EP 417 – Entrepreneurial Faith with Joseph Warren

NCS 417 | Entrepreneurial Faith

NCS 417 | Entrepreneurial Faith


Being entrepreneurs, we tend to get lost in between the business of day to day that we forget to touch on other aspects that make doing what we do more fulfilling. That is why when downtimes happen, it is easy to let it get to us. Joseph Warren, host of the Broken Catholic and FIRST $100K podcasts, speaks about an important part that not most of us touch upon – entrepreneurial faith. It is believing in yourself as an entrepreneur together with believing in God to help support us and receive His grace. He talks about how we get caught in this idea of success that we distract ourselves from being honest with what we do. Joseph brings faith into the business, reminding us to show up in the world from a place of authenticity.

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Entrepreneurial Faith with Joseph Warren

I’m excited to be here with you, but I’m more excited about our special guest on the show. Our special guest is somebody that I met at the New Media Summit. He was a fellow icon of influence there. He’s someone who’s just doing a tremendous job with podcasts. He runs a couple of different shows. More so than anything else, I’m more impressed with the man and how he walks the walk as a beacon of light for other entrepreneurs out there. He is the man, the myth and the legend, Joseph Warren who hosted the Broken Catholic Podcast and also the FIRST $100K Show out there. Joseph, we are so honored to have you.

I’m excited to see you because, Scott, you stand out above the rest. Thank you for that introduction. I want to say that I acknowledge you because you walk the talk as well. You don’t go out there and do a lot of hype and marketing push. You don’t so much say, “Here’s what I’m going to do,” like many other entrepreneurs. Rather, I see you constantly saying, “Here’s what I’ve done.” You do the work and you let your work speak for you. You’re showing up all over the place and you’re getting it done. That’s a fantastic approach and it’s missing with many entrepreneurs right now who want to talk about what they’re going to do in the future rather than say, “Look back on what I did.”

That’s the biggest thing that is missing out there. Everybody loves to talk about the successes we have in this world. It’s knowing what the steps were and the trials and tribulations that we overcome to get where we’re at now. I was so honored to have you and be on your show, FIRST $100K show. It’s such a relevant topic and have you on to talk here. To me, coaching and teaching people in workshops, people hitting $100,000, that’s their first big goal as an entrepreneur. They’re making $30,000, to $60,000 as a salary, but they want to become their own boss of some sort. That’s one of the big things that we try to talk with people. Set a goal. If you want to make $1 million, you’ve got to make $100,000 first. You’ve got to grow into that aspect of that mindset so much more than anything else than where you’re at now. That’s one of the great things I’ve loved about your show.

I’ve been listening and bingeing to your previous guests on there talking about some of the things that they’ve gone through. I thought it would be a great thing to talk about that in this episode. Some of the things you’ve heard people overcome along with also how important having faith in oneself and faith in God to help support you there during the downtimes. Everything is great and we love to give grace to God when they scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. I think it’s having that faith in oneself and knowing that what’s being in front of you isn’t going to kill you. God only gives you what you can handle. I’m a big believer that God gives you something so that you can grow into that person you want to be.

I just got back from the 10X Conference, the Grant Cardone thing in Miami, Florida. That was a cool experience. He speaks about 10x your life, 10x your income and 10x your business. Many people are listening to the advice, the wisdom, the strategies, the tips of millionaires and billionaires and they’re struggling to make their first $100,000. Just know that those strategies, tips and wisdom at that level of success will not work for you down at your first $100,000. They just can’t. It’s a totally different environment altogether. I do believe in some of the things that Grant promotes, but stop shooting for the $1 million.

If you are struggling to make your $100,000, make that your target. Make that your goal for 2019. If you’re bringing in $1,000 right now, you’re cashflow poor and you just started your business or you’ve been going at it for a while now and you’re still struggling and you’re only making a $1,000, go ahead and 10x that. Turn that into $10,000 and then 10x that again. Push yourself to make $100,000. Once you get through that milestone, then 10x the $100,000, then you’re at a million, then 10x the million. It simply means to apply those strategies and those systems and those processes that got you to where you are now. Systemize them and start scaling and 10x it.

