EP 192 – Unshackle Yourself

NCS 192 | Unshackle

NCS 192 | Unshackle

Unshackle Yourself: Scott brings on Aaron Young to discuss how to properly protect yourself and your business.

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Unshackle Yourself

We are excited to have our good friend, my brother from another mother, one of my best friends, Aaron Young, joining us today.

It’s good to be here. First of all, I love doing anything with you. The listeners may not know, I live up in the mountains on a 25-acre little hobby farm. It’s normally rainy this time of the year and black, black, when you get up in the morning. This morning, I got up it was a blue sky day. The sun was just coming up. The fall leaves are in full glory here and I thought, “I’m so glad I’m up and driving in the car, not sitting at my desk in my house.” I’m delighted to be here. Always great to be with you.

I just had an analogy here with the sun being shiny and you also talking about how it’s a gorgeous day there. It reminds me of how I think a lot of entrepreneurs feel when they’re able to walk away from some things a little bit or dealt with things. It’s like you like to say unshackle themselves from a lot of the burden or the ball and chain and sometimes our jobs, our businesses can become.

The expression about stop and smell the roses or enjoy the sunrise or pay attention to the leaves. When you’re not racing to get to somebody else’s agenda and you can do what you want to do, it’s a pleasure. You have to take care of day-to-day but this is no joke, no kidding around, my day-to-day now is less about what are the details that are happening at Laughlin Associates, the details happening with real estate that we hold. It’s much less about that and really is things like I’m looking out the window going, “I wonder if it’s time to use some herd help on the goats. We better start raking those leaves or they’re going to get all mudded down.” Granted, I got up this morning, drove here, put on a clean shirt so I could be on with you and I’m going to get on the airplane a little while to fly to Southern California to give a couple of talks. That’s my day-to-day. We get to pick and choose because we have built a life where we are unshackled in. We get to do the things we love to do and don’t have to do stuff that sucks.

It’s amazing. I watch this with your students. There are so many people that could live a life that’s more their intentions versus somebody else’s, but you’ve got to learn some new tricks. you’ve got to learn some new stuff. When I met Dave Arcizo at Embassy Suites Hotel somewhere in Texas, him and another cop they were both trying to get done with their jobs and learn new stuff from you. I watch on Facebook and I see these people. Dave is doing a great stuff and he’s got really cool blogs he’s putting out. His life is expanding because he learned some new things besides having the job working for whichever agency he worked for. He’s one of those guys that’s quiet, understated, serious, but you learn some things and all of a sudden you get to start to take an affirming control and magnifying the things that mattered to him, the way he helps other people and serves other people, but magnify it and have more opportunity to do stuff you love. Most people could do this stuff if they just learn how to do it and then take a little bit of bold action even when they’re scared.

That’s a really good point from what you say that taking action when you’re scared is always the most difficult thing. You’re scared of the unknown. You have fear, false evidence appearing real. It’s one of my favorite things I love to look at. If you’re scared at something, at least give it a try because you will often find that it doesn’t even happen. The worst rarely happens. Instead of what if, what if it does work?

NCS 192 | Unshackle

Unshackle: What if it works? What if you succeed? How would that feel?

What if it works? What if you succeed? How would that feel? Maya Angelou said, “Do something that scares you every day.” I think there’s so much value in getting out of your rut and out of your comfort zone and do something whatever it is. Maybe it’s drive a different route to work today and you don’t know if you’ll be late or not but you’re going to just try different roads or invest in something or say yes to some interesting committee. Just do something you go, “I don’t know if I’m qualified for that,” but just do it. Your life will get a lot more interesting when you take a few calculated risks or just take bold action. You’ll have more fun. You’ll be happier.

