EP 338 – Success In Your Own Lane

NCS 338 | Your Own Success

NCS 338 | Your Own Success


It’s so easy to get drowned with other people’s opinions that you find yourself building your success around what they think. You forget about your own set of goals and reasons why you’re here in the first place. But listening to everyone won’t do you any good. Nobody is walking in your shoes but you. You alone can determine your own success and how to achieve it. Here, Scott discusses the importance of judging your success on where you are at and not where others are at in their business. Learn how to be honest with yourself and take action, overcome your struggles, and find success in your own lane.

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Success In Your Own Lane

This episode is something I want to talk about. I see a lot of people are struggling with this. This is the case of the Keeping Up with the Joneses in the note business. A lot of people like to judge their success by what they see other people having success with and you can’t do that. You have to stay in your own lane and judge your success by your actions, not what other people are doing. Let’s face it, a lot of people like to judge. A lot of people talk a big game. There are a lot of pseudo-stars out there. People that are up there talking about doing business but they’re not doing anything or they’re trying to make a pivot on something.

Everybody takes a pivot at some point, but if you’re not buying notes on a regular basis, you’re not doing workouts, you’re not talking about case studies that you’re closing on this year, not five years ago, not three years ago, not over a year ago or the deals you’re closing on a regular basis. You need to put your foot in your mouth and be quiet. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that are like, “I’m an expert at this, I’m an expert at that or I’m going to write a new book on deals that I have not closed in a couple of years.” That’s great information but what’s unfortunate is if it’s not up-to-date. If it’s outdated information and all of it. Whether you believe it or not, five minutes after that stuff is written, it’s outdated, especially a month or three months or six months or twelve months.

NCS 338 | Your Own Success

How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off: Break Into the Secret World of Note Investing

I’m one of the first ones to talk about that. The book that we wrote, How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off, it’s about two years old. It still got great information. There’s nothing wrong with information, but somebody called me up, “What about this or what about that?” I was like, “That was written two years ago.” The market has changed. The market is constantly changing out there and that’s one thing you’ve got to keep in mind, especially in life, is that markets change and things happen.

I got a phone call from a nineteen-year-old guy. He’s getting things rock and rolling and starting things, looking for advice. The biggest thing I was talking to that guy about was, “You’re young. Don’t get frustrated.” One of the things I always ask people is, “What’s your background?” He’s like, “I didn’t go to college. I didn’t want to take out student loans. I couldn’t afford them.” I’m like, “It’s fine. No problem whatsoever. What do you focus on?” He’s like, “I’m focused on wholesaling. I have some good deals.” I said, “Do you have a network?” He’s like, “No, I don’t have a network.” I’m like, “That’s fine. You’ve got to get out and network. You’ve got to get out and meet up with people that are closing deals. You need to go to your local real estate club and talk to people on a regular basis about things. You’ve got to talk about what’s going on. You have to find the people that are closing deals on a regular basis and surround yourself with those individuals.”

That’s one of the great things that I love about our Mastermind group is these are people that are closing deals or these are people that are relatively new and in the process of making deals. They’re making offers or they are putting things into getting things rock and rolling for them. That’s great but what’s sad is with social media these days, you see a lot of people talking and they’re not doing things. You sometimes have to figure out what’s your BS meter. How effective is your BS meter? Is it working good? Seriously, I’ve had to remove myself from groups because I can’t stand the amount of BS out there. I can’t stand people saying one thing or bashing people for one thing and then suddenly come around like you’re doing the same thing. You’re doing the exact same thing. Don’t get me the holier than thou, you’re better than a lot of people aspect of things and then you go down and do the same thing. That’s hypocritical. Unfortunately, there are quite a few hypocrites out there and I don’t want anybody out there to start judging themselves based on what hypocrites are doing.