Many entrepreneurs don’t build the systems and processes around $1,000 like, “What’s working that got me $1,000? Now, that I got to $1,000, that’s my first little milestone. Processes, systems, platform and foundation. I got it. Now, how do I scale that to $10,000?” Processes and systems, etc. then to $100,000. Processes, systems, etc. and keep 10x-ing it that way. Many times, they want to just leapfrog to the million or two the billion. That’s not how life works. It just doesn’t. You can keep chasing the pipe dream and you’ll keep showing up on your social media as full of crap. You’re the hype person and there are too many of them. You can bling your watches and your cars and all this other stuff, meanwhile you’re going home broke and alone or you could get real and face your mess and say, “This year, I’m going to set a smaller target. I’m going to be that guy that tells you what I did, not what I’m going to do.”

The Gary Vaynerchuks and the Grant Cardones, there are a bunch of those guys out there doing big things and that’s why people get frustrated. They’re used to seeing this and want to do what they’re saying, but that’s not the advice that they should be getting when they’re down on the ground floor level and getting started. I talk to the people around you. They’re doing $100,000, go there, get that down, then you take the level up and go from there. If somebody is flashing their Lambo or their watch, they’re not an entrepreneur. They’re more of a douchepreneur more than anything else out there. I would rather be rich and not known versus trying to be Facebook rich and be broke at the end of the day.

I used to be that guy. I wanted it to look good and I wanted to avoid looking bad. Most of my energy went more towards that than towards building my business.

It’s as if keeping the lie alive.

That takes a lot of energy and a lot of effort. For any of your audience, maybe that’s you right now. I don’t think Scott and I are here to make you wrong about it, but we’re here to say, “You’ve got to look at what’s real and you’ve got to take a hard look sometimes.” Just ask yourself the simple question, “Is it working? Is it not working?” If it’s not working, change your approach. Many of us don’t want to face the ugly that we’ve created in our life or in our business. We want to keep pretending that it’s working, but it’s not and we’re miserable. Matthew Kelly calls it, “Most people are living lives of quiet desperation.” That sums up what’s happening. We’re all living these lives of quiet desperation. We’re all struggling with the same exact issues as the next guy and yet, we’re all pretending it’s not there. It’s not happening. We’re doing great. Look at the highlights of my life. Just keep playing the highlight reel, but never watched the movie because it’s a horror movie.

Sometimes your life and your business can look like a horror show. It can, but it’s up to you to step into it. When I got over the trying to look good and I said, “This isn’t working. I’m tired of being in pain. I’m tired of suffering.” I looked at my business and said, “What is working and what can I scale? What isn’t working and what can I lose and drop off?” When I started deep diving into the business and filtering out that way, more things started to work. My life started to get a little easier and then a little easier. It’s because I was facing reality and I was looking at the ugly and I wasn’t running from it.

Can you share a little bit more of your background? What got you to where you’re at?

People have told me I’ve lived in nine lives of the average person because I’ve tried more stuff than other people and call it I was green behind the ears and young and naive. I put myself out there and I was a curious dude so I would try more stuff and I put myself in dangerous situations. However, I grew tremendously in leaps and bounds. I’ve had multiple lives in that regard.

Maybe share that moment because as entrepreneurs, we all have that moment of clarity. When I was getting started, I had to come to Jesus meeting like, “What am I doing?” I was doing a lot of different things. I finally had to have an honest conversation and look at myself in the mirror and like, “This isn’t working. I need to focus on this. I need to put all my other toys and distractions aside and just dive head first.” Do you remember that moment for you?

NCS 417 | Entrepreneurial Faith

Entrepreneurial Faith: You’ve got to look at what’s real and you’ve got to take a hard look at it.


I’ve had that moment multiple times. However, I was stubborn and resistant, the majority of the times. I’ll share a quick story because for the entertainment value and I think it will give you a little bit into some of the dumb things we do as entrepreneurs. In my first business at nineteen years old, I had a professional fundraising company for national nonprofit charities. It simply means that most charities suck at raising their own money. We started a for-profit company that went out and did the grunt work and raise the money for them so that they could do more good with the causes that they were serving. We took a transactional fee and that was our model. That paid for my team and our growth. Within twelve months, we grew from 0 to $2 million in revenue. We were like, “What did we just build?” We just started scaling it and systemizing it and we a scaled it into different cities in the country.

