EP NC 20 – Mobile Marketing in the 21st Century with Jim Koch

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Anybody in business knows you’ve got to invest in tools. In this day and age, mobile phones are the best form of communication on the planet. Mobile marketing has become even more important in getting the message out to your tribe because they provide a much more efficient way of communicating. Jim Koch with Mobit Mobile Messaging discusses how to effectively use text and SMS marketing in your real estate marketing. He shares you want to automate as much as possible because this improves or turbo boosts what you’re doing and you build your list.

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Mobile Marketing in the 21st Century with Jim Koch

Every time we do a different Note CAMP, I start to bring on new speakers. When I talked to Stephanie about, “Who do we need to have on Note CAMP 5.0? We’ve got to expand our marketing. What are some of the things that we’re doing and who were some of the people and the vendors that we love? We’ve got to have Jim on. We’ve got to have Jim and Jim can verify that.” I reached out to him a couple times. We played phone tag back and forth with the busy schedule, but there are vendors out there that do a great job. We all love them but there are specific companies that go way above and beyond to help you implement things and that’s what I love about Mobit and Jim’s whole crew. They do a tremendous job. It’s been one thing that has helped us dramatically with our note and real estate and our speaking side of what we do with getting the message out to our tribe. Jim, we are honored to have you. Thank you for being here. We’re jacked up and I know you’re going to share a lot of great stuff with our Note CAMPers.

Thank you so much for inviting me. My name is Jim Koch. I’m the Senior Vice President and one of the shareholders of Mobile Technologies. Mobit is the leader in smart mobile messaging and marketing automation. When there are platforms that come out, there’s ones that tend to be more evolutionary. In other words, they’re attacking the market and they’re improving the services or the way the app works on an already existing good idea. We go a little bit beyond that. We tend to think of ourselves as revolutionary and I’m going to be sharing examples from many different industries, but I’ve got some specifically from the industries that you guys find yourselves in.

We’re thankful that Scott not only uses Mobit but has invited us to participate in this event. He’s used it in many different facets, for his live events, attendance, reaching out to people. The key thing to understand is Scott got marketing automation many years ago. He uses other tools that you’ll probably hear about today. Other CRMs that exists like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, MailChimp and other types of tools, but the engagement that he gets via mobile and the way our platform works has transformed parts of his business. Let’s go ahead and start with why mobile marketing? Why mobile marketing at all? It’s a dumb question. Some of you probably are doing it on your mobile phone. This is where people are at. Why is Mobit different than other of text providers? We’re certainly not a text marketing company. We do utilize text in parts of our platform. Why not? It’s the best form of communication on the planet and I’ll show you why.

Why automation is important? We are a marketing automation platform first and foremost, so we’ll cover that. How have others used marketing automation? Some of you already do this. This may either improve or turbo boost what you’re doing. If you’ve always wanted to do marketing automation but it seems too difficult, now might be a good time to look at this especially since we focused on the mobile world. How do you build your list? That’s a big question people always ask me. Mobile marketing is permission based only. There is no spam. There are laws around what you can do, which is a good thing. It protects the channel and if you work hard and know what you’re doing, you can have quite a bit effectiveness. What’s the return on investment? I’m not talking about the cost of these tools and platforms. Anybody in business knows you’ve got to invest in tools. Anybody who’s a framer needs to buy a hammer. If you’re a concrete man, you’ve got to have a concrete mixer. If you’re trying to do business without tools, it makes it difficult. What I want to talk about is not just the return on investment for the tool, but the time that you spend on your marketing. You want to make sure that you get that return on investment. If you still haven’t bought into the power of SMS or text marketing, the idea that when you send somebody a message that they’re going to read it instantly, this reminder will help you.

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: When you do mobile marketing, there is no spam blocking or junk filtering.

When people get a text message, they read it. This is where you can engage with people. This is where the journey starts. If you’re still questioning, why don’t you pull out your smartphone and take a look at how many unopened text messages or unread text messages you have. Probably one. How many unread emails do you have? That’s going to be probably pretty scary. I met Scott at a marketing conference years ago and I remember women coming up telling me that she had over 100,000 unread emails and she had zero unread texts. I engage with people all the time. I’m about 8,000 unread emails at this point. We read our text messages. There are over 6 billion people on the planet that have access to text messaging. There’s nothing that even comes close to that. 98% of all the text messages that are sent are opened. In the last year, we’ve seen this 93% figure grow as well. Text messages are being read even faster as you can see from the video. A 93% open rate within one to three minutes, what other form of communication is even close to that? Certainly not a phone call. People don’t even answer their phone anymore. Do you ever get voicemail? I don’t check voicemail. Send me a text message if you’re trying to reach me or worse yet, this user has not set up their voicemail. Text messages get through and we wanted to reinvent the way marketing was done.

We looked at a lot of email marketing automation platforms that we’d been using for many years. We sold our consultancy business for several million dollars and we built our own platform to utilize the channel and leverage it to a greater extent and that’s what we’re going to be showing you today. We heavily focused on the click-through rate. The click-through rate on a text is when you send a text, whether it’s a plain text or an MMS, when people click on the link, they’re going to go somewhere. We wanted to build an integrated mobile landing page builder where you could set up offers, get people to engage, to schedule a consultation with you, take a look at some properties in the area, learn how they can finance a particular piece of real estate, whatever it might be. Our click-through rates look like 58% for some of our clients, which is massive. When you do mobile marketing, there is no spam blocking or junk filtering. There are rules in what you can do, but the nice thing is when you send a message, it gets through. It’s not blocked by Gmail and you certainly can’t get in trouble by spamming people because you can’t do that. 93% of all the traffic on Facebook is via someone’s mobile phone. That’s ticked up to about 94.5% now. When people are viewing Facebook, they’re typically on their phone and you need a mobile optimized experience. That’s what we’re focused on. The average mobile user looks at their phone 150 times a day. For some of you, it might be even higher than that. Either way, this is where people are.

Some of you have been doing some email marketing or aspire to. If you’ve gotten ahead and you’ve already got a list of 5,000 people and you’re sending out email notifications, promotions, want to have an event or trying to connect with your list, you’ll probably recognize some of these statistics. MailChimp, who’s the 800 pound gorilla in the email marketing space, pun intended. Notice that the open rate is dropping significantly. In the last eighteen months, it’s dropped 6% but on average, if you were to send 5,000 emails out, you would see that the open rate is about 18% on average. You may have higher than that or lower. I met with a company who has 34,000 emails and their open rate has dropped to 8%.They’re in Dire Straits. They’re looking for an opportunity to change that. If you sent out an email to 5,000 people and 18% of the people open that, that’s 900. MailChimp also tells us that the click-through rate at best is about 2%, meaning 5,000 people on your list and only 100 are engaging with the content that you’re sending them. These emails take a long time to design, to plan out and everything, and to get that engagement’s demoralizing.

