EP 705 – Busting Myths, Leveraging Credit, And Maximizing Returns With Merrill Chandler From GetFundable.com

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit


We fall prey to the false things we hear in the credit markets today, especially new note investors. But what can you do to improve your market and get business credit? On this episode of the Note Closers Show (taken from the July Virtual Note Buying Workshop), Scott Carson talks with Merrill Chandler from GetFundable.com about the different ways to leverage your personal and business credit to maximize returns. Merrill shares different myths about credit and why you need to know the new rules of growing, building, and sustaining your credit profile to create a fundable profile. Merrill also gives a very special offering to students of WeCloseNotes.com and listeners of the Note Closers Show Podcast. To know what that is, tune in to this conversation!

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Busting Myths, Leveraging Credit, And Maximizing Returns With Merrill Chandler From GetFundable.com

We are back, and I know it has been a lot this first day here so far but I wanted to say something fun and something that you will walk away probably with more nuggets than anything else we have talked about. We have delivered a lot. We heard all the amens from you guys beforehand but I’m excited about this next session, and I’m jacked up to introduce my good friend, Merrill Chandler, from GetFundable.com.

As we like to call him the Credit Messiah. He is the Neo when it comes to the credit matrix. You want to swallow a different colored pill after talking to Merrill. Hopefully, you will sit here and read because he will share so many things that are false when it comes to the credit markets and what you do to improve your credit and get business credit.

One of the big things that some of you may qualify for, depending on what Merrill shares here and what’s going on in the markets, is based on where you are at for lines of credit, and you can use your own lines of credit to buy note deals. Merrill and his rock star team, who do a great job for our students, investors, and entrepreneurs all across the countries, help you build and put business credit.

He helps you weaponize or arm your personal and business credit, so you can go out and do more. Now is the time to start making because we are going to start seeing or already starting to see a lot of deals over the next 12, 24, to 36 months, and you want to be prepared to be able to pull the trigger quickly. You do that with your own lines of credit or refinance out your own line of credit with other people’s money and rinse and repeat and go from there.

Merrill, I’m so honored to have you here on the show. Your class is 1 of the 2 must-attend classes that we recommend everybody to do because it is so eye-opening. Myself and Stephanie are clients. We are very happy. It came in very handy when we refinanced it a few years ago. We are blown away. Knowing you have been a big boost to my credit score.

Thank you very much for the intro. We are going to be on a sprint for the next hour and a couple of minutes because we need to know this information to leverage and take advantage of the windfalls that are coming that you have been hearing about. I’m going to ask you questions. The bottom line for us is that we need to know very specifically how to access the lowest cost money on the planet. That’s what we are going to be talking about now.

We are going to be talking about insider secrets, and people immediately come to me. They are like, “Insider secrets.” I walked the hallowed halls of FICO and lender underwriting teams to gain access to the very things we were talking about. Some say, “I got the receipts. I have got the street cred,” and we are going to talk about all that now.

Number one, we are still getting funding with the raising of interest rates and the increase or the decrease in available credit that’s coming. Our clients and our students are getting huge funding still without collateral, tax returns or without using financials. Our end game is to get the money. You need to thrive during recessionary pressures. Not when everybody has access to capital but when you need it now.

You can do more deals, and you can keep more money in your pocket, so you don’t have to pay what I call body part pricing. Paying an arm and a leg for your capital, hard money or private money. My goal is to make sure every one of you sees that there’s a clear path. There’s a singular path for you to get business loans and business lines of credit, regardless of where you are.

Some of you may be in the fundability of San Diego. If we are all headed for funding town in Denver, Colorado, you may be in Miami, New York or Washington state. There is a clear path for you but it’s likely different from the neighbor you are sitting next to or your fellow note buyers who are in this seminar. There are two unstoppable forces that are happening. You need to understand this.

Two unstoppable forces. You have no control over it. They are waves that are going to happen to you or you can ride these waves to success. The first one is economic. What do I mean by economic is that lenders make the most money when they lend, and over a few years, they have banked more money. They have made more profits than in any other quarters in years.

This was before the interest rate started to hike. They are sitting on this capital without anywhere to lend it. Why aren’t you getting it? Why aren’t they lending it? Why aren’t you getting approved If they have so much money? Why aren’t you getting your share? First of all, we are going to cover this a great deal. You got to understand that you have been lied to about how to get approved because of your lack of borrower education, and we are not in the know.

We are not behind the curtain. We buy what they sell us, even if it’s in Craig. I will take one exception to what Scott said. I am not Neo. You are Neo. I am Morpheus in this scenario. I’m here to give you the choice to wake up to the truth of what’s possible. Give you the choice of do you want the truth or you want to remain asleep as they do in the pods in the movie The Matrix if you are familiar with that show.

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: Because we’re not behind the curtains, we buy what they sell us.


Red pill or blue pill? Do you want to stay awake to what the truth is and how to get these lines of credit or business loans? Do you want to stay asleep? Declare that. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not the one looking for capital to become great note buyers. We got Lex saying, “Awake.” Lore says, “Awake.” Lloyd says, “Yes.” The whole point of this is to wake up out of this sleep that we have been coaxed into because we are going to learn now. We got Lloyd, Karl, Melanie, Allison, and Rj for the red pill. Here’s the thing. You can either be prey or you can be a partner to the lenders.

How do you know you are prey? You are paying 18% to 20% on a $5,000 credit card. Partner is you are paying 5% to 6% on a $100,000 credit line. Tell me you get what I’m saying. Do you understand what I’m saying? There is a very distinct line in your relationship with the banks. The only way for us to go from this amount of funding in that little cartoon there to this amount of funding is for people who know the funding guidelines.

