EP 497 – Note Camp Commercial Recap

NCS 497 | Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp

NCS 497 | Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp


Anyone can tell an event is successful when participants deviate from their routine and comfort zones just to listen to others speak. The Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp was a definite success based on the number of participants and the fruits they reaped from the intellectual note investing speakers. In this episode, we relive the event as Scott Carson breaks down some of the updates and surprises from it. Aside from the great topics, Scott also shares the results of a particular survey that the online attendees filled up, revealing some valuable things about the people in the industry and more.

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Note Camp Commercial Recap

Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp

We had a great event at our Note CAMP Commercial Boot Camp with an amazing lineup of speakers. That went well. We had a few slight hiccups along the waySome had their power going off in their house or their computer gave them the blue screen and they had to reboot their system before they got logged on again. We only had one speaker miss their spotWhen you’re herding eighteen different cats, we like to say, or investor speakers, that’s a great thing. Some people joined us from other events, from their houses, from their hotels. It’s a great thing. A big shout out to all our Note CAMPers or the people who joined usOur camp counselors, our speakers just absolutely delivered a tremendous job of delivering content, nuggets, real world action items that many people can take advantage and start to put the work nowWhat do I mean with action items? Some provide different eBooks, free training, a workshop. Others gave nuggets and checklists along the wayOthers went and shared their knowledge and insight along the wayI think that was appreciated by a bunch of people. 

We had over 200 people join us on the Zoom call via the webinars, but then we also had over 300-plus people watching either via the live stream, Note CAMP Commercial Facebook Group or one of the other groups that we shared it to. I’m excited about the impact we had. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. Only a few people missed out because they can’t get a link or they unsubscribed from something early on so they can’t get a linkYou’re going to have that happen when you’re doing that much stuff out there for people. I have to give a big shout out to the support from Stephanie Goodman who does a lot behind the scenes and make sure everybody’s list is up running and accurate. A big shout out to Shannon who helped manage a lot of the social media presence. She did a tremendous job. Most people were like, “How did you post so much stuff about the speakers going live and how did you share other things? I’m like, Shannon did a great job with leveraging our Buffer account, creating infographics to get them ready to go live, to alert people across our different TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram as well. Such and such is going live. You’re going to want to jump in and listen to them. A great way to spend the weekend with such great people. Not only speakers but also a lot of great attendees. I don’t think we had anybody who was a bit of jerk on the most part. 

We’ve got the replays that are going out to those that didn’t make it. If you didn’t RSVP for that already, you can go to NoteCAMP.live or NoteCAMP.net and that will take you to the website. We’ve got a link back on the website where you can click on it to purchase the downloads as far as the videos. That’s one thing we pride ourselves too is getting the replays and the videos up where people can use them immediately for those that miss out. That thing is one of the biggest things I like when I go to an event. If I’m going to pay for the replays, I want to make sure that I’m getting them in a timely fashion not waiting six months or waiting twelve months for that to come in. We already had the replays up for people to useI had all the videos, links and everything with thumbnails in place for those that our members had the opportunity to watch the replays. You don’t have to wait a week or six months. They can catch the replays, all the links to the offers that our speakers provided in the description and available for people to downloadThat’s a great thing. We’re pretty much done for the most part with that stuff. Nowit’s just a matter of following up with things.  

It’s a lot of lead up, getting people signed up for it, making sure everybody’s on the list, making sure that everybody’s getting the links that they need, being able to share that across different platforms for the different memberships that we have. Some peopleif you’re a WCN member for $97 a monthyou get a ticket to this. You get all the replays and stuff like that. You didn’t have to pay for an extra ticket. If you’re a Blueprint member, if you sign up for the Note Buying Blueprint, you get a ticket to that as wellThat’s one thing we’re working on, is getting the replay videos added into the BlueprintThose that didn’t make it can still watch those replays and those that sign up for the future and extra added bonus to be a Note Buying Blueprint member as wellIf you’re interested, you can go to NoteBlueprint.com to do that with the training. We’re also uploading one of our last workshops on just pure residential notes into the Blueprint as well too. If you’re a WCN membership, you get access to all the replays and workshops we have as well too. 

