EP NC 32 – Total Transformation with Mark Yuzuik

NC 33 | Total Transformation

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Most of us are looking to overcome obstacles or hurdles. We have had our dreams bruised and bloodied and pushed to the bottom sometimes. But do you know that you can change what you’re doing and change your road map to success? Mark Yuzuik is a hypnotist and transformational expert who helps people implement total transformation in their lives. He says it’s all about having a strategy that gives you confidence, eliminates fear, and gets you to stop procrastinating and have the mindset of achieving your goals.

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Total Transformation with Mark Yuzuik

I’m honored to call Mark Yuzuik a good friend of mine. We met five or six years ago at another event. We’ve had Mark speak at Noteworthy a couple of times. We’re a big part of that, Noteworthy East or the Noteworthy in Vegas. We’re honored to call him not only a friend but a guy that I absolutely love hanging out with. He’s a great guy, hilarious and funny. The reason we had Eye of the Tiger here is a lot of us get so bogged down into life and in things that suck at us. I suck at our positivity. They suck at our lives. Our dreams get banged up by the people around us. A lot of us start looking to get back the Eye of the Tiger. We’re looking to overcome obstacles or hurdles and we have had our dreams bruised and bloodied and pushed to the bottom sometimes. You have all the right in the world to say, “F that. I’m going to change what I’m doing, change my road map to success. I’m going to reach back out, grab Eye of the Tiger,” and get it back in you and take advantage of things. Mark is here to help you do this. Mark is a world transformation expert. He’s here to share some of the great things that he does to help people that you can do and implement in your life.

Somebody sent me a video of Stallone, how he got that movie and all that. I told, Yolanda, my wife, “I want to put this as a first slide when we first come into my live event. I want people to realize that it doesn’t matter how down you are, where you are in your life, because some people have been there before they made it.” It’s such an inspiration. I watched it two or three times. There’s no music. It’s the words of his story as a child and growing up. I thought, “This is pretty powerful.” He never sold out who he was and that’s why it was so impressive because he could have made the money. He got $125,000 and they keep upping it, but he didn’t know the value of how much he can contribute and make that movie a success. I thought, “That’s a man that knows what he wants to give back to the world because he knows how to deliver it.” It wasn’t about him, it was about him giving back. I thought, “That is what the message was that I got out of it.” I thought that was pretty cool. Then you’re playing that song.

You’ve seen me do the shows and all that stuff and some people go, “I can’t be hypnotized. Therefore, this isn’t going to be a value to me.” Completely opposite. Take away the word hypnosis. Here’s why people put certain meanings to different words. Hypnosis, what does that mean to me? They go, “No, it can’t happen to me.” Forget you even heard that word and imagine if you had a system, a strategy that gave you the confidence and eliminated fear, and got you to stop procrastinating and gave you a mindset to become a millionaire. What do you think would happen? If you have that mindset, you automatically start creating what millionaires have. That’s why I love to hang around people that have way more money than me, only because it makes me lift up my game. If you don’t have that, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Why don’t I have it?” Is it because you’re not capable of getting it or you’re not willing or you’re not motivated? You’re all three of those. Why don’t you have it? It’s a block. It’s a belief that sometimes we adapt and it’s not that we consciously believe it.

This is the stuff that we subconsciously take on like, “Why do people do things in life that they don’t want to do like procrastinate?” Is it because they’re not motivated? No, they’re totally motivated. They have the knowledge. They have all that. I’ve been there. I’ve done real estate for a long time. Imagine where your business would be right now if only you had unlimited fear. No fear at all. You didn’t procrastinate. You hung around people like yourself and millionaires and you had more time. What I love so much about Bob is he valued one thing, his time. If you notice who he sold to, the Hispanic. My wife, she’s from Mexico, that value is there. That’s what I love so much about it is you’ve got to have a good balance. The only thing stopping people from getting what they want, it’s not what they’re capable of doing and it’s not even what they’re willing to do. It’s their belief system. Forget about the word hypnosis. Pretend it never existed. Is it possible that somebody could, maybe you, have a program that you are not getting the results that you want? Is that possible? If you could say yes to that, you’re not getting what you want then this is something that you want to be a part of. It’s not about making money. There’s so much more to making money. Making money is a very important part of it because it gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: Making money is a very important part of it because it gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do.

You think about a belief system, for decades, people thought that they couldn’t run a mile under four minutes. It was in 1954, Roger Bannister broke that belief system. How long after that did somebody else do it? For decades, they couldn’t do it. All of a sudden, one person broke that belief system and the world sees things differently. They come, “If it’s possible for somebody else to do it, it’s possible for me to do it.” It was 46 days later that John Landy did it. That’s the power of breaking that belief system. We get caught up with the, “I have this belief system that I can’t do something.” You can do it. You can do something. Your mind is made up of two parts. You have the conscious mind, and the conscious mind is what analyzes everything. It’s the creative part. It’s the part that says, “I want to make a difference in my life. These are the things I want. These are my goals.” You’re consciously thinking about what it is that you want to bring into your life and want to attract in your life. That’s your conscious mind. We’re walking around every day, we’re seeing things and we’re being imaginary. That’s our conscious. The subconscious takes everything literally. What you put in is what you get out. It’s like the hard drive on your computer. If you are working on a computer, is it possible without you even knowing it that you could pick up a virus by browsing through the internet? It’s possible, and you don’t even notice it.

Most likely it’s going to happen, and you don’t even notice it. As you go on and on, you’re working on your computer months later, is it possibly could pick up more programs? Absolutely, because that’s the way it works. If you do nothing about it and you don’t clean your computer out and recognize that there’s a problem, does it automatically go away? No. Not only does it not go away, it picks up more negative programs on your computer. Then there’s a tipping point. It’s like, “My computer isn’t giving me the results I want. There must be something wrong. Let me check it out,” and then you start analyzing and dissecting, “What are some of the viruses or programs on my computer that is slowing it down?” You’re consciously aware that there’s a problem. Same thing happens in our life. Forget about the word hypnosis. I don’t even use it when I speak, but I want you to understand that I use hypnosis to show people the power and the demonstration of how fast I can make a change like that, how fast you can get things, and also block things out that you want to attract into your life. Is it possible?

Be open-minded that you could have some programs on your mind that are not giving you the results that you now want. It could be maybe you procrastinate or maybe you’re not exactly where you want to be or could be or feel that you should be. Maybe it’s not about money. Maybe it’s about your health or your relationship or communicating. It could be a number of things, but it’s possible you could have some programs. Does that mean that you can’t make a change? No, now you’re consciously recognizing it. You do things in life because you’re automatically responding. We’re not even thinking about it. It’s like we automatically respond and react to things and we think we’re in control of everything, but yet our subconscious mind puts things in there before we can even constantly think about it. Here’s how your mind works. The conscious mind analyze it, and then the subconscious mind takes everything later. It’s possible that you’re going to go, “I didn’t even realize I’m responding to that,” and from the conscious and the subconscious, you create patterns and behaviors where you automatically respond without even thinking about it.

Do you ever notice that when you walk around the corner, somebody scares you, you jump? Then you start thinking about what happens. That’s your conscious mind being shocked. It’s your subconscious that reacts automatically. Do you ever get a gut feeling about something and all of a sudden you realize in your head it catches up to it? Your subconscious mind is a split moment faster than your conscious mind and you don’t even realize it, and yet we’re able to respond automatically. Here’s the way your mind works. If people are, “I can’t be hypnotized,” forget about it. You can’t be hypnotized. I don’t go for a stage show if you can be hypnotized but is it possible that you didn’t catch this? That’s because your subconscious mind puts things in and take things out automatically without you constantly thinking about it. It works faster than your conscious mind automatically. You know how to read, but why do90% of the people miss the word the first time? Because we’re in reaction automatically. We’re automatically reacting to certain things without thinking about it. We automatically procrastinate without us thinking about, “I don’t do that trauma now, why would I do that? Why would I have fear?” You don’t consciously realize that you have it. You know that you’re not getting the result that you now want.

