EP 373 – Ten Biggest Marketing Mishaps

NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps


Everybody makes mistakes. Those who are smart learn from others. Scott breaks down the ten biggest marketing mistakes that he and other real estate investors are making with their marketing. He gives out some great advice along the way that will also help you overcome them. Covering marketing mishaps from emails and video thumbnails to plagiarism, you’ll find how much you can actually improve how you’re doing marketing. Learn the ways while gathering some great information about business.

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Ten Biggest Marketing Mishaps

One of the things I thought would be a great topic to talk about would be marketing mishaps. I probably should have done this episode a lot earlier because I see people making a lot of mistakes. I will be the first one to throw myself under the bus. I thought I would share some of the biggest mistakes that I have made in marketing over the last decade. The Note CAMP is on November 15th through the 18th. We’ll have a lot of stuff on marketing there. It’s the biggest online Note Convention and the longest running online Note Convention as well. It’s Note CAMP 6.0. We do it twice a year. We have an amazing and scary lineup of speakers this time around. Go to NoteCAMP.live to get signed up there. I will be updating the website with schedules, updates, speakers. You can take advantage of getting signed up and getting a discounted ticket before we increase the price. People make mistakes all the time. Honestly, the only way you learn when you’re in marketing is to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the better you’re going to get at what you do. That’s perfectly normal and you need to realize that you can’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you’re afraid to make mistakes, you’re not working hard enough. You’re not doing good things to help your business.

Sending A Carbon-Copy Email

I thought I’d make a top ten list of some of the things that I see. Some simple things too that is brain-numbing as well. The first thing that we see a lot of times people messing up on is sending an email out to their audience. They choose to carbon copy everybody versus blind carbon copy. I’ve had this happen before. I’ve done this where I’ve carbon copied everybody instead of blind carbon copy. What happens is when you send an email out, you just gave away your email list. In some situations, I don’t have a problem doing that. If anybody knows they’re part of something, I don’t care. If I’m sending the email list out to somebody after Note CAMP or one of the virtual workshops, I’m sure going to see blind carbon copies like the email list is attached. Don’t worry about that. I’ve seen asset managers do this. An assistant for an asset manager at Capital One Bank one time carbon copied the entire note buyers’ portfolio they had. It’s over 548 note investors they sent an email out to and they carbon copied everybody versus blind carbon copy. That was like Christmas happened in July, “Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I’m going to add this to my list.” Some people are like, “You shouldn’t do that because of the CAN-SPAM Act.” I can agree to that to a specific point but also like, “You’re in business.” Sometimes you’ve got to do those things and why not.

Not Using An Email Service Provider

The one thing you don’t want to do is steal somebody’s email list. If somebody’s providing a list like, “I’ve got this list,” you don’t want to do that. That’s not a good thing. If somebody provides a list to you, they put an event and you paid to get that email list. If you’re a vendor, that’s a different story. That’s a completely legitimate thing. A lot of people screw up by sending the mass email out and they forget to blind carbon copy. A servicer out of California did the same thing, sent an invoice out to everybody. They tried to withdraw the email which threw a bigger light on it. This is the problem with sending out an email if you’re Gmail or Yahoo or something like that. If you do it through your traditional email accounts, you have a good chance to do that. Somebody sent an email out to everybody, “I’m going to be here,” and they shared their whole email address. I’m like, “You don’t want to do that.” If you’re going to be in an event though, it’s great. That’s number one. That falls in line with number two, not using an email service provider.

Email service providers are great ways for you to to upload. It allows for you to make your email look more professional if you have some formatting. You can put some templates in place with your logo and it links back to your website. You upload videos and all that good stuff. That’s a valuable thing. What is unfortunate though is people that don’t send out an email using an email service provider like MailChimp or even Infusionsoft or Constant Contact, they’re better than nothing. If they send out an email through Gmail or Yahoo, they cannot see who opened the email. That’s the first mistake. They can’t see who clicked on their links, their profile or their video. They can’t see that, so they lose the visibility. A lot of people go, “I don’t want to waste my time writing an email.” Trust me. You want to take the time.

It’s valuable to you to take the time to send an email out through your email service provider. You want to be able to see that you’ve got a 10% open rate or that you got a 2% click-through rate. Those that clicked on a link but then didn’t end up signing up for something or they’re signing up for an eBook or signing up for a video or signing up for a class or signing up to take a look at an asset but then didn’t respond, especially in the note space, you want to see who’s looking at your stuff. In real estate altogether, who clicked on your links? The same point too, you want to see who didn’t click on your links, so you can send a follow-up email at a later date. One of the things to keep in mind too is you can follow-up with an email later on because they may not see. I’ll give an example. We’re in the midst of having an email going out to asset managers. We’ll send an email out to a big chunk of asset managers. We have about 11% open rate the first 24 hours. We have another email going out to those that didn’t open the first round of emails. I don’t want to hammer the same people twice with the same email.

NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

Marketing Mishaps: Sending the same email hammers the same people twice.


Not Reviewing The Email

Usually, email service providers not only help you out tremendously with your marketing, but it also helps you to dive and who’s opened your emails. Who’s not opened your emails? What do you have to do to connect with them? That’s the biggest mistake I see. I hate to say this, but this is more the older crowd. People that haven’t marketed, they’re trying to get in the marketing space. They struggle with that because they don’t want to take the time to learn and that’s unfortunate. The third biggest mishap that we see is people using an email service provider but they’re not having someone review the freaking email. They sent out this email and it looks like, I hate to say, trash. The formatting’s off and they use the wrong colors. Everything’s skewed to one side. They have a logo but everything else is centered. Color coding hurts your eyes. It’s not formatted properly. That is the big thing I see a lot of people are having.

I always tell my people that are in my mastermind, “Before you send an email out to your database, do yourself a favor send me a template. Send me a sample email and I’ll gladly walk you through it.” I’ll be glad to jump online with you for ten to twenty minutes and say, “Let’s fix this. Let’s change this. Let’s tweak this little bit to make it look a lot more uniform. Let’s take it from gray lettering to black so it stands out. Let’s adjust the height of the titles down so it fits.” You don’t want to have a full screen being just your title. There are specific things that you want to do. One of the most common things people do with MailChimp and I’ve done this multiple times when I create a new template is at the top line of your MailChimp or your email template, it says, “Put your call to action. Put your email thing,” and people forget to fill that out. It doesn’t take much to have somebody literally look at your email. Take a few minutes. It’s worth waiting for the right time. Plan ahead a little bit so you can have somebody take some time. I have people like, “Can you look at my email because I want to send this out in the next 30 minutes?” I’m like, “No offense. If I’m not in front of my computer or I’m in the middle of something, I’m not going to have the time to drop what I’m doing.” Plan that ahead a little bit but add that time to your email review. The last thing you want to do is screw up an email that’s going out your database looking like trash.

Stepping Over Dollars

Number four is people stepping over dollars to save pennies, being cheap. I see this with postcards. I see this with direct mail. I see this with people having their own logo design themselves versus paying somebody on 99designs or literally spending some time to look at your logo trying to create it yourself. I understand if you’ve got kids and your kids designed the logo. You want to be a good mom or good dad to have your logo in there. If it’s a weird-shaped logo, that doesn’t make any sense. You need to have a design where it’s horizontal or looks good across the top. Don’t shrug off on this. Spend the time on Fiverr, it’s cheap. You can use Canva to design a logo. If somebody designs your logo and you don’t like it, especially if it’s a family member, take what they use and use that as a basis for your main thing. I’m not saying you can’t have a logo with your kid. If it’s going out in front of investors, if it’s going out in front of asset managers, if it’s going out in front of your peers, make it look a little bit more professional. Take the time and say, “Thank you so much. It’s great. We’re going to use this as the base design for our logo.” I love kids but not everybody is as friendly with a kid logo and everything, especially if it’s a square and not centered. Trust me on that.


Another thing is people jipping on images. They create some image and it looks like trash. They don’t take the time to spruce it up with a better logo or their wording is weird. The whole thing of you not paying somebody to do something that they’re special at is what aggravates me. People are getting cheap with their marketing when their marketing is one of the most important things that they should have been doing. I have been guilty of this in the past of trying to create an image when I should have just had somebody else do it. I had this happen where I’m creating some artwork. I put something together real fast and sent it out to them. They came back like, “Scott, we appreciate you doing this but this looks like trash.” I’m like, “Okay. If you’ll design, I’ll pay to do it.” “Yes, we’ll do it.” Done. I’d rather pay some dollars to make more dollars. This is something I’m extremely guilty of, spell check. Some are good that will link into an app in your browser that will check your spelling. What I to do a lot of times is I’ll copy my wording in my email, I put in a Word doc and do a spell check there to see if it makes sense or if I missed anything.

