EP 449 – The 22nd Note Mastermind

NCS 449 | Note Mastermind

NCS 449 | Note Mastermind


The Note Mastermind is a three-time annual event for note investors as part of Scott’s mentoring program. Once again, people come over to spend time with other note enthusiasts and have the opportunity to hang out and working on each other’s business, making them rejuvenated in rowing towards the same direction. Scott shares some of the fantastic things that took place during the 22nd Note Mastermind meeting in Austin, TX.

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The 22nd Note Mastermind


It’s always a great thing the day after a Note Mastermind. We had about 40 people coming in and spending time with us, 40 plus when you figure in the vendors. They came to Austin and spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday with us working on each other’s businesses. We were working to identify solutions to problems that we’re having, new vendors, doing the best that we can to help each person that came in, whether it was their first, their eighth, tenth, third or whatever. Mastermind means helping them take their businesses to the next level. One of the biggest things, when you have a great mastermind, is it has to be about those attending not about the person hosting it. That’s the thing I’m always excited about. Steph did an amazing job as well with bookings and getting everybody scheduled. She did an amazing thing with goody bags for everybody. There are lots of stuff; water, Perriers, candy and snacks for everybody.

I’m always humbled when people come in from all across the country to spend a couple of days with us. It’s still crazy to look back how far we have come since we started this back in 2010, 2011. There’s a first one in 2012, but it’s the 22nd time that we’ve done this. The average size is 40 to 50 usually. We’re right at about the same thing. It’s great because we had people that were brand new and all people are seasoned. I have to give a big shout out to all our people that have been before who shared with the new people, people like Dan Deppen or Paul Cooper or Laura Blunk or Wylea Griggs, Jeffrey Wolfe. I know I’m forgetting a few people, but it’s great having people that are coming and hanging out. There were many people from the East Coast to the West Coast and in between. From San Francisco like Steve Lindstrom, the people that came in from Boston, New York, Queens and stuff like that.

My Biggest Nugget

I look at the nuggets because I asked everybody to take a little bit of time to share some of their favorite nuggets from the event. What my biggest nugget is when I walk in on a Monday morning here and my email is full of comments, questions and posts from people who were there and attended who absolutely loved it. That’s my big thank you to those for sharing. We had a great time with some great photos. Great networking is always a great thing. The nugget is where I like to see what people liked. What did they take away? What was the a-ha moment the morning after? One of the things I heard over and over again from people is they come into Austin, spent time with us in the mastermind and they get rejuvenated. Life is not the easiest thing.


The world is not the easiest thing. A lot of us get bogged down in different things, especially if we’re doing multiple things whether you’re working a full-time job or you’re a full-time real estate investor. A lot of people get bogged down in the day in and day out grunt and coming into Austin they get rejuvenated. They get excited, re-motivated to go out and do some new stuff in their note business. It shows quite a bit there. Kudos to everybody who did that. One of the great things I like seeing as I mentioned before is the a-ha nugget because that helps me be a better educator and maybe a better coach for our mastermind, for our Note Nation out there as well. It’s great to see people taking it and running with it already. We’ve talked a little bit about geomarketing using Instagram and Facebook. It was great seeing Liza Banaag and this is her second mastermind. First, she came to almost immediately out of Fast Track but jumping on the computer to start geomarketing during the break, jumping online to start.

The whole table was crowded around her looking at things. That was a good thing. We did a short sale theater, the mastermind players. In my previous podcast, I talked about how to use short sale leads to help you find out deals. Some people are like, “What do you mean by short sales?” They didn’t understand what I was saying. We grabbed eight people or nine people and we had a little theater there where I directed them, finished with a play and nobody liked that idea. I can see it now versus trying to see it in their head and that was a good thing. I have to give a big shout out to our vendors who came Dickie Baldwin from Baldwin Advisory Group, Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates, Keaton and Katie from Quest Trust Company here in Austin. Kudos to all of you for coming, for hanging out for the entire weekend. Brent Buscay from Laughlin Associates, he’s helping people structure their entities and their asset protection stuff. A lot of people liked the opportunity to hang out with him.