It’s a matter of doing that. I learned stuff. I took a lot away from it and it was great not only for me to learn because I want to. I sometimes get bored saying the same things over and over again, like anybody else wouldIt’s always nice to learn from new people. I enjoyed Joel Block’s presentation. I thought he did really well. Scott Meyers presentation on self-storage is good. It’s good to see Garrison Gilbert and seeing all that he’s accomplishing. The guy is a brilliant guy. He’s a student of ours, but he has taken action and been coachable. His success is due to him. It’s not due to me. It’s good to see and hear from Terri Garner and what her and her business partner, Alia Ott, with Investors in Action are doing and some of the things that they’re doing, their self-storage and their businessI’m proud of what they’ve done and accomplished in the last couple of years too.  

I have to give a big shout out to Nathan Long and Quest IRA for being a sponsor and kicking the event off. He had probably the most views across the different platform. His episode has gotten more views because of the Quest clients watching and being shared. I get to thank Aaron Young for coming in and sharing his knowledge as well too on the Rockefeller Strategy and picking two presentations, bunch them together for everybody. Also, a big shout out to the guys at CreditSense, Brad Burnett. They’re not only great sponsor for what we do, but also they came in and wrapped it up and provided some great knowledge on how to protect your commercial profiles without making any fatal flaws when it comes to getting funding. Many great speakers along the way. I’m so tickled that so many people spent some time with us. Corey Peterson delivered some great energy on Friday. Terri wrapped up on Saturday and Brad on Sunday. Listening to Sal Buscemi from Dandrew Partners was a great second sessionAlso, Yakhin Israel, CCIM agent previously special assets manager with Fifth Third Bank. We had a great discussionI think a lot of those are our favorite things along the way.  

NCS 497 | Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp

Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp: It’s always nice to learn from new people.

Online Attendee Survey And Results

If you’ve never been to one of our online workshops or bootcamps, one of the things that we do a little bit differently than most is we like to try and have our attendees fill out a survey for us to find out not only where they’re at, but what they’re looking to accomplish, what they’re needing, their biggest strengths, what their experiencesWe also follow up at the end with another survey on the speakers in the event. What do they like, what they do, who do they like, who their favorite speakers, how would they rank the speaker, how would they rank the event? Would they recommend it? Those kinds of things. Some basic information so that we can see most importantly what people’s experience is. That gives us so much information so that when we move to doing the next one next year or another one later on, we’ve got more relevant information that we can dive into and provide great speakers or great content for our students 

The same thing with the speakers. If a speaker is horrible, we’re not going to bring them back. What’s surprising too is I base this off of what people fill out. I may think somebody is a great speaker and then I may also think of them as a horrible speaker, but everybody else may think he or she is awesomeI don’t let my tendencies gauge who I bring back or who I bring on. I’ve had people speak in the past like you asked for them, you got them. You asked for her and we reached out to them and they got themThat’s the big thing. If you’d like to see who exactly was the full lineup, you can go to NoteCAMP.net. You can see the whole lineup still up on that. We’re going to leave that website up for a while before we create another oneI wanted to share some of the biggest things that people shared with usWhat I mean by that, some of the survey results. It’s interesting across the board here on a variety of thingsOut of the 200 that joined us on the Zoom link, we were at 64 people have filled that out, not quite 33%. We’re just a couple short of that.  

I would love to get the 50%. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but it’s still a little higher percentage than most people see at survey resultsThe great thing here are names, emails, phone numbers so we can follow back up with. One of the things I will be doing is following up with a lot of people that attended on a personal basis whether they fill out the survey or not, just to touch base with people. What’s great is out of the people that filled out the survey, there was a chunk of brandnew people. There always is. It’s been done in the Note CAMP workshops in the past. Note CAMP is our information, a three-day, bring on a bunch of different speakers on different aspects of the note investing side, first, seconds, performing, nonperforming. It’s not a heavy deep dive like our virtual note buying workshops are19% of those that filled out the survey were first-timers. 17% had been to every one of our Note CAMPs and then at least 64% of those that filled it out have come at least twice, which is always an honor. If you can get a huge chunk of people to repeat, it means one thing. It provided good content and they see the value in repeating. That’s a big thing.  