100 people out of 5,000? Let’s take apples to apples comparison about what this would look like numbers-wise. If we were to send a text to 5,000 people with an open rate that we’re seeing of 98%, that means virtually everybody, 4,900 people are going to open the text. How many people clicked through? With 58% click-through rates, that gives us 2,800 people. More than half of the intended audience is engaging with the content that we’ve sent them and that click-through is going through to a mobile landing page where they can watch a video, fill out a form, book a consultation, review some opportunities to invest, all kinds of things. Let’s look at this right next to each other. 5,000 emails versus 5,000 mobile messages, 100 versus 2,800, that’s incredible. You’re probably saying, “Jim, I don’t have 5,000 people I can send a mobile message to.” What would a smaller list do? Let’s reduce it by ten times. We’ll say, “What if in the first couple of months I’m able to generate a list of 100, 200, maybe even500?” Ten times smaller with the open rate and click-through rates being the same, you’re still getting two and a half times the engagement. With only 500, I can perform 5,000 emails every day of the week. It wouldn’t be hard to reach people and have them engaged with the content. It’s not just Mobit, it’s SMS.

Where do we go from here? If you can send a text and get that engagement, then we’ve solved all the problems? Not necessarily. Our developers, our team, we wanted to build a platform for marketing purposes. Not just workflow, not just blast out of text. There are a thousand companies that can send this text message you’re looking at but if you want to be professional, if you want to focus on return on investment, this isn’t going to get you anywhere. You might stop in and get the slice of pizza or whatever but if you want to improve your marketing, you need branding, you need engagement, and you need to send something that’s going to get their attention. There’s a lot of noise out there and you’ve got to be able to get people’s attention. If you’re focused on conversions, how do we even know this converts? This text is extremely boring. We want to automate everything as much as we can. I know that there’s one-to-one communications that has to take place, but for the most part, you want to wait until those people are holding up their hand or saying, “Yes, I’m ready to be served or I’d like to engage with you.” We want to automate as much as possible.

Finally, and most importantly, you got to get some return on your investment. If you’re going to build a marketing campaign and a workflow and send out content, what’s it all for? Maybe it’s a conversion to specifically have a consultation or a meeting or to buy a product. It doesn’t matter. You’ve got to build a system that can do all of these things if you’re going to engage in mobile. That’s what Mobit has done. We created a powerful special formula. We provide you the ability to send those SMS and MMS messages. When they get their text message, an MMS has that video, that image or logo inside the text message itself, making it that much more probable that they’re going to click on the unique link that you send them. When they click on the link, where are they going to go? They can go to your website, if that’s what you want to set up, and we can track that. We do have a quick and easy to use, interactive, mobile landing page builder. This is where you can quickly set up meetings, webinars, in person seminars, all kinds of different things. Our landing page builder’s dynamic so we can push content. You’ll notice that this text was sent to Jane, and her name appears right here in the landing page. The date and time of the upcoming event that she’s scheduled is all merged to the landing page. We can add intelligent lead forms. Everything that happens on this page is going to be tracked. It’s a beautiful and easy way to build web presentations.

Everything’s based on automation that we do. If somebody watches your video or fills out a form and we need to notify sales, anything that happens on that page we can trigger automation off. That’s a powerful piece. We are a CRM. This isn’t a CRM to replace Top Producer or some other type of real estate or financial. This isn’t going to eliminate your need for red tail if you’re doing any type of things in the financial world. The CRM is to keep your list, all your mobile listed in one place, be able to segment it and then for compliance purposes we have a record of every text that you’ve sent or received from your prospective companies or users. You’re also asking, “Jim, you said this isn’t going to replace Salesforce or whatever I’m using. Can you connect to them?” Absolutely. We connect to over 1,100 applications whether you’re using something like HubSpot. If you want to do some Facebook advertising, you use MailChimp. We connect everybody.

Let’s take a look at what it means to close the marketing loop. How are we able to increase conversions? How is it different? Let’s look at a basic call to action. In marketing, we say a call to action. You’ve told somebody on a postcard, on your website, on a radio ad, in person, go ahead and text a short word to a short number. You’ve seen this before. You’ve probably seen it used by Scott if you’ve been in this community for a while. When people text a short word to a number, their phone number goes directly into the Mobit CRM. If you’re using something like Infusionsoft, we can create a contact record there as well, but when they text in they’re going to be greeted with a message.

Let me give you a personal example why this is important. My wife and I had two wonderful boys and we wanted to have another child, but she was having some back problems. I’m going to work. I’m on the freeway and I hear this doctor come on and he says, “I’m doctor so and so from the Spine Institute of Arizona. If you would like to learn about our new back technique that doesn’t need surgery.” I’m listening to this going, “This is great. This is what I need.” He gets to his call to action for me at the end of his ad and he said, “Just go to our website, http://www.scottsdalespineinstituteofarizona.com/technique,” and obviously, I’m pretty frustrated at it as a consumer. He should be frustrated because he spent a lot of money to use that megaphone of radio and it didn’t get him anywhere. I never went and visited him. The phone number he gave I’m not going to remember any of that but if he had said text Spine to 72000. Three important things were going to happen. He was going to capture my phone number instantly. I’m going to receive some logo or beautiful image of his business. I’m going to be able to click on a link and watch a video of his technique or go to a quick landing page where I could see the bullet points of what he had to offer.

One, lead capture. Two, instant gratification for the consumer wanting to learn more. Then three, follow-up because it’s one thing if people go to a website like yours and fill out a form, that’s great. What if they don’t? What if they bounce? What can you do at that point? Pretty much nothing. You can build some Google remarketing and you can spend a lot of money on retargeting. The goal is to have them fill out the form, have it go into the CRM, integrate with your system and go from there. I’m a marketing automation. I’m in growing conversion, so I want to know what happens if they don’t fill out the form. Of any other method you’d probably be out, but not with us, and I’m going to show you why. Once they come to this page, we’ve already captured their mobile number, and we can remarket to them and trip on them accordingly to nudge them through the process.

Let’s take a look at these landing pages and why they’re powerful. You have Jane gets a dynamic text. Let’s say you do a broadcast to 1,000 people. You can merge in the first name and then we’re going to auto-generate a unique link for every single person. You don’t have to do it, it’s automatic and why is that in mbit.ly link, which we own the domain mbit.ly. Why is that important? A couple of reasons. One, we’ll be able to track not only how many people went to the page but which people and then once they’re on the page, we’re passing dynamically all of their content information right to the page. We can merge in the time of the consultation you have with them on the property they’re looking at, the type of investments. Anything that we want. If they click on this button to book their seat, confirm a consultation or fill out a form. We know that they did that and if they don’t do that. Some of you may be old enough to remember a show called Candid Camera. Candid Camera was hosted by a gentleman named Allen Funt and his daughter, Juliet. Juliet has a thriving business and she goes around the country speaking as she also has direct consultation services that she works with businesses to increase the amount of white space. She came to me many years ago and said, “I heard you’re an expert in helping people capture leads, follow-up, automation and all of that via mobile. Can you tell me how we do this?” I said, “Absolutely.”

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: We saved them money and we made them money all at the same time

When she was at her presentation, she would say, “If you want to learn more about what I’m doing, I’d love to give you an exclusive video and some white paper content. Text Juliet to 72000.” By doing that, she’s going to be capturing their information. There were 1,200 people in the room and out of the 1,200 people, 1,100 people texted in. She’s instantly captured 1,100 mobile numbers. She needs their permission to market to them any further but it said something like reply yes to get my white paper in video. It was signed by Juliet and then there was some proper terms and conditions underneath that. Out of the 1,100 people, 860 people replied yes. She built a list of 860 people at one event. Of the 860, remember they’re at the presentation hall at the Marriott in LA and they’re distracted. We knew not everybody would fill out the form immediately but 240 people did. That means 860 people are on her mobile list and now 240 people have opted in for her email list. She wanted first time and email, but depending on what you’re trying to learn about the prospect, you might want to know, “Is this somebody interested in having me speak? Do they want to buy my eLearning series?” In your case, it’s going to be different being in the world of investment and real estate. She wanted only to be notified or her sales team if somebody checked the box they were interested in having her speak because that’s a hot lead.

