EP NNA 65 – From East To West In 45 Days: The Note Nation Top 40 Tour

NNA 65 | Note Nation Top 40

NNA 65 | Note Nation Top 40


Wondering how markets are faring through this pandemic? Let Scott Carson take you for a ride in his Note Nation Top 40 Tour, where he will be targeting and sharing info on the current residential and commercial real estate markets in these top 40 cities. He will also be sharing the current and future real estate investment opportunities in each city. In this episode, listen to what Scott has to offer with this virtual nationwide tour – and it’s all for free! Don’t miss this opportunity to get educated about the market situation from the East Coast to the West Coast and be one of the note investors who will thrive in this opportunity-ridden economy.

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From East To West In 45 Days: The Note Nation Top 40 Tour

I’m worn out, a little frazzled from working on some stuff that I’ve been excited about. If this is your first time here, welcome. You can always get the replay by going to either WeCloseNotes.tv, which should take you directly to our YouTube account. When you’re there, please make sure to subscribe. You’ll see a playlist of all our Note Night in America replays. The Note Closers Show is also there. Make sure you subscribe so you get alerted to things. I think we’re at 3,500 subscribers on YouTube. I would love to hit the 4,000 before the end of 2020 so subscribe there to be notified of all the new videos that we upload. Also, check out the shows. You can listen to a variety of three major shows, Note Night in America, Note Closers Show, and Note CAMP will be coming out relatively soon. We’ll have all the recorded sessions from the Note CAMP. Thank you for reading and subscribing. We’ve had over 25 million listeners on our radio network for the Note Closers Show. We’ve also exceeded 600-plus episodes, over 620,000 downloads of the show. I’m absolutely overjoyed at what you are doing.

That’s what keeps me going. As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep cranking episodes up. We’ve got this great episode that we’ll be releasing here in July 2020. We’ve got a whole bunch that we released. Thanks for coming and thanks for sharing as always. If you leave a review, let me know. Before we dive in the main content, I do want to share. Maybe you have seen an email or social media posts. It’s National Social Media Day. You have seen us do some things over the past couple of years. Social Media Day started in Seattle in 2010 by Mashable.com. That’s evolved so that other cities across the country and now also across the world are taking place. It was announced here with my friends Kristie Whites and Elijah Whites in the City of Austin to declare June 30th as Social Media Day. The following year, her, I, and Elijah, her husband, the three of us did a 27-hour live stream with over 40 speakers across the world, with over about 150,000 views on that livestream. I didn’t do one in 2019.

I was busy tied up and Kristie and Elijah were busy, but I wanted to bring it back because I’m like, “I’m at home. What the heck else am I going to do?” I reached out to 24 of my good friends. We’re all social media experts who have helped me in some fashion in marketing and a variety of things. I’m honored that all this group decided to come aboard and on the crazy train and join me for twelve hours straight of marketing. If you are looking to help take your market to the next level, all of these experts have something to add. It maybe something small and maybe something big on how to use Instagram, how to use LinkedIn video, how to joint venture with other potential marketers or the people that help you go faster. We’ve got people from six different countries speaking. We start off with Milan, Italy. One of the main speakers is from Canada, Barbados, Australia, the United States. I’m excited about this. It is free to attend. There is no cost. No 27-hour marathon.

I’ll be lucky to get through twelve because this time, I’ll be getting a last final home stretch. Maybe we’ll do it later on in September, but thank you for that though. It’s at 8:00 AM Central Standard Time and 9:00 AM East Coast Time. It’s a little early for those on the West Coast, 6:00 AM, but 24 speakers. Every 30 minutes, we’re bringing somebody else on to talk about marketing and what they’re doing in a variety of fashions. I’m honored. We have some big hitters, some people doing some amazing things. It will not be a dull twelve hours. If you’re looking for something interesting to do, something to keep you entertained and learn at the same time, go to SocialMediaDay2020.com and get registered for it. There are about 220 registered for it already. We’ll live stream it. Will you see Steph? She might make an appearance. I think she’s going to be busy hitting the salon to avoid having to hear me talk for twelve hours straight. Her and I both have been busy the last couple of days. She’s been a part of the Tony Robbins Challenge. I’ve also been a big part of the two ClickFunnels virtual events that took place.