First, I’m going to teach you how your mind works and then how to interrupt that pattern on your subconscious, so you automatically get the results that you want to attract more money in your life. Have better relationships, get down to your ideal weight, and feel healthier, whatever that is for you. Once you understand how your mind works, you got the manual. Now you can do it. It’s like getting system. It’s a system. I’m going to teach you how the system works, so that’s a pattern or a pattern of restrictions. Have you ever been motivated? You come from an event, you’re all pumped up. You want to take action. You start taking action and about a week or two or a month later, you feel like you hit a wall. That happens a lot. That’s known as a pattern of restriction where you develop a belief in what you want isn’t possible for you, so you give up. You’re like, “It’s not possible,” and that’s happens from previous situation that happened in your past and goes, “I tried this before, I tried to lose weight. I’ve been on the diet, but it doesn’t work. I’m going to give up.”

After you get all motivated and want to get down, your ideal weight. It happens a lot with smokers. People that wanted to make more money. What happens when you give up? You have two choices. You either have to change the story so you don’t feel guilty because you feel guilty or you have to take consistent action. Most of the time, people will change the story and it sounds something like, “I’ve tried this before. It hasn’t worked. Now’s not a good time for me. I don’t have the right information. I would rather wait. I’m going to do it, but I’m busy, so I don’t have time in my life to take the action like I thought I did two weeks ago when I set this goal. I’m going to put aside.” The reason we do that as humans is because it gets rid of the guilt because we hold ourselves accountable. Just like, “I wanted this goal. Now, people are going to judge me. They’re going to think, ‘How come you gave up?’” I’ve got to think of the story. You don’t think about this subconsciously. Consciously, you’re creating this story because you don’t want to feel guilty, so you have to relieve the guilt.

There’s a time in life where you say, “I do deserve better. I want to get to the next level.” Your mind starts to think, “I know I can do it.” You start creating new ways of getting to that goal and you get all pumped up again, you come to an event, you see something on TV, you create something, somebody else has something that you want that you can get it, you want it, you can get it, and you have the information. You’re on track again and you’re going and going and all of a sudden, you hit a wall. That’s the second pattern restriction you develop. You give up the sense of responsibility. You stop pretending that there’s a gap between what you want and what you have. You justify “I never wanted that in the first place. My life is good enough. Why do I need to take risks?”You’d have to justify it because you got to change the story. If you don’t change the story, what happens? You feel guilty. People will judge you. You feel accountable, so you create a story. ”My life is good enough. Why do I need to take risks to make more money? You make good money, it’s good enough.” You’re not here for a good enough life. You’re here for an extraordinary life and that’s the thing. You have the ability and the right to live an extraordinary life and if you settle, you’re going to create guilt in your life because you’re going to sit back and you’re going to say, “I should’ve done more,” and the older you get, the more regret you have. You don’t need regret.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: You either have to change the story so you don’t feel guilty because you feel guilty or you have to take consistent action.

You have to break that pattern. You have to be able to recognize that pattern too. If you don’t recognize the pattern, that’s the whole thing. You give up the sense of responsibility and you justify it by creating a new story and saying, “My life is good enough,” no it’s not. Don’t you dare settle. You have the ability and the right to make more money or to get down to your goal, whatever that is for you. What happens is you create this story and then as time goes on, you start to feel that guilt again because every thought has a physical response. Your subconscious mind knows that it wants to create success. Consciously, you want to create success, and yet your subconscious mind, when you interrupt that pattern that tells you that, “Let’s get together. We can do this,” every thought is a physical response, so then you get all pumped up again and you head down that trail. Sometimes you hit the third pattern restriction where you lose the desire and try to forget what you are wanting. “I never wanted that in the first place. I am done. My life is good.” You don’t need to settle.

The reason I tell you that is because I want you to recognize some of the pattern on your subconscious mind. Is it possible that your computer gets some programs that hold your computer from running where it wants to? Your mind and your body and your goals are the same way. You’re getting some programs on your mind that are not giving you the results that you want. This is why people procrastinate and they have fear, and they do all this. These are known as pattern restrictions. Now that you recognize it, I’m going to show you how it pops in your mind without you even remembering it. Let me explain to you what hypnosis is. I want you to get the idea. It’s nothing more than influence and persuasion. That’s it. Take away the word hypnosis. Have you ever been influenced or persuaded before? Who has done that for you? Is it our most powerful influencers? Could it be our parents or even lack of parents? I’m not saying that it has to be positive or negative. It can be whatever that influences you. Could it be the teachers in our schools that we grew up with? Could it be the television program?

“Let’s go watch the television program,” and you get sucked into this thing. Emotionally, it’s called a program. They even tell you what the word is. Is it video games that we have now? I’m 54 years old and I grew up. My video game was Bonk, that’s all it was, but now you look at all these TV programs. What’d we have when we’re growing? Three’s A Company, Mark and Mindy. I know I’m dating myself, but what? They were quality shows that were family-oriented shows and now we don’t have that same thing because the world is being influenced in other way. Good or bad, it is. I’m not saying what’s right or wrong, it’s there are influences out there. I remember when I grew up, and you’ve heard this story before, Scott, my parents told me I could do anything. “You’re going to be successful, Marketing. You are great. Everything’s going to be honky dory. You’re going to make a difference in everybody’s life,” and I believed them. I had a set good values; they had a good belief in me. For the audience, is it possible you could have more than one program on your subconscious mind running, many programs?

Think of a computer. How many windows are open? You got a lot of windows open right now. I remember when I went to this school. This is Spokane, Washington. It wasn’t the best experience I had, but it turned out to be the greatest gift I ever experienced. My parents called me, they told me I’d be able to do anything and I love that. I went to a school from about eighth grade, the last part of eighth grade all through high school, and only the teacher had a book and they copy it on the left-hand side on the right hand side and it was our job to copy it down and they erase it and that was our book. They had enough books but it was a cult. The problem I have is I couldn’t write as fast as they were erasing the information. I only got about two thirds of the information. Knowing that, guess what grades I’ve got from school? Straight Fs. I’ll save you the trouble. I’m not telling you that to brag and tell you how smart I am. It’s very embarrassing. My coach told me, “If you’re not going to tell the truth, then don’t you dare stay up on the stage.” Other people have had experiences too and be honest with it. I got straight F’s. Then I asked them when we go to these conferences, they say, “How come you’re failing?” I go, “I’m not able to keep up and they were very abusive.” “You’re not trying hard enough. You’re a failure in life. Here in school you never make it. How do you expect to make it in the real world when he can’t even make it in school? Don’t expect to graduate and you’ll never get your diploma.” There were four years of this. Is it possible that I could have had a negative program from that? It was all based on guilt.

Flip side to that, I did not lose my relationship. I am to this day a strong Christian. It made me a stronger person because that was that was their issue, not mine. That’s who I am, but I did get angry, very mad, and I left that school. When somebody tells you you can’t do something, two things happen. Either you believe them and you don’t do anything or you get mad and your whole life is, “I’m going to prove them wrong and I’m going to be successful.” I took the high road. I was determined and I left. Here’s the other thing, don’t judge me for this. I did not graduate high school, but I found where the diplomas were and I stole one of the diploma, so I have a high school diploma. When I left, I want to succeed. I got into real estate at a very young age. In 1984, I bought my first house. This is what I love about being on your panels. I love real estate. I do. In 1985 I bought nine house. In1986, I bought 36 houses, and they kept growing. Here’s what’s ironic. I had the knowledge, I have the information, I had the desire, but what happened was I would sabotage myself, sabotaging myself in ways where I wanted people to think I had more than I did.