I don’t know exactly what she makes, but I’m sure it’s north of $10,000. It’s pretty important that she get on that lead right away. Only 240 people filled out this form. For anybody else, is it over? Is that it? Is that all we’re going to get? In most systems, it would be, but not with Mobit. What we did was in the system, we scheduled a delay timer and this delay timer was going to wait two hours past the event from when someone comes in. It waits two hours and it looks for a specific tag. We were tagging everybody who would complete the form, but anybody who didn’t complete the form, we’ll set up to get a reminder text and it was a basic reminder. The text says, “It looks like you didn’t complete the form to get your free stuff. Please click here.” When they did that, another 160-people filled out the form. That’s significant just from an automated reminder but we weren’t done. We waited two days later and had a programmed automated reminder that went out, except this time, it was a little video in the text. Imagine something like this, “Hi, this is Juliet. I spoke to you at the Marriott two days ago, but it looks like you haven’t claimed my free gifts? This is your last chance. Click on the link below.” When people did that two days later, remember it only went out to the people who hadn’t taken action yet, and I believe that was about 360 left, 260 more people filled out this form, giving the grand total of 660 of the 860 to also fill out the form. We increased the conversions by 74% by three main ways. One, automation. Two, SMS delivery because the open rate is high. Three, the professional nature of the whole thing. Automation, SMS, and the fact that this is pretty beautiful with images, video, and landing pages.

Let’s talk about some event or consultation examples in the investment world. We have a client named The Property Apprentice. The Property Apprentice likes to hold live seminars to teach people about how they can invest in real estate and so forth. They were spending a lot of money on radio, which you’ve probably heard the Than Merrill and other types of radio promotions throughout the nation trying to get people to live events. They were spending about $30,000 a month on radio ads but their radio ad call to action was as bad as the spine doctors, “Go to our website, call this number.” We came alongside them and we said, “There’s a better way.” I’m going to show you exactly every step along the way that we did for them but in the end, you’re going to see that we increased the attendance by 200% and they were able to reduce their radio spend by $15,000. We saved them money and we made them money all at the same time. Their problem was there was no ability for them to truly measure what their radio advertising response was. Measuring the ROI from their live events and seminars was difficult too. People would show up and they would attend, but they couldn’t follow up with them later properly or if they could they could only do it via email, we’ve already seen the problem with that. Delivering follow-up content was difficult and the 90% of their emails were not being opened. Imagine the frustration. Some of you haven’t built a large email list yet. I’m here to say, “You missed that boat, but it’s okay because there’s a new boat that’s come in. Don’t worry about it.” They changed it and they said on the radio ad, “Text Ticket to 268.” When people did, they got an automated response that allowed them to start going through the process to register for the upcoming seminar in their area. They’d get a video, a click-through link and once they did that, it would take them to a landing page.

On this landing page, you’ll see it’s not only dynamic but it’s got a dropdown where they would select the location of where the event was going on and the best day and time for them to go to it. When they would register for this event, we go ahead and fill it in here, Jenny puts in her email, her phone number. That contact form would be sent to the CRM and in it would store all the dynamic content. The user then would be sent a dynamic thank you page, “Hi, Jenny. Thank you for signing up for the seminar. Here’s how to build property wealth in a hundred days, a free gift for you, and we’ll notify you before your event.” It’s going to go into our system and we’re going to have a delayed timer that will then send her a text on the day of her seminar and a link with directions and everything. She came to the landing page, the dynamic content for the location, the time and everything else. A lot of people want to have a trackability of who shows up to these seminars that they sign up for.

This could be a webinar too. 80% of the people that attend our webinars do so from text and it’s all automated just by clicking on the link from a text, people register for our webinars. It’s cool. When this goes out, it can also come with a digital ticket. When they show up in person, they can check in. It’s all digital. The day of the event, it’ll send them a text. They click on the landing page of the person checking them in, applies a tag to them, and now we know that they’ve attended. When they’ve attended it, we can set up their coaching plan, send them through a new process, and thank them for doing that. If they didn’t attend the event, we know because they didn’t check in. We can send bubble follow-ups to try to either get them to another event and present them with a special offer. Hopefully, they’ll go through a coaching plan and become a new customer eventually but if not, we can drop them more into like a long-term nurture sequence. Maybe they weren’t ready to proceed but you can do that soon. Mobit transformed their entire lead generation and follow-up and they absolutely love our product. It worked well for them.

Let’s do a quick overview of the platform. Mobit integrates with pretty much every CRM out there. If you use any of these applications that we’ve been discussing, I can show you how we can pass information from one to the next. Let’s take look at what the landing page builder looks like. Some of you are going, “I’m no web designer. I had somebody else built my website. I don’t get into the webpage thing.” Every single person can design a webpage easily. Our landing page builder was built for the easiest of use. It’s built in something called angular JS or Java script. If you can drag a button onto a page, you can do this. Whether it’s a logo or a video, everything you drag on there is pixel perfect. It’s more like painting and then the block format that you’ve probably been familiar with in the past. If you want to drop an image on there, a video, a button, a form, all you got to do is use your mouse. Everyone can do this. It’s super easy and everything you put on the page is trackable.

This is one of the things that makes it great. I’m not the most technical savvy of building stuff, but it dummies proof your building.

Have you ever built something even on an email? There’s a company called Email on Acid. You send them the email that you’ve designed and spent all this time and they’ll send it through and they check what it looks like on 58 different email clients. They send back a report and you have to make decisions there, “How do I want it to look it on Gmail? How do you want to look at,” I’ve been doing email marketing for fifteen years and sales marketing for 25 years. When I want something to look the way I want it to look, I want to be able to make that happen. What Scott’s saying is it’s not always easy, but it’s pixel perfect. However you design it is exactly how it will look on their page. That’s important for me. That’s pretty much the only overview I wanted to give on the landing page builder. We’re multi-channel. When you designed this landing page, where is it going to be? You get a unique link for every page you design.

You can design as many as you want in your flow, your funnel or a standalone page. You can have other people link to it through all of these methods. Some of you are looking at in the bottom left at that QR code and you’re like, “Jim, seriously? QR?” Apple uploaded a new feature to the iPhone. If you point your camera at a QR code, it automatically reads the QR and it’ll take you to any page that’s associated with that QR. We’ve had it built in the system for four years. Some people use it for direct mail or any print. You can put it on the back of your business card but it’s great. Now you point your iPhone at it and you’re good to go. Android, I don’t know yet, but I’m sure it’ll be along pretty soon. If you send out an email you can link to this page. Most email is read on a mobile phone. If you’re not doing mobile pages, somebody’s going to hit you on the head with a marketing hammer saying, “you got to focus on mobile.” You can send out a text and then to the social media. On the other side of the things within our platform, we have a drag and drop, a campaign builder.