I’ve got some great things going on. You will learn something valuable. I veer onto you. If not, I’ll refund whatever it costs to pay. It’s free so join us. If you can’t make it that day, I’m sorry. If you registered for it, you’ll see the timeframe. I don’t have exact topics. Everybody’s covered. I have a bit of an idea, but I kept a wild card. I think we’re going to be changing some of the things along the way as people are listening to other speakers talk and tweaking their content. If you have any questions about SocialMediaDay2020.com, you can ask questions and join in live. We will be live streaming it as well. We’ll dive into the main content.

I have been sitting like many of you guys. Many of us can agree that we’ve gone a little stir crazy. I buzzed my hair off because I couldn’t get a haircut. I’ve grown a little beard. I think many of us have gone a little stir crazy and I was surprised. How is the market doing? Everybody is curious on what’s taking place in the market and it’s different on a state-by-state basis. What’s it going to be in this one city? We had an outbreak here in Austin, we’re tied down here for a couple of months, which is okay. What I’m trying to get at is when I look back to what happened back after 2008 and all the stuff that hit the thing, one of the most productive things I did was jump on the road, go out and hit city-by-city traveling across the country.

NNA 65 | Note Nation Top 40

Note Nation Top 40: Is this a good or bad market to be investing in? What should you be focused on?


I can’t do that now, but why not? Why can’t I in this world of the 21st century and all of the digital stuff? I came up with the idea to do our own virtual nationwide tour. I’m going to be a little crazy about this. You know me, crazy is my middle name. We’re going to do this. We’re calling it the Note Nation 40 Tour. I briefly hinted about this with some social media posts. We’re going to hit 40 cities in roughly 45 days. I’m not doing it every day, but I’m going to pull the top 40 markets that we figured stuff is at and that we see you’ll get a lot of questions about. We’re going to spend time going through those markets a little bit, 1 hour, 1.5-hour webinars, trying to do it all on Note Night in America here, which would take forever.

I don’t want to do a long show. We’re setting these up specifically for you to dive into it. It’s a 40-city tour. You can go to NoteNationTop40.com. That is the URL to see the cities we’ll dive. We’ll go to that. We’re going to be doing a virtual touring of the top 40 markets out there across the country. We’ll be hitting some specific things. This is going to run from July 7th. It’s going to run through August 19th. We’ll be doing specific city webinars like this, but we’re going to be bringing on some experts in the cities we discussed, not only discussing the markets, the trends, the current timing, some of the different opportunities we see in the residential, commercial side.

Is this a good or bad market to be investing in? What should you be focused on? I’m stoked about this in the brief couple of weeks I’ve talked about and reached out. I had a lot of people, a lot of vendors say, “We want to be a part of this.” I don’t want to drag this out over 40 weeks. God knows, but we are going to ram a lot of information for those that are interested. I want to know what you would like to see. I’m asking this question of you. What would you like to see as a part of this? As we talk about specific markets and we’re going to find an investor-friendly realtor to come on and talk a bit about the markets, the trends, short sales, days on market.

Where do they see the most novel opportunity themselves are working on that now? About a third of the list identified of them going to be on and then the realtor is excited to be a part of this. At the end, we’ll have a list of 40 realtors in the top 40 markets that we can reach out to for all sorts of things. That’s the big thing there too. That’s a huge thing. The difference in laws that would affect note investors in each state. I like that. We’ll definitely talk about the legal side. We’ll also be highlighting investment clubs in the air whether it’s a national REIA club or a meetup group. We’ll be talking about some of the ways that you can network whether you’re local or virtually.

