EP NNA 57 – The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be At The Magnify Your Wealth Summit With Aaron Young

NNA 57 | Magnify Your Wealth Summit


Building a strong knowledge base can help you grow your business better and faster. One of the best ways to achieve the necessary skills to do so is by learning from key people. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young, the CEO of Laughlin Associates, about the Magnify Your Wealth Summit, a conference for highly motivated business owners passionate about increasing wealth. Aaron outlines the top ten reasons why you should attend the event, starting with the venue all the way to a promising future.

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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be At The Magnify Your Wealth Summit With Aaron Young

We are honored to have the man, the myth, the amazing, Aaron Young, joining us from Laughlin Associates. For those that may not know who Aaron is, he is the CEO over at Laughlin Associates, which has many years of working with entrepreneurs and business owners in a variety of ways. They’re not only helping them put their books together, but also help them with the accounting and the documents required to stay compliant, to make sure you avoid piercing that corporate veil of protection so you can keep your assets safe. We are honored to have you. Many of you guys may know that we’ve had him on before talking about the different corporate veil and asset protection.

We want to do a little something different in Note Night in America. We wanted to talk a little bit about an upcoming event that is coming up here before too long, but we did a little different thing to spin on it. We want to go through the top ten reasons to attend Magnify Your Wealth because we don’t bring up with this a lot of the times. We talk about that it’s a great event. I believe it’s one of the top two events that you need to attend if you’re an entrepreneur business owner. It’s the number one that you needed to attend. I totally believe this with all heart and soul based on not only everybody that’s been through the event, those that have attended will agree with me, but also what we go through as entrepreneurs.

The whole goal of Magnify Your Wealth is it’s not a big expo. There’s not a ton of sponsors. There’s not a lot of people that we have to appease. Our goal is to help the attendees. A lot of them that show up are people that are already our clients. We’ve got a lot of clients. The goal is to give people the most pertinent information that’s going to help them in their business right now in a way that they can go home and they can do something with it. I know we’ll go through the top ten but the fact is that it’s designed for business owners to be more successful because at the end of the day, our goal is to have clients that stay with us for a long time. That’s what we designed it to do.

You guys have done a tremendous job with that. Anybody that’s been through it walks away with so much valuable variety of things. We won’t give the cat out of the bag yet. What do you say we dive into? 

We can dive in.

San Diego Is A Great Spot

Number ten reason to attend Magnify Your Wealth is San Diego. It’s in a beautiful spot. It’s always gorgeous. If you’ve never been to San Diego, it is a beautiful spot. There is this image not too far. It’s right of above where the hotel is. It’s an energy there. The wind coming off on Mission Bay, the sun, the palm trees. 

I love it there. Year-after-year, people say to me, “Do you think you’ll ever go somewhere else besides San Diego?” I’m like, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I love going to San Diego.” The place we do the event is right on Mission Bay. There are all the boats that are sitting there in the water. There are people out going out fishing. You have all the birds and everything. It’s a very relaxing place to go and get focused on your business and not be in downtown where there’s a lot of other action going on. Be somewhere that’s a lovely tranquil place. Almost dare I say it a little bit meditative.

When you watch the water, you hear the ocean sounds, you hear the shore birds, you see the boats bobbing in the water, it’s lovely. There’s big lawns and it’s a beautiful place. I’ve purposely kept the event small, partly because I love holding it at this hotel. We used to go to Las Vegas and have it in these huge ballrooms. I feel like it’s much more intimate. We bond more closely with the attendees at this venue and the weather. In October or November when we do the fall event, the weather in many parts of the country is not so great but in San Diego, it is good.

Great Hotels

You’re a few minutes away from the beach. It’s a beautiful area. There’s something energetic about it. I love Austin. San Diego would be the one place I would move to if I didn’t love Austin so much for the most part. We’ve given a little bit of the cat out of the bag. That takes us to number nine because you did say something great about this place. The people can check this out. The number nine reason you want to take Magnify Your Wealth is the Dana. It is the hotel. There is this overhead view. You see the Marina, you see the views of big half-moon hotel, waking up in the morning, looking at the ocean. I always try to book the one down here in this bottom heart where I walk out in the patio and I can breathe in and enjoy. It’s a great hotel if you’ve got kids because there’s a pool there. They’ve got all sorts of water sports for the kids. You could rent a bike. SeaWorld is a stone’s throw away. If you want to have the kids come and go up there. The staff is second to none at the Dana. They always bend over backwards. The food is awesome there. 

When we both wrote our top ten, I had food separate from the location because I agree though. The restaurant and the catering there. We provide a ton of food. We have separate breakfast time, we provide lunch, and then one evening we provide dinner. This is only a three-day and two-night event. That’s a lot of food. The food is great and we get more compliments on the freaking catering at the Dana than I’ve ever had in any other hotel, anywhere we’ve done it around the world. The Dana does a terrific job on the food.

