EP 269 – Social Media Survey: The Numbers Tell Your Story

NCS 269 | Social Media Survey

NCS 269 | Social Media Survey

If you have been in the note closing industry, you know that it is a number’s game. In the last 30 days, how many individual posts have you done on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest? How many videos have you published in YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook? All the numbers that you get from these questions will immediately tell you how well are you doing with your business. Long-term success is built with daily increments that you do now instead of later. Create a daily schedule for yourself that will tell you if you have or haven’t done something, because as the numbers go up from three, to six to twelve, this directly translates to closing deals and raising Capital.

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Social Media Survey: The Numbers Tell Your Story

Our episode is all about long-term success built with daily increments. Any long journey begins with the first step. The first step out the door, as Armstrong goes, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The question I have for everybody is, “Are you failing to take that little steps each day? Are you failing on a daily basis to build long-term success?” You keep banging your head against the wall, “Why am I not seeing any update? Why am I not seeing any movement in my business? I’m getting so frustrated.” I hear this from people over and over again and I look back at different things that we see or lack of scene and there’s the answer. The answer is that people fail on a daily basis because they fail to do anything. They completely fail to do anything and it’s frustrating.

The next couple of days, we fly out to Cape Coral, Florida. We’re going to spend it with a few dozen of our Note Mastermind students. The Mastermind weekends are always my favorite weekends of the year because I get to hang out with people that are taking action on who really are hungry to take action and are willing to do some stuff. One of the great things that we do is each time we try to shed a little light on those who are doing the most. Every time we do a Mastermind, we have a social media award winner, the social media superstar. Usually, it’s been a little star on top of an award. Who doesn’t like awards? Who doesn’t like being given award for taking action? We have a social media superstar.

Success is not something that happens in the future. Success is made up of little steps taken right now. I saw this and I was like, “That’s so perfect for what we do.”One of the cool things that we do at each Mastermind is we give everybody there a social media survey. This asks them what they’ve done in the last 30 days. It’s not difficult. What have you done in the last 30 days to expand your business social media wise? If you are interested, you may want to grab a pen and paper and write this down to see how well you’re doing. See how you would rank amongst those that are coming to the Mastermind. We ask people to write down how many Facebook posts for their business, not how many invites to Farmville or words of friends, but how many individual Facebook posts they’ve done for their business in the last 30 days? How many LinkedIn posts or LinkedIn articles have they shared or posted in LinkedIn? How many Instagram posts? A lot of times, it can be the same post across all three platforms. That works for all three.

How many Snapchats have they done? How many posts to Twitter for their note business, their real estate business? How many posts to Pinterest? How many YouTube videos, Vimeo videos or Facebook Live videos have they done last 30 days about their note business? How many REI clubs or meetup groups or self-directed IRA meetings have they gone to in the last 30 days? How many emails have they sent out to their general database about their real estate business in the last 30 days? How many blogs or articles written in the last 30 days? How many webinars, lunch and learns, live streams have they’ve done to their database in the last 30 days? Then we also throw in some pictures. Do you have a website? You have a Facebook business page.

NCS 269 | Social Media Survey

Social Media Survey: Success is not something that happens in the future. Success is made up of little steps taken right now.

We give one point for every social media posts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. Then we give them ten points for every YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook Live video that they’ve done. We give them three points for the networking that they go to, that they’ve attended. Five points for every email out to their database. Five points for every blog or article written. Ten points for a webinar to their database. Then we throw in ten extra points if they have a website and then fifteen extra points if they have a Facebook business page. You add all those numbers up, it will tell you immediately how well you did. If you score a 70 or 60 or below, you’re basically doing two things a day. 60 or above is a D. It’s pretty much the bare minimum to pass. 70 or more, that’s a C. It’s not bad. It’s over two things a day, usually that’s good. B is 80 or greater and an A is 90 or greater, which is three times a day, which is not that difficult to do.

Oftentimes, the winners of the survey are scoring well-over a hundred most of the time. Some of our past social media winners are Adam Adams, Cody Cox, Garrison Gilbert, Scott Yaffe out of Phoenix. Those are the guys that are doing some amazing things and knocking things out. The last time we did in Austin was Katie Moton and Laura or they tied for third. If you do things on a little bit of a basis, just put it in your daily schedule, this is the proof that all you need that you’re either doing something or you’re lacking at something. The people that are doing this, doing their own thing, I’m not giving the exact formula. They’re the ones that are closing deals and raising capital. The two biggest things they’re doing. It all revolves around this. If you’re not doing this, you’re not doing anything in your business. It’s the truth of the matter. If you post one thing a day, great, that’s your business. How do you expect to be in business if you’re not advertising? That’s why we love to do this. It’s not a bash to those that aren’t doing anything, the proof is in the pudding of whether people are doing something or not doing something. This takes us back to the whole 30-30 club that we’ve talked about. We created Monday night, we had a webinar and Note Night America goes back to 2017. We have to redo it again.