We’ll also talk about foreclosure-eviction timeframes in each city. What’s going on? What do we see things? Do we foresee in some markets that being waived for six months or forbearance agreements changing? Current economic news that would affect the markets either good or bad. We’ll talk about that. We’re taking it a little step further. We’re looking for deals. Can we agree that it’s great to know more about a market? If you don’t know about deals, I’m going to be targeting also banks that might be in trouble in those states and that might have deals. Cross-referencing the BauerFinancial lists. Maybe distressed, probe a little bit for banks and troubles that might have deals. We’ll talk about those as well. We’re going to break it down also on a micro level with some of our resources and number of investors as far as IRA investors in a specific city. I already got a list of those for the top 40. It’s amazing those that have money, those that have over $150,000, we’re pulling those lists.

Also, looking at the number of people associates called as number of real estate investors in these specific markets. Wouldn’t you like to have a network of all the investors in a specific city? I know I do. Who doesn’t? We’re stoked about that. We’ll have those specific statistics for you. Here’s another thing. This is an important thing for you. I’m putting a call out. We want to include a section in each city we talk about. It may not be long, maybe ten minutes about specific case studies. If you’ve bought a note in a particular city that we’re featuring whether it’s nonperforming, performing, foreclosed, loan mod, whatever, I would love to hear about it. We’d like to make you a panelist. We’d like to highlight you in those specific cities. “Scott’s going to help promote us as being an investor in a specific city.”

I’m that generous guy out there. I can help you make that happen. There is no charge to share case studies. We’re not going to go with twelve case studies each city. That would take an hour but we will highlight a couple of case studies in particular areas. When I think back to what I did, that’s what I did. A few years ago, I went to the local meetup group. I went and hung out or I was the keynote speaker at it. I’m not looking to speak at meetup groups because meeting groups are mostly virtual, but if you do know of a REIA club that would like to have the market talked about or have somebody talk about notes, I would love to still be a virtual speaker on things as well for you.

If you know anybody, let me know. We’ll be glad to highlight them. If you have an investor-friendly realtor in 1 of our 40 cities that you would like to see us talk with and drive them some business, I would love to get their contact information. You can email me at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com and we’ll go from there too. I would love for you to get on the bus. I don’t expect all of you to be on all 40 webinars. You would be sick and tired of hearing me talk. I’m not looking for federal credit unions. Federal credit unions are small banks that are investor-friendly. We’re not going to spend time on that.

The reason why is most of the time when you’re buying distressed notes, you’re not going to go to a bank to get a loan on a nonperforming note. We’re going to target the investors in the area. Either the real estate investors or the IRA investors. A lot of it is going to be crossover that you should reach out to for that. No offense. It’s a great idea if we’re going traditional real estate. We won’t be focusing on that. I don’t want to leave you on with anything false, but I would love for you to get on the bus and join the virtual sprinter as we drive across the country. We’re going to be doing two on Tuesdays, one on Wednesdays, two on Thursdays, and then one on Sundays.

I have my normal Note Night in America topic because we’ve got some great speakers that are lined up in RSVP. We’ve got a lot of content that we’re cranking out here for you over the next 60 days with a lot of stuff. Let’s talk about the markets. Should we jump on and take a look at the markets out here? Let’s do so. If you do want to be alerted to all 40, stay tuned for the more information and we’ll add you to a specific list. You’ll have to register individually for a lot of these things, but still you can go there. I’m stoked about this crazy idea. I spent years traveling the country when I thought it would be 30 weeks. It turned into 3.5 years. One of the best things to do. I’m not going to be flying, driving, but this is the best thing that I can do by bringing it all to you.

NNA 65 | Note Nation Top 40

Note Nation Top 40: We are going to see a huge wave of defaults across the country.