I bought an airplane, I had a motor home, I had a Porsche 944 Turbo, which was pretty cool, but the problem was is I get to a point where I would only get so high and I sabotage myself. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I remember my brother telling me, “You’ve got to go to the fair. There’s this hypnotist guy there,” and I go, “Tony, please don’t tell me that you believe in that stuff,” and I made all the jokes and all that. Logically speaking, how are you going to tell somebody relapsed and the automatic response makes no logical sense at all? I didn’t believe it whatsoever. Not believing in it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What happened was I didn’t understand it. My brother took me to the fair and I remember watching the hypnotist did three shows a day. I said, “Tony, that’s great but you don’t believe that.” He goes, “It’s real. He shows different people.” I’m thinking, “I wonder what he’s paying these guys.” If it’s ten bucks, he got three shows a day, fifteen people, that’s $450. I’m doing the math in my head. If it’s $20, it’s paying $900, and he’s got a feed them. All these things going through my mind. I remember at the end of the second show going up to the hypnosis and I said, “Is this stuff real? Are you using plants?” He goes, “No, anybody could do it.” I said, “What’s this hypnosis stuff?”

I say, “I don’t want to give up my free will.” He goes, “It’s nothing like that at all.” I said, “What is it?” He says, “All I’m doing is I’m relaxing the conscious mind. You’ve got two parts, conscious, subconscious, and I’d give a direct suggestion to the subconscious so it automatically respond. They know what they’re doing. They don’t care.” I said, “It’s like a dream state.” He goes, “Does that make sense to you?” I says, “It makes sense when you explain it that way,” and as I walked away, I thought to myself, “I have no idea what this guy said. What in the world is conscious, subconscious? Now I’m even more confused,” but I didn’t want to look stupid because I was told that I was stupid and I never amount to anything. That moment immediately came back, “Protect yourself, don’t look stupid. Come on. You’re better than that.” That’s the way we work. Our whole mind and body is like that. He invited me to the next show. Now I’m starting to think “What if this stuff is real?” When I left there, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw all night. No way am I going to believe the hypnosis, let alone I can be hypnotized.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: If it’s possible for somebody else to do it, it’s possible for me to do it.

In addition to that, I woke up the next morning and I had to go back to the fair to see this guy. Two reasons. One, I wanted to see if he’s using the same people. Part of me hopes that I see the same people and a part of me was hoping I didn’t, because God forbid that this is real. I unlock. It was different people. There was that moment that I thought there’s something to this. If you want to fully experience something, you got to experience it yourself. That’s exactly what I did. When he started calling for volunteers, I had my cousin raise his hand so fast because I want to make sure he could get in there. I’m not going to do it myself. I’ll let him explain. He went under and it’s the funniest thing I ever saw. He’s doing all these crazy things. I remember at the end he gave him a suggestion. He said, “You’re going to be confident, full of energy, and enjoy the rest of the day.” As we were walking around, he comes back to the seat and I said, “What was it like, Teddy?” He goes, “It was weird because I knew exactly what I was doing the entire time, I felt the urge to do it.” I knew I could stop myself, but yet I didn’t. I never felt like I lost control and I thought it was very interesting.

As we’re walking around the fair, he’s all excited, he is all bubbly and I say, “What would think if he told somebody to be a non-smoker? What happened?”He said, “I don’t know, I quit smoking.” “I wonder if he told somebody to lose weight, what happens?”“I don’t know.” I said, “What if he told somebody to be rich and financially successful, what happens? Let’s go talk to the hypnotist.” This is the first question I said, “Did you sell your soul to the devil to have this power?”He thought that was the funniest thing, but you’ve got to remember where I came from. That particular school called everything was wrong unless they said it was right. I had to get through that and I said, “I didn’t know what you mean. Yesterday we talked about this conscious subconscious.” He explained to me exactly what hypnosis was. I said, “Could you help somebody be a non-smoker?” He goes, “I do that all the time.” “What about lose weight?” “Yes.” “What about being successful financially?” He goes, “Why do you keep asking me this?”I said, “Because I am successful, but I to get to a point where I don’t know why I hit a wall. I want to keep going, but I can’t. I feel like I want to.”

He said, “What was your childhood like?”“My parents told me I could do anything.” “That’s the program that you have, the subconscious programs are under all the time.” He said, “Has there ever been a time in your life when there’s a program that somebody said you’d never be able to be successful in? Like I told you before, your every thought is a physical response.” At that moment, I got my first hot flash. I got a hot flash. Before I can consciously think about it, my body heat it up and my mind started reacting to go, “You’ll never amount to anything. You can’t make it out of school. How do you expect to make it in the real world when you can’t even make it here?” Listen to your mind. Listen to your body. They’re in sync.

At that time that I learned all about hypnosis, thank God I went through that experience because I wouldn’t be the man I am today. I got back into real estate after I learned about it. I started to buy deals after deals and stopped sabotaging myself. I’m doing developments and buying notes and things like that. We’ve created partnerships with people and we broke out of that. You ask yourself, “What right do I have to be on this webinar with you and teach you how you’re going to make millions of dollars and take control of your life and get the results you want, deserve, and have?” I’m not teaching through some book. I’m teaching you through over three decades of experience of knowing how your mind works, what your pattern of restrictions are, how to take control of certain situations, how to recognize your pattern of restrictions, but also the good patterns.

Today I’m going to teach you how you take control of your mind to get the results you deserve and you want, because everyone is responding automatically. If I can teach you how to respond to the things that you want, instead of being on default, your life is going to be a lot different. That’s what this whole thing’s about. I got to teach you how your mind works because we’re going to react anyway. We react to commercials, we buy name brand programs because it makes us feel good, so let’s put the program in our subconscious mind so we get what we want in life. It’s cool how I’m able to take my life to where it was to where I am now and now I’m out there helping influence other people that feel like they’ve been stuck for years. You can’t control the events, but you sure can control what it means to you and when you do that, you’re in full control of the way you want to feel and what you want to attract into your life, relationship, financial, health-wise, whatever that is for you. Einstein said in order to achieve something you’ve never achieved before, you must become someone you’ve never been before. I didn’t want to change who I was. I liked the person I am. You’ve got to see things for what they are, but also what they are.

Here’s a guy that had some dysfunctions. First of all, he didn’t comb his hair very well. He doesn’t look like he’s happy. He didn’t get along with his wife or kids and they had a contract, but it was brilliant, and this is why I look at it. If you don’t have some dysfunction in your family and on your life, then you’re probably going to have an adult dysfunctional life. Why is it that people that grow up that seemed to be abused physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally seemed to be super achievers? Then you have some people that grow up and have everything handed to them, the popular. They have money. I’d do a high school grad, at the graduation, the kids are getting Mercedes Benz and BMW’s for their graduation, and those that school has more problems with drug and alcohol than anybody else, because they were brought up where they have so much money. Why is that? Yet people that struggle seem to be super achievers, so it’s not the events which means to you, but sometimes the answers are right in front of you and you don’t see it. You have a deal right in front of you that you don’t recognize, and that’s why you’re like, “I pass on this deal and somebody else bought it and made money.” If that’s the case, guess what? You’ve got a program that’s running.

There are three things you need to make a change in your life. One, you’ve got to have the right mindset, and when I’m talking about mindset, I’m talking about your specific mindset. Everybody’s mindset is different. What are your patterns that you’re running? What is your pattern of restrictions? Why do you do the things that you do? Recognize your good patterns. Be aware of your pattern restrictions, but don’t focus on them. Think of the law of attraction. What you focus on is what you get. You get it, but understand your specific mindset. What is the purpose? Why do you want something? The reasons why you want something or the strongest thing. Have you ever wanted something so bad you didn’t know how you’re going to get it, but you knew you were going to get it? My guess is that all of us had been there at one time. You knew that it was going to stop you and with that you got it, because you had enough reasons why you wanted something, and reasons are the strongest thing.