Be Honest With Yourself

What you have to realize is you judge yourself for where you are at. Nobody else is in your shoes except you. I don’t care if, “It’s been a year. I’ve only closed on two deals.” Who cares? What’s gone on that last year? Have you had debts? Have you had to change things? Have you had to make a pivot or change what your focus is? There’s a learning curve. Many people get upset about, “I’m not having success in the first 60 days. I wanted to close my first deal every month.” “What are you doing? How many offers are you making?” If you made a bunch of offers, great. “Did you follow back up on those offers?” “No.” “How many offers?” “I had only four.” You need to make more offers or if you’ve got, here are some offers to look at, or if you’ve got a digital conference call with somebody and you missed that conference call, that’s on you, not on somebody else.

The biggest thing you have to keep in mind is I see some different groups out there that aren’t doing anything and that’s unfortunate. That’s sad. There are plenty of deals to be making offers on. There are plenty of deals that you can find out there. There are a lot of things like, networking, going to events, jumping online, and seeing where people are buying things. There are many different ways to find deals out there, but unfortunately, many peoples are looking like, “I’ve only done a couple deals.” What’s going on in your life? Are you working a full-time job? If you’re working a full-time job, great. Just keep tracking along. If you’re truly full-time as a real estate investor, what are you doing during your day?

You have to be honest with yourself. This is one of the hardest things for people sometimes to do. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Am I doing the most productive thing each day?” Before you go to bed and when you’re sitting there brushing your teeth at night, you have to sit there and look at yourself. Did I get the most done today that I could? Honestly, at the end of each day, there are probably some things we could have done a little bit differently. That’s where everybody across the board can do a little bit better, even me. There are things that I could do a little bit better each day. There are things that I would not spend my time on.

You have to be accountable to yourself and yourself alone. You can’t be Keeping Up with the Joneses. That person has closed 100 deals on his first year. Their situation is completely different. Maybe they have more funding. Maybe they got more friends and family with money. Maybe they’re in a better real estate investment club. Maybe they’re not remote. You can’t sit there and say, “I feel like shithead because I’ve got nothing done where I want to be and this person’s taking off.” Take a freaking chill pill. In the words of Aaron Rogers, “Just relax. Don’t get bent out of shape. Don’t get chilled out.”

Take Actions

It was the opening of college football. Everybody’s all excited about college football, the road to playoffs. I heard somebody say, “I see people chill out a little bit and quit awarding the Heisman Trophy up for the first week of the season. They’ve got thirteen, fourteen more weeks to go.” We got these teams at last opening weekend because you know what happened? You have 50% are winners and 50% are losers. The first weekend, half the team’s won and half the team’s lost. That’s a statistical fact. How do you recover from that? The reason I love that kind of analogy is you look at yourself, how are you doing each day? Are you winning the day or are you’re losing each day? If you’re busy constantly looking at what other people are doing, and looking and looking at what everybody else is doing, you’re not looking at your own stuff.

You’ve got to take the actions on a daily basis to get things done. This is a very simple business. It’s a very simple thing to do. You’re making offers, you’re talking to asset managers and you’re doing an email blast out. It’s a very simple business. It’s just doing rinse and repeat. There’s a lot of talking with people. There’s a lot of moving parts that can go on once you’ve closed on a deal. We can all agree to that and you have to look at are you doing it yourself, were you outsourcing things? Are you in a spot where you need to outsource but you haven’t hired an assistant to do that? There are many different moving parts to things.

I’m going to backtrack a little bit, a lot of you like to talk about our buddy, Wayne Snell, who’s done an amazing job, who’s out hiking the Alps and told his boss to take this job and shove it. He closed 300 deals. Wayne didn’t close on a lot in his first year. He closed on a couple, but Wayne didn’t hit accelerate until he brought on Natalie Patton. Natalie is a due diligence expert. I mean she is anal to a T and when it comes to looking at assets or finding things wrong in files and stuff like that. Wayne’s business was on steady growth. He was doing a lot of things after hours. This guy was still working a full-time job and he and I would have conference calls or exchange text messages or jump on the horn after hours between 7:00 PM and 2:00 AM. Sometimes it was between midnight and 2:00 AM depending on where he was at in the world. Sometimes he’s waking up early when he was over in Europe or Australia or we’re talking late when he was getting out of an event near in Vegas or something like that.