I like to call it, “adjust your tribe.” A lot of us kept going to the same places. We hang out with the same people. We go to the same events. Sometimes it’s just nice to pluck yourself out of that and go something new. We try to do that at least a couple of times a year. Go someplace that we’re not surrounded by the same people. I like going to digital marketing stuff because it helps me evolve my business to be more unshackled. It also gives me an opportunity to be outside of my traditional note box where I’m hearing other ideas and learning from other experts to really identify opportunities that I may over be overlooking because I’m just so used to being so close to it.

It’s really important to be around different people. It’s really important to not just listen to people. You can get on podcast like this or you can follow some of the great minds in the world that are out there on television or radio or podcast. What’s really interesting is when you actually get to sit down and talk to them or if not them, who else was attracted to come close to sit at the feet of that particular expert and learn. I can guarantee you, if people only listen to this podcast, if that’s all the interaction they had with Scott Carson, they’ll benefit but they’re only going to benefit so much. If they come to your event and you’re busy the whole time but they get to hang around with other people in the tribe who are successfully buying notes and flipping or holding or renegotiating, they’re going to be a lot smarter than just listening to the podcast. If they actually got to sit down with you or be involved in any of your smaller trainings that I’ve watched you where it’s really roll up our sleeves and get to work, they’re going to learn a lot more.

Adjust your tribe. Get in with some other people and try to get out of the place where you’re always comfortable and go over and see something new. This is a weird thing to say and I’m going to go off on a weird tangent here. I grew up in a very conservative home, very conservative religion. My belief system around capital punishment, the death penalty, was just cut and dry. It was good and people needed it and why should we pay for people to be in prison? They are clearly evil, bad people. I believe that. I went live and my brilliant wife took me to see Sister Helen Prejean who wrote Dead Man Walking. She’d been in the trenches in these death row prisons. I listened to the facts around who gets the death penalty and what happens in the courts and how often scientists overturn new things. In an hour, my perspective that had been always so cut and dry became not so clear because I learned things I didn’t know. There’s so much crap that we just think is right in our life. Somebody told us we’re supposed to do it. This is what our friends are doing it. This is what our parents did. This is how it is. We shouldn’t expect more. There’s all this garbage that people just accept and it isn’t really true. The world is so much bigger. Just because someone has an opinion of, “This is as good as it gets for somebody like me,” doesn’t mean that’s true at all.

My brother who was into some wild and woolly things in his younger days, he said to me one day, “You don’t even live in the real world, Aaron.” I said, “I live in the real world. I just live in a different world than you.” My world view is completely different. He was worried about people shooting him. He was running drugs back in the day. He really was afraid for his life all the time and he’s like, “Aaron, you just go to church and go to Boy Scouts and have your little family and live in the suburbs. That’s not the real world.” I’m like, “It’s totally the real world.” It’s the same thing with our business opportunities, with our financial situation. There are so much stuff that people just think, “This is how it is.” Then you all of a sudden listen to a 45-minute talk or something and you go, “How the heck did I not know that? How did I not know about flipping or buying notes??” You’ve told me some crazy stories about buying stuff for few thousand bucks. What was the trailer thing that you bought it and then you sold it for scrap or something?

I bought a house in Detroit, Michigan awhile back for $500. I paid from my debit card and it needs a lot of work. I found a scrap metal guy to come out and buy it from me for $1,500 two days later.

Somebody else is working for $20 or $15 an hour and Scott is showing up in Detroit and making $1,000 by making some phone calls and having a debit card. That’s what it comes down to.

I should write a deal book on some of the crazy stories we had. We onetime hired a lady of the night who was sleeping in a house next door, a rehabber in Austin. She became one of the best property managers I’ve ever had.

A lot of people would say, “I don’t want anything to do with her.” She’s living a life that I can’t condone. Mostly, it’s going to be people who are very, very, conservative, let’s just say, who will say, “That person is not worthy of me being involved.” Those people’s leader, JC, was the one who is always forgiving people and always giving them a second chance. What we want to do is get out of our rut. Get out of our little self-created fantasy world where in fantasy could be, “I just can’t make any more money. I’m only good for $25 an hour. I’m just trying to put in another fifteen years so I get my pension.” I wonder what I could do with $500 in Detroit.

