EP 279 – Tips To Successfully Magnify Your Wealth With Eric Hyde, Gail Greenberg, And Bill Griesmer

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth


NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Everything in life has risk. You talk about your business risk, if you want to play it ultra-safe and put all your money in a bank account, it will be guaranteed that you’ll get that a principal back, but you’re running a risk of inflation, decreasing its value over time. If you want to try the stock market, there is risk in the stock market as well. There’s risk in buying bonds. There’s risk if you get married. And seasoned note closer Bill Griesmer should know: after all, he’s crushing it as a note investor at Stonegate Capital. His company buys and sells performing and non-performing notes, teaching you how to magnify your wealth on the Midwest states.

Progress, not perfection. This expression from the twelve-step program is a good one to remember. In order to succeed at our own pace, we don’t have to worry too much about the results being not good enough. Gail Greenberg applies this to her career in the note space, after being a freelancer for thirty years. She talks about achieving success in note investing, and she didn’t get there by winging it. Her experience as a mom led her to discover that people function best when there’s a lot to do. Now, Gail uses her seasoned career in note investing to inspire newbies into action.

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Tips To Successfully Magnify Your Wealth With Eric Hyde, Gail Greenberg, And Bill Griesmer

I’m Eric Hyde, and joining me are two seasoned note investors. You know them. You love them. I have with me Gail Greenberg and Bill Griesmer. Welcome, guys.

Hi, Eric.

As you may or may not know, Gail and I started almost a year ago working together. She has taught me everything that I know. Everything that I’m sharing with you, I learned from Gail, so we almost don’t even need me. Bill, how are you doing?

I’m doing fantastic.

I noticed you and Gail going away to start it off. Scott’s on vacation and he asked a few of us to help out and co-host. How did it go?

It went great. I was happy with how many people watched and how many questions people put on. I did go back later and answered them. There was a good reaction and reception and I’m very grateful some people got a lot out of it.

We are here to talk about seven things. When Scott asked us to help out and do the webinar, I thought of some things that note investors need to know, need to learn, and seven things that’ll help them improve their business. These are probably things most of you are doing every day, but some of you aren’t. Before we get started, I thought of something. As I go through these seven items, I’m going to have a quote at the end of each of the seven. What I’m hoping for, what I’d like to challenge everybody is as I mention the quote as it relates to each topic, I want to see if somebody can create a meme or a picture that goes with it that they learned from this. Whoever has the best one, the three of us will vote on it. I have a little prize that I’ll send out to them.

The first thing, a couple of months ago, I thought of this. I was in my garage working out, that’s where my space is where I think about life, and the first one is routines. For those of you that are new at this or you’ve been doing this for a long time, I want you to think about what your routine is. Do you even have a routine? There are some statistics out there that every successful person has a routine. If you’re new at this business and you’re trying to emulate somebody, it’s important to look at your own life and what you do and what routines do you have. Why are routines important? Routines are important because it develops a habit.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: Routines are important because it develops a habit.

I’m going to share briefly a routine that I’ve created in my day to day life that’s helped me improve. Gail and Bill, maybe you have some routines as well, but for me, I wake up early every day. That has become my routine. I didn’t start doing that until about six months ago and what I found is that when I started creating a daily routine, my life started improving and my business started improving. Waking up early sets you up for that success and waking up at 4:30 AM to work out or check your email or get that marketing going for the day as opposed to sleeping until noon and you’re already behind the curve. Routine is the first thing to get you started in the day. Bill, do you have anything to add to that? Any routines that you think are important?

I agree with you with working out and I’ve started to use time blocking. This is something I’ve picked up when I did the banking blitzkrieg. It’s so easy to say, “I’ll get to this when I get to it,” and I’ve learned that that’s not that effective. Every single person, every one of us has a lot of balls we’re keeping up in the air juggling and so I found it much more effective to time block and say, “From 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, I’m going to work on notes” and then I even took it one step further. For example, I’m making a presentation to our real estate group in Columbus. Instead of saying “I’m going to work on notes,” I’ve got it now. That’s my MIO, my massively important objective, and that’s number one. It’s going to be 60 to 90 minutes, so I’m trying to make sure I’m not going up there and winging it for that long.

