EP 550 – The Top Ten Episodes Of 2019

NCS 550 | 2019 Top Ten Episodes

NCS 550 | 2019 Top Ten Episodes


Every year is a new experience. This much can be said about the Note Closers Show journey across the years. While it helps to look forward to what is to come, it is never a bad idea to continue on with the things we learned from the past. In this special episode, Scott Carson breaks down the top ten most listened to episodes of 2019 and how that compares to 2018. He reflects back on the things we have accomplished and the wisdom we earned from them. Dive in to this nostalgic and eye-opening episode.

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The Top Ten Episodes Of 2019

I want to spend a little time reflecting back on what we accomplished here in 2019. It has been an amazing year. I want to give a big shout out to some of our biggest fans out there and everybody who’s done amazing jobs for us. First and foremost, I want to thank our audience out there. We doubled our download numbers across different platforms in 2019. A big thank you to all of you out there, whether it’s on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or iHeartRadio. We added a big thing in March, the seventeen different AM/FM radio stations that are available out there. A big shout out to Stuart Vener and his team at AM/FM 247. Jason Dowd and Stuart are doing an amazing job in helping get our episodes out to everybody at the different channels, whether it’s Long Beach, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then down to Macon, Georgia and then those in the Tampa market, villages, New Port Richey. I’m honored to have you guys. Let’s not forget those in Quantico as well. A big shout out to all of our audiences and we are honored. I would love to hear from you. I would love for you to send me a text message to my cellphone (512) 585-3810. Thank you to our YouTube subscribers and our family.

I have to give a big shout out to Stephanie Goodman, our VP of Operations who keeps me in line so I can get everything done. A big shout out to our sponsors, Laughlin Associates. A big thanks to Aaron Young and Meghan Cole over there. I’m honored to have you. Merrill Chandler and Jessica, everybody over at the Funding Hackers or the Get Fundable, formerly CreditSense, big kudos to you guys. Thank you for being a sponsor. Big shout out to those at Quest IRA or Quest Trust Company for being a sponsor. Big shout out to Podetize. We could not do what we do without Podetize.com. Big kudos to Tom and Tracy and Alexandra Hazzard. Our whole team does an amazing job out there if you’ve got a podcast and looking at things to rock and rolling.

I want to say thank you to all the readers. Thank you to all who support us. Thank you to our staff and a thank you to everybody out there. If I’ve left you off, I did not mean to but thank you to all our listeners out there listening on a loyal basis. I always give a big shout out to Laura Blunk who’s always the first one to like our videos when we share them on Facebook and our Facebook family. Kudos to you, Laura. Thank you for following and sharing and Jeff Wolfe, just to name a few. Thanks to you as well out there. You do a great job and are always one of the first ones to like what we’re sharing. We’ve got a huge family of note investors across the country. Thank you as always to our coaching students, our members, and our WCN Crew members. Thank you for being a part of our family.

Episode 432: Power Of The Note Mastermind

I wanted this episode besides thanking everybody for an amazing 2019 and it’s hard to believe this is episode 550. We’ve interviewed a lot of great people over the last couple of years. When I start looking at who does what and what downloads did well, it was no surprise some of the things that popped up. That’s what I wanted to go through with you. The top ten downloaded episodes of The Note Closers Show. Without further ado, here are the top ten episodes in 2019. We’ll start with number ten. Number ten is episode 432 and it’s The Power Of The Note Mastermind episode, which is exciting to see that in the top ten episodes.

People are learning more about the note mastermind, learning about what we offer, what goes into a good mastermind, and what we have covered. We’ve done the mastermind 25 times over the years. That was exciting to see that as a top ten episode with over 1,500 downloads, which is exciting out there as well. If you’re interested in learning more about a mastermind, I’d love to visit with you. We’ve got some cool stuff that we’re doing now. It’s a little bit different than what we did in 2019. Make sure to check it out and see how. If it’s a fit for you, we’d love to have you.