I always looked at what’s our repeat numbers. We also asked them what deals they are looking for. They can pick multiple selections on thisOverwhelming nonperforming, first residential they’re looking forNonperforming commercial notes was the next highest thing, then you dive into self-storage. It was a big turn up on that. Performing notes came in at 50%Apartments was at 51.5%You had nonperforming first, nonperforming commercial notes, apartments, self-storage and then performing commercial notes are good. Mixed use, they were like 22%, 20% were looking for raw land. 70% is in hotels. About 18% is in strip malls and then you had about 14% of people were looking for other things. We asked what the top three states they were looking for dealsThat helped us that we get stuff across the board. When we asked, “Have you closed on a commercial deal?” only 17% of those that answered had closed on a deal and 83% hadn’tWe found that not really surprising for Note CAMP Commercial into all things that we were able to get. We had a couple of speakers that had to cancel the last minute because of different schedules or conflicts with their travel stuff 

We had one speaker just totally got mixed signal and wasn’t there to show up for mobile home parks. Frank Rolfe, we’ll hopefully have him on again. Our guy in hotels unfortunately couldn’t make it and had to reschedule. We’ll spend more time on that later onWe have LinkedIn. How many deals have you done? Pretty much with LinkedIn response here. We asked people when they started investingThey give us a rough date. Biggest goals in purchasing notes, distressed, going through a focus. We like to ask their biggest strengths, perseverance, communication. Knowledge is a good thing. We always like to ask, “Do you have a self-directed IRA? 78% of those responded have an IRA, 22% don’t, which is sad. We always like to ask, “Are they looking to joint venture with somebody? It’s funny, out of those that responded, only 6% said no, they weren’t looking for a joint venture partnerbig whopping 94% said yes, they are looking. They are yes or maybe. 44% said yes, 49% said maybe, which is a great thing.  

We asked the company name, company website if they have one. Overwhelmingly 95% of those that surveyed said yes, they have an LLC, which is great. We asked what kind of other note training they’ve taken and they shared a lot of things, which is good. We asked birthdays so we can reach back out to them. We asked what social media platforms have they used. This helps us out to see where they’re at and how to communicate with them. 97% are on Facebook, 89% are using LinkedIn, 59% are using Instagram, 57% are using YouTube, 48% are using Twitter. BiggerPockets, I was surprised. 55.5% were on BiggerPocketsWe always like to ask, “What can we do better to help you in our business? They provided a lot of great content. This gives us a lot of ways to go back in and have topics on 

We have topics on our Note Night in America, and then also topics for future Note CAMP and Virtual Buying workshops. I always like to see, “What are the three things that you want to achieve more from Note CAMP Commercial?” We’ll go through this because I have not had a chance to fill that outlot of people filled out some great stuff there. We also asked, “How often are you sending out an email to your database? This is always a number that disturbs me because overwhelmingly, 52% have never sent an email out to their database. That’s sad. Another 48% are doing something. Only roughly 10% of them once a week. 14.5% are saying twice a month so every other weekRoughly 24% are doing it once a monthWe heard time and time again, Corey and Terri and a bunch of other people about how to raise capital. You’ve got to build a rapport. You’ve got to get the word out what you’re doing in a variety of fashion. That’s one thing people are struggling. They have to look at their activitiesOut of dozens that answered the surveys, roughly 30% are fulltime investors and the other 70% are part-time investors. 

We asked, “Have you ever reached out directly to banks to find assets, made more than 30 phone calls or emailed more than once?” It was nice to see 55% have reached out and made some phone calls. The other 45% have never done either. When you start looking at are they sending stuff out and they’re wanting to get started, it’s a direct correlation to their actions, I need help. Here’s what I need to do. They’re not doing the two basic things that you need to be doingWe heard this from time and time again about building your database, building connections, communicating with people, talking with people, building rapport at events or at meetup groupsIt’s the same thing we hear over and over again, but it all falls into place. I would love it if 20% of people did something, but it’s about 10% of people are the direction takers out thereThat’s the case with any type of event. I hope it‘s a little bit higher in our side. It’s interesting once I break down the numbers on any deals people have done and how long they‘ve been investing for. We did ask people what their biggest need was. Out of those that answered, 31% answered that they needed to find deals.  

The next highest with raising capital at roughly 16%, followed by system at 14%. Due diligence was about 5%. Marketing was rough, about 8%. Training was only about 2%. Getting started was 11%. 12% answered with other aspects of things. The other thing was organizing life, getting back in the saddle, connections, which is the deal aspect thing, getting started. Some people want to build a business plan in place. Somebody looking for investors, which is funny, that falls into finding investors to deal with the systemsSome of the people said getting out of my way. We added a new question to the survey just to get a feel for things on what people answeredSurprisingly not everybody answered this question. Some people skipped it, which is fine, but others that answered it. The question iswe found a deal that fits your specifications, how much capital would you have to put towards it? Overwhelmingly65% said if it was $50,000 or less, they would do it. About 19% said if it’s up to $100,000, they would have that16% said that if they had $100,000 or more, they would be able to pull the trigger on it, which was nice. It helps us identifying investment opportunities and people to put deals into and if they can pull the trigger or not 