Automation is goal, actions and triggers. If you have a goal that says, “When somebody fills out my form, I want it to apply a tag and I want to alert Susie back in the office. I want to know that John is going to be on this lead immediately.” We can set up field timers, actions, triggers. We can tag people based on where they attended an event. When you talk to them, every person who books in a consultation with me is tagged. When the consultation is over, I’m sent an alert that says, “Did the person attend the meeting? Are they interested in moving forward?” I can press a series of buttons and it drops people into dedicated sales funnels. If you know anything about marketing automation, this may look familiar to you. If you don’t, it’s okay. We’re one of the easiest marketing automation platforms to set up and we help you do it when you get started. As you’re learning, we’ll get your campaign moving. That’s the campaign automation.

Let’s look at a couple of awesome features that we have and then we’re going to dive into some more case studies. Hopefully, you guys are starting to translate this to your business. I don’t know how many examples I’m going to have specifically for you, but I’ve built over a thousand campaigns for different businesses in all different areas. I’m talking plumbers, bowling alleys, youth camps, insurance agents, wealth advisors and everybody. It’s all over the place. Here are some bigger names that you might know of that use Mobit. Another marketing automation platform that you’ll hear from later, most likely uses Mobit, the PGA, Marriott, Real Wealth Network, lots of different companies that you might have heard of.

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: The return on investment on apps now is below 2% and the number of people that download an app and only open it once is 92%.

We had Kathy Fettke, the CEO of Real Wealth Network on. She uses it religiously with her podcast and things like that and we use it. You’ll have Clate Mask with Infusionsoft on. This is a great tool to help you connect on things.

It’s a tool and you need the right tools in your tool bag and that’s why we’re talking. This is the future. It’s now but it’s also the continued future. Mobile’s not going away anywhere anytime soon. We can do some cool stuff on mobile like we showed you video. If you’re selling jeans, this is a great way to go. These can be all kinds of videos. I’ll show you some examples. MMS is a fantastic way to engage people. The Marriott in New Orleans was going to build a mobile app that’s very old thinking. Build a mobile app, that’s what I’ve got to do. Getting people to download your app is a problem. Once they download the app, getting people to opt in for messaging is hard. That’s the first thing that pops up, “Do you want allow for notifications?” Everybody says no. It’s not a great way to engage with people and the Marriott was going to spend north of $25,000 on an app. I said, “Can you give me two days? I can eliminate your costs for the most part and I can have this up and running in no time.” What they wanted to happen is when people checked into the hotel, they wanted an ability to service them. They put a little pop-up tent next to the nightstand that says, “Text Marriott to 72000. We can be of service to you for anything.” When people would do that, they would come to a landing page.

As you’ve already seen from the landing page builder, we can make it look like an app. If you want menus and buttons, think about this for your business. You’re thinking, “I’d love to have a mobile app but I don’t want to spend $25,000.” Have somebody text a word like Investment to 72000 or homes or loan or note or whatever words that are available within the system and when they text it, they can come to a series of options. In this case, each button would lead to a dedicated page. If somebody had a housekeeping need, they would click on the button like it was an app and they would come to a dedicated form. They put in their last name, room number and what they need, “I need some towels, a toothbrush and the guy next to me is snoring too loud, can you tell him to keep it down?” Whatever the request might be, when they submit this, it then goes to the housekeeping department and they’re notified that Mr. Johnson, Room 226 needs some toothpaste.

We functionally did everything they needed without the cost of an app and not the difficulty of having people download an app. The return on investment on apps now is below 2% and the number of people that download an app and only open it once is 92%.This is different. You’re building a mobile list and long after they left the Marriott, the Marriott, New Orleans could reach out to them and say, “It’s been a couple of months. Why don’t you come back to New Orleans and enjoy some jazz and some good food.” It’s a fantastic way to grow your list, be of service to people and engage them. With these guys, we eventually took all their catering and to go orders off their hands too. We automated the whole way where people can place orders.

PGA came to us and they said, “We’ve got this huge thick book.” Some of your golfers and you’ve seen the old entertainment books and people carry those around in their car and so forth.PGA had a similar thing. If you had the golf pass, you would carry around this book and you’re going back and you would go to a golf resort and you’d use the coupons and so forth. I said, “Let’s digitize all that. You are spending $12,000 to print this thing. Let’s digitize it.” Here’s Rick and Rick wants to schedule around at the Augusta Ranch. He clicks on it to redeem it, schedule his round and once that happens, a tag is applied in the system that says you’ve successfully redeemed your coupon. We would know that Rick was at that golf resort the day he used it. If he ever tried to use that coupon again, it would say, “We’re sorry Rick, you’ve already used this,” and check out all the other golf courses in the area that you can use. What the PGA can do in partnership with the golf course is now target Rick next season or three months later that says, “We saw the you golfed here at Augusta. We trust that you had a great round of golf. Why don’t you come back?” It allows retargeting specifically to those users. I know you don’t run golf courses or maybe you do. Either way, I’m trying to show you that we’re tracking people all the way through the process and we know what they’re doing, which is important.

Clate Mask is the CEO and Co-Founder of Infusionsoft, another marketing automation platform that we use internally along with several others. When we started our business, we had a direct API integration with Infusionsoft and quickly became their number one messaging partner. Internally, Infusionsoft’s been using Mobit for their events, for all types of mobile engagement and Clate uses it himself. What I wanted to let you know is 85% of our clients don’t have Infusionsoft anymore. I shouldn’t say it that way. 85% of our customers don’t have Infusionsoft. We still have a ton of Infusionsoft customers but we’ve grown outside of that ecosystem because there are lots of other industries. Some of you may have had Infusionsoft but now you have something else. We connect to everybody. The connection we do have with Infusionsoft is solid. If you do have them, I can talk about that further with you individually.

People love our platform. We have no shortage of endorsements. I even throw Scott’s up there again but what people say about our platform and about our team is that we’re extremely helpful. We have a white-glove mentality where we get you going and get you off the ground. Let’s talk about how you build a mobile list because that’s going to be one of the biggest things. Most of you cannot text a person. You don’t even have one person on there. How do you do that? I’m going to cover five of the top ways: email, social media, SMS itself, direct mail and your website. Not necessarily in that particular order. You’re saying, “Jim, email. Seriously?” You told me how the open rates were bad. Two’s better than one. Two channels that you’ve got to use both of them and a lot of you have a large email list or some email list and we want to leverage what we can. Let’s do both. Let’s talk about how you use email to grow your mobile list. Here is the most basic example I could come up with and a proof of concept. This is an Amish farmers market in Ohio. Amish farmers market in Ohio.

If Ron can do it, you can do it. No, Ron is not Amish. He’s Protestant, but he does use technology. It’s the vendors that are Amish. Ron is the son of the man who started the first Amish farmers market in Pennsylvania way back in early 1900s. Ron called me up he said, “Jim, I’m using Infusionsoft and doing email marketing and nobody opens my emails anymore and I’m ticked. Every week on Wednesday evening, I send out an alert of some of the vendor promotions and stuff that are going on and no one reads it,” and I said, “That’s not true.” I said, “Somebody opens it.” He goes, “That’s true. I guess some do. I have a list of 6,000 people and my open rate’s about 17%.” I said, “You’ve got 17%?” He goes, “I don’t care about that. I want to grow a mobile list. I want to do mobile. How do we do that?” I go, “First thing we’re going to do is send an email.” He goes, “Jim, you’re not listening to me.” I said, “I am but we know a thousand people are going to open an email if you send it.” He’s like, “Yes.” I said, “Let’s come up with some reason for them to join your mobile list.” In your case, those in our audience are like, “I don’t give out $10 gift cards,” but you could offer join my mobile VIP list and enter to win and Amazon $100 gift card. You could do that but I’m more thinking book a free consultation with me, receive my ten tips on how to do X, Y, Z. Offer them what we call lead magnet in the email to click through on the link or text Ron to 72000 to get that deal.

