EP NNA 13 – The Essential Guide To Leading Your Tribe

NNA 13 | Leading Your Tribe

No leader is a jack of all trades. You need to identify your one cause if you wish to successfully lead your tribe. Learn how to delegate tasks with efficiency, in such a way that the company’s vital responsibilities are evenly spread all throughout your tribesmen, freeing you up to envision bigger plans for the future. The world needs more leaders than followers these days. Every time when there’s a true absence of leadership, people will literally listen to the loudest voice. Learn how to make your voice matter and stand out from the crowd as a reliable tribal leader.

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The Essential Guide To Leading Your Tribe

Our webinar is all about leadership and how to effectively lead on some things. I see a lot of people doing some crazy things out there and I have to shake my head. I’m like, “What are you thinking? What are you doing?” If you’re joining us for the first time here on Note Night in America, welcome. We’re glad to have you. It’s all about leading your tribe. I want to thank you for being here. Our goal in the next five years is to help educate great 10,000 note investors. That’s one of the big things that drives us for what we do. To help educate, help create, help get people on the right track to success. Whether it’s you trying to make more money or leave your job or to retire or build a retirement or education, whatever it is. Everybody’s got a different goal and we believe that notes is one of the best ways to help you grow that and do that. We’re honored that you were taking time now. For those who joined us for the first time and wondered who is on the Note Night in America? You’ve got real estate investors, note investors, people looking to get notes, people looking to fund deals. You can catch them on at WeCloseNotes.TV. You can always listen to the replays of Note Night in America on iTunes podcasts, Stitcher, all the popular ones. Thanks for listening. Make sure to leave a review and make sure to leave a comment, a post. That helps others find the show as well. Thank you for that. If you’re brand new to it, if you’re looking for some note training, looking for some stuff, you can always text the word Notes to 72000. It will send you a PowerPoint slide, send you some videos and send you some replays of Note Night in America to help you get things rock and rolling in your note business.

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Let’s dive into leading your tribe. How many of you think you’re not a leader of any sorts? Every one of you is a leader of some sort of tribe. This has something a little bit with the book by Seth Godin, it’s one of my favorite books. People constantly ask me all the time, “What’s your favorite book?” I say Tribes or Outwitting The Devil. This one by Seth Godin is one of the best books that you can ever read about your business, about your life and what you are offering people out there. Whether you believe it or no, “We need you to lead us,” as he likes to say and I would agree with that. Everybody has a tribe. Everybody has an opportunity. What is a tribe? If you look at the definition in a dictionary, it’s a noun. It’s a social division in a traditional society, consistent of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

Think about all of those things, social, economic, religious, blood ties, culture and dialect. Typically, this says typically doesn’t mean necessarily all the time. Typically, there’s having a recognized leader. I like to ask the question, “What’s your tribe? Who are your tribes?”We all have tribes that we work with. I’m not talking about an Indian tribe here. That’s not what I’m talking about. We all have tribes. We all make up a different variety of tribes. We all are put in tribes early on. We all get put into tribes early on and we start building those tribal features, that culture, the economic, the social. You have the popular kids, the not so popular kids, the jocks, whatever. The cliques that we fall into. When you go off to college sports, sporting events is often a tribe. In college, oftentimes fraternities, sororities are a tribe of their own. You look at workplace, your office are often tribes. Those are mostly forced tribes because you’re hired for a job and then you’re expected to work together.

NNA 13 | Leading Your Tribe

Leading Your Tribe: We all have tribes. We all make up a different variety of tribes.

You also look at things like the military. It’s a tribe. We also have church tribes. We also have tribes we’re a part of like our Mastermind group’s a tribe of people get together on a regular basis. We all belong to a variety of tribes and we all have different leadership abilities or following abilities in our tribe. The question is how did we get to where we’re at today? It’s changed over time to think about it. If you think about the first major change, it had to deal with Henry Ford. Henry Ford brought people in from the outside into his factory where people were going from making $0.50 a day to $5 a day because his plants were working well. He did a good job of transitioning people to this working tribe. That evolved over time to the point where we developed TV, where you had Mad Men. You’re advertising, the TV and radio ads. A lot of companies would just buy ads and then try to slam it down your throat, literally try to push it down your throat on a regular basis. You’ll still see this so much today. People are trying to go, “Come to McDonald’s,” and he’s the clown or they say, “Buy at Burger King.” You see all these tribes to lose weight, gain weight, “Men grow your thing that lady loves you the most.” What I’m trying to get at is that was a transition when we had all different types of advertising, was a different way to try to find tribes. “Join this, join that. Are you sick with this?” You look back at the old ads, you see how it targets to people, whether they use babies or cigarettes or doctors to try to get people to sell their product. It was all about those that could buy more ads or could push more ads was all the leadership. That obviously has transitioned over the last years as we’ve gotten more technological based and gotten smarter to get where we’re at today.