That’s a fun thing I like looking forward to as we find deals in people’s top three states. We can back that up and say, “Top three states and what they looking to put the work in. We could marry deals together for everybody.” That’s an exciting aspect of things of looking. One of the things that we’ll do is we always like to make infographics on these things and share them across social media so people are seeing what are the biggest needs? Where do they focus? What did we learn from Note CAMPWhat did we truly learn from the event? That’s what it all comes down to. If you can’t learn and can’t overcome things, that’s a tough thingOne of the things that we love doing more than anything else is reaching back outDon’t be surprised if you attended that you end up getting a phone call from me. Seriously, I like making phone calls. I like talking to people after the event. I’m dragging a little bit in the office from working twelve, thirteenhour days in the office. We’ll learn and take away a lot of stuff from this event and drive it home and help a lot of people with the events. 

Getting More Education

Some people signed up for the workshop, that’s greatThat’s going to have an impact to them. Some people will watch the replays. Not everybody was able to watch everything throughout the weekend. I get that and I’m fine with thatWe like having the opportunities and different ways to watch, whether they’re watching live on the Zoom, on the Facebook Live streamthe private Facebook groups or they’re catching the replays after the eventIf you’d like to get replays, one of the good things that we’ve done is make sure and put the links to what the speakers offered up in the descriptionsYou can either buy the replays at NoteCamp.net and there will be a link on there to download that. We’ll give an email out to you immediately for that. Other things you might want to look at, maybe sign up for the WCN Crew so that you are able to start getting things on a regular basis to get a discount. You can always sign up for the $97 a month thing by going to WCNMembership.com as well 

I get energized talking about this. I get energized seeing people get excited about things and I’ve got to give the biggest shout out for those that have answered the survey or answering the followup survey. Thank you for those who are leaving testimonials. Thank you to those that jumped on the Note CAMP podcast and left a testimonial on there or a fivestar review about the event. That’s always helpful as well. We encourage you to do that. One of the things we will do, it’s going to take a little while, but we will have the episodes, the audio stripped from the videos and then turn those into its own podcast. We will release that one at a time, you’ll have full transcription, and be able to share that across the board for those that are interested in learning more or would rather read or listen to the episode versus watching.  

The thing you’ve got to realize is if you want to learn, you can learn plenty of stuff here. This is not a big bait and switch. This is not a twenty-minute give you a bit of a teaser and then sell you into something else. That’s not the case at allI pulled the Note CAMP’s schedule and what’s funny is looking at and seeing the comments from people, what some of their favorite sessions were. Like Nathan Long, it’s always one of the biggest watched episodes whether it’s the live stream or stuff like that because they’ve got a huge audienceNathan delivered some great topics with the mistakes investors make using their self-directed IRAs with commercial real estate. Those are great nuggets and great stuff to think about. It was a funny thing the following session with Salvatore Buscemi, what to consider before buying the default the commercial note. He had gotten off a redeye flight. He was on a We Work office there in the Hamptons and so he was a little jetlagged and we were visiting him from the lounge. It was a great conversation. I think a lot of people enjoyed that. I got some nuggets from Sal’s conversation immediately that we’re putting to work.  

NCS 497 | Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp

Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp: With any type of event, about 10% people are actually the direction-takers.

Event Speakers And Their Topics

I have to give a big shout out to Suzanne Kessler who rocked the house, sharing due diligence and commercial asset, the whole platform that ProTitleUSA provides to their pool buyers. There were lots of great stuff. A lot of people really enjoyed that. Hers is probably the most requested slides and link to the whole dashboard so they could see that. We’ve got the link to that to everybody. Our buddy, Thomas Castelli, who had been a guest is a CPA from The Real Estate CPA Show. He did a great job sharing tax planning opportunities for commercial note investors in his presentation. I know a lot of people enjoyed it and he made a pretty much a dry topic interesting and was able to provide a lot of great nuggets and lead up to stuff. Corey Peterson, our buddy, the big Kahuna, multifamily, capital raising and secrets. His energy was just off the charts. I think that was one of the biggest things people enjoyed. Plus, the fact that he gave away his training, his online stuff for free. If you were to text in small work to a phone number, you were able to get it downloaded in your inbox almost immediately. Kudos to Corey for sharing that. Those are big bonuses 

