yourself the knowledge of reaching … Read More

EP 369 – Picking A Note Market

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NCS 369 | Picking A Note Market

  A lot of people are looking to invest at something. However, the California, Oregon, Washington state, Arizona, or Nevada markets are overpriced for the most part. That’s not saying you can’t find something that makes sense, but for the normal note investor, those markets are a little overpriced and just don’t seem to make sense. You could actually buy a load of assets across the country and totally leverage your risk and go from … Read More

EP 368 – Good Success In Gary with Tom Olson

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NCS 368 | Good Success

  We’re in a very unique period of time right now, but there are still markets out there that you should be looking at that you should be investing in. As we’re starting to see even inventory back into the sheriff sales, Tom Olson thinks it’s better to be more centrally located and building the communities is going to be way more important in the next 10 years than it was in the previous 50 … Read More

EP 367 – One Source Away From Success Or Failure

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NCS 367 | Success Or Failure

  Don’t be stuck on one-deal source. Don’t get stuck on just one person, one bank, or one hedge fund providing deals. Go out and develop other relationships and other lead sources, because it may not pay immediately, but the moment one faucet shuts off, you will be able to reach over and turn another faucet on to help you feed your business. Scott discusses how we are all one source away from expanding or … Read More

EP 366 – What The Future Holds

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NCS 366 | What The Future Holds

  Where do you see yourself in the next three years? Where are you growing? How are you? More so, what’s guiding you down the line? Think about this now. Take a look at where you want to be in the next three years and start to visualize it. What would you do if money was not an issue? Describe it. Many of us don’t do this enough on a regular basis. We all get … Read More

EP 365 – Maximizing Your Speaking Opportunities

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NCS 365 | Maximizing Speaking Opportunities

  When you’re speaking at a conference or an event, you want to make it worth the audience’s time and make sure you walk out with some great students. The biggest thing you can do is just do the right things – show up early, play full tilt, and be respectful. You will often find that you’ll turn any event into something amazing that a lot of other speakers or attendees won’t get because they … Read More

EP 364 – Crowdfunding Mistakes with Jillian Sidoti

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NCS 364 | Crowdfunding Mistakes

  Back in 2012, the JOBS Act was passed. What we have seen happen is that more people are now advertising for investors because there’s a couple of different rules that allow you to advertise for investors. One of those rules is 506c which allows you to raise money from accredited investors only. You can do general solicitation, but you have to verify that those investors that are coming in your deals are indeed accredited. … Read More

EP 363 – Planning Your Must Attend Events

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NCS 363 | Know Your Calendar

  With the world getting smaller and smaller, it has become inescapable to feel overwhelmed. Especially for entrepreneurs, we tend to get bombarded with so many emails and events to go over and attend to. Adding to that pressure is the closing of the year where things seem to pile up more and more, and even attaining goals become desperate. On this Note Closers Show, Scott breaks down your calendar and how to maximize your … Read More