What do we mean by that funding guidelines? When we are in prosperous times, there are looser approval guidelines. These outer rings cost more money. They are the 22% and 26% interest and are lower approvals. $2,000, $3,000, or $5,000. Maybe some of you get $10,000 but they are on the outskirts. During stressed economic times, the lenders shrink that target.

All of those old approvals are not going to happen anymore. Not during this period. If we are not going to get it, you’ve heard the saying, “What got us here is not going to get us there.” We are headed into the most powerful economic part of the cycle. The collapse. If we have money available to us during the collapse, who wins? If you have access to all of these notes?

What does Scott say? The bank always gets paid. If you become the bank, we are the ones who are making the money. What do you have to do to meet these lender guidelines in any environment? The way to do that is to optimize your credit and fundability. This does not repair your credit, and you are going to learn very quickly. I don’t care if you have a high credit score.

If you got a high credit score, where are your million dollars in business lines of credit? We will learn that in a moment. If we don’t optimize our credit, we don’t meet the underwriting guidelines for the low-cost money. If we do optimize, then we get the lower cost money and the higher approval amount. Tell me you are getting this. This is making sense. We can be here when we don’t meet the approval guidelines, and we are here if we do. Lower cost, higher approvals.

We call this bullseye borrowing fundability. The ability to get funded. That means we get the best approvals in any economy. If you are the perfect borrower or ideal bank customer, then it doesn’t matter whether the funding target is this big or this big. You get funded. Does that make sense? I want to make sure we don’t move past this. Charlene, Allison, Lloyd, Alexa, Wayne, Rj, and Laura, this or this? We are headed into this. Are you going to be stuck out here? Are you going to be stuck out where there is no money available? We want to make sure that we are right there. We want to be fundable in every way. We want to be the ideal bank customer so that they fund us regardless.

The second unstoppable force is technology. What do we mean by that? How many of you in the last few years submitted an application online or at a bank, and you were approved within 30 seconds or 2 minutes? Who has been approved? More than half of us have been approved for what we call automatic approvals or automatic underwriting.

No human being looked at that. You were approved because of your data. Let’s follow up with that. How many of you have received an email or a letter from the bank from your credit card company where they raise the limit? No credit pull, income verification, security, assets, and backs on nothing. They said, “Congratulations. Free money.”

Look at all of us. Gobs of us. Almost 30% of us. That’s what we call automatic limit increases. That is what this unstoppable force of technology is. Everybody is going to measure your data. Your data is everything. The question is, “Are we ready for it? What are they measuring?” A lot of people say, “They are measuring my credit score.” Thank you for playing. It’s not true. We will get to that in a moment.

This technology is there looking at your data to see whether or not they are going to give you more money. A bunch of us had an automatic limited increase. How would you like 1, 2 or 3 $50,000 credit lines? It’s because you know how to use the data. They raised your credit lines like they do your credit cards. How many of you would like a credit line that grows to $100,000 without income verification, tax returns or anything?

It’s already happening on your personal credit cards. You just don’t know what the underwriting criteria are. How would you like to know? Let’s talk about it. Part of this unstoppable force is driven by FICO. FICO is in charge of the three-digit number of your credit score but that isn’t where they stop. I met Will Lansing, the CEO. He asked me about my business model, and I was invited to meet with the underwriting of development teams and the score development teams for both personal and business. I’m sitting here with Ethan, the Chief FICO Scientist, the personal credit score developers, and SBSS credit Dave.

There was even an MBA police, so they didn’t give away the farm to me because the CEO said that I could ask them questions about how to make you fundable. As of these unique circumstances, I was able to learn about one of the biggest lies of credit. We are going to talk about that now. Coming back from this incredible opportunity, I was able to build this easy step-by-step process. A program to fit exactly the lender guidelines FICO told me about.

Every entrepreneur and real estate investor who implements it wins. We devoted our lives as a team to bringing this intel back and building it for you. Every one of these, we learned so many myths that have been promulgated. We also learned the key that unlocks the key to business funding in any economy, and whether it’s a wide or a narrow target, you have the ability to get those approvals.

What we are facing is real estate challenges. Lack of capital, super expensive alternative lending, and more importantly, some real estate investors, there are businesses out there that lenders don’t like to lend to. We are going to cover now how to become highly desirable, that perfect ideal borrower. The first thing you have to do, one of the things we are learning now, is to be able to stop stepping on the funding landmines. How many of you resonate with the term, “Stepping on funding landmines?” You don’t know they are there. You are walking into the bank. You fill out an application. You have a good credit score, and all of a sudden, denial or a super small approval. Does anybody relate to that?

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: Stop stepping on the funding landmines. We don’t know where they are, and they’re highly destructive.


Do you relate that, “What am I doing? Why will they not approve me?” Look at all of us. There’s a whole bunch of us. Landmines are the perfect analogy because we don’t know where they are and they are highly destructive, and lenders only want people who know how to play this game to receive their partner rates. They are going to prey on everybody who doesn’t prove up that they know how to get across the minefield. Let me tell you about one of the most powerful examples. Theresa, here is a note buyer. She was one of my early wins. She went out and proved exactly what we were talking about. Read carefully when they talk about paperwork. Paperwork means full doc.

“I did what you said to do. A couple of things in my score went up 30 points right away. Within six months, my score went up over 100, and I was already in the 700. My scores are nearly perfect now. They all lined up, and I was able to achieve $500,000 unsecured lineup credit my first time out of the gate with my first bank. That put me in a position to change the game that I’m executing to change my retirement strategy.”