He maximizes his time and focused on what he wanted with his goals and eventually, he found something for himself and he had a lot of exponential growth. The first year was slow and Wayne had some things that happen to him. He was converting from basically fixing flips and rentals into the note space. There’s a lot of transition that goes with that. For those of you that are out there struggling and you’re like, “It’s the end of the year and I have not accomplished anything,” we talked a couple of episodes about Finish 2018 Strong. If I can give you any advice out there, here’s the advice that I would give you. Learn to hit the unfollow button. Learn to hit the unsubscribe button.

I know right in a podcast, this is probably the worst advice I could give. Some people need to stop listening and start doing. I only say that because two years ago, I was still a very big Gary Vaynerchuk fan. The Ask Gary Vee show was one thing I would jump on, listening to for half an hour to an hour. At some point, I go through twenty episodes on and I’m like, “I’m losing my day.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Gary Vee, he’s got great content. You will agree to that as well, but I got to the point where I had to say I have to unfollow. I have to unsubscribe from here. He’s not going anywhere. I need to put some of the things that I’m listening to, I’m digesting. I need to judge myself, my own lane and take things.

NCS 338 | Your Own Success

Your Own Success: Some people need to stop listening and start doing.


Steph and I have regular conversations about things because we see people doing things out there. They’re replicating things. The thing is that I always say we stick in our lane because a lot of people will have pseudo-success. They’ll talk a big game. What’s always funny is when you see somebody’s message starts to change, they start having like, “We’re going to do these long sales letters.” I’m like, “I hate those.” We’re going to stick to what we do because we do what we do. I’m not better than anybody else does. You see a lot of people that are like, “We’re going to do this and I’m going to give everything away, but then we’re going to charge and then we’re going to do this.”

I laughed because it’s like, “You can’t be everything.” The reason we are where we are at now is that we’ve got ten years of success. Ten years of track record, ten years of showing up on a daily basis and get things done and not giving a shit on what so and so is doing. I know where I’m at, I know what my lane is. I know I’m in the toll lane because I don’t mind being in the toll lane. It will be faster where I need to be. I’m willing to do that. Others are in the slow lane and that’s okay. You’re in the slow lane, you’re coming off getting on the highway. You’re trying to figure things out and you want to make sure that the semi-truck doesn’t run you over.

You want to make sure you don’t merge into somebody. You’re checking your rear view and your front mirror, front window to make sure everything is going well. The thing you’ve got to realize everybody is we all have different engines that go. We are all on different models of car, a different V6, some of you are running a two-cylinder engine or Briggs & Stratton engine. What I’m trying to get at here is if you’re running in like a Pinto, you can’t judge on how fast you’re going by somebody who’s on Formula One race car. Unfortunately, a lot of us do, “So and so did this. That’s awesome.” They probably failed a bunch of times before they got there. They probably got lapped by a few people before they got there. They probably got almost run over by a few people because they had to pull over for a pit stop or change their tires or fill their gas or they have to take a break along the way.

We see a lot of this in podcasts and a lot of people are like, “I’ve got 1,000 downloads for the month or I’ve only got 5,000 downloads for the first three months.” What are you doing? It’s the same thing when it comes to how many offers you’re making? How many deals are you closing? How many counters are you getting? You have to look at that. If you’re sitting around waiting for somebody to respond to you, get on the phone. If you can, go direct. If you can, make some offers. Just get things moving and you’ll pick up momentum. You’ll get that little engine that could and then before long, you’ll be like, “I think I can, I know I can, I can do this, I’m doing it,” and before too long, you’re burning rubber road going around that racetrack. You’re kicking butt, taking names, doing your own thing, your own goals and your own fin date. What’s a fin date? Your financial independence number date, what day do you hit that?

