EP 582 – QuickBooks: Getting Your Bookkeeping And Accounting In Order With Emma Dawn

NCS 582 | QuickBooks

NCS 582 | QuickBooks


Bookkeeping and accounting your business and even personal expenses can be challenging tasks, especially when you are not adept with the process. With the help of bookkeepers and accountants, you can ease your burden, file your taxes ahead of time, and move on with your business. Here to talk with Scott Carson about getting financial matters in order is bookkeeper and podcaster, Emma Dawn. Emma is a licensed financial professional and is the woman behind EDJ Consulting. Listen to her as she puts QuickBooks in the spotlight as one of the best ways to put your books in order. She also talks about how to hire a virtual bookkeeper to help you in your small business or note and real estate business.

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QuickBooks: Getting Your Bookkeeping And Accounting In Order With Emma Dawn

We live in a different world than we did, depending on what part of the country you’re in. There has been some moving and shaking going on economically also groundbreaking with some of our friends on the West Coast dealing with issues from the ground shaking. We are not talking about news, we’re talking about literally ground-shaking earthquake news. We are honored to have a special guest who is working with a lot of entrepreneurs and helping them avoid those ground-shaking events. Things that a lot of people like to take for granted, they like to put off to the last minute.

With some of the changes going on in the economy and what the government’s rolling out, this might be an opportunity to be like, “I don’t have to worry about this immediately.” Be able to get your mind, get your business wrapped up a little bit better, and get rock and rolling. Our special guest is also a fellow podcaster. She’s the host of the Mommy Wines Podcast. We’re not going to talk about mommy’s drinking wine though. We’re going to talk about what she does with her full-time stuff and helping entrepreneurs like you guys out there, small business owners all across the country. She is the Creator of the Home Bookkeeper Masterclass and CEO of EDJ Consulting, which is a financial services firm. We are honored and she is joining us from Salt Lake City Bay, Emma Dawn. How’s it going, Emma?

I’m happy to be on your show.

We’re excited to have you. It’s been a while since we brought somebody who was in the bookkeeping and accounting aspect for our audience across the country and Note Nation out there. We were talking about it. You’re working with some small mortgage companies and other entrepreneurs doing what? Getting their books ready to rock and roll from the ground up and making sure that they are looking good by the time it comes around to file for Uncle Sam.

The way this all started after I went to school for finance, I got a couple of professional licenses, my life, and health, and my NMLS to be a mortgage loan originator. I worked in the financial industry, banks, lending, and then bookkeeping fell into my lap. The financial side of business development happened naturally and organically for me. I started using that in developing insurance agencies across the nation, handling their books, and doing it there. In the past few years, I’ve taken my home bookkeeper side now that QuickBooks has paved the way for remote working. Now, I get to work with cool entrepreneurs and small businesses.

You can be a lot more creative for it and it’s also nice. We were talking of working with a variety of different people that have different passions. You were talking about there’s an investor there locally who does a lot of fix and flips that you work with. Salt Lake City is a very competitive market. We’ve got some friends on the neck of the woods up there. It’s shaking.

There are groundbreaking things happening in the SLC.

Let’s talk a little bit about that because with taxes being pushed back, people can take a little bit of a cyber-relief. They’ve also pushed back the deadline to file or to contribute to self-directed IRAs for that same timeframe. Do you see a lot of entrepreneurs that wait the last minute to get their books done and they’re glad to file an extension until October?

Every single one, and I feel like I love working with small business owners because they still have that passion for their business whether they’re a contractor or an auto body shop, a bakery, or whatever it may be. When they’re still in the small startup, small business, they’re not quite a chain, a Home Depot, or Target yet. They still have this passion for what they do. That’s what I love seeing when I work with small business owners. The downside to that is they are so focused on building the most beautiful kitchen, flipping the next house, or they’re overwhelmed with baked goods for different parties and events especially here because Salt Lake has a sweet tooth that they pushed the financial things aside.