Episode 397: New Year, New Plan

Number nine is episode 397 and this was New Year = New Plan. This talked about, “Let’s go into what’s our plan for the year? What are we doing differently?” It’s similar maybe to a couple of episodes we’ve done beforehand. What is your focus? What has worked and what hasn’t worked? That was a popular episode as well. That’s over 1,500 downloads on our podcast platform. We did a great job in that episode. We outlined, “Here’s where you need to go. Here’s what you’re focused on.” We look at what’s worked, what doesn’t work and move on from there. I highly suggest you go back to that one because it’d be similar to what you’re going to be doing in the new year, a new decade too. It’s hard to believe that.

Episode 404: Are You F*able? With Merrill Chandler

Number eight out there is not a surprise. It’s one of our most lively vendors and sponsors who do an amazing job. This is Are You F*able? with Merrill Chandler. It’s amazing to see how he’s used that term and slogan with his podcast, Are You F*able? along with his new book, The New F*Word. Big kudos to Merrill Chandler. That’s under 1,600 downloads with Merrill and that’s episode 404. He’s done a great job, amazing guy. It’s amazing to see how well their business has taken off and how they’ve revolutionized his business. A new year, a new plan for Merrill and the team over there at formerly Credit Sense, doing many conferences and a lot more online events has worked out well for him and bravo to him.

Episode 395: New Year, New Tribe With Aaron Young

NCS 550 | 2019 Top Ten Episodes

The New F*Word

Number seven is another one of our longer-term sponsors. It’s Aaron Young with Laughlin Associates and he also has a similar episode. Episode 395 was New Year, New Tribe with Aaron Young. In that episode, we talked about how you are going to go out and find new people and surround yourself with new people to network with, new people for potential new clients. We are the average of the five people that we surround ourselves with. If you’re not happy with where you’re at, it’s probably because you’re not surrounding yourself with people that are above you, that can help you grow and stretch. That was a great episode.

Episode 394: The Brand Doctor With Henry Kaminski Jr.

Number a six, we’re talking about the difference of a couple of downloads between Aaron Young and episode 394, which we had our buddy, Henry Kaminski, Jr., The Brand Doctor. Come on and share some nuggets. It’s back-to-back episodes. It’s funny how a lot of this stuff falls in the same category. I noticed this now. It’s a stretch and they all did well. These are all end of the year stuff before 2018. Anyway, episode 394, The Brand Doctor with Henry Kaminski, Jr. He’s done an amazing job out of New Jersey. He works with big brands and he shared some nuggets on his episode on how to brand yourself out and act professionally if you’re going to do a high-ticket dollar type of coaching. You want to look that part. You want your brand to speak volumes for you. In a lot of places, that’s a big thing that people fall on. Kudos to Henry Kaminski, Jr. He did an amazing job of that episode and he’s killing it with his company out there.

Episode 393: Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do With Thom Singer

The previous episode is our buddy Thom Singer from the podcast, Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do. Thom did a great job being in episode 393. He’s over 1,700 downloads on this particular episode. If you don’t know Thom Singer, he’s a good friend. I had lunch with him and we were talking about podcasting and where he’s focused. Thom’s a professional speaker. He does a lot of emceeing of events. He’s a master of ceremonies. He also speaks professionally for different trade shows. He’s got his podcast, Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do. He’s also the host of a couple of conferences that started the podcast. I brought him on to be the host of the show. He’s got a big heart for helping other people. He’s also, I won’t say struggling comedian, but he’s got a passion for that community. He has been on a lot of stand-up open mic nights and he’s looking to do that as a side thing as well. He’s doing well. It’s interesting seeing him evolve and his comedy evolves as he hones his skill and craft. I have to give him big applause because I don’t think everybody wants to do that at 50. You go out and start to rebrand some of the things that they’re doing for fun. He has done a great job and we’re proud of what Thom is doing. He came in at number five of the most downloaded episode in 2019. A big kudos to him.

