EP 442 – How Hypnosis Can Help You Grow And Get To the Next Level with Mark Yuzuik

NCS 442 | Hypnosis

NCS 442 | Hypnosis


There are numerous discussions about how to be successful in life. Hypnosis is probably one unique way of accomplishing success. World-renowned hypnotist and transformation expert, Mark Yuzuik suggests hypnotizing as a process of changing the mindset to help people grow and improve. By discovering personal patterns and behaviors, one can get to the desired destination and being surrounded by successful people generates positive transformation. Mark further shares how anyone can have good and bad days and overcoming those bad ones can be done by not living in the past that affects the future.

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How Hypnosis Can Help You Grow And Get To the Next Level with Mark Yuzuik

We are excited to have our good friend, the man, the myth, the legend in his own mind, Mark Yuzuik joining us. What’s going on Mark?

I’m just hanging out here, Scott.

I call Mark a productivity expert because he’s got a big passion for mindset in helping and working with people for the last many years.

It’s been 67 years that I’ve been working on. The first 25 years of my life I didn’t do much.

Mark has a bootcamp we’ve been into called Total Transformation. He’s also been a regular speaker on Note CAMP as one of our keynotes at the end of the event. He got a great thing. Steph and I attended his event out in Las Vegas. We had a great time. You and I have known each other for a few years.

We were in California and we just clicked like my little brother.

We met at Secret Knock through Greg Reid. We met Aaron Young and a few others. Tell our audience who you are if they don’t know who you are that is reading this.

Since the late ‘80s or early ‘90s I’ve been doing stage hypnosis entertainment shows all over the world. I’ve probably done over 10,000 shows for five million people. I still do shows not as many anymore because we do more events. If I can help people instead of having fun, but we still have fun. I make them do crazy nutty things on stage. That’s a preview of how can we change the mindset to help somebody grow up and get to the next level. A lot of people procrastinate and have fear. Get rid of all that garbage and get to what you want. Live the life that you want instead of struggling on things you don’t want. We do a lot of that. I don’t motivate anybody. I get them to take action automatically and people go, “I can’t be hypnotized.” I’m not there to prove hypnosis works or don’t work, that’s not my intention. There are people out there that they got some programs running on their mind that they don’t like. Why are they doing things they don’t want to do, getting the results they don’t want? I tell people that we don’t hypnotize anybody. We try to wake them up from all the stuff that they don’t want to do alive. We travel all over. We’re getting ready to go to Europe with Robert Kiyosaki and do his tour. That’s going to be fun.

That will be fun definitely with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Some people ask why you would have Mark on your note podcast. Why do you have him on things like that? Two things, Mark is also an active real estate and note investor. We’ve worked on some things together and vice versa. You’ve done a great job, a lot of people have pre-programmed training in their brain that stops them or it keeps them from having the amount of success they want whether it’s in their personal lives, their spiritual or their business lives. I’ve seen this in the person, a big raving fan. You do a great job of helping people break down those walls, those limiting beliefs. I won’t say reprogramming because that’s wrong but helping them rethink where they’re at and help them get to where they want to go.

Once you understand the patterns you run every day because we don’t know what you’re running. How are you going to fix it? If you don’t know what’s wrong with the car and never look under the engine. You keep driving the car, you’re going to get a bad result. We help people discover their own patterns, their own behaviors. How many times have we been through events where people are excited to be there, they have the knowledge and the information, they have a desire and goals and they get it. What do they do? They lose that motivation after a few weeks and they have a belief that they can do it. Why is that? Is it they don’t want to succeed?

They spent their time, their money and their energy to learn it and they don’t want to succeed. No, it’s a subconscious program they’re running and they question it. Do you want to be successful? It’s easy. Be around successful people and do what they do to get the same result. If it’s that’s easy, why don’t they do it? It’s because they’re all around you and they don’t do it. It’s a program, they don’t deserve it or whatever it is. Everybody has got different programs in their mind but you’ve got to understand how and why we’re doing these crazy things. Once you understand it, it’s simple. My event is basic but yet it’s eye-opening to realize, “We’re running these same patterns all the time. How do you break through these things?”