The price point too, you guys have a great room block that’s affordable. There are a couple of different upgrades that you can do with the hotel if you wanted to have that half-moon or they’ve got another spot there too. Once you arrive there, there’s not any reason to leave for the most part. Everything can be done right there and it’s very relaxing. They’ve got fire pits out there at the evenings. If you want to sit around and work. It’s a great place. The restaurant there is one of the top ten restaurants in San Diego. I love going there. 

Dragonfly, they do a terrific job.


That takes us to number eight. It is the content of the discussion. We won’t get away with it but the content at this event should be required of all entrepreneurs out there, Aaron. You guys go into so much about estate planning, tax preparedness, and wealth planning. That’s why I put that image there. You people are taking things, growing and magnifying their wealth. When I came to the first time you invited me to the event, I came to learn. I remember sitting there like, “I did not know this. This content I had not heard before.” We’ve heard a little bit about people pitching asset protection and some different things, but not the in-depth of the content and a deep dive that you do at this event. It’s second to none.

The thing with the content for me is you go to many events, where they tease you with content. They give you the result. If only you had my content, then you could get these magic results. I understand why many events do that because they have to make a buck. Even though our ticket prices are low, we always come into the event in the black. We’re not trying to hit a certain revenue result. Our goal is to hold onto our clients for many years. The best way to do that is to be teaching them what is currently going on, what the new rules are, what’s going on tax-wise, legality-wise, courtroom-wise, financial strategy-wise, what are some other investment things that they don’t know much about. Everybody understands, “I’ll buy stocks or I’ll put money in a 401(k) or IRA, buy mutual funds,” or they say, “I want real estate,” which is great. I could bring somebody and talk about real estate, but they talk about fix and flips or whatever.

We’ve had you there talking about notes because most people don’t understand about notes, oil and gas, family foundations, or real estate investment trust. They don’t know how to use these personally. Once you learn it, no matter where you are in your progress, once you at least know these things exist, then as you hit different milestones in the growth of your business or your wealth, you go, “Maybe now is the time to do it.” If we’re not teaching it, how will you ever know? We make the content King at this event. That’s why none of the presenters will make a sales offer except for us. We make one offer for our mastermind. The fact is most of the spots that ever get opened by people dying, we don’t have very much turnover in our little mastermind group. Mostly those people have already joined it before we talk about it because they talked to other people there. You’re not feeling like you have to steel yourself for that pitch that’s now coming for the last 10 or 15 minutes of the talk. You’re getting the entire time period full of content.

It allows for you to go in and be able to learn because the speakers do deliver. They are there to educate.

It’s about legal. You might have trust law, contract law, intellectual property law, tax planning, tax strategy which is different, financial and investment strategy, business entities, board of director compliance, high-level asset protection strategies. That’s why you came and fell in love. I’ve had people that have come in there, people that I knew and they showed up. Some of these people are incredibly wealthy. A lot of people throw the billionaire thing around. Remember, there aren’t that many billionaires but we’ve had people that are way deep into the hundreds of millions of dollars including real estate investors who have huge portfolios of owned outright real estate who come and go, “I never knew this stuff before.” The point is that this isn’t just for startups. If you’re super successful, don’t discount yourself. We cover a whole story arc from the beginning to taking your company public, selling it or passing it onto the next generation. You’re going to get all of that over the three days.


You’d never know who you’re sitting next to and the experiences that those people have that you’d go through. If you’re starting off, don’t come and overwhelmed like, “I got to do all these things.” It’s like peeling back an onion. Aaron and his team are doing a great job. I was like, let’s structure it here. You may not get this point, but there’s something you want to keep in mind for later on for it. That takes us to number seven, which is the experts.

I talked about that. When you’ve got one of the top trusted lawyers in the country who represented for the California Bar with one of the most active legal communities in the country, California is a very litigious state. The guy who ran that department and was the head guy first teaching asset protection and trust and then was on the Ethics Committee for the state, that’s freaking good. One of the top intellectual property lawyers. Some of the top financial planning people who’ve been doing this for 30, 40 years. We’ve had the former CEO of Samsung, we’ve had the Founder of WebMD, and it goes on and on.

You have different speakers on all the different times. You talk about who you’ve got coming this time around. It will be somebody different the next time around but you’ve got a great expert coming this time. 

I always try to bring somebody in and they’re usually one of my friends. All these people that I mentioned were my friends. Brian Smith, the Founder of UGG, the shearling boots, a multibillion-dollar brand. He is going to be there and talking about how do you start out like he did from the trunk of his car and build this thing up. Find a buyer and sell it, have to go back and buy it back again, and then sell it to a huge company. What did he do after that? You’re going to hear from a guy who knows how to build enormous brands and he’s got two more awesome projects that he’s in the middle of that are big.