I think a lot of people get used to working in their jobs that. They surround themselves with people that have the same beliefs even though they may have hot, bigger dreams for themselves. You start to settle for yourselves. I call it a dream settling aspect of things where we all dream of one day of being the Yankees centerfielder who’s hitting home runs or a firefighter or a police officer doing big things. Some people do that and that’s great. When I look back in the last fifteen years of my life I’m like, “Holy crap.” I graduated from college at 24. I wanted to be an ESPN sports anchor. That’s what I thought I’d be or in the journalism sport. Somebody always ask me, “Scott gives me a hard time sometimes. Scott, you’re different than a lot of people because you put in time and things like that.” I know a lot of people who they’re working full-time but then they put the extra time in after-hours to do something different. It’s a struggle initially squeezing that stuff there in two hours a day or two hours a week but that little bit of time they put in themselves is like having a nail file. Filing that chain in the handcuffs that we set for ourselves or the limitations that people give for us. It’s not always easy to do that especially when you’re the only one who has belief in yourself. Finding people that will give you that file is difficult to do.

NCS 192 | Unshackle

Unshackle: If you don’t believe in yourself, who’s going to?

You’ve got to believe in yourself. Here’s the deal. If you don’t believe in yourself, who’s going to? Everybody else has got their own hang ups and their own stuff in their life. If you’re listening to this podcast right now and you know there’s more out there than just what you’re doing right now and you don’t know how to get your hands around it but you know for sure there’s got to be more, first of all, you’re doing the right thing by listening to the podcast. That means you’re doing more than almost everybody out. You’re trying to learn some new stuff. This is going to be a corny example but it doesn’t matter how many books you read on riding a bicycle. If you don’t really know how to ride a bicycle to go get on a bike and you start to pedal and you feel off balanced and you fall down a few times and you get nervous going around the little corner there. Pretty soon you’re riding with no hands and jumping off the curbs and you’re going, “This is so much better than walking. This is so much better than what I was doing before.” You’ve got to get out of the books a little bit and get on to the bike. You’ve got to get on the bike.

That’s the way life is a lot of times. People think it but they never act on it. They put around thinking about what they want to do, what they want to become. I even tell my staff here, “What do you want to do in the next year?” I don’t think people have that sometimes because they just start to sell and it drives me bonkers. Everybody has rough times. We have had our ups. We’ve had our downs. We’ve had our dry spells on different things. There are days I’m like, “Come on. Let’s go. Let’s get this thing rocking.” It’s not always happy, joy, joy, yay. I’ll give you example. Yesterday, I’m having a rough afternoon with myself. I am like, “Come on.” I said something to myself, “I’m okay. Everything’s fine. I’m going to get through this little low spot.” Literally, the phone rings and the hair stands in the back of my neck. It’s a guy that I talked to a couple weeks ago in a Houston event, calls me out of the blue, and just visiting with me for twenty minutes. I’m going to see him Thursday night and I hang up the phone and I’m like, “There you go. That’s the sign right there that everything is going to be okay.” What we’re going through or whatever it is we’re dealing with is all short-term stuff unless I let it become long-term things.

Let’s go a step further. This guy knew who you were. The sign that came to you but came from somebody that you’d already made some investment in. There were some connection before yesterday.

A five to seven-minute conversation in Houston on that Saturday.