I’m going to disagree with you. I don’t think it’s basic. It’s a great place to go, but if it was a basic thing, I’ve been to basic before. Yours is not basic. The energy there, your staff and the things you’re doing. If it was basic, I wouldn’t be there. I’ll give you an example. From us, Steph got a lot out of it. Steph is an amazing individual, amazing woman, great big heart and great at helping but she handles a lot of the stuff that we have to deal with, the bill pain, the wires, dealing with a lot of stuff. Sometimes it’s not a pleasant time for anybody dealing with that stuff. She gets her energy from helping some things. She got a lot out of it coming out there and some of the things you’re teaching people to overcome things, their limiting beliefs, not that Steph has any of that. It’s not what I’m trying to get at but what I’m saying is the fact that it helps those that are maybe not the always constantly up like I am an aspect of it. My energy is always at 110%. Not everybody is like that.

No and they don’t know why they’re not like that. How do you create that? That’s one of the things we teach, we help them through it and when they come out of that event they’ve got a new release on life. They know they’ve got some real tools, not just motivation. People are motivated all the time but real tools they could take and go, “This is it. I can apply these tools and I can have a life that I’ve always wanted.” Even my book, Creating The Life You Want, why is it titled that? It’s because it creates life but live the life that you want, be able to live that. How long have we got here?

What I wanted to dive into a little bit here is you said tools. We see people’s ups and downs. Did we talk about Cinnamon? We’ll use her code name, Cinnamon, from the event.

NCS 442 | Hypnosis

Creating the Life You Want: Powerful Peak Performance Strategies You Can Start Applying Today

Cinnamon, there are trigger points. It’s like that song, Baby Shark. If you have kids you’ll never get that out of your head. Ask any parent, as a child from three to seven years old, they probably hear that song ten times a day. You trigger one thing, Cinnamon and me, I get it and somebody like her. Do you know what’s cool is her husband wasn’t sure if he was going to make it or not. When he left there, he’s like, “Thank you for giving me my wife back in ways that when you first meet.” It’s like you’re in bliss, you are in this euphoric, loving relationship but as time goes on, you get caught up. We forget to do the things that attracted us to each other and we take things for granted like, “They know they love each other.” You can’t take it for granted. You always have to reassure like it’s brand new. Do you remember that movie 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore. Isn’t that a great movie? You wake up to a brand new and blissful day. If it’s your first date, you always act like that. You’re always excited. That’s like your relationship, you and Steph, to see you two together it’s like me and my wife. It’s the same thing. We’re lucky men, Scott. It must be hypnosis. It’s got to be.

We had to pull the wool over their eyes. You said something critical and I want people that are reading this to think about this. Everybody is going through different things. We’ve all got crap that gets piled on something. We’ve all got the day in, day out drudgery and things you’ve got to do. You said something important I want to highlight about people designing their life or what their dream life would be like and how to go out and accomplish that. What are some of the biggest keys that you’ve seen or tools that you recommend to those that are struggling? They’re in that day out job they hate. They’re trying to get out of the rat race. We’re helping them with their note business. What’s one of the biggest tools that they can do maybe to help them overcome those humps or overcome those low days? What are some of the things you would recommend?

Stop living in your past. That affects your future. If you’re going to let it affect your future do it in a positive way. We allow our past events to create our limitations and it stops us from moving forward. We’ve got these past events like, “I’m 45 years old and something happened when I was thirteen. Therefore, I have an excuse for why I’m not going to be happy or excited.” You’re still giving your past the energy instead of appreciating the present. People are going to be annoyed like, “He doesn’t know what I’ve been through.” I understand people go through challenges in life and lessons are there. The reason that people are in pain is they haven’t got the lesson. That’s the reason why. Everything we do, you think about it.

I was on a podcast with Sam Crowley. Sam said, “What gets people moving forward?” I said, “Stop being comfortable. Complacency is the death of growth. If you’re comfortable, you are not growing. If you’re desperate, you’re creative.” He goes, “Here’s the deal. Somebody’s got $100 in their bank account and they got to make $10,000 a month. How do they do it? They’ve never done it before.” I said, “Stop focusing on yourself and what you’re not getting.” Imagine if your family, if you had children and you would never in your life see them again ever. If you didn’t create $10,000 legitimately, with honor and not stealing it, the right way and you’ve got one month to do it. You’d never see your loved ones again. Would you figure it out?

