EP 312 – Finding Motivation And Overcoming Obstacles with Denise Walsh

NCS 312 | Overcoming Obstacles


We see it all the time, not just in the network marketing business, where we’re working with people who want change. They want to do something different but the how scares them. They slip and fade away and go back to what’s comfortable even if they don’t like it because it’s easy and they know it. But trainer, coach, and author Denise Walsh says it’s not a place of growth. There’s a few things that Denise has learned over the past decade when she’s working with people who are eager to change but don’t know how. Denise says overcoming obstacles involves getting in depth and connecting emotionally with your why because when the why is strong, the how seems to show up. Don’t allow the emotional ups and downs of business to derail you because experiencing all of these road bumps is just a part of the process.

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Finding Motivation And Overcoming Obstacles with Denise Walsh

I’m coming to you from the wonderful Wolverine State of Michigan. We’re going to drive around the next couple of days looking at some assets here for our own portfolio, look at some stuff that I’ve got but it is not about assets, it is about overcoming obstacles. I’m so jacked up to have our guest joining us. My friend, Denise Walsh, has done an amazing job. She’s helped over a million people find their purpose and fulfill on their God given destiny. She started her career by working with families at a local mental health agency as a clinical psychologist and has continue to use her talents where she works globally to build a large team of motivated, positive and enthusiastic business owners. Her impact as a leader in the direct selling industry is on top of her and with the works that has given her a unique insight on what drives people to action. As a certified trainer with Jack Canfield, an elite coach with John Maxwell team and the author of the Amazon bestseller, Retire Your Husband, she knows how to tap into a person’s ultimate potential and find their greatness. We’re so excited to have you. Thank you for jumping on a little bit earlier, Denise.

Thanks for having me.

NCS 312 | Overcoming Obstacles

Retire Your Husband: A Mom’s Guide to Making Millions with Network Marketing

One of the great things is that we both connected at the Podfest Expo in Orland. I love your energy. You’re polite. We’ve been following each other in lines and stuff like that. I see you out there speaking and doing some things. With me teaching note investing all across the country, one of things that we always run into is people that get excited a little bit and then they fade off. I’m sure you’ve run into that quite a bit on a regular basis. What are some tips that you’d like to try to work with people to help them stay motivated and find their destiny?

I see it all the time, not just in our network marketing business where we’re working with people who want change, they want to do something different, but the how scares them. They slip away, they fade away and they go back to what’s comfortable even if they don’t like it because it’s easy, they know it, but it’s not a place of growth. There are a few things that I have learned over the past decade when I’m working with people who are eager to change but don’t know how and that is to get in depth with their why like, “Why do you want X, Y and Z? Why do you want to change? Why do you want to do something different? Why do you want to get out of your job? Why do you want to be home more with your family? Why do you want to travel?” Connect emotionally to that why because what I found is that when the why is strong, the house seems to show up. You figure it out along the way, like everything is learnable and yet we stop it. We stop ourselves from learning it because we think it’s too hard.

We think it’s too hard when oftentimes it’s not that hard.

This is my first time using this platform and I’m excited to try it. I was a bit nervous and then the camera didn’t work and we had to figure it out and that’s just the part of the game.

Sometimes I’ve screwed up using this but what we’ll do is reset it, try a new link in or there’s plan B, we would go to a different platform. What a lot of people don’t get is your path to where you want to do is not a straight narrow. You’ve got left turns and right turns and reverses and figuring out, ups and downs and stuff like that. That’s one of the main things that separates those that are successful from those that are still sitting in their comfort zone is those that are successful, gotten out, gotten their knees bumped, scrape knuckles, dragging and failed or figured out, “That’s not quite exactly how I do this. What I have to do to make it work for me.” What do you think about that?