A lesson that I’ve learned was, what works in one city or in one market does not work in another market. It’s just not how it works. A case in point was we got Chicago up and running. We got it to $2 million within twelve months and then I sent my assistant manager out to go a ramp up at Los Angeles. The next thing I know, he’s on the phone with me crying like a little girl. I was like, “What are you doing? You’re my tough assistant.” The way he occurred, he was a wrestler type guy and he was in your face and loud. He’s a sales guy and he would get people to cough up money constantly for all these great causes. He was my number one guy. He was fearless until he met Los Angeles. Los Angeles kicked his butt to the point that he was on the phone with me every single day about to quit and about to leave the company. I was like, “I’ve got to do something about this.” I didn’t want to leave Chicago and I didn’t want to go out to Los Angeles and I had stuff I was doing.

Here’s the lesson here. Sometimes you’ve got to lead by example and you’ve got to invest in your team, in your members. That means sometimes getting back to the front lines with them. Get back into the mud with them even though you feel you’ve earned the right to no longer ever go in the mud or the front lines again as a business owner. You cross the line and you’ve arrived, so you’re not going backwards. I think that’s ego. I learned that quickly. I made the choice and I went out to Los Angeles. I wanted to see what all the whining was about. I was fearless back then. We go out to Los Angeles and he’s like, “Wait until you see what I’m talking about. People out here are nasty in LA.” I was like, “Whatever. People are people to me.”

We walk into the first store. We used to go in and ask for donations, tax, receipts, credibility and everything. We walk in and I opened the door and they start yelling and cursing at us as soon as we walk in. They’re like, “Get the F out of here.” I was just like, “What the heck?” He goes, “See what I mean?” I can’t even get a word out. We leave. We closed the door and we go on to the next door. It’s the same thing. It’s like pressing a hostility button when you open the door. We open the next door and they’re like, “I’m calling the cops, get out.” We go to the next door and it’s the same thing one after another. I said, “Why don’t we take an early lunch?” I wanted to look at what was I being faced with? There’s a new problem here I’ve never faced.

As a business owner, you are faced with new problems in your business every single day. Hopefully, you’re pulling from it. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do in business is to do nothing, to sit and to get quiet. Now, I get quiet with God. I let Him pour into me the solutions, the creativity of problem-solving and all that. Back then I was very godless. I look to Joseph as the answer and I don’t recommend this, however, it worked a little bit back then. I sat there and I was like, “It’s a new problem. What do we do?” I remembered something from Tony Robbins’ book. He said, “Whenever two people meet for the first time, whoever is more certain will always influence the other.” That memory came to the top of mind. I was like, “I got it.” The other part was something I had created, “Always mirror the person in front of you and then add 10%.” That’s the key. If they’re occurring as kind, be just as kind plus 10%. You’ll always control that situation.

All of a sudden I’m like, “They’re not being kind in LA. They’re being hostile and rude and nasty. I’m going to pull out some old New York stuff and I’ve got to turn this up and mirror them and then add 10%.” We walk into the next store. I turned to my friend, his name was Frank, my assistant manager. I said, “I want you to follow my lead. Just move as fast as I do.” The whole time he looks pissed off and follows my lead. I was like, “Whoever the owner is in the next place we walked into, just eyeball them as if you want to kick their butt and follow my lead.” He was like, “Okay.” We’ve walked in, it was a jewelry store. They buzzed us in. They had no idea. I walk in full throttle and immediately they see we’re solicitors and they’re like, “Get the F out. I’m calling the cops.” I yell at the guy. I say, “Shut up and sit down.” The entire place went quiet. This is a jewelry store. They think now that they’re being robbed and there were customers.

He pipes up again, “I said, get out.” I said, “I said, shut up and sit down.” He did. His butt hit the seat. I said, “I’m going to lower my volume and tell you what we’re doing.” He’s like, “It’s a scam.” I was like, “All I need you to do is shut up and listen and then decide what you want to do. If you’re going to curve rudely with me, I’m going to come right back at you or we can have a civilized conversation. You can just listen and then say no or say yes.” We were in agreement. We did that and it worked. He gave money and then I said, “By the way, just so you know, you and I are now in a business relationship. We’re going to come in every single week and I’m going to give you the opportunity to continue to donate to this cause and get a write off every single week.” He was like, “Okay.”