They’re more concerned about the next car renovation or restoration than they are, “I can update QuickBooks later,” “I can fill in the Excel spreadsheet later,” or “Those receipts aren’t going anywhere, I’ll shove them in a shoebox.” That’s definitely where having a bookkeeper comes into play especially for the people who aren’t financially-minded. There are many people out there who can swap an engine and a Chevy like it’s nothing but God forbid if they put something into an Excel spreadsheet.

It sounds we’re hitting a hot button with you with some of your existing clients there, Emma.

NCS 582 | QuickBooks

QuickBooks: Bookkeepers are essential for people who are not financially minded.


It’s good for me because I am financially-minded and it’s fun to interact with all these different people who have different passions. When it comes to the deadlines, if they wanted to start a business or if they had an interest in the financial aspect, they’d be in the financial industry. Oftentimes small business owners don’t and a lot of people are wiping the sweat off their brow because everything has been pushed back and they’re like, “I have a little bit of time.” That’s definitely where I come in. Right now is the time where I’m shooting out mass text messages, hounding everybody for their last-minute receipts, any kind of loans that they’ve taken out in the past few months, I need all that info and, they’re like, “It’s the bookkeeper.”

Let’s talk to those out there that have been trying to do this themselves because that’s one of the biggest things. These online tools make it easier but it’s also, like you said, something is not the allocation of time to get things done. We’re good at swapping out engines, fixing and flipping a house or buying a note working out, I expect that in our marketing. It’s not always the best day of tracking our expenses. Why don’t we start with the beginning? If you were to sit down with somebody who’s brand new, what are the things that they can do immediately to make their lives and your life a lot easier?

When they start getting to the point and taking their business seriously, this is something that they’re strongly going to pursue and they’re dedicated to it. I advise them to sit down with a business attorney or some business advisor of some sort because there’s a lot of different things that they can write off or different classifications that count towards different types of businesses. Finding out the type of business and classifications that they’re going to be meeting. How they need to be tracking their transactions and what’s a business-related expense and what’s not is going to be the very first thing that they’re going to need to do. If they are going to pursue the bookkeeping side especially if they’re a startup and they don’t have the resources to outsource their bookkeeping yet, they’re going to need to know the legal side of what business they are running for QuickBooks to match them with the best program.

That makes sense. Sitting down and talking with an advisory, figuring out exactly what can be written off or what kind of things. I’m thinking of the newest commercials that I’m seeing where the guy is an accountant for a celebrity and he’s getting a text, “Look what I bought, a tiger. Can I write that off?”

I have gotten texts, “I’m at the Apple store. Can I buy an Apple Watch?” I’m like, “Sure you can but it’s not a business expense.” They’re like, “I want to trade in my pickup truck for a motorcycle. Can I do that?” I’m like, “You can. You might want to talk to your wife but it’s not a business expense.” Finding out the classification of your business is the very first thing because all bookkeeping is very simple. It’s the management of the financial affairs of a business. To make tax time easier, you need to manage your books. To do the taxes at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, you’re going to need to know what business you’re going to be filing for. All bookkeeping is it’s the lead up to that fun time that everyone loves which is tax time.

The difficult thing is setting up the chart of accounts, figuring what falls into which buckets whether it’s a travel expense. Here’s a big thing, and I know a lot of people screw up with keeping personal expenses separate from business expenses, so you’re not piercing the corporate veil protection of having an LLC or an escort as our friend, Aaron Young from Laughlin Associates, is common for saying, “The corporation is not me, I am not the corporation.” You’ve got to keep your expenses separate in trying to book. If you use something to make sure you’re paying back yourself from your corporate or vice versa if you’re using the money from different sides.

Yes, and even if it’s as easy as opening a second banking account or checking account. If you don’t have quite the business that can handle all of the banking business or the business banking fees, open a free checking account because those are a thing nowadays which is great. Keeping business and personal expenses as separate as possible. I know sometimes there are some gray areas, cell phone bills or things like that, that can be touchy depending on the type of business but doing everything possible. Get two credit cards, a business and a personal. Even if it’s not a business card, get two personal cards, use one only for business. Anything you can do to keep the transactions separate is going to make everything in life so much easier. If they’re going to be doing it themselves or if they’re going to be hiring somebody. It’ll stop some roadblocks.