Scott Meyers from the SelfStorageInvesting.com came in and provided some great content. It woke up a lot of people’s eyes to self-storage. I think it was the one of the best presentations of the event because he dived to the ten reasons why he loves self-storage. It was a master class on how to dominate, achieve affordable dominationI know from asking people on day two, day three what were their favorite sessions, what biggest nuggetsScott’s was one of the big one that came up again and again. Day two, we started off with Shawn Yesner, my buddy from the Crushing Debt Podcast and Yesner Law FirmHe talked about legal solution for nonperforming notes and delivered great content. He got a lot of compliments on making a dry subject interesting. Shawn’s got a great take out things and that’s why he’s successful at what he does. That followed up with Chuck Sutherland. Chuck has over 40 years of experience in real estateHis topic on raising money for commercial deals was also exciting. He provides some checklists for people to be able to use and some other training for people to download and sign up for if they are interestedHis session was good as well. A lot of people enjoyed Chuck’s takeexperience and what you need to focus on. It was simple too.  

Another highlight of the weekend for a lot of people was Jill DeWit’s and Steven Butala from Home Academy and LandAcademy.com. They talked about how to buy undervalued commercial and how to use some of the search engines that they use and the ones that they use to find great deals in just about anywhere in the country. They talked about how they’re marketing land, how they’re finding deals and how they’re doing some amazing stuff. lot of people enjoyed their presentation as wellThat followed up with my buddy John Matheson from CommercialLoanSuccess.com. He provided some great insights on how to use the CLS website to pre-write your deal and see how it works out to get bankers excited about your deal. He also shared his book. He provided a bunch of copies that we sent on to our WCN Crew members, which is great. That’s a great thing to give away too. Thank you to big John for sharing thatThat followed with Dave Foster from 1031 Exchange. Dave gave a great presentation, deep stuff on how to structure 1031 exchanges, how to structure deals if you’re looking to move your assets up, to move them to avoid paying taxes when you’re selling, to move them up into assets. I’ve got a lot of nuggets out of this one as well.  

I think a lot of people think that they’re not ready for one, but it’s good to know this stuff as they’re starting to move up the ladder when it comes residential and commercial one and moving on up. We wrapped up with Terri Garner from Investors in Action. She talked about raising capital syndicationsShe’s also got experience in self-storage. She shared her insights in self-storage, which a lot of people liked. A lot of people commented they loved her presentation. She talked about raising capital. Some of the things that she and her partners are doing to communicate with their investorsThat was really good. It was a great way to end day two. Day three, you would think that we’d be all worn out, but people showed up strong throughout, which was niceWe kicked off the day with Joel Block. Joel joined us from Denver. He’s from California, LA and a big Dodger fan. He joined us from another event. He did speak at our Public Speakers Association. He shared some great stuff on raising capital the Wall Street way. He also has an event upcoming on syndications and I think it’s highly desirable if you’re looking to do that. That’s in Las Vegas, October 27th to the 30th. He shocked a lot of people with, “What you’re doing is great, you’re playing small, you need to take it to a whole different level and move into a whole different aspect.  

After thatI jumped in and we’re still got Frank Rolfe joining us from Oklahoma University. Unfortunately, I got signals crossed. I jumped in with always my backup presentation. I talked about how to find commercial deals direct from banks. I went through how we use a couple of online websites that dive in to pull lists and how to reach out to them. Selfstorage was a big interest for a lot of peopleI showed people how we leverage some of the online self-storage membership association websites to find potential bills that we’ve made and mark it out tooPeople liked that. That’s what they told me anyway, so maybe I’m a little partial because it’s my session, but I think I did a pretty good job with that. That followed up with our buddy, Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates, who did a great job squeezing two full presentations in an hour on how to protect your assets like the Rockefeller’s and then also the Rockefeller strategy that Laughlin does. That was a great session as well with a lot of questions.  