I had no idea what the conversion rate would be from an Amish farmers market. I was hoping he’d get a couple of hundred mobile subscribers to get them going. I was way off. He got a thousand. He virtually had a 100% opt-in rate. He was able to grow a pretty sizable mobile list quickly. Ron ceased to do any email marketing from that day forward, focused purely on mobile, put up signs at the marketplace that says, “Text Marketplace to 72000 to get weekly promotions and updates,” and he was off to the races. If he can do it, you can do it.

Here’s Flow and she’s selling insurance. You’ve come to the website and your shop and you’re trying to find out if they have RV insurance and you decide that you’re going to leave the website, and something pops up. Instead of asking for your email, it’s like, “Receive VIP offers.” This isn’t a progressive example. I’m showing you a standard website pop-up. We work with and integrate with a company called Picreel. Picreel is a website conversion optimization tool. It’s like OptinMonster. What it does is it not only has exit offer pop ups but based on who the person is and if they’re in your CRM. Mobit, they’ll know if they’ve been to your site and if they’ve purchased something before. This exit offer could pop up and say, “Welcome back, John. Hope you enjoyed that course you took from me or if you have questions, please give me a call.” It’s another way for you to capture information. Whether it’s a contact us form on your website, which is the standard gold boring thing. You update that capture mobile number and will trigger a text to go out to them to get that confirmation, or you could have something neat like a pop-up that gathers their mobile number and people say, “I don’t know. Who’s going to want to give their mobile number, Jim?” If they won’t give you their contact information, is it a real prospect? How interested are they? Do you want to fill up your email list with a bunch of people that isn’t interested? My wife, I had a birthday this week. My wife has a birthday email. I say, “What’s a birthday email?” It’s the email she uses to get all her free birthday crap. Guess how often she checks that email inbox? Once a year. “Where am I getting my free ice cream? Where are we going to dinner this year?” Just getting someone’s email doesn’t prove anything. If you want to deal with people interested in what you have to do, what you have to sell and engage with you, they’ll give you their contact information. If they don’t, they’re a waste of time anyway.

Let’s talk about other website examples. On our website, what we typically do is we’ve grown quite a bit and I can’t do it one-to-one anymore. What we’ve decided to do is build an automated sales funnel. People come to our website and they go, “I want to get a free demo. What’s Mobit all about? I heard about it, my friend’s doing it. How can I get started?” They click on get a free demo and they’re greeted with this ugly dude. For a minute and a half, they’re going to hear about why they should do mobile. I’ve got a bunch of tips for them and they should fill out this form below and I’ll give you a copy of my 30-minute presentation. After this minute video, it pops up and we capture their information. This is pretty important because I don’t want to talk to everybody. I only want to talk to people who are interested, that are qualified, and that meets some criteria. On this form I asked for their website, I asked for their marketing spend, what are they looking to spend in the next year to two years on marketing.

When they submit this form, they’re guided to a destination that’s going to lead to a consultation with someone on my team. Here’s the 30-minute presentation they go through and they watch it. We have pop ups along the way. Are you ready to get started? It educates them on everything Mobit. It’s doing all the work for me. When they click on the link to book a consultation, we’ve already had their information. It’s going to pre-populate the form on Calendly, which syncs with my personal work calendar, shows availability and we’re going to have a strategy consultation about their specific business. Really easy, works well and we do that through our website. If they fill out that form but they don’t proceed through any process, they’re going to get a welcome video via text from me and go into a fourteen-day nurture sequence.

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: A traditional ad means you design an ad and when people click on it, they’re going to go off to a landing page and that landing page could be built in our system.

Most of the people that see our product buy within a few minutes. Some people need a couple of weeks. This is not a long time the research project for most people, but in that fourteen day sequence, they’ll receive different reminders every few days if they haven’t booked in with a personalized text and email that says, “Click here to schedule a call with one of our experts,” and so forth. We’ve built that automated sales funnel to begin, if somebody starts on our website, but we also do it through Facebook. Once you build a sales funnel, some communication funnel, you can have several entrance points to it. Every page that you design with Mobit comes with a unique link and you can post that link anywhere. You can also have a call to action using the short word to a short number. That’s really simple. That’s just posting.

Let’s talk about Susan Sly. Susan is a client of mine here in Scottsdale. She’s a wealthy woman. She’s grown her business and loves marketing automation. She uses a couple tools, but she had nothing for mobile. Nobody’s doing what we’re doing in the mobile world. She picked up Mobit and within a few hours we had a campaign set up for her and she was already posting it on social media. Now anybody can post something on social media, Instagram, Twitter, anywhere you want. You can have a link or you can have a call to action to text a word. Slightly different process but it achieves the same thing. She also ran some Facebook ads and I can show you how we did that. First of all, let’s say they texted in Organized to 72000. Like Juliet Funt, they’re greeted with a beautiful image here of Susan and her brand. You’ll see that it says reply Yes. That’s a quick call to action at the front of the sentence. We’ve done this guy’s a thousand times for different brands and companies. When you work with us, you get the benefit of all of that knowledge and we can’t impart that to you. We’re not going to have you watch a thousand marketing videos to get it all. We’re going to help you get started. When they reply yes, they’re sent off to a dedicated page where they can get her eBook on Organize Your Life. She had instantly hit 250 mobile subscribers when she posted this on her Facebook page and 190 of them also filled out the form providing their email address and personal name. That was pretty good. 76%, we know what we’re doing. If they didn’t fill out the form, they get those reminders.

In this case, she wants to send them to a thank you page, tell her a little bit more about what she’s about. They can also view and download the organizer that she promised them or jump to her website. That’s it. There’s no selling here. All she’s trying to do is love on her prospects, give them something for free and build a list. She’s list building at this point, but she already had some things set up to go out a week later. What happened was everybody went into a waiting basket or a timer and then got a video from her that said, “I hope you’ve been enjoying the Organize Your Life PDF. If you want to take my six-week virtual course on Organizing Your Life, you can get $100 discount if you buy today.” That’s what people do. They nurture people by giving them something free. I’m putting them in the sales funnel. Sometimes you want to wait three weeks before you try to pitch somebody on buying something. Some of you have heard of the trip wire offer. A trip wire offer is you come up with some unbelievable deal just to engage with you. I’ve helped lots of people build that process of offering something for $97 that’s eventually going to lead to an offer of $30,000, some package but that’s what you do. You turn them into a customer and once they’re a customer, they typically will buy more from you and in larger quantities.

From Facebook you can run Facebook traditional ads. A traditional ad means you design an ad and when people click on it, they’re going to go off to a landing page and that landing page could be built in our system, your website or whatever you want to do. Facebook has to be engaging. Video content is helpful, but when they would click on either of these, they would then be sent through a process where they would fill out a form. We use something called Typeform. We were getting way too many leads on social media when we were blowing up and so we wanted to make it a little bit more difficult. We used something called Typeform that we integrate with and it just asks one little question at a time. We’re asking some more qualified questions like, “What’s your website? Do you have a marketing budget? Tell us a little bit more about you.” It’s a little bit harder to go through this, which is what we want. We only wanted qualified leads and then people would go directly into our mobile funnel that I’ve already shown you.