The answer is yes because your subconscious mind goes, “Survival. I’m getting out of my excuses about fear and I can’t do this. I’m done with me. I’ve got to focus on something more valuable, more important and that’s the love of my family.” Your subconscious will take over and you’ll figure that out. Here’s the other thing too. “How come after I have a good month, I get complacent?” It’s because your values are you want to spend your time with your family and there’s nothing wrong with having a balance. If all you want to do is make money, do you know what you’re going to be? You’re going to be the next guy that created Apple and sitting on your death bed and go, “I sure made a lot of money in this world but I missed out on my family.”

What’s more important to you? That’s what you got to ask yourself. I tell people don’t get complacent but at the same time it’s not that you’re complacent. That part of your life for those moments, for that few months or a year you’ve done, you’ve deserved the right to take your family and go do stuff with them. It’s okay if you don’t make as much every month and all that. There’s nothing wrong with that. The most valuable thing we have and I know you’re the same way is our relationships, are our loved ones, our growth. Once in a while, enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty. Welcome that gift that you were able to prosper that month or couple of months and take some time off. Live every day like it’s your last and one day you’ll be right.

That’s the truth. You got to have that balance. You got to have somebody to work for you. If you’re constantly driven to close more deals and make more money, you won’t have anybody to share it with. The people that you’re working with to support the why aren’t going to be there at the end, whether it’s your family, your kids, loved ones or whatever. They’re not going to be there. That’s important. You got to have some balance. You got to have some goals but I like the fact that you have to get out of your comfort zone to accomplish things is the biggest thing I want to come back to. If you need to make $10,000 this month to pay your bills, if you need to make $20,000 or $50,000. What would you be doing to have those things happen? The thing is once you’ve done it, it becomes easier to do. You can systemize those things. You’ll have those limiting beliefs get pulled out because you can’t have them if you want to accomplish something.

Once you do it once, then you destroy your limiting belief that you can’t do it again and you can do it again. Therefore, you’ve grown right there. Welcome the desperate situation as well because when you’re desperate, you put your conscious mind aside. You go say, “I haven’t got the time for this. We’ve got an emergency situation.” What was that cartoon that they have all these emotions coming up?

I know exactly, they were the five emotions.

Remember the guy at the fire and the wife is talking to him. The guy dreamed about something else and he goes, “We got a problem, DEFCON 5. The woman is talking.” It’s that part of our brain and it’s true. We run all these different patterns and emotions in our life and it’s a balance that we’ve got to have. If we don’t have balance, we’re never going to be satisfied. We’ll be successful in one area but never fulfilled. That’s a balance in your relationship too. If you put more into your business than your relationship, there’ll be times we have to focus on your business but you don’t put more on your business than your relationship because your business, who cares about that? It’s easy to say that if you’re comfortable. If you got bills that are stacking up, it’s hard to hear that message and I understand that. You got to get yourself where it’s a balance and understand that you want to be more successful financially. Number one is, do what you are doing out there like you Scott. Try to build a little tiny bit every month. Don’t try to hit the lottery deal. I was talking to Sam and he said the 10% Rule was, “What if you increased your income by 10% every few months? Where do you think you’re going to be in a couple of years? You’re going to be so far ahead of the game with compounding. You’re going to be comfortable.”

That’s the same thing with what we talk about people doing when they’re starting. They’re still working a full-time job, starting note investing and real estate on the side but you’re not going to quit your day job to go do this especially if you don’t have any reserve saved. It’s the same thing about starting something new if you’re transitioning. Spend a little bit of your time. At least spend a few hours a week, 10% of your weekly schedule. It’s not 100 hours. Let’s say four to five hours a week. Start putting some marketing into place. Start doing a few things to building that momentum so that when you do leave, that momentum has built up and it skyrockets past where you were so that you’re sitting there doing something you enjoy. You’ve got the minimum working in your favor which is always easier when you enjoy it versus you’re dreading it. When you dread it, you don’t want to do that stuff. It’s hard to do but a lot of times when you start a side thing or start working on other things whether it’s relationships or weight loss or whatever it might be, you have to focus on where you’re going to be and not where you’re at.