Yesterday, my son pulled out four of these little cards and they have writing on them. I asked my assistant and I said, “These are from May or something or April. It’s a shame that these four of the stack that we had got lost or got mislaid.” I still wrote to my assistant and I said, “Would you please just write to this people basically with this message and see if any of them would like to get on the phone or engage because they may have forgotten who I am completely?” I got an email back from my assistant copying an email from one of the four people saying, “I can’t believe your timing. I’ve had my desk piled with papers and stuff. I kept Aaron’s book that I picked up at that event on my desk for inspiration and it had gotten piled up with stuff. I just cleaned my desk and I found his book and I set it back up right where I can see it because I know I need to work with him. I can’t believe that I just cleaned it up from under the piles and put it back up in front me and I got your email.” Is it magic? Maybe there’s meaningful synchronicity but it’s only because she went to the event, I went to the event, she went to hear me talk, she filled out a card, she got a book. I found the cards, had to reach out again after six months or something. The stuff that comes as the sign in the moment always comes because there was something else already done and you’ve got to keep priming the pump. Then all of a sudden, you get the gusher of water out of the pump. If you don’t do those things to prime the pump, to keep it operating, nothing happens. If you sit around in your spare bedroom where your office is or you dream about it from your cubicle, nothing will happen. You have to take it and then you’ll get miraculous stories.

That whole initial taking action or making the investment is honestly, it’s creating your own luck. I’m a big believer that things don’t usually happen. You’ve got to put the work in and stuff will happen in six months or six weeks as long as you keep showing up. I think a lot of people are sitting around looking for social proof that you’re going to stick in the game. For those of you that are out there in a job or have done a variety of other things to bring in extra income to help you get ahead in life, a lot of you have gone from one thing to another thing to another thing to another thing and chased a different shiny object syndrome and burns your bridges along the line because you’ve given your pitch to all of your friends and relatives.

They’re like, “I don’t need any soap on a rope. I don’t need any multivitamins. I don’t need any dish drops.” Whatever all that stuff is. It’s critical though. Find something, sticking to it, and going from there. You also have to have a plan of action and have a good foundation. That’s what we love about you, Aaron, is you really help put things in order so people can be doing a lot better later in life going forward versus working from a shoestring budget or just a Band-Aid foundation basis and then they go back and fix everything then go forward. I only speak because that’s one of the things that I did earlier on. I didn’t do things right. I should have set things up differently and had spent time re-fixing it later on when it’s a lot more costly versus before. I think a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners make that mistake.

As you said, sticking in the game. We’ve been doing it 46 years now. We’re here twenty years ago. We’ll be here in twenty years. We’re not going anywhere. We keep providing services that small businesses need. There’s a very high percentage of business failure. About 80% of first companies fail in the first three years and 50% of all companies fail within the first five years. The reason most of them fail is because it could be some or all, but they’re underfunded, first of all maybe their idea wasn’t that great or maybe the idea was ahead of its time. I’ve seen people with brilliant ideas but the market is not ready for them yet. It’s usually the idea or it’s the lack of funding or it’s the lack of processes that can keep the business moving forward. I’ve decided that my legacy is going to be to shrink the number of failures and help more companies survive.

In 2015, 86% of the gross domestic product for United States came from companies of 50 employees or less. Small companies are the backbone of the country. The more we can help small businesses in the United States and anywhere else be successful, the better the communities are going to be, the happier the families are going to be, the less poverty there’s going to be, the more innovation there will be, the stronger the tax base will be for other government programs to help support people that can’t support themselves or build roads or defend borders or whatever the governments do. I’ve just decided that’s my deal. I’m 53, I’ve been doing it for a long time, but I’m doing it more intentionally now to say we can have a greater percentage of company succeed. That will make a giant difference. I don’t care what’s going on with the stock market. The stock market is some very wealthy people, some very wealthy companies and then maybe your IRA or 401(k) is going up and that’s awesome. Most of the people in the country are not living the improvement in their life that some people who are saying, “Look at the stock market.” Very few people are making wealth there. The workaday people, the ones that are closer to the ground, they need help because an extra $5,000 a month to them is world changing. It’s life changing.

That’s what I love about what you do. That’s what I love about what I do because we’re helping people. An extra $60,000 a year, that changes where somebody lives. It changes the opportunities for their children. We can do that. We can help these companies. We can help people not crash and burn. Even in your business, you could say to some extent you’re taking advantage of somebody else’s misfortune but I don’t see it really that way. If people are trying to do the right thing even against all the odds, I see people in your business, you’re helping them out. You’re bailing them out. You’re helping them stay in homes. You’re making homes that were derelict. You get them cleaned up and get them working to get people in them again. You make money from that but they also get a home, some place to live, some place to be safe, some place to have their family. The things that we do matter, you and I. We need as many people as possible to learn the skills so that they can get in the game.