It’s like, “Lesson learned, move on.” When you have the marathon view rather than a short-term view, for example, you want something to happen in three months and it didn’t happen but when you’re thinking five years, three months is a blip on the radar and it turns into a speed bump rather than a stop sign. Many of us take fear of success, fear of failure, fear of I don’t know what I’m doing, fear of am I good enough, fear of what will people think. Who am I to start a podcast or share what I’m learning? Whatever the case may be. We take it as a reason why we shouldn’t do it or like, “I guess this is a sign I shouldn’t do it because I’m experiencing all of these road bumps,” when it’s just a part of the process. I’ve worked myself when I’m experiencing the same fears, we all do. I have those too but I don’t take them as seriously. That’s funny because that’s not what I want. What I want is this and I’m going to keep my eyes focused here and then I don’t allow the emotional ups and downs of business to derail me as much as I did at the beginning.

Everybody gets derailed.

I’m like, “This is going to be such a good story.” Someday I’m going to be able to empower people by the craziness of this story. All the turns, all the loops, all of the back and forth and all the learning, someday is going to be good.

You mentioned about short-term versus long-term views and that’s so important. A lot of people when they’re hit on the face on a daily basis, especially in today’s society with technology being so fast and emails, people fail to realize that there’s always a process to things and 90 days is a learning start to where you’re going. You’ve got to keep that twelve months, 24 months and 36 months. I’m sure you deal with that so much with what you’re doing with it. What are some of the things that you like to help people with to help them overcome that lack of patience that people have in these days?

We don’t give ourselves the time that it takes to create momentum because momentum is created by staying focused on one thing for a long period of time. At first it feels like you’re pushing a boulder uphill and then all of a sudden two plus two doesn’t equal four anymore and you experienced that crazy momentum. I call myself the clarity queen because one of the things I challenged my team and the people that I work with to do is get super clear about what they want and create that personal vision for themselves. I like to say the personal vision is the vision of your future that produces so much passion that you can’t wait to get up in the morning and go pursue it.

We’ve done things like we had a “come as you will be” party where we pretended like it was the year 2025 and we all came dressed as the person we wanted to be. In the whole party, we talked about what we had seen, the homes we bought, the books we wrote, who we impacted and traveling. People came with their dream homes on their phone and talked like they had moved in. I came with a TED Talk, a little land in Iran. I talked about home. That TED Talk went viral. We spoke about it in first person like it was present tense. It’s been so cool to see all of the things that have come to fruition, but I can tell you that people that came to our party were mad at me.

NCS 312 | Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles: When we have clarity and we’re excited about amazing things, we can do more, be more, and impact more than we ever know that we could.

They were like, “Denise, I don’t even know what I’m doing next week. How am I going to know what I’m doing in a few years, five years, ten years?” We did have to get together, brainstorm and create a space to dream and write and allow things to bubble up. Those who came with props and all dressed up. My cousin has adopted two kids since then. I have another one who is in the process of adopting. We’ve got people that have gone to Africa in mission trips and things that weren’t in their radar at all before, came into their path. That clarity allows the how to happen because if you don’t know what you want, no wonder we’re not going anywhere. It sets your internal GPS. It allows your reticular activating system to see the things in your world that align with the things that you’re looking for that you want and the how shows up. When we have clarity and we’re excited about amazing things, we can do more, be more and impact more than we ever know that we could, but I do think it starts here.

I love that future party. That is a cool idea. I want to ask you, how did your TED Talk go?

I’m planning to prepare it. It will go viral. I’m excited about that. In the meantime, I’ve started a podcast. I’ve written another book and building my network and it’s like I’m in a completely different place over the last few years since we’ve done this party. What is interesting is we have to keep going back to it, because it’s easy to either forget or we have the roadmaps or roadblocks and the vision gets cloudy or we wonder can I do this? We have to continue to revisit this so it continues to stay strong in our heart and in our mind.

Is that what helps you stay recharged?