Then it’s about making the right moves. This is what I love about what I do. Forget hypnosis. I get people to take action. I’m not here to motivate you. I’m here to get you to take the right actions because you already know what to do, I’m just going to teach you how to do it so your subconscious mind automatically responds. That’s what I love about this program. I can influence, hypnotize, or whatever word you want to call it. Just forget about the difference between imagination and reality. When they go out there, they stress themselves out. If you focus on stressor you focus on your bills or you focus on being sick or you have fear or you are weary all the time, guess what happens? At that point, you’re inviting that into your life. Nobody controls our mind but us, and if you have the choice to focus on anything, could you focus on making a lot of money to control my mind? Could you focus on living in the house that you want? When somebody in school does it, you’ll never amount to anything and you tell them exactly. One of my other problem, I teach you how to destroy fear and stop procrastinating. I imagine there was a ball of sand in your hand, if in your mind is fear and it is a ball of clumped-up sand and it’s got all this moisture, very simply and easily close your hand. The sand naturally falls through your fingers when you have no when you don’t hang on to it tightly and you let go. That’s the same thing on how to get rid of fear and stop procrastinating.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: There are no accidents in life.

When I saw it, it’s like, “There are no accidents in life.” Because in my programs, I teach you how to eliminate fear and stop procrastinating by using that metaphor about sand. I discovered this the last time I was doing a live event. This little kid has sand in his hand on his lap, so he destroyed it and it was so cool and that’s what I loved about it. Think about this, if your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and the imagined, think of the placebo effect. I remember doing an event for pharmacy owners. They’re a tough group. They said, “The placebo effect, I get that about 30% of the people it works on.” Why is that? It’s because your mind decided, “Nothing’s going to get in my way.” What you believe to be true is true for you, that’s just a fact. It’s the law of attraction. You know what they call it the law of attraction? Because it’s a law. It has to happen. People that write down goals sometimes here’s what they’ll do. They write them down once a year and then forget about it. New Year’s Eve goal, “This is what I want,” and then it goes into drawing and within three months you’re trying to remember what you wrote down.

In 1953,Yale University did a study and they interviewed the graduating class. This is the power of knowing what you want. You’re getting a GPS to your destination today. You’re going to know how to get there, and I’m also going to help you get there because I’m going to show you how I’m going to influence your subconscious mind to eliminate you to stop procrastinating, have a millionaire mindset, and follow through hanging around those that you want to be like, because that’s the way it is. In 1953, they didn’t have a lot of goal orientation like they do today. I think now it’s watered down a little bit, but 3% had written clear goals down. When they interviewed them, they asked them a lot of questions. Twenty years later they went back and they interviewed all the surviving members of 1953, so 1973 they interviewed them again and they found out one thing. Here’s what’s so powerful. The 3% had more wealth than the 97% combined. That’s all because they were very clear on what they wanted. Get very clear on what you want. Where are you at in your business right now? Ask yourself that. Do you want your business to grow? If it isn’t growing, ask yourself why. Do you have a roadmap?

If it’s about fear and procrastination and things like that, I can help you with that easy, no problem, but you have the ability to attract the things that you want in live. Here’s why people don’t. The other thing is you got to feel like you deserve it and give back to. Be very clear on what you want and why you want it. If you come to the live event, sometimes what I do is I offer people a lot of money to do one thing. Here’s my challenge. I was to give you $2,000 to memorize 850 numbers at random and you could not repeat the number. If you repeated the number, you owed me $2,000, but if you got it right and I’ll do it 30 minutes to do it, then I give you $2,000. Would you take me up on that bet? My guess is your first initial reaction is no automatically, and here’s why. Your pattern restriction kicks in to believe that what you want isn’t possible for you. Isn’t that interesting how fast that happens? The reason why it happens is because we don’t see something and it happens in deals too. Deals come across your play and you think it’s all jumbled up like that, so you know you can’t do it, you can’t make money.

There’s many ways of making money. You have the strategies in you. You already have the answers within you. I’m going to get you to pull them out. Why can’t you use the pattern of two, four, six, eight, ten? I know; one, three, five, seven, nine. Let’s do one, ten, twenty, 30, 40, 50. How many patterns in your subconscious mind right now that you already have didn’t want anything new that are already there that you can come up with 850 numbers at random without repeating it? There are so many that they are unlimited, but what happens is our first initial reaction is “I can’t do it,” so you back off and then you stay and you settle. That’s the reason why I want to show you how to break those patterns so you get the results that you want. There is a lot of strategy in your subconscious mind that you don’t even utilize. You only use one of them, and so the other ones start to go dormant. It’s only one part of the grass, even though your whole yard is seated with perfect grass, the part that you water is going to turn the greenest. The seed are still there. I just want you to help you water the seed so your whole lawn grows so you have many areas to make money on and enjoy that landscaping. Think about that.

The only thing they kicked up is your pattern restriction that you develop, the belief that it isn’t possible for you, and yet you can do this. A child can do this. See how we automatically respond to things? I want to give you the information so you do this right here. 94% of all failure as a result of the system, not the people. It’s not the people, it’s the system. It’s the pattern they’re running. All he did was one thing. He changed their mindset. That’s it. That’s all I did. Ask yourself this question. Do you believe that you have the ability to becoming millionaire or a multi-millionaire? It’s not that you’re already there, but take it to the next level. Wherever you are in your life, can you imagine and seeing it to the next level? Yes, I bet you can. Do you believe that especially over the last three and a half days, that there are many ways and strategies of becoming a millionaire or a multi-millionaire? Yes. There’s no question about it. If you believe it and there are many ways, why aren’t you where you’re at?

It’s your mindset. It’s not that you’re not capable of doing it. Here’s what’s interesting. You have the ability to achieve anything. What you’re not getting isn’t based on what you can achieve; it’s based on what you feel you deserve. Your limitations are not based on what you can achieve; it’s based on what you feel you deserve, and here’s what’s interesting. Society is going to convince you that it’s not your fault and that it’s okay to have this limitation. I agree that it may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility, and you will allow events to create the meanings and limitations in your life instead of finding the empowering and inspiring ones.

Everyone already has an empowering story somewhere in them, and the only reason why you have pain is because you haven’t got less. That’s it. Everyone has the ability and you deserve it, but everything you have in life is based on what you feel you deserve. I believe you deserve more, and I’m going to show you how you pull that out. I’m going to show you how your water the entire grass so you can enjoy the entire yard instead of one portion of it. That’s what I love about what I do. I’m not here to motivate you to. You’re already motivated. I’m here to get you to take the right action so you’ll automatically get the results that you want. You deserve to have an abundant life.

Here’s the other thing, is to free up your time. I believe the most valuable thing you have is your time because when you get to have financial independence and you have time, you can do whatever you want with the people that you want. You could also give back and contribute back. I believe you have a moral obligation to have that freedom and to give back. That’s my belief. I’m going to show you something else interesting. I want you to think of a number between one to four. I bet your number was number three. 70% of you think of the number three. 20% will say the number two. In a live audience, you can actually see as they raise their hand. I asked people what I said, and almost 90% of the time they don’t realize what I said. They say the wrong things, but I’m going to cut to the chase. Here’s what I said. Think of a number between one to four. Your subconscious mind automatically picks up the number three. It’s a cool challenge. Get a group of people and do this. What you’ll see is your subconscious mind, remember I said it automatically reacts? It gives you the answer before. Here’s why I said the number two, it’s between one to four. Number three comes up 70% of the time, the number two comes up 20% of the time. One and four comes up about 10% of the time.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: Everyone has the ability and you deserve it, but everything you have in life is based on what you feel you deserve.