“I used the line of credit for the first time. It put me into a $1 million asset that I would not have been able to secure. Bank, I was putting all the documentation together, and they called me and said, ‘We are done.’ I said, ‘Don’t you want the paperwork?’ They said, ‘No, your credit score is fine. It’s unusually fine, so we are going to give it to you. We don’t need any more paper, and it will be an unsecured line of credit,’ so $500,000, please.”

$500,000 first-time approach to one bank, and she’s had several since then. The point is that when you know what lenders are looking for and you optimize your credit and your fundability and hit those funding guidelines, and hit the bullseye, you get funded. I have been doing this for many years. I have discovered all of these things the hard way. You get to cheat and do it the easy way. You are here to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants so you can see further and get more and higher approvals. It’s because of all of this I have been able to compress time for you. I will take all those years of trial and error and share with you what works.

I’m my own crash test dummy. I have tried all of this stuff on myself. I would have paid off my personal mortgage, the Merrill Chandler Mortgage. I’m a mortgage of many years fixed. Let’s keep going. After 30 years and 3 massive recessions, I have discovered that most of you don’t know why your businesses aren’t fundable. Most of you don’t know what the lender’s priorities are. Believe that you need full documentation. I already showed you don’t need a full doc. Some of you’ve already experienced it. You experienced it on your personal credit cards. What if you could experience it on business lines of credit? It’s the same thing. We are talking about that now.

Some of you believe you have no control over your funding approvals. What if I show you that you have 100% control over your funding approvals? You don’t know it yet. That’s why I’m Morpheus. Do any of you who remember Neo in the very last scene of the first movie? He learns to fly. We are here to learn how to financially fly.

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: You have 100% control over your funding approvals. You just don’t know it yet.


My job here and for any engagement we do for the rest of our lives together is to show you that you have the power to get the approvals. The lenders don’t care. They trust the software. Let’s cover this. If, for 500 years, lenders have required documentation to prove that you can pay the money back a loan, line of credit or credit card. They ask for documentation. For all of these years, especially in the last decades, FICO has been instrumental in this. They collected all this data and set up these lending criteria inside of the software.

Software, as you know, all of you who’ve done an automatic approval or automatic limit increase, you know no human being looked at that approval, and they gave you $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, and some of you $20,000 in 30 seconds. That means they trust their software but software like The Matrix is based on rules. If you know what they are measuring and align your data with what they are measuring, please type it out.

Who is in charge of your approvals if you know what they are measuring? Who’s in charge of their approvals? Yes, Rj and Hakim, you are. We are in charge of our approvals 100%. If you don’t want to be in charge, then go places that do manual underwriting and take all your documentation. If you want to be in charge, then you are in the right place.

Next, we have developed this new fundability process to put money in your pocket to grow your business and create the results you are looking for. I have helped real estate investors like you get over $220 million. We are $225 million in these very approvals. $60 million of that was in the first year and a half of COVID. Let’s dive into the three secrets, and knowing these secrets are a complete game changer.

I promise you. They will blow you away. Insider secret number one, you have been lied to. It’s not about your credit score. It’s about your ability to be funded. We call that fundability. Let me give you a perfect example. Robert came to me, and he had killer scores. Some of us would kill for these scores. He was like, “Some of you may have these credit scores, but you are getting denied.” Why? It’s because the score does not determine the approval.

The quality, data, profile, and borrow behaviors determine your funding approvals. In this unfundable borrower profile, he had a $5,000 personal credit card from a credit union, and you could tell he is a real estate investor in three retail accounts. What a high credit score means, you get more of what you got. It’s called peer lending. Since he has mostly retail and low-value credit, you can go to any low-value credit or any retail with a high score and get the best possible rates. Go to Victoria’s Secret. Go to Home Depot. They are going to give you a good credit line or a good credit limit but you will never ever, with that profile, get a $50,000 business line of credit from any of the top-tier banks.

It has never happened. It will never happen because you are never going to get a $50,000 of $100,000 business line or line of credit based on your Home Depot reputation. Tell me. You get what that means. You have an 800 plus credit score based on retail accounts. They don’t care. They want to know how you deal with cash before they make you a partner in the business. They want to know that you are legit before they give you partner rates. Now, they are giving you prey rates.

Credit scores alone, he was not fundable because of a high credit score. Credit scores mean that he did well with what he had but the quality of the profile would never get him business credit. Credit scores alone are not going to get you improved. In fact, here’s the big secret. Write this down. Your credit score is used after you are approved to determine your interest rate and your loan amount.

Let’s say every lender has a threshold. Some could be 680, 700 or 720. That threshold is moving up for most lenders. If you don’t hit that threshold, let’s say 720, your application is denied but if you are 721, they stop looking at your score. It doesn’t matter if it’s721 or 821. They don’t care. As long as you cross that threshold, then they look at the actual fundability of your profile, which means that they determine what borrower behaviors you have and what’s the quality of your personal profile.

Your personal profile determines your business approvals. Not since 2008 have they been funding a business. They fund the principle of the business and put it into the container of the business. Since 2008, they have never funded a business. Small business credit never happens. If you got approval, it was based on your personal credit profile, personal borrower behaviors, and the quality of that profile.

Over 90% of all personal and business credit approvals rely on that one company, FICO. Since 2016, I now have had a FICO liaison that I meet with about twice a month. I go to every single FICO world. Think of it as Mount Olympus of the credit and funding gods, and I sit down with lender underwriting teams and help understand what they consider to be fundable that I bring that home and give to who? You. Why these matters are that I have a seat at this table. You have a seat at this table. You get to know as soon as I know. Every week, you can know exactly what’s going on at FICO and what’s going on among lenders. I’m on the front line of these funding approvals.