Good Video Thumbnail

You’re going to miss pair or pare, they’re or their, than and then. Those are some common mistakes, grammar as well. I’m a big believer of getting spellcheck once has helped tremendously. I’ve made this mistake. What’s sad is when I see people who are uneducated. They’re not writing something sound, they have a bad grammar, they misspeak and stuff like that. I’m like, “That sounds horrible. You sound uneducated.” Take the time to have somebody else do that or run it through spellcheck and let spellcheck correct it. A mistake that I made for years when I would do videos, I wouldn’t take the time to create a good video thumbnail. What’s a video thumbnail? If you go to YouTube, Vimeo, or any place that you see videos, thumbnails are the image that shows up that people see. Especially here in Facebook Live, I’m guilty of often having stroke face because it stops you awkwardly. Going back into my Facebook videos and trying to pick a better thumbnail so it doesn’t look like I’m having a stroke or convulsing on the screen. This is something I noticed when I was messing around on Netflix and I was flipping over to YouTube online, iHeartRadio online and some of the images for my podcast shows. I’m like, “I need to go back and change that thumbnail. That looks horrible.” Taking the time to create a good thumbnail is valuable. You want to make sure that the writing is clear.

NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

Marketing Mishaps: People tend to step over dollars in order to save pennies.


It’s different for a YouTube or video thumbnail versus posting to Instagram or Facebook. You only have a few fleeting seconds of people going through YouTube or popping by the right-hand side. You want to try to attract the attention of people seeing that. You want to make sure that the title isn’t something long. You have a high-quality image with your thumbnail and make it relevant. Canva is great for using YouTube for creating accurate YouTube thumbnails, especially the right size. It gives you the right font and dimensions, so it works perfect for a YouTube thumbnail. I highly recommend it. For years, I would just upload videos and I wouldn’t adjust my thumbnails. I had a good friend of mine at the time tell me, “You probably need to go back and spend some time.” I literally spent a lot of time going back and making sure that looks good. I’ve sloughed off on this a couple of weeks with some of the videos in the podcast that we’ve uploaded across the board. I need to go back in and spend a little time with the marketing aspect of things. Make it look uniform. Make it look nice. Sometimes I’m waiting on headshots from some of our guest hosts and guests as well.

Try to have some uniform theme to your thumbnails. If you’re sitting on an image with a thumbnail and the thumbnail looks like a stroke victim because it pulls it up that way, do yourself a favor. Create an image as for where you’re going and then put the link to the video where they click on the image then it takes them there. You have basically an image on an email that’s not the thumbnail. Sometimes the thumbnails that you have on YouTube or Vimeo won’t transfer over when you upload it to your Infusionsoft email or MailChimp email. This is one thing that I have struggled in the past and is something that if you’re doing video, you have to get good at video thumbnails. That’s the curb appeal of your video. That’s the curb appeal in the search engines and the searchability stuff for people to look at. That’s not saying if you have a stroke face or you’re doing something on screen, it captures that people aren’t going to click on it. They probably will at some point especially if they’re looking for your content. If you’re brand new and you’re trying to organically with the SEO aspect of it, make sure you have a good video thumbnail.


Number seven is color coordinating. You want your email to look nice. You want your marketing to look nice. Take some time and try color coordinating your colors. It’s not hard to know that everything we do is green here. Bright green, we’ve got two shades of green in the logo, lighter green, darker green. Green is my favorite color. Even the back wall is bright green. The idea for that is I want people thinking money. I want branding to go look at it. Those are the colors that I like. There are some great websites and tools that you can use to go check your color. What that will do is when you’re designing something, it will often pop up colors that perfectly match the main color. They’ll pull other stuff that you can use to make it look nice. Great color is important in branding. It’s important in your marketing. Take the time to have a branding expert take a look at what you’re doing. It’s not going to hurt. If anything, it’s going to be valuable. I’m a big sports fan. If you look at most sports teams, they’ve got two base colors and they probably have a third off-color. It’s usually black. Like Texas, it’s cream and burnt orange. The basketball team also uses black in their uniforms. Look at the Dallas Cowboys, white and silver or blue and silver with their branding, blue and silver is the base color. Michigan, you got navy and gold. Think of that.

You’re going to have two primary colors probably with your marketing or three. There are three colors in my logo. What are those three colors? Dark green, light green, and white. There are two primary colors in the podcast logo, green and black. Color coordinating your marketing with the background image works with the same thing. I’ll give an example. When we send out marketing emails to our asset manager, the asset manager will say, “I keep looking for that green email,” because the background around our email is green or the logo is green. We brand that aspect into what we’re doing. That’s an important thing with your marketing, when you’re sending out letters and when you’re doing other images. We have green all over our eBook. I have green all over other things. Green on our swag bag, it’s our logo that goes out. Some people love pink. Some people love purple. Some people like light blue. Color coordinating is so important these days. It helps build an image. It helps build a brand for what you’re doing. I’ve now gone to wearing my bright green vest when I go out and speak. It’s branding. It helps me to color coordinate my image. It helps me stand out as well.