It does because there are times where I don’t know the how. I don’t know what I’m doing. I want to create an eCourse but I don’t know how to do that and so you Google, “How do you create an eCourse?” You go figure it out. There’s a big learning curve with all of this type of stuff. Having that vision of “Why” and the people that you’re going to bless and help, the bank account that you’re going to grow, the legacy you’re going to leave. I want to travel with my kids, I want to give them experiences and teach them hard work and follow through and all of that kind of stuff, when I keep that as my vision then it does keeps me motivated to plow through.

What are some of the things that you can recommend to people out there when they hit that roadblock, whether it’s a job or it’s a lack of finances to want something? What are some tips that you can give some of those out there that are ran into those walls either mentally or physically.

It’s a skill. I didn’t learn this growing up. I learned to be a super hero and do everything myself. The skill that I’ve been practicing is asking for help. Not just saying, “Can you do this for me?” but, “Can you teach me or do you have a referral or do you know somebody?” If you can find someone that has been there before, then it won’t feel like the blind leading the blind. You’ll feel like there’s a path to follow and sometimes it can feel like you are in a field surrounded by tall grass and you have to chop it down. That’s what being a pioneer is all about, but there’s people doing what you want to do right now. Finding a mentor, asking for help, getting coached, all of those things can make the path easier. I’m in a mastermind group that even if they’re not doing exactly what I want to do, it gives me a space to brainstorm, to process and accountability for moving forward.

I’m a huge advocate of masterminds. We run one with our note mastermind. I’ve been a part of multiple ones where I pick up the phone and call people the time when I’m trying to figure things out and I’m glad to help you with your eCourse.

Just ask and the how will show up?

I totally agree with that, the how will show up if you get out and talk to people where you need to be. That’s one of the beautiful things especially the last six months, we met at podcast. It was our first podcasting event. You’re doing one, you got your book here, and I’m trying to figure out what am I doing something right. Six months later, we both grow quite a bit when it comes with the things. That’s the beautiful thing about technology. You’ve been using a lot of the video stuff on that. How’s that helped you grow your business or get the word out with what you’re doing?

Video allows people to feel like they could get to know you. It’s another way to show your personality and so I love video because I want people to see me on video or the podcast or whatever and be like, “I could be her friend.” The video does allow for that to transfer a little bit more than just the audio. I’ve been doing YouTube more consistently and Facebook live and working to get my message out and I think video is an amazing way to do that.

Do you ever run into where you feel like you’ve got to be perfect on video? Are you one of those?

That’s one thing that slows me down. I’m like, “I’m going to do five videos in one day because I only am going to do my hair one time, but that’s not necessarily real and it’s not what people want to see.” They want to see the authenticity. The more you do it, the more comfortable you get. It’s being yourself and realizing that nobody relates to perfect, so you don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay to mess up and it’s okay to say, “I messed up,” or “I didn’t know how to do that,” and just be yourself and be real and raw and keep watching YouTube.

One of the things that we have with our audiences is we’ve got about almost 50/50 men and women. When we talk with women about different things, they always seemed to worry about things. They’re so worried about their image and I know that you do with that as well too, especially with your team. Just be yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else that you’re not. How it’s so important to be authentic and just be yourself. Don’t try to be me. Don’t try to be you. Don’t try to copy anybody. Just go ahead and live your stuff because everybody has a niche to identify with.

That comparison game, jealousy, we’re seeing somebody’s chapter twelve when it’s our chapter two and it’s not fair to ourselves. When your focus is on other people and outside, you’re not owning who you are, owning your truth and owning your strengths. There is a ton of time where I thought, “I need to learn these skills” and then I’ll be good at what I’m doing. I was whining, complaining, processing with my husband, you know how girls do that. I said, “Maybe I need to get better at my strengths, maybe I need to be more professional, maybe I need to go back to school for business, maybe I’m not good enough for this,” and he said, “Denise, just be a good friend because that’s what people want.” I remember thinking, “I can do that.” That comes naturally to me. I’m good at keeping relationships and asking questions and whatever. I realized when I tuned in to what I’m already good at, my strengths, it became more fun. I didn’t have my eyes on what everybody else was doing because I was so excited about what I was doing and things started to grow a lot more naturally.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to other people that are further along the path and I can’t be like him or I can’t be like her. You didn’t see the thousand times that they stuttered on the camera or goofed up or in our case made wrong offers or stuff like that out there too. That’s so huge. Just being yourself and being a friend because the world itself, especially with social media, all those are great but it’s not always a positive impact on people.