NCS 417 | Entrepreneurial Faith

Who Moved My Cheese?: An A-Mazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

We walk out and my buddy was like, “What did just happen?” I said, “We just figured out how to take over Los Angeles.” We went into the next place, they started yelling, “Get out.” I said, “Shut up and sit down.” The same thing, they gave money and I seat up for the recurring. We did this ten in a row and they all said yes. You’ve got to look at your market. Look at what changed. It’s that book, Who Moved My Cheese? Your cheese moves. You’ve got to adapt. Whatever that is in front of you, find a different way over, under and through. In the next twelve months, we did $2 million in revenue in Los Angeles.

I’ve had that happen here before. It’s a different mentality and you’ve got to change your approach to things. We see that a lot especially when we’re dealing with distressed borrowers. They think we’re the evil bank. They call upset yelling at us and I’m like, “I can yell back at you or we can talk and have a real conversation.” Sometimes I’ve had, “Shut up lady or shut up man. Listen for a second.” It’s not necessarily fair debt collection practices-compliant. One of the biggest things is he or she who’s louder for the most part or is more confident and more certain is going to have an influence on the other. How much have you seen doubts having that much more influence over us? Have you seen that with a lot of the entrepreneurs you’ve talked to with or is that inner thoughts?

I speak about the mental game of entrepreneurship on my podcast, FIRST $100K. I have guests that crossed the $100,000 mark. I have guests that did $500 million in 2018. That range of guests. If you’re asking me this question, “Joseph, what’s the number one thing all your guests wrestle with that’s common? What’s the pattern?” Whether they’re making a $100,000 or $100 million a year, imposter syndrome somehow think they’re a fraud and they’re going to get found out. They think that people are going to discover that they’re not as smart as they are or they’re not as good in sales as they are or they’re not as successful as people think. Even though they’re doing $100 million a year and they have all the evidence of success on the inside and I believe this and I say this on my old podcast all the time, “Your mind is a liar. Your heart speaks the truth.”

As an entrepreneur, when you get that you’re not your mind, your mind is just the operating system that’s there to serve you. It’s constantly lying to you because it’s trying to protect you. The problem is it has bad code in it, i.e. a fallen nature, biblical Adam and Eve stuff. There’s a broken code. It’s associating everything equals death. If you’re wanting to meet that great relationship with your spouse, your future partner and you’re thinking, “There’s that beautiful girl.” Your mind goes, “Nope, don’t go over. She could reject you. Remember the last time you were rejected? Do you want to feel that way again? Do you remember how bad that felt?” It’s immediately going over and creating that new opportunity equals death. Your mind is constantly turning everything into fear and death. When you get that your mind is not you and you’re not your mind and your mind is a liar and it’s doing what it’s just programmed to do, but you get to choose in the matter like, “My mind says this. I acknowledge it. Thank you for the fear. Thank you for your contribution brain. I choose this anyway.” You step into whatever it is you want to create in your life, your life starts to work, Scott.

Hopefully, everybody took that down because it is so truthful. I’ve got great friends who are scared to death to go out and talk in front of people from the stage or their clients. They’re just fearful. Even though everybody looks up to them, they’re careful because they like, “They’ll think I’m a fraud but the fact is, I’m going to end up choking and not providing content. I’m going to die of fear.” That’s a sad thing out there. I always try to get people to think about it as a kid because as kids we don’t know any better. We’re running around like a crazy person barefoot, t-shirt on, picking up frogs, snakes, putting stuff in our mouth and ears or whatever. If we had to learn how to walk as adults, many of us would be paraplegic because we’d fall down once and would never keep going with it. That’s so much with the mind playing tricks on us. A big chunk of it comes from our backgrounds and experience that are influential to us. What would you say to somebody besides the fact, “My mind is one thing?” What are some tools that you would suggest or you’ve heard from some of your guests in the show to help overcome those little things?