We’ve always had different types of social networks but if you look at like Zuckerberg with Facebook, it’s helped make us a social world, good or bad. There are both sides of the story. It’s never been easier to connect with the people that you want to surround yourself with. From the mainstream of life, like Cowboys fans want to get together mainstream, to the fringes of whether you’re a Goth lover or cat ladies that go hang out with cat people. There’s a whole variety of different ways to get to where you want it today to connect because ultimately, we all want to connect everybody. Everybody wants to connect with somebody to walk down that same path. Nobody wants to go do it alone. Very few people want to pull the Ralph Waldo Emerson saying, “It’ll be easier to leave the path and hack out a trail through the forest.” Leave a path of your own. Nobody wants to do that. We all want together and we want to burn some shit down. We just want together and do what we do, whether it’s, “You want to get together and bitch about Hillary or we want to get together and bitch about Trump,” or “You want to get together and bitch about whatever.”

A lot of times, it comes down to that. The social network, especially today, I see tribes are so un-positive and negative. It’s important to be a leader more so today with a positive spin on things and the focus of things because there’s such a lack of leadership out there all across the board. I want you to think of where you’re at today and think of if you pushed what you’re focused on, you can totally turn your tribe into a movement everybody. If I think back to where I started back nine years, ten years ago, I was one guy. You had six clients, six people I connected with and I went out and spoke somewhere and I met a few more people.

I spoke to a couple other groups and ended up growing. I had a growing movement that as I moved across the country and talked to people, my network got bigger. It got larger and it turned into a movement; not exactly a movement like the Susan G. Komen Foundation or anything like that. I started off doing what I needed to do, closing deals and talking about it. That’s what I want you all to focus on. If you are closing deals or you’re looking to close deals, we close any type of deals. Share what you’ve got going on. I’m not talking about, “It’s been five years since I closed a deal,” then you’re beyond the times or, “I’ve only closed 30 deals and I’m close to a deal in the last year.” You probably aren’t and shouldn’t be leading, especially other people out there doing a lot more deals. One of the biggest things I have to tell you, if you have to be an effective leader, especially on the leadership trainings I’ve taken, the books that I’ve read, it can’t be about you. You’ve got to take ego out of it. You’ve got to take ego. You’ve got to be movement or group mindset. You can’t have a me-focus. You can’t have it, “It’s all about me.” No, it’s not all about you.

It’s all about you, then you’re an army of one. If you’re out there running, nobody’s following you. You’re not leading a tribe, you’re an idiot. Leaders see the need and act. They see something that needs to be done, they go do it. They get it done. You can be vocal about it, maybe non-vocal about it. They see a need and they act. The big thing is a lot of people, “I need permission to go do something.” No, you don’t need the permission to lead. Honestly, you don’t need any type of permission to lead, you go do it. Go do it because that’s what leaders do. They see a need, they go do it. Asking for forgiveness is better than asking for permission.

What am I trying to get at? You also don’t need charisma to lead. You don’t have to be an outgoing individual. A lot of people are like,” I’m not a leader. I’m an introvert. I don’t want to get up and do anything.” That’s okay. Fine, that’s what you want to feel. Don’t do that then. You don’t need charisma to lead, but if you lead, leading does build and does give you charisma. Honestly, the best leaders in the world are the ones that go get stuff done. Those are the people that build respect that way. You could have some of the best charismatic people, they can be some of the worst leaders. I’ll give you an example. Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort at his point, he was very charismatic, didn’t mean he was a great leader. He led his tribe, that didn’t mean he was a great leader when it came to everything being done.