Gail, what about you? You’re an active person. You’re very busy in the note space. I’m sure you’re not getting it done day-to-day by winging it.

I wish I had a more concrete plan. I’ve been a freelancer for 30 years, so I’ve come to rely on having a good memory and the fact that I have a ton of time. I’ve got the most done in the period of my life when I had small children. You can probably relate to this, Eric, because you use every minute. When you’ve got all the time in the world, ten minutes seems like, “What can you do in ten minutes?” but when I had a baby and I had a babysitter for an hour, I’ve got so much done in ten minutes, it was unbelievable. I try to be busy because I find that I function best when I have a lot to do.

That’s a good point you’re bringing up Gail too because the more people have going on in their life, the more important it is to recognize how precious those minutes are. I keep thinking, “If only I had 25 hours in a day,” but the reality is I don’t. I have 24 just like everybody else. Bill Gates have 24 hours in a day. He just uses his 24 hours better than me. My goal is to improve my time. One of the things I do is routines. I decided to get my routines in place. It’s not every single day. For those of you in the audience, I want you to think about what routines you have, or you don’t have. Waking up at 4:30 AM may not be for you but be purposeful in what you do in your routines. I’m going to close out this one with the quote, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” It applies to this one very much.

Number two, consistency. A routine is great, but if you’re not consistent with your routine, it makes no sense. If you go to the gym once a month, that’s your routine, you’ve got to be consistent with it. You need to be consistent in your routines. It’s a matter of doing something every day. We’re all busy. Some of us have full-time jobs and kids, but you’ve got to take that time and be consistent in what you do every day, whether specific in the note industry. That email blast, you could do that once a week or once a month. You could do an Instagram post or a Facebook post. There are all these little things that you can do every day. You don’t have to do them all at once, just be consistent, just do one thing a day.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

I remember hearing Adam’s talk, he said this a couple times during Note CAMP, he’s very consistent in what he does, and he sets up a schedule. Monday is his marketing day, for example. Tuesday is his accounting and bookkeeping day. Wednesday, he’s doing some due diligence, and he’s very consistent with it. Cody Cox, for those of you that are on his email list, I get an email from him like clockwork. He’s consistent. I named those two people because they’re very successful at what they do, and they have proven that consistency rules the day. We look at Scott Carson. One of the reasons why he is successful is because he’s consistent. Every single day, he’s doing something. He’s bombarding us with his emails. I use that term loosely. We appreciate it when he does it because we’re here, but we’ve got to do something every day and be consistent. What do you think about that, Bill?

That’s the one hallmark that I’ve got from highly successful note investors. Same with Wayne Snell. I talked with him about this and he said they have their Quest meetings and every month he says, “I’ve got this deal here.” Sometimes he talks to people and they said, “I heard you speak last year about a deal and I thought about coming up to you every month and I finally decided today is the day.” If you had only done that once or twice or once every six months, that probably wouldn’t happen. Even the fact that we’re sitting here filling in for Scott, this is all about consistency. Scott is continuing to offer content to his viewership, so it’s consistency. You’re exactly right, it’s very important. The other thing, it was a sign that I saw that says, “Consistency beats quality” a lot of times. You want to put out good stuff, but let’s face it, no one is at their best every single moment. LeBron James doesn’t score 60 every single night, although we hope he does next game.

You step up to the plate and you’re hoping for a grand slam. You might do that, you might get it once every couple of years, but if you step up for that base hit and you work on that base hit day after day after day, I tell my son, “Just get it on base” because if you can consistently get on base, you’ll win the game 100%.

