EP 612 – Providing A Nationwide Full Service Title And Virtual Closing Concierge With Michele Chochrek-Ransons

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge


With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing us inside our homes, going virtual has become the way to-go to continue working. Still, many are hesitant to take this route, not being familiar with it all. Taking away your worries and concerns, Scott Carson talks to Michele Chochrek-Ransons from Vantage Point Title, Inc. about their nationwide service of title and closings to investors all across the country. Michele shares with us the work they have been doing, especially when it comes to providing virtual closing concierge services to people. She breaks down some of the misconceived notions about working with a virtual company and gives us a view of the processes and procedures of integrating technology into your business. Follow Scott and Michele in this episode to find the courage to take a leap into the virtual world before you get left behind.

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Providing A Nationwide Full Service Title And Virtual Closing Concierge With Michele Chochrek-Ransons

I’ve got another special guest that I go back a few years with. She is an amazing individual. She has a passion for working with real estate investors, lenders, and all sorts of buyers and sellers out there, not only where she’s located but all across the country. That’s why I wanted to get her on the show as a resource to all of those out there in Note Nation who are looking for some resources. We’ll dive into what she does in a little bit. She’s a mortgage industry veteran for many years that includes senior management, IT, vendor management, and sales at several mortgage lenders. She’s the Vice President of National Sales at Vantage Point Title. She’s one of the few people who got a speeding ticket on the way to show up to speak to my Mastermind members at one point. We’re honored to have our friend Michele Chochrek-Ransons from Vantage Point Title. How’s everything going for you?

It’s the new normal, but we’re chugging along and making changes. Everything’s going great.

It may not be abnormal for you compared to some other title companies Because you are used to working with investors from all across the country, not just locally where you’re located. You’re in Southern California if I remember correctly.

I’m in Southern Orange County. We are nationwide. We used to work nationwide, anywhere, everywhere, brick and mortar, wherever is required. Our corporate headquarters is in Clearwater, Florida.

Let’s talk about some of the misconceived notions that some people have about working with a virtual title company. You probably get a little bit of like, “I need somebody local,” when you don’t.

The beauty of technology is where we succeed. The other part is many of our clients start out in one state, but they may have clients that move. They may have clients that want to buy a house in another state, or they want to buy a pool of loans that is all over the country. In those local area loves, which we get it. We have some clients who still stick with their local area for the local area. We do everything outside of that. It’s not a one size fits all. It’s a customization based on your needs. That’s the beauty of our centralized operation. No matter where you’re at as you grow, you keep the same team and you continue to grow. It’s a standardized process.

Not every title company understands note transactions on a regular basis or working with multiple assets or funders wiring in a variety of different things to get a deal closed.

There are a lot of different things in each state. It’s hard when you go outside your normal territory. You know you’ve got to find someone. You’re out hunting around with friends that you may know saying, “Who do you know?” Believe it or not, we get a lot of broker business from broker blogs and from a lot of my clients who will say, “This is who you should use.” It’s a nice way to do it, but it’s important to know that local companies don’t always have the best technology answers either.

They haven’t upgraded to the 21st century, especially with what’s going on, you need technology these days.

The other part is integration. We do integrate with many LOS systems out there. On the note buying side, that’s not as predominantly a big deal because that’s a different model. The nice thing, if you’re in Texas and you buy a pool that has properties in Oklahoma, Georgia and California, you may not have those resources to be able to take care of those transactions where we can build that for you and standardize the process.

Let’s talk about a little bit of some of those processes or procedures that you’re working with people that are buying assets, whether its notes or REOs out of statehat are some of the services that you provide?

Management title is a nationwide title, escrow and closing company, as well as default. Not only can we help you, but we also have some partnerships with a couple of valuation companies. If you’re looking to get a value on a pool, we can help you with that. It is something that we have a great partner in Clarosity. We assist with them. They do that type of thing. From a title, escrow and closing, we can handle any part of that, not only the buying but also the selling. Some of your investors buy, fix and hold, but some of them are buy, fix and sell. Depending on what their plan is of each pool, we can adjust based on that.