NCS 312 | Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles: Being who you are will attract people that connect with you and people you want to work with.

We can often count ourselves short and say, “There’s already somebody doing what I want to do, do we need more?” I feel like people will relate to you because of you. People are going to hear the message and they’re going to step out because of you. They’re not going to relate to everybody, so being who you are will attract people that connect with you and people you want to work with anyway. I feel like it’s a win-win situation.

What are some things that you’re doing to help motivate your team? I know you’re doing stuff on a weekly, daily basis. What are some of the things that you enjoy to help motivate your team? What about yourself out there on a daily basis?

We like to say, “I can’t motivate anyone but what I can do is inspire them.” I can’t light a fire under your butt but that’s not my goal, my goal is to light a fire within you so that way you can light your own fire. Teaching them their why, clarity, all of that but then also carrots, little action steps because when people in my business get started, they’ve never done this before and they don’t know what they’re doing and so the how is typically what scares them. You’ve got to know the why and the how will show up, but I do try to give them little carrot so they can have wins consistently. They can have that first few customers and distributors sign up, the first few product users, the first few yeses, and then their confidence will build. They’ll be a bit more motivated to stay on the course.

Relationship is key because there needs to be somebody for them to call when they have a win and there also needs to be somewhere to go when they have a fail. Creating a safe community where they can talk and interact, that’s why masterminds are so awesome because you have a safe place where you can go in and say, this worked, this didn’t work. Creating that culture has been powerful for our distributors to have a space to learn and grow.

Talk a little about what you’re doing where it works global.

It works as a health and wellness company and we’ve been with them for eleven years. Prior to that I was a clinical psychologist, which is why I love the personal development side of my business. We do a lot of the personal development, leadership retreats, all that kind of stuff, which is my favorite part. We also have health and wellness products and we market it all over the world. We’re in Korea, Australia, New Zealand, all over Europe, the States and Canada as well. Our signature product is a body wrap that tones, tightens and firms the skin but we also have a protein shake and plant-based products. It’s been a super fun journey to be a part of especially since when we’ve got started eleven years ago, there was no social media, there was no Facebook, there was no YouTube. There were two customer service people and now it’s all over the world, international and it’s crazy.

That’s a beautiful thing you mentioned there using the social media, using what you’re doing to get the word out. Just share it with network marketers or stuff like that. In our line of work, too, it’s always in sites. It’s all about building a network. Whether you’re raising capital or trying to find investors to fund your deals or customers to buy your products, it’s all about getting the word out on what you’re doing and what your new focuses and sharing your story.

Social media gives us amazing ways to connect with people all over the world. We do targeted ads to people in specific areas, with specific focuses and goals. You’ll find people who are looking for what you have. With the power of asking and the power of referrals, people will be led to you all of the time, but we’ve got to be loud about what we have. We’ve got to be aloud about who we are so that when people are ready, they come to us. Many times, we say, “If your mouth isn’t open, neither is your business.” If your mouth is closed, your business is closed. In anything you have to let people know what you have and be so excited and so passionate about it. That’s that personal vision, you know where you’re going and you’re excited to help people get there as well. Being loud is essential for anything. It’s all about action, you can read as much as you want, but until you put one foot in front of the other and work to create momentum in your space, it’s not going to happen to you to you.

Has there been anything that’s happened to you in the last couple of years that you hit a roadblock on, that you struggled with and then you found a way to work around it?