I get a lot of people that are like, “I’m scared to reach out.” Especially when I look at the questions from Note CAMP as people’s biggest fears or hurdles they want to overcome. This is what we’re looking to do is build this Rolodex in a couple of months for you and have a lot of fun talking about great stuff for you to take advantage of, dive into it, and meet along the way too. The top 40 markets in alphabetical order. You’re not running from 1 to 40. It would take a while to do that, a lot longer. I wanted to impact it and we’re hopping all over the place. East Coast to West Coast, I want to get to an insane night. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, you can see the specific dates and times that we’ll be hosting this. You can click on the thing under the green button to book your spot for that specific webinar of that specific city on the Note Nation Top 40.

If you are like, “I’m in Atlanta, I don’t want to invest in Atlanta,” then don’t. “I don’t want to invest in Baltimore,” it’s totally fine. You can do that but after that, it’s Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City. That’s both Missouri and Kansas. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh. Portland-Raleigh or Raleigh-Durham, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, and Washington, DC which assuming may become the 51st state out there. There are lots of markets. I don’t want to be here. We said, “Let’s go with the top 40 and go from there,” and that’s the top 40 markets. For the vast majority, there’s some great stuff.

There are some cities here that are being affected a little bit more than others. We see the registration is a week, a month-and-a-half out. It’s going to take a little while for me to put some webinars and SlideShares together for you out there and the PowerPoints. We’ll be sharing those also in SlideShare. If you would like to be on, you’ve got a deal. You can always email me at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com and talk about your deal and your case study. If it’s in one of these particular cities or near, I would love to have you come on and talk about the case study. If you have any questions, comments, concerns from anybody out there. This is free.

It doesn’t cost you a thing to be registered. This is completely me giving, spending my time and the research I’m doing for all 40 cities because I believe we are going to see a huge wave of defaults across the country. I think we know this. We all have to understand it and understand that we’re going to see a huge wave of evictions and then foreclosures in the note business. Not only residential, but commercial side too. We’re going to try to focus on each city on both residential, commercial sites and the opportunities that are out there. Go to NoteNationTop40.com. You can register, stay tuned for more information. You can go and start registering for your individual cities that you like the most.

You don’t have to register for all 40. Somebody might get mad like, “Scott, I want to register all 40.” You can’t do it at once because it has different times. Sometimes we’re 5:00 PM, 7:00 PM. I couldn’t replicate this in Zoom even though I thought I could. I had to create 40 separate webinar links and webinars instead of trying to do it uniquely, like you do for Note Night In America where you register once and you’re good for all 52 or 50 of them throughout the year. Questions, comments? I’d love to hear from you. What other things would like to see in the Note Nation Top 40? Do you like the idea? Do you dislike the idea? “Scott, you’re a crazy person.” Let me know. I want to know.

You never know what each city holds. We’ve had some great people on the past bend over backwards. Some deals we’re going to see more than other states out there, but I focused on some of the bigger markets. People ask me, “Why did you focus on LAX or San Francisco?” Those cities are being hit too in a variety of fashion. We are going to focus in OKC and Seattle, Tacoma area of the neck of the woods. That’s one of the things too, some of these cities like Raleigh. That’s like the Raleigh-Durham market. I didn’t want to leave the people at Dallas-Fort Worth. What are a couple of areas here that are in roughly the same area? Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego is common. Seattle, we’ll spend some time talking about Tacoma as well, which is another major city nearby. Washington, DC, we’ll spend a little bit talking about Arlington. Those are some of those things for you.

We’ll talk about New Orleans because that’s the major market. Baton Rouge is a smaller market, but what you’ll see in Baton Rouge. New Orleans has been hitting a lot harder, but we’ll talk a little about it. We’ll try to cover the major cities if it’s not, but we may not have a realtor from Baton Rouge. They just have from New Orleans. We have a question, “Can we make some money?” How do you want to make some money? Combine some deals together. We may have some deals. Who knows what happens? We may highlight some of the deals that we’re seeing across our books that are rolling in from the sea. Usually, the first half is going to be us getting the realtors on because I don’t want them to be on the end, they’ll flake. Bringing on realtors, talking a little about the markets. What’s going on? What are we seeing as pros and cons? Opportunities in the markets, diving into each city and state, what’s unique about that? Some of the different future and current opportunities, residential and commercial, then we’ll fit in a couple of case studies here and there too if you’ve got a deal in 1 of those 40 markets that you’ve closed on.