Dickie blew everybody away with a lot of the different services that Baldwin Advisory Group offers and that was exciting to say and seeing how far it came. Dickie, from Houston, launched his Baldwin Advisory Group two masterminds ago when we had our mastermind group last August in Dallas around the Quest Expo. He came in for the first time. He didn’t have a website quite yet. Before he spoke on Saturday, he advised me that he had over a thousand different orders for BPOs, O&Es and due diligence matters to his website. He was just jacked up about that in the last seven or eight months. Kudos to Dickie. We are proud to be a big part of that to help them out. A lot of people liked it when I talked about bidding. People got questions about bidding on assets. How do I bid? What’s the best way? We went through the stair-step guidelines, what to be bidding on performing and nonperforming assets, how to adjust it or take it down depending on what’s going on with the asset, what they should be bidding on a contract for deeds.

A lot of people liked the fact that I talked about, “If you’re going to bid on the good assets, you’d better bet bid on some of the bad stuff. Give me this one and you throw these two in for free. Throwing these other assets that aren’t worth anything to you, throw them in for free or charge me, but take that charge off the premium asset. A lot of people like that because it adds value. Anytime you could take off some of the bad portfolios, it will add value to your bids and allow you to maybe pick up your nicer asset at lower prices on what everybody’s bidding for those solo asset. People like spending some time showing them how to upload some lists, personal lists whether it’s IRA investors, their contacts or whatever and using LinkedIn to help them expand their database.

Organize Your Schedule

Catherine Brennan, a realtor, liked the idea of focusing on short sales, being around Lake County to find potential seller leads. Dan Deppen like bidding and mixing in some junk assets as well. Michael went to time blocking aspect of things. We talked about how to organize your schedule because everybody feels drifting kicking into place. We get sidetracked. It’s common. Everybody struggles with it, even me. Even your best people will drift. The more you can be effective at blocking your schedule, time blocking your marketing whether it’s the first in the morning, the afternoon or the evening, at the same time on the weekend, the more effective you’re going to be to make sure you get a few things done, especially if you’re starting off brand new or getting started. That goes across the board, all types of real estate investing.

If you’re doing a variety of things, the more you can time block out the same activities and at the same time be dedicated to stopping, do not answer your phone. Do not answer your emails. The happier and better off you’ll be. Jillian liked me talking a little bit about justifying initial bids, providing some due diligence numbers or reasons for if you’re going to spend a low bid. It’s an important thing if you’re going to be bidding to banks and asset managers that, if you come in with low ball bid, why is your low ball bid there? Is the house across the street trashed up? Is the neighborhood rough? Those are important things that asset managers can’t always see because they’re looking through and bidding on so many different assets. There are a lot of great things that were replicated from people. They enjoyed some of the things that took place that I was excited about. I got a chance to spend some time.

We wrapped up roughly around 12:30 on Sunday, but that was for the morning session. The afternoon session, I was able to record a chunk of a 20 to 30-minute podcast with some of my mastermind members. Stay tuned. We’ll be rolling those episodes out and be able to get feedback from people like Steve Van Kampen and his daughter out of Michigan in the Detroit area about their business and how they’ve closed on 25 assets. We’ll be talking with Liza Banaag who closed down three assets in her first six months. Wylea Griggs was one of the co-winners of the social media marketing break down. Paul Cooper did a great job winning also the Social Media Marketing Rock Star Award out there. We’ll have Paul on who got ganged up and come back on since last August sharing how he has grown his business since he went full-time on August 1st. Michael Slawin, a realtor and real estate investor, a Fast Track member also is coming on to share a little bit of his information. Eric Ham, who went full-time a few months back in the note space from Long Beach. He was an IT professional. He has given himself a year to get rocking and rolling. He’s bought three or four assets and looking at funding a couple more.

NCS 449 | Note Mastermind

Note Mastermind: People get so bogged down on what is in their portfolio that they often forget they got a mastermind group or a network of people that they could reach out to.


