EP NC 34 – The Note Boardroom with Scott Carson

NCS 35 | Note Boardroom

NCS 35 | Note Boardroom

Note CAMP 5.0 brought on people who provided a lot of content to help you grow and make profit for your note business. We love to see different types of people coming from different education. We’ve got this new thing called the Note Boardroom. For two days, we focus on four subjects. The first half is on assets and deals. The next subject is on servicing and special servicing systems. We share some of the things that we’re doing, along with bringing in a special servicing expert to spend some one-on-one time with you. We’re also going to spend some time in marketing plans and the implementation. There are so many great things on that. There will be a lot of great information for you to help you take your business to the next level.

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The Note Boardroom with Scott Carson

We are excited here to get things rock and rolling here on the end. I hate to have to say this but things always have to come to end at some point. I just want to give a big shout out to all of you who have been here all four days. Your mind can have only absorbed what you’re asked and withstand. I want to first of all thank all of you for attending. I’m thanking all of your for asking questions, being responsive. For those who have signed up for something from Note CAMP 5.0, I want to say thank you in behalf of the speakers.

We tried to bring on people that we have verified, who provided a lot of content, people that have the same mindset to really help you achieve things because that’s what Note CAMP was all about. Content, actions, marketing and helping you make profits for your note business. That’s why we are so proud of what we have built over the last three years now. We’re excited to see how much we grow and how much we continue to kick butt at what we do. First and foremost, I want to give a final shout out to all our sponsors, MJS Think Tank, Quest IRA, Madison Management, NoteProz, Infusionsoft, Serving Social, Roth Diversified, Laughlin, Paperstac, Crowdfunding Lawyers, fynanc, Credit Sense, The Note Closers Podcast, Singer Law Group, and Mobit.

We just absolutely love our sponsors. We love our vendors. It’s helped us really take things to the level on one form or fashion. We hope that they are able to the same thing for you as well. We do have a date for Note CAMP 6.0. It’s tentatively scheduled for October 4th to 7th of 2018. We may bump it up a weekend. I don’t know yet. We are giving you the extra early bird pricing for you to get signed up for that $149. We got some cool things and we talked about adding the live feature to the next one. The prices are going to be a little bit more expensive. Probably at $495 for the full price which is about a $100 more than this time around just because we add more stuff to it.

We keep adding value to this. I think whatever you paid, you’ve got out of it with just a couple of things whether it’s Mobit or Infusionsoft, the specials that they offered. With what NoteProz came and just did or with what Mark just provided, some really good content. I think it’s the best bang for the buck in the note industry and we keep planning to keep delivering for you. If you’re a WCN Crew member, that’s already included in your membership. If you’re a WCN Crew member, you don’t have to sign up for $149. It’s already included for those that are part of the WCN Crew. We just saved you another $150 in your membership.

If you cancel between now and October, you’re going to have to pay at what the price is that point. Stay a member, stay at the $97 until we hit our 100 members and you’ll love what we provide along the way. That’s six months out. We’ve got some great things. Magnify Your Wealth is in San Diego 4.6. It’s tentative. We’ll probably end up bumping it. I didn’t realize that was when Aaron’s next event was. We’ll change it up. Go to NoteCAMP.Live to get signed up if you’re not a WCN Crew remember. Our Note Camp Survey, we are at 165 people the last time I looked. Please, if you have not filled out the survey, please take the opportunity to do this. What I wanted to share with you is just see the magnitude of what we’ve got going on with that so far.

There are so many great things on that. By just rolling through this, you can see there’s already a lot of great information for you to help you take your business to the next level. 165 responses, people have already filled out a lot of it there. Best email addresses, best mobile numbers so you can contact people. What I was amazed at is the numbers. We have over40% of you are first timers in Note CAMP so we want to thank you for being a part of it for the first time. The second time around, it’s 27%, third time is just under 14%, fourth timers was 4%, the fifth time, we had 14%. The 23 of you that have been through every Note CAMP, we’re so excited to have you and thank you very much for being a part of it.

Best mailing address, what’s your primary focus? You can see nonperforming first. It takes it away right now at 85% followed by performing notes at 32% followed by private lending at 25%. You see why are the majority of our content is, is in the performing and the private lending or owner-finance notes came in as well at just under 20%. Top three states that is going to take awhile for us to pull it up there for you. You can see, not everybody’s filling out everything and that’s fine. If there are some things you don’t want to answer and fill out, don’t fill it out. What we would love to see though as we keep rolling down this thing, how many notes have you purchased? How many notes have you purchased since you started? What’s your biggest need? What’s your biggest strength? One of the great things that we do at our Masterminds is always figuring out SWOT analysis, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can put that up on the board so you can see the strengths and weaknesses and identify people you may want to partner with. Meeting people who you want to jump in and be accountable to.