If somebody’s setting this stuff up, I know it depends on the business but if they’re set up from the get-go, what are you seeing or what are you spending about an average time per month with your clients who want everything is set up and following your path to get things done? Is it ten hours a month, a couple of hours here or there because you’re able to download everything and get some clarification? Are we talking 40 hours a week for a while?

Not for any small to medium-sized business. If I’m doing the bookkeeping, depending on the style of business and the ease of QuickBooks these days, it might take me ten hours a month to do the construction, the house flipper. It takes about ten hours a month because there are probably 500 transactions at Home Depot. I have to manually upload those receipts. Even if a small business owner is looking to outsource their bookkeeping, there are a lot of things that they can do that’s going to cut down that bookkeeping time. QuickBooks has an app where they can take a picture of their receipt. It scans the receipt for information and then seeing set up with the data that’s in the transactions so that would save a ton of time.

I am paid by the hour so the more hours I spend on the books, the more the business has to show out for services. Snapping those pictures of receipts or at least organizing them, my construction clients, and my landscaping clients, those are the ones who hand me shoe boxes. It’s been like that since forever so it’s going to go ahead and continue. The clients that take the time to either take the picture or categorize things, they keep their finances separate. They either have a business credit card, business debit card, or business banking account that’s going to cut down so much time. It’s going to save money in the long run.

It’s as easy as snapping a photo. This thing is such an amazing thing than scanning. Taking a picture at least. One of the things I’m doing with the phone with this is if I’m drinking wine, I’ll scan the label and it will tell me everything that’s going on with that wine called Vivino.

NCS 582 | QuickBooks

QuickBooks: Keeping business and personal expenses as separate as possible makes your accounting duties easier.


I still need to download that app. It sounds like something I needed in my life.

It becomes a habit. If you’re going out to dinner or simply taking five seconds to scan it and then upload for the most part can save a lot of things. A lot of people are using their vehicles, driving around for events, training, or looking at property or things like that, what are some of the suggestions you would give to people who are wanting to track their mileage? That’s always a big discount for a lot of self-employed people and people that are traveling in areas. I know we’ve done that in the past with our real estate stuff. What are some of the ways that you’d have people track their mileage for them?

There are tons of apps out there that they can download for free. They can even use if they want to go old school, the Trip. Most cars have two Trip modes, so they can clear it whenever they go on a business trip or whatever. Put it to zero and take a notebook, categorize the miles and write them down. If they do use QuickBooks, which I highly recommend. I’m a big advocate for QuickBooks because it’s made my life so much easier. The app that QuickBooks has, it has a mode on there where if you’re going to be driving around for business, open the app, click the mileage button and it automatically tracks it for you and it uses the GPS on your phone. It’s more accurate than the odometer on your car.

I did not know that. That is cool especially for the realtors and fix and flippers, “I’m going marketing, click, let’s track it,” and then click to stop when we stopped for the most.

Even if you go on to watch the QuickBooks video about the app, that’s the example they use. When they’re driving around looking at houses or taking clients around. Anybody who drives a lot, landscapers, construction realtors, or anything like that. Somebody who’s driving quite a bit for their business, download the QuickBooks app. Take an image of the receipt, they automatically match and then the mileage is on there as well.

You have developed this Home Bookkeeper Masterclass because a lot of people like the idea of working with somebody, but they’re also like, “I don’t want anybody to see what’s going on in my business or what I haven’t done the last year or two.” Do you get that a lot?

There are clients who have taken a little bit longer to warm up because everything is so available now. People are saving their credit card information and their bank account information on their phones and they can access it with a facial scan or a thumbprint. Everything is saved. It’s saved on computers. It’s available. It’s out there. People are more concerned about that than they are writing a check, despite the fact that when you write a check, you’re handing over all of your bank’s information. One of the things that I would say for bookkeepers or even businesses out there who are considering getting a bookkeeper is that QuickBooks is not designed for the accountant or the bookkeeper. QuickBooks is designed for the business owner. It has been ever since it was the original software. Even if you sync your bank account or your credit card information to QuickBooks, there’s no way for me to go in there and make any transactions on your account.