The three of us were up here, we talk about these things, but by no means does it mean that we are perfect. I look at my consistency and I’m wildly inconsistent at times. As we talk about these things, it’s important to recognize where they fit in our lives. For those of you in the audience, look at your day. Are you inconsistent in what you’re doing? Do you wonder why you’re not getting any deals? Do you wonder why nobody wants to JV with you? Do you wonder why people don’t know who you are? Put up a little Instagram post, send an email to your database, even if it’s five people. One of the reasons why I know Gail is because she was consistently on BiggerPockets. Gail, remember that?

I do, indeed. I wanted to also say that the expression from the twelve-step program, that is a good one to remember. Progress, not perfection. We don’t have to worry too much that whatever they’re going to produce isn’t good enough. A lot of people do videos in their car. This is called a Dan Sadowski special. You’re a cop, you probably have a camera in your car, you turn it around. You’re like, “I’m going to talk now for a little while about something I’m thinking about.” Do I think about it? Yes, absolutely but there are certain things I’m avoiding doing. As we’re talking, I’m asking myself, “Why is that?” It’s because I don’t enjoy it. I don’t think I’m going to do a very good job at it. I don’t want to put the time in, but you have to be incredibly disciplined about that. Scott, of course, is the god of consistency.

Scott gives a good example. A lot of us probably look up to Scott and say, “I want to be like Scott.” I don’t want to be Scott, but I look at what he does. As I look up to his model and what he does, I couldn’t touch the marketing that he does. Full-time job, kids, I don’t want to, so that’s why it’s important for the audience to break it down in your own life. If your goal is to do two deals this year, then start with baby steps and be consistent in talking about notes and posting something on Facebook or whatever the case is, chunk it down to something small bite-size that you can handle.

What’s funny about that is we look at Scott, he’s a marketing machine. He is on every day, sometimes more than once a day. Even two years ago in 2016 when I first discovered Scott, he did much less in terms of video and stuff, but he was consistent in whatever he was doing. Even back then, it was a particular day or week and he put in the time. I remember going to visit my daughter at college and I was starting to study notes, and Scott did a four-hour webinar where he went through a tape. We literally watched this computer as he’s like, “Let’s look at this property,” and he would go look at the property, go through the Zillow page. It sounds excruciating. I don’t know how he did that.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: A routine is great but if you’re not consistent with your routine, it makes no sense.


In terms of consistency, this is especially important for entrepreneurs because we and Scott generally don’t have someone saying, “You’ve got to do this now,” so that consistency has to come from us and setting your own routines and saying, “This is what I need to be doing.” That’s got to come from you. If you’re used to working for someone else, that is a transition. I know that from personal experience.

We’re beating consistency here. We are beating a dead horse on this, so I’m going to finish it with a quote. This one’s from Tony Robbins, “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” We talked about routines. We talked to about consistency. The next one is beliefs. Gail, you touched on it because you mentioned, “I don’t know what people are going to think about it,” and we all go through that. I go through it when I started posting my videos. It’s not about what people think, but how I believe about myself, what my thoughts are about me, and what my beliefs are. If I don’t believe in myself, how can I expect somebody else to believe in me?

I was talking about self-confidence.

Believing in yourself and the negative thoughts that we have. It’s important to learn to get those negative thoughts out and bring the positive ones in. There’s a quote that I hear all the time on these inspirational videos I watch, which is, “You will become what you think about” and it’s so true. What you think about, you will become, so if you can control what you think about actively, you can control your outcome.

I’m familiar with that one too. It was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.”

I love that quote. It’s so true. I’ve heard it for years, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” It’s so true. Bill, you and I were in San Diego at the Magnify Your Wealth. Do you remember when Greg Reid’s son was sitting in the back room? Those of you who don’t know, Greg Reid wrote the book Three Feet From Gold, and he was one of the keynote speakers. His son, a seven-year-old kid in the back of the room, found a quarter on the ground. They asked him, “Why did you find that quarter?” He says, “Because I was looking for it.” We all looked around and it was so true, because he was looking for it, that idea of you get what you’re looking for, you get what you believe in. Your beliefs drive you. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you; you’re it. If you believe in yourself, then that’s the first step of getting towards success. I thought that was great that Greg Reid’s son shared that, a seven-year-old kid, so true.