See it for better than it is and don’t try to hit home runs all the time. Get on base. Do one deal. Can you do one deal a year? If you do one in a few months then do a second one and build it up. I hear people all the time, “You can’t make $100,000 a year.” I was like, “Don’t quit your day job until your night job pays more than your day job. You got to balance it out.” They’re like, “How can I make $1 million? If I worked for $100,000 a year and I want to make $1 million then I got to quit working for $100,000. I got to make $1 million.” I’m like, “Then you’re going to go broke because you don’t have that base covered.” Balance it out a little bit. That’s the way it should be.

The thing I want people to realize out here is you’re doing a ton of stuff. Probably people seeing the hypnosis are David Copperfield’s or some of those people out there trying to do the hypnosis stuff and some different things. What I’m getting at is that everybody can use the tools of hypnosis to help in a variety of reasons. One of the great things I liked about your Total Transformation was the fact that you gave everybody the scripts to hypnotize each other.

Do you know why I do that? I want everybody to learn as much as possible and I want them to realize it’s not about me. If you can hypnotize me, you can cure me, no. This is about you. Everybody can do this. I want to take the mystery away from it. It’s not I’m born with it. Anybody can learn how to do it. It’s a simple script. Do you know who hypnotize people? Moms that sing their babies to sleep. What is that? They’re putting them in a great comfortable position to relax and go to sleep. That’s a form of hypnosis. The difference is we’re not giving suggestions to the subconscious mind but we’re relaxing them. That’s the same thing. If I take it away from me and I show you how to do it, now you can go out there and help. You can help Stephanie. She could help you because there’s no mystery behind it. I want to debunk the mystery.

NCS 442 | Hypnosis

Hypnosis: Live everyday like it’s your last and one day you’ll be right.


When we go to Singapore, do you know what they want to bill me as? The neurological guru. Why is that? It’s because it’s scientific. You’ve got the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. You’ve got the car and the engine. The car is the conscious mind. The engine is the subconscious. You got to know how to tune that subconscious, that engine up and that’s why they take it from a scientific point of view. It’s not a woo-woo thing. Back in the ‘80s, when I see hypnotists have all these watches I’m like, “Seriously? It’s Ron Burgundy back again. It’s not about you.” If they make it about them then it’s because it’s ego-driven or they’re insecure. We get hypnotized every day of our life. It’s nothing more than influence and persuasion.

It’s the whole Pavlov’s dogs aspect of things of seeing a burger on TV and suddenly being hungry for one. It is hearing a specific sound and you have a memory that pops up that’s taking place during that song. One of the biggest things I got out of the event was I didn’t get hypnotized but I was much relaxed. Steph was using the things you were going through things, giving people. It wasn’t about dancing around scratching my butt or doing anything like that or spanking myself. I was at the point where I was probably the most relaxed leaving the event. We’re headed back to the airport and Steph was like, “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m relaxed.”

It’s relaxing but sometimes we’ve got to slow down in life to get our thoughts so we know the direction we want to go. If all we’re doing is full speed ahead, “We’re going to crash.” We’re not going to get to the destination we want because we’re worried about the objects in the road instead of enjoying the journey. Why not enjoy the journey? That’s what I love about hypnosis. It gets you to take the right actions. Someone said, “Let’s go through meditation and hypnosis.” Meditation is you’re relaxing and focusing on certain things. With hypnosis, you’re getting a suggestion given to you and you can give suggestions to yourself like meditation. It’s not motivating. People go, “You’re not a motivational speaker?” “No,” I’m an excited speaker but I have to bore you to go to sleep so I could put suggestions in your mind. My other programs are boring. We’re selling you boring stuff so it goes to your subconscious mind so you take action automatically.

Think about this, do you ever get scared like, “Oh my gosh.” What happens is your body reacts before your mind. What happens is you’re reacting. Your body’s going to know the answer before your mind. Do you ever get a gut feeling that you don’t like somebody or like somebody and it’s like, “I don’t want to do business with this person. I wanted this person.” That’s your body telling your mind, “Pay attention and be aware.” Our mind and body are in sync all the time and if something doesn’t feel right, always go with your guts. People say, “What if I don’t trust the hypnotist?” then run like hell. Don’t you ever put yourself in that situation? You won’t do it against your values or morals but you don’t need to be in that situation. You’re being told what to do and what not to do by your body. It gives you direction. It’s a good little thing we got here, this built-in body. It keeps your mind straight if we figure it out.