NCS 192 | Unshackle

Unshackle: We need as many people as possible to learn the skills so that they can get in the game.

For those people who want to do something more with their life and make a bigger dent in the community and have a better experience. Me and Steph, we both like Disney World. My wife does too so you’re going to have to get in the game here, Scott. Just to be able to say, “We’re going to go. We’re going to be able to go spend a few hundred bucks to go in the gate. We’re going to buy expensive hotdogs. We’re going to have this magical experience because we can.” Instead of always going, “Somebody else. My life sucks.” We don’t have to live that life. You don’t have to live that life. You can have a much bigger life and it always starts with very simple, faltering, scary baby steps like Scott Carson who sold all of his belongings and got in his pick-up truck and start driving around the country for three years to go out and try to look at deals and buy deals. Sold everything, put them all in the line. I’m getting very philosophical here.

I think it’s a good thing, unshackling yourself takes changing the philosophical mind a little bit. A lot of people get stuck into things and they just got to change it. You’ve got an event that’s coming. Honestly, it’s one of the events that we look forward to the most. Everybody knows that we do notes, that’s one thing and we’re the best at what we do come marketing. One of the biggest things that we look forward to is going to Laughlin, your event you have here with all the speakers you have. We always get something that impacts our bottom line almost immediately.

I’m glad you feel that way. We’ve been producing these seminars for 30 years. We used to do lots of them. In today’s day and age, it’s easier to communicate to people like this: podcasts, on video, virtual. You do these great virtual events. We don’t do 80 events anymore like we used to. We do two a year, spring and fall. This next one, November 17, 18, 19, we call it Magnify Your Wealth. That used to be called the Secrets of Using a Corporation Workshop. Believe it or not, that was a really good title for the event. People loved that title because they were like, “I have one but I don’t really know what I’m doing with it.” I thought we can still teach all the secrets of using a corporation or an LLC. We can also talk about once you’ve figured out those things, what you can do with it and how you can invest in real estate or how can you set up a trust or how can you do a family foundation or how can you do different stuff once you understand how to use the tools.

I’m really glad you liked the event because the Magnify Your Wealth Summit is designed to work with somebody who’s at the very beginning and trying to say, “What’s the road map that I need to follow to get wealthy?” It’s also for people, and you’ve met them, people with $80 million, $100 million, $200 million net worth that are there. Those people are looking for, “I’m looking for large land deals. I want to buy a resort. I’ve just done something new. I’ve just built a new hotel in Hawaii and I need to make sure that I’ve got all the asset protection stuff done right.” How cool is it to have people that are on that whole story arc from beginner to wildly successful to getting ready to sell all those stuff and go off and give back in some way or go on a mission for their church or run for office. It’s pretty cool to see what people do once they’ve built wealth and they figured it out. The event is great for anybody who’s serious about being in business.

It’s not a flop event, by no means. Was it in www.GrowIn2017.com?

Yeah, GrowIn2017.com. You can register there. We limited to 100 people. That’s a legit thing. The reason is because we want Scott Carson, Kevin Day and Jim Conaway and on and on and on, we want our attendees to be able to sit down with you and get FaceTime with people that they normally wouldn’t be able to get FaceTime with on their particular state in what they’re doing. The only way we can do that and give everybody the opportunity to have meetings is if we limit the attendants. People said, “You could have this be 300, 400, 500 people.” I’m like, “Yeah, but then we’d lose the opportunity to change people’s lives by giving them stuff like you said that can really impact their life right away.” It’s 100 people give or take because sometimes somebody’s guest won’t come or they’ll show up with one of their kids or something that we didn’t expect. It’s about 100 people in San Diego there at the Dana Resort right on Mission Bay, a beautiful place. Someone said, “Why did you move your events from Lake Tahoe to Mission Bay?” I’m like, “Are you kidding? Why would you even ask me that question?” Lake Tahoe is beautiful. This time of year it’s often snowing at Lake Tahoe and very cold. Everybody likes to go to San Diego in November. I’m looking forward to you being there. We’ve got some new people that I haven’t spoken before. We have the team and we’re always bringing some extra people that will add a lot of new value. That’s why people come maybe not every time but maybe every year come to one of the events.