Speaking of Greg Reid, he’d said he’d written twenty-something books, and he’d said a lot of these haven’t sold that well, so he kept writing. Finally, he wrote Three Feet From Gold, which apparently is very successful but he believed he could write a good book, so that was another example right there.

I’ll even touch on Gary Vaynerchuk. He did his YouTube videos every single day. Nobody was watching him, but he believed in himself and it goes back to his consistency and his routines. It all ties in. He believed in himself. He was consistent. He had a routine, and eighteen months later, his dad’s wine shop blew up. It went from one million six or seven million in sales, and then he progressed from there. We talked about routines, consistency, beliefs, and now the big one we all love to talk about are actions.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Actions are important. I see this all the time when people are not taking action. If you are not taking action, you’re a student learning a trade and learning theory. It’s great to start with a base of knowledge and a foundation but at some point, you’ve got to jump in the pool. Action is so huge. Many speakers talk about taking action, but for me when I decided to take action, the first time I took action was with Gail, so I was able to have that mentorship, the learning. I had Scott’s podcasts, but at some point, I had to say, “Gail, let’s do it,” and I did, and when I did, I felt great. Yes, we could have lost money; yes, it could have not worked out, but I took action and it felt so good to be able to do that. Bill, do you remember the first time you took action, whether on a real estate deal or on a note and how it made you feel and maybe the fears you had prior to?”

Something beats nothing. Action beats inaction. Whether right or wrong, at least you did something. I remember Little League; you can sit up there. I used to take a lot of pitches. I was waiting for that perfect pitch and it feels good to swing that bat. Even if you miss or even if you buy a bad note, even if you make a bad decision, you learn from it and then move on, but action beats inaction every time.

The problem is we’re taught all our lives to wait until you feel ready to do things. Don’t jump off the diving board until you are ready, don’t get married until you’re ready, whatever it is. That feeling of readiness in your body like, “I’m calm, I’m prepared, I’m ready to jump off the cliff,” you’re never ready to jump off a cliff. These situations, real estate, wagering money, venturing money, that’s important to you, it’s not possible to feel ready when you’re new. After experience, it doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore, you feel more or less always ready, but those first goals are tough.

That’s why it’s important to bridge that gap with a mentor, with a JV partner, with somebody. Gail, that was you for me.

I held your hand, Eric. I helped you across the street safely.

It reminds me, Bill, you said a quote that I heard, “You either win or you learn.” It’s so true because you either win or if something doesn’t go right, you’re learning something. Even if you lose some money, there’s a lesson involved. You just have to be willing to move forward.

I’ve got a couple of quotes on this one, “The distance between words and reality is called action.” Another one is, “Well done is better than well said.” Talk is cheap, story of my life. We talked about routines, consistency, beliefs, action. The next one is drive. I’m not talking about driving a car. I’m talking about the drive, the motivation, what wakes you up, what gets you going, why are you in this business.

It’s good to have a routine to be consistent and believe in yourself, but what happens when you wake up on Monday morning and you don’t want to do anything? What’s your why? What’s your drive or your motivation? For me, I think about why I’m in this business. Why am I a business owner? Why am I investing in notes? It’s about freedom. It’s about my family. It’s not about riches. I don’t care about the fancy car, the big nice house. I have no plans of moving when I make it big, but it’s about my family. I want more time with my family. As I accumulate wealth, it allows me to spend more time with my kids, so when I don’t feel like putting out an email blast and I don’t feel like waking up, which doesn’t happen that often, I think about my why and I think about what keeps me motivated and my drive.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you; you’re it. If you believe in yourself, then that’s the first step of getting towards success.