Many of my guests that have become very successful in business, they’ve spent a lot of their energy, time, resources, etc. in building their business empire. Now they make a lot of money and they’re super uber successful and that area of their life works. However, other areas of their life got neglected along the way and other areas of their life or in ruins so I’m able to speak to them about what I do. I have a spiritual coaching business. I work with uber-successful business owners that are winning in business, but they’re broke in life. They’re broke in their marriage, they’re broke in communication with their kids or they have no real connection with the Creator, their Maker, their God, their Higher Power. Everybody got a different name or whatever, but I call him God. I call him my Heavenly Father.

To answer your question simply, it’s all an identity problem. The number one thing we have broken in our society is our identity as individuals and therefore collectively as a group and as a nation. It’s the identity. Who am I? This is the burning question in the whole humanity. Who am I and why am I here? We don’t take enough time to get quiet and look for that answer. We’re constantly chasing the next dollar listening to Gary Vee and Grant Cardone. If you want to win in business, those are your guys. If you want to win in life, you may consider me. I’m your guy because I can help you with the things that matter that money can’t buy. That’s what happens.

The biggest thing that I have seen in some of the people I’ve worked with that has been the biggest thing in my life is go from living this godless chasing money, success and pleasure. Those were my three gods. I got all three of them. I won. When the society told me, “You can have this.” “I got it,” and it was a lie because I was empty, I was miserable, I was broke on the inside and I was suicidal. I wanted to take my own life. It was that bad. I had everything on the outside that people looking in, “I want to be like you.” I’m like, “No, you don’t.” The biggest thing that I got was spending quiet time with my God to let him speak into me every morning who I am and why I’m here. If I don’t know those answers, I’m trying to find my identity in what I do and how much I make. What’s in my wallet and what’s in my closet and what’s in my garage?

NCS 417 | Entrepreneurial Faith

Entrepreneurial Faith: The best way to learn is to learn from others’ mistakes rather than going through the pain yourself.


As men, we wrestled with this more than women. Women wrestle with it but as men, we wrestle with this as business owners. You can fill all those things and you’ll still be broke on the inside. Why not fast forward and go around it? The best way to learn is to learn from others’ mistakes rather than going through the pain yourself. Why not start chasing the things that matter? I promise you this, Scott. When we start focusing on their identity like, “Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want to do? What does God say he’s he wants to do with my life?” Once we get clear on that, money starts to show up because now we start showing up in the world from a place of authenticity. We’re not leaving God and our belief systems outside at the front door of our business.

We’re bringing our faith right into our business and that doesn’t mean we’re preaching at our clients. That wouldn’t work very well. What it means is we’re not being apologetic about it. As an example, I own office rental companies here in Tampa. We started incorporating a very simple thing into our greeting. When people would leave after a tour and I would just say, “Have a blessed day.” When they walked in and I’m like, “How are you?” They’re like, “Great, how are you?” I go, “I’m blessed. Thank you. The ”I’m blessed and have a blessed day immediately triggers something in people. I would have people stopped me dead in my tracks and go, “Are you Christian?” I’m like, “Yes, 100%.” They’re like, “Me too.” Immediately, conversation went to God and faith and all these other things and a deeper bond were formed. For other people that weren’t Christian religious or whatever, it was just a nice gesture. They were like, “Thanks. Have a blessed day too. I liked that. I’m blessed. I should be more grateful for stuff in my life.” It was so simple but it was a seed of faith into my business. Anyone can do that, Scott.

The moment you can start taking time to center yourself to figure out what is important, focusing and embracing what God’s plan has, the longer that we fight it, the more miserable we are. The more things lead to things happening. I can think of several times across my life, especially in 2010. A bad partner, I had been divorced, trying to figure out what I wanted. I had the idea to travel the country for a little, but it was just an idea and suddenly, it opens up. I was like, “I can’t leave Austin. I love Austin. Austin is home.” Suddenly over a course of a few days, all these opportunities presented itself to me and I’m like, “This is not me talking. I think it’s God talking here. He’s putting the path in front of me.” I either take the choice and go with it or sit here and fight it and be miserable in a toxic relationship and things like that.