Logan Hassinger, he’s doing a great job on closing some assets out of Dallas. What was a funny breakdown with Logan and Eric, they both came to the Fast Track at the same time? They had Fast Track training in Austin, Texas. Eric started reaching out to asset managers. He reached out to one big fund and that big fund sent him a list of some assets. The two assets that he saw that were in his area, he didn’t focus on so he didn’t do much with it. He didn’t think about picking up the phone and calling them. Fast forward, a few months later, Logan reaches out to the same asset manager, gets a list in, buys an asset and it also brings a big tape, not so big as far as like 500 to 1,000 assets. He gets this tape from this hedge fund, a good-sized servicing company with some pretty decent assets to the table. We’re working through those assets from those in the most recent mastermind. People that attended will be able to bid on those assets and go back and forth from there. You never know what we’re going to cook up from those.

The power of I got something. What else can I get? It’s that simple thing of, “What else do you have that can take a look at?” Eric didn’t ask what else did they have because he basically says, “I buy in Ohio. There’s not anything in Ohio that’s fine, but what else do you have?” He was able to find a couple of deals that make sense plus the possibility of being able to make some money by brokering for simple fees to other members of the mastermind and make it a true win-win across the board. A lot of people forget about that. We get so bogged down with, “What’s in my portfolio?” They often forget they’ve got a mastermind group or a network of people they could reach out to, and not just the mastermind. Other people that they’ve connected with either at different events, different coaching calls or networking that can be great buyers of assets. They can still squeeze in a point, $1,000 or three points. It depends on what the deal will hold based on pricing. That’s one of the beautiful things. We missed a few people attending that couldn’t make it and got sidetracked with some things. You were all missed. For those that didn’t make it out, we like to have fun too. We definitely had a lot of fun.

Thursday night, we had a fun, happy hour at the top of 18th over 6th Street, at the hotel. Friday night, we took everybody out for barbecue at the world famous Iron Works Barbecue here in downtown Austin. We had a great time there. We let everybody hang around for an hour, bounce around on 6th Street. We took everybody to the world famous Esther’s Follies. It’s Austin’s own Saturday Night Live and magic show. Everybody had a great time. They had some fresh stuff. Steph and I have attended that place. If you ever get a chance to make it to Austin, Esther’s Follies is something you’d definitely want to take a look at with shows on Friday and Saturday night. The tickets are $20 to $40. It’s well worth going to. It’s a hilarious troop of eight or nine people that are running different ads, politics, making fun of both sides left and the right side, Republicans, Democrats and everything in the middle with an Austin flair to it.

Ray Anderson, the magician, does a great job as well. Everybody enjoyed that. We set everybody free to go do what they want to do. We had breakfast come Saturday morning. We had everybody meet up on the top floor again for breakfast, had a chance to visit and fellowship with each other, break a little bread. It’s important. We had a great day two. We let everybody go out on their own on Saturday night. We only had one casualty to 6th street where they had too much to drink and didn’t make it Sunday morning but that’s okay. They’re safe and happy. It’s all right. You have that happen every once in a while. I’m so proud of seeing the growth of our students. I’ve seen so many people go out and close on, I’m not talking 50 assets their first year, but closing on assets regularly two, three or four. No business is not a get rich quick scheme by any means.

It is a grow wealth process by buying performing assets or their IRA funds. Buying notes and getting them worked out and they’re re-performing. Selling the assets off or taking that property back at an owner, financing the assets out, returning them to the rental portfolio in different areas. There are so many great ways of people being able to grow their portfolio or add that nice tool, I guess you could say I like that analogy. They’re just a great way for people to do it. I have to give a big shout out to Leon and Mary Griggs who flew in from the Freedom REIA club out of Rochester, New York area. I spoke at their one-day retreat and you had 100 plus people at it. Leon does a great job up there. Leon and Mary, we had such a great time having them come in and spend time with us. Hang out in our mastermind. They got a lot of that to base on the notes that I’ve gotten. The thing I want you to realize is that masterminds are a very powerful thing. I’ve been a part of masterminds where it was focused not on the people attending but on the person running your event and that’s not the best thing. That doesn’t even have a value. If that person is solely focused on what angle the people attending can give to their own advantage they can give to them, it doesn’t work out as well for those attending.