For everybody in the audience, why are you in this business? Why are you doing this? If it’s to get rich, then so be it. If that’s your motivation, then so be it. There has to be a good anchor. There are things I do on a regular basis that keep me motivated. I don’t know if Bill and Gail have any of this, I’m weird like this. Gail, I’m sure you already know this, but every once in a while, I’ll post something, it’s a motivational quote. Gail will make a comment like, “Eric woke up motivated this morning. What’s going on?” I listen to YouTube videos a lot while I work out. I want to share this with everybody in case you are looking for additional motivation, but Tom Bilyeu puts out some great videos on motivation. He puts a little music to it. He interviews a lot of wealthy people, a lot of successful people, and he figures out what drives them and why are they successful. He puts together these motivational videos and I listen to those all the time on the way to work when I’m not listening to a podcast or when I need something different. Gary Vaynerchuk is great, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and then there’s another one called Daily Motivation. Bill and Gail, do you have anything to add to this or something that you use to drive or motivate you?

I’ve got a video online somewhere about my vision board and what I did, I took pictures of things that I want to do with my life. Just recently when I got home, I had a painting up in my room and I took that down and put up my vision board there. Why? Because every single day before I walk out my bedroom, I look at that and it helps to get me in a frame of mind. It would be different for everybody. Mine’s got pictures of Scotland. I want to go see some castles in Scotland. I want to go to New Zealand and see where they filmed Lord of the Rings. I want to continue to raise money for cancer research. I want to be a speaker on this. I had a couple other things, writing a book, raising money for cancer research, and continuing to work out. These are things that I want to accomplish in my life and just seeing that, even if you don’t do a whole vision board, just put up a picture of what it is you want to accomplish. For most people it’s not being wealthy, it’s what you want to do with wealth. That’s more of a motivation than seeing numbers in a checkbook.

It’s important to write these things down. You see it every day. I ran track and cross country in high school and college and I used to put these 3×5 cards all over the house with positive quotes. Every time I brush my teeth, every time I left the house, every time I went to the backyard, wherever, I could see these quotes. It helped with my motivation and my drive. Writing these things down and seeing, even if you’re not paying attention, it is still soaking in and it still becomes part of you and who you are.

There’s a cool little program too called Mind Movies where you take all the pictures from your video board and it turns it into a little video. That’s cool. You also know that I’m a hypnotist. I’m very into audio that you listen to while you’re sleeping. I love the fact of using all that otherwise wasted time that you’d just be sleeping.

I’ve got a couple of quotes, “This is the beginning of anything you want.” It’s simple, it’s basic, but right here, right now, this is the beginning of anything you want. I love it. Another one is, “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.”

Balance. This is probably one of my strengths and weaknesses at the same time. What’s good is I recognize this. A strength of mine is that I have kids, I have sports, I have family, I have notes, I have a job, so I’m well balanced. When I go to my day job, which I’ll do after this, I’m going to be refreshed. When I come home just hanging out with my kids, it’s that balance of life that’s important.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

A weakness of mine is that because I’m driving my note business, because I’m pushing, I’m working hard, sometimes I catch myself being too lopsided and working more than I should or need to at the expense of other things in my life. It’s very important to have that balance and look at, “I’m doing this to spend more time with my kids, yet I told my kids I can’t hang out with them because I’m doing a movie or a video in the backyard.” I have to catch myself and realize that balance of, “Give me twenty minutes, buddy. Let’s go play baseball in the front yard when I’m done,” or “Babe, let’s watch that movie together and let me send out the email,” or altogether, I’ll do it when she’s asleep. Having that balance is very important. Would you agree?

I struggle with that too. My kids have grown and left the nest, so I don’t have as much now pulling at me, which in some ways is why I’m doing it at this age instead of at your age. It’s working out.

Bill, you have kids too so you need to manage that balance factor as well.