The valuation model, are those BPOs or AVMs?

The partner that we have does everything. That includes nationwide AVMs, nationwide BPOs, nationwide hybrid appraisal and true traditional appraisal. That piece is going to be going away or at least very modified down to a much smaller pool of loans that are going to need that. The nice thing about them is they have a little bit of everything. You can do everything from checking out a pool where you don’t want to spend a lot of money, and then when you buy it and get some other part of the facts.

Are you also working with owner finance buyers and sellers who are maybe looking for a mortgage loan origination to help them up there with the sales?

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge

Virtual Closing Concierge: Save your money while you can because things could change just that fast.


The beauty for me, especially, and our company as a whole, is that we’ve been in the industry long enough. We know a lot of people who do a lot of different things. Whatever you’re trying to find, I have someone who I know in the industry like you, Scott, that can help you to do whatever you need. We have people who are always looking to buy assets. If you bought an asset and now you want to sell it even in a bulk transaction, we know people who want to do that. Owner financing and all that stuff, I have a ton of friends where we’ve pushed, trying to get out there with the broker community. There are those people.

We are a full-service company with whatever you need. Vantage Point’s biggest asset is service. In 2019, we created a team called the White Glove Team. That’s for anyone who has loans and does orders with us from 10 orders to less than 100. Sometimes those people get lost in the big companies and they don’t get the service they deserve. That’s not our model. We created this team instead so that the experience for even the smaller clients that we have will still have a great experience. Every month end, I send an email to my clients going, “I’m just checking on you. How’s it going?” I got ten different emails from ten different clients saying, “The White Glove Team is doing such a great job. I can’t believe it.” You see the numbers.

As we grow as entrepreneurs, a lot of us are figuring things out in our first couple of deals. As a note investor, we always tell people, “Buy 1, 2, 3 notes and you’re going to learn more about your systems in place.” When you go to that second level of buying 20 or 30 assets, as you get more comfortable with the systems in place, it can be a paperwork or email nightmare trying to collect things from twenty different sources, “I got to have this stuff now. Who we had set it now to clear this up or how to close?” Having a closing concierge with the White Glove Team.

We have another group called Title Concierge, which helps on the selling side with realtors. Now, most of realtors have a transaction coordinator that does all that like, “You didn’t send in this,” or “I don’t have the appraisal yet.” Our group does that for the realtor. We give that service away free and the only thing that we ask is that we get the title escrow and closing. If any of your people that have realtor relationships, they can have that piece no longer being paid for by them. We do that for them. We check not just the title stuff, but other things as well.

Where do you think the market’s going to go? You’ve got started when you’re two. The beautiful thing is you’ve been through a couple of up and down transactions. People that have been around for the last couple of years don’t know what we experienced a decade ago. With your Spidey sense and your thumb on the pulse of the market that you see coming from the evaluation side, the mortgage side and the tile side, where do you think it’s going to be in 6 to 12 months?

If I have that, I could be a multimillionaire. I could buy something. I’ll go get something. I have a stepdaughter who is very new to the mortgage industry. She is a senior loan processor at a large organization that many of us know. For her, it’s super busy. She’s slammed. She’s like, “They all think this is the land of milk and honey. It’s going to be like this forever.” I go, “What you need to do is save your money while you can.” Things could change just that fast the other direction, depending on things like elections. Things that are happening in the world impact us. I have won a couple of bets so far with my friends about lowered interest rates because they all said, “No.”

I still think we’re going to get another rate reduction before the end of the year. That’s going to help a lot of people be out there open to buying. For the note buyers that are out there buying houses and fixing them up, that’s going to help people. The reverse side of that is the underwriting piece of it has gotten a little tighter. A lot of those programs that were out there, for all of us who want to call it non-QM. My background is nine years at a little company called Ameriquest. For all of us, don’t hold that against me. We changed the name and then act like it’s a different thing. It is a little different. It’s got more sensible underwriting with it, but a lot of those non-QM products have gone away.