What’s great on the next question here is at 72% of people at Note CAMP have a self-directed IRA. That’s great, but what about the 28% of you that don’t? You need to get one. Quest IRA is giving away a free account, no opening account fees. Nathan Long has done it again, helping us out. If you fill out the survey, look at this next question. This is the most valuable aspect. If you’re looking to raise capital, one of your biggest strengths or biggest weaknesses is lack of raising capital. Only roughly 15% of people said they aren’t looking to JV. 85% roughly of the people that filled out the survey are looking or would be considerate, are either a yes or a maybe to partner with somebody. That’s a huge opportunity. A lot of people have money, they just don’t have the experience and it’s a great way to bring the experience with the money together. If you’re filling this up, you’ve now got access to 130 some odd people who are looking for potential JV partners. You got the company name, company website for you to do some of your own due diligence on people. This is a great aspect of thing. Do you have an entity? Yes or no. I don’t get people that don’t have an entity. 10% of the people don’t have one, but60% they need one. That’s good.

NCS 35 | Note Boardroom

Note Boardroom: One of your biggest strengths or biggest weaknesses is lack of raising capital.

I love to see different types of people coming from different education, which is awesome. Hopefully we are expanding and exceeding your expectations of your first time. Your birthday, social media platforms that you use. This is a great asset as well to see where everybody’s marketing to. Do you watch The Note Closers Show? That’s for my own personal thing. For the 10% of you that don’t want to listen, what the hell? I got to get sixteen new people that watch one of my shows. That gives me an idea where you’re watching it at. Three things you want to see from Note CAMP. This is the big thing I showed you. Have you ever sent an email out to your database? You can see who is marketing? 54% of the people have never sent an email out to your database. I will tell you this, we’ve toyed with the idea of doing a live event and we’re not going to do it. I was curious to see what it is, but we believe the virtual events are where everything is at. I just wanted to see what you thought. A fulltime and part-time investor, you can see what people are doing it. We’ve got a really good mix there of people out there and then the reaching out to the banks directly. 57% of you have never reached out to asset managers either via phone calls or sending an email and so much information that’s so valuable to help out. It doesn’t really surprise me much.

When will the WCN Crew member content go live? We just had this event and then we have our Mastermind. If you’re a member, you’ll get an email for the webinars and there’ll be a link to anything that you’ve missed so far. You won’t miss out on anything as far as the members. You’re not missing out on anything with the website. We’ll get that over to you as well. Once again, we talked a little bit about the WCN Crew. It’s $97 a month, lots of great bonuses with it. The link to sign up for that is bit.ly/WCNMembership. It’s $97 a month for the first 100 people. We’re getting close. I think there’s two spots left for the $97 a month. You want to take advantage of that. Afterwards, it’s $147 a month. We’re all going to leave that open up until honestly until the 23rd and then we’re going to shut down registration for that for awhile.

We’re not going to leave it open. That’s not my goal to leave it open. We’re only opening up a couple times a year because we want to deliver content to those that are serious about it. A couple of hundred members would be great, but once we get to the point where at 23rd, we’re going to close it down as far as allowing new registrants for awhile. It’ll go up to that $147. Take advantage of all the bonuses we offer in there. Get signed up and we’ll be sending out swag bags this week to those new members. If you’re going to be at the Cape Coral Mastermind, we’ll probably bring your swag bag along. Calendar of events, we’ll be updating our website with the calendar of events. We’re changing up some new things. We don’t even have our Virtual Workshop set next. We need to probably set for July sometime.

We have something new that we’re launching. I want to share it with you guys and then we’ll get to a couple of announcements and let you go. For those of you who know, we have our Mastermind Training, we have our Fast Track Training. The Fast Track is where you come and spend three days, a very small group with us, usually six people or less. It’s three days exclusively on your business and then you get to come to the Mastermind, three times a year. It’s basically four events. That’s a $15,000 thing for you and your spouse or you and your partner. We focus on exactly what you need. We have people there closing deals out of that aspect of things. We give you the list of contact managers, we give you our list of hedge funds. Literally a lot of great stuff goes around, but the most important part that we see as the business management side of things. We know that going from a $700 course or if you sign up for the Blueprint at $1,015, it’s a bit of a big jump to invest in coaching. We get that.