That’s the thing that a lot of the concepts that Scott go through and you discuss literally the step by step basis. It takes a little while, I know it took me at least to absorb a lot of the things that you were sharing initially. That’s why we love having you come on the virtual and stuff like that because it’s important information of how to set your business life up so that later on you can enjoy it more. Avoid a lot of the headaches. Avoid a lot of the hassles that can come along with being an entrepreneur.

It’s good stuff. I hope people come. I know a bunch of people are going to come but if anybody is listening to this and they’re thinking it’s time to step up their game or they’re already in business and they’re like, “I know I don’t know everything. I’ve got too much here to lose.” A lot of people will say, “I have a lawyer that I talk to.” This training is accredited for continuing education for lawyers and accountants. That thing we were both at in Anaheim or City of Orange, I’ve had a lawyer come up to me after my talk and said, “I’m so glad you talked about this because I knew a little bit about it, but they didn’t teach us any of this stuff in law school. I’m so glad I’ve heard it from you. I’m going to be your customer.” It was great. I see that all the time, the people that you think are supposed to be these magical experts. I’ve got a great friend who got a Harvard MBA and has done very, very big things in business. He still comes to me for lots of business advice because he said, “I have never done the stuff that you do. I don’t know the stuff that you do. Teach me about that.” I can do the same with him.

NCS 192 | Unshackle

Unshackle: You’ve got to mix that up, meet other people and learn some things.

You’ve got to get out. You’ve got to mix that up, meet other people and learn some things. It will trigger ideas that will first, open your eyes that there is something different and then give you the confidence to explore it more and see, “Does that apply to my situation?” That’s why it’s good to come to more than one of those events. There will be a lot of people that will be there that weekend in November and they will go, “I didn’t know that. That makes sense. I want to do it now.” They will change their business for the better because they took time to leave Cleveland, Ohio and come out to San Diego. That’s what will happen. It happens every time. It’s been happening for all these decades.

The first time that I went to one in Tahoe with you, it was cold outside. I pulled you at the side and Steph is like, “Holy crap.” I’m like, “Crap, there are some things we really need to be doing.” You look at me, “It’s okay, just add a layer each time. Add a little bit here. Add a little bit as you go.” I’m like, “That’s big.” The point is we’re adding big layers for stuff. I’ve got to spend some time with Kevin Day going through some things. I’ve got to spend some time with Brent going through some things. To you if you’ve got some time with some cool stuff. I’ve met some great people there that are good friends now that helped me expand my tribe. Honestly, what is offered, the tuition, the investment of making it out there, it’s well-worth it. Plus, if you’re in a cold spot coming to San Diego where it’s nice out right now is even better.

One of my friends who’s coming out who’s a speaker and a really successful woman. She’s been in the New York Times, she’s been on all of the television shows. She’s said, “I know that I don’t spend enough time understanding my business. I’m just always making money but I’m not learning about business. I need to come and show. The other thing is if I can leave Indianapolis and come to San Diego in the middle of November, that’s a smart move on my part.” We didn’t do this, at least we didn’t talk about it in advance, I have a little promo code that’s just for me to give away. If somebody goes to GrowIn2017.com and if they want to register, they can put in VIP 2017. That’s the magic Aaron Young code. Basically, you get the early bird price even though we’ve been away from early bird pricing for a few months now. As a matter of fact, if we haven’t done it yet, any minute the price will go up to $1,500, $1,499 and it’s completely worth it at $1,499. I think VIP 2017 is a $499 deal. Obviously, you get the three days, you get all the food and everything but also the cruise that we go out on the bay. If the weather is good we’ll go out over the bar and go out into the ocean. It’s the one time. It’s a good deal. I know it’s me saying my deal is a good deal but I’m just telling you it would be the best $400 you ever spent.