That’s the whole point though. It’s all about what you’re putting into and trusting your gut on things. Eating right, eating healthy and putting the right fuel in or the right oil stuff in there. Seeing what’s going on with your body because our body answers all the time to the issues on things and being able to take the suggestions of what’s going on from interior and then being able to express that material working through those things. It’s the whole being the mechanic on your own body.

When you work your body right and your mind right, they go hand-in-hand. It’s like an athlete. Have you ever seen an athlete get in shape when they’re getting ready to get on and hit the field? They’re putting their body in that physical state of being unstoppable. It’s not for their body. They’re not doing anything different to their body. I want you to understand that their body in that 30 seconds, two minutes or five minutes when they were pumping up, they are not getting physically stronger or toned up at all. That has nothing to do with the physical thing so you know. What it does is it sets your mind up to send signals to your body that goes, “Now you know how powerful or how unstoppable you are. Get out there and let’s do what we got to do,” but you’re not any different physically. Yet you’re moving your body and you’re getting your mindset to conquer, to win, to be unstoppable, to have the confidence and to make sure that nothing is going to be a distraction to you.

Do you remember the movie Rudy? You think about Rudy, he was in that peak state all the time. He wasn’t physically there. Physically, he was a little dwarf. The bottom line is he had one purpose. I’m going to get through these guys. He didn’t see how big they were. There was no way physically possible he could’ve and should’ve done what he did, but yet he didn’t think about it. He reacted because that’s how strong our minds are and he put himself in that state. Here’s where it gets me. Do you remember the parking lot scene? They come out there and go, “You got to quit trying so hard during practice you’re making us look bad.” We went to the Secret Knock and one of the guys there was a Navy SEAL trainer and they asked him, “What do you do to get ready for the mission?” He goes, “You don’t get ready. You’re always ready. You are ready all the time. You are always ready. You’re ready at a moment’s notice. You don’t get ready for this,” and that’s the same approach we should have in our lives.

We should be ready to have a healthy relationship and a passionate relationship. We should be ready to be healthy. We should be ready to make financial decisions. We should be ready all the time because it’s not a life of getting ready. Getting ready is the excuse for procrastination. That’s what creates fear and procrastination. When you’re ready, when you get up in the morning and you’re grateful for everything and you thankful for everything. If all you do is wake up and say thank you and I’m grateful and went to bed with the same attitude, first of all, you wouldn’t have stress in your life and you’ll have a direction. You’d surround yourself with people that you want to be surrounded so you’re financially successful, emotionally, spiritually and relationship. You’re successful because you’ve surrounded yourself with that team and you’re conditioning your mind and also your body, but mainly your mind to say, “This is what I want and this is what I deserve.”

Nothing in the past is going to tell me what I can’t have. No one in the past, nothing is going to stop me from getting what I know I want and deserve in life. That’s what you got to be. That’s when you stop focusing on yourself and you focus on how you can contribute to other people. That’s when you’re on a mission and on purpose. You live for your purpose. When you’re goal-oriented, when you’re thinking about what you want for you, then you’re only focused on yourself. When you’re purpose-oriented, you’re focused on helping other people and that’s when you have real growth.

That’s a truth. Everything you said there especially with people who are like, “I’m trying to learn notes. Instead of, “I want to learn something, I’m going to go close that deal now. I’m going to go sell something. I’m going to go buy something. I’m going to knock it out of the park.” It’s a whole different mindset of, “I might teach somebody to do.” I’m like, “I’m going to teach something now. I know I’m going to bid on something now. I know I’m going to take action now.” It’s a different mindset of completion and when you have a purpose and a goal, it doesn’t become about you. You don’t let your interior demons, you’re interior belief stop you because you’re like, “I’m looking for something bigger and something better.”

Create more empowering beliefs because that’s our purpose. What I love about your podcasting and even your Facebook Live is there’s a purpose behind it and it’s not money-driven. It’s to help somebody else get out of whatever level they need to get to the next level whatever that means for them. I had a meeting with somebody and she goes, “What’s the purpose of your podcast?” I said, “I don’t want anybody to use it for a sales pitch.” That’s nothing do with selling. It’s all about content and whether I have a celebrity on there because once a month we might do a mystery guest. It’s because of the business I’ve been in, I’ve been around a lot of celebrities and stuff and they’d come on. I don’t want to tell people who they are, “We’re having so and so on.” “I want to go listen.”