It’s a similar funnel, while it’s basically the same as if they had clicked from the website. Some of you might have heard of Facebook Lead Ads. If you haven’t, no worries. It’s hard to get to and it’s a whole another world but Facebook determined that people would convert higher inside of the Facebook environment rather than clicking off to a landing page. We did this, but our conversions were way too high. We went back to the traditional method but things might be different for you. I don’t know. The reason these convert much higher is because when you click on a Facebook lead ad and use a Facebook form, the form can auto fill because Facebook knows who you are. If you’ve been in a cave or on the moon for the last week, you might have missed the story that Facebook knows everything about you, unfortunately. When you’re logged into Facebook they know your first name and your email address, so the form auto-populates and that’s why the conversions are high.

It’s a trusted page. It’s not like you’re signing up for something in Southeast Asia and you’re going to get spammed all kinds of weird stuff from and viruses on your computer and whatnot. In this scenario, because we can integrate with Facebook as soon as they fill out this form on Facebook, we say, “Thank you Facebook.” Now we take that lead. We put them through our sales funnel and we’re communicating with people one on one. Not have to continue to spend Facebook ads on that person. If you’re interested in doing that, we can set that up and talk to you about that. Not the Facebook ad itself, but we can connect your Facebook ad to a mobile marketing sales funnel. From print, some of you might hand out business cards, promotional cards. You might have a live event where you hand somebody something. We talked about the QR code, you can put this in a magazine ad. Every page you design comes with a unique link. Print is still an option, if that’s the world that you’re in and that you utilize. We have people that run magazine ads and things like that.

Lastly, let’s cover SMS itself. People from the financial world, they basically help people finance homes, they do mortgages, stuff like that and at their events they might say, “Text Join to 72000,” but when people come to these forms, they’re sent to a second page, a qualifying page here. On the second page, they’re going to ask, “Do you already have a mortgage? Has it been refinanced? Are you an investor?” They asked them all these questions and if people fill out this form first form, great. If they don’t fill out the second form, we know it. What I mean by we is Mobit does, and we can send out a reminder that says, “Thank you so much. Can you please fill out the rest of the information before you schedule our consultation?” These forms can look like whatever you want. They can be drop-down menus, check boxes, put in how much money you have, whatever you want to do. Enable Me has been using us now for a while and they’ve told us they couldn’t live without it. That’s all starting from a text to join and that keyword can be anywhere. Social media, billboard, we’ve got an alien hotel out near Vegas that uses our keyword on a big billboard. Anywhere you want to put that.

Some of you might be a little overwhelmed. You’re like, “This all looks great, but I got a life to live. I’ve got kids and I’ve got a business to run. Who’s going to do this for me?” The first campaign will be built by us. That’s mandatory. We’re different than other software companies. You can’t sign up for Mobit online. You can pay for it, but you can’t get going with your campaigns. We need to meet with you personally. I’m going to show you exactly what that looks like. We have a five-star reputation. I’ve already talked a little bit about how we treat our customers and some of the clients that we have but let me go over to what our mobile strategy looks like. When you come online with us, we have to know more about your business because we’re going to help you. We want you to get the most from Mobit and we want you to have that immediately. Scott knows he can call our team anytime and we can help them build out automation campaigns. It starts with a typical 45-minute to an hour consultation. This is where we learn about what you want to do and we also give you some ideas on what to do. Some people are like, “I’ve never done this before.” We know that. That’s why you’re going to be working with a professional marketer one on one. Once we review your website, talk about your business and what you’re doing, and then we hop off the phone. We do a Zoom meeting very much like this and we start building. This is a done for you process at least the first time. We want to integrate it with another system that you might have, design all your landing pages, all the examples you’ve seen so far, our team has built those.

Our clients took it from there and they built their own campaigns and they duplicated what we’ve built by clicking a button. They take it from there, but we want to make sure you get off on the right foot. After about anywhere from three to eight hours, we’re building your campaign and then we notify you when the campaign is done and ready to review. You’ll get an automated email that says, “Let’s book in another time,” and we spend another 45 minutes to an hour going over everything we’ve built. We can make changes, show you how it works and so forth. Then we implement it and we go live and you start using it and over the next couple of weeks we check in, make sure that the campaign is working properly. It’s what you wanted and you’re good to go. From there, we’ve got lots of training videos, we have other professional services if you want to engage with us. Mobit’s pretty easy. Once you have a campaign to look at, it’s in translation of your business. It’ll make a lot more sense to you and you can build those campaigns yourself.

What’s the return on investment? What’s this thing even cost? What kind of results can I see? Let’s look at Steve here. I met Steve at a conference in San Francisco and we were with a group that was going to dinner every night. On the last night he said, “Jim, tell me a little bit about what Mobit does?” I described it in a few minutes. He said, “This is awesome. I’m going on stage. Can you build me a campaign?” I got back from dinner; I’d already had a beer. I’d like to rest for the evening but I said, “I’ll do it for you. Let’s do it.” We went up into this studio suite that he had set up. He was going to be filming a TV show the next day after his speech and we banged it out. We got everything all perfect the way he wanted and built this campaign quickly. He went on stage and he had 90% of the room opt into his campaign. All he was doing was offering a PDF of his book and he said they had 24 hours to download it. There were only 158 people in the room and he wanted to try to see if he could get other engagements, other consultations out of it, speaking gigs and I was like, “I don’t think this audience is going to do that.” He’s like, “Let’s try.” He got ten requests. Steve makes a lot of money to go speak somewhere and he got ten requests to do so.

90% opted in and then that was it. Four days later, we did something cool. Steve went back to his home, north of San Francisco. He lives on a large property up there near George Lucas and he sent out a video. He says, “You should design your life before you design your business. Design your business around your life. A lot of you are working too hard and I can show you how to increase your business and have more time for your life.” Steve basically ran himself into the ground. He run ads for Apple and he had a successful business, but he wanted to make more money but he didn’t want to lose his family. He does this course and he offered a significant discount. This went out and many people signed up for this. He had ten times return on his Mobit investment four days later. This stuff does work.

Alan Berg. He wanted to sell a bunch of books and he came out with a new book. The first time he uses, he made $3,000.We did a unique thing when people would buy the book; there was a coupon. Over the three-day period, if they hadn’t bought the book, they would get reminders to drop by and get the $5 discount. If Mobit is four things in one, what’s a reasonable cost for a tool like this? If you think of SMS, there are lots of tools out there that can offer you the ability to send a text. Most of them are plaint, some of them are not compliant. They’re not going to work with you individually. You can spend anywhere from $100 to a couple hundred dollars getting a text messaging tool out there. If you want to build some landing pages, some of these tools might look familiar with you or to you. Landing pages like Leadpages, ClickFunnels or Unbounce, those are all great. They start at a $100 to a couple of hundred bucks to build some pages, but that’s all they do. Some of them might include email, but then again that gets more costly. CRM, here are some of the big ones. We’re not here to replace your CRM, but we do have a CRM where some of your data can be stored. We do have clients that use Mobit. It depends on how big you are and what you want to do. CRMs, you’re talking about a couple hundred bucks a month. Some of these are $1,500 a month. Down here marketing automation, Infusionsoft is anywhere from $100 to a couple hundred bucks a month, some of these are as little as $79 a month.