Secret number two. Funding approvals rely on your borrower profile and behaviors. The problem is that the real estate and business entrepreneurs think it’s your deals. I have folks who are doing $11 million in flips who got denied a $50,000 business line of credit. Why? They thought it was their P&L that was getting them approved when they had mediocre personal credit at best.

$11 million in flips but his personal credit was mediocre, which shows the borrower behaviors that are most meaningful up for lending, and that’s how this individual treat their personal credit. It doesn’t matter how much money you are making. It matters how you treat that money. We go back to our little target. That easy money, when we optimize it, we hit those powerful funding guidelines, which automatically means we are going into compression of credit. We want to be able to still get these fundings.

Would you like to know maybe what those borrower behaviors are? FICO grades plus or minus 40 borrow behaviors. Only ten have to do with derogatory accounts. That means there are 30 ways to improve your fundability. Have you heard me talk about credit scores? No. Your fundability can be improved by working with the 30 deal with positive credit trade lines.

Here’s the list of 32 of them. They couldn’t all fit and still be legible. I will tell you what. Is it okay if I overdeliver because this isn’t on my deck? I didn’t plan for this now. Go to GetFundableBehaviors.com. Tell me where to send it and we will send you a list. There are 150 borrow behaviors that every bank in this country draws from for their underwriting criteria.

FICO measures 40 of them but lenders have their own approval software. Everybody draws from the same $150,000. I’m going to give you an opportunity to know how to optimize for all $150,000 borrow behaviors. I will give you how to optimize your borrowing behaviors. Would that be all right for you? Charlie, you are fast off the math. Continuing the whole point of this is how do we get $200,000, $300,000, $400,000, up to $1 million in business lines of credit? Write a check and do a deal.

Some of you note buyers may prefer very expensive bank loans because if you can deploy all the capital at once, you use a loan and buy 2 or 3 notes, 5 or 7, whatever your game plan is. You may not want those on credit lines because you are going to keep them long-term. Let’s get you the bank loans that create the highest yield for you and the lowest cost so that $220 million in approvals is no freaking joke. This happens during financially stressful times. Those approvals are still happening.

Insider secret number three. The biggest money approvals come when you have a highly fundable business. The secret is that you can make a highly fundable business in 24 hours. The problem is that most of us, once again, are all asleep in The Matrix. We are all in our little power pods and giving away our life force as prey to the system.

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: The biggest money approvals come when you have a highly fundable business.


Not anymore. Not if you are Neo and I’m Morpheus. It’s not going to happen. Let me give you some definitions of business credit. This one makes me mad. Not since 2008, and let me make it way clearer because you will have an opportunity to go deep dive into all this. Anybody who tells you or tries to sell you a program to raise your business paid X score is lying to you.

Chase, Wells, BB&T, and PNC, none of them use your paid X score to evaluate you for a business line of credit or a business bank loan. It has never happened and never will happen. You have been lied to and fed a croc of crap, and it’s not okay. It used to be true before the bottom fell out in 2008 but the second largest loss to lenders wasn’t just mortgaged in that fiasco but the business underwriting fell apart as well.

They discovered that borrower behaviors were more true indicators of fundability than documentation. Since 2008, they rely 80% of your approval based on your personal credit profile and borrowing behaviors, not on your business and never on your paid X score. Never on your intel score from experience. Those are not used for business bank credit instruments and credit products.

Retail Trade and Uline account, how many of you are disappointed or know somebody who has been bamboozled by credit operators trying to get you business credit? Does anybody know somebody who has been sold a bill of goods to get business credit? Do you want Trade credit? Do you want Uline or Grainger accounts? That’s not the credit we are after. That’s retail and trade credit.

The next one is commercial credit. It’s full doc manual underwriting and has to be for credit for more than $1 million. Where’s that Uline account, and where’s that in-between place? That is technically called small business credit by the entire industry. It’s business credit cards, business credit lines, and loans. $20,000 usually is the lowest. $20,000 to $1 million by top-tier banks. They require a personal guarantee since 2008. I’m announcing. Love me or hate me but there’s no such thing as cash instruments. Business credit lines, business loans, and business credit cards that do not require a personal guarantee.

If somebody’s saying there’s no PG, it’s not a bank credit card or bank loan. It’s a Uline account. Get all the ones you want but that doesn’t exist in real banking. It’s one more way that they are bamboozling you to believe that when you spend their $2,000 or $3,000 to build your paid X or business credit, I’m sorry. It’s not true. It hasn’t been for many years now.

Another huge business lie, if your business or the business purpose that you filed with the state contains any of these words, it’s an automatic unfundable denial. You read it here first. Sorry, not sorry. We have not been told the truth about how funding works for our businesses, which makes me angry. As you can tell, it pisses me off because everybody wants to sell you something.

The problem is, are they selling you the truth? Let me tell you how this works. There are business codes that make you unfundable. The United States Federal Government has demanded of every single Secretary of State in every single state to know the growth in each sector of the economy. They have this huge database of different types of businesses. What does the Secretary of State do when you fill out an application and put in one of these words? They read through that application or your LLC articles of incorporation, and they look at it and then go to this database to put in those words investment.

They look up investment and assign you a code behind your back, and that reports to the Federal Government. “We had another investment company open up in the state of,” wherever it may be. Are you getting this? This is happening behind your back 100%. As you are naming your word since we don’t know the rules of this game, we are being bamboozled.

We are thinking we are cool by naming our company something, and we are automatically throwing up, “Everybody, don’t give me any money.” You realize that’s what we are doing, and nobody told us. To add insult to injury, all the business credit lenders look at the state records to see which code you were assigned and put you on their blacklist.