My kids are seventeen and fourteen, and so my kids are right in between the two of yours. They need less overall, but when they need you, they need you, and you’re not doing your life any service if you start to cut that down too much. My sons have things they deal with and it counts for a lot just to have dad around. At the same time, I encourage people also to just get out and do some stuff you enjoy. My wife and I got another Spartan Mud Race coming up. We’re going to crawl through mud and jump over fire for fun.

You’ll come to work Monday refreshed, probably a little sore, hopefully not dirty because you’ve taken a shower, but it will be good. It’s that balance. This is my favorite quote of these that I’ve mentioned, and it goes like this, “Some days you eat salads and go to the gym. Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called balance.” A little more serious quote, “Life is a balance between rest and movement.” I still like the salad and no pants one.

The last one is equally important, and it is risk. At the end of the day, you take action, you have to know your tolerance for risk. Some people are more tolerant, some people are less tolerant. Gail, we were talking recently about the difference between stepping off a curb and stepping off a cliff. At some point, you do have to step off, but you look at the risks and you learn the ways to mitigate your risk. Specifically, in the note business you do your due diligence, you get your values, you’ve done a couple deals, you’ve talked to some people, and you’re mitigating. The reason why we do that is to mitigate our risk. At the end of the day, you’ll never truly eliminate the risk, you just minimize it. At some point you’re going to have to pull that trigger and you will take that risk.

You have to make peace with that too.

Risk and fear go hand in hand because what stops people? It’s fear. What stops people from taking action or taking risks is fear. For me, once I realized that on the other side of fear was opportunity, if you have a fear of speaking in front of people, once you get up there and you do it, your world opens up. Once you take that risk and you buy a note and it works out in your favor, you’re ready to go. It’s fear that stops people from taking action. As you learn to mitigate the risk, you get better at conquering fear.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: The distance between words and reality is called action.

I’ll tell a brief story about how that has affected my life. I used to be deathly afraid of flying. As an investor, granted we can all do this from behind the computer, but there are conferences, properties in other states, or traveling with my family. There’s a statistic I read that helped me, I can fly every day for 55,000 years statistically before I would be involved in any plane accident. People fly every day. Once I decided, “I’m doing it,” and I was able to overcome that fear. My investing life has opened up tremendously. I’m flying all over the place now.

For those in the audience, I challenge you to think about what your fears are in your business. Maybe it’s the fear of success, that’s cheesy, but it’s so true. Maybe it’s the fear that if I do this video, people are going to laugh at me. Who cares? People laugh at me all the time mostly because I’m funny, but also because I’m a dork and they make fun of me and it is what it is. I don’t care. If you’re able to overcome the fear and mitigate some of this risk, you’ll be wildly successful. Bill, you’ve got some thoughts on that?

My other thought with that is everything in life has risk. Everything. You talk about your business risk, if you want to play it ultra-safe and put all your money in a bank account, it will be guaranteed that you’ll get that a principal back, but you’re running a risk of inflation, decreasing its value over time. You want to try the stock market, there is risk in the stock market as well. The stock market goes down 20% of the years and sometimes those declines are big declines. There’s risk in buying bonds. A lot of that risk is out of your hands with regards to interest rates and that type of thing. There is risk if you get married. There’s a lot of benefits to it, but if you get married and it ends up not working out, it can cost you a lot of money, but risk can certainly be worth the reward, at least in my case, 22 years.

You’re not worried about your heart. You just don’t want to take a big hit on there. I wanted to say too that the important thing about this point is that people don’t recognize that they’re afraid. They have a million reasons why they can’t do things. All of us have probably been to a lot of trainings. There are huge roomfuls of people taking the same training we are, and a trainer like Scott can tell you that it’s a normal statistic that less than 10% of people in a room taking real estate training are ever going to do anything. Those 90% of other people are all thinking they have a good reason that they’re not moving forward. They don’t know quite enough. They’re not sure about something else.