A couple of years ago, we hit the top of our company and we had been working towards this goal for three years. It wasn’t like this is a good idea, we stayed focused for three years, but I had roadblocks every single year. One was we were super close and then it didn’t happen and so I felt defeated. If you’ve ever had that thought of, “I want to go do this,” but then there’s that fear in the back of your head that goes, “Yeah, right.” I was living in that space for a while where I was like, “We’re going to make this happen,” but I didn’t believe myself. I had to overcome that and what that meant was quieting that voice. The way that I quieted that voice was for what I wanted to become much, much louder. Anytime I experienced that, I didn’t give it the power that I used to and I stayed focused on what I wanted. Then it didn’t happen again and I thought, “See, I told you.”

Sometimes we don’t even try or we don’t become vulnerable because it’s vulnerable. When it doesn’t work out, we can say “I knew it, see? I told you it wasn’t going to work.” That happened and again, every time these things happen I had to reflect and say, “What’s working, what’s not working?” I knew that my income only matches my mindset. I had to continue to grow my mindset, my focus, my clarity and my convictions so that way the money could catch up. The third year was when we did that “come as you will be party.” It’s when we became so stinking excited and focused that even if I had those fear-based thoughts because I’m human again, I pushed him to the side. I didn’t embrace them and I kept taking action vulnerably anyway.

I talked about it to everybody. I was telling everybody that we were hitting the top of the company, I was acting at it and that can be scary because you want it, but you don’t know. I was being vulnerable by talking about what I wanted all of the time. Anytime that fear came. I didn’t give it power. Through those years, because it was years, it wasn’t like three months and transformation happened. Transformation, like people signed up the last day of the month, right when you need it or a customer with $300 order calls you out of the blue or all of these things started to be created. It was because of the intention, the belief, the focus and the momentum that we were creating within our business.

That’s such a great story because we start off here, right at a level where we’re getting into what we’re doing, for us to grow our income or grow what we want to be. We do have to grow our mindset into that aspect so that we can grow into it, because if you don’t have that mindset, no matter what you do, you’re not going to achieve the results that you’re looking for because your brain’s not in it.

NCS 312 | Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles: We’ve got to create brain cells for success.

We’ve got to create brain cells for success and I think we grow up with money, thoughts about money, thoughts about success and thoughts about rich people. I know people that love being poor because they talk about it all the time. We’ve got to break through all of those barriers or beliefs that we grew up with and decide if that’s helping me or hurting me. Is that where I want to be? What is it that I want life to look like? Then start talking about it all of the time. It’s not someday, but I’m doing this right now. One of the things that we did over the past few years is create a scholarship for my college that I went to.

I remember this was part of the dreaming process. I was like, “Someday when I’m 60 and retired, I’ll be able to create a scholarship.” Then I thought, “Why not now?” I called them and we did it. Like I am, it’s not even someday. It’s like starting to embrace it and own it. Once you break through your own personal glass ceiling, you cannot go back. You now know things you didn’t know before and your brain will be expanded and you can’t go back to the way things used to be. It’s so much fun to continue to grow in that way.

Once you get above it, I definitely don’t want to get back. I’m going to work my ass off to take it to the next level. Do you have any personal mentors that you reach out to on a regular basis? You’ve reached out in the past year or some people that have influenced you on your journey to success?

I read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and that’s where we’ve got the “come as you will be party” idea. I read it there and I was like, “I have to do that,” then we did it. I then was trained by him, I decided to continue to follow him and whatever, and he had the trainer program. I did that and that was a yearlong thing where we’ve got to go and hang out with Jack and Patty and all of the Chicken Soup for the Soul team and they created Success Principles. Then they created the Train the Trainer Program and that’s where my mastermind group stems from. It’s been cool. You sometimes look back and you go, “What a very cool road to think about the relationships I have now.” It started by asking for extra support, extra training, mentorship and then continuing to say yes in that direction.