We have a question, “What criteria did you use to come up with the top 40 states?” These aren’t all in states, 40 markets. We said, “What are the top 40 media markets out there?” The biggest 40 markets out there and we ranked them 1 to 40. There are a few at the bottom that were smaller markets. We want to talk about some of the other cities. One to thirty-one to thirty-five should be close to in order to top markets, the bottom five. If they were duplicator near another one, we rolled them in with the other one. If you know an investor-friendly realtor or you’re a realtor in one of these markets, let me know. We’ll be glad to get you on to talk about the market. There are some things that I’m going to have you do, but we’ve got a few spots available for realtors to come on and share their insight in the market.

We have a question, “I’m originally from South Dakota. When are you going to get to the bottom 40?” Probably never. We have a question, “What about the Montgomery Alabama area?” Birmingham is the only market in Alabama we’ll probably talk about. We could keep going smaller and smaller, we just don’t have time. We’ll talk a little bit about some of the cities around it. Other cities that may be opportunities that when you talk about foreclosure timeframes and the opportunities, probably applied close in different markets as long as you’re in the same state, for the most part. You still need to have eyes and ears on the market. This is still a good start for a lot of us guys and gals.

We have a question, “How can we invest outside of our state in these markets?” That’s the thing about note investing. You’re interested in learning about investing outside of markets and how to do that. You may want to check out our one-day class called Note Weekend. Go to NoteWeekend.com. It’s $49. It’s a great cliff notes version of note investing. It’s not like my three-day workshop we had, but it is a great get your feet wet, get comfortable. If you go to that website and register for it, you’ll get access to the previous replays we did. They’d be ready to rock and roll when we do it again. If you go to Note Nation Top 40, go all the way down to the bottom. We do have a link down here at the bottom in case you’re interested in learning more straight here. We conduct it normally $99. We’re going to do 50% off at $49 for you.

We have a question, “Are you talking NPNs in California?” We will be talking nonperforming notes, probably a lot of commercial stuff. We’ll be talking about something. We’ve got San Francisco, LA, San Diego, and Sacramento. We’ve got the four bigger markets in that neck of the woods. Some people saying Orange County is not a part of LA, but those are as far as media markets are lumped into LA. We’ll be talking about NPNs. Where to find those? What opportunities are falling? There are going to be discounted notes everywhere all across the country. We’ll be talking about that wolf man and the big CA. If you go to NoteNationTop40.com, pick out your city, pick out your biggest city. If you want to register for them all, by all means go ahead and register for them all. I would prefer you pick out your top and you can see when we plan this kickoff. We’ll start off here. The next episode will be New York. It will be the first city. I wanted to get that out of the way. New York and then San Francisco later. That’ll be the first ones on Tuesday night as well.

Following up on Wednesday night of next episode, LA and New York is Tuesday. San Francisco is Wednesday, and then Phoenix and Chicago will be Wednesday night. We’ll follow up Sunday on the 12th with Philadelphia. That’s the first week. We’ll move from there. We’ll announce those as we email those out to everybody as well, what’s going on that week, what you can register for, what you don’t need to register for. You can take advantage of it and chill as best as you can. We’ll be starting this next episode, our Note Nation Top 40. Forty cities over 49 days. Go to NoteNationTop40.com. You can see the markets that we’ll be talking about. Seeing the specific dates and times and you can book your spot on the virtual bus as we break down the markets with realtors, what’s going on, the good, the bad, the ugly, the opportunities, residential, commercial, and how you can capitalize and go from there.

Maybe the greatest thing I’ve done, it may be the worst idea that I do along the way. I’ll tell you this, I’ve spent a lot in the last 72 hours working on this and if anything, I think we put together a cool website. If that works for whatever? I don’t know. If you’ve got a case, if you bought a note in 1 of those 40 markets and you’d like to be featured or you know a realtor or an investment club that you’d like for us to feature on, please email me at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com and we’ll put that in there. We’ll make sure to feature you, your case study during our 1 hour to 1.5-hour webinar. For those that are on the East Coast and we fought with Pacific, we’re looking for 1 hour, 1.5 hours for each webinar.