I don’t know if you know about Harv Eker of The Millionaire Mind. He does a whole weekend of helping people try to figure out why they’re not more successful. One of the things that he has you do is understand what you’re afraid will change about your life if you become wealthy. He makes you come up with 30 reasons that your life is going to change in a bad way if you get wealthy. If you’re honest with yourself, you are afraid of those things, afraid that your relationships will change, that people will be jealous, that you’ll have a lot of unwanted consequences.

When you hear from other people and the things that they’ve done that are similar to you that you can relate to, it makes you feel better, “I was in the same situation and this is what I did, and this is how it turned out.” You hear their story and it makes you feel better that you’re not all alone, that everybody goes through this. Warren Buffet, his level of risk and how he’s the most financially conservative person there is, but he still takes risks. When you’re willing to take those risks and take action, it helps you in moving forward and it allows you to progress and be successful in who you are, whether you’re in the note business or any other business.

NCS 279 | Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth: Life is a balance between rest and movement.

There’s a quote here, “If you risk nothing, then you risk everything,” and I liked that one because you can be conservative and do nothing and risk nothing, but in doing so, you risk so much the rewards that lie on the other side of it. I talked to a few people recently that want to learn about notes and I thought they were brand new and they said, “No, I’ve been following Scott for years. I started at Note CAMP 3.0 or 4.0. I’ve been doing this and that.” I was like, “You’re a year and a half into this thing. You’ve done nothing?” That’s somebody who has the fear. They’re afraid to take a risk, they’re not taking action, and there’s only so much you can do to help those people. If you look within yourself and you look introspectively about the areas that you can improve and change and take a serious look, that’s when you’re going to move forward and succeed in life or your business.

There are the seven things that every business owner need in order to be successful: routines, consistency, beliefs, actions, drive, balance and risks. Do you have any closing thoughts or anything you want to add?

Good job, Eric. I learned a few things.

Scott, thanks for letting us have your show here and we will see you soon. If there are any questions, we’ll go through and answer those. If anybody wants to get a hold of me, you can email me at Eric@AWNotes.com.

Thank you very much.


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About Eric Hyde

NCS 279 | Magnify Your WealthFirst and foremost, I am a DAD to my my beautiful boys, Aidan and Liam, and husband to my wife, Lily. Day to day I am a police sergeant for the City of Gardena and have done so for the last 15 years. Life has many opportunities and most don’t come walking through the front door. I believe opportunity is created which is why I created AW Notes, LLC, which is my note investing company.

I purchase non performing, first lien residential mortgage notes and because they are non performing I am able to purchase these at a steep discount. This allows me, through my attorneys and loan servicing companies, to work with borrowers to keep them in their homes, if they wish. This is always our #1 exit strategy. However, there are many more exits. But I won’t get into that here.

If you are interested in learning a bit more, please visit my website at www.awnotes.com. Click ‘videos’ for educational videos.

About Gail Greenberg

NCS 279 | Magnify Your WealthOn March 10, 2015, the stock market plunged 332 points. Why? Because the economy was SO GOOD that Wall Street players were worried that the Federal Reserve might raise interest rates.

Does it drive you crazy that your net worth can be slashed at any time by such ridiculous thinking? Me too. That’s why I started investing in real estate myself and why I’m now giving others the chance to do it by Joint-Venturing with me.

I invest in distressed or non-performing mortgage notes. How can you make money investing in a mortgage that no one is paying? I’m glad you asked – I did a video explaining it. See it at http://WinWinNotes.com

Notes pay a much higher rate of interest than a bank, but offer far more security than the stock market. And unlike a stock, the value of a note is never going to plummet overnight because some Wall Street people got nervous.

If you are interested in learning more, please email me at Gail@WinWinNotes.com or call 215.805.1796.

About Bill Griesmer

NCS 278 | Note From HellBill Griesmer is the Managing Member of Stonegate Capital, which buys and sells performing and distressed notes. He may be reached at wjgriesmer@gmail.com.




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