Often, leaders are the best storytellers. They are the ones that help them tell the story about their cause, their movement, what they’re focused on. I’ll give an example of Toms shoes. Anytime you buy a pair of shoes, they will donate a pair of shoes. That’s a great story. The guy who started Zappos, he’s not a shoe store, he’s the best shoe distributor. It’s where people would go to find shoes, to connect with shoes. There are a lot of great leaders out there to make things happen. You have a guy out in San Francisco by the name of Nathan Winograd who started rescuing animals from the shelters and the kill shelters, going out and rescuing and helping them get delivered and rescued throughout the country. That’s one of the biggest movements. He tells the stories about the animals. The question I ask you, “What’s your story?” I was as a teacher or I was a fitness instructor. I was a mortgage broker or a realtor and I failed. You’ve heard that story. I’m talking about rags to riches stories. We all have a story and we all have the journey. We’ll all have different deals that we deal with on a regular basis. You by leading is by sharing the stories, sharing those case studies in the note industry. That gives more fodder, more ammunition to people to be able to identify what they’re doing and be able to feel a bit more comfortable.

I have a picture of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates up here. These guys are laughing here on stage, but they necessarily weren’t good friends. They did things differently. Think of how they connect to people differently. One did through software and the other one did to Apple. Software, phones, things like that. Connecting with people is differently for now. You can look at these guys probably weren’t the most charismatic people growing up, maybe probably even a little awkward, probably easy to say. They built a movement, they built a story, they built an environment, they built a culture. They grew their businesses to unbelievable heights. The thing I asked you is what is your thing or cause? You’re a note investor, you’re a real estate investor, hopefully you’re here for that. Notes is one of the great big things that we’re a big part of.

NNA 13 | Leading Your Tribe

Leading Your Tribe: Leaders see the need and act. They see something that needs to be done, they go do it.

Some of you are real estate investors, some of you are doing a variety of different things, and maybe notes are one notch in your belt. Maybe you guys are out there looking for higher returns because you’ve got to make up something. Maybe you’ve got to make more money to replace your retirement, replace a job or to help pay for things later on. Maybe some of you are leaving your job. That’s your cause or your thing and using notes and using real estate to help you get out of that aspect of things. Maybe you’re interested in providing education, helping others along the way. That was one of the biggest things that when I started teaching, I wanted to help those and give back as my way of giving back for the all the opportunities that I had early on, which was unique. Maybe it’s using this to raise capital for bigger projects. Make money to donate money. Do you have causes that you want to run? Whatever your thing is or cause is, focus on it.

The world needs more leaders than followers these days. In the true absence of leadership, people will literally have listened to the loudest voice, which is sad. Unfortunately, there are some loud voices out there that should not be sharing what’s going on. The thing is, what are you thinking? The biggest thing that you have to do, you have to identify your one cause. Unfortunately, you can’t be a Jack of all trades. Don’t get me wrong, you can have different causes but when you’re starting out, if you’re not effectively doing and leading in one way, you can’t bounce around and I see that happening. I see that people don’t have the patience to lead because it does take a lot of patience. People bounce from one thing to other, “I’m going to take a class. I don’t like them, I’ll find something else.” I’m going to find something else. It’s easy. Being a leader is not the easiest thing to do. You have ups, you have downs. You have to be focused on things. You’re going to have setbacks. The one thing is each day that you lead, you are a lot closer to your goal than if you’re following somebody who was an ineffective leader.

Let’s talk about some of the best ways to lead. In today’s social world, meetups are a great place. A lot of us are joining REI clubs. We’re going to networking events. Great thing about REI clubs, networking, they’re usually local. Unfortunately, 5% to 10% are doing something. Then you have the free groups versus the paid groups. Honestly, the free groups are worthless. If you’re not closing deals right now, you don’t need to start an REI club. Do not start an REI club. I see people, I hear from people, “It’s such and such our real estate club.” That’s stupid. They haven’t closed any deals. How are they going to lead when they’ve never walked in the steps of leaders to close something? I turned down going to clubs that are free because there’s no type of investment there by the tribe. There’s no type of buy-in to the cause. They come and go. I paid some investment. I’d rather talk to ten people that have paid to be a part of something versus 100 people that haven’t paid at all because there’s no investment. There’s no real thing driving those people together.