One of which is going to impact many business owners who use online marketing and sales as a big part of their sales process. Brian is going to be our very special guest. Everybody is awesome. There’s not a clunker in the group. Everybody is top of their field. This time our special guest is Brian Smith. You never know who’s going to walk in. I’ve had multiple big names walked-in during the event and say, “Aaron, I know you’re busy and you’ve got this but I wanted to come in and say hi. I wanted to come see your group. Do you have time to get a cup of coffee or whatever?” This event is known for having great experts.

I’ve flown out to the event to go meet with the experts for an hour or two, not to speak before. I literally flew out to San Diego because I had something else going on, but I was like, “I’m not speaking this time but I want to get out there. I got to talk to Kevin, I got to talk to Brent. I need to get them together in the same room for a little something.” That’s the same thing. You get these experts, they’re not charging. Kevin Day charges $350 to $500 an hour?

No, $700 an hour. He’s one of the top guys in the country on this topic.

The experts are there to sit with you to go through things, no charge. I know that he sat down with somebody, one of our students out of the Tampa area and said, “You’ve got way too complicated the plan for what you’re going to. Let’s streamline it. You don’t need all these things,” or even another thing, “You’re in good position. You don’t need anything else. Your plan is on the path to where you need it to be.” They’re there to literally help you not say, “Pay my hourly fee.” They’re not here to sell, they’re here to help you. Magnify Your Wealth of what you have or help me get to where you need to be.

Before you move on to the next slide. Let me say one of the foundational pieces that our company is built on. We have 87% renewal amongst our clients year over year. That’s the reason we have clients that have been with us for many years, the reason we have big name clients. Another Texas boy, Matthew McConaughey, I met him a couple of years ago at a fundraiser and he said, “What are you doing?” I said, “I own a company called Laughlin Associates.” He goes, “I’m your customer.” I said, “I know. I don’t want to bring it up.” There’s a reason why people from the entry-level to wildly successful stay with us for years is it’s because we fundamentally believe we don’t want to sell our clients too little or too much.

We want you to have only what you need, not less than you need because a lot of people will cheese out on you and to get a sale, they will sell you something less than complete. That less than complete thing won’t serve you if you get into any number of situations, lawsuit, audit, government contract, raising money, bankruptcy, any of the positive or negative things that can happen if you’re not organized properly, the entity or entities cannot serve you. What we don’t want to do is burden people with a whole bunch of stuff they don’t need and they’re like, “Why did they sell me all this junk?” One of the things we do is a blueprint strategy. If you attend the event, we do it for you for free. It’s looking at your world and coming back with ideas of how to streamline and say as you hit different mile markers in your path, then maybe now is the time to talk about something new.

NNA 57 | Magnify Your Wealth Summit

Magnify Your Wealth Summit: The goal of the Magnify Your Wealth Summit is to give people the most pertinent and useful information for their businesses.


You don’t need it all now, you just need to be aware as you get to different places in growth or as you get smaller. What needs to stay in place and what doesn’t? That’s a real benefit is to sit, get the lawyer, accountant, and financial person altogether at one table and have a meeting for an hour instead of trying to go home and remember what you learned, tell your lawyer, and they give you something. You go talk to your CPA, they tell you something different, and there’s no meeting of the minds. This gives you a chance to sit with people and get a holistic idea of precisely what will be right for you as you go forward for the next 6, 12, 24 or who knows indefinitely.

You want to be in the know and the best way to do that is to sit down with people that are experts in the field and get clarity on next steps. That’s what we provide. As a matter of fact, two events ago, we did over 400 private appointments between the attendees. Remember, we only take up to 100 people on average. Every attendee was having four meetings. Some of them had less, some of them had more. You’re not restricted but we try to get you with the right people so you are solving problems and not wasting your time. Over 400 private appointments over three days. That’s impressive to think about how much was accomplished and how much education specific to the customer was provided in those appointments.

These guys and gals show up early and they stay late. They definitely go above and beyond. If they can’t find out the answer for you while you’re there, they definitely work afterwards and help you out with it quite a bit. 

They’ll introduce you to somebody if they’re not the solution.


If they’re not the solution, they have the right to do that. The next one, number six. This is the one that we all love and it’s why we like to attend events. It’s the networking. You’ll never know who you’re sitting next to. You’ll never know what kind of business they’re running, how successful they are, or what they have. I love your event. It’s one of the best networking events I go to every year because there are people looking to do some things, plus you do a very interesting take. It’s the first night of the event that helps put people at ease and builds relationships throughout the three days. Why don’t you talk about that a little bit, Aaron? 