They only come on with a purpose and that could be a military mom that lost her husband and her purpose is how do I raise my children to say, “Let’s not be angry but let’s be grateful for the time we had with dad and for me and how to move forward.” They’re wealthy in their mindset and they all have to have a reason of how can you help somebody out there that listening to get to the next level? Whatever that is, whatever that tiny bit, that little one step is that 10%, help them get there. Once you get that momentum going, at that point you’re over the hill. You’ve broken every limiting belief you ever had. Imagine if somebody who has been wanting to buy notes for a few years, they’re studying. What if they went out and freaking bought a note? Do you know what happened in the next few months? They go buy another note and another note. Before you know it, it becomes a habit.

That’s the light bulb going off because that’s the biggest thing we get excited about here at WCN or the show is hearing those stories like, “I went out and closed on my first deal.” I got a text message from a guy and he’s on the West Coast. He said, “Scott, I’m listening to your show. I’m getting ready to close on my first deal and I’ve got another three lined up. I’m learning so much and I’m moving forward.” He’s changing his program. He’s changing the audio that’s in his ears, that self-talk.

He breaks that pattern of restriction. The pattern of restriction is there’s a belief that what you can do is impossible for you. “I can’t do this.” You have a belief that what you want to accomplish is not possible for you but once you do one deal, then that belief is broken and it can never be closed again because you already did it. Once you swim, you know you can swim again.

NCS 442 | Hypnosis

Hypnosis: Our mind and body are in sync all the time and if something doesn’t feel right, always go with your guts.


It’s all about changing that pattern on little things. Maybe you need to get outside of your office. Maybe you need to get outside of your house. Maybe you need to get around some different people that are giving off that different vibe, that different rhythm. Many people surround themselves with a Debbie Downer aspect of things. They feed that negativity. They feed that bad vibes. You got to get around different people. You’ve got to change that pattern. Go work at Starbucks for the day versus the house or leave the office and go somewhere and take a deep breath and relax.

Here’s the other thing. I have helped people that say it is hard to do your first deal for some people but could you partner with an expert that has done a deal? That also breaks it. Do you know what you’re doing when you have the first day of kindergarten, you’re not going to tell your kid, “Go out there to the bus stop and grab that bus.” You’re’ going to walk that child down there. Sometimes people need that too. If you’re the person that’s reading this that needs that then reach out to someone like Scott and go, ”How do I get a partner to help me through this, to at least crack the limiting belief.” Crack it and then it won’t have any strength because it’ll fall apart. At least you got that going. I’ve done that with several of my customers from our people and they get involved, I partner with them because we need it. They need that extra helping hand. There’s nothing wrong with that. Ask for help if you don’t need it. Don’t think that you have to know everything.

That’s the big thing we love about what we’re doing here because we see deals all the time. I’m in the process of moving up a chunk of deals. If people are looking for stuff, reach out to us. We’ve got some stuff available. We don’t mind holding your hand once you buy it. You’re not walking away on your own. I think that’s fear is the unknown. It’s like the Indiana Jones scene at the end of The Last Crusade where he’s standing on the cliff and he’s got a leap of faith. He’s going to take a leap of faith and it looks like he’s going to fall in the crevice there but below he’s got his plan stepping out and there’s a plan of action there. Realize that there’s support in people around you that want to help you. There is that way to get across that bridge, across that crevice and a lot of people, if you never take that first step, you are going to sit there in the doorway looking down and believing you can’t do it. You’ve got to reach out to people. You’ve got to have people that have been there before that will give you the roadmap. All the successful people I know are always usually giving their time or giving of the potholes they experienced so others don’t make the same mistake.