Knowing that, check this out. I tell you this because I want you to be aware of the power of language. The most powerful thing you have is the power of mind. Think of it like this. Put a bunch of letters together and make a word. What you’re doing is you are spelling. I want you to be consciously aware of how you can change the self-talk in your subconscious mind so you can power and start saying and knowing and believe that you have the ability to come to the next level and get to the next level financially. Some Pictionary’s is to cast a spell. Think about it as a metaphor. What is the spell that you’re giving yourself and now there’s by the word you’re using? Interesting. Is it empowering or is it uplifting or is it not? P

Put a bunch of those words together, put a period of question mark and exclamation at the end, that’s called sentence. What’s the spell and the sentence that you’re giving to yourself? Is it powerful or is it not? Is it uplifting or not? Here’s what I get because I want you to be aware of it. I hear people tell me all the time in live events, how come I can never be successful? Probably because of the question, you just asked yourself. Your subconscious mind is going to find that answer, how come I can never be successful? Because you procrastinate, and besides you don’t have the time. You don’t have the knowledge, so your subconscious will find all those answers and it delivers it. “How come I can never lose weight? I can’t lose weight.” Here’s what you can’t ever lose weight, it’s because you don’t eat right. You don’t move your body. You put yourselves on these high carb diet. You don’t do the things you need to do. What if you learned how to ask a more empowering question? How can I get down to my ideal weight, enjoy the process, and pay it forward?

No diets, I don’t have to do a diet, and I can enjoy the process and I can influence and pay it forward. Your brain starts going, “Here are the answers. How do I become financially successful, attract millions, and influence others and enjoy the process? Here’s how you do it.” Instead of inviting words like procrastination, can’t do it, I have fears and all that, you’re inviting your mind to get that millionaire mindset. The most powerful thing you have is language, and I have a whole series on how to use proper language. Video, visual, auditory and kinesthetic. When you learn how to word certain things, you’re going to learn how to influence others in a positive way and you’re going to learn how to get your business rather than anybody else’s. Think about this. The way you communicate, the words are only a little bit, 7%. Your tonality is about38%, but your physiology is 58%. Think about that. It’s how you use your language and your words too, and you know what I’m talking about.

I love this video, and it’s Hypnotist Gets Out Of A Speeding Ticket. He’s from Montreal, Canada. Check it out when you’re done here. You’re going to learn how language is influential. I have a police friend that’s the same thing. He says, “Mark, I’ve got a dog, I got a mace, I got a gun, and I got a Taser. Do you know what I use? I use my words because I know they’re in a bad situation. I help them out.” Can you imagine using the right words when you’re negotiating a note, buying a note, and selling your property to something out to somebody else? Look at what Bob taught. Why would people buy from him when it’s a higher-end street? He’s giving them value. I could buy a house and don’t have to qualify to a bank and you’re going to wade through commission. I would love to do that. He understands the power of language and you do too. Check it out. The language is the most powerful thing you have.

Self-Awareness versus self-observation. Self-awareness, you are aware of where you are. I’m aware that I want to be financially more successful. I want to get more deals and I want to attract more people. I want to create more relationship. Self-observation is knowing when you’re doing something and why you’re doing it. The reason why you’re doing is you’re getting certain needs met. Why do you procrastinate? Because your subconscious mind says, “By procrastinating, I don’t have to take action. I don’t have that fear. I could spend more time watching TV.” You justify why you procrastinate. Knowing why you’re doing something that should get certain needs met when you’re doing it, when you procrastinate, you can make a change before, during, or after. Up until now, self-awareness, all I’ll talk to you is information-based. I’m going to show you how you take the action and how you destroy and eliminate procrastination. You used to see me do this live in front of audiences and I love to do this live, but I’m going to give you the formula anyway.

Three ways to create a new program in your mind. We all have programs but I’m going to show you how you totally destroy and eliminate procrastination, and I do this live with somebody who procrastinates. One, you got to have the right leverage there. Here’s what’s confusing. People believe that the right leverage is one they already have. “I’m motivated. I’m wanting to do things, I’m doing it for the right reasons.” Yes, consciously, you have the right leverage. I’m talking about going subconscious. When you talk about subconscious, what you’re talking about is getting that computer, the hard drive on your computer, your subconscious, to automatically take the right action without getting interrupted by procrastination or you having fear. What happens when the millionaire lose their money? Do they get it back right away? Yes, and they get it back quicker, because their programs are in a certain way.

A lot of times I’ll ask somebody, “Who procrastinates? Why do you procrastinate? Why do you want to be successful? I have all the reasons why you want to be successful, then why do you procrastinate?” “I don’t know.” They don’t know why and you may not know why. Here’s what I asked them, “Have you tried for your children?” “I’ve done everything. I would do and for my family and for my kids.” Ask yourself this question, do you want to be successful so you can help your family? Have you done everything you could possibly do that you know consciously you can do? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be to be successful? I bet you’re working a lot harder than you need to work because you want to commit. I want to teach you how you become productive and not busy. So many times you work hard, and you think if you’re not busy, then you feel guilty. We become busy and we’re not productive. I want to say become productive. I am way more productive now and have more time than I’ve ever had.

If you procrastinate and you tried everything, I want to show you how you influence your subconscious mind really quick, but before I do that, ask yourself a question. If I was to give you a check for $100,000to increase your profit by 10% over the next 90 days, would you do it? If you said yes and you’re smiling and your physiology change and all that, that’s where the program is. You tried other ways. Here’s why you said yes so fast, is because your mind says, “A hundred grand? No stress, I can do the things I want to do, have the time that I want, my family will love me, people look up to me.” All these things at that moment enter your subconscious mind, at that moment, without you thinking about it. See how fast our subconscious mind takes information and respond and react automatically? Then I asked him, I said, “I just asked you. It’s been five minutes asking if you tried everything and if you did it for your children?” “Yes.” “Do you love your children?”“Yes.” “You didn’t do it for them, but you’ll do it for a hundred grand.” Ask yourself if you’re one of those people, the reason why you reacted is here’s why. You know your children will love you unconditionally and it’s okay for you to make mistakes, but it’s not.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: Society is going to convince you that it’s not your fault and that it’s okay to have this limitation.

It’s not okay to make mistakes because you’re the biggest influence to your children or grandchildren or whoever you want to influence. They’re going to be just like you and if you teach them how to procrastinate, you have given them permission to procrastinate because they want to connect with you and they want to honor and love you. See the difference? Your subconscious mind moves towards pleasure and moves away from pain. You’ve created and justified a story of why it’s okay. That’s the right leverage right there. You’re going to get rid of procrastination and here’s how you do it. The other thing is you’ve got to have accountability. Accountability is based on pain. You’re going to procrastinate. You got to say, “By me procrastinating, if I don’t follow through on increased by 10%.” You’re basically influencing your subconscious mind that doesn’t analyze. You’re putting the new programs on there. Accountability said, “If you don’t make 10%, then you’ve got to be homeless for ten days and tell your children you didn’t love them enough to pack a bag.” You talk about an emotional breakdown because they do love their family and to be homeless, the thought of that. All I’m doing is I’m linking pain to procrastination and I’m linking massive pleasure to being successful from a subconscious point of view. This doesn’t mean you work harder. This means you will learn how to use the right strategies to work smarter so you have more time and more money to spend with your loved ones.

The third thing is a new meaning. As you net profit increase by 10%, you got to pay attention how much more money going to make by increasing it and all you’re doing is you’re compound this. In three months, you make 10%. What is it over a year? It’s not 40% because you’re compounding. Interesting, isn’t it? But here’s what’s the most powerful thing is. If you could do this every three months, and that’s only 10%, what if you did 12%, 15 %? Where would your life be? Here’s the most important thing. When your family and your children come to you, you now have a system and a strategy on how to get them to stop procrastinating and make the right choices, whether that’s has to do with money or whatever that is.