Did that help you with the Retire Your Husband, with writing that or was that before that or after that?

Retire Your Husband was before that. It was a book that my sponsor, Kami Pentecost, and I created. It’s basically our road to leadership because when I first started in my business, I’m a good follower. I like to say I’m a hard worker. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I wasn’t a visionary. I didn’t understand network marketing for sure. My dad was an accountant and my mom was a stay-at-home mom, so we learn to go to school, get a job, work for 30 years, the whole nine yards. I had a lot of learning to do and so Retire Your Husband is a book that we wrote about how we grew into leadership within our company and there’s exercises and ideas and things that you can do with your team in there.

It’s called Retire Your Husband because it was one thing for one of us to quit our job. It was another thing for both of us to be able to quit our jobs and to pursue our dreams. We’ve been full-time with our work-from-home business for nine years. It continues to blow my mind and it’s because we said yes and we kept saying yes. After Jack Canfield, I did leadership retreats with my team that has taken them on Disney cruises. We do exercises and dream building there on a whole another level. Then I wrote another book, which is called The Dream Life Workbook and it is combining science, scripture and stories to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

I find that a lot of times we know what to do or we think I should journal or I should do all these things but we don’t make the space for it. The Dream Life Workbook takes you through it. It’s like a whole 360-degree turn, identifying your strengths, who am I, what do I want, letting go of fear, guilt, resentment, and then designing your ideal day, your dream life and then creating a clear action plan to go and make it happen. For the past year, I have been working on this bad boy and I am so excited about it because I’ve used it for ten years with my team and I’ve seen so much growth and transformation and when you grow and transform, you have that ripple effect within your family. You have the ripple effect within your team and your sphere of influence. Once you have more brain cells and you break through your own glass ceiling, you can’t go back and it’s such an exciting road to be on. That’s what I’ve been up to.

That’s a big thing and in your website, DeniseWalsh.com, they can go on there and they can order that and take part of that. Is that correct?

Yes. I’m so excited and so go to the website and if you put your information, we’ll send everybody half off coupon and you’ll be first dibs to get it.

This is what I want to do with you. I’m going to help you out with this. I’m going to reach out there and get it because there’s so much value in what you’re saying. I’ve been blessed to have some good mentors. The same thing, the dream boards and working towards your goals and not taking no for an answer. That was the biggest thing because life will try to give you so many noes, but there is a yes out there if you stick to it and keep rocking and rolling.

NCS 312 | Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles: Retraining our brain to focus on what we want is amazingly powerful. It’s a skill that people need to learn because it doesn’t come naturally sometimes.

That’s one of my favorite quotes. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a real and an imagined event. What’s so funny is that when we’re kids, we imagined to be superheroes and rocket scientists and we imagine the best. Then all of a sudden we become adults, we imagine the worst. “What if we can’t pay our bills or what if health goes sour or negative relationship?” Retraining our brain to focus on what we want is amazingly powerful, but it’s a skill that people do need to learn because it doesn’t come naturally sometimes.

Let’s talk a little about that. We were talking about how these kids absolutely have great dreams and goals. It’s the whole thing when you have kids. I don’t have kids, but I have plenty of nieces and nephews or friends who have kids. When we were kids, you can be anything you want to be and then when we get old, our friends, our family, they’re the hardest people on us. You can’t do that. We have all these negative things. I have found over the last few years as we have grown and done well, I had to remove negative people from my life and it wasn’t always the easiest thing. Have you experienced that over the last couple of years and if so, how did you overcome to help you out with that?

I became a professional ignorer of the things I don’t want and so there are times when I’m like, “I don’t even hear you anymore.” I don’t even hear that because I’m only focused in the direction that I want to go and I do think that we have to make those choices and sometimes again, if we’re not aware and we’re not intentional, then we hang out with our family or the people that we hang around. Part of the book is about relationships. Who are the five people you hang out with, they always say you’re the average of the five people, their income, their attitude, everything, and so who are those five people for you? Identifying, is this relationship helpful to me? Then if it’s not, not that we need to be rude or let go of, especially if they’re family, but we can still be professional ignorers and not allow what they say to impact us emotionally, like bounce off a little.