More insult to injury, they look at Dun & Bradstreet, Experian business, and Equifax business records, those unfundable business codes, and put them on your business credit report. In case any lender missed it with the state, your business credit reports go. Go pull your business credit reports. You are going to see that you are unfundable.

Have you learned something new? Alexa, Sharla, and Kim have. Don’t start a new one, Sharla. Rj, Laura, and Lloyd have. Let me ask you a question. You’ve learned something but are you enjoying the quality of the content? Some people have said, “Merrill, you are so passionate. You are so on fire about this stuff.” If you are enjoying the training, if you are enjoying how we are doing it, send me a DM and spread the love. Say, “I’m having my hair blown back by some random dude at Scott Carson’s event.” Whatever it is. You can #GetFundable or #Fundability but let people know that we have been lied to because you got way more influence in your tribe than I do.

How many of you feel like you have been drinking out of a fire hose? How would you like to have more fire hoses to drink out off? How many of us would like a little bit more? Let me ask you a simple question. If you did what I’m teaching you, let’s pretend you knew how to become fundable instead of using your credit score.

If you knew what the borrow behaviors were, lined those with credit guidelines, had a fundable business, changed the name or did whatever, how many of you believe you could be successful? You did the things we talked about. If you knew how to do things, how many of you think you could do something different? Do you think we could wake up from The Matrix if we did those three things?

Doug’s thirsty. Melanie said, “Bring it on.” Imagine having $300,000, $400,000 or $500,000 going into a note frenzy season. What would that do for you? You too can get your stake because lenders have never had more money. They give it to fundable borrowers. Yes, Ahakim. Do deals. This may not be for everybody. For those of you who are ready to take things to the next level, is it okay if I share something special that I put together for you? Scott and I have been doing this forever, and he keeps bringing me back because his students, clients, and himself keep being successful.

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: You, too, can get your stake in because lenders have never had more money. They give it to fundable borrowers.


Do you think anybody would stand to have me here if I did not deliver on results? Do you think he would bring me back here? He even says that what I’m about to share with you is required for his best coaching because you need to know the rules of the game to get the money to do the deals. He’s going to teach you how to get.

I’m a mechanism. He is a genius at finding all those arenas in which you can pick up notes. How would you like business loans and credit lines to do so? We have an online course called the Business Funding Master Course. It’s referred to as a bootcamp in many arenas. This bootcamp I have done over 30 live bootcamps. Think of it as the best of Merrill Chandler.

We harvested every single strategy out of these 30 bootcamps and brought it all together for you. What it’s all about is getting you the money you need to grow the business the way you want to. Some of our clients are picking up business credit cards or business loans within 45 days after completing the simple steps necessary after they do the course.

How many of you are giving away your profits to hard money lenders or to private money? Stop it. Banks have cash. We just have to know how to unlock the code. What are you going to get in this? There are several components, so bear with me because every one of them is going to blow your mind. First of all, there’s the business funding system. This has over 30 specific strategies on how to make your personal and business profiles fundable.

A couple of examples. You may not know or probably don’t know that there are hidden dates that lenders use against you to downplay your fundability, give you higher interest rates or charge you more fees. Credit card balances, you think, “If I charge them up, I get counted again.” No. There are certain balances that you carry that will crush future approvals. You will never get raised limits, and they track all of this in their borrower behavior metrics.

There are business credit posers. If you have a Capital One Spark Card, that Spark card is reporting to your personal profile. When you are being a good businessman or businesswoman, you are charging up your business expenses, you hold a balance, and it crushes your score and your fundability. Nobody told you until now that Spark is a poser business card. The same with Discover it. Same with a couple of TD Bank.

Their business credit card reports to your personal profile. They are all posers. Nobody tells us because they don’t care about your fundability. Every time you use this, we end up ruining our future funding approvals. We go through the business credit system. I was telling you that nobody uses paid X in the big $100,000 approvals. It’s the Wild Wild West of business credit. You learn everything about that in this section.

When is an inquiry not an inquiry? The entire inquiry process is revealed in how to use inquiries to leverage your approvals with a current lender and, more importantly, how to use soft inquiries to get approvals. The truth about real business credit is FICO lender scores versus FICO scores. One hundred million people in this country use Credit Karma for an assessment of their credit health.

Do you realize Credit Karma uses a fake credit score? That credit score, known as Vantage, is not used at all to approve you. If you go to Credit Karma, pull it up, and see those two scores because Experia uses FICO, so they only have TransUnion Equifax, by the way. You see those two scores. If you see the featured credit card right there to the right and you click on it, they pull a FICO score to approve you and light to your face on Credit Karma’s front page.

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: Many people in this country use Credit Karma to assess their credit health. Did you realize Credit Karma uses a fake credit score?


This is not okay. There are a number of consumer advocacy groups that have done studies, and there’s at least a 30-point difference for most borrowers where Credit Karma scores are 30 plus points higher than the FICO score that’s going to be used to evaluate you for credit. Come on. This is insane. Tell me if you are getting it. This is a huge, massive manipulation. We have to know the truth. When you know the truth. Read this about Robert. This guy is hilarious.

“Since starting with the program, my personal credit score has gone up over 150 points. One of the things that I was absolutely astonished by was how easy it was when I walked into the bank and asked for a sizable line of credit. It was the easiest application to fill out, and it was the least amount of hassle and interrogation. I provided absolutely no documentation, and 2 or 3 days later, I was able to get confirmation that they had approved the lines of credit for both of them.”