It’s very powerful, and when you see it done live. It’s the most powerful moving thing you’ll ever experience in your life and everybody gets moved by that. Everyone will have the ability to make 10% more. I’ll even give you some strategies on how you can stop procrastinating and eliminate fear and start communicating to your brain differently so you start welcoming wealth into your life. I want to show you the power of 10%. Just so you know, it’s not all based on money. Usually I do a lot of events to help people get down to their ideal weight. You can call it a lose weight seminar if you want to, but I always change the wording because getting down, I don’t think anybody’s overweight. I think of excess weight that doesn’t belong to you. If you borrowed it, you’re just trying to give it back, so get rid of that. You don’t own it. Don’t claim it. Don’t own it.

She was 354 pounds and she wrote me a letter on June 21st.She wanted to lose a hundred pounds within a year. If you notice the date, in one year she lost 110 pounds. No surgery, no diet, no pills, none of that stuff. It was exactly what I taught her and then she hit a stumbling block. She hit a roadblock, so I worked her through it. It was all based on stress, and then within two years she was done over 165 pounds. Not only did she get her life back physically, emotionally, and mentally, guess what? Her business did. Her business skyrocketed. Do you want to know she does? She sells candy. Isn’t that interesting? She gives people pleasure and she doesn’t feel guilty about it.

Here’s what I gave her, all my 10% rule. Did you eat 10% less per meal? If you want to get on your ideal weight, is that difficult? No. Don’t ever be on a diet again. Don’t ever deprive yourself. Number one thing is never depriving yourself. Whether it’s in losing weight, getting down to your weight, making money, don’t ever deprive yourself. That’s the killer. You got to move 10% more day. The next thing you do is you got to cut back on snacks and fried chicken. Don’t deprive yourself and you work it off. Let me tell you what happened. She lost all of her weight because she didn’t claim she own it. You want to lose your weight, get down to your ideal weight, this is the formula to do it. I would like to have that formula in your library. You want to be more successful? Use the same formula.10%. Could you put 10% more offers in? I bet you can. Could you put 10% more relationships on? I bet you can. There are many ways of doing it. I want to recap and go over some of the things.

Remember the four-minute mile? If you’re ready to become a millionaire, what you do as you mirror and match what millionaires have done? The reason why John Lennon was able to break that formula out, he did exactly what Roger Bannister did. You want to be a millionaire? Do what millionaires do. You produce the same result. It’s really simple. The conscious mind is the creative part. We can have all the creative parts right now and your subconscious mind automatically react, automatically. Remember, there is nothing quite as beautiful as Italy in the spring wears the spring. It takes it out, puts things in, and from there you create patterns and behavior we automatically respond. There are patterns of restrictions. I’m motivated, I’m pumped up then you hit a wall. Your pattern restriction comes up all the time; be aware of the pattern of restrictions.

You develop a belief that what you want is impossible for you. That’s usually based on a previous experience. I’ve tried that before, it hadn’t worked. That has nothing to with that now. Surround yourself with people that are millionaires. You’ll have a different mindset. All this is is nothing more than influence and persuasion. That’s all it is. If that’s the case, then surround yourself with people that are going to influence you to get to the next level. Can you do that? I want you to write down two people minimum that you could surround yourself with that you look up to and admire and respect, people that are doing things that you want to do. Do what they do. You’ll get the same result with imagination and reality. Write down your goals, but this time write down a little better and a little clearer. In 1953 Yale University did that study, your mind doesn’t know the difference between vivid imagination and reality.

How many of you have ever bought a vehicle, nobody else ever had it, and all of a sudden as soon as you buy it you recognize everybody has it? Do you ever cut out a picture of something that you wanted? You posted it on a board and all of a sudden you got it. Let’s attract the things that you wanted to in life that you want. You have the right to do that. Patterns are in your subconscious mind already. How many believe that you can come up with 850 numbers at random if you had five minutes to figure it out? With all the patterns and all the different strategies, I just showed you how to do that. One, three, five, seven, nine, two, four, six, eight, ten. Do you have many there? Yes.

The other thing is you got to have a millionaire mindset. Know that you believe it. Languages are hypnotic. The words that you’re using, learn how to use your words properly. I’ve got a whole series on all of that. You’re going to have a millionaire mindset, but you believe to be true is true for you. If you don’t believe that you’re a millionaire already, even if the money isn’t in your bank, guess what? It will never attract in there because you always find something to spend it on. “I’ve got to pay this bill.” No, you pay yourself first. Nothing is more important than you. You are the most important, because when you’re paying, you can influence other people in your life to do the same, and I’m telling you, you’ve got to do this. You want to make sure you stack up the availability so you have that wealth in your bank account so you can have the opportunity.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: Listen to your mind. Listen to your body. They’re in sync.

Paul Simon taught me a long time ago, you don’t steal in slow motion when there’s a deal there. If you hesitate, procrastinate, somebody else is going to get that deal and then you’ll go, “I missed it.” No, you did it intentionally, subconsciously. Make sure you pay yourself first and have that millionaire mindset so you get in there and you surround yourself with people that know how to do business. Leverage based on pleasure, massive pleasure, commitment paying, and the new meaning. The most powerful thing is 10%, but you increase your business by 10% over the next 90 days and I’ll bet you absolutely can absolutely can. These are some of the things. We teach you many strategies in life. I’ve only had about 60 minutes, but have you learned a lot so far? Are there certain things that you’re doing in life that you know you can make a change? Are there certain patterns on your subconscious mind that you’d like to change? My guess is there’s probably some, at least get some. Some of you want to change more than others. You can always make some changes every day.

The pen is there because we haven’t got the lesson. Can we all make some changes? Absolutely. I’m not here to get you motivated. You’re already motivated. You’re in the in the top 5% because you’re on this webinar, and when you’re in the top 5%, you already have the mindset. You’re already there, and all you need to do is unlock some strategies. That lawn I was talking about, it’s all suited for you. Your mind is seeded with lawns. All I’m going to do is I’m going to provide the water so you’re on growth in all areas of your life, every bit of it. Then this is the first time I’m doing a three day and I used to do it in January. We’ve had so many people ask us that we’re doing a three-day, August, 17th, 18th and 19th, Las Vegas at the Orleans. We just signed a contract. Here’s my thing. I would invite you to the three day event. I want you to be there. I am not going to lie you. Here’s what I’m going to teach you.

Number one is I’m going to find out what your story is and have no more excuses. Every story you had in the past is going to be gone. Plus, whether you wonder or not, I’m going to hypnotize you several times, so I implant suggestions in your subconscious mind so you don’t have the fear, you don’t procrastinate, and you get what you want. I’m going to teach you how to do this. They don’t think it’s about me. How cool is that? You’re going to learn how to do this. Also you’re going to learn how to create wealth and powerful relationships, because I believe the right relationship, that’s what the most important thing is. You want to become a millionaire, do what millionaires do, who produce the same results. You’re going to learn some strategies. We’re going to teach you. Think of numbers from one to four, how to word suggest, how to word certain things, how to influence other people in a positive way. Your language is the most powerful thing you have. I’m going to teach you duplicate results so you get more. This is a very powerful event and I love it.

Here’s one of my other gift is to you. If you can’t make these dates, how about this? You can come to any of the events that I do. I do them in January and I might even peak it up to three times a year. If you can’t make this one, you come as many times as you want, unlimited and you can bring a friend. Bring your partner. Bring your spouse. Bring your loved one. The reason why is because I want you to learn together. I want you to do this together so you get three days with me. As a special bonus, my business partner, he’s in real estate. He understands all about the mindset. He’s been doing this long as I have. This is the advanced version. I’m going to teach you one thing. He’s going to teach you another thing. He does three days. He does it five times a year, all throughout the United States. Three days with Paul. He’s going to coach you on how to take your business to the next level financially. You’re also going to try to attract more clients or customers in your database so you can get more deals, convert more sales, make more profit with less overhead. Another strategy, how you can double your income. Here’s what you get. You get two events from two people. This is six days of training, two events, two people. Come as many times as you want, bring a guest, come as many times as you want. Look at how cheap that is.