What Steph and I had been talking about doing with our advisers, we’re putting together a special event. I posted the thing on Facebook about, “If we did have a high-end event, what cities would you be the most interested in?” It was twelve people, where would you want it between Las Vegas, Dallas or Miami. Dallas and Vegas were two of the biggest responses and we decided, let’s do one first and see where it goes. What we’ve got is we’ve got this new thing called the Note Boardroom. What’s involved with it? We focus literally for basically two days on four subjects. It’s a half day each one. The first half is on assets and deals. The next subject that we’ll focus on is going to be servicing and special servicing systems. Some of the things that you can do in your business to exponentially grow your response rate, to grow your ROI by tweaking a few things. We share some of the things that we’re doing along with bringing in a special servicing to spend some time one-on-one with you. We’re all going to spend a chunk of time in marketing plans and then the implementation. We may bring in Kristie Whites. We may fly her in for a day to spend with you guys going through one-on-one with your stuff.

That’s the Note Boardroom. Focus on assets and deals, servicing and special services, marketing plans and implementation and then business systems. Raising capital goes into your asset deals and your marketing stuff. We’ll spend time on that. It’s literally those five segments for two days. Very intense and I will tell you right now, it is not for newbies. It’s is not for somebody who is brand new. I do not want you there. It doesn’t mean you can’t get things up and running and get things rock and rolling for you, but this is not for somebody who doesn’t have anything set up. I would call anybody that wants to do this to talk with them. Some of guys, “I have closed 20, 30 deals.” “We’ll help you take your things to the next level.” There are some requirements.

First and foremost, you’ve got to have an active email service provider. You have either MailChimp or Infusionsoft that you’re using. Not just, “I signed up for it.”We need to make sure you’ve got some lists inside of that thing that you can market to. You want to make sure you have active social media profiles. If you’ve never posted anything to social media, probably not the thing for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t get this set up and start doing it. We want to see active profiles. We want to see you’ve got an active LinkedIn profile with at least 1,000 or more contacts. Why is that? It’s going to help with your marketing. If you’ve been sitting around and going to workshops for years and you have less than 500 people, that’s on you. You’re not the person I want to work with because you’re not going to do the things. You’re not coachable.

This Boardroom is like a boardroom style-setting. I want people coming that want to take their business to the next level. I know there are people that are in the transition side. They can afford the $15,000 for coaching, but they’re on the cost. They need a little bit of handholding and that’s what this is designed for. We want somebody that’s at least working ten plus hours a week in notes right now. That still doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulltime job, but at least you’re working ten hours a week, a couple hours here on the evenings or a couple of hours on the weekends. If you’re working full time, ten hours a week, you’re working from 7 to 9 or 9 to 11, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and two hours in the weekend. You can do note business working ten plus hours a week if you’re still working fulltime. You totally can. A lot of other people have done that successful. That’s what we want to do. We want help take your business. If you’re a full-time note investor, come on. You shouldn’t be doing these couple of things. This is not for somebody who’s not technically savvy, “I don’t know how to send an email. I’ve never used anything social media.” This is not for you.

The Note Board room, it’s two days. It’s a Friday and Saturday, so you can fly home Sunday, but you’d be up Thursday night. We get-together with everybody else Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, the first event we’re going to test this out is to be July 13th and 14th. I don’t need you to go out and make your hotel reservations yet or finalized me between two or three spots for this. It’s going to be nice, the wind, New York, New York or something like that for you to be at. We’re going to finalize it, but we’re going to be in a Boardroom for two days. We’re going to have a good evening, Friday night and Saturday. We’re going to work hard on Friday and work hard on Saturday and send you home on Sunday. We’re going to bring in a couple of not just speakers, but people to help you implement things. People to really help you get focused and give you that game plan that you needed. Every hour, we have a finalized plan that I’m putting together for those two days to really help you take things to the next level. Why do we want to keep it small at twelve? Twelve is good enough size that you get some great ideas from people. We don’t want to have 100 people in the room.

NCS 35 | Note Boardroom

Note Boardroom: Twelve is good enough size that you get some great ideas from people. We don’t want to have 100 people in the room.

We want to keep it small, initially. This is the first time we’re going to do this. We’re all going to leave it open for roughly about twelve spots. We may be able to have a few more, but twelve spots only and it’s going to be basically normally two days with me. If you figured that we charge $15,000 for our Note Mastermind and Fast Track Training, basically two days will be normally a $10,000 price tag. We’re going to do this basically Beta pricing on this stuff to see how it goes for $2,500 per person. $2,500 initial offering on this aspect of it. Maybe it fits in your budget and you’re like, “I have to do that. Maybe that’s the next step I take.”That’s per person. If you want to bring your spouse or existing business partner, it’s an extra $500.Basically,that’s $3,000 for two people. You’ve got to realize, we only have twelve spots at the table, approximately twelve spots. If you can bring somebody who’s not in the business, it’s a waste of space. It will take away from what we’re focused on. If your spouse is not active, then you don’t want to bring them. If you’ve got a partner or an office manager, somebody who’s handling your marketing, that’s probably who you want to bring.