Meetup groups, those are free and you can join a bunch of them and tap into them, but meetup groups often are there to be a tagline for people to join. There are not a lot of discussions going on. There’s not a lot of stuff going on with the board. It’s more emails are going out. It’s not a lot of communication going back and forth. Unfortunately, a lot of the leaders of meet up groups are Nazis. Not true Nazis, but you get what I’m saying. They don’t allow a lot of interaction. They don’t want you to post on the discussion board. It’s easy to tell that the person that runs that meta group is sole focused, central focused. Facebook groups are blowing up crazy. You have open groups versus closed groups. I like closed groups a lot better than open groups. I’m around the part if you open groups and podcast groups and things like that. Some real estate groups are open, but I don’t see a lot of interaction taking place in the open groups whereas I see more in closed groups where there’s much more interaction. I’m very happy of what we have going on in the WCN Crew. It’s a great group, 700 plus members. Not nearly the biggest note group but it’s probably the most active group out there. I see other note groups that are bigger or growing bigger, but there’s no type of buying. It’s just, “Let’s invite everybody,” and that’s not a good tribe. The Cherokee didn’t go with the Sioux, the Sioux didn’t go with the Banshees.

Facebook is great because you can also do a local group or you can do a nationwide group. You can do a membership group or you can do an open group. The biggest thing is you want to try to find something that ties you in. If you have too much in an open group, where you’re just inviting every willy-nilly person there who’s not closed a deal, then your message gets watered down. You’re cause then gets sidetracked instead of going forward to close deals and make things happen. Going back and having to restart things all over again, you never grow.

I’m a big fan of masterminds; it’s a great way to be a part and to lead people. What I love about our mastermind is seeing other leaders pop up across the country. I love seeing people pop up and then contribute to the mastermind group. That’s what it is all about. I see the experienced people growing, closing more deals, sharing with the newer people. That’s what you want to see. You want to see people that are closing deals in today’s market. Not somebody who has closed ten deals or twenty deals and that’s it. Don’t get me wrong. A person that’s closed ten deals is better than none and they can help those that have closed less than ten at that point. They can’t teach somebody how to get to 30 to 50 to 100 deals if they’ve never been down that road. I’ve seen a lot of that. Everybody’s like, “I’m an expert now. I’m an educator. I haven’t closed anything in years but I’m going to teach people.” You can’t do that. That gives the industry as a whole a bad name. Experience is not necessary to lead.

You can jump in and a lot of people jump in. I’ll learn along the way. I’ll jump out of the plane and build my parachute on the way down. That happens. You can only lead up to your experience level. I see people that are starting to speak and that’s great. A big reminder, “Make sure he’s closing deals.” Don’t be asking him to speak at a big event when you’ve closed on two deals because you can’t. That makes you a hypocrite. You’ve got to walk the walk before you ever talk the talk. That’s one of the most important thing is I can tell you, talk only comes after a walk, not the other way around. Leaders are not liked by everyone. If you want to be liked by everyone, then you need to follow. I’ve told people before that there’s the 33 rule. 33% of people are going to love you. 33% of the people are going to hate you no matter what you do. What you have to focus on is people that love you and the middle 33% that are on the fence. It’s okay to be disliked. If I’m disliked, I’m probably doing something right. A lot of jealousy is happening out there with things, I see that. It’s okay, you’re not going to be perfect. Nobody here is perfect. You’re going to make mistakes.

If you don’t know the decision to make, ask your tribe. Ask your tribe for direction on what they are looking for. Poll them, ask them, and don’t be afraid to take feedback from your tribe. Whether it’s your family, your church, your PTA, the people you work with, ask the tribe for direction. What are you guys thinking? Take feedback. A bad leader is somebody who does not take any type of direction or never asked their audience or their tribe for direction. Where would you guys like to go? Tell me where you guys want to go and I’ll lead you to get you there. When you make mistakes, just own up to them and move on. Don’t sit here and dwell on them. “I made a mistake,” thirty seconds later, you’re moving on. The worst thing you can do is sit here and focus on your bad mistakes. You’ve heard that from quarterbacks or the people that play sports. “You made a bad play. Forget about it and move on.” Don’t make three mistakes in a row. Be a leader, you made one. Don’t try to overcome the mistake you just made. Be in the moment. Be where you’re at. Learn from your mistakes and learn how to overcome those mistakes when they show up into you as well. If you’re solely focused on you, your tribe will leave. Doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re solely focused on me, me, me, give me deals or you can’t close because you’re not a part of my group. You’ve got to focus on this or it’s all about me making profit. You will lose your tribe. I see this happening every day, not with us, but what I’m getting at is others. You see Facebook groups where it’s all focus on me, focus on me. Those groups are basically nonexistent with experiences. There’s nothing being posted there anymore. Only a few people are posting there because the leader is no longer a leader.