You said it directly too is don’t partner with somebody who doesn’t have experience. Don’t let your enthusiasm overrule good judgment and experience. When you partner with somebody, partner with an expert who has done it before. The exit strategies, they know the plan. If A doesn’t work out, which it does most of the time, but for whatever reason that 30% of the time it doesn’t work out. What’s Plan B, C and D? What are the exit strategies? Only an expert will know that. Don’t team up with somebody out of enthusiasm because you both went to a two-day working weekend and now you know everything about real estate. How to fly a plane in two days? Do you think I want to be with that pilot? No way. I’m in the hypnosis business and they have three-day events. If you want me to train you to be a stage hypnotist, you got to spend at least a month with me and then you got to spend a year practicing on your own before you’re good. I see people do these two-day seminars, “Now you’re able to go out there and do it.” That is the most dangerous person out there. You don’t know safety. You don’t know what’s going. You don’t know how to read people. All these plays come into action where they can’t teach you and they can only teach you through experience.

That’s true and that’s part of the reason you’ve got to have a community of people around you that can help support you and help you. We’ve got our Mastermind event. We’re bringing our students in. It’s not a sales thing. It’s not a workshop. It’s bringing everybody back together.

You got to be in the mastermind. If you want to be successful, a mastermind is not a cost. That’s an internet consumer and an investor. Our consumer says, “How much does it cost?” An investor says, “How much can I value? How can I grow from this? How much can I make from it?” If you’re wondering how much it costs, I have an event. If you ask me, “How much is it? Do you think it’s a good idea I should I be in it?” My first answer is no, absolutely not. If you didn’t see the value up front, then it’s not there. You didn’t buy an event. You bought a business. You’re not buying a mastermind. You’re buying a business that’s going to get you to the next level to succeed in your company. That’s what it is. A mastermind is putting the right people in place that have experience. These are people that don’t have experience. These are high-quality driven people and they know somebody who knows something. If they don’t know it, they’re surrounding themselves but you have to be in a mastermind. If you want to be successful, you got to get yourself in a mastermind. If you’re not in Scott’s mastermind, you might be successful but you’re not achieving what you know you should be or could be achieving. It’s not how much it costs. It’s how much can you grow from your mastermind. If people realize that, you’d have to lock the doors because they’d be busting down doors to get to your mastermind. It’s valuable and important.

People don’t realize that and when they’re in it like, “I didn’t know it was that good. You should have charged more. Look at this value.” What are you going to do? You can’t because they listen to the naysayers out that go, “You’re going to spend that money?” If you’re listening to people that are broker than you versus the people that are giving you advice and have more money than you, you got a choice. If you listen to broke people, you are going to be that person. Welcome to what your future looks like. Do you want to know what your future looks like? Look at the last few years of where you’ve been. If you want a different future then make a decision that’s going to get you surrounded with the people that are going to help you get to the next level in the next few years. You don’t you like where you been the last few years? Surround yourself with people who are going to get you where you want the next few years.

That’s such a huge point because you have to surround yourself with people. I belong to different masterminds. I attend different events. People have been asking me, “Scott, why aren’t you going to these other note events?” I’m like, “I’ve already been there. I’ve attained success that most people haven’t achieved or still looking for it. I don’t need to hang out at those events. I need to go find the other events where the people that are going to push me and drive me, in turn, I can turn around and push and drive the people beneath me. I’m thinking I’m going to need these back a bit but beneath the value, the sales, the new people that aren’t experienced.

You don’t have a negative bone in your body and if you say a word and people are, “He said that.” You know what his intentions are. His intentions are all of us have been there. We’ve all been down at the bottom and we’re looking up thinking, “How do I get to that ladder? How do I get up there?” That’s what you’re talking about. If you practice with people that are worse than you, then you’re going to lower your standards but you have a moral obligation to continue your education so you could bring it to your mastermind. That’s exactly what you’re doing. You have got a gift that you’re giving to people. It truly is and God bless you for that because you’re going to be rewarded in many ways. Like you say, “The guy that says he’s closing his first deal at 10:00 PM,” nobody wants a phone call at 10:00 PM unless it’s from like that, then you want a bunch of them because you know you’re doing the right thing on purpose. I know you don’t know how many notes you’ve done but you remember the ones that tell you, “I did my first note.” You remember those experiences and that’s what’s cool about this.