We’re only doing this for the first time to see how it goes. We may have another one in Dallas, we may have another one in Miami, but we want to see first how this rolls. If you’re a part of the Note Mastermind Group, a paid member of the Note Mastermind Group, we’ll knock $500 bucks off that. We’ll let you bring your second person at no additional cost. The best way for you to get started with this is to go on, reserve your spot. All you have to do is sign up right now. If you’re going to bring another spouse, a partner, we can get that taken care of later on. You go to bit.ly/NoteBoardroom, exactly as it says there. Get signed up, reserve your spot and we’ll help you out with that.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do, as another special bonus, if you sign up before Monday for that, I’ll throw in Mark Yuzuik’s stuff. I’ll throw in that $797 program that Mark offered up as part of the Note Boardroom for you. If you ended up signing up for it and then you cancel off, you’re still going to get charged with $797 for Mark. This is important. You’ve got to sign up before the end of day on Sunday to get Mark Yuzuik’s things. If you don’t sign up on Monday, it’s not going to happen. You got to sign up on Sunday to make things happen. We’ve got twelve spots. We want you to get signed you, take advantage of this special eight-hour bonus. That’s a really big bonus for you. We believe in what Mark’s doing, we believe it’s the right mindset. This is an opportunity.

We’ve got only so many days that we can do stuff. It was actually hard to schedule this in with what we’re doing, but if you want to take advantage of that, bit.ly/NoteBoardroom, get signed up there. For some reason your card does not work, it’s probably because it’s got a security bonus, you can email myself and Steph. Email me at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com so Steph can get a hold of you to get that all taken care of. This is a special thing we’re doing. We’re testing it out. Normal pricing for two days with these is $10,000. $15,000 for the Fast Track and the Mastermind together. This is a spot for you to see and get things rock and rolling and help you put that money to work to get things rock and rolling. The dates are July 13th and 14th right now. It will be in Las Vegas. It’s a $2,500 offer because we’re bringing in twelve people together.

If you’ve got an existing partner, a spouse, that’s an extra $500.If you’re an existing paid member of the Note Mastermind, we’ll let you bring that second person at no additional cost. We understand, people are all over the place. We’re doing it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Come in, hang out. We’ll have a good time. We’ll take good care of you. We’ll give you a lot of great content and make it valuable for you to really help you focus on your business needs of raising capital, marketing, servicing and asset stuff. It’s not going to be the same training we do for our Note Mastermind Group or the Fast Track. You’re not going to get the bonuses. You don’t get to get the asset manager lists that we offer with our Mastermind and Fast Track. That’s a different thing, but this is something for you to get your feet wet and see if you would be a fit. The dates we have is July 13th and 14th and go to bit.ly/NoteBoardroom. That’s the thing we’ve got, we’re toying around, we’re doing. I definitely think it’s worth your time.

I’ve got some other stuff to talk about. Your social media winner, which is what everybody has been asking about, is the one, the only Mr. Eric Hyde. He has done a tremendous job with videos every day and posts to social media. Definitely the big winner for the social media contests. He gets a place in our Note Mastermind. There were several people who did a great job. Kudos to all the individual day winners, Bill Griesmer, Mark Hamrock, Shannon, John Bardeen, you guys all did tremendous stuff out there. One thing I want to say to all of you that posted, we love that you’re sharing stuff. I love this and we thank you for doing this because I think it’s truly a win-win.

If you’ll do this for us, why would you not do this for your business? You should be posting things for your own business, your deals that you’re working through, the assets that you’re making offers on, sharing the story of what you’re doing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. That’s important for you to do it. The reason we asked and we try to signalize this and trying to pump you is to see how easy it is. Some or you are posting for the very first time, some of you are doing videos for the very first time. Do it for yourself. Help yourself win. Help yourself go out and kick ass. Do the things that you do for us, but go out and do it for yourself as well because it’s just as valuable for you.

NCS 35 | Note Boardroom

Note Boardroom: Do the things that you do for us, but go out and do it for yourself as well because it’s just as valuable for you.