I put together an Excel spreadsheet, which has every day of the month, and then across the top, you’ve got 30 different activities, so 30 for 30. Every time you do something, send an email out to your database, “Attending a meetup group.” I would take a post to Facebook or posting to Twitter or reaching out to asset managers. There are 30 different activities you could do. You could check off the boxes and you would see, “I got 90 boxes checked off this month. I got an A this month.” I guarantee you if you had an A, you’re seeing activity. You’re seeing people respond to you. You see people reaching out to you. Some people are like, “I don’t want to do videos,” then don’t do videos but do something else. Share a picture of what you’re doing. I have to give a big shout-out to Paul Cooper. Paul Cooper did a video. He went to Note CAMP and he did a movie of four or five deals that he’s working on. It’s a good start. Animation shows the pictures of the property, talked about the numbers a little bit. He didn’t give any addresses but it was a start. At least he did something to make things happen. That’s a great start. That’s a video. It’s in there. It’s worth ten points.

If you did ten videos and posted those across the board, you’d have an A. That might be enough for you. If you posted a video every two days, every two business days basically Monday and Tuesday, that’s eight, that would work. That’s eight days out of the month for the most part. If you really want to shine brightly in the note business, if you want to shine brightly in any type of real estate business, you’ve got to share what you’ve got going on in your business. Our good buddy, Brad Chandler, who’s out of the Washington DC area, we’re talking with him at a Mastermind previously that we were a part of, and he was talking about how his budget for marketing is roughly $2 million plus a year. They do a lot of TV. They do a lot of radio ads. There’s nothing wrong. There’s a lot of media buying, that’s very expensive. He has a hard time raising capital for some things sometimes. He was asking me. I was like, “Just go drop some stuff on Facebook. Do the same things that you post online on the media. Start throwing those on Facebook. You can do that.”He’s like, “Okay.” Sure enough, it worked perfectly. It worked like a charm. If you’re not making offers, that’s the first problem. Start marketing. Go reach now, use the same tools that we talk about reaching out to your database. Post those on LinkedIn, reach out to the asset managers. Start communicating on these platforms. People will start picking notice of what you’re going to do.

One of the great things that we’re also going to do at this upcoming Mastermind is we’re going to literally plot out the next eight months of marketing for people to send to asset managers. That’s part of the Mastermind group that get my asset manager list. It’s great. Good stuff. They’re going to have the list. I’m going to tell him, “Email here, email here, email here.” The thing that you have to keep in mind is that’s the two most critical things, marketing and marketing. That leads to raising capital. That leads to finding assets that you make offers on. You don’t have to rely on the low-hanging fruit of a really rotten fruit out there that’s been picked over by everybody. If you’re here for the first time, I highly encourage you to texts notes to 72000 to learn more about note investing. Please do so. You’ll get access to a bunch of videos. You get access to a PowerPoint. Text the word Notes to the phone number, 72000 and you’ll be surprised. You’ll get a couple of text messages to you. You’ll get alerts of our next upcoming stuff.

I used to have ex-girlfriends that loved taking those quizzes. How to tell if you’re a good lover? How to tell if you’re boyfriend loves you? Or how to tell if you need to find somebody? All those stupid quizzes, they’re made up and totally stupid quizzes. This is the quiz. This is not made up. This is literally proof is in the pudding or whether you’re doing something or not doing something. When I pull this out of the mash, my people have been coming in. They’re like, “Crap.” I’m like, “Why aren’t you doing something? You’re in business. Maybe you should be more of a hobby.” I always have an idea. Steph asked me, “Who’s going to win it?” I’m like, “I don’t know. You never know what people are doing that we’re not seeing, but I have an idea who I see.” I always have a good idea on who I believe is going to win based on the fact of what I see people doing on a regular basis.

NCS 269 | Social Media Survey

Social Media Survey: If you want to shine brightly in any type of real estate business, you’ve got to share what you’ve got going on in your business.

These posts to Facebook can be like, “Check out my shoes or anything like that.” It’s got be something driven for your note business,“ Check this out. Check out a recent deal that we just did. Check out this case study we’re working on. Check out this article or blog.” Those are all viable marketing pieces. We updated the award. We’re pretty excited about this. I saw this as like, “That’s got to be the new award.” I picked it up. We got a nice little engraving there that says, “Social Media Superstar Note Mastermind, April 2018.”We’re excited to see Cody Cox, his wife and son. Katie Moton and Chris Moton, we’re very excited to see them. Bill Griesmer, Kitty Griesmer from Ohio. We have people coming from all across the United States to join us in sunny Florida. It’s going to be a great time. Good to see our buddy, Brett Gary, who was on a podcast about Southwest Florida. He’s there, it’s good to hang out with him. It’s a great time to network in Mastermind and drive people’s businesses to the next level because that’s what it’s all about.