Will they come back? We’ll see. Some of that might rely on CFPB, but I think rates will go down still. That opens up more people to own homes. I have seen that the market, at least in California and many other areas, the values have either stagnated or dropped a little bit. We can’t go back to where every property in California is worth $1 million. How many people can afford that? That will continue to happen. There’s a lot of variables that add into what’s going to happen. I think rates will go down. Anyone who hasn’t refinanced, if you have an opportunity to buy something, if you can get some of these programs that have less than 20% down, that opens up a new revenue stream for the young people out there to buy homes. Hopefully, that will happen. We’re going to see a drop-off at some point, there’s no doubt. At some point, we will not. The real hard part of that is anyone who’s refinancing at 2% rate, the odds of turning them again in six months is slim. It’s going to rely on new home buyers coming into the market.

We had a mortgage banker on our webinar on Note Night America, our friend Richard Mason out of Irvine, California. He’s talking about it’s a great time to be buying because you’re still seeing a lot of deals and anything can happen. All that stuff falls through those mortgage originators who have some non-QM on their books that they can’t move. There can be opportunities with the forbearance and as more people default out there because we’re going to see an increase in default rates.

To be honest with you, I’m surprised that the forbearance and all of that is as low as it is. There are a lot of people that haven’t gone through the process yet or in the middle of it. Those numbers are going to go dramatically up. In California, for instance, you can’t take three quarters or half of the people here work in some type of food capacity, whether it’s people who deliver food, people who provide the food to all these huge hotels that are not opening until 2021. I have a friend who works in food service pastry and all that type of stuff. His big clients are the Ritz-Carlton, the Irvine Hotel, and all these places that are not opening until 2021. That’s going to impact that whole servicing portfolio for many lenders.

It’s all across the country in the service industry. When you look at hotels, Hilton announced that they’re at 30% occupancy worldwide. That leads to a lot of layoffs, not only the food but also housekeeping and maintenance. It’s a domino effect.

American Airlines announced they’re not going to serve alcohol anymore, except in first class. That’s going to be a big hit to all the alcoholics. I’m like, “How hard is it to hand out a bottle?” That’s a little scary there for all of us who enjoy a cocktail coming back.

Many different things have happened. It’s a macroeconomic issue on a microeconomic scale in so many places. I look at Orlando in Florida or as I call it, God’s waiting room. People working at Universal, Disney, or on the cruise ships, that’s going to be the new ground zero for a lot of defaults and foreclosures. Whereas it was in Flint and Top Flite Mortgage back up in Michigan years ago for a variety of issues out there. The thing I want everybody that’s reading is if you’re looking at a variety of different assets across the country, and you’re looking for somebody to be a central focal point for you or maybe the hub for you to help get some things done. Michele brings up a slide. I wanted to share this because you were great enough to send it over. It outlines some of the great things that you are doing. I call it your four-tiered approach to things. Do you want to walk through this a little bit, Michelle, for everybody out there?

This is the title concierge part. This is on the purchase side. This is the piece that we were talking about, where you can hand us your purchase transactions and we do a lot of the things that you’re maybe paying for as a realtor that gets done. We do contract review with that, the communication between the buyers and sellers, the agents, the lenders, inspectors and appraisers. There’s a lot of stuff that we help in that purchase transaction when any of your note buyers might be looking to sell.

The other part is the thing that we started doing with all of the COVID and all of that is the RON Closing. RON is Remote Online Notarization. We have about a little more than half of the country that allows for RON. It has been around for a couple of years. We’d been talking about it as a company to our clients, but everyone was afraid to put their foot in the pool. They wanted someone else to jump in first. No one was doing it. The other part is the investor side. Who’s going to buy these loans if you do them this way? With COVID and all of that, the people that were on the fence, many States like Arizona have gone to allowing remote notarization. I’ll use California as an example. We’re what’s considered a hybrid state.

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge

Virtual Closing Concierge: Sometimes, you don’t always get to pick the timeline. We all have things we thought are going to happen, and then they don’t.