Episode 392: Self-Directed IRA Guidelines With Ingrid Chavez

Number four is the episode right before Thom’s, episode 392. This is our favorite. Don’t get me wrong, we love self-directed IRA investors. We love self-directed IRA companies, but this one stands out from the rest for the amount of education. We’re talking about Quest Trust Company out of Houston, Texas. This episode included Ingrid Chavez, who’s doing an amazing job. The End of Year Self-Directed IRA Guidelines is the title of episode 392. She came on and shared great nuggets about things you need to be looking to do with your self-directed IRA. You need to start looking at full market values and you start maxing out your contributions between now and April 15th. You need to be setting up some new accounts and each one’s set up a little bit differently. She’s done a great job coming on talking about that. This one did well. It’s under 1,800 downloads for our number four episode with Ingrid Chavez of Quest Trust Company. She’s in charge of the Austin location here.

Episode 399: Marketing Boom With Stefanie LaHart

That brings us to our top three episodes of 2019. The number three downloaded episode is episode 399. It’s our friend Stefanie LaHart from BoomTown Marketing. Her episode is titled Marketing Boom with Stefanie LaHart. She did an amazing job coming on and sharing some great Instagram secrets. How to use Instagram to market your business. We talked about using Instagram effectively in real estate particularly. Her episode did an amazing job. It’s under 1,900 downloads. She killed it. I spoke to her. She’s out there kicking butt and taking names in LA. She was like, “I’m top three?” She was surprised and she said, “I’m honored to be on that list,” which is awesome. Kudos to her. That was a great episode, honestly looking at the market. You would want to spend some time going back to that episode.

Episode 391: Reinvention Radio With Steve Olsher

That takes us to the number two downloaded episode. Number two is from a guy who I’ve gotten to know well. He’s become a friend when he’s doing a lot of stuff for other podcasters who’s taken his couple of podcasts and leverage them into a live event called New Media Summit that I’ve been honored to speak at three times and being an Icon of Influence. I met a lot of great podcasters there. It’s how I met Thom Singer. It was the first one here in Austin. He asked me to be an Icon of Influence. I was like, “What is an icon?” He shared what that was, somebody who’s doing a great job with their podcast. I’m honored that Steve Olsher was number two episode, episode 391. Reinvention Radio is one of his podcasts where he talks about reinventing themselves.

Episode 396: 2018 Year-End Review

He does a great job. I highly encourage you to check it out. He came in as the number two episode in 2019 downloads, over 1,900 downloads. His next New Media Summit events are in the second week of March 9th, 10th and 11th in San Diego. If you’re looking to book or looking to do some other things and expand your network with podcasters, that would be a great event, especially if you’re out in the West Coast in Southern California. It’s easy to get to. Steve does a great job. He’s also launching the podcast magazine. He’s doing a good job with that. Kudos to him and his staff. Kelly Poelker does an amazing job as well to keep Steve in line. That takes us to the number one most downloaded episode of 2019. It’s surprising.

NCS 550 | 2019 Top Ten Episodes

2019 Top Ten Episodes: If you’re not happy with where you’re at, it’s probably because you’re not surrounding yourself with people that are above you and can help you grow and stretch.


It’s in that same batch. We had 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 397, 399. This is episode 396 and this is the 2018 Year In Review episode where we talked about the top ten episodes of 2018. It’s an easy way for you to see what the biggest and best episodes that people like or listen to are. We went through those top ten episodes and talked about what did we accomplish? What did we see in 2018? What are we looking forward to in 2019 at the time? It’s interesting to see when you look at numbers. I’m a numbers guy. I love looking at numbers and see how things ranked year over the year, especially when it comes down to the average number of downloads, what’s trending and what episodes are doing well.