We rent this great big cruise boat, 100 of us all climb on the boat. We go out on a sunset cruise all around Mission Bay. If the weather is quiet, we’ll cross over the bar and go out into the Pacific. Sometimes they’ll know that there’s a pot of whales or dolphins, we’ll go out and try to see the whales or dolphins, and watch the sunset. We have the full catering and the bar. Everything is there so people can come out there, sit indoors or outdoors on the ship. It’s just us on the ship and the staff knows us really well that we do this twice a year with them. We have a great time. There’s plenty of food, plenty of drink, nice quiet gorgeous sunset cruise. People relax and they’re surprised that this is included with the trip or with the ticket. They get to go out there. Not only do they enjoy the beauty of Mission Bay, the Pacific Ocean, and the sunset but they’re having a great time walking around, sitting on chairs, standing by the deck. They’re talking to the other people that are there. It is a tremendous way to do two things.

One is it creates a shared experience. You’re not required to go on the ship, but virtually everybody goes. Everybody has that experience together. It’s fun and people look forward to it if they’ve attended before. It puts everybody in a different setting. I don’t know when you’re bouncing, but when you’re bobbing around on the ship and you’re grabbing your charcuterie, your beer or your chips and dip, it levels everybody out. Nobody is trying to posture for who’s coolest at the event or at the table. It is a way for everybody to relax, chat and share ideas. I’ll tell you what, I’m standing up front and I’m doing the opening talk of the event. There’s this man sitting in the front row. He’s got his arms crossed, he’s leaning back and his legs are way out in front. He’s half laying backwards and laying back, lounging in his chair, straight faced. I couldn’t get a reaction out of this guy at all. He’s serious.

He became the only guy who was playing to in the room. I was trying to get him to smile to something I said, to nod his head or to raise his hand, nothing. I’ve got to admit, Scott, and you know as a speaker that those guys freak you out a little bit when you can’t get any reaction like, “How are they judging me?” He came up to me on the break and he said. “I’ve been a client of this company for 32 years. This is the first time I’ve been to an event in the last twenty years. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Aaron Young.” Remember we bought the company in 2001 and he said, “I’m now the 3rd largest minority owned company in the United States.” Everybody on this thing, the fact that we’re on this call like this, he gets paid a licensing fee for this audio video that we use in all of these different technologies.

Check this out. He said, “I would have never known that we had this level of success sitting in the front row staring me down.” Once we had talked, he loosened up, smiled, got friendly. He said, “Aaron, I’ve built my entire empire worth well over in the billions of dollars on the strategies I learned from Laughlin.” You don’t know who’s sitting in front of you, who you’re sitting next to, who you’re standing by in the boat. You don’t have any idea. You’re just regular people. You start talking to them and you’ll go, “You’ve got a chain of 100 restaurants? You flipped 63 houses? How many shipping containers on cargo ships? You do what?” You don’t know. It’s an amazing networking.

Takeaway Knowledge

That takes us to number five, which is the ability. Once you’ve gone to this event, you’ve sat down with the experts, you’ve loosened up, you’ve identified and gotten the content. Number five may not seem much, but it is. It’s the knowledge that you take away from this place. It’s not a conference, but we all can learn. I’m a big believer that knowledge is something that do and implement, and have the knowledge that, “I can accomplish this. I can get this done.” There’s a lot of lights that go off during the event. The knowledge here that you take away, you’ve got a plan of action, you understand that you’d be well-protected. That’s a big thing in the world of uncertainty.

If the content isn’t actionable, if you can’t do something, if you can’t sit and have a conversation with somebody whether it’s one of the experts or one of the attendees and go, “I see how to take this one thing and do it,” if you can’t leave and you’re going to be better off for having attended, then we’ve failed. I saw on Facebook you’re doing something with Juliet Clark. I met Juliet Clark somewhere and she came to Magnify Your Wealth. Juliet doesn’t suffer fools. She’s no nonsense and she’ll tell you. When I heard that she was coming to the event, I was a little bit nervous because I thought she’s not a built-in fan. She could come in and give me a negative review. I got a text message back from her after the event was over. It was this or it was the Inner Circle. It was a thing in the Inner Circle that we do promote there. Whatever it was, she came back and she was like, “You know how skeptical I am. This delivered. This event did what it promised it would do. I’ve got stuff now that I can do to help my business.”

I can’t blame her for being dubious about going to another event because so many of them are one giant sales pitch to come and all they’re doing is building up to our $50,000 or $100,000 products. That’s all it is. That in my mind is a way to make quick money. It’s not the way to build a long-term real company. You can’t build a company that retains clients the way we do or retains employees the way we do by tricking people. You can’t do it. The content and the knowledge that you’ll walk away with is something that you’ll be able to use right away. You won’t have to buy some program, get some gimmick, if only you can move to our next level. There is no next level of the Magnify Your Wealth Summit.