Some documents used can be signed electronically. The other ones still sign a wet signature. If you’re in states where RON is not acceptable, we do what we call REN, which is a modified RON notarization. What that can include, because it depends on your borrowers and how they want it done, we can drop the package at their doorstep. Then the notary goes back to their car in the driveway of a store. They log into Zoom, do a quick scan of the room and make sure no one has a gun to your head making you to sign anything. They signed all the documents as if the notary was right there, which is at the driveway. Some people are having the notary meet them in the garage, whatever the case may be.

If I had my operations manager on, he gets excited talking about RON because not only does it almost eliminate all QC issues, you can’t accidentally forget to sign the page. You can’t sign incorrectly on one page and the other. It checks all of that stuff. When you’re done, it automatically uploads into the system. Everyone who’s supposed to get a copy of the document package gets it, no more FedEx waiting for something to show up. He can’t even say enough about how excited he is about the whole thing. It cuts out so much time for the borrowers and the members.

We work with a lot of credit unions as well and they love it. The other part is we always want to make sure we are the largest privately held title escrow and closing company. What that gives us is we work with all the largest underwriters. We write more paper on Stuart’s than Stuart’s itself. What we pride ourselves in is that we look across the country, wherever your deals are. We try to get you the best title insurance policy with the best pricing. We all know cost comes into play with everything, so it’s important for us. The beauty of us is we’re not just pushing you to the one that’s our company because we’re the underwriter. The other thing that helps us is sometimes you have some deals that are a little hairy.

We can go to multiple different underwriters and talk to them about, “What can we do to clear this up?” It makes it a lot more advantageous for our clients to be able to have that multiple streams avenue. Gap insurance is always part of our thing. People are always concerned about that during COVID. They’re like, “How is it going to take so long?” Some of the County Recorder’s office were closed for Lord knows how long and some of them may not still be open. The delays are there. That’s one of the other things that we pride ourselves in as far as making sure that we get that stuff done. The other part that’s not on this slide is we do offer bundled fees, both on the refi and the purchase side. The nice thing about that is you have a standard fee across the country. For instance, on the purchase side, we do $375 on each side for a non-attorney and $475 on each side for an attorney. That covers everything except for the title premium itself, state and county recording fees, and any state-specific fees that might be out there. There are some weird ones, but it covers the mobile notary, RON, and all of that.

With the online notarizations, how effective have you seen that with virtual recordings at the county. I’ve seen more and more counties accepting online recordings.

It takes what used to be 3 or 4 days, down to 24 hours. The RON stuff is the way. Now that many people have jumped in because of this, we think that’s going to stay. It’s very similar to the valuation side. Many people are doing some unique things. I know Clarocity. I did a BPO with them on our house that we have in the mountains. They give you an app and you take your phone around and take pictures of all the rooms. Then you log in and you put rooms on each one, and then they send it to an appraiser and they do it that way. There are all these ways to avoid you having someone in your home and be exposed to whatever they might have from the last they went to. Those things are all pluses for the industry and those are the changes that we’re going to continue to see. Although it was something that started based on this, it will remain.

There’s some innovation going and people learning how to pivot expediting things. Anytime we bring technology, most of the time, it makes a whole lot easier and simplified. People could be across the world closing on a transaction in twenty states, getting things RON notarized and secure without to do anything from their vacation and do it mostly from their own cell phone.

There are a lot of things and that has been going on for years. When you look at USAA and people that are on military base type of lender, those people have already embraced that. That’s primarily happening on the people who are portfolioing loans. They don’t have to worry about the investor side because they keep it themselves. They don’t have someone to approve them doing it. Whereas now, a lot of the investors are going, “We get it. It’s important.” We are seeing those but then again, there’s a little tightening on the underwriting side to solidify the transaction to make sure there’s nothing funny going on. I’m sure there will be some tweaking here and there, but that is something that’s going to stay for quite some time. We’re excited about RON and REN. The feedback we’ve gotten from the borrowers and our clients is nothing but like, “This is amazing.”