I think sometimes people can sense that. People can realize, “I need some help in my business. If I’m going to pay money to be a part of a mastermind, I want that money to help me in my business, in my journey. I want to get to where that person is on stage at some point. I want to get to a higher level. I want to say goodbye to my job and move in the right direction towards financial freedom and financial growth whatever that might be.” Not everybody is like that but we were excited that everybody liked that. They did get to kick it in here. Thanks, Tim Herriage. I enjoyed having you on the podcast. I’m looking forward to that episode coming up. We didn’t run all over. We spent a big chunk of the time in the hotel. It was a beautiful day. Make sure to give people a good hour or an hour and a half for lunch to enjoy and then wrap it up even at 5:00 on Saturday.

We went out and enjoyed and then on Sunday we ended a little bit early so people could go out and have a great lunch on 6th Street downtown before they got to jump on a plane and head back to wherever they were headed to. I am a little tired. I was saying things where I was getting dates, months and years wrong. I’m a little exhausted but I was able to get home and relax a little bit before the episode of Game of Thrones came out and then before we headed out at 9:40 PM to watch the Avengers End Game. We had two big things. I enjoyed it. I’m excited. We’ve got some great nuggets, great episodes that we filmed with quite a few of the mastermind members that we’ll be releasing over the next couple of weeks. I’m proud of everybody that’s what it comes down to. I’m so proud of those that shared. We shared at the tables. It’s not the easiest thing to do. Sharing what your biggest hurdle is and how to overcome it. It’s sharing your biggest a-ha. We also had some fun things with sharing something that most people didn’t know. I

It’s funny also that we ask people to share their most embarrassing moment at the table as a way to help break the ice and that helped a lot of people out there. I think when you have people coming together and they’re sharing emotional, hilarious and embarrassing things. It’s always a good thing about getting people sharing things. Mondays after a mastermind, often we’re a little tired. We got lots of great stuff we’re working through and trying to strike while the iron is hot and then the mastermind. A lot of people are asking, when’s the next mastermind? Our next mastermind, we’re leaning towards it being around the Quest Expo of doing a day on the 22nd, the day before the Quest Expo and it gives everybody an opportunity to hang out for three days, the 23rd, 24th and 25th our next Fast Track dates, because we had several people that came in for a sneak peak.

They came in and hung out for a couple of days with us and they’re coming back in before they get some more Fast Track Coaching. Those next dates are June 21st through the 23rd and July 19th through the 21st. That was usually roughly around the third weekend of the month in August. Our Fast Track weekend looks like it’s going to be in the 16th through the 18th here in Austin. If those are something you’re thinking about doing, let me know. Drop me an email or shoot me a text message. We’re glad to talk with you a little more about the Fast Track training and what goes into it, how and why we think our training is the best in the industry. The reason we believe it’s the best is that people are closing the most amount of deals. They’re going out and making some things happen. They had a good time. They were safe. That’s all that matters. That’s all that matters for anything out there.

I was talking with somebody at a point during the mastermind. We were talking about how amazing the ups and downs over the last couple of years. If I were to go back and talk with the guy years ago and say, “You’re going to have hundreds of people that will come in and spend time with you,” I would be like, “People are going to spend time with me?” I thought that’s funny. It happens. People come and spend time and it’s a beautiful thing. I’m always humbled when people would fly in and spend time with us and we take that very seriously. We want to make sure we deliver value, deliver nuggets and make it worth their time, especially for those highly advanced people that come in and hang out with us throughout the weekend. People are doing some big commercial deals, big development stuff and it was great seeing your email this morning. They believe their mastermind was one of the best events that they’ve been to.

NCS 449 | Note Mastermind

Note Mastermind: When you have a mastermind, it’s got to be about the people that are there and helping them overcome obstacles and mind blocks.