If you’re asking yourself how much it costs, then you’re being a consumer. I want you to have a millionaire mindset for a second. Instead of asking how much it costs, ask yourself this. How much will you make by applying one strategy in six days? Here’s the real number. I’m joking with you, $797. That’s less than $100 a day per person, you can come as many times as you want. Bring a guest. This is going to blow your mind. No more excuses, just results. If you only apply one strategy, it’s going to make you so much more money, but I want to do a little bit more. Imagine this. I’m going to personally call you from my cell phone. That’s how you get a hold of me through email. I’m going to call you from that number. If you’re in Canada. I have an 800 number, but that’s my number. I stayed up all night putting this together to make sure you can register. It is at the Orleans in Las Vegas. You get a discounted rate, hotel at a discounted rate, really inexpensive too, great room. It’s going to be a lot of fun, high Energy.

Here’s what else I want to do. I have a business partner and I and I don’t know how to play testimonies on here. He was a note buyer. He didn’t even attend my event. All I knew I was giving them some programs and he went from eight deals to 40 some deals. 500% increase. You might know him, Nathan, all because of this. Here’s what I want to do as a bonus. I want to give them my Quickstart program. In my Quickstart program, number one is a million of mindset. There’s a workbook in there. What do they want? Why do they want, what are they willing to do and what are they capable of doing? Then my 10% rule. Start using 10%, increasing your business by 10%. It’s $100 value. I want to put it in there for them. I’m going to give it to them as a gift. I love this program. It’s the power of mentors. Remember the language, think of a number from one to four, asking the right question, how do you ask yourself the right question?

How do I become a millionaire and enjoy the process, understanding the power of language, getting you to make the right decisions, how you attract the law of attraction? Also, visualizing what do you want? The whole thing is what would you visualize you want and you’re going to attract into your life. There’s also two videos in there, visual, auditory, kinesthetic. The reason why is I want you to understand how people communicate because we can mirror and match their communication. You will be able to influence them or their visual. When they talk, even in their emails, are they saying, “I can see what this note’s going to do? Yes. I get the picture. I could probably build from this. This is the place that I can build from. I see what you’re talking about.” Those are visual people.

Auditory, “This deal sounds good to me. As I’m listening to what you’re saying, it sounds right.” Those are auditory. Kinesthetic. “You know what? Something feels right about this deal. You know what? I feel good about the information I have.” Kinesthetic. When you learn to mirror and match the same language patterns, guess what? You’re going to connect and you’re going to get more business than anybody else and you’re going to learn how to ask the right question, how to ask it. Four audios, two videos and a workbook. That’s a $295 value. I’m going to throw it in there as a bonus because I think it’s very important for people to understand the power of language. It is very important.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: When you learn to mirror and match the same language patterns, you’re going to connect and you’re going to get more business than anybody else.

We’ll talk about health because I believe if you don’t have your health, what’s the sense of making all the money? The same program that this lady lost all that weight on. I have hundreds of testimonials. Lose weight, hypnotics CD. These are all hypnotics CD’s. You listen to them at night when you go on the bed, you fall asleep, you wake up feeling good, and you start automatically responding. You don’t even think about it. You automatically respond. Eliminate snack foods out of your life. Those are all hypnotic and then there’s other CD’s in there too, information to work and all that. There are six audios and a workbook for a $345 value.

You can go to the website and buy full price for it, but I want to give it to you. I want you to have it because it is important to me. Get rid of stress out of your mind. What if you only got rid of stress? Where would your life be? Would you make better deals? Would you communicate better? Would you be able to apply the 10%? Would you be talking to yourself in a way that’s empowering and inspiring that says, “I am a millionaire, I do influence people. I do help my children and my grandchildren.” You make better choices when you have that peak state where you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. You make better choices. That’s why it’s so important. This is a balanced program. We’re ready to eliminate fear, stop procrastinating, attract the things you want, learn how to negotiate. This program is all about creating wealth, but it’s not just about that.

Here’s what I believe. Scott, you know my wife and I love my wife more than anything. I believe she keeps me going. I believe that she is the reason why I am as strong as I am because of her. I have an audio program about creating passion for couples. What would you do when you first met each other? Anything, and sometimes we get caught up and we lose that passion. This brings us back to where we should be, where we know we could be, and it creates a passionate relationship. Women, the most powerful thing and the sexiest thing that a man can see on a woman is a smile on your face. Guys, am I telling the truth? When you’re a woman is smiling and you’re happy, don’t you feel alive and don’t you want to do anything for your woman? You can have all my wealth, but don’t take my wife, because that’s my life. You can get your money back, but your wife is the most powerful thing you have. I believe that that’s the most important thing. There are eight audio programs in here with a $340 value. You want to destroy fear, procrastination, attract the things you want.

I went in the studio. This is all brand new hypnotic stuff. Forget hypnosis. It is going to give you a new program on your subconscious mind so you can start automatically take the action. I’m going to throw this in there because I think it’s very important that people become not only passionate about relationships but be more productive and not busy. This is about being productive, becoming more productive so you create more wealth. I love how to influence and change people’s lives. That’s what I’m passionate about. When you come to my live event, it is a high energy event. This is something that’s going to blow your mind. It is a top quality event. The first day, I’m going to do a hypnosis show, which I’ve never done before. The second day, we’re going to have a red carpet event where we come down, we all get together, we dress up, and we get to get to know each other one on one. I actually teach you how to do it, and the reason why is I want you to be accountable for the success that you know you can have, but also help others. I teach you how to do it. I show you how to do it. I do everything for you, and that actually you’re going to learn how to do this in the live event. It’s a $295 value. Here’s what people say, “I don’t have the confidence to do that.” You’ve got a hypnosis CD and it gives you the confidence so you don’t know you have the confidence. You have the confidence, then you try.

I figure that out, but here’s what else I wanted to throw in that’s going in there too. My two-day live seminar, I have on DVD video. People at the end of the events, do you know why you save and you help people go through this again? It’s because sometimes we forget what we learned and this reinforces what we get to automatically take action on. I included this two days’ videos, all videos you can watch over and over again. In the three-day events, come as many times as you want. Bring your partner. Paul’s event, come as many times as you want. Bring your partner. You get all of this and you know the price. You’re getting the Quickstart, it’s a $99 value. It well get you automatically starting the 10%, get the right mindset, add to your wealth, destroy fear, eliminate procrastination, create passion, power of influence, and learn how to communicate with others, how to influence others in a positive way, as well as influence your own mind so you know what questions to ask, mind and body, you become healthier, getting rid of stress out of your life, how to hypnotize others. That’s my favorite, the last one, not maybe for you, but it is for me. I want you to learn how to do it and guess what? In the event you’re going to learn how to do it. You’ll be hypnotizing people there. The two-day live event, you’re going to get on video as well. This is a $2,000, over $2,000 program, the whole thing I’m giving away immediately. What else am I going to do? I’m going to personally call you at two events as many times as you want. I cannot stress that enough, and of course, bring a partner, two events, without the cost of the events, which is several thousand dollars. I’m going to a live event, this event is $2,000 for the live event.

People think I’m trying to sell them something. Yes, I am. I want to make it very clear, but I’m selling you on taking control of your life because I know for a fact you can get massive results. I’ve only had 60 minutes here. Imagine Friday, Saturday, Sunday, where we’re all embedded in this stuff. Many interventions going on. They haven’t seen me doing an intervention, but you’re not going to be stuck anymore. I want you to start attracting and creating wealth into your life. I know for fact. All the testimonies I have on video are all people that have never even been to my live event. They all received my packages that have all this in it. If you don’t write it off, if you say, “I’m not going to write it off,” it’s still less than a hundred bucks a day per person. There’s no doubt you’re going to get massive, massive value. Do you know what I might do? I may even throw in a bonus that I don’t even want to tell people until they register, an additional three-day event with somebody else’s bonus, which I’m not even telling, very powerful stuff.