NNA 65 | Note Nation Top 40

Note Nation Top 40: A lot of investors are looking for deals. If you’re a note investor, you are far ahead of everybody else out there.


I’ll be talking quite a bit and live streaming some of the stuff as well too for you. If you register for a couple of reasons. If you’re registered in a specific city, you’re liking as we get deals in. We will be targeting those outer walls and targeting investors in the cities out there too. You’ll be seeing us post on different Facebook groups, Craigslist, meetup groups in these different areas. We’re leveraging a lot of things that we’ve done. Here’s my goal is what I would love to have, this is a crazy thing. I know that I’ve gotten off on my goals for three years. We’re saying we want to put 10,000 people through our training. We did that, 2,000-plus students a year for the most part but here’s the thing. I would love when we finish this thing up to have 10,000 people go through this and show up to it. Can we do it? I don’t know, but I think we can. I’m capable of doing that, but that’s the big thing. I think there are a lot of opportunities for you.

A lot of investors out there looking for deals. If you’re a note investor, you are far ahead of everybody else out there. Feeling a little bit better because you’re in a much better equity position, a lot more flexibility to do some things with your deals. I encourage you all to join in as we get deals. We’ll be texting stuff out as we get tapes in a variety of things. We’ll be sending notes out to people. That’s part of what we’re doing because we expect to see a lot of deals in these top 40 markets. Probably some more than others. Let’s get this thing rocking and rolling and stay tuned for more information. You can click there to register or you can jump on and pick out a couple of cities for you. You’re like, “I don’t invest in that state or city?” then by all means, don’t register for it.

Stay tuned for more info. You’ll see a lot of stuff coming over. I would love your support. If you’re in a particular city and have a great realtor that you work with, let me know. Please email me. We’ll be glad to reach out to them and get them focused on and share some love. I think we all need great realtors out there. We have a question, “I already registered but when would we be able to pick our cities or do we want to do it all?” You pick your cities by going and register for the cities. Scroll down, book your spot. You book the individual cities that you want to learn more information about and you’ll be registered for that webinar when it goes live. It will alert you and let you know when we’re doing the webinar.

I specifically said between July 7th and August 19th, so 49 days. Scott Carson hits 40 cities. I’m going to be worn out, frequent flyer miles. Most of these, the dates are set in stone. I don’t foresee having to change it unless something happens, I get sick or we’ve got something else goes on. There’s only one date that might be a little bit, but for the most part, these are all going to be set in stone. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be here in Austin for the most part. I’m excited about that. I’ll tell you what, if you’re a realtor and you want to talk about Houston, drop me an email and I’ll shoot you over some stuff that you’ll need to pull. Defaults, days on market, what you’re seeing, trend lines. We’d love to have you come on. I would rather feature you than anybody else. That’s the first and foremost. If you’re knowledgeable about the Houston market, let’s get you on and talk about it.

NoteNationTop40.com, if you miss out on that, don’t worry about it. You’ll be seeing a lot of us for this stuff. We’ll kickoff. I think next episode though, we’re excited. We’ve got Daren Blomquist from Auction.com to come on and talk about the market as a whole a kickoff to this thing. It’s next episode or the following episode as well. I’m stoked about that. That’s the way I look at it. When I look at our markets, what are we seeing? We’ve got people in and going from there. I didn’t pick small markets because I wanted to be able to pull good quality information for each and every one of you. Thank you. That’s about all I’ve got. Once again, join us, join me for National Social Media Day. Go to SocialMediaDay2020.com. It’s free to register. It’s a twelve-hour live stream. You don’t have to join all day long. Come in and come out, but we’d love to have you on there. We’ll see you later on. Thanks.

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