I remember two stories when I was working in my clinical psychology days. I worked for five years at a local community mental health and one of my bosses had a sign in her office that said, “Your crisis is not my crisis.” I learned from that that I can support you and love you, but I don’t have to own it myself. There can be a space where I’ve got my life and I’m doing what I want and you have yours. I’m going to take 100% responsibility for me and I let you take 100% responsibility for you. I had another team member one time say that when he was coaching people, he’ll take it in and then release it. I said, “Why are you taking it in? No, you want to be like a rubber ball, you can listen and be supportive, but you don’t need to take everybody else’s stuff in.” “We don’t got time for that. We’ve got emotional space.” That has been helpful for me in relationships and choosing who I want to let it influence me or not.

Bad things happen to everybody all the time. It’s about whether you let it affect yourself or you just take it in and dwell on it and that’s such a worse thing you can do. It’s like looking at Facebook. I had to literally go through and get rid of almost everybody’s comment on politics or commenting negatively by different religious stuff like that. It’s taking the bartender approach. “No politics, no religion.” That covers 90% of the difference between people out there. People are getting upset, it’s not worth it.

It’s distracting and if our job is to stay focused long enough to create momentum, we don’t need to be distracted by nonsense

Have you read Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill and Sharon Lechter?

I didn’t read it. I listened to it on Audible and it changed my life.

It’s my favorite books to read, to give. It changed my life. The thing is we get so bogged down and drift from so many things. We’re trying to be a jack of all trades. Did you ever run into that? We all struggle with trying to kill the squirrels out there to take the focus off of some things. What are some things that you do to keep your focus?

We try to be a Swiss army knife when we only need to pick one thing and be good at that. There’s a sense of you do want to learn all aspects of your business so then you can outsource it well, but I have found that when I know what my niches, then I look and go ask for help for other spaces. What can bog us down is when we try to be the expert in all areas. Once I found my lane, I ran in my lane and everybody’s lane is different. That’s the cool thing is that it’s not a one-way street, there are lots of different lanes.

When you find what you’re good at, what connects with you and what makes time go by faster, all of the things that bring you joy and it doesn’t mean there not going to be roadblocks in that lane, but you can run and you’re excited to do it and then ask for help for all the other stuff. That’s where mentors come in, that’s where masterminds come in, that’s where referrals come in and you can create a little team for yourself. Even Upwork and Fiverr and all of these places that you can find contractors for super cheap can be helpful to support you in your vision so you don’t have to become the designer, customer service, shipping and all of those things.

What’s the best way for people to reach out to you?

DeniseWalsh.com is my website and then I’m on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheDeniseWalsh. Then Instagram as well, @TheDeniseWalsh.

Anything I can help you with, I’m glad to do. Thank you again so much.

I thank you so much for all of your wisdom and support.

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About Denise Walsh

NCS 312 | Overcoming Obstacles

Denise Walsh is a proud mother, retired clinical psychologist, best-selling author, motivational speaker and booming entrepreneur. She is a well-known leader and the #2 money-earner within her company, It Works! Global, where she has found her calling inspiring others to go after their dreams.

After Denise retired her own husband, Brandon, she decided to write a book about how she made it happen with her mentor, Kami Dempsey. Although this is Denise’s first book, she hopes to continue writing and eventually speak publicly about her journey to success through network marketing.

Denise grew up in Troy, Michigan and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan after completing her Masters degree in Psychology at Wheaton College in Illinois. She has one son, Owen, who is 2-years-old and has another baby on the way. More than anything else, Denise loves spending time with her family and making memories with the people she cares about most.

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