Laura Blunk says, “I’m a 59 Studebaker.” A 59 Studebaker is pretty sharp. I want you to get that thing moving. It’s rock and rolling and you’ve got a lot of momentum with you, Laura. You’ve been a little slow. You’ve closed a couple of deal. You got a little slow. You’ve got sucked into believing “I can’t do it anymore.” You can. You’ve found that. You need a little bit of a shakeup. You need a little bit of a why, like, “I got to get rock and rolling,” and you’ve done that. You’ve taken those actions. That’s why Laura Blunk on here is the most improved note investor of the year for our mastermind group. She’s one of them, was a little slow. You are, too. She’s kicked it into high gear. She’s dropped the hammer. She’s turned on the nitrous oxide that gets her rock and rolling up there.

What Is Your Biggest Struggle?

The biggest thing I want to ask you is what is your biggest struggle? What’s holding you back? I see a lot of people out there like, “I can’t do that because so and so is doing that.” What so and so is doing? I see all these guys look like they’re killing it. I laugh because that’s one of the big things we always get from people, “Your marketing is killing it. You’re everywhere.” I’m like, “Really?” I’m not everywhere. I have a couple of websites. If I pressed one thing, it shares it across everywhere. I don’t have to worry about going and posting to 60 sites after I get finished with this. It’s already automatically done. There are some tools that I use to make things done. It’s also the thing I look at every day is what do I have to do each day to get in front of our audience so I can go and focus on things.

I’ve been on the phone with my asset manager, talking with her about some assets. I get her on the phone. I got a phone call from our insurance company in a couple of things. I got a phone call from my trainer and I’m traveling. We’re in a rat lane here at Disney. For a lot of people who travel, it shakes them up where they’re not able to work. The beautiful thing about the note business is you can work from anywhere. I’ve been up since 7:47 AM to be precise. Ran some errands, prep for the night.

We’ve got a great meeting going on here in the Orlando Note Closers Show. We’re excited to be speaking in Orlando. We’re running stuff ready for that and getting a good start on the day, not letting the case of Mondays drift to Tuesdays. We’ve got a lot of stuff to get done. We’ve got a lot of things that we’ve got to get taken care of. Not only for what we got planned for this weekend but also for what we got going on in business, in life for the next couple of days. We can’t always take drop off, take five days off and disappear for the world. We’ve got a lot of moving parts.

That’s the biggest thing. If you find yourself comparing your note business to somebody else, there are a couple of ways to find out exactly. As our good buddy, Jason Bible, likes to say when somebody is saying, “Let’s show up with your have ones and see what’s going on with the have one.” Let’s see how many deals you close. I can show up with the assignments, show up the deeds of trust. How many deals are you offering? How the contract is going or download a copy of your servicing file. We do that all the time long.

Self-discipline, setting schedules and sticking to it is one of his biggest struggles. It’s difficult because you’re still working too. The thing you have to realize is that sometimes time blocking is one of the best things for self-discipline. Setting a schedule and sticking to it. I will tell you this, you’re going to fail at time block. Time blocking is great, it’s a great tool but everybody fails at it. How do I know this? I fail myself. Steph will vouch for me like I’m constantly asking, what’s the schedule? What’s going on? What do we get to be by where? Block my schedule to get things done that I needed to get done.

One of the things you have to keep in mind too is she’s running her schedule for things that are different than mine. I know we’ve got to go do this. I know we’ve got to do this later. What’s the schedule for this? Let me figure out my best time. I know I like Tuesday, Wednesday. I’m going to be doing a lot of work, Tuesday night we’ve got the Meetup group here, which could use a time for rescheduling week early. Then Wednesday night, I’m going to the local Central Florida real estate Meetup group, just to go. I might be there for an hour, might be there for three hours, who knows. I’m trying to put that in so I can maximize work. I also got the podcaster schedule. I’ve also got other things that go on back home, talking with people.

NCS 338 | Your Own Success

Your Own Success: The thing you have to realize is that sometimes, time blocking is one of the best things for self-discipline.