NNA 13 | Leading Your Tribe

Leading Your Tribe: The world is big enough that you don’t have to copy what somebody else is doing.

One of the most important things too is to do your thing. The world is big enough that you don’t have to copy what somebody else is doing. You can do your own thing. I see this happening all the time. I see a lot of people starting to do interviews or they‘re doing a podcast. It’s great, do a podcast, but don’t do it like we’re doing. Do it something different. There are many different niches and different things that you can do. That’s why we start off small. Start off small, hone your craft and your niche will grow from there. If you try to be something to everybody off the bat, you’ll be a lot of nothing to everybody. Just start off small. Focus on that small tribe. Build your tribe first. What’s a grassroots effort of what you’re doing, but the thing is all of you already have tribes.

I can give Steph a little bit of a hard time because she does her pet rescue. She had another successful cat rescue. I’m proud of her. I keep pushing her trying to have more of a leadership role in sharing the message. One cat’s great, but if you want to save thousands of animals, you’ve got to get out and share your message. Share what you’re doing. Share the webinars. That’s one of the things that we started doing webinars years ago. I remember having a conversation with Val. We are doing some webinars on a regular basis and Val says, “Do you know what the best thing that you do, Scott? It’s your webinars that you do every Monday night. I would just do it. You do such a great job.” That’s the way you build your tribe and that’s the one of the biggest things I can tell you is don’t be a hypocrite. Talk about what you know. Be willing to admit what you don’t know and move on. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t say one thing and do something else. Stick to your word. You promised something, stick to your word. Yes, it may take longer to get some things done or deals closed or things like that. Just share what’s going on, “I’ve had a bit of a setback but I’m working on this. Here’s the plan.” Ultimately don’t forget what got you there. If you got to where you’re at because you’re closing first or seconds or contract for deeds, owner financing or rentals, great. Don’t be one of these guys that go out and tries to do everything and be an expert in teaching every aspect of things. That’s not smart. You’re not focused and leaders are focused. You are good enough. You’re smart enough and people you like you, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough and people like me.” Sometimes there are going to be days where you might have to say it to yourself to get you pumped up to lead.

Being an effective leader is all about getting out of bed and doing the thing again, showing up. You got to lead by example more so than anything. There are some amazing people leading by examples out there. I just want to share. I like to brag on people doing amazing things. You’ve got Cody Cox doing a great job with his Sunday night email and his Friday strolls. He’s closed on some big things because he’s leading by example. Cody does a great job. He’s got to do some things to ultimately get to where he wants to go. Adam Adams is doing a great job. Adam started off doing the videos, sharing about his pipe drive stuff and then closing deals and he leads by example. He closed it, great. What I love about Adam is he also said, “I’m lazy. I don’t want to work that much.” He’s sharing how he’s doing that. He’s got to lead by example. Gail Greenburg does a great job too. Talking to people, she uses BiggerPockets religiously and Facebook to share with people, talk with people, talk with them. She’s leading by example, closing deals and getting to her point. Gail set a goal for herself to hit $10,000 a month residual so she could be more of a philanthropist and she’s doing that at this point. She’s about that point if not surpassed it but doing a great job helping others.

We had a great honor, Chris was one of our Fast Track students. Chris already closed 45 deals prior to coming to our Fast Track. I asked, “Why are you here?” He worked hard. He wants it at the Note CAMP and he’s done a great job. I’ve heard from plenty of people, Eric Hyde and Bill and some other people up there that they’re doing some great things as well talking, “Chris is doing a great job.” I was talking to Chris and he’s like, “I just listen. I listen to something and implement it. I listen to something that you say or others say and I go out and I try to implement it.” He does that and that’s what leading by example is all about. If you learn something, go out and implement it so you learn how to share your story, share your examples, share your voice of experience. Patty Ped is doing a great job. He closed on nine deals already before coming to the Fast Track. Watch out for Patty. Patty’s going to do some big things. Her and her husband, Chris, are going to some great things as well.