Number eight is lack of a logo. Having no logo is not a good thing. You need to have a logo of some sort. You need to have two big versions. You need to have a big version that you can adjust. It’s usually a PNG. A JPEG version is nice. You need to have a square version for thumbnails. You also need to have a horizontal version where it’s the image and the name of your company on the right-hand side. That’s important because, on the letterheads of your emails, you don’t want the square image taking up half the screen. You also want to have that logo on your emails, on your PowerPoints, on your business cards, and stickers. In your email signature, it’s important to have that logo because it’s the whole branding aspect. You start thinking of the Swoosh with Nike or the Golden Arches of McDonald’s. Their logo has helped brand them. You know what to expect when you see them. You just aren’t thinking of yourself especially with logos, color coordinating, and things like that of putting that in place.

NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

Marketing Mishaps: Your image helps you stand out from the crowd.


A logo is your brand. One of the earliest logos going back to the days was cattle brands. It was their logo. They brand their cattle with their logo. You don’t mess with the Lazy or the Rockin’ R Ranch or the King Ranch. That was their logo. That’s how they branded themselves. Now you don’t want to walk around with a freaking iron brand melted into your butt or a tattoo carved in the side. When I was going to college, I had fraternities that wanted me to rush with them. I’d never rush to a fraternity. I was like, “I don’t need to go brand my arm with the omega sign or the chi omega or the kappa symbol. It doesn’t make any sense. You can go do that in your drunken state. I’m not going to do that.” That’s the thing I look at. Lack of a logo hurts your business because it doesn’t give people something to identify with like your business cards. Have your logo on there. If you don’t have them on the front, have them on the back. Your logo’s great but you don’t want to make it the whole damn thing where they don’t give you information. A logo’s great but it’s only good if you’ve got the rest of your contact information there so people can share. I have my logo on my email signature. More importantly, I have my face on there as part of the brand image as well.

No Social Media Handles For Your Name

New investors are making a lot of major mistakes with number nine in social handles. I get this question every week from people, “I’m starting a new LLC. What should I call it?” I’m like, “I don’t know.” They have these great names and I’m like, “Did you buy the domain to that.” They say, “No, I haven’t bought the domain to that yet.” I’m like, “Do you know if the domain’s available?” They’re like, “I should have a looked.” They paid their attorney to go file an LLC in name and there’s no website available. There are none of the social handles available. This is a major mistake. When you don’t have a Facebook, an Instagram, the YouTube channel, all that’s taken by somebody else, you’ve totally shot yourself in the foot. You need to know your social handles before you start creating your logo. I’ve seen some people that use cursives in their logos like, “That’s the worst thing you can do because it’s not legible.” Who cares if you like script or cursive, it doesn’t make any sense. Block is the easiest thing for people to understand. They can see it from everywhere.

Go and look at what’s available. Use NameCheck.com. It’s the easiest thing to use to see if the social handle’s available. Is the .com available or .biz or .tv? Is the Instagram available? Is YouTube or Facebook? Are those things available? It’s an easy check. NameCheck.com saves you so much great time in identifying and seeing if that name is available. That’s not saying you’re not going to have some off-shot LLCs that you’re not going to be using to market. Everybody has those. I got a variety of LLCs that nobody knows about. We Close Notes, The Note Closers Show, I made sure those handles were available when we selected. I was about to call the podcast The Note Show and realized that somebody else had that, so we changed to The Note Closers Show. Luckily, I already used that before in some of the videos that we did with investor interviews, The Note Closers. We got a bunch of groups that worked out great. I did check that before, The Note Closers, we bought all those handles.

Stealing Signs

Number ten, I call this stealing signs. As kids, especially in high school or college, who have not or known somebody who’s stolen a stop sign or a no dumping sign and placed it in their college bathroom? You do that stuff but as an adult, you can’t steal signs. These are probably the two biggest things that I’ve had people do to me that has pissed me off faster than anything else. A couple of years ago, I had somebody come to my workshop and a few months later I get a phone call from a bank in Detroit. They called me up asking me about something my company signed with them to buy notes. I’m like, “Respectfully, I don’t know who you are.” They sent me a contract and the student, who will remain unnamed, had gone and called some banks. He found some banks and they sent them over an NDA and started filling out their LLC. They filled out my LLC info and submitted it. They said they were a member of my LLC. That’s fraud. You don’t do that.