We’ve had masterminds that have been interesting. It’s evolved over the year. We used to do a five-day mastermind, Monday through Friday, which is a long time to be together. The first one was nine days from a Friday to the following Sunday with twelve people originally to kick off. That was a long time but worth to figure things out. We’ve done masterminds where I did this once and I’ll never do it again. I did a mastermind Monday through Friday and I had a workshop that Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They matched up like that. That wasn’t a fun thing. When you have 200 plus people that are negotiating back and forth on things, looking at assets and making offers, that’s not necessarily the best thing. I will never do that again but I do love seeing people networking. That’s one of the things I enjoy more than anything else. It’s seeing people coming together and working on each other’s businesses. I’ve seen people like Eric and Logan working on deals, Leon talking with Aaron Young about having Aaron to come out and speak at the event, or Brent sitting down with other people to help them with their asset protection and structuring their Rockefeller strategies. Those are the right things and you know that’s our win-wins across the board for people. I know those are wins for people for attending.

When you have a mastermind, it’s got to be about the people that are there. It’s got to be about helping them take their business to the next level. It’s got to be about them helping them overcome obstacles, overcome mind blocks, overcome the stuff that’s keeping them from taking those next important steps. I look at some people who have been to their first one and see the growth they go between their first and second, their second and third, and their third and fourth. We’ve got so many people that are closing on 100 plus deals. They’re closing on 200 plus deals. They’re changing their lives, they’re replacing their income and enjoying life with their family. They retired their parents, they retired their spouses or retired themselves or help the kids get into the business. That’s such a beautiful, joyous thing. I’ve seen that happen.

It’s also the beautiful, joyous thing seeing somebody like Megan who came and hung out with us for a couple of days. She’s a brand-new investor absolutely, making a bunch of good friends, hanging out with great people. People like our buddy, Rob, here locally, we met at Quest Trillion-Dollar Mix. He was like, “This is what I want to do,” and he’s at the sneak peek. He’s meeting so many new people and so many a-ha moments from him coming up and saying, “That was powerful. It was amazing.” People that have their minds blown from nuggets that they’re sharing not only from the front of the room but from them sitting and talking with people who are willing to give. In real estate investing, not everybody is always willing to give you nuggets. They’re not willing to share vendors. They’re not willing to give you a leg up in a market. That’s one of the most powerful things that we believe in. We believe in coopetition as our buddy, Joel Markovitz, shared with us in the past. The fact that everybody is working towards their own business, everybody is working to make things happen and there’s no reason that we can’t all be rowing in the same direction, rowing towards that same finish line of financial freedom of success whatever your success might be.

Maybe it’s one deal a month, maybe it’s one deal a week, who knows? Maybe it’s one of the years. Everybody has their different levels. It’s good seeing people coming back into the fold. They’ve been away for a while or seeing Jerry Briggs coming back in and hanging out. Seeing other people that are like, “I’d want to come back in and hang out. Life has gotten in the way.” We’re always excited to see that happen and you’re welcome back. Come back anytime and hang out, chill with us. Get reinvigorated, recharged to make some things happen. That’s some of the beautiful things that we love seeing. The mastermind is a great thing. People go above and beyond. I’m always glad to help, correspondence with everybody out there. That’s what we try to do to make it the best possible thing.

Our next mastermind is going to be in December. It’s usually the first or second weekend of December. It depends on when Thanksgiving ends. We don’t want to do it too late in December because people obviously have the holidays to deal with, Christmas and New Year, and the kids getting out of school. Will you do it back in Austin? I don’t know if we’ll do it in Austin. Might we do it somewhere else? We haven’t decided yet. We’re still looking at locations, still looking at a lot of things that go into that. Let me see if I can pull up some more comments here as Facebook is quiet. It’s always great seeing, Julie Thompson, Catherine Brennan. Catherine is re-inspired that’s awesome. Jeffrey Wolfe says, “Love the short sell strategy.” Thank you, Jeff. I appreciate your feedback after the event, Jeff. It’s definitely important. I always want to hear what we can do best for people out there. I’m impressed by a lot of people doing some great things in their time for especially a large chunk of our students are working full-time.