You’ve also got to be very humble. Sometimes you’ve got to eat some humble pie. You’ve got to be yourself. You’ve got to realize you put your pants on in the morning and your stuff does stink. We all go to the bathroom and we’ve all got to wipe our ass. We all got to put deodorant on the day. I don’t care who you are, realize you’re nothing special. You’re not royalty. You do the same things as long as you keep doing, people expect you. Last but not least, you’ve got to show up on time. You have to be consistent. You have to have a servant mindset. You have to be honest. You have to give before you’ll ever get. That’s probably one of the biggest things at the bottom. You have to give before you’ll ever get. You’ve got to have that servant mindset to help those around you. You’ve got to be doing the things that you’re teaching them, otherwise you are just a talking head. One of the great things you’ve got, I would always say to do is go out and be consistent. If you’re needing help getting a property under contract, what does that mean? Make more offers. Someone was talking to me talking about, “I was making some offers.” I said, “Let’s take a look at your numbers. You’re over calculating.” That’s the reason you’re not getting the offers because you’re scared to death of getting accepted and something bad happened. You’re playing for the worst possible outcome of building off of that. It doesn’t work that way.

Ultimately in your tribe, whatever your tribe is, you have to build a cultural success. We talked earlier on about culture. That’s the definition of tribe with the same culture. A toxic culture is not going to bring nothing but toxicity, chaos, and nothing will get done there. You have to build a culture of success. Tom Herman, who’s the head coach of University of Texas Longhorns was introduced. He became a coach and he thought success would happen faster in his first year at University of Texas. He’s all gung-ho now for year two because his players have now bought into the system and now bought into his culture. They see the success that he brought for them from the University of Houston, why he was the hottest coaching recruit around for years. You have to build a culture of success. That’s why Coach Saban from the University of Alabama is doing well. It’s why some of the best coaches out there are doing well because it’s a culture of success.

NNA 13 | Leading Your Tribe

Leading Your Tribe: Sometimes you’ve got to eat some humble pie. You’ve got to be yourself.

I honestly believe you’re a basketball fan as part of the reason that the Boston Celtics are doing well. Even though you watched the NBA, they’ve got two of their best players haven’t played all year, but have been injured out. They have a culture of success. Like a decent player still, they’re making an extra pass. Same thing with the Golden State Warriors. Steve Kerr has built a culture of success. Greg Popovich has built a culture of success with the San Antonio Spurs. The reason for that is they lead. Yes, they may not be liked by everyone. Yes, they will be harsh. Yes, they will be direct but they want to be honest. You’d rather know the truth than have smoke blown up your ass. I love this line, “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.” General Patton was famous for saying this but it’s originally probably quoted from Thomas Paine back in the day. You’re going to do one of those three things. You’re going to lead, you’re going to follow the leaders or you’re going to get the hell out of the way. The leaders are leading sometimes places that you don’t want to go. I’m not going to fall there, I’m going somewhere else. You got to basically build a culture of success, but a culture of teamwork. Casey Stengel said this, “It’s easy to get the players. It’s getting them to play together, that’s the tough part.”

A lot of times, you’ve got to get people that, “Yes, I noticed you were all working towards our own goals, our own deals.” I still think it’s one of the best niches out there in the real estate community where people are working together and playing together. Coopetition is our buddy Joel Markovitz likes to say. It’s an opportunity to work together. That’s the most important thing out there towards a common goal. If you can find people to mentor with you or to mastermind with you, people that are above you or close 100 deals that are willing to help you to take that next step because ultimately you’re probably going to help them get along. I’m not talking about the whips and chains, not about being a slave. I’m talking about working together, rowing in the same direction that you’re all wanting to go. If you are in a row boat with one oar, you’re going to go okay. If you’ve got two people with you, three people, four people with you that are rowing in the same direction, they’ll blow right past the lone wolf.