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: You should design your life before you design your business. Design your business around your life.

If you want all four of these things, it adds up and we provide all of these things in one tool. Mobit is a really cool tool for people who want to do all these things. If you want to learn more, I’m going to describe a 40% discount that I’m giving to all the Note CAMP attendees. I want to give you the opportunity to text Jim to 72000 and you can get on my counter. I’m personally going to have a strategy call with you. We’re going to talk a little bit more about where you are in the life of your business, what it is that you do, and I’m going to give you examples on ways that we can grow your business. Text Jim to 72000 and book a time in with me. Then I want to go ahead and give you guys the pricing before answering any other questions. This is the promotion and it’s pretty good. We have a lite, pro and enterprise plan. Our lite plan starts as little as a $147 a month. Our pro is $197 and an enterprise is $397. That’s the big boys, the big clients. Lite comes with up to 2,000 contacts within the database. Pro is up to 25,000 contacts. That’s a little bit better. Pro is our most popular and mostly because of this reason. The lite only comes with one key word.

Let’s say the name of your business is Patrick Riley Investments and you want somebody to text Patrick to 72000 to book a consultation with you, but you also want a different keyword on social media where you give away your five tips to success or something like that. Having more keywords is really helpful. Pro gives you up to five different keywords that all can tie to different automated campaigns. Lite is five campaigns, that’s it. That’s as many campaigns as you can have in your account, but pro you can have unlimited, that complete mobile strategy where we’re spending several hours building your campaign. You’re outsourcing your entire marketing to us to have us work with you and build it and set it up the way you want.

Our monthly customers pay full price for that. Obviously we don’t make a lot of money for $147 a month to pay for this awesome system so we know we need to charge for our time, and many of you can respect that. What we’re doing here is if you invest in lite and you commit to the year, we’re not only going to drop the price to $127 a month. That’s $127 times 12. We’re going to upgrade you to pro for free for life. As long as you’re in Mobit’s annual program, next year you would keep that $127. We have increased our pricing five times in four years. It’s gone up and up and up and that’s because the system is powerful and we’ve added many features that the boards like we’re not pricing this thing accordingly.

You’re offering cheaper than what I paid for it a couple years ago. That’s what other people realize. I’m not complaining because I use it, but that’s the thing. It’s a lot cheaper than what I paid, which is great.

It is a limited time, so we’re going to do this for people that book in, meet with me, and I want to move forward. You get the pro account and then we’re also going to discount the on-boarding by $300.You’ve got the lowest price, you’ve got the best plan for the lowest price, and we’re going to take $300 off to onboard you and this is not a setup fee, it’s not just because it’s work that’s being done. It’s a lot of professional hours we’re spending on your business to help you build a list.

I want to give people some ideas on things that they can use this for in their note business. I’ve got a couple of different keywords and I use it when I’m out speaking. If either I’m at a conference or I’m at a REIA Club meeting, I’ll use this when I’m speaking. If you’d like to get my slides, just text the word Notes to 72000 and then they get a link to my slides. They also get a link to the videos, which would be a great thing for you guys, too.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, text Brady to 72000 to learn about my business or if you want to get in my investor’s list, text the word Invest to 72000. You start building people into your database and then they send a link. They opt in and you can then send them back the investor questionnaire to help out with it. I use it also, especially when I’m out on different radio shows or different podcast guests. I even use it on my own podcast. We’ll say, “Can I get more information?” I know that some people have a little bit of an error. Sometimes AT&T doesn’t work too well. You ever run into that Jim when there’s an error message or something like that from people where they’re like.

No, not with AT&T. I know that back in the day when we were all paying 10¢ per text message, there was a box you could check on your provider form like a T-Mobile that said, “I don’t want to receive messaging.” I don’t see that anymore. We can only do what we do. We’re a software provider on top of the network, that’s going to be with any provider but no, it’s rare. It’s a few and far between.

You’ve got T-Mobile I have T-Mobile. I would check with that. If you say you’re not enabled that services somebody you’ve checked off not to receive messages of some sort.

Short code service. That’s 72000 guys. That’s the compliant number. We had to go through the FCC to get that. That is a very expensive service and is the only proper way to do sales and marketing in this country. If you’re trying to do sales and marketing via a long code, a long code being a long number like 623-521-5840, you will be blocked by AT&T Mobile and so forth and they won’t even tell you. Long code is an old technology. It was built for storm warnings and amber alerts for kidnappings. You’re not supposed to do any sales or marketing over long code. If you’re thinking, “I’ll just get a Google Voice and I’ll try to text people out that way,” you can’t track that way. It’s 60 times slower. You can be blocked and you could get in trouble. We do things the professional way and the legal way and that said, using the short code. If you did check a box with your T-Mobile account, it’s possible that you can’t receive short codes. There’s nothing I can do about that. You need to contact T-Mobile and say, “Take that off.” It’s probably left over from many years ago.

At least one campaign is always needed in order to leverage most of the features of the system.

You’ve got to build your list. If you don’t have a list, you’ve got to build your list. Usually, we work with people on how to start building their list and communicating with people and converting them. You’ll want at least one campaign. You can use the CRM, you can start putting contacts in there and growing it organically and slowly, but we typically want to build at least one automation campaign for you. If you have questions, book in with me and I’ll walk through each steps in. I’m going to give you lots of strategies and ideas specific for your business. I can’t do that on a one way presentation like this.

No, it’s totally 100% accurate. That’s what’s great about Jim and Leanne and everybody over in that neck of the woods with Mobit. They’ve spent time going through it. When I met Jim originally back then, it was an icon back in the day about five years ago in Phoenix. We were talking about the different things that we do, and you have always been great to set up different pages for us and taking the time. Leanne has been phenomenal and you know that already, Jim.

With the service 72000 short code, how does it differentiate a consumer wanting to stop? With your emails from Sally and Marriott but keep items from notes or I’ll set up with myself.

When they text stop back, it’s going to opt them out to the campaign that they’re recently in. If you’re in the Jim campaign or you’re in the Notes campaign and you get a message from Scott and for whatever reason you want to opt out, don’t do that, but if you did, you could text ‘Stop’ and they would opt you out of Scott’s campaign and Scott’s account. When people opt in, they’re opting in to your campaign and your company. We run obviously many, many businesses off the same short code and we’ve figured that out but basically when people text a word, they’re opting into your campaign and your business.

It looks like there’s a funnel capability, non-responder. Are there any limitations of the system and how does Mobit get around if people are on the do not call list? You’ve got to realize people are texting into you. When they text into you, that has nothing to do with that. That removes them from the do not call list. You can mark it back to them because they’re texting to you it’s not the other way around.

This is permission-based only marketing. There’s no spamming. We don’t endorse that and we don’t encourage that and it’s not allowed. People are either filling out a form on a website and that triggers a text to them. I’ve got lots of examples I can show you but either way, they’re opting in. This is not a list that you buy from somebody and then start blasting people. The do not call list is like I’m on the do not call list but I’ve opted into many campaigns like JCPenny and I opt in all of them. There was a person that said, “Are there any limitations to this?” Of course there are limitations. You can pretty much accomplish everything you want to do from a marketing automation standpoint with our platform.