“I couldn’t believe it. I’m sitting there. The guy pops up on the computer as he’s entering the data and he’s like, ‘You qualify for a $20,000 business credit card.’ I said, ‘Let’s do it.’ He said, ‘There are no credit polls. There’s no way.’ I’m like, ‘Let’s do that.’ He then goes a little bit further. ‘They are saying that you qualify for up to $100,000 line of credit. Would you like to do that?’ ‘Yes, I do.’ The next thing you know, $50,000 they approved. That’s awesome. That day that they pulled the credit, they used Experian. My Experian credit score that day was 848. There it is. It was perfect.”

The reason why the credit scores are important is that after the approval, he got a $50,000 instead of a $30,000, $20,000, or $10,000 approval. Are we understanding this? He got a total of $70,000. He walked in to open his business checking account, and he gave them access to his borrower data. He came out on the first day with a checking account, two credit cards, and a credit line of $70,000.

Every lender has a minimum, and there’s a way to vet that. I will teach you how to find out what that minimum score is for every single lender because there are certain departments you got to call and certain people you got to talk to. I will show you exactly how to do it for every bank you want this with. This works for real estate investors, note buyers, and entrepreneurs, whether you have good credit or bad credit. It doesn’t matter.

How much access do you have to all of this previously unavailable money? Some people are like, “I have got time to do a course.” I want you folks to be conservative and truthful with your skillset. Everybody has a different skillset. Let’s say you only got 1 line of credit for $100,000, not 2, 3 or 4. Write a check, do a deal, and pay it off over a renewable resource of $100,000. What could you do in one year?

What could you turn that for if you had one? $250,000, so we got two and a half times. Alexa says, “I can double that. I can make $100,000 off of $100,000.” Charlotte says, “$250,000.” I don’t care if it’s $10,000 and you are conservative. Hakim says, “At least $150,000.” $500,000, 5X on that money. The question is. Let’s pick double. Some of you have picked double. If I said I would pay you $100,000 to go from start to finish of this course, how many of you would do it? I don’t believe in the time BS anyway.

If I paid you $100,000 to finish this course, would you do it? Would you complete the course? Not pay for any. I’m saying start it and finish it. “Yes, we would.” I want you to remember as we go through this that it’s not about time. It’s about the greatest financial education of your lifetime. Ask Scott. How many times has he leveraged this knowledge to turn into more deals or more profitable deals? Sharla was like, “We would already be done before the course was over.”

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: It’s not about time; it’s about the greatest financial education of your lifetime.


The master course of this system is $3,994 but the thing is, you are not going to get the course. I’m giving you advanced entity secrets. I already shared with you earlier how the business codes. How would you like all the codes? How would you like to know which codes to use for your business? The exact codes that lenders fund. The codes that lenders lend to.

Establish the best business funding entity for the highest approval amount. Why get a $50,000 or $100,000 approval when you can get a $10,000? I said that because I’m being facetious. Stop with these low-value approvals. We need higher amounts. Determine how to align your current business to fit the bullseye. That’s why I was saying earlier, “Don’t go start a new company, learn what you need to do because you can either get a new company or modify a current company to become fundable,” and then how to easily implement steps to make that entity fundable.

That $997 for these entity secrets. It’s literally how to make a container to dump money into that lenders love lending to. Between the business funding system and those entity secrets, that’s $4,991 but remember how I said your personal borrower behaviors get you the approval. I’m also including the personal fundability fitness program.

Think of this as the Fitbit of your financial life. Imagine being able to track the exact borrower behaviors and how optimize them. I’m literally going to help you identify the borrower behaviors that are causing you to get denied and then how to build a bulletproof financial reputation. What’s included is a fundability index. It’s the financial Fitbit, and you will see how you stack up against lender guidelines. You could fill out the fundability index and get your fundability grade and know exactly what you need to do to start raising that score.

Besides, you get access to the secret FICO scores that lenders use. How would you like all 31 credit scores that lenders use and the exact times they use them? All of that is in this personal fundability fitness program. Crazy but I reduced the price to $997. All of that, adding the personal fundability fitness program, $8,985 but I’m going to give you the financing secrets.

You fund a business but you finance your life. You finance houses, cars, Winnebagos or motorcycles. Ask Scott. I will show you in this section how to every single time you finance at a dealership, how to save $5,000 to $9,000 on the financing of that automobile every single time for the rest of your life. Find out exactly how to save $5,000 plus every single time you get financing.

How to get ahead of the payment slope? These financing secrets. When you get a Winnebago, you get an automobile or a house if you are ahead of the payment slope. This isn’t putting reducing your balance. This is getting ahead of the payment slope so that you look highly fundable, and lenders are eager to lend to you. I’m going to give you the exact tools we use to show you how ready you are for your financial secrets.

$997 for almost $10,000 now, but here is the nitrous to the 10-second car. You’ve seen all the racing movies where they hit that nitro switch, and it blows them through the finish line. We call it the Business Fundability Accelerator. My goal has always been to make it simple, elegant, and effortless. I’m committed to being the Apple company of finance, personal and business finance.

This Fundability Accelerator shows you how to implement what we call the million-dollar funding formula, how to get these automatic limited increases for any credit card or credit line, how to literally trigger, and how to flip a switch on the lender software. Remember I said, “If you know what the lender needs you to be on their software, and you do it, you get approved.”

How to get those higher approvals? The techniques of a highly fundable entity. How to pass underwriting and implement borrower behavior? How many of you don’t even apply anymore because you think you are going to get denied? How many of you stop applying? Where you are like, “Screw it. I never get the yes or my yeses are all $2,000 or $5,000.” You can’t flip property on a credit card for $2,000. You can’t buy a note for $2,000 unless you learn some new magic thing from Scott. He’s always coming up with amazing new tech.