Other great things that we do as well is we have roundtables that we go through deals and case studies. We talk about these deals and case studies, “What’s the price? What’s the balance? What’s the situation on this deal? When was the last payment made?” Those kinds of things. That way, it gives people a good idea and then they bet against each other. Each table bids against each other to identify what’s the price. Then we share what happened. When did the asset actually get purchased at? What’s happened with the asset? Has it been good, bad, ugly? People get a really good feeling to see, “My bid wouldn’t have been too far off or my bid was right on.” We always have a really good group of people there at the Mastermind. We’ve got a few people coming in for sneak-peaks and check out to see what this whole Mastermind thing is all about and see exactly what we do. For the most part, this is all it’s all about. I was hesitant to talk about this because you were like, “I need to go post something really fast.” You’re three days out. You can’t win it in three days. That’s the biggest thing that’s funny. This is a staple that we do every time now. The last few months has worked out beautifully for everybody involved, because it literally gives them something to really look at to understand, “Am I doing something? Am I taking action? Am I making the most of my day?”

One of the great presentations we had at Note CAMP was Kristie Whites from Serving Social. Our good friends Kristie and Elijah came in here and they talked about the eighteen-minute marketing plan for your business. Great session. I highly encourage you to check it out. It’s on our video channel. If you’re listening on iTunes, we have all the Note CAMP episodes going up on its own special podcast. We created a new podcast just for Note CAMP. Every time we do it, we’ll do a different season on Note CAMP to help out those that are involved to listen a little bit differently. Watch the video, Kristie does such a great job sharing and going through her slides that won’t be hard to figure out exactly what she did.

We look back at what we did. We had literally closer to 1,500 different social media posts that people were sharing for their business, which is great. That’s great stuff. They’re promoting us but they’re also sharing themselves. People are raising capital from their social media posts. Scott Yaffe raised a couple $100,000 from some posts and talking to people, reaching out. You have friends and family. I’ve had some people reach out to me that I haven’t talked to in years that are like, “What is this thing you’re doing? Tell me more. I got some money. I want to talk to you more.” Even some of the speakers who are in note business, “I need to talk more about the note business. I really enjoy this. I’m intrigued.”

We have a question, “What system do you use for your text notes to 72000 promo?”

I would highly encourage you go back and watch the session with Jim Koch. Listen to Jim. It’s with Mobit Text Messaging Service. It’s a great service that allows people to text messages indirectly into our database, which provide some landing pages. They get some information videos, PowerPoint, a whole variety of things that they can access. Mobit is a phenomenal service, well-worth it. Jim had a pretty special pricing point for those that are interested in getting that set up, because that’s the way of the future. Everything is on your cell phone. People are putting bandit signs out there, “Text or call this number.” It’s easier to have a simple number or a simple tagline. Instead of a ten-digit number, you’ve got a five-digit number and a catchy five-digit or six-digit or a single word or tag people text in. They get a text back instantly. You can automate a lot of your marketing in the 21st century. I highly encourage you use Mobit. He’s got a special offer. Go back and listen to Jim’s breakout session at Note CAMP 5.0. He’s a great guy. You can text the word Jim to 72000 to set up appointment to talk with him about their services. I talked to Jim. He had 30 to 40 people that have opted in for appointments over the next couple of days. You definitely want to take advantage of it because a lot of people are going to start using it, which is great because it helps everybody. It makes it very simple for people to communicate and target your marketing to them as well.

We have another question, “I post a lot of real estate info in general. I like reading it but is that decent to put up? It’s not really no content but I think it all ties in anyway.”

It’s got to be targeting your business. If you just post, “Here’s an article about real estate,” that’s great, but it’s not talking about your note business. It’s a little bit of content, but you’re not taking that extra fact, “This is how it affects note industry. This is how it affects me. Here’s what I’m doing.” That’s why you want to be very careful about reposting articles. I know you’re an avid reader but sometimes you’ve got to quit reading and start making more offers. I know you are networking and you’re absorbing as much as you can, but the best way for you to do some great things is to get out and make more offers. You’ve got all the relationships. You’ve met so many people. You’ve come to our Fast Track training, you’ve been in one Mastermind already. Reach out and start making offers. That’s the best way. Start sharing things that you’re doing. Start sharing the deals with the assets you see, things you come across. You can do that very easily and see a lot of growth take place.