The thing you’ve got to realize is you’re not going to be able to schedule everything down. What you have to do is, and this is the thing that I liked the best at doing before I go to bed, I make a mental list of what are the three big things I got to get done the next day. Three big things, don’t make a to-do list of 100 things because I hate to-do list. What I’m talking about is a big rocks list. The thing is if you’ve got three big rocks or maybe one big rock or two big rocks or four big rocks, focus on the thing that’s going to be the most difficult first. If you can get that out of the way done, first and foremost, it will make the other stuff go a lot easier.

If it’s a big project and it takes all day to get done and you’re working on that, you’re going to feel much more accomplished like I am halfway through the big project or I’m halfway through getting this done. You’ll feel great too but if you do a lot of little small things, you can psyche yourself out and then you’ve got a lot done. When you’ve got twenty little five-minute duties, you are still behind the eight ball because you get this big rock doing so. The biggest thing I can tell you with that is to focus on big rocks and then carve two or three hours out if you need to, if you’ve got the time to get that done.

If you’re working full-time, you may not have two to three hours, you may have an hour. You got to maximize that hour. One of the best things I can tell you is if you need to and if you’re struggling with self-discipline and setting a schedule and sticking to it, find an accountability partner. Find somebody either through the mastermind group or local WCN Crew Facebook group or some of your local REIA and be accountable to them. Say, “Let’s hold each other accountable. What do you want to accomplish in the next 30, 60, 90 days? Don’t worry about whatever else is doing. What do you want to accomplish in the next 30, 60, 90 days?” Work with the plan. The reason I’m not talking full year here is, trust me, if you put a goal out for the year, you’re going to probably adjust your numbers about halfway through. A lot of people are doing that right now.

They’re adjusting their numbers what they wanted to accomplish in 2018 because they haven’t got started. They haven’t done anything or they’ve gotten sidetracked or they’re not near off as far along as they like to be. If you’re struggling with self-discipline and setting schedule and sticking into it, put that schedule up somewhere where you can see it every day. If you are struggling with marketing like a lot of people are doing, download a copy of the 30/30 Matrix. Take that spreadsheet with 30 items across the top or take a spreadsheet and put the 30 things along the top and then figure out what days you can get this stuff done and focus on that. That’s your list. That’s your checklist of things that you’ve got to get done or things that you have to be done through the month.

That’s a glaring reminder. If you want to put it on the TV or put it on the mirror or put on the fridge or put it on your office or your laptop, when you flip it open, you see things. I have a lot of people that you use the little mouse pad and laptop. They put their goals. Here’s what I got to do today, here’s what I got to get done, here’s a reminder, here’s a photo, what am I working towards? Work towards it. Don’t beat yourself up because we’re all going to fail. We all fail on a daily basis. Everybody does but focus on your own lane. Focus on what you can get done. Don’t worry about what anybody else does. Nobody’s walking in your shoes.

Partnership And Hiring People

If there are a couple of big things that you’re looking for, drop me an email with the big three things and I maybe know somebody who’s dealing with the same issues. I can match you up with somebody who’s interested in being there, so you can work together. Sometimes divide and conquering is an easier thing. Two people can get more done than one person. I’m not a big believer in like, “Let’s get ten people to come together to buy our first note.” I don’t think that works. You have people that don’t want to take lead. You need a leadership role and other people don’t want to do that.

You’re going to have too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Too many cooks and not enough chefs directing the way. Two people, three people, you can make a little mini-mastermind and knock some things out to get things rock and rolling. Our buddy Henry Lee and Gabe Kass of Surf City Investors, two of our mastermind students, they found that they live pretty close to each other in Southern California and they got together and they were breaking down tapes together during the week. They were working on assets together. When they came in mastermind were working on stuff. That’s a great partnership of people working together on some things. They came together, they divide and conquer, and they get a lot further off because they had a support system.

They have somebody there to keep them motivated. They have somebody there that when one person was having a down day, the other person was having a good day and they fed off with each other. These two people got a lot more done than one person by themselves. What other issues are you struggling with? If you see people talking a big game, you don’t see them doing the big game. This has been around for years. People talk a big game like, “I’m a big marketing expert. I’m a big note closer expert. I’m closing a lot of deals.” Where are the case studies?