Here’s the thing, when you have the Fundability Accelerator, it takes the steps, step by step, with little tutorials. If it doesn’t make sense, there’s a tutorial on exactly how to do it. To get approved for the best loans and lines of credit, I had to build this simple way, and lenders love to get money. Your problem is solved, and you save time and money. I’m literally cramming 30 years of expertise into this body of work. That’s worth $9,173, bringing the total to $19,000.

Here’s the thing. I feel like I’m doing Ginsu Knives here, but now, we are going into a down cycle which I the drawback period. One of the things that we are looking for is if we do a drawback period, think of a slingshot, and that slingshot comes back. It gives the impression that you are going backward but it is not true. You are creating dynamic tension because your ability to take advantage of these properties, these notes, give you this. When you pull it back a little bit, does it flop 6 inches? No. 6 inches is going to give you 16 feet of velocity.

This survival bonus is vital for preparing you to get in there. That slingshot effect is crazy. God forbid but some of you may end up in financially stressful times, and there are soft landing strategies so that you won’t ruin your entire financial life if you have to go late on a credit card or something. How to protect yourself?

One of the most powerful things you do is literally knowing what it takes to prioritize your assets so that you don’t harm yourselves for the rest of your life. I can’t tell you how many people came out of 2008 and preserved their credit and gave up all of their hundreds of thousands of dollars in long-term savings because they thought their credit was more important. There’s a worksheet. You are going to literally find out how to liquidate your assets and leverage those assets if you had to.

This alone is worth the entire price of the course. I give you all the tools to assess your personal life and your business life. This is crazy stuff. You will not find this anywhere else. It doesn’t exist anywhere else because nobody teaches fundability and its impact. Worth every penny of $27,000 and brings the entire total to $21,000 in change.

I’m not going to charge you $21,943. The only question that’s valuable is if this helped you stop ruining your funding chances. Is it worth 21,000? If you stop stepping on those landmines, would it be worth it? The answer is yes. If you were to learn the simple steps of getting approved, those borrower behaviors, and a fundable profile, would it be worth $21,000? Alexa says, “Yes.” RJ says, “Of course, it’s worth $21,000.”

You folks already said that you could double $100,000. If it cost $21,943, you would be slaying it. It would be the greatest investment of your lives. What if it helped you get all the money you need to buy notes? Would it be worth 21,943? Yes. If you were to get everything you needed if you could get access to the hugest pool of money in the cheapest way, that $21,000 is normally discounted to $3,997.

That’s crazy worth it. As you are learning at the master’s fee for notes in this country, I have a special discount as a favor to Scott because he has been the bomb. He has helped me in my business. He’s a marketing genius, and I’m madly in love with him, his skills, and his darling wife. This comes to you for $497. Scott already put down the link. GetFundableWCN.com. Here’s the thing. That’s not enough for me. I’m giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you come to our community, we call it Funding Hackers. If you come and start implementing what you have learned and are not wildly impressed, I will give you your money back.

The question is, “Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to go to GetFundableWCN.com and get this?” You already said you could at least double your money. If it only does half, is it worth finding out over the course of the next 45 days? If this wasn’t amazing enough already, I asked myself, “What could I give you that was impossible to fail?” What that is? It’s special member-only access. Every single week. I meet twice a week with my community. You get to join us on Zoom or on a private Facebook group. You get to ask questions about anything that you have read, watched or trying to implement 100%.

Come and ask. It’s included because that $497 gives you access to the money game credit and eBooks, and I have over 400 hours of instructions, specifically for different scenarios. Everything will be included there. The preparing or recovering from divorce, financial failure or bankruptcy. Preparing your children for credit. Everything you could possibly imagine I have included in this. That’s worth $2,700 and change by itself. Everything in this package is $23,686, and it’s $497 plus $29 a month to join my community. That $29.95 a month cancel at any time. If I’m not blowing you away with crazy value, then stop. You are welcome.

Scott, back to you. Questions and answers. How to go to GetFundableWCN.com. Read the reviews. People like you who are blown away and getting funded like mad people like Robert and Theresa. “Trying to pay but am scared the deal is going to be better. Give me the bottom line. Take my money, and let me get the skinny mojito.”

For $497 plus $29 a month, join my community, and I will make you fundable, and you get to come twice a week to me. For those of you who can’t make those Tuesday meetings, you ask your question in the Facebook group, and Sky, who is producing for me, is the moderator. She reads your question.

Sharla, I will look square in the camera because it’s recorded to the Facebook group, and I will say, “Sharla, here’s the answer to your question. Do this. Come back Tuesday or ask another question, and we will keep this conversation going.” I will answer your questions. My favorite part of the week is being with you folks, helping you through your fundability. RJ said he was in. Sharla says, “Go get it, girI. Take my money, and let me go get a skinny mojito.” No. Get a fat mojito and enjoy yourself.

What we have learned from here the last couple of years has been worth a whole lot more than that $21,997, I will tell you that. The price point I have means a great price out there. Honestly, it’s one of the most valuable things. We are all going to be in real estate. Maybe you are not buying now. Maybe you are not doing fixing and flips but you will be a financial person over the next years, even the lifetime of your life. There’s no greater educator. Morpheus is the guy right here for you. $100,000 on cars, houses, credit cards, and all stuff like that. The one slide alone, entity names, is priceless.

That’s worth $500 just to know how to stay in the funding flow. That one slide alone, I gave it to you for free. Imagine what I’m going to give you if I can overdeliver like that. I gave you all 150 borrower behaviors for free. You think this thing is not loaded to the gills to blow you away. I want you to succeed. When you pull over, GetFundableWCN.com. Get this thing you. It’s going to send you emails. You are going to be able to download the Fundability Index. You are going to literally stack yourself up and then bring your Fundability Index to Tuesday or Thursday’s meeting, or tell us your score. We will start optimizing you right there. All of it.