You will always learn more from your first deal. It’s like you learn more about your first dance or your first kiss. If you’re reading this, do me a favor, pull out your cell phone and shoot me a text message at (512) 585-3810. I’ll shoot you the link over and I would love to jump on the phone with you for ten, fifteen or twenty minutes and see what you’re struggling with and what kind of goals you want to accomplish and see if I can or somebody I know can help you get over those humps. That’s the whole goal here of The Note Closers Show. It’s not The Note Talker Show, it’s The Note Close, let’s close some deals and it’s easier than most people think it is. If you surround yourself with good people, I’m a big believer that if somebody gives you the tools and you’re hungry, you’ll go out and dig your hole and be able to make things happen in a good way. I’m not here to blow smoke up your butt or anything like that. That’s part of the reason we do what we do to help everybody. You are headed to Europe with Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad. How long are you going to be over in Europe for?

It’s for a few weeks. We hit London, Poland, Romania, back to London, Paris and London. It’s a long trip but we’re laser-focused. I’ve been wan ting to get over there for a long time and talk about relationships and surrounding myself with the right people that are helping me out. Now we’re growing and we’re going to come back in August 16th, 17th and 18th and we’re going to do our Total Transformation again. I’m looking at the hotel, depending on the size of how big, how many people are going to be there and all that.

Is that going to be in Orlando or Vegas, where at?

It’ll probably be in Vegas. We’re leaning toward Vegas. It doesn’t mean we’re locked in there but we’re 80% sure. We’re negotiating final things with the hotel and we always make sure that one of the events are going on in Vegas. Hotels are at $300 a night. We’re very cautious about that.

The best way for them to find more information, what’s the website for them to go to find more about you?

NCS 442 | Hypnosis

Hypnosis: If you want a different future then make a decision that’s going to get you surrounded with the people that are going to help you get to the next level.


It’s SuccessCombination.com and we’re redoing everything. It’s my first and last name but I don’t even know how to spell my last name. We go with SuccessCombination.com and it links right to it.

Check out Mark Yuzuik out there, a great event on August 16th, 17th and 18th in Las Vegas, finalizing the hotels. When you’re reading this, mention that you read it and maybe Mark will hook you up with a little bit of a discount or something like that.

If they go to the website and they see any product they want or they want any event, if they send me an email, there will be a link there and say, “Happy Birthday, Scott,” I’ll give them 50% off of anything.

It’s SuccessCombination.com and the keyword is “Happy Birthday, Scott.” I want to say thank you for coming on here and hanging out. You’ve got a podcast that’s coming out. What’s the name of the podcast again?

We’re getting ready to do some podcasting and we are going to get some rocket. I love it because it’s going to be content and it’s Get Your Mind Set is the name of the podcast.

I know some of the guests that Mark’s going to have on his first round. Great stuff and that’s part of the reason we want to have him on as well too. Thanks so much. Give our best to your lovely wife. Steph sends her love. We’ll see you later, Mark. That’s going to wrap it up for this episode of the show. Check out the website and check out Mark there. It’s on August 16th, 17th and 18th for his next Total Transformation three-day event. It’s life-changing, great stuff and definitely going to have a major impact. We have to thank Gail Villanueva, Jerry Briggs and a few others that have gone. I love what Mark had to do and it changed their life for the better. Have a great day. Go out and make something happen. Take action. You learn more from those first few steps than you will from any book, CD or workshop. Take action. Take the step. Shoot me a text message and we look forward to seeing you at the top.

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About Mark Yuzuik

NCS 442 | HypnosisMark Yuzuik was raised in a family where love was abundant and money was not.

He witnessed his parents struggle through many hard times and swore to himself he would find a way to become wealthy so he could take care of his family. As Mark grew up, his thirst for creating wealth was only exceeded by his passion for helping other people.

Today, Mark is a self-made multi-millionaire who has touched the lives of people everywhere he goes. He gives credit for his success to his willingness to always strive for more. Mark surrounds himself with the types of people that are willing to hold him accountable to the standards he needs to live by in order to maximize his talents.

As an avid student, Mark has found his coaches to be one of the most vital components to achieving his dreams.

He teaches his students that simply having the knowledge is not enough…you must consistently take the actions necessary as well and a coach can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in helping you to make your dreams a reality. Mark also conducts multi-day seminars along with his partners in the areas of Real Estate Investing, Personal Growth, and Hypnosis.

While many speakers teach these same types of programs, it is Mark’s love of people and his passion for making a difference that will shine through in his words and in his presence on stage.

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