You can trigger automated responses like a bot-like experience if you want. If somebody texts in and you say, “How can I engage with you?” Respond one with this way, two for this way or three not at this time. Based on the way they respond, you can have an auto response come back and say, “I’ll be giving you a call next week or click here to schedule a time with me” or whatever you want. You can do that in the text. A lot of times, I prefer to send people over to a landing page where they can fill out a form and check a box or press a button there. Auto-responders, absolutely piece of cake.

You can go in to the people that opted in. One thing that we do like with our Note Night In America, you have opted in for one of our webinars and they’ve really did a really good job in getting that configured with Zoom. I can get one and send a text message at 30 minutes before, “Don’t forget to watch our webinar.” They can watch directly from their smart phone. That’s what you don’t realize a lot of times. We talk about email services like MailChimp, which a lot of you guys are using, and if you are using Infusionsoft and stuff like that. Those are great services, but a lot of people though are spending time on their phones to do everything, and so the communication of going to their cell phones and having to pop them text message that Jim is right on what he talked about before, how it’s much more of a higher open rate on your text messages. Much higher rates and so much thing about communicating and having those one-on-one conversations versus sending an email out to 5,000 people that you get. Hopefully, you get a 10% open rate. Whereas with the text messaging, you’re getting such a higher rate and we see that.

When I spoke at Quest IRA, I offered up how you get my slides. There were 60 people in the room. I got 35 of those people to opt in. That’s huge to me because they’re not just 35 new potential funding partners that are 35 new potential deals or investors for me to move deals to or wholesale to or sell deals to or reach out for funding in future things. You’ve got Joel Block of Bullseye Capital.

He uses it to events like a symposium that’s coming up and stuff like that but also for people to book in. When you scheduled time with me, I get notified that somebody is wanting to meet with me personally. This is through the calendar invite that I showed you and then once the event is over, once I’ve met with them, I get a response back that says, “So and so wanted to meet with you.” Do they attend or not attend? There’s a lot of back-end workflow that can help your business function as well. When people attend it applies a tag to them. If they’ve missed, it puts them on a reminder sequence to reach out to me and schedule some more time. If they buy a product or sign up for a service or they’re in a process where you want to send out specific information that you need financial information from them. We can automate workflow and back-end stuff and because the engagement is high on mobile, this is where you want to do it.

You’re doing everything via email. That person you’re trying to communicate with is getting on average between 125 and 225 emails a day from everybody, from Target, from Home Depot, from their aunt Jenny. If you want to communicate and engage with people, you’ve got to do that through the mobile channel. This is an example of the automation response. You can just say, “Please respond,” whichever way. You set up a response goal that says if they respond one, that I want to send them this follow-up text. That’s per his question. You can set up that type of workflow.

Can you only use a one-word code or can be more than a one word? Instead of being like Scott, could it be like Scott space Van?

NC 020 | Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: If you want to communicate and engage with people, you’ve got to do that through the mobile channel.

You can use two words, but you have to push them together. That’s not a limitation to us. That’s the way that all of them work so Coke, Pepsi, everybody who does any type of mobile marketing was shortcode. It’s one word and I recommend only one word. I recommend it be short, easy to spell, and won’t auto-correct. It’s more important that you have something work than have something like your brand. If you want it to work and use the word go, it’s two letters. Everybody knows how to spell it, it’s short. It doesn’t matter too much.

Can someone overlap campaigns by using the same short code? Is it like a URL?

No, when somebody texts detail, they’re going to get RC Auto Salon’s campaign for the top three tips to wash your car. If they’re interested in the new Bitcoin energy drink, they’re going to text Bitcoin to 72000; one keyword per campaign. You can move that keyword and switch it to a different campaign after a while but a computer’s a computer, it’s ones and zeroes. We have to know what you want to happen with one key word. In the promotion I’m offering, you get five keywords so you can have different keywords for different dedicated campaigns and you can purchase more if you want and then you can release them, but they’re like domains. If you’ve got an event in Chicago or you’re meeting with a group at the Westin, you can use Westin. Text Westin to 72000 and then release it later that month and not use it but hopefully that answers your question.

Does this take the place of MailChimp or is it another service altogether? It’s another service altogether. You have built an email list or give a database. Let’s say 3,000 people. If you send an email out through MailChimp, you’ll probably get somewhere between 10% to 15%, maybe 20% of those people to respond to you, which is not bad. If you’ve got their phone number, if they’ve opted in to your database and let’s say you only got a thousand, a third of your group through the database actually opt in to that and you send a message out to them, you’re going to have like 90% of those people. You’d have 900 people respond to your phone to your text message through Mobit. That’s a much higher hit rate, especially when you’ve got deals that you need to put you, especially if you had 500 private investors. He maybe got twenty of them to open an email, but you could get 450 of them to look at your deal that you send them after they opt in. That’s a much more efficient way of communicating with things. It’s not meant to replace your email. You can use, like Jim says, there’s your CRM, but it works well with MailChimp. It’s one of the things that they link up with.

If somebody fills out a form on our page or somebody opts in from a Facebook ad or you meet somebody, or you have their information, they’re going through a deal and you’re working with John Stolt. You need to communicate with them and he fills out a form or you put his information in our database, then we have it. You can communicate with him. If you want to send that over, we can automatically send that right into MailChimp and you can build your mail list. You can use mobile marketing to build your email list. You can also use email to build your mobile list. I went over these numbers before. Look at how many people you’d have to email to get them to engage with you. These are standard numbers. This isn’t somebody trying to sell shoes. Our email boxes are inundated. If you’re marketing only here, you’re missing. You’re missing people.

Is it possible to show a phone number that can be called immediately from the Mobit?”

What you do is you put it in the text. You can draft these. You can add pictures and videos to these texts. I’ll skip all this and say, “For more questions, contact me at.” This will hyperlink inside their message. You can put your phone number at the bottom. It could be like a signature. When they’re on the landing pages, when they click on the landing page button, it’ll automatically launch your number. If it says, “Call me today,” on the landing page, they click the button and it’ll automatically pull up your number on their phone and then they can call. You do that but remember the texts are coming from 72000. There’s a message inbox where you can respond to people if you want to. If you want to do a ton of one-to-one, you can do that. Most people are trying to automate their business and try to keep that to a minimum but you can do that.

I highly encourage you to text Jim 72000. Set up the conversation. See how it’s going to fit in with what you’ve got. This will match up with most CRMs for you out there. The price that he’s offering is a huge discount. It’s a huge opportunity. Trust me, it’s very effective. It will help you with your business, whether it’s finding more investors and communicating with more investors or more people to fund your deals or to buy your deals or going that route. They do create a landing and they’ll help you out with a landing page in Mobit there for you straight on your cell phone. They’ll help you out with your landing page there on Mobit. It’s easy to use and well-worth the time. I highly recommend it. Use the service. It will revolutionize your business if you use it.

Jim, I want to say thank you for jumping up with us. I know you’re on the West Coast. Thank you so much for taking the time. Thank you for offering such a special offer for those people at Note CAMP as well.

No problem. I really appreciate the time that I’ve had with you. If you need anything, call me at the number below or text Jim to 72000. Thank you.

Thank you very much, Jim.

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