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Yeah, not gonna lie, that’s a whack title – but a legit emotion!  Scott Carson (AKA, “The Note Guy”) is a GAS.  He’s smart as a whip, clever, funny, and completely relatable.  Yup.  Seriously fun, rock star interview experience.     Scott and I kick around all sorts of topics, from starting a business to his go-to productivity tips.  And I finally found someone who appreciates Christian Bale as much as I do!   Scott Carson is a nationally syndicated radio and podcast host of the popular Note Closers Show Podcast with millions of listeners each month.  He has been an active real estate investor and entrepreneur since 2002, focused on the niche of distressed mortgage investing. For the past ten years he has been helping real estate investors and entrepreneurs create wealth through his teachings and strategies.  He is a highly sought-after speaker and podcast guest with thousands of speaking appearances at events across the country.  He has also been featured in many media outlets including Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and  He spends his free time traveling to new places and making memories.  He calls Austin, Texas home. You wanna be on the podcast and work on some time management or productivity issues?  CLICK HERE to schedule your own Elevate Your 8 Strategy Session and be featured on the show!

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