There’s actionable content and there’s the Inner Circle Mastermind Group if you want that. Even there, there’s no hard sales pitch at all. By the way, there’s hardly any way to get into it because most people don’t drop out. We limit the number because that’s how we believe in doing it. We have to be able to give you real ongoing value. That comes by giving you stuff you can use and letting you walk away with the knowledge of not how to ride a bike, but starting to ride the bike. That’s the difference between learning and gaining wisdom. Knowledge is learning and wisdom is, what did I learn from doing it? I want people to get both at Magnify Your Wealth Summit.

You don’t know who you’re sitting next to and the knowledge that they have that they will pass on to you because they’ve been through your shoes, they’ve been where you’re at. They’ve got other things that may overcome and help you with something you have going on in your business or your life and stuff like that. That’s the thing I’ve always taken away. I’ve gotten so much from the other attendees and knowledge besides delivering content and providing stuff for everybody. I’ve also taken knowledge away from the things that I didn’t know about. I was like, “That’s interesting. I’d like that. I can figure that out and help them.” It made me a much smarter person for attending.

Not to belabor this, Scott. Thank you for saying that. People are on this show because they follow Scott Carson. Scott Carson was sitting there as an attendee. Scott and Steph were sitting there at the table like everybody else. Nobody around you necessarily knew that you were a leader in now several industries. You were there to learn. If somebody sat and talked to you and they were involved in real estate, or they’re looking for a place to put some money, they could have met you. Jeff Flamm who is a billionaire has come and sat in the audience. The point is, I can tell you lots and lots of people who are leaders in their industry who come to this event to sit in the chairs and learn. It’s because of that fundamental actionable up to date content. That’s what people come for, which is why they return. It’s what makes this an unusual event in the sea of business educational events. It’s why we sell out every time.

Walking Out With A Solution and Plan

That takes us to number four because when you can take what you learn and you apply the knowledge, you can walk out of the Dana on your way home in San Diego. This is a big thing that a lot of people are searching for. There are two biggest things and it’s called time and money, the biggest fear factors, but also, peace of mind that you get a lot of times which a lot of people forget about. There are things that keep us all up at night like, “Do I have my things set up right? Am I doing the right tax strategies for where I’m at? Have I outgrown my previous one?” That’s why I put this in number four because you see that many people coming to your event who may be stressed, have something going on but they walk out because they have some solutions and they have a plan.

You said that perfectly. That’s the reason clients stay with us for so long is because we’re not trying to oversell or undersell in the course of doing business throughout the years. What we’re trying to do is help people know what is useful, right and proper by bringing all these experts in so that somebody goes, “Now I know where I stand. If there’s something out of alignment, I know exactly what to do to fix it. I heard something, I’ve made the shift.” You can’t believe how many calls we do during the event. One of our experts whether they’re a Laughlin employee or they’re one of the people that we’ve brought in. There’s a core team that we always have people that rotate through that do different things.

It’s always heartwarming to me to know that these experts and that my team will get on a conference call during the event without client’s CPA, their partner, their lawyer or their spouse and get resolution on things. They’re not having to go home and try to go, “I remember, I’ve got some notes.” They know exactly what they need. They’re able to make moves. We help them with that and they do. They leave going, “Check that one off the list. Now, that’s fixed.” That’s fantastic. The thing we strive for is to take this stuff off of your plate so that you can go out and do what you do best which is run your business, sell your products, sell your service, fulfill on your promises and we will help you with all these fundamental foundational things that most people know very little about.

We want to give you peace of mind. We want you to sleep better at night and especially we want you to sleep well knowing that you’re protected. If you ask our team, what’s Laughlin’s mission statement? It says, “We are fortress builders. We build fortresses around our clients’ personal and business assets. That is why we exist. It’s why we’re open for business. It’s to help you guys be safe.” That’s our intention and that’s what we strive for and the event, Magnify Your Wealth Summit, is the most overt example of us trying to bring the best stuff we have together to give you that peace of mind that you described, Scott.

Gaining An Amazing Group

I totally agree and I’m a big believer. I hear that over again and again. There’s something about being able to sleep at night and relax a little bit. Stress is a killer. The more you can take off of your stress, the better off you’ll be. The more you’ll enjoy life, be able to make big things, exciting things happen, and take that next step. You’ve talked a little bit about number three. It’s is an amazing group. It’s the Laughlin Inner Circle, the Aaron Young Inner Circle that you have going on, the mastermind that you do. 

The Inner Circle is something that we started a few years ago. I didn’t want to do it. I resisted it quite vehemently. Meghan Cole, our VP of Marketing talked me into doing it. Here’s the deal. She said, “We need to do a special higher touch mastermind group.” I said, “There are many people out there doing masterminds, how to write a book, how to give a speech, how to invest in real estate or how to do whatever. There are plenty of people already doing this and that is not the real nature of our business. I don’t want to be another one of these.”