I don’t see any marketing. I look at your social media profile and I don’t see anything. You’re like a whisper. You’re like a smoke in the wind. You got to be very careful who you take your advice from. If they’re not doing the things they’re telling you to do, you have to be very careful. Somebody asks what should we hire out first. I love this question. It’s a great thing. One of the best advice I can give you is the first hire you should have is an assistant. I’m not talking to somebody who’s in your family. I’m not talking about sister, brother, son or daughter because they will flake it on you. They’ll have their own agenda and they won’t do things as they should be.

The best thing you can do is hire somebody out to handle the things that are below your pay grade. When I’m talking about below your pay grade, figure out what you want to make on an annual basis. Let’s use some easy numbers. Let’s say you want to make $10,000 a month. That’s what you would want to make or that’s 120 years. A lot of people want to make six figures if people want to make $60,000 in a year. If you ever want to make $100,000, they start you at $60,000 because before you get to $100,000, you’ve got to hit and make $60,000 along the way. $60,000 divided by twelve months is $5,000 a month. You divide $5,000 by four weeks. What’s it come down to? $1,250 a week. $1,250 divided by how many hours a week you work? Forty hours is pretty normal. $1,250 divided by 40 comes to about $30 plus an hour.

If you want to be making $60,000 a year, that means you need to value your time at least $30 an hour. Anything that you can outsource or hire less than $30 an hour, like admin staff, you have an assistant comes in for $10, $12, $15 an hour. These days you’ve got at least probably pay $50 an hour because otherwise, they could flip burgers for the most part or less than that. Keep that in mind where you’re at, too. Hire out first things that are below your pay grade. You should, if you can, if you’ve got an assistant, they should probably handle your paperwork pretty much. Making sure you sign everything at the end of the day. They should help you with the recording. Maybe they’re the ones ringing the FedEx.

NCS 338 | Your Own Success

Your Own Success: Don’t worry about what anyone else does. Nobody’s walking in your shoes.


Maybe they’re the ones that run and make deposits to the bank. They’re the ones that go through your mail and organize your mail. Those are things that you can hire out at cheaper rates for the most part. If you’re not comfortable doing that, what other things you’d have to do? You could maybe hire a virtual assistant to help you with some marketing. One of the things that a lot of people aren’t doing, which is a huge opportunity that most people are missing on. People aren’t going online and pulling lists of IRA investors, self-directed IRA investors.

That’s an easy thing to do. It’s easy to hire a virtual assistant to do. That’s what I would be paying someone to do. Jump online and pull list. Show them exactly how to pull the lists. Take a little bit of time. Film a video of you doing it so you can walk them through there and the counties that you wanted to pull in and do that. That’s an easy thing and then what you do with them, here’s what you do. You have them pull the information and then you have them put the marketing piece together. Maybe you design the postcard, but then they’re the ones who are going to getting it printed and maybe they’re going to do a mail merge. Maybe they’re the ones who are running to FedEx and get those. They’re the ones stuffing envelopes. If you’re going to do direct mail piece out to IRA investors or they’re the ones that are pulling the stickies together. They peel the address labels that go out to them.

You have them do that and you give them a timeline. The worst thing you can do is hire somebody and not give them a timeline. “Here’s what I need to get done by day. This and this and this.” Those are little things that you can do to do. You can have them do your direct mail. You can have them reaching out to asset managers. You can have them helping you to travel. Maybe you need not wash clothes. Maybe you need to throw all the dirty clothes in a trash bag and then have them to go drop it off at the cleaners. It’s much easier to have your laundry done in four minutes than it’s done all day. What I mean about four minutes, it takes you two minutes to drop it off and two minutes to pick it up from a washateria.

