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I LOVE owning Rental Real Estate and being a Landlord – however, maybe it’s not for you… But that doesn’t mean you cannot be a Real Estate Investor – as there are ways of doing so without having to buy Real Estate and becoming a Landlord. One such means is Real Estate Note Investing. And so who better to have on the show than Scott “The Note Guy” Carson – to cover the basics of Investing in Real Estate by obtaining the Note.

Scott Carson joins us for an episode of the… and Landlord Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast – to discuss both Performing and non-Performing Note Investing. So what is Note Investing? What is a “Performing” versus “non-Performing” Note? Well listen to Scott answer these questions – and many more about Real Estate Note Investing in this 47th episode of the… and Landlord Podcast.

Here is the link to the interview: https://www.andlandlord.com/ep-47-the-note-closers-show-podcast-host-scott-carson/

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