When I called the investor I said, “What the hell are you doing?” They’re like, “We didn’t have the experience or the number of deals closed. They wouldn’t approve us so we had to give them your company.” I was like, “That’s different. You never called me first. If you called me first, I might have reached out and said, ‘I’ll sign the contract on your behalf and help you out with it,’ but the fact that you stole my information without asking me, that’s fraud.” I don’t play up with that. That’s not good at all. If somebody writes an eBook, you don’t have the right to go and steal that eBook and then slap your name on it or slap a different logo on the front and recycle the guts. That is plagiarism in its purest form. If you went to high school or college, you just failed life. Stealing somebody else’s material, their eBook or their content, that’s a big no go in marketing.

NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

Marketing Mishaps: You fail life when you steal somebody’s work.


There are companies out there, there are people out there that will let you white label a software, a website, or things like that. That’s totally okay if there’s a paid agreement of some sort where they give you the thumbs up. Taking somebody else’s book or what they’ve worked on, and then slapping a color on it but not even changing the name and you think it’s going to be okay, that’s not okay. That’s one way to get sued quickly, get booted out, or blacklisted in the industry. Don’t be stealing signs as an adult. That’s the worst thing you can freaking do.

If you’re going to be using somebody else’s material or want to use an eBook as a bonus, do yourself a favor. Pick up the phone or drop an email and say, “I’d like to use your info. Is there a possibility I could pay to white label your book or something like that?” I know a lot of other vendors and speakers that have writers and like, “If you want to, sure. Go ahead. Give me a fee or split the leads.” That’s totally fine but doing it without running it by somebody and then having that person find out you did it, that’s not a good thing to take place. That’s not at all what you want to happen.

A quick recap, number one was making a mistake to carbon copy to an email list versus blind carbon copy. Number two is what you should be doing versus CC or BCC is people not using an email service provider like MailChimp, AWeber, or Infusionsoft. That’s important software to have. You’re in business. It’s time to start acting. Number three, not having someone review your email before you send it out. You can often have people that will spend the time to look at it and say, “You need to fix this. This doesn’t look good.” Number four is stepping over dollars to save pennies. Spend a little bit of time, spend some money on marketing. If you’re not good at creating things, have somebody else create a logo or do something else.

Number five is not using spellcheck. That’s an important thing before you send an email out. Make sure you don’t look like you’re ignorant. Number six is not creating video thumbnails for your videos or letting the stroke face kick in. It’s your curb appeal online for your videos. Number seven is failing to have color coordination in your marketing, in your logos and branding. Making sure the colors match up and are complementary and match each other. Number eight is a lack of a logo. Not having a logo in your business doesn’t make sense. Everybody gets excited about their logo. I still get excited about seeing my logos on things like stickers, hats, tee shirts, mugs, or backpacks. Number nine is not checking to see if the social handles are available for your LLC name. Please make sure before you have a name, an idea for a company name, an LLC name, or a product name that the social handles are available. Number ten, as we say stealing signs. Don’t steal somebody else’s marketing. It’s not cool, it’s not professional. It’s an easy way to get blacklisted or get sued as well in this industry. That is very important for you to look at.

Number eleven, offending people in respect with a subject line of an email. There are some people out there that have sent emails out to their database that have bashed their mentors. That’s not a good thing to do. This is something I don’t mind sometimes. I have sent emails out and some of my subject lines have meant to offend some people like, “The 50 shades of notes,” or, “Get some butt this weekend.” I’m okay with being a little shock. I’ve built enough credibility up my audience to get away with that sometimes, to be humorous. I have done some creative things to rock the boat a little bit to see who’s listening or paying attention because I have a sense of humor. The thing is too if you’re just sitting on emails, make sure you’re not going to offend the person that you admire. Write by them first so they know it’s a joke. It’s always a good thing to do. Number twelve biggest marketing mistakes is not sending an email. All these things we talked about are mistakes that you’re only going to understand if you make them. The only way to get better at your craft of avoiding mistakes is to probably make them. Everybody makes these mistakes. It’s a sign of being an entrepreneur. It’s a sign of being a business owner. It’s a sign of things happening. CC versus BCC, I saw that happen a couple of times. I’ve seen errors in logos. I’ve seen errors with formatting.