What I’m trying to get at is take the things that eat up your day and you find yourself doing. They irritate you and outsource it. It’s one of the things I do. I don’t even have a printer in my office. I email it to a staff at the other office. I’m like, “Print this. Bring this in here and I’ll get it signed at 4:00 and then we need to get this FedEx label and we need to drop this at the end of the day.” The thing is you want to empower your employees or your staff and allow them to make mistakes. A lot of people, when you start bringing on somebody, they’re scared to make a mistake so they’re at a standstill. They are sometimes scared to ask questions.

You’ve got to basically give them something to do. Come back and check it out and give him some time to make some mistakes and coach them. Trust me, they won’t do nearly as good as the job if you don’t spend some time coaching. If you expect to get it all on themselves, no matter their experience, you’ve got a little time of catching up. I’m very blessed that people sometimes do a better job than me. I’m like, “That’s awesome. Great job with that. Good stuff.”

Another thing you could have them do is you could have people come in and spend time on LinkedIn for you. Update your profile or a bigger connection or go out and find more people for you to connect on LinkedIn. That’s a great thing to do. Take your list and upload them for different networking events that you’re going to. Go out here on LinkedIn, connect this or add this. Here are the properties to close. Take the photos of these properties and let’s create flyers for them. That’s an easy thing to do, but it was very helpful across the board for the most part. Hopefully, that’s helpful for you out there. You can have them spend time writing, creating things, create this new deal sheet, and stuff like that.

We all have different strengths. We all have different weaknesses. I’ll give you an example. A lot of people are like, “Your marketing kicks butt.” I know our marketing does a great job. Don’t hold yourself like I can’t do what Scott does so I’m not going to do it. No, don’t do that. You have your own tribe. You have your own database that you reached out. You have your own network. You have your own solar system and people that revolve around you. Do what you can for you. Do what you do. Be all you can be. Don’t be all that Scott can be or Steph can be or anybody else can be. Be the best investor that you can be.

NCS 338 | Your Own Success

Your Own Success: Do what you do and be all you can be.


If you stick to the rule, what will eventually happen is people will start paying attention. They’ll start noticing, start seeing you do some great things. There are many crumbs, many different pieces of crust in this big note, distressed asset, distressed mortgage game, but there’s plenty of room to go around. You don’t have to be a 50,000-megawatt blowtorch. You could be a 5,000 blowtorch, 500 blowtorch, whatever you want to be. You can be the best person that you can be, the best investor that you can be by doing the things you want to in a daily basis. Let’s face it, we all struggle. We all got bills to pay, we all have different things that come and go on a regular basis. There are all these little things that we deal with and sometimes I’ll have an answer. That’s one of the best things I love about masterminding, like our mastermind.

I picked up a couple of tricks. It’s like, “That’s a great idea. I’d never heard about that website. We use that. I’ve never heard that. Let me try that site.” Just be open and network and find an accountability partner who has the same goals in mind. You don’t want an accountability partner who is flaky and flakes off on you. Always has excuses for why things aren’t working. Focus on own lane. Try to find somebody who’s in a similar lane and be accountable. Be truthful because ultimately, we’re all responsible for where we are at based on the decisions that we’ve made. Nobody’s held a gun on your head and nobody has done other things like that to deter you from success.

You are the only person that is going to make it or break it, not somebody else. I don’t want to hear your country Western song. My grandmother died or I got divorced or my wife or husband or both of them were cheating on me. I didn’t get any deals accepted or that doesn’t work. Everything is too pricey. If it’s too pricey, go find some more sources. I’ve seen that pop in, “It’s too pricey. Everything’s overpriced.” Who are you bidding on? If you’re only bidding on four or five assets, you’re not doing enough work.

Trust me, go out make offers, working through things, saying stuff on a regular basis. Give yourself time to get warm. Give yourself time to get that warm-up lap around the track so that you can see where you’re going and trust me, you’re going to fail switching things. You’re going to fail at time block. You’re going to fail at getting things done. The best advice I can give you is don’t beat yourself up and make it an extra day of the Mondays. Smile, shake it off, stand up and get back in the race, get back in the game of the day-in day-out basis. That’s all that I’ve got for you. Go out and make something happen. We’ll see you all at the top.

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