People have seen Aaron speak on a regular basis and soon to be a part of our eventsI always get something from his presentations. If you’ve got LLC or you’re not doing much stuff or you’re wanting to take your business on another level, it would do you value to check out Laughlin Associates, go to CorpVeilProtection.com and talk about their services out there. Aaron was followed up by my buddy, Yakhin Israel, out of TampaHe’s a commercial realtor who was a previous special assets manager on the commercial side for Fifth Third Bank for years out of managing like the South West Florida, Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama marketsHe joined us. We just talked for an hour and twenty minutes on where the market was, where it’s going, the best ways for people to communicate and talk to commercial bank asset managers, what to do, where the big market is, the biggest sweet spots. He said, and I agree 100% with him, “There are a lot of commercial deals between $1 million and $5 million value that get overlooked by the big boys. That’s what I’ve heard a lot of sweet spots for deals with banks and things like that in that wheelhouse aspect of thingsWe talked about where the markets are going and what would we do if he had $50 million, immediately put it to work 

He shared some of his insights. More importantly, we talked about what we’re seeing in the market. Opportunities, affordable housing, a lot of great buildup things that are going on in the marketGarrison Gilbert, who’s a multifamily investor, a student, one of our mastermind members has done an amazing job. He followed up a Yakhin’s presentation. He just shared what’s helped make him successful. Some of the things that he’s done to market, how he’s made mistakes along the way, how he’s changed his focus from going after a single-familyOnesies, twosies, fix and flips to going to the bigger side of commercial multifamilyWhat he’s done in the last couple of months helps set himself apart from the people out there. You can tell by his presentation that he’s got a big heart for helping people 

That brought us to Brad Burnett’s presentation with CreditSense, how to avoid the eight fatal funding errors with commercial real estate. Brad did a great job with this. I’ve heard this once or twice before from the guys at CreditSense, but Brad always has a little bit different energy. Merrill’s great, but Brad also brings it. It’s nice to hear it from a little different aspect of things. Sometimes you need to hear the same things from somebody else to plug in. I know a lot of people were like, “A-ha.” There were a lot of great nuggets with thatWe wrapped up after that for the eventBig kudos to everybody that joined us. Big kudos to those that are watching the replays. We’ve got them rereleasing on YouTube for roughly 72 hours before I make them go private as a way to see what results we get off the people watching the videos on YouTubeWe’ve got some people that have already watched themenjoyed themcommented, dived in and either purchased something or opted into something from that. Just trying to give as many people the opportunities as best as we can to really plug in 

NCS 497 | Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp

Note Camp Commercial Bootcamp: If you’ve got LLC or you’re not doing much stuff or you’re wanting to take your business on another level, it would do you value to check out Laughlin Associates.


Thank you to so many of those out there that commented. They shared. big shout out to all our folks who shared on social media, their posts, where they were watching from, what nuggets they took away from the event. If you do look for a hashtag, #NoteCAMPCommercial, #NoteCAMP, you’ll see people’s posts like Meghan Elizabeth sitting on her back patio by her pool watching. Linda Martin sharing her computer screens and some of the presenters that she liked. The notes team out there sharing how they were watching comments and quotes from each speaker. That was great stuff out there. Crystal Science for doing thatIt’s not all with one person. I can tell you this. It takes a team effort to get this in placeI wanted to get a big shout out to Stephanie Goodman, my right arm. I could not do this without her. Shannon did a great job as well on the premarketing and getting everything scheduled and planned. All of our speakers who showed up and brought some great contentMore importantly, all our Note CAMPers who showed up for the three days. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being a part of it 

We don’t have a date set yet for the next one. I will tell you thisOur next workshop that we’re doing, our online workshop is the first weekend of September, the sixth, seventh and eighth. That’s going to be our next virtual note buying workshop. It’d be three days of pure data on residential. We’ll fit in some stuff on commercial notes as well too, how to identify them, how to reach out to them and put your marketing in place to make things happenYou can always check out the website WeCloseNotes.com to get signed up for that and go sign up the Note Buying Blueprint at NoteBlueprint.comGet signed up for the Blueprint and then you’ll get access to a ticket to the Virtual Note Buying Workshop as well 

Thank you to everybody out there that help made this a big thing. Just to see if there are any quotes or comments, I was watching the replay. Michael Slayman, thank you so much for the review. Mike is one of our Mastermind members and it’s amazing seeing him grow and his eyes opened up to different opportunities out thereGood stuff to him. He watched the master class, how to achieve self-storage, world domination. The biggest thing you guys can do is take advantage of what you’ve learned and put something in place. Put some action behind what you’re doing, and you’ll find a lot of success a whole lot faster than sitting around waiting for stuff to happen to youCheck out the replays. You can go to NoteCAMP.netNoteCAMP.live. You’ll see a button right there where you can click on the link to purchase the replays, then you’ll have all the links and everything else that people provided during their sessionGo out and make something happenWe’ll see you all the top.  


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