They’re working full 40 or 50 hours a week jobs and they have to do this around their job. Carolyn asks, “If there is a code for the Quest Expo?” Yes, there is. If you use the code Carson 19 that should get you a discount for the Quest Expo slated for August 23rd through the 25th. A big shout out to Keaton and Katie for coming and hanging out with us for a couple of hours. They’ve got a busy event that they’re working through. It’s always busy stuff going on at Quest. A big shout out to Aaron Young for hanging out with us and playing full tilt. One of the things that I love seeing is that our vendors come and play full tilt. They come and hang out. They’re there. They’re present. They’re at the tables. They’re sharing. They’re communicating. They’re diving in and offering them solutions when they can or options for people at different levels depending on what their needs are. That’s a beautiful thing for our vendors. We usually have three or four vendors that come hang out. It’s not a pitch idea or pitch fest at all.

It’s there to help people get face-to-face, to be able to hang with them, get a chance to know them. Several people took a lot of a-has away from Dickie Baldwin’s presentation. A lot of people have a face in the name when it comes to Quest Trust Company, especially Katie and Keaton and their local people. People love sitting down and talking about their assets. It’s one of the great things I love about Brent Buscay from Laughlin. I know he sat down with several people and helped them to clear up some of their strategies or asset protection strategies. Some people had been given very complex, over the top, way too expensive protection stuff that they didn’t need and it was really nice and important to sit down with them and say, “Literally you don’t need this. You need this but this is overkill. This doesn’t make sense.” I had to give him a big shout out.

Musically Inclined

Some vendors when they come to events, they’re there to make money for themselves, to close on deals for themselves. I can understand that but being there to provide value, being there to hang out with drink a cold beer and eat some brisket that goes a long way. When you break bread with people, you get a chance to know them. One of the things we found out in the past is that many of our mastermind members are very musically inclined. They could have their own holding up mastermind band. We’ve done that in Orlando before. We found out a big chunk of our mastermind members with kids who are homeschooling their kids to take advantage of that aspect of things.

One of the things to be careful of, I crack up because I see a lot of masterminds spraying up, trying to replicate what other people are doing and that’s okay. It’s a lot of different educational events. I see event after event and everybody thinks putting on an event is an easy thing to do. No, there are a lot of moving parts. There are a lot of different things that you have to do when you put on an event. It’s not always an effective event if you’re brand new at it. Sometimes like, I turned down going and speaking in an event. It came to me now and I turned it down for September. It just doesn’t make sense to go out to that and speak for twenty minutes and travel halfway across the country. I like what we do here locally. I love the fact that we’re able to have people coming to Austin and give them a lot of value, give them nuggets and give them strength.

We went through several of the asset manager lists that we pull on a regular basis that people have been through our mastermind get. Thousands of contacts and how to effectively use those contacts, how to use LinkedIn, how to use a specific software device to pull leads and email addresses from LinkedIn. How do you use those lists on either Facebook or uploading them in different places that you can target to them directly? How you can stand out from the crowd and be able to attract business because you’re are dedicated. You’re consistent in your marketing and you’re consistent in your actions when a lot of the people will be one and done.

NCS 449 | Note Mastermind

Note Mastermind: The true definition of mastermind is people coming together with similar interests and working towards the same goal.


That’s what we see out there. A lot of times, people aren’t consistent in their marketing. There are a lot of one and done taking place and that’s a bad thing. I’m proud of people like Dan Deppen, Paul Cooper, Catherine Brennan closing on her first deal. Melanie and Philip Jacob were doing some great things. Carolyn Matlack, as well as other people out there. Logan was doing some big things. Jeff Wolfe was closing assets. I’m so proud of our members who play full out and it’s not just full out at what they do. Mainly the people I mentioned also are working full-time. They’re in that transition period in their first six months, their first year, or their first two years to transition to doing this full-time. It takes time. It takes a little bit of patience. It takes having a plan of action, marketing and being able to dive in and do some cool things. We’re pretty stoked about that.