It’s important for you more than anything else and that’s really what separates it from everybody else. The people that do something succeed. The people that don’t do, sit around and complain about things. They complain about and they get upset because they don’t see any activities. “I want to.” Go do it. “I always wanted to run a 10K,” go out and do it. Go out and walk one first. I got to get a big shout out to Stephanie Goodman who got up this morning early. It’s almost freezing here. She got down there, ran a 10K and completed and got her medal. She’s all excited about it. I’m so proud of her. Steph is a doer. That doesn’t mean she’s not scared, she was griping a little bit about the cold last night, but she still got up and went and did it.

I tell all of you that you all can do amazing things because I know it. I see people all the time that do amazing things because they just took action. They just got outside their comfort zone. I know it’s scary if you’ve never done something before. Nobody’s ever going to shoot you or stab you. Take action. This world does not have enough action takers. There are too many people sitting at home and talking negative or complaining and stuff like that. We need more action takers. We really want to do some things big in life. If you want to do some things, go out, take action, do some great things, and you’ll absolutely y love what comes from it. I promise you this. You’ll raise more capital, you’ll to get more deals closed. You’ll have more asset managers reaching out to you.

Years ago, one of my first connections with an asset manager in a New York Hedge Fund was off of a YouTube video I did. My sweaty ass walking around an apartment complex. There’s a note I’m buying in this complex. Sweat running down, 110 degrees in the middle of summer and I posted it to YouTube. You know what happened? A hedge fund manager that had two other notes in that same complex, saw it and they reached out to me. Steph was there. She wasn’t there when I filmed the video, but she was there a couple days later with me after I bought them. You could do the same thing. You heard me talk about it. You heard others talk about it. It’s all about the market. It’s why we had Darin Adams from Infusionsoft and Jim Koch from Mobit and we had Kristie Whites on to share about your eighteen-minute social media, but we’re not talking about you spent hours.

Eighteen minutes, change a bit of your actions. Maybe you need to sign up for Mark Yuzuik’s program to find the confidence level that you need. Just do something. We’re very grateful that you guys are all here because you help out so much. Go out and make something happen. That’s all I’ve got for you. I’m going to throw up the link for the Note Boardroom for you. We want you to take advantage of that and make something happen. We have had amazing things. Let’s get some questions. You and I were talking about the Note Boardroom. We wanted to make sure that you’ve got a lot of good stuff out of it. I made the audible to add Mark’s stuff too because I know how valuable it is. We want it to be valuable. The thing is that we want people to take advantage. We want people to close this. We love that.

We still have a small niche, but the more of us that are successfully doing it, you become a more respected, solid niche. Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. The fix and flippers come and “We do this.” We buy notes and we do all the things that you do. We’re very powerful in doing it. You can scratch a lot of itches that way. I like to see more people get their businesses going and be successful for a variety of reasons.

If you plan to come to the Boardroom, you better expect to close on ten deals in the first 90 days. That’s what we’re talking about. It doesn’t mean we’re going to do it all for you, but we can help you get there. I’ll give you an example. Laura Blunk came into our Fast Track last week and she’s like, “I need to close on probably twenty deals in the next eighteen months.” She’s got six that she just closed, I believe. We’re going to help her get to her point. We will help you put things in place so that you can go and close things where you can make a difference not only in yourself, in your family’s life, but also leave a legacy. We want you to be a part of our extended note family. Come on out. Join the Boardroom. We’re here to help you find success. We’ll make that special offer good until Sunday at midnight. Hopefully, you get signed up or you reach out to me or Steph and we’ll make sure and get you all aboard and then we’ll go from there.

On behalf of Stephanie and myself, all of our speakers, all the vendors, all of you, everybody that shared something online, thank you. Thank you for being a part Note CAMP. Just so you know, most of Day One and Day Two sessions are already up in Base Camp on a link for you to watch the replays. I already posted it up there this morning and we’ll work to get most of that stuff up there. The rest of the sessions for those that missed, please take the time to watch those, especially any session that you didn’t watch. Also please fill out the survey. One last email and then we’ll close it down and we’ll go from there. Thank you everybody for being a part of it.

We’re glad that you were here. We hope it can help change some things. We hope it launches your business to the next stratosphere. I get my own medal because when you call me and tell me you closed your first deal or that you boarded loans and they give you a discount, that’s my medal. It helps me with the more deals you close because our vendors take good care of us. They take good care of you. It’s total reciprocity. A book that I read earlier on was Servant Leadership. If you ever get a chance to read it, go read it. It’s one of the big things that I think about in life is making the people around me successful. One of the big beliefs I have is helping you succeed, it helps me succeed. On behalf of everybody here, WCN Crew, WCN War Room, once again, thank you for being a part of Note CAMP 5.0. Go out and make something happen and I will see you all at the top.

Thank you.

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