She said, “Aaron, people want more. They want more high touch. They want to sit more knee-to-knee with me and with other people.” I said, “Let me think of what we could do.” The conclusion that I came back to her with was, “How about if we introduce the people that I personally work with that are my personal associates. If I can get my team of people to be willing to mentor and to give some time to the participants, I would feel good about that because that’s not something you can readily get elsewhere. These are all people that are my people, the ones that I’ve vetted, that I’ve chosen to work with.”

For those of you that don’t know me, that may not mean much, but I’ve been starting and building companies both public and private companies for many years. I’ve built close to two dozen multimillion-dollar companies. I’ve figured out who I want to work with and who I don’t. We pulled that group together. The original idea was this is Aaron’s Inner Circle of service providers that I will introduce to this group. That was the big draw at first. I did the worst, most horrible job of introducing this at the event because I was so reticent to be an also-ran, to be like everybody else. I didn’t want to do it, but people joined.

Now we’ve maxed it at 50 participants which may seem a lot, but not everybody can come to everything so you get a good turnout. Some of the results have been mind-boggling. We’ve put them in with our financial strategy people. They restate it as taxes. They’re not tax people. They showed him different things he could do in his industry to reduce his taxes and they risk working with his CPA, restated his taxes, and he got $230,000 back. You think he was delighted about his $5,000 investment? I’ll use that same guy as an example. His primary goal was his wife was the VP of HR for a big Silicon Valley company. She was commuting two hours each way to and from work every day. They’re empty nesters but he missed his wife, his sweetheart.

He didn’t want to be without his girlfriend for all these people. She was very stressed. He said, “My primary goal in joining the Inner Circle is to grow my real estate business sufficient to replace her very significant salary at this Silicon Valley Company.” She’s Vice President of HR. I said, “What’s your timeline?” He said, “Six years.” I said, “That’s perfect, let’s go.” It took him thirteen months to replace his income and she now attends the Inner Circle every time with him because she was able to leave her job. They work by the things they learned, the things they restructured based on the people that are there. It magnified their wealth to where she could do that.

I can tell you story after story of people who’ve had these fantastic results. The Inner Circle is not something where I’m not trying to sell it here. I don’t even have to sell it at the event because the members of the Inner Circle talk to the other members that are other attendees and people are coming up to us going, “How do I get into the Inner Circle?” There’s no hardcore pitch on that. It’s like, “Here’s what it is. Here’s what we do. If you’re interested, you need to talk to us before this because on the last day, we do have a planning lunch where everybody does a little bit of work and sets their intentions for the next six months.” That’s the leverage.

If you want to be in the planning meeting, you can, but there’s no lower price like run to the backroom to buy it. If it’s right for you, do it. If you don’t want to do it now, you can do it later but you will miss this intention meeting. Beyond that, you could join it next month. Although there’s no real good way to join the Inner Circle. We don’t push it anywhere on the websites or anything because it’s full and I don’t want it to be one of those things. I want people to feel like that’s their new community and they’re going to stay with it. Almost everybody that joined that first time is still in it.

The Team

Number two, it’s Aaron Young and his team. Brent, Meghan, everybody that comes out, Lee comes to the event and hangs out, everybody on your team. I’m not talking about the experts, although they feel a lot like family. 

NNA 57 | Magnify Your Wealth Summit

Magnify Your Wealth Summit: You can’t build a company that retains clients by tricking people.


Are you talking about the Laughlin imports?

I’m talking about the Laughlin team and how they’re there to support. Brent and Meghan go above and beyond to get the chance to know the attendees. What they’re going through? How can they best refer them to the right people? That’s how I met Juliet. You actually said, “You need to call Scott Carson and talk to Scott, Juliet.” I got a text message from him. Julie calls me. I’m like, “How can I help?” The same thing, I can get Debbie on the phone and talk over there. The thing that’s second to none for the most part is the team. You can feel it from the moment you will arrive. The moment before you get there, you feel it from the Inner Circle. You feel it from the other attendees that have repeated had gone to the event that, “We’re here. Let’s get some appointments booked for you. Let’s sit down and make sure that you’re not missing what so-and-so is talking about. Let’s talk about what you want to do. If you’re looking to build a legacy or build more wealth or do other things, let’s work to get that done.” You’re passionate about a couple of different charities that you work with on a regular basis that most people don’t realize. 