I took it and it was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s the same thing that I highly recommend everybody in each morning. I get to the office for the first ten to fifteen minutes quiet with a little bit of meditation or an inner reflection. Where are we going? What do we focus on? What do I need to focus on, whether it’s relationships or business stuff? Take the time to take it in. I love the live streams that you do in the mornings. I jumped in and listen to watch those when I have some opportunities. Sitting outside with a cup of coffee and read your Bible or sit outside and meditating and clearing your head. Trying to take all that negative noise that is coming in constantly from so many places. It’s really hard to do that. A lot of people struggle with that.

The old Joseph used to think it was a this or that scenario. What I mean by that is I can either bring faith and got into my business and be broke or I can focus on making profits and leave God out of the business. It was this or that. What I’ve quickly learned is that it doesn’t have to be. I’d want to give your audience a permission to build faith and profits into their business. That’s one of my taglines. Building faith and profits into your business because it can be at this and that scenario. When you can show up congruently with your belief systems, whatever you call them or name them, that’s fine. Show up with your values and your principles, your belief systems, your God and bring that into your business. Now, your business is whole and complete because you’re showing up whole and complete and your business follows you. You’re the owner and when you’re showing up half because you’re leaving your belief systems, your faith, your God outside of it, everyone sees it. They’re not telling you because they like you. They don’t want to hurt your feelings so they’re telling you.

It’s a beacon in today’s world too. You’re not being afraid to share that and live that. People will see them and a lot of times people are looking for us as often as we’re there. Seth Godin likes to say, “We all have tribes.” Living and doing what you want to do and following that path, people are looking for that. People are looking for leadership and somebody to help guide them in that way. We all make errors along the way. Entrepreneurship is not a straight road. There are ups and downs and cuts and back. Being able to stick with your faith, your guts, your beliefs is such a rarity these days and it’s also very refreshing when we come across people that are doing that. Somebody is going out and making it happen because they put that first in their business and their lives to help them stay straight in their path if they can.

I look at the old way of how I used to do business. Because I left my faith out of it, I constantly had to come up with the new hype, the new marketing play or manipulation narrative that I had to create to constantly bring in sales. It wasn’t bad. What I was doing is accepted. It’s what we’re all doing. It’s constantly coming up with new shades of lipstick to put on the pig even if you’re creating value. I’m creating value with my businesses. It was so much pressure because I have to hype marketing because I was showing up incongruent. When I bring faith into my business, I just show up and authentically speak to people. When people come in for a tour in my coworking space, I just sit with them and I’m present. I don’t have an agenda. I’m not looking at them as if they’re a wallet or a credit card. I look at them as a human being. I just sit and I listen and I ask questions like, “What’s going on in your life? How can I help you win?” By the time we get to the close, they’re like, “How do I get started?” I don’t need to do all the push marketing and sales anymore. Now, it’s a pull because it’s attractive. They’re like, “This person is different. There’s a light here. I don’t see that anywhere else. I want to work with him. I want to be around him.”

Yes, I like the value. Yes, it can help me with my problems, but more importantly, they’re buying you as a whole person. They want to do business with that person. That could be you. If you’re reading this and you’re tired of coming up with the manipulative hype marketing, your answer is get real in your faith and your belief systems. Get quiet in the morning, spend some time to get centered even if that looks like meditation or it looks like what I do which is that I do a daily holy hour, which is 60 minutes in quiet. Listening to what God wants to tell me about me, about my life, about his plants for me and what he wants me to do in the business and then I go in grounded. That’s why I don’t have the agenda and the stress and the anxiety. I have peace of mind now. The old Joseph was stressed working 110 hours a week. I don’t want to do that anymore.

That speaks volumes. Quality of life is not always the quality of toys and chasing that aspect out there. As we grow older, we get wiser like, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to find something that makes sense.” Sometimes, less is a lot more when it comes to quality of life and knowing where you want to be and peace of mind and less stress for sure.

You know your market and your audience well, Scott. What do you think might be the question they would love to get an answer to right now? I learned a valuable lesson. I used to show up as the nice guy in most of my business and it was disadvantageous to me most of the time. A lot of people when they’re tempted to do the wrong thing, they do it. They’ll walk on niceness, they’ll take advantage and ask for more and more until you’re tapped out. I used to show up as the nice guy with the big heart. A buddy of mine gave me a great advice and he said, “Joseph, your big heart is your number one problem in your business.” I was like, “Shouldn’t we have a big heart? That’s who were called to be.” He was like, “I have a big heart, but here’s the difference. Don’t be nice in your business. Don’t do charity in your business. Do charity outside of your business.”