NCS 373 | Marketing Mishaps

Marketing Mishaps: The only way to get better at your craft of avoiding mistakes is to probably make them.


We have a question, “Can you explain white labeling and sharing a book and sharing royalties?” We have done this in the past, not on my own. I used to work for somebody that he created a training program. He didn’t market that well. A couple of other guys came along and wanted to borrow that training program. They’re better marketers. He allowed them to white label. They slapped their logo, their information on that training program and split the sales with him. They went out and sold $150,000 in sales, they split the sales with him because he created all the content and they were doing the marketing. Sometimes you’ll see that with books being written as well. I’ll give you an example. There’s a chapter of the book and then the guy put the whole book together. We got a split of sales or split of royalties. I’ve had that happen a couple of times. I’ve been part of two books that Greg Reid has out there, The Rise and another one as well. I paid a couple hundred bucks to be part of a chapter of a book of a better business book and stuff like that. That’s one of the things worth doing as well.

The note book that we’re doing, we got 50 people showing interest in being part of a note book. That will be something that everybody can use. It’s being authored by me and I’m bringing on 50 people to tell their stories as well too. That will be something that those that opt-in to it, they’re able to use that book to promote that book. There’s a royalty splitting that stuff of sales, although most books these days are not a big revenue. They’ve got more of a lead generation. You see a lot of people that will create books or templates as a lead gen on Facebook. It helps out. The thing about smaller eBooks is most of them, depending on what it cost you, it cost me about $1,000 to create my 52-page eBook. It’s focused solely on where we’re at. It’s our niche. It’s my story. It doesn’t make sense to white label that book or let somebody else run with that because the way I tell a story is different than most everybody else. If you’re going to white label a book, if you’re going to borrow somebody else’s information, you got to make sure that story sounds like in your words. Make sure it comes out the way you speak. If you just slap a name, slap a logo on it, or you white label somebody else’s content. It’s going to backfire in your face, especially if they’ve already marketed that book out for a lot of other things. Especially if they are marketing that book on an active basis. It doesn’t work that way.

What you want to do if you’re white labeling a book is something that’s not in active circulation and being marketed out there. I see people, especially in the postcard marketing side of the world, that will pay for somebody to do a small batch of postcards and it comes up and the image is blurred or the color blends, it doesn’t look professional. That’s not a good thing. I’ve seen some things happen with videos where people will use a video then they’ll upload and it stretches the video out. It doesn’t look good because it’s trying to fill a horizontal or it’s a vertical image. That happens from time to time with people. I’ve seen that happen a couple times before. I noticed that on a video that we uploaded somewhere. The video was horizontal because I was filming it that day and the way it got uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, it stretched it out. It didn’t look good.

November is NaPodPoMo, National Podcasting Promotion Month. A lot of people are going out and filming episodes each day of November. They’re filming new episodes or they’re promoting. What we’re going to be doing in November is promoting podcasts. The first show that we’re going to be promoting this month is one I was on. A buddy of mine I met at New Media Summit, Sean Douglas. Sean is the host of Life Transformation Radio. What I love about what Sean is doing is he’s also an active full-time military. He still works full-time as a sergeant. He’s got some great stuff on there. He’s going to be the first one we promote on NaPodPoMo. Go out and google Life Transformation Radio. Go out there and listen to it. He does a great job. I was honored to be a guest on it. He’s going to be one of our keynote speakers at Note CAMP 6.0 upcoming in a couple of weeks. Check it out. It’s a great show. He got some great guests on there and excited. Sean and I never met prior to a couple months ago. We met and we have a lot of the same friends that run along the same circle. Listen to Life Transformation Radio where Sean Douglas is our first show of November for you. Go out and take a look at it.

November for the most part, we have Note CAMP and we get a Fast Track Training. We have our Mastermind in the first week of December. We have a Virtual Note Buying Workshop at the end of November through December. Our Note Mastermind is on the first full weekend 7th, 8th, and 9th in Cape Coral, Florida. We have our Affiliate Summit taking place here in Austin with some more vendors and our good friends that promote them for 2019. Thank you so much for reading. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for helping to make The Note Closers Show one of the hottest podcasts in real estate. It’s doing an amazing job out here. Thank you for my staff. Thank you to Steph. Thank you to Shannon. Thank you to Rosie. Thank you to the Hazzards at Feed Your Brand and Podetize for helping us with a lot of the promotional stuff that we do. Thank you to JD Bates for helping us out with some marketing as well and lots of other stuff. Go out make something happen. We’ll see you at the top.

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