I don’t see anything but less information than what would be on a bank statement. It makes it so much easier especially nowadays. With the app, you can take the pictures as I mentioned and it automatically syncs. All the transactions come over and they have the same information as a bank statement. It’s not going to have any of your account information. It’s not going to have any account numbers, the date that it’s opened, there are no transactions that can be made and everything is secure. What’s nice about QuickBooks, now that it’s online is everything is in the cloud. I don’t know what it is, but it’s out there.

The best thing about cloud-based software or programs instead of traditional software is that the firewalls, spam, and security are constantly being updated for free. As times change and things advance, it’s going to get more and more secure where the original software that you would have to download on your computer, you can go out and buy a disc. Some people feel comfortable with that because all of the information is at home on my computer but every time that there’s any upgrade that has to be purchased. It makes it more affordable and way more secure having a cloud-based system than traditional software.

Especially for those of us that are traveling a lot of times, we can access it from anywhere instead of just a home laptop. I’m not going to be logging around a desktop. Everywhere we go these days. It’s all laptops and smartphones for the most part.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, or computers. It’s nice too because if you’re at a hotel, you can go in, use your secured login, log-in on a hotel computer, use an incognito window and then you can wipe the information or log out. The assessability is incredible and it’s great for people who are realtors or they’re going out and they’re giving estimates to clients because they don’t have to carry around notebooks of Stephanie Moore. They can have an iPad or anything like that. Contractors, landscapers, auto body guys, anything that’s a service-based business like that, it makes it so easy because you can work up everything on any connected device and you have it all right there.

NCS 582 | QuickBooks

QuickBooks: QuickBooks is not designed for the accountant or the bookkeeper but for the business owner.


There’s no reason like, “I’ve got to.” It’s all at your fingertips all within seconds or not minutes away from it. You are working with a lot of people to help them work from home as a bookkeeper. If people are looking for somebody, let’s talk a little about that. A lot of people want to start with somebody to get things rock and rolling or they’ve got some that they can hire in remotely. A virtual assistant that may be taking some stuff over whether it’s here locally, nationally, or internationally as somebody out there. Let’s talk about your masterclass and the things that you’re doing. I know that’s a huge passion for you helping people. You hear come through when you’re talking about the add on your podcasts like, “This is a great opportunity to work from home.” Especially right now with everybody being quarantined. They have an extra 60 days or 90 days to get rock and rolling.

Right now is the perfect time to do it because you’re already sitting at home doing nothing. It’s such a blessing for me to have this business that I’ve built through QBO, which is QuickBooks Online. What I’ve done is I’ve taken all of the information and all of the bookkeeping business aspects that I have tested. Some of them failed, so they’re not included. Some of them I liked. I’ve tested all kinds of different marketing tactics. I’ve been doing this since 2013, so I’ve developed everything and put it into this bundle which is the Masterclass. I designed it for multiple reasons. It goes from what a bookkeeper is and does to building and scaling your own bookkeeping business.

It’s jam-packed full of all of the information that I’ve learned since 2013 working from home, being a bookkeeper using QuickBooks, and how to build that trust in that clientele. There are multiple reasons. It’s getting more and easier to work a flexible career these days with the advances in technology. With that comes businesses that want to scale. Your neighborhood mom and pop oil place, tire shop, or bakery with the power of social media and online presence, people can start a business like that. It is so easy to be like, “I’m going to turn this into a business.” Opening online retail stores or anything like that is so easy now. It’s so much easier for people to grow a business.

Because of that, a lot of people are looking to outsource bookkeeping even faster. In the class, it goes over all of the crazy statistics of small businesses in America. There’s 30 million. There’s a ton of room for bookkeepers and a ton of demand. A few of the reasons why I wanted to build the Masterclass and share it with everybody is after having my son, I realized that I can’t take him to school if he’s sick. He’s going to have sporting events, or things happening events at school. Having the ability to live a more flexible lifestyle as a woman and a mother has been such a blessing. I wanted to share that with others. There’s also a couple of other reasons. It’s a great business for students. They can do it at any time. There’s not a lot of deadlines except for around tax time. They can do it anywhere. Also, there’s a lot of seniors out there who not everybody is a stickler about planning for retirement.