One of our Inner Circle members is doing miraculous things in Africa helping the most disadvantaged people. The other one that we’ve done a lot of work with is the Unstoppable Foundation, which I’m on their board of governors and we’ve put almost 40,000 girls through school now in Kenya. Girls that would have been carrying water every day from the stream back to the village 4 miles. We’ve built schools, we’ve done all this stuff, and we’ve raised money for that at our events. We’re taking a one-time break from that this time because this charity that we’re going to work with on this event coming up. My mind is so blown by what this very sweet, wonderful, humble woman has done to save lives in a significant broad way. Some of the things she’s doing are amazing. The team and I talked and said, “Let’s feature her this time because she is one of the family and she’s crushing it. She’s doing such terrific work against all odds.” The other person we haven’t mentioned that I’m going to mention now.

It’s your lovely wife. Michelle plays full out there at the event too. She’s sitting there taking needs. There’s a mental aspect of what we’re going through as entrepreneurs. She does such a great job coaching people and working with people one-on-one as well. She’s part of the team.

Meghan Cole, our VP of Marketing came to me several years ago and said, “I think your wife, Michelle, who’s an executive coach, should present at the event.” I said, “What? She’s a life coach. What does that have to do with hardcore business?” She goes, “Aaron, trust me.” I said, “If you think so, invite her but treat her like one of the speakers, not Aaron’s wife.” She came and she presented and we do these surveys. Guess who got the top marks of all the speakers? Michelle. The next time Meghan said, “I’d like your wife to be our master of ceremonies.” I said, “Really?” She goes, “Aaron, most emcees are all about themselves. Michelle will be about the audience. She will do everything she can to help them get in the right frame of mind for learning that day to assimilate what all the different things they’re learning to not get overly stressed. Michelle is perfect for that.”

Long story short on that, and it’s a little awkward because my business partner, Lee Morgan, is there sometimes, but he’s not speaking. Everybody says, “I want to thank Aaron and Michelle for putting on this event. I want to thank Aaron and Michelle for creating this business and for solving my problems. Michelle shows up as the absolute cohost of the event.” We’ve been married for many years and I admire her in so many ways. It’s heartening to me to have my wife, my best friend, my sweetheart also be that kick-ass solving business owners’ problems and helping them have more success. That’s why she’s so wildly successful in her coaching practice. There’s the team including Michelle who’s a total badass.

Your Future

Number one, it’s a little bit of surprise for some people. The number one reason why you want to attend Magnify Your Wealth is your future. It comes down to be that we all have big things planned, but we may not always be good at planning them. As you always say, Aaron, start with the end in mind and build up from there. Big things aren’t possible without big foundations or good foundations.

Let’s use this guy, I use the example he wanted his wife to retire. He’d been working his tail off for many years doing what he knew how to do. He was successful at it but he was able to double his business in over a year because he learned some things that he didn’t know before. As any entrepreneur especially in America, we believe we’re going to be wealthy someday. We believe we’re going to have that yacht, that beach house, or that fill in the blanks, or big fat bank account, we believe it. The only way to get there is to continue to learn better and better ways. Learn new techniques, or learn things you hadn’t heard about yet. My best friend is a Harvard MBA and he went to one of my talks and he said, “Aaron, they didn’t teach us any of that at Harvard and we need it.”

I’m telling you, if you want a different future, odds are you have to learn some new processes. Get a new recipe that will get you better results in a shorter amount of time. There is no magic wand, there’s no pixie dust, but the more you know, the faster you will progress. If you want a different future, if you want to take whatever you have now and magnify it, that’s what we have developed for you at the Magnify Your Wealth Summit. Scott, I appreciate you making that number one. Scott and I both wrote different top ten lists and then because I’ve been busy on calls, Scott put together his list. That’s why I had to ask him to tell me what the next one was.

I don’t know that I would have thought to say your future. I want to add one thing though that isn’t on your list. That is when you buy a ticket to come, it’s buy one get one. You bring your business partner, your spouse, CPA, lawyer, the person that you want to get the information and to be in the meetings, and to walk away with the knowledge and the peace of mind. Walk away together rather than coming by yourself and then having to try to explain it when you get home. Thanks for that, Scott. If people that are reading this want to come, we have a tiered pricing system that we start with early bird pricing and it notches up the closer we get. It’s not 100% based on arbitrary dates, it’s based on as we get more and more people.

You go to MagnifyYourWealth.com and use the special promo code, VIP.

If you go to register, fill up the information, it will say promo code or coupon code and put in, VIP. That code will only work for a few days. By the way, Coronavirus, we have a lot of doctors that are clients and we don’t want to make fun of this or downplay what’s going on. Even the surgeon general was on TV and said, “We’ve had eleven deaths from Coronavirus. We’ve had 18,000 deaths from the typical flu.” We’ll have ways for you to wash your hands and to sanitize your hands. If you’re sick, don’t come. There’s a much greater risk of not coming than there is of getting the Coronavirus.