We have a question, “Is the link the link that you wanted us to create, you want them to start there? Do you have a link back to your presentation?”

Ask and you shall receive. That’s how fast we take action. If they want to get the program, they come through you. You get their names and email and I’m going to personally call them. I’m going to personally call them too, so usually we say get clear. Write it down and I’m going to call them. I’m going to send them the link immediately. All those programs, I’m going to immediately send them in a Dropbox to their email address so they have all of those programs now, starting on the Quickstart program. Get that 10%, listen to these hypnotic relaxation programs at night when you go on the bed for about a week, week and a half. In two to three days, you’ll see a drastic change in your behavior and it’s very powerful.

Are there other dates beyond August in Las Vegas?

Yes. There’s going to be in January. I was doing it at the end of January and I always make my dates where there are not a lot of conventions going on in Las Vegas, so the hotel rooms are not $300 a night. I think the hotel room was $65 a night or $100. It’s so inexpensive. I pre-negotiated the hotel rooms for people. There’s a link on there and when I send it to them.

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: You want to make sure you stack up the availability so you have that wealth in your bank account so you can have the opportunity.

Bit.ly/MarksTotalTransformation, it should take you directly to our Infusionsoft site.

They need to email me. That’s my personal email. That’s my personal cell phone number. We’re always updating our website all the time so it may even have the January then on there from last year. We signed the contract and put the link out for the August 17th, 18th the 19th. Then I’m doing another one in January. They come as many times as they want as often as they want, mine and Paul’s, both seminars, both events, both live events and all my products. Paul personally call them too.

Paul is a great real estate investor focused on some of the things. A little bit more of a bio on Paul real fast, Mark?

He’s been in real estate for as long as I have. He’s got a business degree. He understands the mindset. He has been the hypnotherapist, hypnotist and mind coach for a long time. He’s a business coach. He does a lot of high end coaching. What he does is he takes your business to the next level. He will actually be at my event there, so you get to meet Paul there. I try to be at his events and he tries to be at mine. I’m not going to be at his event coming up. I’m going to be in Mexico and then I’ve got to go to Orlando for a couple of days and back, so I’m going to miss that event, but I try to be as many as he is to do the hypnosis as well.

You and Paul have been in New Jersey. Is that where you’re going to do that?

New Jersey is so small. It’s about 25, twenty minutes from the airport. I forget the city it’s at, but he’ll be calling you himself personally as well. That’s what I’m saying. How many speakers actually personally call you? I do, and people think I shouldn’t. They tell me I’m crazy and I should get staff for that. I’m not doing that.

I think it’s a great thing. I get a lot of people call me like, “You’re actually answering your phone.” Like “Yeah, why not? You’ve got a question?”

Whatever it takes, you just help people succeed. That’s why I got into in this business. I want to make sure people are on the right track. Get yourself on the right track. If you feel like you got a stumbling block, here’s what they’re going to do, “I can’t believe you really called me.” You get that 30% of time, “I can’t believe you called me. You said you’re going to call me, and you really did.” Then if I call, you don’t answer, I’m going to text you. “This is Mark from the event,” then you get an email from me. You’re not going to slip through the cracks, there are no more excuses here. This is about taking your life to the next level in all areas. You’ll live in a better quality life, you’re having more time for yourself, and have more money than you can imagine or that you can imagine, I should say.

Is your January event going to be launch-based also?

Yes. I may be doing one back in Florida coming up in the next couple of years, it might be soon, it might be within a year. I don’t want to give people false hope. I cannot tell people anything until I signed contracts with these hotels, so that’s why I’ve wouldn’t tell about the August event until now.

We have a question, “How many people attend your events?”

January, we had 165.The year before this year, we had 135. We usually get about 150 average. We’ll see what happens this time, but usually it’s about 150, sometimes a little bit more.

I love the fact that you do the nice red carpet event gives. Everybody gets a chance to network and get a chance to see each other and network. This is the only time I’ve ever seen Mark stay in one spot this long. Usually he’s all over the place, you meet so many great people and you rarely ever have somebody that you don’t know at the event, which makes it great for you.

Saturday night we’re having entertainment. Do you ever hear that group called The Stylistics? They are friends of mine so they always come and that’s the entertainment. The stories are incredible. Hours of unbelievably great stories of the life they lead and they come down and they do that. They go, “We love the people at your event.” You’ll be doing things at the event you never thought were physically possible. The things you’ll do in the breakthroughs will blow your mind. You will walk out of there a totally different person. We call it total transformation for weeks. It is truly that. It’s more than making a bunch of money. It’s about being fulfilled and having everything. You will actually get results.

You saw how Mark and I interact. What you see is what you get. It is not as show. Mark is exactly this great guy out there. We have a question, “When will be shipped or is it a download?”

It’s your choice and that’s when I call you up. What I’m going to do is I’m going to ship it to you. I’m going to give it to you in the Dropbox so you will have it. When you register, as soon as I get that information, it goes into Dropbox and you have it instantly, so you have all the programs in your Dropbox instantly. If you would like to have it on a thumb drive, I would be willing to send those to you as well, but a lot of people go, “I’ll take the download.” You can have both if you want. When I call you and physically talk to you, let me know. It’s whatever you want. That’s what we’ll do.

As soon as I send Mark the list, he’ll be getting on the phone with you. He’ll be sending all the download links and stuff like that, so it’s done ASAP no later than probably Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I’m working so hard to get the replays because we’ve got a chunk of people that haven’t had a chance to see but we’re working to get the replays done ASAP so people can watch this and take advantage of other things going on too. We have a question, “How do you make it last?”

What happens is when you get your subconscious mind, people go back to what’s comfortable. When you get your subconscious mind, you have enough reasons why you want it to last. You interrupt the pattern that hasn’t worked, you recognize it, and then what I do is we reinforce that through certain program, your subconscious mind, when you learn how to give it massive pleasure. Why do people procrastinate? Because it gives them pleasure. They don’t have to take action, not do this stuff. Why do people smoke? Because it gives them pleasure. What I do is I go to the subconscious mind and install a program and I teach you how to do it so you know how to interrupt your own program so it lasts. It doesn’t go away and with your subconscious mind you, the more you reinforce it, the more it stays in there. That’s why I say you’re going to listen to one for about a week and a half straight. It’s going to be embedded in your mind. It’s like working out. How do you make your muscles work out? You work them. You consistently learn how to work them, you learn what moves to make. You learn what thoughts to say. You learn how to use your proper language. That’s what it’s going to do.

If you change one thing, you’d get massive results. By changing your language patterns, you’ll become more successful. You have to intentionally not use anything that we teach you, intentionally not to get results. Using one strategy and one program will get you more results than you’ve ever imagined, and if you only increased your business only by 10%, only in one year, never did anything after that, would you be in a better place?

NC 33 | Total Transformation

Total Transformation: What happens is when you get your subconscious mind, people go back to what’s comfortable.

We let you run long because it’s fine. We wanted to make sure that you got a lot of stuff out of this. “Will the home-study course do much of the same as the live course?”

Nothing is as powerful as a live course. I’m going to tell you that because you don’t know what’s going to happen at the live course. What it’s going to do it it’s going to reinforce. It’s going to get you started. If you went to the live course, you get massive results. Go to the love course and then you reinforce it. We keep running out of time. When people need help, they need help.

What are the dates again for the August?

August 17th, 18th 19th. That’s what’s coming up. We’re going to be doing more, two people, two events. They get mine and Paul’s as many times as they want, reinforcement. We invite you to come back.

Good stuff. That is going to do a great thing there. Thank you so much Mark for joining us here, rocking and rolling, changing lives, helping people out and making some total transformation in their business, which is awesome stuff.

Thank you, Scott. Thanks for having me on.

Good stuff. Have a great day.

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