Any other questions for you guys out there? You will not regret this if you are on the fence there, 30-day money back. If it’s not the best out there, “No questions asked on it but it is so well worth it.” Melanie as a question, “How long does it take people on average to do what’s needed and taught to be ready to start applying for credit with these tricks, Merrill?”

First of all, thank you. I know what you are saying, Melanie, but let’s make sure that we have what’s going on. These aren’t tricks. These are the rules of the game. Now that you know what they are, you do the rules. Follow the rules, and your score, fundability, and approval amounts will go up. I wanted to clarify. Number two is I don’t know if your profile is riddled with a bunch of retail cards or if you have five $30,000 tier-one cards. What I can tell you is that when you go through that fundability index, it will help you establish a timeline for you.

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your Credit

Leveraging Your Credit: You do the rules, follow the rules, and your score goes up, your fundability goes up, and your approval amounts go up.


You got to fill out the software. When you fill out the software, it gives you such a superb estimation of the time to get there. That’s why I have developed the software because I need to know data. Here’s another freebie. You are instructed to do this as part of your homework but if you want the truth of all 31 FICO scores, you are going to go to MyFICO.com.

It’s part of your homework inside of this course to go get it. You can monitor it or you can buy one report and be done but you need the data to put into the software. It’s all there. “Can I use note in my corporate entity?” No. Red flag. Sharla, I’m telling you, it will blow you away. I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday or Thursday. Come and join us. We will do this together. I have been doing this for many years. Do you think I’m going away next year? No. Not a chance.

You are the only non-lender and non-bank at FICO world, aren’t you?

Yes. I am the only non-lender at FICO world getting the intel to bring to you folks. I’m a double agent. At this last FICO, we had this mad intel. FICO upgraded its funding entity software. It’s called SBSS, Small Business Scoring Service. They went to move from 6.0 to 7.0. They told us what the parameters are. We did this. Every single one of our clients and students. Massive pivot. It’s much easier. You will learn it all in this course and our weekly meetings.

A lot of good stuff. Get signed now. Merrill said, GetFundableWCN.com. It’s a special offering for our students, so you should know we like to bring the best here. If you have been with me for a while, I don’t bring on somebody unless I have worked with them or recommend them as a client myself or other students out there.

This is 1 of the 2 things that we believe should be required of everybody. They should be teaching this in high schools and colleges. You have a Finance degree, so this should be. I have studied Finance, and I wasn’t taught any of this stuff in college or anything, even for my MBA and stuff like that, if you want to get an MBA in your practice.

This is way more powerful than an MBA. No joke. Do the course, and act like I’m paying you $100,000 to go through the course, so you won’t be like, “I have done three hours.” Finish the course. Once you finish that course, you tell me if you need to do an MBA. That’s a bold statement. I will show you the key to financing personal purchases and funding your business for the rest of your lives.

It’s the truth. That’s why we bring you on every time because it’s always changing the world.

In the Funding Hackers Tuesday and Thursday meetings, we stay caught up with exactly what’s going on. I participate in FICO and all these different lender trades and the bank trade rags. I know exactly where the direction is going. I interpret it not as a lender but for you and me as borrowers. Every week, we do a news update about what’s going on out there so we know how to pivot and take advantage of every single opportunity out there.

What Merrill said on there is that you don’t want to have any of those words in the title of your company. You don’t have that anywhere in your title.

In the title or business purpose. You are going to learn all that. It’s going to blow you away. When you go through that section, that entity secrets, you are going to be like, “Where have you been all my life, Merrill Chandler.” Swear to Budha.

You recommend keeping the entity doing and a name change with the Secretary of State once you get a name.

Watch it first. Don’t do anything until you get through the course because you are going to learn so many things, and then you will be able to ask better questions in the Funding Hackers, and we will dial it into your specific situation.

Watch it, learn it, and regurgitate it. Trust me. Get through it. You will be blown away by all the personal and business sides of things. We had you at the beginning here. It was 300 false myths out there that people think one thing if you are taking actual myths, you are only hurting yourself.

That’s not even including your access. We are over 500 myths now that we are doing all of our social content. You are going to be able to subscribe to @GetFundable Instagram, and soon we will be on TikTok. You are going to be getting all these myths. It’s crazy what’s going on out there. Learn to fly. I’m your Morpheus.

Merrill, thank you so much for coming here to the Virtual Note Buying Workshop. As always, over-delivering and an amazing offering for folks out there.

Thank you. You be well. I can’t wait to see you soon.

See you in the group.


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About Merrill Chandler

NCS 705 | Leveraging Your CreditFor over 25 years, Merrill Chandler, a co-founder of Lexington Law Firm, has been the pointy-edge-of-the-spear regarding the education of Borrowers in how to improve their borrowing opportunities and success.

During that time, Merrill developed a process to optimize personal and business credit profiles to improve a borrower’s “Fundability.” Based upon this concept, he founded GetFundable.com to deliver his revolutionary technology to entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors who want easy, no-hassle, approvals.

In 2016, Merrill met with FICO CEO, Will Lansing, to review the impact GetFundable.com optimization technology was having on a borrower’s “fundability.” As a result of that meeting, Merrill was authorized to meet with FICO’s Score Development Teams. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, Merrill was able to quiz FICO developers about their credit profile metrics so that he could better assist borrowers in accomplishing their funding needs. Merrill and members of his team have been to every FICO World Conference since then with a commitment to continually improve Fundability Optimization and significantly improving Borrower’s funding approvals.


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