On the note side of things, if we’re buying a performing and nonperforming note, you do provide an O&E report. If somebody is working with multiple investors to fund a portfolio, you can also set up an escrow account where multiple people were wiring-in versus to my checking account.

I think we’ve already done that. We work on the default side and in the servicing side with quite a few. We created the loss mitigation and the deed and lieu process for one of the top ten lenders in the country. They liked it so much. They were super excited about it and said, “Forget it. We’re throwing our stuff out.”

That’s always a beautiful thing. They’re like, “I didn’t even know that. You should have reached out to me beforehand.”

That’s what happens when you don’t see each other for a while.

I was talking to somebody else. I’m like, “It’s great to hang out and see.” We see each other a lot of times halfway across the country. Now we’re in our home state or home cities. At the peak of it, I was seeing more people on the road more often than I see my next-door neighbor.

Now it’s such a weird environment that we don’t see anyone other than occasionally there’s a LinkedIn thing somebody does or something. We’ll get back to normal, but I don’t want to say anything. I’m sure you miss traveling. You never stay at home.

The beautiful thing is in the last years, we’ve done most of our workshops online. In the last few years, I’d slowed down my speaking schedule and was traveling more so for fun or going to look at assets, taking vacations, or going into events and killing two birds with one stone for a REIA club meeting or an event at the same time. We’ve embraced this virtual aspect for a few years. It was funny when we started doing it years ago, people were like, “That’s not going to work.” Now we get phone calls from a lot of people like, “Can you help us a little bit and give us some ideas on those virtual stuff.” I’m like, “It’s the same.” There are a few things you don’t have, but you can still replicate that online. If people will buy a webcam and a microphone or turn on that on their laptop, it’d be good to go for the most part.

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge

Virtual Closing Concierge: If you don’t have that initial call with your clients, things can happen, and then they’re just ticked because you’re not doing it the way they like it.


Social media and videos are a big deal. I think I sent you some stuff. My daughter started her own company doing that thing too. Getting your name out there, branding, videos, social media and all that is important. Vantage Point is stepping up in that game as well. We’re trying to get more stuff out there. We work with a lot of the top ten lenders and a lot of people know us. I’ve been here for a few years. It’s hard to believe. Time flies when you’re having fun. You’re still out there trying to talk with people and remind them what you do.

If there’s anything that’s a pet peeve of yours or your staff that new investors or investors do, that drive you bonkers and something that they could change relatively easily. What is that? If it’s a long list, let’s cut it short.

I’m like, “What? All of our clients are perfect. What do you mean? Nobody does anything wrong.” The biggest challenge is there’s always a bit of a rush initially. It’s like, “We have this, we’ve got to get it done.” Then we go, “We run it.” My group wants to kick me because I’m like, “We’ve got to do this. Do it right now,” then weeks and weeks go by. We understand that sometimes you don’t always get to pick the timeline. You think it’s going to happen. We all have things where people say, “This is going to happen,” and then it doesn’t. The biggest challenge we ever have is communication. That is it in a nutshell. We try to make sure that before someone starts with us, we want to have them have a conversation with our operations team to talk to them about what they do and how they like things done. What happens more often than not, if we don’t have that initial call, things happen and then they’re ticked because you’re not doing it the way I like it.

We don’t know that. We just proceed in the way that we do it. If you have something specific or something as silly as, “I want the CPL letter done the minute you send me the prelim or whatever the case may be.” We don’t know that unless you tell us that ahead of time. We try to get that information out of people. Usually, after the third or fourth deal, we try to get on the call again and go, “What went right? What could we improve upon?” and then go from there. Communication is a big thing. Being able to say, “This is what I need. This is what I want. This is what I like.”

Are you doing both commercial deals and residential deals too?