A lot of the retirees right now are coming out of a day and age where there used to be pensions and retirement plans. They thought that if they go to work every day for 30 years, that they’re going to be fine. That used to be the way things are but things have changed. This is a great opportunity for even retirees. There’s no labor-intensive work. They can do it from the comfort of their home. They don’t have to travel anywhere. As long as you have a connected device and you can update a Facebook status or balance a checkbook, you can use QuickBooks. There are many training tools that QuickBooks offers for free on how to use their program that it’s a no brainer. It’s still a job. Things still need to get done even if you’re working from home in leggings and a Hello Kitty sweatshirt. You’re not any less professional than if you were sitting in an office. A lot of the things that people can struggle with is that when you’re a home bookkeeper, you’re your boss. You’re your own motivator. It’s not going to get done unless you do it. You have to switch the mindset from going from an employee to an entrepreneur.

We have so many people out there across the country who have been laid off. They’re in the tourism industry or they’re working around the hospitality industry, waiters, and people that work at the different parks. You hit the nail on the head too. A lot of the elderly people that have been transitioned out of the workforce are still struggling to find a job that they can fit in and call their shots, for the most part, to survive versus on social security or disability, stuff like that. I love that you brought that up because we’ve got a lot of audience out there and people in Note Nation, we’d like to call them.

We’re always looking for side hustles and the note business and the real estate business is a great thing especially now with things being interrupted, we’re delaying mortgage payments for 60 to 90 days. We’re delaying rent checks coming in for that same period of time. There’s got to be a way to offset that. This is an ideal thing. When I saw this, we got to talk this like, “I’ve got to have you on and talk about this.” How long is the Masterclass? You’ve got a lot of information. In seven-plus years of you doing this, Emma, is it delivered online to be a video? Is it a manual? Is it ongoing coaching and phone calls? How’s it worked for everybody?

It depends. It’s completely self-paced. It’s accessible through Teachable.com. There are different slides, different videos, audios, things in the class. I’ve designed the Masterclass to go hand-in-hand with QuickBooks Online. Anybody interested in taking the Home Bookkeeper Masterclass, they’re going to be taking the class and the free QuickBooks Online Certification at the same time. Honestly, I would say depending on if you spent about 1 hour to 1.5 hours a day, it might take you about two weeks to get through it. In the end, there is a ProAdvisor Certification exam that you can take for free through QuickBooks. It gives you a free accreditation. It’s like my Life And Health license, it’s free which is great. With the QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor Certification, QuickBooks markets for you. You can bring in about 4 to 6 clients a month using QuickBooks marketing.

At the end of the class, I know not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, not everybody wants to open up their firm. There are two options. You can either go off and open your own home bookkeeping business, get your clients, and do everything yourself. Get with a business attorney, set everything up to go ahead and start doing this, or they can come and be a bookkeeper at my firm, EDJ Consulting. It gives them the opportunity to still have the flexibility, still work from home, still do the bookkeeping, they won’t have to deal with all of the business liabilities that come with being a business owner. It’s been great. People have been liking it. I’ve been making some tweaks and plan on relaunching it here shortly, but preorders are available. They can get more information on that at EmmmaDawn.com.

What’s the investment for people to get signed up for it?

I made it affordable. It’s $197.

NCS 582 | QuickBooks

QuickBooks: Multiple streams of income are necessary because things can flip upside down.


You say they spend an hour a day, about two weeks of 14 to 20 hours approximately of going through that. They’re walking hand-in-hand with the QuickBooks and then they’re able to pick up the phone or give you a phone call too if they have some questions.

They can reach out to me at any time. I’ll be there to help them throughout the course. I made it affordable because I designed it for mothers, stay-at-home moms, college students, and retirees. That’s a big chunk of the population. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then you have no income coming in unless you have a spouse or a partner. If you’re a college student, if you’re anything like me, you did not have extra money laying around. If you did, you bought the mojitos. Many of the retirees these days are living, not even paycheck-to-paycheck. They are well-below the poverty line. This is some of my Life and Health coming out but men typically die first. When that happens, the woman who had taken time off of her career to raise a family or take care of somebody in their life, whatever it may be.