I met Robert Borough at NIS. It totally is a small world. You have to take action towards your business. I’ll give you an example. If you were in the trucking industry, you would post something about trucking but talking about, “Check out our rates are cheaper than these or we can do things faster than what the national average is or something like this.” Start thinking like an entrepreneur versus just thinking like, “I read this. This is interesting.” That’s great but it doesn’t help you in the long run. Until you twist it a little bit and say, “Here’s an interesting article and this is how it affects me as a note investor. Maybe you should think about this.” I think that makes sense.

The problem with podcast is it’s a one-way conversation. Somebody has asked me how crazy I am to put on a big event like Note CAMP and then head straight out to Cape Coral for our Mastermind. I was not thinking when I scheduled. I’m like, “I can’t do that again.” What’s frustrating is when you have a partner or somebody who’s supposed to help you with things and they completely dropped the ball. They have an idea and they want to help you with something, but then they don’t do anything at all and you’re left having a market for things. Unfortunately, that’s happened for Paige a little bit. She’s been trying to get things all fixed up and ready to roll in Tampa for an event. The person that was supposed to be promoting it has not done anything.

NCS 269 | Social Media Survey

Social Media Survey: The best way for you to do some great things is to get out and make more offers.

The beautiful thing that we love about Cape Coral is it is relaxing. It’s a beautiful area that we’re at the resort. Every room has a water view. We have a fun surprise lined up Friday night. We’re going to be taking everybody out on a boat Friday night for a nice relaxing sunset or dolphin cruise, one of the two. There will be libations included. Not that you needed to have a good time with this group. We’re looking forward to that. It’s always one of the nice things. It’s a relaxing two-hour tour out in Fort Myers going along and coming across dolphins and things like that as the sun sets. It’s always a favorite of everybody out there. It’s on our dime. We like to get people out of the classroom and enjoying it. Come rains, there should not be any snow. There should be some shine along the way. We’ll have a good time with that. We always like to try to do something fun with our Note Mastermind whether taking them to a ballgame or a cruise or airboat ride we’ve done in the past. We’ve been at Disney or going wine tasting or having everybody up in our suite for a four-hour happy hour. It’s best designed.

Nothing wrong with working a little bit harder than spending an afternoon or an evening out on the water with a Margarita at hand or Piña Colada at hand and just relaxing and enjoying that salt air and that Gulf Coast breeze coming in. Maybe a good grouper sandwich or a grilled shrimp sandwich. That’s one of the beautiful things about Cape Coral. It’s a gorgeous, laid back area. Time seems to slow down there compared to over Miami where time’s always running fast. It’s going to be a fun time. People are making relationships and friendships at our Masterminds that last outside of me. There are people that connect together and are working together and joint venture together on deals and really making things happen. That’s the power of it. People are getting to see who is successful and then starting to tailor what the successful are doing to help them in their note business.

Our social media posts feed, you tally up what you’ve done in the last 30 days or each month basically, we’ll see how successfully we are. Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts, Snapchats, Twitter or Pinterest posts, those are all worth one point. If you’ve done a YouTube video, Vimeo video and Facebook Live video and shared it, not record it and then not share it, that’s worth ten points. Going to REI club or a meetup meeting or going to a self-directed IRA like a Quest IRA networking event, that’s worth three points. Sent an email out to your database about your note business, your database is worth five points. If you do a webinar like a lunch and learn or, “Here are my deals that I’m working,” that’s worth ten points. If you’ve got a website, you get a bonus often points. If you have a Facebook business page, you get a bonus of fifteen points. Those are the things to think about. You could post daily, one a day to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Share the same post across three platforms, you’re good to go. What does not constitute one if you post the same image across four or five Facebook groups, that doesn’t count. It only counts as one. That’s one thing to keep in mind. If you share an image on a different platform, they’re all good.

It’s going to be paradise for three days. We’re going to have a great time. We’re going to have to definitely take some time to go outside and absolutely relax and have a great time. That’s what we’re going to do. Totally going to do it. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a blast. It’s going to be a little bit smaller Mastermind. We have a lot of people canceled because of trips or family sicknesses or other things that pop up last minute. It’s going to be more of an intimate event, which we’re excited about. When they get big, it’s hard to connect with everybody. When a little bit smaller, it gives me an opportunity to spend some time one-on-one with people to help them out and get things rock and rolling.

If you want to find out if you’re failing yourself on a regular basis or you’re not having any activity, you’re not closing deals or you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, give yourself a quiz. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at what you see. For those that are having success and take the quiz, I guarantee you won’t be surprised because you’re probably doing a variety of these things. Go out and make something happen. Go out and give yourself the quiz. For those that are coming to South Florida, we look forward to seeing you guys there. For those of you that are not coming, the next Mastermind we’re looking to do is going to probably be in August at some point, third or fourth week of August here in Austin, Texas. Hope all is well. Have a great day. We’ll see you all at the top.

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