I’m like, “What do you mean by that?” He’s like, “Be kind to people but don’t be nice. Nowhere in the Bible does God say be nice. Stop being nice.” He calls you to be kind and to be loving and sometimes kind and loving is to say, “Get the F out of my business. You’re the wrong person.” That’s the kind thing to do. It’s not nice but it’s the kind thing to do. Sometimes a kind thing to do is say, “I want to work with you, but I honestly don’t think we’re the best fit for you, but my competitor over here is. That’s the kind thing to do. Once I learned that, I was able to show up with my team better, whole, and complete and not take their reasons, excuses, and blame for not hitting their goals. I didn’t have to be nice to them anymore. I just said, “I love you. I care about you. Please understand I’m running a business and I’ve created an awesome opportunity for you. This is what’s required of you. If you’re not willing to do that, then you’re choosing to fire yourself. I’m totally at peace with that.”

It hits the nail on the head because a lot of people struggle with that, especially in the, in the distressed note game, “Should I give this borrower another chance? Should I be nice?” Being nice isn’t necessarily helping somebody get out of their own way or help them overcome things. Being nice is great but sometimes tough love is the better thing to say to people. Like you said, “I love you as a person. I think you’re great, but I don’t think we’d be a great fit working together.” I had to tell somebody that too. I reached out and said, “I want to work with him.” I’m like, “I think you’re great, but I don’t think we’re a fit because we’ve got different goals and agendas out there. I love you as a person, but I just don’t want to be in business with you.” They were surprised but they respect it a little bit more because nobody ever told them that before.

It’s about saying what’s real and just coming from an authentic place with people. Stop trying to control all the outcomes. You’re causing your own suffering.

That is the truth. We are all guilty a lot of times with putting things in our own fingernails.

If it’s meant to happen, it will pull you. You don’t have to push on it. That doesn’t mean don’t take action. Take action and knock on the door, push on the door and it should open. That means it’s the right thing. It’s from the heart. If you’re kicking at the door and it’s still not opening, it’s the wrong door. Move on.

NCS 417 | Entrepreneurial Faith

Entrepreneurial Faith: Quality of life is not always the quality of material things and chasing that aspect out there.


Joseph, what’s the best way for our audience to get in contact and reach to you and talk with you more if they’re looking for some help?

I have a free gift for your audience. They could go to JosephWarren.net/Possibilities. In exchange for their email address and starting a relationship with me, I will give you access to two of my favorite Broken Catholic episodes, which are faith-based for all denominations. Two of those episodes and it will be the video of the actual podcast interviews. This is not available anywhere else. I haven’t put these anywhere else. It will be the video content with my guest. I promise you if you like some of this content, you’re going to love that. I included that that link. I’m also going to give you free access to what Scott spoke about, which is my Facebook Live that I do every single morning at 7:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, seven days a week. If you want some virtual accountability and getting quiet and meditation in the morning time and you’ve been wanting to do that for a while but you don’t know how to get started, I’ll show up every single day and coach you through that. You’ll get to have someone there on camera with you so that you’re not alone. I’ll give you access to that as well.

I appreciate it. Guys and gals out there, take that opportunity to help you grow and maybe help you overcome some of the obstacles that are holding you back. Whether you’re chasing your first $100,000 or you’re chasing your first deal or trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up. Take Joseph up online. There’s great opportunity there for you. Thank you so much for offering that, Joseph.

You are so welcome. God bless you, Scott. You’re a beast in the business world. I love it.

I want to say thank you so much. Feel free to go on over and leave us a review and leave us a comment. I love to hear from you. Check out Joseph’s podcasts, the FIRST $100K show, and the Broken Catholic Podcast. He does a great job. Go to JosephWarren.net to find out all the amazing things that he’s doing out there in the industry, not only himself but also entrepreneurs just like you and me out there. Go check it out. Take some action, no matter what you do. We’ll see you all at the top. 


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