Women of retirement age are in such a struggle right now financially especially the generation of retirees because they’re coming out of a time where women did stay home. They didn’t make as much back then. This day’s retiree age group, there’s a lot of women who are struggling and when your partner dies, your income that you were already struggling to make ends meet with every month is now going to be deducted because that person is no longer there. I’ve tried my best to pack in the most amount of the best information I’ve learned over the past years into an affordable class that does walk hand-in-hand with the QuickBooks training.

You mentioned something on there too that people are going to ask, they’re like, “I can go through this and go off and try to start my own thing or I can hang my shingle with you.” You’re going out and finding clients and then outsourcing that work to your stable of expert bookkeepers that you’ve trained. Are we talking an hourly rate here? What kind of income people can make from that or how does it pan out for everybody, Emma?

All of the bookkeepers who choose not to open up their own bookkeeping business and I support whatever they choose to do 100%. If there’s somebody who is a retiree, a college student, they’re going to school for something but they want a little bit of income on the side. Somebody who’s not dedicated to jumping in head-first and starting their very own business, they can bring in clients as if it was their own business. They can work with those clients. They can be their bookkeeper, but they won’t have to deal with any of the liabilities on the business side. They still get a good rate of $20 to $25 an hour. I don’t take a ton of stuff away from them. They can still bring in clients they want to work with.

They can work them as if they were their very own clients, which they are. They’re doing it under the business umbrella of EDJ Consulting. Every time they do bring in a new client who does sign annual contracting agreements because a bookkeeper isn’t going to make sense or do a whole lot for you until you’re very first tax season. We do categorize all of the transactions and we do manage all of the things coming in and out financially, but you’re not going to see what a bookkeeper does until you go to file your taxes and you realize that they saved you $100,000. That’s when you’re going to be like, “I like this person.” They can come in, they can make good money on the side and bring in clients that they want to work with. Every time they do have somebody, a new client comes in, sign a consulting agreement, and have them be their bookkeeper then they get a bonus. It’s a win-win for everybody.

I can think of at least six people that I’ve talked to who are like, “I need to do something.”

Everybody’s like, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “I’m still sitting here.”

“I’m still sitting here doing books even though the grounds are shaking and everybody’s staying home trying to avoid being sick.”

In times like these that make the idea of a flexible job or a flexible career, having a business that you have more control over. It skyrockets appeal. Everybody now wants to find something else. A few of the women that I work with who are bookkeepers, they do other things on the side as well. The importance of having multiple streams of income in a day and age like this is so important because things can flip upside down in seconds and we’re watching it happen right now. This is the perfect example. There are some women out there who are doing bookkeeping from home and they’re using it to pay off debt.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll keep doing it later on or they won’t. It’s easy. It’s nice because there’s no upfront investment. You don’t have to have capital or inventory of anything. You’re transferring your time for pay. It is all a service. There’s no upfront investment. You don’t have to carry any inventory. You don’t have to have any storage for anything. There’s no overhead. Most people already have a computer. If you don’t, I travel around with my Chromebook. I leave my laptop at home. If I go on a trip somewhere, I bring my Chromebook. It’s very small. It was very affordable. It was $150. That’s what I work with for that.

NCS 582 | QuickBooks

QuickBooks: You can write off mortgage interest and operation space overhead to save on expenses for your real estate business.


It’s nice having a business especially right now because everything is put on hold. Shipments are being put on hold. There’s a lot of businesses out there who are inventory-based or retail-based and they’re struggling. For me, this is great because there are tons of people who were like, “What can I do now?” Bookkeepers are known for saving businesses money. It’s one of those things where you have to spend money to make money because filing taxes wrong, mis-categorizing transactions or not writing off things that you should be writing off costs small business owners a lot of money. I logged into QuickBooks and I realized that I saved my client who’s almost four months into the year, $106,000 already in tax write-offs.

What specific thing? Can you go a little bit deeper and what is involved in the $106,000?