If they do it, it’s a great job. I’m not going to say it’s smaller because 100 to 150 people is not a small event, but what I’m saying is it’s not going to a big event. I went to this event and it was 1,200 people at it.

That event that will have thousands of people at them, I’m going to go because our businesses depend on us to keep going. If we let every little fear thing that the media decides to promote stop us from functioning. Everybody’s like, “The stock market, look at what’s happening.” Those people on Wall Street are making a mint by everybody freaking out and selling off their stock because you know that all those venture capital companies, investment banks are buying. As the stock goes down, they’re buying up those discounted things. People in the know are not terrified by this. People who spend all day watching the news, they’re the ones terrified. We’re going to do everything in our power to help people to be safe, sanitized, and good. You’re going to leave there not with the Coronavirus, but you’re going to leave with a whole new opportunity for a brighter future.

The cure for a brighter future. 

Go to MagnifyYourWealth.com, go ahead and register while you can at this price, put in VIP. That’s $299 or something.

It’s ridiculously cheap.

It’s cheaper than what we’ll spend on you and a friend on the food. Come and check it out before the price gets up to $1,000.

The normal price is $1,000 but with this, it’s a great price. This is an event that everybody should go to at some point. If for some weird reason you sign up and you can’t make it, I guarantee you go to the next one in November. 

You don’t lose your value. You don’t lose your price.

This is one event that you will not regret in attending. I don’t care if you’re newer on your path, you’ve got experience in your path, you’re going through a pivot, this is one thing that is important to all of us is that we want. We worked so hard for what we have. You want to make sure it’s protected. The website up there is MagnifyYourWealth.com. Promo code, VIP, for you guys. There is a block of rooms reserved area as well.

There is and I honestly don’t know what the price is, but they take good care of us.

Once you get registered, Wayne, as you’re asking, call after the Dana, they’ll have a room block available there for you. Call them and tell you’re with the Magnify Your Wealth Summit. For those that have never been to San Diego, the hotels are a ten-minute drive. 

It’s close to the airport but not like where you’re hearing airplanes but jump in a cab or Uber, you’ll be there in ten minutes.

You don’t have to rent a car. Take an Uber from the airport, come in, hang out, take a later flight out on the 3rd day. 

You want to stay to the end. You don’t want to leave early because there is no cruddy content. We end at 4:00 on a Saturday. It’s a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, which gives you Sunday to relax. If you’re trip flying in, fly out on Wednesday evening, be there Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then go home on Sunday. If you want to go around San Diego a little bit, it’s fabulous and it’s beautiful there. Any other questions?

Not right now. Wayne, they do have a room block there. The Dana on Mission Bay is the hotel. The staff at the hotel is amazing. One of the most on top of their game. I have stayed to a lot of hotels in a lot of nice places, this is one of the places I love going back to because there’s an energy about it. The palm trees, the sand, the wind, the boats, the water, and the people. The people that attending the team, Aaron, the whole staff, and the experts. It’s one of the must attend events that I believe that for every entrepreneur to be successful. That’s what we talk about in our mastermind. That is why we had many of our mastermind students attending. If you go to the Laughlin website, you will see testimonial from a lot of our students and a lot of people that have attended there. They’re not paid. They’re there and they’re like, “This is life changing. It is evolution in my business from attending Magnify Your Wealth.” 

Scott, thank you so much for wanting to do this. This means a lot to me that you would want to share this with your audience. I’m so grateful to have you as my partner affiliate and buddy. It means a lot to me that you would share this because you’re such a great contributor when you come in and mentor people. I love being at your events. I love these opportunities we have to work together. I love that you were humble enough to come as an attendee to this event before you ever spoke and learned about it. It’s a great relationship. I’m grateful for you.

NNA 57 | Magnify Your Wealth Summit

Magnify Your Wealth Summit: Time and money are two of the biggest fear factors.


It’s the same here. You guys know that if I mentioned something, it’s either because I believe in it, it’s something I use or I know that there’s value in this. That’s why I reached out to Aaron and said, “Let’s have you and talk about this event.” That discount price is not going to be nearly as cheap if you don’t take action on this stuff.

Use the ‘VIP’ code soon while it’s still active and come be with us, and you’re going to love it.

Trust me, you will love it and you’ll be better off for attending there as well. Aaron, thanks so much. This was fun. We love to do something that’s a different one again if we get to the next one in November. This was a lot of fun doing this time around. 

I guarantee you there are ten more cool things.

We had plenty to choose from. Listen to this on iTunes. Take advantage. We’re going to get this up as fast as possible. Once again, it’s MagnifyYourWealth.com. If you’re watching the replay, take advantage of this. If you have any questions, you can always check out the website and contact Laughlin Associates or Meghan. Her whole team will be there to help answer any questions and work with you and go from there. Thanks so much, Aaron.

Thank you.

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