We do commercial and residential. We have a great girl that runs our commercial division who’s been in the industry for many years. We also do some unique commercial stuff. Let’s say you are the intermediary between the buyer and the seller but you’re doing a bridge loan for them. You want to make sure that everything’s aligned because you’re going to give them some short-term financing for them to ultimately sell-off. We act as the title policy reviewer and communicate to the buyer and seller what the bridge loan lender wants. We do a review and then we get the stuff from the appropriate people to make sure that bridge loan goes through and everything operates effectively in any commercial stuff.

We’re going to see a lot more commercial defaults before that fall into the market versus we see a lot of residential stuff taking time in forbearance or double forbearance agreements.

The hardest part for this change or the COVID thing is twofold. It’s services and it’s property. From a property side, many people are looking at the same way as the RON. They thought nobody could go home and work because they won’t work. They won’t get their job done. We don’t want you to all work from home because we don’t trust you. You’re going to be playing video games or something. Now that everyone’s at home and the volume is high especially on the mortgage lending side, people are still doing their jobs and getting things done and breaking company records. They’re like, “How much space do we need? Maybe we should just leave those people at home, then we don’t need that space.” The same thing goes with services. From a woman’s perspective, many of my friends have all kinds of different services that they used to get. Now, not having them for 3 or 4 months, they’re like, “I’ve learned how to do my own whatever.” Those people that they used to go to are like, “uh-oh.”

I know a few ladies that were happy with the hair or nail salon open back up.

It’s pretty bad when your mother says to you, “I think you might have more gray hair than I have.” I said, “Seriously? Your whole head of hair is gray.”

You’re talking about working remotely. I saw an article where Google has given every one of their employees $1,000 to work from home, “Go buy furniture. Go buy what you need to set up your office in your house or apartment and embraced that aspect of things.”

I know two companies where the CEOs have all said, “We’re going to keep 80% of our staff at home and not bring them back because it’s so much easier and it’s cheaper.” They are moving in that direction for a lot of them. Unfortunately, I have a good friend also who deals on the commercial real estate side and that’s not good news for him.

You’ve got the bigger box stores that have always been struggling. The retail Armageddon where the malls are struggling. The Macy’s and JCPenney have been struggling for years. If you’re going to be in that commercial space or you own that stuff, you’ve got to get creative and pivot. I imagine we’re probably going to see a lot of smaller executive offices pop up at some of those places. We’ve got a few friends in Dallas that are looking at some of those bigger box stores and turning them into climate self-storage facilities. Maybe even turn them into executive lofts and into apartments. They’re taking a commercial spot that maybe it’s not your ideal spot, but at least turning them into a rental of some sort to try to go with the flow of what’s going on.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out at the end and how much commercial availability’s out there once everything goes. Is it Amazon or Google that turned one of their buildings into a homeless shelter or something?

I don’t think it was Amazon. I think it was Google.

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge

Virtual Closing Concierge: Every day you learn something new, you become 365 days smarter by the end of the sentence.


Amazon is busy counting all his money.

We saw that here in Austin. The city reached out to some hotels and turn them into homeless shelters to help with the social distancing of the homeless here in Austin.

That’s a Catch 22 on that one. The commercial side and residential will be different. You think about all these large companies that are out in the industry now buying assets in bulk but not bulk. They’re going around the neighborhoods and saying, “Don’t bother fixing your property. I’ll come in and do it. I’ll buy it from you for X and turn it around, then buy and sell it again.” We see that happening. Probably it will continue to grow in that space now that Zillow’s joined and all these other companies that are suddenly wanting to get in the mortgage industry. We’ll see how many of them are around in another year. As we all know, we’ve seen people come and go.

When I saw Zillow starting to do that, or even Keller Williams getting into the purchasing side of assets, even Amazon for four hours had a real estate purchasing part of their website out before they took it down. It’s interesting to see what Bezos has up his sleeves at Amazon and what he’s willing to do and looking to do things. I think we’ve all talked about how the virtual remote side is a beautiful thing. A lot of people didn’t think that that’s going to consolidate a lot of things. A lot of realtors and mortgage brokers as well for things. That’s where it’s important in your marketing and you have a book of business that you’re reaching out to on a regular basis. I think we’re going to see a tightening up of professionals in those spaces. What do you think about that, Michele?