A lot of it is miles and also interest. That’s one of the things a lot of people don’t think that they can write off. Truck payments, it’s the contractor and home office space. Maybe you have a business where you flip houses as he does or you’re a contractor. Anytime you’re in business for yourself, any small business, no matter what it is, they’re always going to be doing something from home. You don’t get to clock in and out when you’re a business owner. You can write-off utilities, home office space, business and automobile payments, all of the interests that you’ve accrued in that year. Also for the real estate industry people, if they are paying the mortgages on their properties.

There are many things out there that people think, “I went to Home Depot and I’m a contractor, so I’m going to save my receipt and write it off.” Outside of the basic business materials, there are many other little things that the IRS doesn’t promote. They’re not going to put it on a billboard driving down Hollywood Boulevard or anything. There are many little things that you can write-off when you’re a business owner because you’re in business for yourself. You’re the one who does that. Utilities, overhead, office space and all of that stuff have tax-deductible.

What’s 1 or 2 of the things that most people don’t even know about that they can write-off? What are the things that surprise people that are unheard of most of the time?

Home office space and any payment interest. Those are the biggest ones because if I’m with a client who runs an auto body shop, it says, “I have the overhead of my auto body shop.” If they bought the building that the shop is in and they’re not leasing it, that interest is tax-deductible. If they are changing oil and tires during the day and then they come home and they’re sitting at their dining room table putting in all their transactions. All of a sudden, you have a home office space. Those are two things that a lot of people don’t think of because they’re like, “I have a business space, office space, or a shop or whatever.” Those are two things that you can always write-off. Any kind of interest related to your business whether it be credit card interest or business loan interest. If you’re in the real estate industry, mortgage interest and then the overhead of operation space.

Do you work with a couple of different accountants as well to help people find an accountant if they don’t have one to finalize things if they need that aspect of things?

I have two here local that I work with. I have an EA and a CPA. In the Utah area, I’ve also partnered with a business attorney. They can find all of that information, if they’re local, on my website. If they’re not, you can search for different people in different areas through QuickBooks. If you’re looking for an accountant, bookkeeper or whoever, any business service out there, QuickBooks can help you find that.

This has been awesome. What’s the best way for our audience to connect with you, to find out more about the Masterclass, and then say, “Emma, please help me?” What’s the best way for people to get ahold of you?

I work with any kind of small to medium-sized business nationwide. One of the best things about things being virtual these days is that it opened the doors to working with more businesses. All of the information about the services that I offer outside of bookkeeping there’s bookkeeping payroll, business insurance coverages, protection plans, retirement planning, family planning for small business owners, or family financial planning. If you want to have a baby, have a baby but the family financial planning small business owners. All of the partnerships that I’ve created for tax help with the CPA or business help with an attorney, all of that can be found on EmmmaDawn.com, along with their Home Bookkeeper Masterclass preorder information is on the resources page.

You heard it there, EmmmaDawn.com to find out all the services she provides along with that Bookkeeping Masterclass that if many of you need to look at possibly doing. Especially if you’re struggling in some fashion, if you’re worried about income, this might be an opportunity for you guys to take advantage. Not only to help your own business but also to help others around your free time. Plug-and-play things. If you’ve got friends that are struggling, have been laid off, or don’t know what’s going on, this might be a great way for you to capitalize and take a little of that pressure off of Uncle Sam buried down there. Emma, thank you so much for coming on. It’s such great stuff. You can also check out the Mommy Wines Podcast. It’s a hilarious podcast as well too out there. I was honored to be a guest there.

You’re welcome. Thank you so much for having me.

It’s always a pleasure. Check out her website. Go out, take some action and we’ll see you all at the top.

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About Emma Dawn

NCS 582 | QuickBooksEmily, or Emma Dawn as she is known throughout the blogosphere and by those closest to her is an educated and licensed financial professional with over a decade of family focused financial planning and business development experience. EDJ Consulting specializes in small to medium sized business bookkeeping and payroll services.

After having her son, Milo, as a solo parent she has gone onto expand her professional portfolio on a consultant basis. Freelance consulting allowed her to ignite a passion for working with creatives and business owners on expansions and development across the US. Ohio raised, but now a Wild West transplant, Emily also shares her knowledge, skills, and proven, 1 step way for mortgage industry professionals to become their neighborhoods full service home lending adviser.

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