It’s always amazing to me, at the day of the event, somebody will show up and say, “Can I register right now?” and they’ll pay $1,500. We’re giving them better opportunities for months but they decided for last minute and they don’t mind. They sit there and they get way more than the $1,500 worth of value. Thanks for bringing me on, Scott, and giving me the chance to mention that. I appreciate it.

Honestly, I am looking forward to spend some time with you and Michelle and Megan and Brent and Scott and Kevin and Jim and Nick as well and everybody this time around.

Our emcee is Michelle Young, my wife which is so freaking cool. I would have never thought to ask her to do that. My brilliant Vice-President of Marketing, Megan, did. Steph wasn’t able to come out to the event up to the beach but now we’re going to all get Michelle a little taste to that at the Magnify Your Wealth.

It’s amazing three year ago we were going walking down South Congress after an event. We took you to dinner. You were talking about Michelle going to some coaching thing for the first time to start doing this. You were so thrilled and her blog have just been going. It’s amazing to have seen the growth in the last three years. You would never have thought where she is today from three years ago.

It’s so much more than I would have ever expected. I knew she was a brilliant woman. I’ve adored her for 30 years. We’ve been married 30 years, so probably 31 years since I met her. It’s been a little over 31 years. We didn’t date very long. We went out on our first date in September and got married in February. It went fast. The point is, I knew she was awesome all these years. Whenever she sets or might do something, she always becomes very good at it. I’m thrilled for her. I’m glad that people are going to get a little bit of a taste of her magic there at the event. It will be a nice offset to the hardcore business stuff. I’m glad you will be there.

Thank you so much for joining us. For our listeners, check out GrowIn2017.com. Use the code, VIP 2017. It still makes it a very, very affordable for you.

It’s a better deal right now. Anybody in your team that’s part of your tribe, I’d love to have them there.

Thanks, Aaron. You have a good day. Give our best to everybody.

See you, Scott. Thanks.

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About Aaron Young

NCS 192 | UnshackleFor over 20 years, Aaron Young has been empowering business owners to build strong companies and proactively protect their dreams. An entrepreneur with several multi-million-dollar companies under his own belt, Aaron has made it his life’s work to arm other business owners with success formulas that immediately provide exponential growth and protection. Below are some of his career highlights:

As CEO of Laughlin Associates, Aaron has served as a strategic-thinking partner for more than 80,000 business owners across a wide range of industries. Having witnessed both their common mistakes and common successes, he knows what works and what does not.
Clients call on Aaron for his opinion and help brainstorming every aspect of business operations, including Corporate structuring, Asset management and protection, Growth strategies, Partnership issues, Leadership, Corporate compliance.

An engaging teacher who speaks directly to the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs as only another business owner can, Aaron is regularly invited to contribute articles, blogs, or his expert opinion for media outlets nationwide.

As a celebrated keynote and breakout speaker, Aaron has addressed entrepreneurial and business audiences for some major players in global trading and finance. He is in high demand for his expertise on asset-protection tax planning and is noted for his signature speech, Building Your Corporate Fortress. Over the years, he has spoken to more than 100,000 people on four continents.

Aaron has served as a board or advisory board member for several organizations—including CEO Space International, A Human Project, The California Women’s Conference, Ripple Effect, Catarinas Club, International Crowd Funding Association, Portland Center Stage, and Integrative Medical Arts Center.
Aaron and his wife of 29 years, Michelle, live near Portland, Oregon. They have five children and one grandchild.

Aaron enjoys back country riding and is an avid horseman.


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