On the valuation side, it’s already been happening. I don’t want to make any appraisers upset with me, but they have backed themselves into a corner of a store. I don’t think it’s important for them to be out taking photos because they have a specific skillset and photo-taking, many people couldn’t do, so that part’s gone away. You look at other things that people are saying, “If your LTV is X and it’s Y, then why do you need to do it?” For years, my first job was working in foreclosure REO and I’ve seen some good woodpiles where a house used to be. You got to be careful about not getting the right people to take photos and make sure of that. Luckily, the camera does have that, “Where are you located at?”

There’s going to be bad actors in all those spaces, but the same thing goes on the title side. It’s shocking to me all the time on how many times we get deals, especially now that I’m in the broker community. I’m sure with buying and selling notes and deeds, how many times we run the title on these deals and they are just a nightmare. Liens and things were never taken care of. They’re from 10 or 15 years ago. It’s quite apparent that someone never did release or foreclosure or did whatever. The people are looking at us getting angry saying, “How come you’re holding up this deal? This was ten years ago?”

We can’t let you have a dirty title, even though the last three transactions all let it go. That is one of the things we see with some other companies that are possibly the underwriter and they underwrote the commitment the last time. They just keep pushing it down the row. By the time it gets to us, the people are pissed off because they’ve already had three other transactions and they don’t understand why we’re being so particular. You have to be careful and that stuff’s going to continue to happen. You will see more and more creative ideas both on the title side. Title is a little bit hard to be too creative with. It is what it is. You get it, do the cleaner isn’t? There are things that we can do to speed things up, and that’s why we’ve made White Glove. That’s why the closing piece is important. We try to make sure that we do our job. I’m shocked how many of my clients would go, “Do you mean you’re going to request the payoffs? Do you mean you can tell us what you think is wrong with the title commitment?” Those are things that I think we’re going to have to keep doing. That requires personal engagement and those things are still going to be out there.

It’s an interesting time. We see that in the note business where people bought a portfolio of notes and then didn’t do anything with it because they were busy doing something else, they got sidetracked or thought they knew everything. They are like, “The note business is different than me buying, fixing, flipping and going that different route. Do you mean I have to do some of that stuff? What?”

It’s learning new things each day. Every day you can learn something new. You’re 365 days smarter by the end of the year.

That’s the beauty of this episode. For the readers out there, if you didn’t know that there was a company that could help handle your transactions in multiple states, can do remote recordings and remote notaries, help you tackle and be a focal point in one spot versus you out chasing and trying to track down other things. You’ve now got a source there with Michele. What’s the best way for our readers and people out there to reach out to you and to connect with you?

I do have a Facebook page. It’s under Michele Chochrek-Ransons. If you don’t find it, I’m on LinkedIn. My email is MChochrek@VPTitle.net. You can always reach me there. On the little presentation that you showed, it has my phone number as well. That’s my mobile. You can always reach me that way.

Is there a website that people can go to as well?

It’s www.VantagePointTitle.com. All that stuff is there, but it’s probably better if they reach out to me individually because it goes to a general mailbox. They would be like, “What do you mean? I don’t know anything about that.”

We’ll make sure that they reach out to you directly. Michele, thank you so much for coming on here.

It’s nice to see you. Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Take advantage of the service that Michele is offering up there. What a great way to add a loan concierge and title concierge for your business. Not only will it save you time and headaches instead of having to chase down multiple cats. It can also add a cool value statement to your business when you’re talking with other investors. You’re talking with sellers who are selling you assets in multiple states. We got one title company that we work with, one person to sign and notarize everything, and helps speed up the time of your transitions taking place. Go out there, speed that process and reach out to Michele. Go take some action. We’ll see you all at the top.

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About Michele Chochrek-Ransons

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing ConciergeMichele is a mortgage Industry veteran for over 30 years. Tenure includes Senior Management, IT, Vendor Management, and Sales at several mortgage lenders. Currently VP of National Sales with Vantage Point Title.

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