When you compare 2018 to 2019, our top ten episodes in 2019 did well. If we look back at what they did in 2018, the top ten, our average download number for 2018, if we run some numbers were lower compared to 2019 by almost 50%. We did have the number one downloaded episode that did well. It was The KISS Method, Keep It Simple Stupid, episode 211 at 3,041. That was the number one downloaded episode. If we go back to when we first launched, I always like to look at and see what episodes since we started this thing. We go back to August 20th, 2007 when we first launched the show to where we’re at now and looking at the number one most downloaded episode. We look back over that and that’s always a big thing to look at. The ones we talked about all did well. We go back to The KISS Method is going to come out still as the number one downloaded episode for the most part.

We did a total of under 166,000 downloads in 2018. We doubled that number in 2019, but that’s the thing you look at. We’re always trying to grow. We attract more listeners. We attract somewhere between 75 and 90 subscribers to our YouTube channel on a monthly basis. We see somewhere between 4,000 and 6,000 views there, tons of hours of downloaded content and watched content. We’ve grown our radio stations since March from an average of roughly 70,000 listeners to the radio stations website on an hourly basis to now over 76,000 on average. We’re growing that little by little in the last few months. It’s increased by 6,000 listeners-plus for the most part.

That’s the thing. Look at your numbers. Look at what you’ve done. Look at what you have accomplished. Are you living a life that you’re not happy with? Are you not having success in either deals or marketing? Your marketing numbers will tell you exactly where you’re at, what’s working, and what’s not working. Looking back at these episodes, we’ve got a variety of episodes that have done tremendous download. Some of them are at a peak like the KISS Method. I was a little surprised about some of the top ten episodes had all been in that 391 to 398, 400 range. It’s not a surprise. They’ve had a full year to download. I don’t expect newer episodes to exceed that.

The beautiful thing is with us having right at this being technically the 400th episode that we’ve truly done a show on and seeing we’re averaging over 1,000 downloads per episode, roughly about 1,200 downloads on average across the board on downloads. That gives me sight and for the thousands of you that listen to us regularly, the way I look at that, thank you. Thanks for being part of our family. Thanks for sharing. If there’s ever a topic you’d like to see us cover or a case study or something that you’d like to see us talk, I would love to hear from you. If there’s a speaker, educator or vendor or something you’d like for us to talk with, I would be glad to reach out to them and have them on the show. It’s important to me because it’s important to you.

We’re looking forward to what the New Year 2020 holds for us. If we look back at this, running from the beginning to where we’re at now, The KISS Method is still number one. Launching Your Business, episode 195, is under 2,800 downloads. Number two, Business Models For Your Note Business, episode 151. The second episode we did. Note Case Study has done well as well. Welcome To The Note Closers Show, our kickoff one. It doesn’t surprise me. Our Due Diligence For Dummies episode Part One. Creating Your Entity Fortress with Aaron Young has done well. It’s still the top ten. Solutions To Common Problems In Note Investing, that’s another episode 284. Episode 289, What You Should Know About Nonperforming Firsts and Seconds. This has also done well. Also, episode 271, Re-performing Notes: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly is under 2,000 downloads.

When you look back at that, what people like and what people listen to, we plan on focusing on a lot of that stuff in 2020. We’re still going to mix it up with interviews. One of the things that we’re going to start off with coming first of the year, we plan on focusing on a lot of content. It’s starting over. If I had to start over in the note business, what would I need to look at? What do I need to focus on? Where do I need to find my deals? What do I need to say? What don’t I need to say? We’re also working to have some asset managers come on from different banks and funds out there to talk with you a little bit on the show to share about some of the things. We’re also going to throw out here and I would like to do this segment at least once a month with some live callers.

It’s live Q&A on the show and do some coaching out there as well. If you’d like to be on or if you’re reading and in a market and want to talk about that market, we’d love to have you on and talk about it. That’s one of the things I know. What we are going to do is we are going to focus on our bigger markets, especially when we travel a little bit. We’ll be doing some live remotes, live recordings and focus on getting back out in the community a little bit more and connecting with our Note Nation audience out there. I wanted to share with you our top ten episodes of 2019. I want to thank each and every one of you. Keep subscribing and keep sharing. We’ll keep going, keep delivering and make sure that we see you at the top.

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