Somebody asked me online, what masterminds am I a part of? I’m part of a podcasting mastermind. We get together with our buddy, Steve Olsher, from New Media Summit. He puts on a good event for podcasting. He’s got one coming up in September out in San Diego and then the Icons. I’m a fellow Icon of influence in that. We spend a good day that following Monday after the event to hang out and network and mastermind together as a group and that’s always valuable. I’m excited that we have a mastermind we created for our vendors for the likes of Merrill Chandler, Aaron Young, George Antone, Jason Bible, Robert Orfino and Quest.

We’ve got a few others coming in. We meet once, maybe we’re going to start going to twice a year as a high network group of people gets together to work on each other’s businesses. What’s working in your business? How can I help leverage our audience for your audience or vice versa? How can we help work together? We started doing that in December with fifteen people. It worked out well. We’ll probably have 30 or 35 come around. We can’t forget Tom and Tracy Hazzard are part of that. We can’t forget Kristie and Elijah Whites are a part of that as well too. It’s rewarding having those relationships with people. Entrepreneurs are driven. They’ve got big hearts and you want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and people who have similar interests. The true definition of a mastermind is people coming together with similar interests, working towards the same goal. They may have their own business. They may have the interests but they’re all pulling or as PJ Fleck, the Head Coach of Minnesota who used to be from Central Michigan, they’re all rowing the boat in the same direction and that’s what you have to do as a mastermind.

Thanks to Jeffrey Wolfe, thanks to Logan, thanks to Catherine for sharing already. If you had a favorite a-ha nugget that you took away, we would love for you to share here. That’s what it all comes about, what kind of a-has can we deliver on a consistent basis? I’ve been a part of masterminds that delivered zero a-ha moments in the weekend. Our time is extremely valuable, not just mine but everybody’s time is valuable, especially if it’s taking time away from their friends, your family, your kids, your loved ones. You want to make sure that the time away is worth the time. It’s not about play, but you can actually make sure that the time is helping you pay in the long run.

That’s all I’ve got for this day. If you want to find out more information about our Note Master Group, go to WeCloseNotes.com. There’s an opt-in button in that mastermind. Just fill out your information and I’ll shoot the link to you to discuss what’s going in our mastermind, what’s involved with the Fast Track training. It may not be a fit. I had somebody coming, I don’t think they’re going to be part of the mastermind. I wanted to invite them down to see and get a sneak peek. They’re advanced. They’re rocking and rolling along with some different things. We still want to get a chance to hang out with them, visit. They’ve got a lot of stuff out of that and they’re out rocking and rolling along. We’re going to do some business with them. Geomarketing is one of the things that will be focused on the Note Night in America call out as well for WCN membership. Dive in a little more on Facebook and Instagram showing people how to do the geomarketing.

The year is not quite halfway over but we’re getting pretty close to it. If you’re not hitting the goals that you want to accomplish and you’ve been trying to do this on your own, maybe it’s time you let somebody come in and help you pick up that cross. Maybe let somebody come in and help you to help carry the burden a little bit with you and show you a smarter way to build that house. Let’s show you some easier tools. Who wants to use a rock and a nail when we can show you how to use a nail gun or better yet, you don’t have to use a nail gun? You’d have somebody using a nail gun for you to build something. That’s what a match I can do for you. It can help you get from 0 to 60 in a lot faster timeframe. Six months, it could be six days, six weeks or sometimes six hours depending on what you’re looking for.

Check us out, WeCloseNotes.com. Note Nation out there, thank you for reading. If you want to find more information, go to WeCloseNotes.com, check out the Note Mastermind Box, click on it. I’ll send you a link. We can get on the phone and talk. I’ll spend 15, 20 or 30 minutes with you. See where you’re at in your business. See if it’s a fit and see if I can get you on board here with our next Fast Track training in June, July or August 2019. Trust me, the more information can be put in, the better off your second half is going to be. We’re going to see a lot more stuff hit the markets, and we’ve seen in a while, especially with what the markets are doing. Go out, have a great day. We look forward to seeing you at the top.

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