Go out and read the book Tribes. It will help you with things. I want you to do something. If you’re struggling to where you’re at, you’re struggling getting things done. You’re struggling to raise capital, get with somebody. Talk with somebody. If you’re closing deals, but you’ve hit that wall where you’re having a hard time, go help somebody else close some deals. Go help somebody else make it happen. Ultimately, what’s going to happen? They’re probably going to bring deals to you. I had a chance to meet Tom Herman years ago with one of my buddies. He was a few years younger. He was playing football for them. He did go to Urban Meyer to learn some great stuff. I agree totally. That’s the beautiful thing. He’s taken those things and he’s transferred to his own success. It’s not Urban Meyer at the University of Texas. He learned the culture and he’s built his own culture at the university he’s gone to. You all have a cause. We all have a cause that we’re working towards. I challenge all of you, go change the world. Go take your cause to the next level. Take your tribe to the next level. You’re part of the WCN Crew, we’re glad you’re a part of our tribe. Keep sharing. We’re looking for leaders. We’re looking for people that are closing deals.

I’m tired of being the person who’s closing the most deals every year. I want somebody to challenge me. I want somebody to push me. I want somebody who wants to do big things that is willing to go to those places. A lot of people that want to do things and it’s easy to get bogged down, it’s easy to get frustrated when you’re working full time and a job and doing some part time. I believe in all of you. I believe everybody on here can do amazing things. Why do I believe that? If this excellent backer from a small 3,500 person town in Ingleside, Texas can do what I’ve done, you guys have a lot more options than I had. For those that don’t have options, you can go out and create your own options still through social media, through the things that are happening out there. You can build your tribe to make things happen. One deal, one person at a time. A lot of people that have worked for companies for years, ten, twenty, 30 years, left companies and you’ve been a follower, you’ve had a boss or somebody reported to. It’s not the easiest to be an entrepreneur. That freedom can strangle you. When I first became an entrepreneur, it nearly strangled me. I nearly went bankrupt. I had to learn how to act like a leader. I had to grow into the leadership position that I wanted. Cody Cox said, “I spent the greater part of my career putting people into homes, I’m spending the later part of my career keeping people in their homes.” Putting and keeping, P and K investments. Putting people in houses and keep them in there. I like that. Good job, Cody Cox.

This episode’s topic is all about effective leadership. It’s just taking action. It’s four things, showing up, being on time, being consistent, and walking the walk versus just talking it. Do not talk the talk. Do not be one of those people out there that’s talking, talking who has no expertise. Everybody can read a book. Everybody can be an online educated idiot. Until you’ve been in the trenches, until you’ve closed the deals, until you’ve talked to the borrowers or dealt with the servicers or invested money, you are not. You are not capable of truly teaching someone else. A non-doer can never teach and offer how to be successful. Our employee can ever teach a person to be successful. I leave you with this. If you’re not talking to banks and asset managers and you’re using your own funds or using other people’s funds, do not ever let a banker or asset manager talk down to you. If they’ve got a salary, you’ve got more waivers than they do because you’re out there putting your own hard-earned money on the line or somebody else’s and parting your profits on the line.

NNA 13 | Leading Your Tribe

Leading Your Tribe: Those people that are naysayers are what’s wrong with this world.

Guys and gals, you’ve got balls. Ladies, yours are just higher up. Don’t ever let anybody talk back to you. Don’t ever let anybody tell you you can’t do what you’re doing. It all starts somewhere. The fact that you’re out there making offers, making phone calls, dropping emails out, posting videos, whatever you’re doing is more powerful than that one person or those few small minded individuals sit on the sidelines saying, “You’re marketing. Why are you doing that?” I see that and it drives me bonkers because those people that are naysayers are what’s wrong with this world. They would shut the hell up and go do a little bit what those others are doing. Those that don’t have the resources are doing to build something to build something bigger than they have. Kudos to you for taking action and screw you for being a negative Nancy. They are non-preneurs.

Guys and gals, go out, make something happen. You’ve all got a cause. We need you to lead us. There are way too many people out there that need help or are looking for help. We all can help. I’m only one man. One myth, definitely not a legend and go make something happen. Go lead us, go take action. Use the tools that are available to you as day to share your message and share what you’re focused on and your cause. I guarantee, you may just find some other crazy note investors or other people in the niches to help you out with that. Thanks again. Go out, be blessed, and I’ll see you next time on Note Night in America, everybody.


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